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Old Mutual Protektor Preservation Fund

Safeguard your retirement savings when changing jobs

The importance of preserving your
retirement savings
Moving between jobs can help you climb the corporate
ladder but if you dont ensure that you look after your
pension or provident fund savings while doing so, you could
end up having too little money when retirement comes
knocking. Thats where a preservation fund like Protektor
from Old Mutual can help.
Whether youve been retrenched, are between jobs, or
getting ready to start your own business, Protektor is an
excellent way to make sure that the money you have already
saved towards retirement continues to grow and retains its
value in accordance with the markets.
About the Protektor Preservation Fund
from Old Mutual
Protektor is a preservation vehicle that allows you to transfer
the value of the Pension or Provident Fund payout you
receive when you leave your employer fund without having
to pay any tax.
Why should you choose Protektor?
Old Mutual Protektor is an excellent preservation fund if you:
Need a tax-effcient and cost-effective retirement
Want to be able to select the investment portfolios into
which your money is placed;
Want to be able to adjust your investment risk profle as
your needs change;
Need the assurance that your investment is managed by
a professional board of trustees.
Investment Portfolios
More about the underlying investment funds
The investment portfolios are managed by the Old Mutual
Investment Group, to suit the life stage, investment
objective and risk propensity of individual investors. This
enables investors to preserve their retirement benefts
according to their investment objectives, their risk profle
and other circumstances.
Protektor offers two investment options:
Protektor Guaranteed Option The underlying portfolio
is selected by the Protektor Management Board
Protektor Investment Choice A Range of portfolios
including fxed interest, market-linked and smoothed
bonus portfolios.
An investor can, subject to the minimum amounts for each
portfolio, allocate the benefts between the two options and
between the underlying portfolios of Protektor Investment
Protektor Guaranteed Option
Absolute Stable Growth Portfolio (current portfolio)
This smoothed bonus portfolio offers high exposure to growth
assets, while smoothing returns and reducing volatility.
Capital is protected by a fxed 80% guarantee and monthly
bonuses are declared in advance. A targeted return of 5.5%
above infation enhances the potential for steady retirement
investment growth.
Protektor Investment Choice
CoreGrowth Portfolio
CoreGrowth is a smoothed bonus portfolio that offers
competitive, long-term growth while providing capital
Balanced Fund
The Balanced Fund invests across equities, bonds and cash
with a bias towards shares offering long-term value. Up to
15% of the portfolio may be invested offshore. This is a
moderate risk fund, with volatility managed by means of a
balanced, diversifed portfolio.
Bond Fund
This moderate risk fund is exposed to interest rate
fuctuations and offers a combination of capital growth and
high income yields. The fund invests in public and private
sector bonds and deposits, with at least 50% invested in
bonds with an effective government guarantee.
Money Market Fund
The Money Market Fund preserves capital while offering high
levels of income. It invests in money market securities with
a maturity of less than 12 months. This conservative risk
fund has limited risk due to the short-term nature of the
assets held.
For further information or advice, contact your Corporate Consultant, Financial Adviser or Broker, or call
0860 20 30 40 I email
Alternatively visit for more information.


Protektor fees and charges
Protektor Preservation Funds offer members an inexpensive and simple fee structure.
Fees comprise of:
once-off initial fees and where applicable commission.
ongoing administration and investment fees and charges.

Investment Fund
Investment Administration Capital Charge
Performance fee
and Asset Management (for guarantees)
Smoothed Bonus Funds
Old Mutual Absolute Stable Growth Investment Fee: 0.65% 0.70% N/A
Old Mutual Guaranteed
(Not available after 1 April 2010) Investment Administration Fee: 0.25%* 0.75% N/A
Old Mutual Core Growth 100 Investment Fee: 0.35% 1.80% N/A
Market-linked Funds
Old Mutual Balanced Fund A Investment and Service fees: 0.86% N/A Performance fees:
0% - 1.99%
Subject to Overall Maximum 2.85%
Old Mutual Bond Fund A Investment and Service fees: 0.86% N/A N/A
Old Mutual Money Market Fund A Investment and Service fees: 0.57% N/A N/A
Ongoing administration and investment fees and charges
Minimum Investment
R 6 000 Absolute Stable Growth
R10 000 Unit Trust (per option)
R30 000 Money Market Portfolio
Fee Details
Once-off Brokerage fees A maximum of 1.5% (excl. VAT where applicable) of the gross investment
Once-off Administration fee 1.5% of the frst R250 000; plus
0.5% of the remaining balance of the gross investment,
subject to a minimum of R1000 and a maximum of R7 500 (excl. VAT).
Management and administration fee 0.5% per annum of your investment balance
Once-off initial fees and where applicable commission
(no initial administration fee will be levied for
existing Old Mutual clients transferring into
* Bonuses declared are net of an Asset Management Fee of 0.25% to 0.35% (depending on asset allocation)