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MAY 6, 2014
Staff team

Ryan Shepherd

I. The Rules and their Significance
II. Message from the Staff

Server Rules

I. Adequate Roleplay:
II. Kill on Sight (KoS)
III. Establishing Hostilities
IV. Saviour Rule
V. New Life Rule (NLR)
VI. Rules Of The Road
VII. Active Firefight Zone
VIII. Metagaming
IX. Combat Logging
X. Cheating, Hacking, Exploits & Glitches
XI. Godmodding & Powergaming

Forum Behaviour

I. Flaming & Flame-baiting

II. Ruling


I. The Rules and Their Significance:

The DayZEnd staff aim to provide the best role playing experience for its users, enabling you
to freely develop your own unique story in this post-apocalyptic setting. As such, Rules for
both in-game and forum activities were created in order to facilitate the best experience
possible. These rules are put in place to prevent any and all unsavoury experiences within
our server.

Please take the time to read and understand all of the rules.

II. Message from the Staff

We wish to create a roleplay community like no other, consisting of zero out of character
hate creating the most enjoyable experience possible, games are to create enjoyment not
problems. A step towards this is the creation and the maintenance of in-depth rules. We do
not set out to ban anyone based on rules we create on the spot, we only punish those for
breaking the rules listed in this document, as well as the existing rules that ZNU have in
place. We hope you take the time to read through the rules, we also sincerely hope that you
understand and abide by the rules. We hope to create the most enjoyable experience with
roleplay as possible and lastly we hope you find a place for yourself within our community!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank and DayZero for allowing
us into their home and using their mod, we cannot thank you enough!

Thank you, for what it worth, from all the staff at DayZEnd.

I. Adequate Roleplay:

All players must have appropriate roleplaying names.
An appropriate RP name is that which includes a first and a last name.
Names cannot be used if they belong to celebrities or other such famous people.
Names that are considered offensive or otherwise immature in any way are not

Drake Henderson

Remain in character while playing on the server.
There is no need to break immersion by talking out of character via Voice.
If you MUST go out of character do so via text chat

//OOC: I have no option to bandage you

Roleplay all situations to the best of your ability.
You must roleplay as your selected character at all times & follow his/her backstory.

(Server restart is occurring)
I will be back in a moment

(Bandage player not working)
I cannot stop the bleeding!

Any Racism, Sexual RP, or otherwise clearly offensive RP will not be tolerated.
Offensive RP does not include swearing.

Hail Hitler

Value your life.
Treat it as if you risk permanently dying.

Attempt to steal a vehicle heavily guarded by enemies.

II. Kill On Sight (KoS)

Killing on site otherwise known as KoS is not permitted within this server.
KoS is the result of killing of character on sight without first establishing hostilities
(explained in rule 3).
Attempting to KoS a character but failing to do so will be dealt with in the same
manner as KoS punishment wise.

In some cases you may gain the right to KoS a certain individual or an entire group:

i. A hostile action has been committed against yourself or a member within
your group thus you gain KoS rights for the duration of 2 hours after the
incident. Group members which are of the same XML who are outside a 1 km
radius may log on to participate and take advantage of KoS rights. Allies
wishing to take part in the firefight (Group allies or individual allies) who
were not present during the initial initiation must first initiate before they
can intervene.

ii. Non-compliant hostage.

A Hostile action is referred to any action that results in physical or the intent to harm
your person such as a shot fired towards you or words that describe harm to your
person such as '...or i will beat you to death'.

KoS rights is the right to shoot the assailants on sight without having to establish
hostilities. When taking advantage of KoS rights, always identify your target.

You must identify your targets. If you are engaged in a firefight ensure to the best of
your abilities that you are shooting at those you believe to have KoS rights on you or
otherwise are a threat to yourself or a member of your group (Those that may be
taking aim at yourself or others in your group and those that appear to be flanking
yourself or your group are considered a legitimate threat).

Changing skins will revoke KoS rights.

III. Establishing Hostilities:

You must clearly state your intentions when establishing hostilities, such as 'Tom, i
want you to drop your weapons now or you will be killed!'

When establishing hostilities you are not required to state a time frame (although it
is good practice to do so), you must give a minimum of 10 seconds before firing upon
non-compliant character (non-compliance refers to a character who refuses to
follow demands stated) unless shot upon by the victim where you can fire instantly.

During establishing hostilities, if you take fire from characters in the surrounding
area, you are granted the right to kill the hostage. This will link with the saviour rule.

