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FAQ about Islam List-5


Dialog With Non Muslims on

Topix- Vol-5
‫بسم ال الرحمن الرحيم والصلة والسلم على محمد و آله و أصحابه أجمعين أما بعد‬
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious Most Merciful. May Allah’s Peace
and Blessings be on His Messenger Mohammad all his family and
companions, afterwards,

This is the fifth list of FAQ about Islam and the dialogs that I had over the period of few
months on the threads of TOPIX ( Four volumes of these discussions
have been published earlier and this is the fifth one in the series.

There are some significant deviations in this volume from the earlier ones. In this
volume I have listed the questions and answers related to each topic of thread. Further
the questions have been also been reproduced in their original format. A slight editing
has been done to cut short the questions, to save space on this volume.

The readers would now be able to see both sides of these lively discussions.

I leave the decision in the hand of readers as to the “truth content” in the questions and
the answers.

One word of caution though, the answers are my own personal view and need not be
orthodox Islamic views. I have not tried to deviate from common Islamic Positions on
most of these issues. However if I have made any error or mistake, it was not intentional
and I ask Allah’s forgiveness to pardon slip of my pen and tongue.

With this I leave this page and invite interested readers to scan thru the pages. An index
and the Name Index of my Correspondents are given in the end. Most of these names are
only pen names as evident from the names themselves. There would be some real names
too. The name “Anonymous”, I have used where I just posted my answer without
copying down the question in full.

May Peace be with all of you!

M.U. Qidwai
Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Nov. 2009

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Chapter-1 1. Anti Islamic Protests in UK. P4 Q-1

2. Israel Threatens Iran with
Holocaust To To

P18 Q-19

Chapter-2 Israel’s End is Near Says AHMADINEJAD P19 Q-20


P 52 Q59

Chapter-3 1. Jews Do not Deserve a Country. P53 Q60

2. Messianic Jews Fear Persecution in
Israel. To to
3. Israel feels UN Pressure
P 83 Q95

Chapter-4 Should Evolution be taught in High P 84 Q 96

to to

P 149 Q 156

Chapter-5 Who is Allah? (Posted in Archeology P 150 Q 157

To to

P 223 Q 240

Chapter-6 Who is Allah? (Posted in Religious Forum) P 224 Q 241

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P 284 Q 287

Anti- Islam Protests in UK and Israel Threatens Iran with Holocaust

Q1. Supersonic

Jews certainly aren't totally innocent of charges, agreed, but what I saw on the news was
a peace offering being broken time and again by Muslims firing missiles into Israel then
wondering why they retaliate.

We can accuse Israel of all the crimes in the world, but if we so much as dare to point out
the crimes of Islam against the world we are racist, and either put down by our
governments or beaten and killed by Muslims.


No one will accuse you, if you highlight the mistakes of Muslims or a group of Muslims.
What we object is your generalization and general condemnation of all Muslims for the
act of few.

Then you make a tangent attack on Islam, as to what type of religion is that which allows
its followers to do this and this act. You never highlight that Islam is against such acts
and these actions are only of these Muslims.

Then you do not use the same criterion you use against Islam for other religion. You
never blame Hinduism for actions done by some Hindus (LTTE actions for example) or
Buddhism for actions done by some Buddhists (Japan, for WW-2, Korea, Vietnam etc.
Judaism for actions done by Jews and Zionists (Israel etc).

In fact there is no honest peace treaty between Israel and Palestinians. What we see
passed on as “peace treaties” are mere hollow words. They are enacted under duress just
to silence the conscience of World Nations.

Violation of Treaty by Israel are generally not reported. The One Sided reporting by
Jewish controlled Media in US and Europe presents a totally different picture of the real

If you want to know the reality, then change your name to Arabic Sounding and live in
West Bank or Gaza for a few months!!
Q2. Anonymous
Iraq was decomposing into Civil War


Iraq was not decomposing into any civil war before US went there...

It was a stable country...having lot of Oil wealth and a very strong army and police force
before US went there...

It was USA which bashed up that country...disbanded their army...disbanded their

police...dissolved their civil Administration...turned every thing upside down....tried to
rebuilt Police force from scratch (forget about Army, that is a bygone thing)...

And now they are claiming innocently that they have "Done all that they could do" for
that unfortunate country...

The destroyer in chief of the country is blaming the country folks themselves...

What has US involvement brought to Iraq except Anarchy, lawless ness and blood shed...

That was for Iraqis...for was Cheap Iraqi Oil...securing security for a loss of few thousands "gullible soldiers" what could these poor people do?
they are dieing for no other purpose than to secure Cheap Oil for their country....Is that a
reason to die?

How innocently they want to get out of Iraq now? Why not after 2003 when Saddam was

Iraq will rise again, but the US presence there from 2003-2010 would always be regarded
as darkest period in their national history.

When the "Beast" got hold of their Motherland

Q3. Big Joe:

This guy is always dreaming of the past and can't deal with today. Today there are many
nations in the Middle East one of which is Israel and he can't deal with it. There is no
realistic 2 state solution for him only confrontation. It’s like speaking to Hamas
seemingly a waste of time.


There is no harm in dreaming about past, Jews were doing the same for past 2000 years.
Nations who have no past have no future also. As for as my opinion on Israel, I have said
it above.

If you think talking to hamas is Anathema, then wait very soon Israel will have to talk to
them, if they want any solution to the problem. Not only Hamas, they will talk to even
smaller groups who can assure them safety.

The same arrogant attitude they showed towards PLO, till they were forced to accept
them as reps. Of Palestinians.

Q4. Dani:

Indeed, I agree that in a 'normal' situation the question of 'Palestinian' people is irrelevant.
But when those 'Palestinians' say they solely have the right to have their own country in
Palestine but the Jews do not have that right then this 'Palestinian' question is very much
relevant !- the Jews have just as much right to have their own country in 'Palestine'. And
that ‘Palestinian’ people question is not any confusion coming from the west, but a pure


I do not know that Palestinians say that they have exclusive claim on Palestine. It is Jews
and Zionists who say that Palestine belongs to only Jews. That land was given to them
by God for exclusive and everlasting possession.

I never had any doubt that Jews living in Palestine for many generations have no right to
live there or even form their own state. But the Jews who migrated from every where in
the World to claim their Birthright in Israel and uprooted Palestinians living there had no
such right.

Palestinians should get their homes and lands from which they were uprooted when
millions of European and American Jews landed there between 1917-1948 and

Q5. Lipush

If you really believe that, then that's sad. Palestinians believe that ISRAEL belongs to
them and to them only, they are so badly that they teach their children of a "Palestine
with no Jews, no boarders"-http://www.yout
We have the right to our homeland, because we sat there always, and because the so
called "Palestinian homeland" is Jordan and the Arab world.
Not Israel.

The homeland belonged to those Jews who were living in Palestine and not those who
descended there in hordes during 1917-1948.

That is the demand of Palestinians and that is what is justice and equity. Jews should get
land in Palestine in proportion to their population there prior to 1917.

This is the demand of Palestinians and they are right and justice is on their side.

Q6. Jabidini

not sure what you are trying to say?

What is a fake freedom of religion? realizing that certain parts of the religion written by
man are outdated and you can't just go around massacring people because of their
religious beliefs.

i am law abiding but you are talking about religion not law. When religion discriminates
against another it becomes a problem and that is the problem with Islamic rule which can
be seem in all Muslim countries.


What I said that present state of Israel is not according to what it should be according to
their scriptures.

If you think that certain portion of your old laws have been outdated and need to be
replaced….then you think that your religious books are outdated and need to be
reformed. In short you are in need of a New Code of Law and a new religion…

And that is what we were also saying for past 1400 years…that the Jewish and Christian
scriptures are outdated and they need reformation.

Our Islamic scripture and Islamic laws are not outdated and we do not have any need to
reform them.

Talking of discrimination, it is right to discriminate on the ground of color, race ,

language and nationality….but it is not right to discriminate on the basis of religion?

Show me one country which is free from these form of discriminations….they only give
lip service that we do not discriminate, but ground situation is totally different.

Ethnic, linguistic and racial minorities in each and every country complain about
discrimination in one form or another…Israel is no exception…

If Islam discriminates on the basis of religion….then what is wrong in it? Religion is one
think which people choose and can change…but you cannot change your color, race,
language and nationality….so you will always be at disadvantage and there is no way out
for you, except to suffer that discrimination

Q7. Jabidini
the only time in thousands of years where there has been freedom of religion on the land
is today under Jewish rule. What is the good side of Islam? even the meaning is
submission?[/ You mean that Jews have no control over other's (and even their own)


This is a fake freedom of religion and this is against their own scriptures.

Are you a law Abiding citizen or A Law Breaking Citizen?

Is Law Abiding Citizen is something to be ashamed of?

Would you recommend people to be Law Breaker instead?

Islam and Muslim mean just that.

We are Law Abiding citizens of our own Creator.

To be Muslim is indeed an honor. The same way you feel proud to be a Law abiding
Citizen...the way you feel proud in paying your taxes and do not intentionally break any

Q8. Jabidini

not sure what you are trying to say? What is a fake freedom of religion? realizing that
certain parts of the religion written by man are outdated and you can't just go around
massacring people because of their religious beliefs.

i am law abiding but you are talking about religion not law. When religion discriminates
against another it becomes a problem and that is the problem with Islamic rule which can
be seem in all Muslim countries.


What I said that present state of Israel is not according to what it should be according to
their scriptures.

If you think that certain portion of your old laws have been outdated and need to be
replaced….then you think that your religious books are outdated and need to be
reformed. In short you are in need of a New Code of Law and a new religion…
And that is what we were also saying for past 1400 years…that the Jewish and Christian
scriptures are outdated and they need reformation.

Our Islamic scripture and Islamic laws are not outdated and we do not have any need to
reform them.

Talking of discrimination, it is right to discriminate on the ground of color, race ,

language and nationality….but it is not right to discriminate on the basis of religion?

Show me one country which is free from these form of discriminations….they only give
lip service that we do not discriminate, but ground situation is totally different.

Ethnic, linguistic and racial minorities in each and every country complain about
discrimination in one form or another…Israel is no exception…

If Islam discriminates on the basis of religion….then what is wrong in it? Religion is one
think which people choose and can change…but you cannot change your color, race,
language and nationality….so you will always be at disadvantage and there is no way out
for you, except to suffer that discrimination

Q9. Jabidini

the only time in thousands of years where there has been freedom of religion on the land
is today under Jewish rule.
What is the good side of Islam? even the meaning is submission?[/
You mean that Jews have no control over other's (and even their own) religions.


This is a fake freedom of religion and this is against their own scriptures.

Are you a law Abiding citizen or A Law Breaking Citizen?

Is Law Abiding Citizen is something to be ashamed of?

Would you recommend people to be Law Breaker instead?

Islam and Muslim mean just that.

We are Law Abiding citizens of our own Creator.

To be Muslim is indeed an honor. The same way you feel proud to be a Law abiding
Citizen...the way you feel proud in paying your taxes and do not intentionally break any
Q10 . MLK Jr.:

you had said some wise things. ISLAM is a fanatic system of degradation and despair,
and the only way to survive it is to be the master of weaker stupid people under its laws.
Islam is for the savage nomads of the deserts. In Islam its ok to rape small babies boys
and girls, according to their pedophile priest Mohammed. Like I said, thank you , you
have spoken the truth about a system of hate called Islam. May your camel live a long
time and drink no more water than he can piss out on your feet.


