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Master Switchwords for Creating

Wealth by Shunyam Nirav

What is a "discount?"
When an amount of money is decreased.

What's the opposite of a discount,
when an amount of money is increased?
A "count," of course.
In a word, the essence of all moneymaking is COUNT. Whenever any individual or
company makes money, at some point in the process, a COUNTing happens
COUNTing of hours worked and!or products sold, and the amount of money received in
e"change. #anks store money in acCOUNTs$ financial record%keepers are
acCOUNTants$ retail shops have check%out COUNTers where customers give money for
their purchases.

Declare this essence of money-making, C!"#, either once as a switch or
repeated as a chant $silently or aloud%, and ine&ita'ly you will soon 'e watching
yourself make money.
&'ecently, I had a shortage of cash flow, for various reasons$ an interruption that was
(eginning to get uncomforta(le. I used COUNT consciously for a(out a week$ and last
week, we received a )*+,,-- U./ offer to settle a dispute out of the (lue. This issue
was going on for 012'., and had much emotional attachment as it involved people
very close to us. We had no e"pectation that it would appear when it did. #ut it did.3 %%
.andra 4ieger, .t. 5incent, Cari((ean,
A good way to get ac(uainted with the switchword C!"# is to silently repeat it
throughout your acti&ities for an entire day, and watch what happens ...
something will) #his can 'e fun, since C!"# is unspecific and the results are
often surprising.
When I declare or chant COUNT silently or aloud, often I will soon see and pick up a
coin on a street or sidewalk...even a small coin 6ualifies as a COUNT7 8It9s also an
indicator for me that COUNT is working.: When I then persist in affirming, declaring,
and!or chanting COUNT, su(stantial income always happens. 4or e"ample, I have
gotten new ;o(s, started new profita(le (usinesses and careers, made thousands in the
stock market, o(served sudden increases in (usiness activity and income, received
large financial gifts and donations from relatives and friends, written and sold many
(ooks, received royalties for commercial use of my photographs, played music and
received tips and fees, and many more.