When establishing hostilities on a settlement or camp you MUST state the minimum
time frame of 30 seconds to comply with demands stated. If you are on the receiving
end of establishing hostilities you must make it known you have complied with the
demands. This is to distinguish compliant characters from non-compliant characters
who choose to resist. Killing a compliant hostage will result in KoS.

When establishing hostilities as a group, you cannot state yourselves as another
active group. Doing so will result in punishment.

When establishing hostilities as non XML'd group such as a group of civilians, you
must make it known that your are a part of the opposing group establishing
hostilities such as raising weapons and shouting demands, for example: 'You in the
blue jacket drop the M16!'

During hostage situations, the well-being of the hostage is top priority for the
hostage takers unless given IC reason otherwise. This means feeding/giving water to
the hostage as well as keeping the hostage safe from zombies.


Establishing hostilities as an individual:

Establishing hostilities as a group:

Establishing hostilities on a settlement/camp:
THIS IS (Group Name), EVERYONE INSIDE (Settlement Name, description) DROP

IV. Saviour Rule

If an individual or a group have witnessed an obvious robbery from any distance and
have witnessed the receiving end of the establishment of hostilities becoming
disarmed (you do not require to hear the establishment of hostilities), you may
choose to intervene in order to save the victim(s) by opening fire upon the

The assailant(s) are granted KoS on the saviours should they begin to take fire.

The assailant(s) may choose to kill the hostage(s) should the saviour rule be taken
advantage of.

You see a civilian unarmed with a number of armed characters pointing weapons at him,
you are given the right to intervene to save the civilian, should you be successful, you
MUST roleplay with the civilian. Do not use this as an excuse to kill some characters and
run away.

V. New Life Rule (NLR)

Once your character has died, he/she is to forget the immediate events leading up to
his/her death.

Using information that was acquired from, or prior to, your immediate death is in
violation of the NLR. Such as returning to your body to collect gear and/or continuing
grudges for events your character should not remember.

You lose any knowledge of those who have wronged you in your past experience
that directly led to your death; you still have knowledge of experiences and can have
the ability to hold on to grudges if the reasons behind these grudges and the
memories of these experiences were not directly linked with your death.

Returning to the area of your body is strictly forbidden and you must stay within a
minimum distance of 1 kilometre from the area of death.

Only after a minimum of 2 hours may you return to the area of which your body is

After death you lose any KoS rights you may have gained in your previous life.

Even if your clan/group are still engaged to a firefight that led to your death after
you have respawned you may not gain KoS rights on the group/ individual(s) in
question. You may not act as a reinforcement if it means regaining KoS rights on
someone in which you had KoS rights on as a direct result of hostilities leading to
your death; it is only if you or your clan/group are re-engaged by these people when
you may gain KoS on them regardless.


VI. Rules Of The Road

A vehicle travelling on a road including dirt roads has the right of way, should a
character run on a road, the character must be aware of vehicles. Death by vehicle
will be the characters own fault unless video evidence clearly shows the intent to
harm the character.

A vehicle travelling upon grass does not have the right of way, should a character be
harmed, it is the vehicles fault unless video evidence clearly shows the characters
intent to be harmed by the vehicle.

Should vehicles collide, neither party gains KoS rights due to the possibility of
desync, unless you have sufficient video evidence to prove the collision was
intentional towards you then you may act upon it keeping in mind this is a risk take
should video evidence not be sufficient enough.

You may not purposely damage a vehicle in order to restrict other characters from
taking the vehicle if found.

If you are an owner of a vehicle and it is stolen you do not have to establish
hostilities to retrieve your vehicle as the perpetrator(s) have committed a hostile
action towards yourself or your group by stealing.
You must adhere to identification rulings in situations where you will open fire on a
vehicle you believe to be yours. Please keep in mind that you must visibly be in
possession of the vehicle or otherwise make it known that you are the owner of the
vehicle before you can open fire for stealing.

Shooting out the tyres on a vehicle in a camp to prevent it being taken without having
wheel available.

Roadblocks require text & voice to legitimately establish hostilities.
A minimum of 10 seconds must be given to allow the vehicle to stop unless no sign
of the vehicle intending to stop is shown where you may open fire.

When setting up a roadblock with the intent to commandeer a vehicle, the roadblock
(be it another vehicle, sand bags or other in-game objects) must cover 75% of the

The roadblock should force a vehicle to go off-road or slow down to less than 30
km/h on a main road. The speed of the vehicle should be slow enough to allow the
driver to hear the establishment of hostilities.

VII. Active Firefight Zone

You must adhere to the identification and establishing hostilities to ensure that you
will not be KoSing anyone not involved in the firefight/ hostilities.