Just hijacking a name of Celebrity would not change your thought process….the real
MLK would be feeling ashamed that one of his namesake is spreading hatred using his
pseudo name.

The way US is threatening the world and forcing its own values down the throats of other
people (as being witnessed in Iraq and Afghanistan) , what right you have to complain
about Islam and Muslims.

The brutalization of Blacks and other minorities is not that bygone part of US
History….the way White people treated Red Indians of North and South Americas…the
way they treated the Aborigines of Canada, Australia and New Zealand….do not give
them any right to lecture others on brotherly love!!

Islam has much better record of dealing with religious and ethnic minorities than any
other religion or system in the world, past or present.

Q11 . jabidini

think i have had enough of you. You promote apartheid, are a religious fanatic, and seem
to think whatever you say is correct even if its shown to be wrong.
i am joining the real world and any religious text which incites hatred towards others is
wrong. Non of the (evil) things in the Oral Torah are followed nowadays because the
world is modernizing and there are other types of politics which have taken over.
i think religion is outdated in general in the sense that they did not come from G-d
anymore even if they once did.

Its not right to discriminate but coming from you that’s funny. Islam is newer and more
evil then the others. its all about taking over the world and killing everyone else.
As a Jew i can not change that and when Jews are attacked it is all of us. So even if i
chose not to be a Jew i will still be attacked for being Jewish.


You have made many claims and accusations against me, against all scriptures in general
and all religions in general.
First of all you say that all religions have become outdated and even if they were
originated once from God…there is no need to follow them now. From where you
derived this logic is not known to me.

All other religions have become outdated and superseded except for Islam which is to be
till the day of judgment.

No one is to be attacked for being a Non Muslim… you have got a very wrong
impression about Islam. It would be better for you if you understand it properly, only
then you can put a right question.

Q12 . Michael

I am also a So called Holocaust denier .. but i am not Shiat .. Holocaust is a fake Drama
which Israeli Nexus Created to get American aid ... Hahhahha Holocaust is (BAKWAS)


No one should deny that Holocaust did not happen. It did happen… may be the figures
are exaggerated.

Holocaust is not unique to Jews and Germany, many people and many races have
suffered such type of holocausts in the past.

The real question is “Why we single out only Jews and provide only them with all
protection and favors they ask because of this holocaust?”

Why we turn our faces to other side and show a blind eye when Jews commit similar and
more heinous crimes against other people?

Jews have used this unfortunate incident of Holocaust to take maximum advantage from
the conscience of white people, who feel a type of guilt by allowing it to happen.

Instead of showing all sympathy and give them one sided help and allowing them to
commit crimes against other people, we should analyze why this event happened and
take precaution that it never happens again.

We should be reasonable, and should not deny historical facts, but at the same time see
that Victims do not become beasts to other people.
Q13. Anonymous

Jews are civilized people and do not commit crime against humanity


You are right, but it is the hate and bias that closes the people' mind during these acts.

Same thing I see in India.(my native country).. Hindus are generally believed to be and
projected as a peaceful and cow like people...

But during Anti Muslim riots we see the same Hindus torching Muslim men, women and
children alive... raping women in the eyesight of their close relatives and doing so many
unspeakable crimes...

It is as if the Heat of moment closes their eyes to all norms of justice and injustice... they
become as "beasts" during those moments.

The same thing happens to these Jewish people when they attack Palestinians... they
become "beasts of Jungle" during those moments.

Mind you Jews are not alone in these acts... we also have examples from other groups
also... KKK against Blacks is such an organization in USA.

When you talk to Jews; they will "Complain" about the sufferings they got from these
"pesky Palestinians" ... let us teach them a lesson...that is how their logic goes.

They want to take revenge of some one else's guilt from innocent men, women and
children whom they can get.

In the end every party poses as "Victims" and there are no aggressors at all.

It is in these moments where we need to put ourselves away from all Bias and punish who
are guilty... irrespective of who and where they are.

Just releasing our anger on other than those who are guilty will never solve this problem
of torture, genocide and terrorism.

Q14 . Ammilianists

Christ declared that He is the Son of God, YHWH-in-the-flesh.

Muhammad calls Christ a "deluded blasphemer," since his Allah denied emphatically
having a son:

"In blasphemy indeed are those that say that Allah is Christ the son of Mary ..." (Quran

"They do blaspheme who say: Allah is one of three in a Trinity: for there is no god except
One Allah. If they desist not from their word (of blasphemy), verily a grievous penalty
will befall the blasphemers among them" (Quran 5:73).

"the Christians call Christ the son of Allah. That is a saying from their mouth; (in this)
they but imitate what the unbelievers of old used to say. Allah's curse be on them: how
they are deluded away from the Truth" (Quran 9:30)!

"It is not befitting to (the majesty of) Allah that He should beget a son" (Quran 19:35).

If Allah's own denial is insufficient, then consider this: Any comparison of Christ and
Allah's messenger's words and deeds demonstrate conclusively that they cannot be the
same god.

Jesus committed no sin, spoke only the truth, healed the sick, raised the dead, died for the
sins of the whole world, and resurrected.

Muhammad -- whose words and deeds Allah endorsed as a "beautiful pattern of conduct"
for those who want to please it -- "sacralized" genocide, child rape, rape, mutilation,
slavery, extortion, religious and gender persecution, and anti-Semitism.

Allah is not YHWH; it is His antithesis.


The Son of God was a common Jewish usage to denote a godly person. This epithet is
used in Bible for Adam, David, Solomon, Jacob, and many more. In that sense calling
Jesus as son of God is acceptable.

But Jesus was not the Son of God in literal sense. Calling some one as Literal Son of
God is absurd, because God does not has a wife, so how could he have a Son?

That is the sense in which Quran rejects the sonship of Jesus.

Allah has the same attributes and qualities that Jewish YHWH or Christian God has, in
fact it is superior to both of them in purity, majesty and attributes.
There is no term like "Holy War" in Islam. The Islamic word "Jihad" means struggle
against tyranny, injustice and oppression and is highly commendable for survival of
human race.

It seems to me that you have never read Quran and your quotation is just cut and paste
from some Anti Islamic site.

Why do you not do yourself a favor and try to read Quran yourself?
Q15 . Anonymous :

Did Jews invented Monotheism?


Jews Did not invent Monotheism in the world!!

Abraham, Noah and prophets before them were all believers in Monotheism!!

Arabs as progeny of Abraham were followers of Monotheism before they fell into
Idolatry (as Jews also did in Palestine). So Jews have nothing to show to Arabs.

It were Arabs who were the source of igniting the European revival.

Only thing which Jews have given to the world is Racism and Usury!!!

They are Masters in these two branches and most of which has befallen on them was only
because of these two evils.!!

What is more they have not learned a lesson...they think that racism has helped in
surviving for so many centuries so continue in that.

They fail to realize that Arabs also survived for same length without racism, without
Usury and by sharing their message and beliefs with others.

Arabs lived like Lions and controlled all the lands where Abraham, Isaac , Jacob and
Joseph set their foot!!!

The Jews lived like a weasel….making a task of controlling a small piece of land like
Palestine for more than even a 100 years. No one should think that Jews lacked in
warfare, cruelty or butchery. Books of Deut. Joshua and other Books of OT are evidence
of their Military Might and their warfare.

The problem is what I said, Racism and Usury…they would make you survive…but as
things that crawl under the leaves!!!

It is their choice….They could have ruled the world with 2 Billion followers….they are
content with 10 odd millions engaged in intrigue, deceit and mischief.

They are ruling Palestine by the support of Christian Europe and USA and what is
interesting, they speak most horrible things about Jesus Christ!!
Q16 . Anonymous :

X-Mass, Cross and Sunday are Pagan?

X-Mass, Cross and Sunday have nothing to do with Paul....rake your brain again!!.


Muhammad an illiterate and uneducated man was able to solve all the riddles and
problems between Jews and Christians and point out to each other to the correct
path....that too in a book which has remained matchless in Arabic literature for 1400 other human compilation has come even near to it.

Every thing is possible in this world...except that a New Prophet come into the world
explaining the mistakes and errors into which different people have fallen.

Q17 . Anonymous :

Did Abraham never visit Makkah?


How are you so sure that Abraham never visited Makkah or built any thing there?

Were you a traveling companion of Abraham for his whole life?

Or a little Birdie spoke into your ear?

Or what ever disjointed accounts you find written in OT books is absolute truth and there
is nothing else?

How much of Abraham's life in covered in your OT books?

What is the reason for your so much surety that Abraham never visited Makkah?

In fact all the events recorded in OT about Abraham and Ishmael are fulfilled in Makkah.
It has more relics and confirmation about these stories than any where else in the whole
land depicted in Bible.

The problem in your mental sickness and your assuredness that whatever recorded in
Islamic sources must always be wrong and whatsoever farfetched theories you put
forward must always be right.

Each of your so called scholars come with different theory...after some time that vanishes
in thin air and some one comes forward with anew theory.
The link of Makkah with Abraham and Ishmael is much stronger that whatever you

How come one building was able to unite all the tribes of Arabia, unless it had some link
with their common ancestor?

There were so many different places of worship scattered in Arabia, none of that had that
universal position as was accorded to Kaaba.

No one ever worshipped the black stone in Kaaba, it was only a sign to start TAWAF,
otherwise from where to start TAWAF in a rectangular building would be difficult to find
out.. It was not made into any shape, how it could be any idol?

It has the same position as the pillar of stone which Jacob raised, poured oil on it and
worshipped God there. Was that pouring of Oil an act of Worship?

Q18 . Anonymous :

What if they were pagans?


After hearing all these arguments about Xmas and Cross and Other Christian religious
symbols, what I understood is:

A. Christ's Birthday was "Conveniently" fixed as 25 the December, which also happened
to be a Pagan holiday.

B. The ritual of Xmas, were like ways were fixed which "Resembled" those of pagans of
the day.

C. The symbol cross was also chosen for Christianity, even though it resembled pagan

D. Sunday was chosen as "Alternate" day for Jewish day of Sabbath...even though it was
used by pagans to worship their gods.

Have a heart boys, every religion needs to make such type of "Compromises"

The stakes were very high... On one side were the Simple teachings of Jews and earlier
saints and on other side was the prospect of Christianity being the State religion...with
millions of followers and with state gold and army at its disposal.....

Do I have to point out which side of the bread had butter?....That side won hands down!!!
- What if Jesus was not born on 25th December? (Who cares? Jesus will not mind a little
fun and frolic going on in his name, may be he would also start "Believing" that he was
born on 25th December)

- What if Jesus never used cross as Symbol for his religion? (Who cares? Why Jesus
would split hairs on a piece of wood?)

- What if Jesus did not chose Sunday for his Sabbath (Who cares? Why Jesus would
mind one day or other for weekly day of worship, as God all days are same for him).

That is how the argument goes...Now these things and symbols have been deep rooted
into the mind of masses...It is almost impossible to root them out...Unless Jesus himself
speaks out against these.

And that is precisely what will happen when Jesus returns for his second coming!!!
Makes Sense? No?

Q19 . Marwan
I can certainly understand why Hitler would want to exterminate them!!

