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Graphic & Web Designer

Joseph Darnell
Joe is a very creative individual and
easy to work with. We worked together
in redesigning the website . he not
only provided detailed design, but also
listened to my input and feedback based
on web development experience. - Tim
Bolser (CIO, worked with Joseph)
Joseph has the ability to come up with
new ideas and new concepts that can
help your business communicate in a
professional and attractive way. -
Brandon Vallorani (CEO, managed
Joseph is careful and details-oriented
excels at nding creative new ways to
approach his job and the individual
projects he works on. He has an
incredible grasp of how everything
works and should work I learned a
great deal from him as an intern while a
student. I would not have near the the
ability I do now without that time under
his mentoring. - Ian Maphet (Interned
under Joseph)
Joe is a creative design direct adept at
devel opi ng, i mpl ement i ng, and
improving brand recognition, visual
representation, and company identity
online and in print
Branding Development, Design and Implementation
Concept-to-Completion Graphic, Web, and Media Design
Delivering Outside-the-Box Within-the-Deadline!
Areas of Expertise
Liberty Alliance, LLC & afliate Romulus Marketing, LLC
Designed conceptual art, product artwork, and marketing
materials for start-up brands; developed branding, logos, and
implemented designs on website
Coordinated the direction, design, and implementation of
numerous websites, logos, and overall organizational branding
Designed and delivered a number of nal cover designs for
works published and designed artwork for new clothing products
Produced, directed, and co-hosted podcast programs
Work Experience
7.2012 ~ Present
American Vision, Inc
Coordinated the direction, design, production, editing, and nal
rendering of over two dozen multi-disc DVD & CD projects
Produced, directed, edited and rendered multiple web-based TV
programs and podcasts; wrote and hosted numerous episodes
Designed concept cover designs and delivered over two dozen
nal cover designs for works published
Coordinated the direction, design, and implementation of
website overhaul; general organization branding and marketing
material designs
1.2001 ~ 8.2013
1.2007 ~ 7.2012
Private Consulting & Design
Commissioned to direct, produce, edit and render nal product
of numerous video and web projects for a number of national and
international organizations