We understand that ransom characters not involved in the firefight may and will
wander into the area but it is your responsibility in acting to the best of your ability
under the rules.

If you are not involved in a firefight, you must be aware of the firefight zone ruling.
If there has been an active firefight and people are still shooting, if you wander into
the proximity of the firefight (Maximum of 500 metres) you open yourself up to the
risk of being killed. In such a circumstance you must understand how it looks from
the perpetrators perspective and as such should try not to complain and
immediately launch a formal report in such circumstances.

If you are involved in an active firefight and see someone you are not sure of
entering the area (Maximum of 500 metres) you have the right to fire off a warning
shot (This will not be recognised as attempted KoS), ensure that this warning shot
lands near the person and does not hit them. If the unknown keeps moving through
the area you gain the right to kill them.

If you are on the receiving end of the warning shot, you gain KoS rights on those that
have shot at you, however you must understand that if you stay in the area and if
you raise your weapon, or otherwise act in a hostile manner, KoS rights are given to
those that fired a warning shot at you.

If you are not involved in a firefight but enter the area of a firefight and proceed to
loot bodies you must understand that you immediately open yourself up to the risk
of KoS by the parties if the firefight is still ongoing. A firefight becomes inactive after
a time limit of 5 minutes of no shots fired.

You are in a firefight and a character run towards you who you may not know is hostile
or not. You shout stop! No reply, you fire a warning shot and the character continues to
run towards you, you thus have the right to kill the character.

VIII. Metagaming

Metagaming is the act of gaining and using Out of character (OOC) knowledge in
character (IC) and In-Game (IG).
You may not under any circumstance use any form of knowledge gained Out Of
Character, you must strictly only use information collected In Character and in

Knowledge gained from streams or other media is considered
OOC knowledge and as such falls under Metagaming.

The use of information gained from the forums (Unless contained in an IC post) is
considered as the use of OOC information.

Any information collected ICly but not distributed ICly (such as being robbed and
your radio being taken, you find out the identities of your robbers after the fact your
radio has been taken and proceed to inform your group of this, giving them KoS
rights, is strictly prohibited as you have no way of directly communicating with them.

Informing group members of your location during a robbery when you have no access to
a radio.

IX. Combat logging

Combat-Logging is the acts of logging out to avoid interaction or otherwise hostile
actions, logging in to an area that gives you advantage over those that you have and
are going to take advantage of KoS rights, and logging out and coming back on
another character to avoid interaction and or hostilities; logging out in a firefight or
other such situation on the basis of the risk of losing gear or life is also recognised as

Disconnecting without waiting for the timer will result in your characters body
remaining in the server for a minute, any damage caused to the body will transfer to
when you log back on, even death.

Disconnecting while being chased or attacked by zombies will result in the death of
your character.

If you have left a firefight and wish to log out, you must make sure the line of sight
has been broken between both parties with those you have interacted with during
the firefight and wait a minimum of 15 minutes from the time the line of sight was
broken before logging out.

X. Cheating, Hacking, Exploits & Glitches:

Zero tolerance will be shown towards hacking, if you are found hacking you will
be permanently banned and denied the right to appeal.

Abusing game mechanics such as not dropping items when told to do so
including being frisked during a hostage situation, hiding under water for
prolonged periods of time etc. is against the rules.

Do not take advantage of any glitches or bugs as this will be considered as

XI. Godmodding & Powergaming

Godmodding includes making your character invincible to pain or consequence.
This defeats roleplay and generally is not fun for both parties.

Powergaming is the action(s) that may have long term affects over someone
without making use of In Game mechanics. Torture does not fall under this so
long as you do not RP amputating someone leaving them with a permanent

HA! That bullet didnt even hurt.

*Amputates leg to prevent the hostage running away*

Forum Behaviour

I. Flaming and Flame-baiting:

Flaming is defined as the act of maliciously posting in any area of the forums.

We have a zero tolerance to flaming, however we do understand that sometimes
it may be just some friendly banter.

Please be considerate though, we may not know when you are having a joke with
some friends and as such we ask that you refrain from making such comments
that may be perceived as malicious or offensive.

Flame-baiting is the act of intentionally posing something that will draw out an
unsavoury response. It is malicious in nature, no matter how well you word it.

Flame or otherwise Flaming will be punished.

Haha all of you died, we owned you#

II. Ruling

All rules stated among regarding forum activities will be relevant to
DayZEnd forum.

Thank you for taking the time
to read the rules.

Enjoy the server!

DayZEnd Staff Team.