Hitler was a racist and an extremist and Jews were also a racist people…. When two
racists clash the results mean total annihilation of one party….there is no other way in
which two racists can come to resolve their differences…. (unless they are equally
powerful)….. The life of one means the death of other.

This time Hitler and Nazis got upperhand….so Jews had to suffer that holocaust…. If
Jews had got upperhand , same fate would be for Hitler and Nazis (look at the book of
Deut and Joshua to find out how Jews treated the conquered races).

That is why we should abandon all type of racism in fact all type of “isms” and talk about
Universal Brotherhood of all Humans.

We should be united in worship of One True God of Universe, who is Creator, Cherisher,
Sustainer and Lord of all Human beings on this earth, irrespective of their race, ethnic
background, language, nation and any other human made barriers to divide Humans.

Q20 . Dani

do not know that Israelis say that they have exclusive claim on Palestine. It is Arab
'Palestinians' who say that Palestine belongs only to them. That land was given
exclusively to them.

I never had any doubt that Arabs living in Palestine for many generations have the right
to live there or even form their own state. But the Arabs who migrated to Palestine from
all neighboring countries between 1917-1948 to claim their Birthright in Palestine (and
which are 2/3 of the Arabs living in Palestine in 1947) and uprooted Jews living there had
no such right.

The 800,000 Jews which were uprooted when they fled the Arab countries in 1948
onwards should get their homes and lands back from those Arab countries.


If you think that Jews do not say that they have exclusive right on Palestine, then let me
say that you are unaware of the real situation.

Please ask the so called 800,000 or 8,000,000 or 80,000,0000 or which ever figure comes
to your mind to come back to the Muslim countries and claim back whatever lands and
possessions they left behind.

At the same time, let the Palestinians also return to their lands and homes from where
they were uprooted.

And ask those millions of Jews who descended on Palestine from four corners of the
world to go back to the respective countries from where they came from.

Let the Palestine be once again be the land of peace and co –existence that it was for past
13 centuries.

But do you have any takers of this solution from Jew and Zionist Lobby?
Chapter-2 End of Israel is near Says Iranian President

Q20 . Zombie Land:

I don't "need" to provide you with sh!t. There you go with your hand out again. "Provide
us" this. "Provide us" that.

Hell, my country already gives you turds more than 3 Billion dollars a year and more
military hardware than you know what to do with.. and still you sit there going "Provide
Get a job why don't ya and earn something for yourself for a change and stop living off of
others like some kind of leech. You steal Americans money. You steal Arabs land.
You're like incapable children that can't even wipe your own noses, always have to have
someone else do it for you. Sheesh.[/


Jews and Zionists are the most ungrateful brats that you will ever find.

You give them every thing and in the end they will ask you "What did you give us?
provide us proof"!!

I think USA has done more than any nation for helping Israel. It has given them
monetary aid, it has given them political and diplomatic support, it has given them
Military support and every time these Jews and Zionists ask, what USA has done for us?

USA has even bind itself to the sinking ship of Israel, both are deemed to sink together.

It was because of Israel that US had to suffer 9/11, it is because of Israel that USA had to
fight Iraq war, and sacrifice how many thousands of its soldiers.

But Israel and Jews are acting like a nagging wife and never happy with the sacrifices
offered by US and its population.

During election time, each of the presidential candidates tie themselves into knots in front
of Jewish and Zionist lobbies and each candidate try to out do each other in support and
helping of Israel.

Preservation of Israel is the foremost job of each and every President of USA and in
return what they get back?

Abuses and insults, every time they try to open their mouth to restrain Israel in its
cruelties and land grabbing techniques in Palestine
Q21 . Lipush:

This is more then ridiculous. you say we separate ourselves.

No honey, YOU, the entire world separated Jews from yourselves. You invited the
Hitlerism which says that Jews are responsible for every wrong in the world, the Jews are
"pig and apes" and some law race, they have "dirty blood" and "steal" all success from
Animals are RACE. people are not RACE. Like Chinese and blacks and Mestiazos are
not RACE.

We're people. when you start seeing people like that' the problem is much bigger.


Before accusing others, you should look back and search in your scriptures how you view
other people?

What are the rules to deal between a Jew and Gentile?

You say that Human are not race, then why the world is talking so much about racism
and its evils and wants to eradicate it?

In Islam we do not address any one on the basis of race, color, language or nationality.
Humanity is addressed as “Children of Adam” and not as Israel and Gentile.

If Jews were that much open in their approach, may be they would have ruled the whole
world by now. They were blessed by the Revelation of God and with true religion more
than any other people in the world.

But they did not value this gift of God and discriminated between people based on race
and that is why they fell into the pit of racism.

We do not say that Jews have “Dirty Blood”, how can we say that when Isaac, Jacob,
Joseph, Moses, David and Jesus are our prophets. Any Jew accepting Islam becomes “as
pure” as any Muslims.

We do not say that “All Jews and pigs and apes”, what we say that some of them were
“cursed” to be transformed into apes and pigs. That punishment was for their gross
transgression. That does not apply to entire Jewish people.

Islam is not the racist religion ion the least. It has come to abolish racism, nationalism
and all other isms.

It wants to gather all humanity into worship of One True Lord of Universe.
Q22. Deng:

It's no use to expend any more words on this guy, he's gone over the cliff of reason and
can't see the changing world in front of everyone's eyes.

What you say is mostly valid and the key to Peace in Southwest Asia is the stoppage of
the land grab in Palestine which will stabilize the region and do justice where justice is


The standards of truth and falsehood remain same and do not change with changing

What transpired in creation of Israel was a clear violation of International law and
violation of human rights. Just because it has the backing of western Powers will not
make it right.

How can you stop land grabbing in Palestine? What is your solution about it?

And what about Chinese claims on Hong Kong and Taiwan? How do you see them and
justify them?

Q23 . Lipush:

So basically, those who call to strict the laws of Islam by force, meaning the Shri'a and so
forth, are simply "misunderstood"? it's all Anti Islam? That's a quit twist of reality don't
ya think? And besides, even is the so called "Anti-Islam" movement was really there,
why do you think they exist?

What can be a motive to create such thing as "anti-Islam?"


You are mistaken that Islam wants others to follow its laws. Islamic laws are basically
for Muslims and Muslims have every right that they should follow their own laws.

As for as applying force is concerned, is there any Law in the world that is followed
without any force? Don’t we have penal codes and laws for economic and social

Why every one starts crying when some force is applied by religions?

There are people who have been afraid of and are afraid of Islam’s growth since its
inception. These are Anti Islamic forces…. There have been many such groups in past
who have vanished from the face of earth and there are their modern counter parts who
go by many names.

You need not have to be a genius to recognize or find such people on Internet or in Media
or in any country.

What fuels these Anti Islamists? The answer is the old tussle between Right and Wrong.
Satan and his disciples do not want that True religion of God should be practiced and
prevailed on this earth.

This struggle between right and wrong is very old. Every prophet had to face it. Moses
faced it in the form of Pharaoh and his hosts…. Jesus had to face it in the form of those
Scribes and Pharisees …. Our prophet had to face it in form of Pagans of Makkah, Jews
and Hypocrites of Medina….. And the true followers of prophet are facing from these
modern Anti Islamist forces.

Q24 . Serah:

But the end results are just the same, in reality. I wish it would all stop, it is heart
breaking, and we should all be able to live in peace. One day, as is promised, there will
be peace on Earth, and what a grand way to start a new future that will be.


To live in peace is everybody’s dream, but people have to be ready for that. What people
want is that they should get all the rights and others should get all the responsibilities.

When you have different groups of people living together, then each other’s rights and
duties should be balanced.

What we see the problems in the world these days (and even in past, to be sure) is
because people want different rules for themselves and different rule for others.

I share in your sentiment of global peace, but it will only remain a dream unless people
are ready to make sacrifice for that.

Q25 . Lipush

I think you are confused. You talk about state laws and religious laws at the same
sentence, that's a mistake.

Laws of international morality and states are forced on people in order to prevent
inappropriate behaviour.

If every person would have had reason and moral, there wouldn't have been any laws. as
long as we act like we should, we don't need people to prevent us from misbehaving. you
get what I’m saying?
Religious laws are not made by the government or whatever, they present the power of
faith, and belief.
That what makes them so threatening. because not everybody are "believers". that is why
forcing any religious law on anyone is simple wrong.
You think anyone afraid of "Islam’s growth" is Anti-Muslim?

It is an interesting question you asked about state laws and religious laws. What are state
laws? What are the matters than concern state and what are the matter than concern

In Islam there is no separation between state and religion. You are supposed to show the
same moral behaviour towards your creator as you have to show towards your fellow

If it is now allowed to cheat as a person, then it is not allowed to cheat as a nation also.

That is why there is no such difference in Islam between state and religious laws.

Yes we know that most people in the world are non Muslims, it is their choice and they
have to answer their creator for that.

We are not forcing Islam on any one, our demand is that we should be allowed to live as
a Muslim wherever we live.

Those who are non Muslims and live in Islamic land, will have freedom to practice their
religion and they will be given all protections. The rights which Islam gives to Non
Muslims are better than any other system.

The problem is that True Islamic laws are not enforced in any country of the world, at
best it is only partial implementation and that is why most people are unaware of what
freedoms they will get in a true Islamic state.

I do not have any problem for you being a Jew and living in a Muslim state. After all for
1400 years Jews and Muslims were living together in Palestine and elsewhere and I am
sure you will agree that Muslims treated Jews far better than what Christians did.

But if you see the reverse side of it, How Jews dealt with Muslims in the past and how
they are dealing with them in Palestine and elsewhere, you will see the difference.

Since the advent of our prophet, Jews have been an avowed enemies of Islam and any
thing Islamic. They are at the back of every organization that is against Islam and
Muslims. You will find them writing books against Islam and Muslims, writing novels
articles against Islam and do their utmost to root out Islam and Muslims.
The present misunderstanding between Muslims and West and most cases of Terrorism in
the world have their roots with Jews and Israel.

So instead of accusing Muslims every time, it would help you to have a little
introspection and reflect how Jews have treated Islam and Muslims in the past and

Q26 . Serah

Only Peace will bring about Peace MUQ, and for those that are violent and criminal in
nature, the sacrifice to them would be to give up their violent and criminal ways.

Blessings of Peace to us all, we are all Children of God, and at the end of the day, it is our
Heavenly Father whom we owe the Pleasure of our Present, it is our gift of life.
It looks and it feels very good to talk about peace, peace and peace. Because it is only
talking and you do not have to do anything. But when the peace has to established on
land, then it is another matter altogether, people have to do things to establish peace on


It would not be established with mere words. And that is why you will find that people
talking only about peace are never able to establish it on land.

To establish real peace on land, what we need is equity. To do justice with all people.

Unless you do justice to all sections of people, you can never establish real peace on land.

And that is the approach taken by Islam, to give every one his due rights. That is the
practical approach to establish peace on land and not mere talking.

What most people want (as I told you earlier) is to take their rights (and more if they can
manage it) and do not give it to other people or nation or races.

That is the main hindrance for establishing any real peace on earth.