<COUNT is having a massive effect on me. It is showing me how money is really all
a(out counting. .ince I am involved with (usiness, futures trading, and other forms of
dealing with money, this switchword is making possi(le tremendous progress for see what money is, and make the calculations and run the num(ers each day
with more ;oy......(ecause that is money (asically......counting counting
counting......since I started out in life as an artist more than a (usinessman it is very
helpful to have this simple focus.& %%=or; 1lpreh>leinn, ?ue(ec, Canada
#asically you could ;ust silently chant COUNT often until all your financial goals have
manifested in physical reality7
&I repeated the word COUNT and within @A hours I had generated )A-- with my
(usiness that had (een looking at some very dark days of lacking.& %%=an .ydnam,
Te"as, U.2
That is one way to use COUNT %% ;ust affirm or chant it often silently and!or aloud, and
watch what happens.
The other way is to specify a financial goal and apply COUNT to it. 4or e"ample, if you
want to earn or receive *-,--- 1uros, affirm or declare often &*-,--- 1uros COUNT&
until it is a physical reality in your life.
*uilding a +ortune with ,witchwords
Using the switchword COUNT, you make money through measuring 8COUNTing: the
e"change of goods or services. 2nother closely related switchword, 4IN/, &to (uild a
fortune,& is a(out accumulation rather than measurement. Chant or declare 4IN/
silently or aloud, and watch yourself 4IN/ valua(le things7 0ou definitely can 4IN/
money, (ut you may also 4IN/ many other things of value 8which may or may not (e
converti(le to money:. 4or financial increase, e"periment with (oth COUNT and 4IN/.
&Boney occurs to poor people as something you have 8or don9t have:.
Boney occurs to middle%class people as something you do 8like a ;o(:.
Boney occurs to wealthy people as something you 2'1.&
8paraphrased from Werner 1rhard in The est Training, *+,C:
Boney does not e"ist in Nature on its own, like a (ird, tree, or rock$ it is entirely an
invention of human thought, to facilitate the e"change of goods and services among
people in an orderly, convenient, and (alanced way. 2s such, the way money shows up
in your life is highly influenced (y your thoughts.
Dowever, since money is a social phenomenon, it also necessarily always e"ists in the
physical universe in some form 8paper, plastic, metals, or tiny electromagnetic impulses
in a computer:.
Therefore, to deli(erately create financial income, four (asic elements are always
necessary *: deli(erate creative thought, E: interaction with other people, C: moving
things around in the physical universe, and @: time. .witchwords can facilitate your
mastery of all of these elements.
2s always, I recommend primarily using one%word switchwords, especially for (eginners
%% it9s the most easy, simple, focused, and effective way. Nevertheless, I have found
some useful com(inations of switchwords for financial increase. The most important are
TOF1TD1'%COUNT and TOF1TD1'%4IN/ to (e in a together state while making
money or (uilding a fortune$ to &have it all together& financially$ to make money with a
group of people$ to ensure that your money%making and fortune%(uilding activities are
ethical, harmonious, en;oya(le, and (eneficial to yourself and others. Glease do not
underestimate the power and capa(ilities of these simple word com(inations$ fre6uently
declaring, affirming, or chanting TOF1TD1'%COUNT and TOF1TD1'%4IN/ can
eventually give you such a satisfying and wonderful life and financial situation that you
cannot imagine anything (etter for yourself %% you already have it all right now7
Nevertheless, sometimes you may 4IN/ it worthwhile to utili>e the...
,witchwords for +inancial -iracles
/I5IN1%COUNT for money miracles$ for e"traordinary financial results that reasona(ly
would seem impossi(le. 8I have a friend who works in a retail shop in Dawaii, and
makes most of her money through sales commissions. 2fter hearing a(out /I5IN1%
COUNT from me, she recently tried chanting it silently throughout her work day. In a
normal good day in that shop she makes a(out )H- in commissions$ on that day she
made )*,-7:
TOF1TD1'%/I5IN1%COUNT e"cellent for a team or group or company that wants to
accomplish e"traordinary financial results together
TOF1TD1'%/ivineO'/1'%COUNT same as a(ove, (ut when more order in the
situation is called for 8as in a company recovering from (ankruptcy, for instance$ or
when (uilding a new company:
/ivineO'/1'%COUNT good for cleaning up financial messes$ putting your financial
affairs in order$ cleaning and organi>ing your office, computer, and files$ doing
(ookkeeping or accounting$ preparing ta"es$ or constructing and operating (usiness
4IN/I5IN1 this is a fun one7 walk around silently chanting 4IN/I5IN1 for a day 8or a
year: and watch what miraculous good fortune happens in your life7 %:
4IN/I5IN1O'/1'COUNT a new e"perimental composite switchword com(ining the
ideas of miraculous good fortune, optimum order and form, and making money
0ou can find an advanced long com(ination of switchwords for great financial increase
on page *II of the .WITCDWO'/. e%(ook.
.witchwords for Increasing .ales, 1liminating /e(t, and #eing Fenerous
.ome other switchwords related to finances are FI51, C2NC1J, and B2FN2NIBIT0.
FI51 is the switchword for selling. Whenever you sell anything to anyone, you FI51
them the o(;ect and they FI51 you money in e"change. FI51 is the essential activity.
.o whenever you want to sell anything %% declare, affirm, or silently chant FI51. Or use
/I5IN1%FI51 for miraculous or e"traordinary sales results. If you9re working with a
team, fre6uently silently affirm or chant TOF1TD1'%FI51, TOF1TD1'%/I5IN1%FI51,
or TOF1TD1'%/I5IN1%FI51%COUNT for e"traordinary sales team results7
C2NC1J is a very useful and important switchword for disappearing anything you don9t
want in your life, thoughts, or e"perience 8it will (e the su(;ect of a future article in this
series:. One of its uses is to eliminate de(t. The essence of eliminating a de(t is that it
(ecomes C2NC1Jed. .o affirm, declare, or chant C2NC1J towards any unwanted
de(ts you may have, and they will in due time (ecome actually C2NC1Jed. Usually this
happens through returning the (orrowed money 8COUNT7: %% (ut it can also happen
through voluntary C2NC1Jing of the de(t (y the lender, through (arter of goods or
services, or through other creative solutions 8'12CD:. 4or a group, family, company, or
nation the variations of TOF1TD1'%C2NC1J, TOF1TD1'%/I5IN1%C2NC1J, or
TOF1TD1'%/ivineO'/1'%C2NC1J can (e useful.
B2FN2NIBIT0 is the switchword for (eing generous. =ames T. Bangan, the discoverer
of switchwords, suggested that B2FN2NIBIT0 would (e an e"cellent motto to put on
coins and currency. .ince the more you give, the more you receive, B2FN2NIBIT0 is a
super( switchword and motto for creating and maintaining prosperity %% not only for
nations (ut for (usinesses, organi>ations, families, and for your individual life7
1"periment with the energies and results of all these financial switchwords, and invent
new useful com(inations, as you wish. 8The 1%Froup is a good place
to share a(out your 4IN/ings with others.:
.witchwords are scientific creativity tools which, like a screwdriver or a shovel, don9t
re6uire any (elief on your part for them to work. =ust try using them and watch the
.WITCDWO'/. 1asily Five to 0ou Whatever 0ou Want in Jife
WouldnKt it (e great to have a magic wand that you could ;ust wave at any situation or
creative pro;ect, and have it turn out (eneficially ;ust as you wishL 2ctually, we all have
such a wand7 Dowever, most of us have not (een aware of it, and have never received
an instruction manual for its use. 8.o I wrote one7:
0our word is your wand %% and if youKre reading this we(site, you likely have (ecome
aware that thought is creative. Intentional creative thoughts (ring a(out intentional
desired results. Intentional creative thoughts have customarily taken the form of
affirmations, declarations, or mantras consisting of many words.
Dowever, a pioneering genius named =ames T. Bangan 8*A+I%*+,-: discovered that
using only a single word to create with, instead of a long sentence, is much easier and
more effective. It gives your creative energy a laser%like focus in this single moment of
now. De identified a(out *-- certain single words that are e"traordinarily effective when
used as an intentional creative thought, to (ring a(out a specific desired result. =ames
Bangan called these special words &switchwords.& 2 &switchword& is the essence of an
e"perience, condition, or desired result, e"pressed as a single word. /eclare, affirm,
chant, sing, or even ;ust mentally &intend& the switchword, and like turning on an electric
lamp with a switch, the desired result relia(ly appears.
I have e"perimented e"tensively with switchwords, as have many other people, and we
have found to our satisfaction that they do work very well 8see the Testimonials area of This is essentially a new operating system for our human
(iocomputer minds, and there is some profound science going on here. 2l(ert 1instein
revolutioni>ed physics with his findings$ =ames Bangan has revolutioni>ed metaphysics
with his. #ut please donKt (elieve us$ e"periment in your own life and e"perience, and
see for yourself. 2ll the (asic switchwords information and many useful switchwords are
included in the first @C pages of the .WITCDWO'/. e%(ook for free.
=ames T. BanganKs source (ook The .ecret of Gerfect Jiving 8Grentice%Dall, *+IC%*+,H:
has (een for many years out of print and rare. I regard this switchwords information as
so potentially valua(le and useful to every human (eing, that it should not (ecome lost
and unknown. .o while on a meditative%creative retreat in Thailand in E--@, I created a
new (ook a(out switchwords, called .WITCDWO'/. 81asily Five to 0ou Whatever
0ou Want in Jife:. It carries on the work of =ames Bangan, and gives my own insights,
e"periences, and contri(utions from C- years of using switchwords in my daily life.
.WITCDWO'/. 81asily Five to 0ou Whatever 0ou Want in Jife: is an entertaining,
(eautiful, and profoundly (eneficial *,A%page shareware e%(ook in /igitalWe(#ook
format with animated turning pages. It looks and acts like a real (ook onscreen. The first
@C pages contain the (asic switchwords information, and are open and free to all. The
entire e%(ook is U.)E*.+H or e6uivalent and can (e purchased from within the e%(ook
(y clicking on any page past @C. 8Windows +A%B1%E---%MG re6uired$ free G/4 intro
availa(le for Bac and Jinu":. 0ou are welcome to print out the e%(ook on paper. 82
conventional paper edition of the (ook is also availa(le through