So You can feel very cozy and very easy to be an ambassador of peace, but you will not
achieve anything, unless you face realities and find solutions for them.
Q27 . Lipush

You seems to think the Judaism stakes Islam. I don't know if that what you truly believe,
or is that you try to converse others to believe in it in order to sleep at night.
Judaism does not forsaken Islam or Christianity. The other way around that is. both of the
religion try to push people to convert, while Jews stay loyal to their faith quietly.
we are 2% of the entire world, we cannot and do not control the media. That's a poor anti-
Semite excuse to go against the Jews.


I know that Islam and Christianity have become so big that Jews cannot confront or stake
them in the open.

Their only purpose in the world is to survive somehow and keep their race going. They
could have done that by living in a close knit society and keeping with themselves.

But that is against their nature, they want to exploit the people amongst whom they are

They are trying their intrigues and machinations to create hatred and mistrust between
Islam and Christianity.

You say that by just being 2 %, they cannot control US media and financial institution.

Just enquire who are the owners of Biggest News Paper chains, Magazine, Film and TV
News Channels in USA?

You will find that in one way or the other, they are in control of Jews directly or

This Anti Islamic and Anti Muslim tirade in which Muslims are always shown in bad
light and as stupid and Jews and Israelis always as Super Intelligent and super efficient
(In Papers, Novels, Movies and every where else) are the handiworks of Jews and
Zionists. A few Christians have also been attracted to this job, but they have no control.

Mind you, I do not accuse all Jews for this, there are many good people amongst them,
who are against creation of Israel and what is going on there for past 60 years.

They fear the repercussion and reality, when the West breaks itself free from Jews
crutches and Jews and left alone to defend themselves in ME. If you think your Raw
Power and Nukes can win you the day, it is your folly.

You have to amend and make friends with them as quickly as you can and on whatever
terms you may get.
Q28 . Lipush

The entire world is acting like it is, though. That's the only possible explanation why
people hate the Jews and feel threaten by them so much. If you be straight and deal with
people justly, no body has reason to be against you.


generally people are against two type of people:

1. One those that preach true religion of God and ask people to repent and change their
ways (the job done by all prophets of God and their true followers).

2. those that try to cheat people and try to exploit them financially, politically or socially.

I do not think that Jews come in the first group (they have left that job more than 2500
years ago).

Now they fall into the second group. They plan against Islam and Muslims, using
manpower and resources of Christian world.

They have marginalized Christianity in Western World and they control media and
financial sector of these countries.

What will be the long term repercussion of it, the writing is on the wall.... I hope Jews
can read it.

The Warning is very Clear... If you do not walk in the ways of Your Lord and Creator....
you can never get true peace and true prosperity and provide true justice.

This is the same lesson for Muslims and Christians too.

Q29 . Lipush

stopped reading your comment as soon as i got to the word "race". If you see us as "race",
i guess there is no point of continuing this discussion.


It is not my problem if Jews have become a race. What is a race? It is the descendants of
one common ancestor.

All Jews link their genealogies to Isaac and Jacob… this is not my fault.

Islam is based on beliefs and not genealogies. Every human on earth by accepting its
message can become a Muslim with equal rights.
More than 80 % of Muslims in the world are non Arabs…. They have no genealogical
link with Arabs… but they are part of same brotherhood. Similar is the case with

That is not the case with Jews. Their scriptures and every thing mention Jews as a
separate class and other nations as a separate class.

Hindus likewise have a link with India… for them world starts and ends with India….
Every river, every mountain and hill and every valley is holy and sacred to them. So they
are also racist but their race is their land.

I am not racist in the least…when I criticize Jews, it is not a general condemnation, it is

only those who have done wrong.

This is the attitude of our Quran too… it criticizes some Jews and then it praises some of
them. We have to be unbiased and promote truth and justice.

Q30 . Monk

anti-Semitism- noun discrimination against or prejudice or hostility toward Jews. That's



I said that the word Anti-Semitism is a misnomer. Irrespective of the way it is defined in
dictionaries. When it denotes hatred towards Jews, it should be clearly written as Anti-

Why is it hidden the word “Semites”? Arabs are as Semites as any Jew. So why Anti-
Semitism should not include Arabs also.

What if One Jew is against another Jew…what would you call them…are both Anti-

I am not hostile against Jews, I am hostile against those Jews who have done wrong
against us and driven hundreds and thousands of our brothers and sisters from their

That is not Anti-Semitism… That is call for Justice and Equity and checking oppression
and tyranny.
Q31 . Ali

ts amazing! The Greek empire is gone, so is the Babylonian, Egyptian, Roman,

Nebuchadnezzar, etc, now also the Communists. The Jews have stayed, inspite of all their
defeats and exiles. Here they are - Arabs better get used to it, the Jews know how to
survive against the odds.
The Jews have shown that they can kick butt! They are ready for Hisbollah (?) Hammas,
& Co. The Arabs are nothing but a useless conglomeration of whining, shopkeeper, big-
mouth wanna-bes. They will get nowhere with Israel unless they are REALLY will to
make peace - none of this deceitful Muslim double-tongue style of negotiations.
If they make genuine peace, the West will rebuild Palestine. If not, the Jews will destroy
the Arabs


Your analogy is not correct, Greek , Roman, Egyptian, Babylonian and other empires
have perished....

But we still have Greek, Roman, Egyptian , Iraqis, Persians and all other races and people
living even today , they have not perished.

So what is special about Jews in that regard... they are surviving as any other people

Jewish Kingdom vanished more than 2000 years ago.... now with the help of their
"Christian Friends" (it is one sided friend ship by the way, Christians suck up to Jews and
Jews do not change their stance about Jesus or Christianity one little bit).... and their
intrigue they have got a small piece of land in Palestine...

And Jews think as if they have conquered the world!! The area of Israel is nothing, it is
difficult even to point to it on world maps.

And due to one sided help and support from "Christian Friends" this small state of Israel
is surviving for past few decades.

And that has been achieved after doing so much injustice and suffering to millions of
people for past 60 years.

I am not aware of any other small state like Israel established and preserved with so much
violence and suffering to so many human beings.

Still Jews and their "Christian Friends" think that they are fulfilling God' Commands and
instruction in protecting this racists and brutal country.
Q32 . Anonymous

Should every Indian be Anti Pakistan?


Whatever new locations Pakistan might have moved its Nukes, they are under sights of
US and NATO forces.

I have no Pro or Anti US or NATO bias. If they do wrong things or do any injustice to us
or anyone else , I am their Anti and if they do right and do justice I am their pro.

Being Indian does not mean that I must be anti Pakistan. The enmity between India and
Pakistan is the handiworks of Politicians and RSS and their followers. Common people
want the countries to live in peace and with good relation.

It seems you are Rabid Pak Hater, may be you have sympathies with RSS and its

Your claims to having destroyed Terrorists factories in Afghanistan in the real

Misinformation which is propagated thru world media.

Q32 . Anonymous :

Are they living in Past?


You saying that Arabs are living in past is not true, have you ever visited any of the Arab
countries and seen the roads, the buildings and the modern infrastructure there, how can
you say that they are living in past.

If you mean that they remember their old days of glory and want to achieve that once
again, then there is no harm in that. I think Jews are more living in Past than Arabs.
Jews were dreaming for their promised land for past 2000 years (and are still dreaming
it). There is no harm in that provided they do not do injustice to any one. Arabs have not
done injustice to anyone for at least past 1000 years and have been mostly at the
receiving end.

If you mean that they would stick to their religion of 1400 years and want to live by that,
then Jews are also in the same boat. Their religion is much older than Arabs!!

What Americans did to Red Indians and what Europeans did to South Americans,
Australians and New Zealanders and African Slaves was really shameful. No on e will
feel proud of it. But I do not see any public admission of shame or outcry for those past
deeds if that is what you mean. They say what is past is past.
Killing innocent persons by whatever means is equally abhorrent (be it by beheading, by
gallows, by bullets, by missiles or by planes and by tanks , or by giving torture inside is
immaterial , since the end result is same).

Why you say there is no outrage in Arab world against these killings. If the acts take
place which are in countries under their control (Iran, Saudi Arabia etc.) they take
actions. But what can they do when such acts take place in countries like Iraq or
Palestine which are under US and Jewish control.?

Q33 . Anonymous :

What was it?


My post was a rhetoric one in response to the one which implied that "World Moves
around Jews and Israel"

It was to show him the other side of Jewish character.

I am sorry If you feel hurt. I am not a racist. I do not condemn all Jews.

But majority of them DO have a racial trait. They consider themselves as some thing
special… of God has a special dealing and a special place for them.

Jews might have made many contributions in the world, but it was never as a separate
nation, they worked under other people and made their contributions. This is a fact….
Now you see Israel as a nation, where majority is Jew. Where does it stand in the world
today? What is its contribution in the world? For what is Israel known in the world

So let us be balanced in our approach. The way you generalize Muslims, why you feel
hurt if we also do that for a change.

Q34 . Anonymous :

Why extremism is on the rise?


It is not now….I was always talking about the same thing. If you do not solve the
problem…do not solve the root cause of the problem….just try to ignore that it would be
solved automatically with time….in all such cases the Extremist Elements would get a
upper hand.
If the genuine problems of Palestinians would have been solved when Israel was
Created…. If Jews had not treated Arabs in Gaza and West bank so horribly after
1967….if they would have vacated all lands captured by them in 1967….may be then
these extremists elements would not have got any public support.

The only cause of growth of Extremism in any society is when the genuine demands of
population are not met and the problem is allowed to linger on.

Then when the problems boil over, the authorities are content to use force to exterminate
these extremists, at no time trying to solve the original problem.

One atrocity leads to another, in the end, both parties are polarized and there is no
solution is sight.

That is what is happening in Palestine today…they think that life of one is the death
warrant for other.

It is not so….we have to lessen the hatred….we will not have to justify only our stand…..
we have to reason and logic….as our wives and children are dear to us, so they are dear
to them also. This Tit for Tat actions are never going to solve any thing, they would only
escalate the problem.

Q35 . Anonymous :

If there were no Israel?


There was only One Islamic Nation before…..Western Powers divided it into so many
small and smaller nations

Divide and rule has been the driving principle of Western Nations.

If there was no Israel….The whole of that land was only one nation.

As in North America there are only two nations, US and Canada , but a continent of
smaller size (South America) there are 100 nations!!
Q36 . Lipush:

Who is Shaheed?


As I told you, only God knows who is real Martyr or Shaheed. What people say is only
because of their own point of view. Just people saying that this one is Shaheed will not
make him one in the eyes of God.

As I told you earlier, any one killing innocent men, women and children cannot be martyr
in the eyes of God. Spilling of innocent blood is one of the Big of the Biggest sins in

Islam's position is very clear on this issue. So I do not justify every case of suicide
bombing by Fatah or Hamas.

But at the same time I say, that Palestinians are facing problems and persecution at the
hands of Israeli soldiers and Jewish settlers. Unless their problems are solved in an
amicable manner, the peace cannot prevail there and in the whole area.

Q37 . Anonymous :

If 1967 were an open ended war?


What would have been the results of 1967 if it was open ended and not a six day war, is
any body's guess.

May be it would have been much more losses for Arabs in the first 10 or 15 days....May
be Israel would have captured Cairo, Jordan, Syria, Baghdad and even Tehran in first one
month!!! (Remember Nazi's blitz when they captured so many countries at the start of
WW-2, or that Russians reached Kabul in one day!!)

The real problem starts when you have to maintain your possession for such vast lands
over long periods.

That is where any small state and specially Israel would have been a total loss. How to
control an area ten times of their own? How to control a population 100 times of their

That is where their mighty army would crumble.

Long wars with factions like Hizbollah, Hamas, and Al Fatah have shown that no country
can win such type of wars.
Small number of Arabs in West Bank and Gaza are a thorn in the side of Israel, they are
unable to control them...despite using every type of force and brutalization.

What would have been case if there were 100 times of these Arabs in "Greater Israel"?

It is as I said, I would never even dream of open ended war if I was a Jew living in

Q38 . Anonymous :

Did Your prophet solved our disputes?


Yes it is ALWAYS possible for God to send another prophet is beyond doubt…but
whether God did send some one as prophet is open to question. We have to test every
one's claim of prophet hood before accepting or rejecting him.

Quran remained matchless for past 1400 years (and shall remain matchless till the end of
days!) is not because of lack of competent authors. There are 20 Million Arabic
Speaking Christians in Arab lands and they listen every day the challenge of Quran to
bring a book like it, to bring ten chapters like it, to bring at least one chapter like it. But
they cannot meet the challenge. You may land a helping hand to them.

I said that our prophet solution to most of the disputes which Jews and Christians have.
But of Jews and Christians do not want to follow his solution, then it is not his fault.

You may present your disputes that are existing between Jews and Christians and let us
see what is the simple solution provided by our Illiterate and uneducated prophet. A
prophet which never listened to your never ending talks and theories.!!

Q39 . Big Joe

You view a connection between the USSR fall and Israel because that's what you are
hoping for a collapse. The USSR was a colossal empire made up numerous peoples who
wanting independence from Moscow and the end of communist rule. Israel has no
connection to this event in history only in your mind it does because you desire it
therefore it does to you.

Israel is 75% Jewish and operates under a parliamentary system as a democratic republic.

Russia still has some sway and veto power in the UN. As for God's commandments again
religion is a personal belief and there are thousands of religions with many different
Revelations speaks of Armageddon in the bible and has it's version of events to come.
And i don't agree with Monk that Israel is necessarily our best ally Canada the UK Japan
and Australia may be better again that's a matter of opinion.


I am not drawing any parallel between USSR and Israel. The lesson from UUSR fall is
that it is not only military strength or use of force which guarantees your survival.

If you follow a wrong ideology and only justify you existence by your show of arm and
Military power, you are bound to fail.

If Jews claim Palestine as their homeland, based on Biblical deed of Title, then they are
bound to follow the Laws and Commandments of God in their land. What else will be
the purpose of God in bringing back Jews to that land?

Is God partial? Or is God interested in a particular genealogy?

Since Jews prove their return and their claim on the land of Palestine on Biblical
teachings, they are different from any other nation of the world.

What holds good for Japan, China, and Australia, does not apply to Israel. It is a country
based on an ideology and they must be true to that ideology, otherwise they are rebels
and traitors in the eyes of their God and are only awaiting His wrath and Punishment.

Jews are no stranger to know what wrath and Punishment of their Lord and God means,
their whole history is filled with that

Q40 . MEHS (My Eyes Have Seen)

Since you mention the study of history, answer these questions. When was the nation of
Palestine formed ? What was their government? Who were their leaders? What did their
symbols of national pride look like? You fail to see , Palestine never existed. The Lord
brought the Jews to Canaan nothing called Palestine ever existed. But they don’t teach
history in the madrassa , do they?

You also have no understanding of Russia what-so-ever. They are by far a world power
and wield immense influence over the decisions of practically every ME nation. Its quite
easy to see that even Iran is humbly subservient to Russia. Your statement belies an
ignorance of geopolitical events.


What is Palestine? It is a piece of land and nothing else. It was populated much before
Jews set foot there.
Read your Bible and find out if Palestine was a barren land before Jews entered there? It
was a land flowing with honey and milk ,according to Bible, from where this honey and
milk came? Was it gushing from the earth?

No, the land was made fertile and it was filled with cattle and greenery due to which
Honey and Milk was abundant there.

Jews conquered that land in around 1800 BC , killing millions, as per the biblical
accounts of wars, and enslaving millions of the Original people living there. Jews tried
to impose there own culture there with varying results.

Finally in 70 CE Jews were evicted from Palestine and the land came under Roman
control, it had a distinct Roman culture, when Arabs conquered that land around 650 CE
and since that time, Arab and Muslim culture dominated that area. The civilization in
that land was predominately Arab and Muslim. Arabic was the language of the land.

That changed when Jews came back there in 1948 and started their brutalities which they
had started in 1800 BC.

What is the culture of Palestine today under Jews and Zionists? Is it a Jewish culture or
Materialistic Atheist culture dominated by Atheist Zionists?

Is this the culture which God spoke when He asked Jews to settle down in the land of

It does not matter by what name you call any land, the names keep on changing but the
people living there remain same.

Russia might be a powerful nation, but it is only a shadow of its USSR days…. Then it
was an emerging power and ideology in the world…. Now it is a spent force.

Can you imagine, India, where in pre 1989 days, Russians were treated like lords and
were welcome to visit at any time they choose, put travel and visa restrictions to Russians
who wanted to come to India!!

That is almost a U turn, India in pre 1989 feared Russian wrath , after break up of USSR,
Russia was like any other country with same footing as India.

Q41. Monk

And you know all that from your Muslim education in India? Your anti-Semite, anti-
Israel agenda betrays your motives here. We support Israel because they are a free people
who support us. You ever visited Chop-Chop Square? We don't have chop-chop in the
US or Israel. We have laws and a legal system like other civilized nations.

Anti Semite is another ambiguous term which these Zionists and their Christian
supporters have invented. Who is a Semite and who is an Anti Semite?

Arabs and Muslims are Semite as any blue blooded Jew. So any one who hates Arabs
and Muslims is also an Anti Semite.

I do not hate all Jews or hate Jews only because they are Jews. I am only against those
Jews who have committed wrongs against our innocent brothers in Palestine and
elsewhere, this is not racism and this is not Anti Semitism.

I know you have laws, and you have legal systems and you are very much civilized
nations, and that is the reason crime graph in your country is always on the rise. The
cases of Murder, Rape, Violence and cases of Child abuses, thefts, murder, drunken
driving, drug addiction all are on rise from year to year.

That is the price you pay for your so called civilization. It is your choice, you simmer
into your own juices.

Q42 . Monk

Hi Lipush- The military exercises with the US and Israel have been awesome as shown
here on the news. The message is clear to the world- The US will
ALWAYS defend its best friend and ally- Israel. Let Israel's enemies beware- you attack
Israel, you also attack the US and you will lose. Monk

Your comment about GWB are meaningless, History will judge him as a fair and good


Your assumption that US will ALWAYS defend its "Friend" Israel is correct, but US is
really no “Friend” of Israel. This is a sort of “forced Friendship”. USA is in voice like
grip of Jews who control its media and financial institutions.

The day this grip is broken, US will become a “free” country and then we will see the
true Friendship between US and Israel.

As regards GWB, his contemporaries have judged him as the worst president in US
history. If history will judge otherwise , then it shall mean that those people did not taste
the real “fruits” of GWB the Great.

From your remarks it is clear that you voted him for the First time AND The second time,
and would have voted for him third and fourth time also if the laws allowed it.
Why don’t you write a book, telling people about the good qualities of GWB the Great.
To most people he was a liar who unnecessarily dragged US into two wars, due to which
US has suffered thousands of lives and trillions of dollars.

Q43 . Big Joe

Nebuchadnezzar II 605 BC – 562 BC and Titus of the Roman Empire 70 AD who with 3
legions did sack Jerusalem. However these historical events are irrelevant today as
nobody is marching on Jerusalem. Russia still exists and always will the formerly vast
USSR again has no relevance. It's not my Army i can just see the obvious that you can't
bear to witness Israel is going to be around a very long time. It's neighbours might as well
get use to it most have the radicals haven't.


You may interpret history any way you like. The fall of Jerusalem was not the fall of one
city, if was the end of Jewish rule from Palestine. First for 70 years then for another 2000

If you learned no lesson from these history and continue to bolster your defenses, without
cementing your relations with God, the third catastrophe is round the corner. If God
brought Jews to Palestine, then what was its purpose? To create mischief in the land and
oppress and kill innocent men women and children?

Or to walk in the way of God and follow His laws and Commandments. I do not see any
such phenomenon in the Presents state of Israel which is governed by Atheist Jews.

It seems that you are the one person who does not learn any lesson from history, for you
every incident is an isolated one.

The fall of USSR tells us, that the mighty empire collapsed on itself, without the use of
any force. The communist ideology was a false ideology and it could never survive
except under extreme pressure and violence. The moment that pressure was removed, it
collapsed like a moth eaten tree.

Russia which was once a force which every one feared, inspite of its having a very biog
size and most of Nuclear and conventional arms, has no say in world affairs. No one
listens to it and it is treated as a second rate power.

So the lesson from USSR fall is that false ideologies and oppression are bound to fail
sooner or later.

So Israel should learn that lesson and do not repeat the same mistake.
Q 44 . Bert:

It's time to free the people of Afghanistan from the Wahabists


Wahabi is another term invented by Enemies of Islam to divide Muslims.

There is no term like Wahabi in Islamic jurisprudence.

By the way so called link between Afghan and Wahabi was OK for you, when they were
fighting with USSR.

Why all of a sudden you want to break that so called link? You wanted to use Afghan
people as your tools to weaken Mighty USSR Empire, and then dumped and turned on
them when your aim was achieved.

Q45 . Sue

The Israelites settled in the West Bank territories long, long before the Palestinians ever
set foot there. The Palestinians were originally called Philistines, and the Philistines still
living in the Cretian Islands, when Moses led his Israelites into the West Bank, which
they called Home.

It was only much, much later, that the Philistines left the Cretan islands and took to to the
sea in boats, with the view of immigrating, as the Cretians did not want them.

The Philistines were therefore called The Sea People. Eventually, the
Philistines/Palestinians landed on the shores of Sothern Coastal area of the Mediterranean
Cannan, which was occupied by Egypt. The Egyptians did not want to fight them, and so
relinquished that land to them, where they eventually settled. The Palestinians/Philistines
were so happy there, they proudly called the area PHILISTA. The Palestinians were not
even aware that the West bank territories existed at that time.


I think your knowledge about Early Jewish history is very poor. When Abraham, Isaac
and Jacob set their foot in the Land of Canaan, it was already under the control of original
people living there. So for you to say that Jews set foot there much before Palestinians is
actually a lie.

The fact is that Jews were evicted from the Palestine ~ 70 CE and that area was under
control of Arabs and Muslims from 650 CE till 1948 CE.

When there is any property dispute, the claims of people who are living in the land has
first priority.
Jews cannot come back after 2000 years and say that this is the land of our forefathers
and evict the people who are living there for past 1200 years.

Why this rule should only be applied to Jews and not to any other people. Can Muslims
claim back Spain, because they ruled there for 700 years. Can Red Indians evict white
people from North and South America, because it was their land for thousands of years?

The only reason for Jews to come back to Palestine is that they have Money and Military
Power and they are supported by their “Christian friends”. On that basis they can
forcefully occupy the land and the Palestinians have full right to fight for their freedom
and oppose the illegal occupation of their lands by Jews.