2s of Barch E--I, more than I-- copies of the .WITCDWO'/. e%(ook have now
(een (ought (y people in @+ countries, including 2ntigua%and%#ar(uda, 2ustralia,
#ar(ados, #elgium, #eli>e, #ermuda, #otswana, #ra>il, Cameroon, Canada, China,
Colum(ia, Croatia, /enmark, 4inland, Fermany, Freece, India, Indonesia, Ireland,
Israel, Italy, =amaica, =apan, =ordan, Nuwait, Je(anon, Balaysia, Be"ico, Netherlands,
New Oealand, Norway, Gakistan, Garaguay, Ghilippines, Gortugal, .audi 2ra(ia, .er(ia
and Bontenegro, .ingapore, .ri Janka, .outh 2frica, .outh Norea, .pain, .t. 5incent
and the Frenadines, .weden, Trinidad and To(ago, UN, United 2ra( 1mirates, and
U.2. 8Thanks to all.:

&I think this (ook is the most interesting and e"citing one I have ever read7 I have (een
using the switchwords in practice and it '12JJ0 WO'N.77 Thanks for writing this
ama>ing (ook7& %%Frisell .ala>ar, North Carolina, U.2
&The value of this (ook is immeasura(le.& %%.andra 4ieger, .t. 5incent 8Cari((ean:

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