Q46 . Ali
MUQ, your comments are typical of the Muslim/Arab persuasion. You are trying to
be so rational, but to us guys in the West, you are so transparent, man!

Palestine only became a real place and the Arabs there only took on the label
"Palestinian" when some idiot politician in recent times coined the name. Prior to
that, all in that area called themselves Egyptians, Lebanese, Syrians, Jordanians, not
Palestinians. Common, the Arabs have become greedy since the Jews made their land
prosperous and successful - the Arabs are only shopkeepers, man, producing nothing!

I have been to many nations in the ME and they are all pathetic like the
"Palestinians" so they cannot blame the Jews for their poverty.


If you think my response is a Typical Arab or a Typical Muslim, then let me say that
yours is no better than a typical Western who is brainwashed by the Jewish controlled

The Name Palestine or Palestinian does not mean any thing really. What matters is that
these people were living in the land for past 1200 years, they have been uprooted by the
creation of Israel and arrival of Millions of migrant Jews from Europe and Russia and
from every corner of the world.

The Jews made their land prosperous or waste does not matter in the least. If you like
that very much, then give some of your barren lands to them to make it green and
Do you know the Jews who migrated to Palestine, most of them were rich and educated
and then they received Billions of Dollars of free aid from US and Europe and continue
to receive that even today.

That is no argument at all. People have right to their lands and they can live in which ever
way they like.

For your information , I am not a Saudi National, I am an Indian working here , so I do

not answer for the actions of Saudi rulers.

But it is strange for you to complain about prices charged by Saudi Govt. from Hajis,
whereas in reality, Saudi Govt. Does not charge any money from any pilgrim. This is
most interesting from you, who live in a Capitalist society where nothing comes for free,
why should you object if Saudi Govt. charges for the services it provides to people
coming there.

Does not US and European Govt. Charge Visa fees and Airport Taxes and so many other
levis from people who come to visit there.

I do not criticize all Jews and all Christians. But in my view Jews have totally
neutralized Christianity in US and Europe. There is not a single Christian left in these
countries, who can look Jews in the eyes and tell them that they are at fault to reject the
message of Jesus. How can Christians help these Jews who keep Jesus in contempt?

Q47 . MEHS

Your theory is preposterous and not supported by fact. The Jews came out of Egypt and
were delivered the "promised land" , Canaan. They conquered, settled, raised families
and established roots to the land as promised by God. Israel first became a nation in 1312
B.C.E., two thousand years before the rise of Islam! Seven hundred and twenty-six years
later in 586 B.C.E. these first ancient Jews in the Land of Israel [Judea] were overrun and
Israel's First Jewish Temple (on Jerusalem's Old City Temple Mount) was destroyed by
Nebuchadnezzar, king of ancient Babylon. Many of the Jews were killed or expelled;
however many were allowed to remain. These Jews along with their progeny and other
Jews who would resettle over the next 500 years, rebuilt the Nation of Israel and also a
Second Temple in Jerusalem upon the Temple Mount. Thus the claim that Jews suddenly
appeared sixty years ago right after the Holocaust and drove out the Arabs is
preposterous! They were there long before your mythical land you call Palestine. This is
well documented.


I think you are getting a bit emotional when speaking about the Jews and the lands of
Palestine. Let us see the position in proper perspectives:
A. The land of Palestine was inhabited by Philistines many centuries before Jews set foot
in that land. You these people were really the Finder’s Keepers. Because they inherited
the land as it was unoccupied.

B. Till the Time of Abraham and Isaac, there was no significant presence of Jews in the
land of Palestine. They might have lived there as a small village chieftain herding their
goats and sheep and flock. They did not establish any so called kingdom in the land of

C. Jacob and his entire family , the so called Fountain heads of Jewish twelve tribes,
migrated to Egypt , for the love of greener pastures, when Joseph got Power and position

C1. They abandoned the lands of their forefathers , their so called inheritance, just for
the Greenery and Wealth and Cattle of Egypt. The Holy Lands did not see any face of a
Jew for next two and a half centuries.

D. When things turned sour at Egypt , Jews must have some share of blame in that,
because their arrogant and rebellious nature is known to every one, God took them out of
Egypt and promised to settle them in the Land of Promise, provided they walked
according to His laws and commandments.

E. During the life time of Moses, Jews were only wandering in the desert and had not
conquered any significant part of the land of Palestine. It was after Moses when Jews
under the leadership of Joshua started subjugating the land killing, evicting and enslaving
the Original inhabitants of the land. This took many centuries. During this period both
Jews and Philistines shared the land.

F. It was only during the period of David and Solomon that Jews conquered the whole
land of Palestine and the combined period of their rules is no more than 70 odd years.

G. After the death of Solomon, Jews again got divided and started loosing parts of their
lands to Philistines, Assyrians, Babylonians and other neighboring kingdoms.

H. This continued till the time of Nebuchadnezzar, when the Jews lost their power and
kingdom of the land and were taken as captives to Babylon.

I. They came back after 70 odd years of captivity, rebuilt their lands and started ruling.
But their rule was never supreme , they never rose to their earlier period of glory and
never ever had control of full land of Palestine.

J. Then in 70 CE, the Jews were evicted from the land of Palestine for more than 2000
years and wandered in the land of Europe and elsewhere.
Q48 . Sue
The original people who were living in the West bank territories were not the Philistines.
The Philistines were still living in the cretian islands when the israelites colonized the
West Bank.

Philistines were originally called Sea People, because they were not wanted by the
Cretians, and they immigrated, not to the West bank, but to the Southern coastal areas of
the Canaan, which they called Philista.

Yes, the Jews can evict the Philistines. The Jews were there first. Finders keepers. You
Muslims cannot ignore the Torah. The West bank was occupied first by the Jews, and
that is fact.

If my house is vacant for 2.000 years, and I find squatters living there, who have
occupied my home for 1.200 years, I will evict them. Hust because the've been living in
my house whilst it was empty, does not mean the squatters can claim ownership of it.

I can leave my home empty for as long as I want, be it for 1.200 years or 4.000 years, no
matter. it's still my home, and i will evict the squatters who have taken over my home.

The Palestinians are the squatters. They made their home in Philista, whilst the Jews were
already living in the West bank.


Arabs and Muslims conquered the land of Palestine in ~ 650 CE, they took it from
Roman (Byzantine) Empire and not from Jews. They lived and established their rule for
more than 1200 years. During this period, Muslims, Christians and small pockets of
remaining Jews lived side by side peacefully without any problem.

L. This situation changed when Britain after end of WW-1 got foothold in Palestine and
allowed large scale migration of Jews to the land of Palestine. From that time on, the
land of Palestine has never seen a day of peace.

M. Now tell me, If it was God. Promise to give Jews the whole possession of Palestine,
then why it was not fulfilled for any significant period of time?

N. The God’s promise to settle Jews in Palestine was conditional, i.e. if they walked in
the way of God, He will help them. If they rebelled, He will punish them and that is what
we have seen in Palestine during past 3000 years.

O. The present Materialistic and Atheist state of Israel in no way fulfills the condition
laid down by God… They want to take advantage of Scripture when it supports their
case…. And keep mum when it asks them to fulfill basic requirements.
P. So in reality , there is no Scriptural, Moral and political justification for bringing back
Jews from all corners of world and create a Jewish state in Palestine.

Q. The only Justification is brute force. If Jews and Christians are able to force their
views only because they have power in the world, let them do it, But Arabs, Muslims and
Palestinians also have a right to use force and win back their land. So let the brute force
decide the outcome of this conflict. Jews and Christians have no ground to complain.

Q49 . Bert

Wahabi is false Islam. It is more of an ideology than a religion. It preys on weakminded

muslims and turns them into suicide bombers, political extremists, and woman abusers.


You have not yet explained what is Wahabism? I told you that in Islamic terminology or
Jurisprudence there is no term like Wahabi.

It is a term which has been coined by enemies of Islam to divide Muslim nation.

Now you tell me what is Wahabi ideology? When it started, who were its leaders and
how is it linked with Suicide Bombers, Political Extremists etc.

Was Saddam Husain a Wahabi? Is Qaddafi a Wahabi? Is Iran Wahabi? Is Afghansitan

Wahabi? Is Pakistan Wahabi?

What are you trying to say, I cannot understand.

Some one may say that it is Christianity which was responsible for WW-1 & WW-2,
Atom Bomb Attack on Japan, Vietnam and Korean War etc. How would you respond

Q50 . Sue

You are wrong. There is a huge Christian community in Israel. The Jews and the
Christians are the best of friends, because they respect each other's stance.

The Christian Communities would not be so supportive of Israel, if Israel harboured

contempt for them. The Christians are welcome to make their home in Israel, because
Israel is as much their land as it is for the Jews. Although Jews do not hold store by
Christ, they are more than supportive of the Christians who do.

The Holy Bible are the Old and New Testaments, NOT THE KORAN. Christians and
Jews have a common link. The Christians are like brothers to the Israelis.
There are more Churches in Israel than there are Synagogues, and it's NOT a problem in
the least. Christians everywhere, come and worship your Lord Jesus Christ here in Israel.
You are welcome guests, and stay forever if you like. This country is yours as much as it
is ours.



I really appreciate your expression of "brotherly love" between Jews and Christians.

Will you please list how Jews recognize the Mission of Jesus?

What is Jewish belief about miraculous birth of Jesus?

From where you got the Idea that OT and NT are indeed Testaments and Quran is not the
Final Testament of God!!

My point was that Jews show only an outward affinity to Christians, because they "need
them" to support Israel's existence , the moment that need will be over…they will turn the
"hot tap" on their "Christian Friends" too!!

Q51 . Monk

And how is it possibly of interest to a Muslim from India about relations between Israel
and the US? It isn't of interest to you. Driving a wedge between the US and Israel is your
dark agenda. And you fail to do so

Atrocities in Gaza were staged by Hamas to martyr their own innocent civilians. Dr Nizar
Rayan wanted to die as his son the suicide bomber had died. But did Rayan's four wives
and children want to die with him? Not likely. Hamas used schools and hospitals to store
weapons and these brave Muslims hid behind women and children as they shot at Israeli
The atrocities- the meaningless martyrdom of thousands of Palestinians by Hamas- didn't
work so well did they. The people of Gaza will be far less likely to protect their cowardly
leaders in Syria next time.


Why should not an Indian Muslim think and comment on relation between Israel and
USA? Are international relations the prerogative of Jews and Christians only?

They have rights to comment on Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and every where else in the
world and no one should comment about their relations? What is the logic for this?

I do not try to put wedge between "one sided cordial relations" between "Friendly
countries" of US and Israel. I only said that it was One Sided Friendship indeed US is to
Give and not ask and Israel to ask and do not give !!
It is a sort of "Weird Love" between the two nations. Like any love of such sort, this also
will not last long. America will soon realize that they have been taken for a sucker and
for a ride. They have suffered morally, financially, politically and in every other way
just to save and protect Israel, who turn back on them every time they want any thing
from it.

I like your boasts about how to deal with HAMAS and HIZBALLAH… what happened
in Gaza, whole world saw and kept quite.

Q52 . Lipush

Is there a need to do so? We live in the 21st century


If you live in 21st century (As if that is a great honor by itself) should you not patch up?

Church has apologized to Jews for what they did to them during all these centuries.

Should not the Jews do the same and say that they were wrong to say all these bad words
about Jesus and Mary and recognize them as great people.

What we see is Jews sticking to their old standards still speaking all these bad words
about Jesus and his mother...

And they still expect that Christians should help them out of their every misery.

What type of logic and justice is this one sided love affair?

Have you seen the abusive language Israeli Leaders use against US in general and US
president in particular, every time they dare to disagree with Israeli atrocities against

That is despite how much US has suffered financially , morally and politically for its
blind support of Israel. How much has US paid for its "friendship" to Israel and what it
got back in return? Abuses , insults and spying on its every sensitive researches.

If you want to look at ingratitude personified...look and US - Israeli relations!!

Q53 . Lipush

You cannot force me to say Jesus or Maria were great people just like you can't force
Muslims to say Eliyahu was a great prophet or even Buddha for that matter.
If the Christians apologize to Jews it should be for the killing in name of religion, not
religion itself. so goes for Muslims and Jews.
you apologize never for your belief but for your actions, that is. About time thaqt people
will start realize that.
Jews who speak badly about Jesus or Maria, should be dealt with specifically, you can't
force Judaism itself for apologizing to anyone.
Since Judaism speaks for the Torah, which is the pure truth, Judaism should never
apologize for anything.
We didn't see or hear the pope apologize for something, or did we?
When you say our leaders talk harshly against American in Generals, can you give me
example for such a case? when did we said something abusive against America? i don't
remember such case.
With Obama, yes, many Israelis see him as a "ambassador" of the Arab agenda in the
USA. that's a different issue. but we don't do things against America. that would be
We might not always see as one and the sameith the Americans, truly we see them as
naive people, which their "pretty souls" is interrupting them from waking up and see how
the world works, but at least we are not backstabbing each other, like the evil Turkey did.


We have no problem in saying that Elihayu or Buddha were great people. However we
cannot say that they were prophets, because their names are not mentioned in our

We do not heap insults on the personality of these and other religious leaders of other

But Jews on the other hand heap insult on Jesus and his mother and refer to them in bad
words. That is a totally different thing.

You are playing innocent when you say that your leaders do not abuse American
Presidents whenever they try to regulate Israel or speak against its atrocities on
Palestinians. They did that to Bill Clinton, they did that to GWB the Great and they do
that to Obama also. I remember they did that to even Ronald Reagan too.

Any US president if he says anything criticizing Israel is abused in Jewish Media and has
to keep his mouth Shut.

Obama is no friend of Arabs or Muslims. He is somewhat different than GWB the Great,
but so far, it is only words and words and no action from him. How could he be elected
President of USA, if he was not pro Israel?
He went out of his way to assure Jews and Israel of his unclenching support .

Americans are really naïve people, they are no match to cunning and intrigues of Jews
living there. How else they could allow their Media and Finances to be controlled by

But such things do not run for ever….very soon Americans will realize that they were
taken for a ride by these Jews and will break free from their clutches.

Q54 . Ali

MUQ, when the Bible was still in an ancient language that only the priests could read, the
Christians did atrocious barbaric things to others. But when it was translated and
Christians came to understand the message of the love of God manifested in the form of a
man, Jesus the Christ, then we stopped being barbarians.

Granted many who claim to be Christians have since done the same evil things, but true
believers, not ignorant religious fanatics, have started to live by the Bible standards and
love their neighbours and also their enemies.

Christians and Jews have the same roots - unlike Muslims whose roots are in the lies of
an evil one going by the name of Jibrial who deceived M and all his followers into doing
evil things in the name of their All compassionate god????

Read the true Book and get a wake-up call, man!


So you mean to say that before the Protestant Movement, Christians were Barbaric in
general, but then reformed afterwards?

But your assumptions are wrong, all those colonization, extermination of Red Indians,
Aborigines from Australia, New Zealand, Slave Trade all these things happened after
"Christians came away from Barbarism" and that their Bibles tucked under their arms,
reading all those beautiful words of Jesus!!

See how you put the blame of Evil Christians and Evil Jews on their heads and not on
Judaism or Christianity. But when it comes to Islam, you follow a different standard.

Islam, Jews and Christians indeed have same root. Arabs are related to Jews thru
Abraham. Islam recognizes all Jewish prophets and their missions. It has high regards
for Jesus Christ. Terms him as Messiah and heaps all praise on him.

However Jews and Christians do not reciprocate these Islamic teachings of tolerance and
always speak bad words about our prophet. If our prophet was deceived by Gabriel, then
why cant we say the same about Moses and Jesus also? That they were deceived by the
"So Called Angels" who appeared to them?

Your advise to read the True Book is very much appreciated, but it apples to you. Quran
says it is Truth and nothing but truth. But in Bible we do not find any such statement!!

Q55 . MEHS

You keep referring to "the land of Palestine" That immediately renders your post to the
trash heap of mythology. You are wasting your words on propaganda and cultish talking
points. There never was a land of Palestine . It was called Canaan. Look at ancient maps,
texts, archeology and stop fooling yourself. If you are going to bring a take , come correct
or sit on the porch.


If the creation of a nation called Palestine was so crucial, why didn’t the Arabs do it when
they occupied Israeli land ? Its pretty easy to come across the below factual data and I'm
not even Jewish, I don’t understand why you cant. Apologies for the Caps:


It seems that you are not able to understand the basic issues involved in this conflict.

1. First of all Jews were not the original inhabitants of the land of Palestine. The area
was occupied before them by some one else.

2. It does not matter how many BC Jews conquered that land.

3. The point is that they were evicted from that land almost 2000 years ago.

4. How could they come back and ask people living there for 1200 years to vacate the
land for them.

5. Why this logic should not be used for other lands and for other people also? Why cant
red Indians ask white people to vacate North and South America? Why cat aborigines of
Australia demand their lands back.

6. The world does not work in vacuum. That you abandon your house for 2000 years
and then demand that people should keep it intact for you. In no court of law, such a case
will have any standing.

7. Jerusalem is holy to Muslims because it was our first Qibla, i.e. direction of prayers.

8. So there is no justification for Jews to demand full control of Palestine on any ground,
except brute force.
Q56 . Sue

The Jews reclaimed Judea and Samaria in 1967, through battle. It was not the Philistines
who won that war.
The Philistines had to go, because the Jews were in those territories before they were. I
will not let you take my home, just because you squatted in it, for however long you took
it upon yourself to live in MY HOME.

I will fight you tooth and nail to get my home back. If you win, it's yours. If I win, I get
to reclaim my home.

I have spelt it out for you in Kindergarten lingo.

The Red Indians and the Aboriginals can try and fight to reclaim their lost land. Nobody
is stopping them from doing that.

However, they'll have to FIGHT to get it back, just like the brave Jews FOUGHT to
reclaim the WB Territories in 1967.


You seem to be in habit to write long and multiple answers. It is very difficult to keep
track with your correspondence.

1. In fact I said that only justification for Israel existence is by brutal force. So you did
not wrote anything except to confirm it. If force is the only language you understand,
then let it be so. Why do we talk and write to each other?

2. But the way you justify Israel’s existence thru History and thru scripture writing recoil
back on you and you are left with no option except use of brute force.

3. Who said that Quran was ever part of Bible? Even the word Bible is not in the Bible!!.
I said that if there is a such a thing as Old Testament and such a thing as New Testament,
then Quran is the Final Testament from God for guidance of all human kind till the end of

4. Islam’s supremacy over Judaism is evident from the mere number of its followers.
Jews had 2000 years of head start over Islam and yet they number only 10-12 Millions in
the world. Christians had a 600 Years head start over Islam and they number around
2000 Millions. Muslims are over 1500 Millions in the world today, they far outnumber
Jews and will soon overtake Christians in the number of followers.

5. Islam is always on the rise, irrespective of whatever mischievous propaganda Jews and
Christians do against it.
6. Muslims also do not believe that Jesus is God in human form, but Muslims never say
any bad word about Jesus and his mother as Jews say openly. That is the difference
between Muslims and Jews towards Jesus.

Q57 . Bert

Open your eyes. There are people out there beheading, blowing people up, and killing
indiscriminately in the name of Islam. No other religion but Islam is being invoked in
these crimes. Please tell me that these people are misinterpreting their religion.


As per you, these are Wahabi people, so you should explain what you mean by a Wahabi,
so we should also know them and keep away from them.

Killing some one by blowing himself away is wrong by your definition, but dropping
bombs on civilian areas and killing scores of innocent people is right and honorable in
your view.

So if some one is killed by Bombs and Missiles and Army rifles, then that killing is
justified, but killing by blowing one self away is not justifiable in any way, irrespective
of whatever be the circumstances.

So people or country who do not have Air Planes, Missiles and Drones, should meekly
surrender to the countries that have them? Is that your logic of right and wrong?

Q58 . Monk

And why were people silent? Because Hamas was the instigator- Dr Rayan and the
Hamas leaders hiding in Syria wanted war to martyr as many innocents
as possible. They thought that would turn the tide against Israel, but it did not.
Why didn't other Arab nations rush in to save the people of Gaza from genocide?
Because it wasn't genocide- it was self-destruction. Rayan wanted martyrdom and he got
it. Did his 4 wives and children want it?


Every aggressor and tyrant speaks in the language you have spoken. They see every one
else at fault but for themselves. If they suffer, it is other’s fault. If they hurt others, then
also it is other’s fault!!

That is the sum total of your logic. Why would anyone would come to that stage of
desperation to blow himself away, never enters your mind.
Israel’s atrocities for past six decades have drove these hapless Palestinians to extreme
desperation and a desperate man would do which a normal man could not do.

One way to desperation is to solve the root cause of the problem and that means
dismantle the Zionist state of Israel and restore normalcy there.

Q59 . Lipush

For starters, i never offended Jesus or his mother, so you saying Jews do so is from the
beginning not true. just like Buddha is not in your writings and therefore you cannot call
him a big prophet, Jesus is not mentioned in the Torah, therefore nobody can tell me that
he is a big prophet.
Get the point?

Jewish media is only in the opinion of the Israeli community. no leader is to "shut up"
just because the media does not like him. that's stupid. Bill Clinton was a president when
i was just a child, but from what i recall, the Israeli people had great respect toward that
man. My mother is comparing him none-stop to his wife, wondering what went wrong.
Obama is a different case, and proved us in many times of what he really stand for; The
Jews in America, my friend, are the ones who will end up keeping it sane from the
Muslim takeover, i promise you that. God bless them.


When we say Jews do such and such things, I speak of them as a group and not each and
every individual. So if you do not say bad words about Jesus, then it is your personal

What Jews as a group say about Jesus and his mother and his miraculous birth? We may
not call Buddha a Big Prophet or any prophet, but we hold our tongue when talking about
Every US president is a great person to Israel, till he opens his mouth about their
atrocities against Palestinians!! You speak of Bill Clinton as if he was president 20 or 30
years ago. It is not even a decade when he was president. I should say that you are still a
Regarding your occupation of Palestine, your stance is same as Sue, and my reply to her
should suffice in your case also.
We do not turn our back to Jerusalem intentionally, there are 25 % Muslims who face
both Makkah and Jerusalem while praying!! (i.e. those who live in east of Makkah).

Medina is also holy to us, but depending upon the location, we might turn our back to
Medina also. So turning the back is not the issue here.
Jerusalem is holy for us, because if was our First Qibla, our prophet visited that site
during his night journey and as inheritance of all prophets, we inherit Jerusalem also.
Chapter-3 Jews Do Not Deserve a Country and Messianic Jews suffer
persecution in Israel

Q60 . Colin:

If Israel is a Racist, Brutal and cruel nation then your home town must be at the top of the
same list, I could name 20 others in the area that are worse than Israel, so could you if
you were to post the truth. First how many synagogues and Christian churches do you
have around, next how many hands have been cut off or women stoned for nothing? Look
at home before you look abroad. We have a saying “One who lives in a glass house
should not throw stones”, if you do not know what this means then look it up and learn.

Further if you want to sort out the problems in Israel then get all your arab friends to
allow their citizens home out of Israel, including Gaza, Judea, and Samaria. Then you lot
will have nothing to complain about and Israel can live on its own land in freedom and

As for Israeli inventors there is an extremely high number of patented inventions that
have and still do come out of Israel, especially in the medical, electronic and military

So now tell me what have you Arabs done for the world lately?


I live in Saudi Arabia which has the lowest crime rate in the whole world, so we do not
need any lesson in crimes rates and how to fight it from any one.

If you visit Saudi Arabia, you find hardly any one with one hand chopped off…. A
punishment to one person serves as deterrent for millions of others and whole society
lives in peace. That is what Islam provides a peaceful society with rock bottom crime

Israel is living in lands stolen from Arabs who were their legitimate owners for more that
1200 years. So instead of asking Arabs to move out of these lands, it is the Jews who
have to vacate these Arab lands.

Arabs give oil to the whole world, which keeps their home hot during winters and most
of their plants and motor vehicles running.

That is more than what all Israeli inventions added to could match.

What I was saying was that Israel is not known world wide as any industrialized country
or mass producer of any thing.
The only specialty of Israel in the eyes of world is its racism, cruelty and brutality
towards the Palestinians. There is no other country with so many UN resolutions
condemning its actions in occupied Palestinian lands, and that is the thing for which
Israel should be proud of.

And this exactly matches with the records of their forefathers when they ruled the lands
of Canaan between 2000 BC to 70 CE.

The present generation of Jews are worthy descendents of their illustrious forefathers,
who were cursed by God and prophets in no uncertain terms.

Q61 . Taj El Din:

Taqiyya and kitman or ‘holy hypocrisy' has been diffused throughout Arabic culture for
over fourteen hundred years since it was developed by Shiites as a means of defense and
concealment of beliefs against Sunni unbelievers. As the Prophet said:'he who keeps
secrets shall soon attain his objectives.'

The skillful use of taqiyya and kitman was often a matter of life and death against
enemies; it is also a matter of life and death to many contemporary Islamic terrorists. As
so often in the history of Islam, a theological doctrine became operational.


Taqaiyya and Kitman have nothing to do with Islam and its jurisprudence. Since I am
not a Shia , so I cannot comment of its importance in their jurisprudence.

Quran and sayings of prophet exhort Muslims always to speak the truth and never lie.
They exhort Muslims to propagate their religion and beliefs to every one on this earth.
Therefore there is no place for Taqaiyya and Kitmaan in Islam.

The extreme situation in which one speaks lie to save his life, is allowed for weak people.
The leaders and zealots have to prepare themselves for extreme sacrifice and do not
become a bad example for their followers and common Muslims.

Those who trace Taqaiyya and Kitmaan to Holy prophet do speak a horrendous lie
against the prophet. If he resorted to Taqaiyya and Kitmaan, why he had to face so much
persecution in Makkah and Medina?

He could very well have led a peaceful and comfortable life in his home town without
endangering himself or his followers and his household members.
Q62 . Good News:

The UN is a joke. ok, so they are pretty good at providing food to refugees, but as an
impartial international body, or as a peacekeeping body, they are fairly worthless. just ask
the 800,000 dead rwandans. there were peacekeepers there, and more could have been
the UN bias in the middle east has been consistent. it is unsurprising that this report
criticizes Israel for protecting itself against missiles aimed at its citizens..


If the report was in favor of Israel and was accusing Palestinians....then It would have
been very authentic and very unbiased and every Jewish Newspaper and TV and Media
channel was talking only about it for weeks...

But since it is against their interest....they term is as biased and unfair etc...

That is what makes UNO what it is today. It cannot take any action...Its hands are tied by
the so called five Veto Holding members.

It only caters for the interests of strong nations...

For weak nations, it only generates reports...which usually go into the dust bins..

Q63 . Ehud:

You see?
you just shwoed you full with proganda and hate against Israel, that you can't handle that
Israel is good.

Israel bad for the Palestinians because they been bad to us.
you heard about the Intifadas? Hamas? Fatah?
In Al-Asqa Intifada 1100 Israeli civilians died and more 300 policemans, and no one said
anything about that.
but when Israel killing 1100 terrorists and 300 civilians so all the world against us.

We dismantled the settlements in Gaza in order to make peace with them, sence than they
fired over 3000 missiles to cities in south Israel, kidnapped a soldier, killed and injured
many civilians.

If that was happens in US or other country, the palestinians wasn't exist.

and you know that.

And Israel invented many things.

You Cellphone invented in Israel,
Your computer's microchip invented in Israel,
If you using Leptop it's also invented in Israel,
If your Cellphone has camera so it's also invented in Israel,
If your computer has Anti-virus it's also invented in Israel,
If you using Checkpoint, it's an Israeli computers company,
If Someone is a student of Harvard or New-york university, so those 2 also enstablished
in Israel.
There is big chance that if you used any kind of cures lately, it's made in Israel.

Israel has many great things, why you don't want to see that?


If my post is full of hate and propaganda against Israel… then you have countered it with
your post full of hate and propaganda against Palestinians.

This is always a rule of people who rule … they try to ridicule other people. When
Britain was ruling India…they held Indians under contempt and were looking down on
Indians and used to say that these Indians cannot achieve any thing on their own.

Now after independence, Indians are master of their lands and doing everything without
needing any help from Britain.

Same is the case with Palestinians, you do not give them any power and look down on
them as if they are incapable of doing any thing.

Israel did not vacate West Bank, Gaza, Or Lebanon out of its sweet will or due to any
grace, they were forced to vacate it because they could not hold on to it. The started
bombarding Gaza next day after their pull out.

If we accept your boasting about “Every thing” being invented by Israel…even then they
are a very poor production record. Israel is not the foremost producer of any household
or common good in the world. I think after “Inventing” they sell the rights to other
countries to manufacture it.

The truth is as I had told. Israel is known world-over not as a “Inventor” nation but only
as a Racist, Brutal and Cruel Nation.

Q64 . Mossad:

wouldn't want to live in Gaza or the West Bank--the leaders their murder each other and
their people. All the things listed were in fact invented in Israel. The Israel you see is the
one your country and your prejudice wants you to see.

I think your name is not a misnomer….you just do represent Mossad!! Just see the
patents records of these inventions and verify how many original patents belong to

The Israel I see (and the whole world will see it sooner or later) is a racist, brutal and
bullish nation in the region.

And the books of history are full of what happened to such type of nations? Sooner or

Q65 . Carmine Roberto:

Who would that be exactly, Muq? The way I see it the only folks that benefited were
some fanatics claiming to represent a religion and/or a cause that in no way is about such
actions. The rest of us lost. Not only the U.S. but the world in general, especially your
region and mine. There are many people who would have us believe that it was some
governmental conspiracy - as in the U.S. government - there is no way that our people
plotted, planned and executed something of this magnitude. The fact is - and we're
merely talking logistics - the man power it would have taken, the co-ordintion and the
fact that not a single individual came forth and snitched in and of itself disproves the
theory that our own officials orchestrted this. Get a dozen people in a room and tell them
that what they're going to hear next is to remain secret and one of them will tell it to the
next person they see. Maybe 2 or 3 people will. Even if you compartmentalized the
operation it still wouldn't fly. Too many people would have to be involved. It would be
foiled before it got off thre ground. My point is that I disagree with what you say. And,
again, I will say that no one gained anything positive from the 9/11 incident.


I appreciate your comment and your sincerity. But the way you have explained that
nothing in US policy can remain secret is not true.

In Past CIA has planned and executed so many operations and killed so many heads of
states and other persons who were against US policies, but none of them have come to
light, so it is wrong to say that any operation planned by USA must leak out.

Regarding 9/11, the official version is very simple and against all logic. I am not sure
that US govt. was directly involved in the attacks, but it is sure guilty of cover up and not
investigating it with the care and caution that the matter required.

Within 10 minutes of the attack Media “declared” Al Qaeda AND Osama as the persons
responsible and The Govt. “Accepted “ that judgment. They closed their minds against
any other possibility and conducted investigation only on that track.

There are many discrepancies in official version of 9/11 happenings, there is so much
literature available on internet under the head “9/11 Truth Seekers”.
I post you some of these sites, look for your self and decide.,

Q66 . Carmine:

know this is not a popular opinion but I'll state it anyway - re: the actual topic. I don't care
who committed crimes against who anymore. We should cut Israel loose, pull out of the 2
wars and let them all kill each other and deal with whoever is left standing. These folks
have been fighting each other since forever. It is a part of their culture at this point and
Americans and Europeans have time and gain attempted to influence the region to no
avail. All the countless trillions of dollars spent and man hours expended would be much
better utilized here in the U.S. Why do we have to baby sit the world. Lets clean up our
house and leave them to theirs.


I appreciate your comment. I wish that US and Europe would break all ties with Jews and
Palestinians and Arabs and leave them to sort out the matter with each other.

But if you look back, it were US and Europe who were responsible for bringing these
Jews to Middle East in the first place.

Now you wish to wash off your hands and leave them to find their own way.

Q. 67 57Sporster:

Hardly anyone with a hand chopped because just a few is a good deterent? LOL,freaking
barbarians. Bury any of your unwanted daughters in the sand lately or honor kill one for
speaking to a boy?

I guess Allah lied about this ,right? Or is it that you just like yelling Allah akbar before
murdering people?
People of the Book!
"Bear in mind the words of Moses to his people. He said, "Remember,my people, the
favour which G-d has bestowed upon you.He raised up prophets from among you,made
you kings, and given to you that which He has given no other nation.Enter,my people,the
holy land which G-d has assigned for you

Sura 10:93
We settled the Israelites in a blessed land and provided them with good things.

Then We said to the Israelites,"Dwell in this land.When the promise of the hearafter
comes to be fulfilled,We shall assemble you all together."
To quote you: "Arabs give oil to the whole world, which keeps their home hot during
winters and most of their plants and motor vehicles running."

Give? LOLOLOL Give at over a a hundred bucks a barrel and then kick the prices up on
any whim you have.


The streets and homes of Saudi Arabia are safe from theft. There are no muggers are to
be seen and found anywhere in the kingdom, people can travel from one end of the
country to another without any fear. Are these not the benefits of Islamic Criminal
Justice system? If you call that Barbaric, then you need new definition for that word.

On the other hands, your jails are full with criminal and thieves, the rates of violent
crimes are always on the rise. Many streets and intersections are not safe during certain
period. If these are the fruits of your “benevolent” Criminal Justice System, then every
peace loving person will gladly trade our “Barbaric” laws with your “Benevolent” laws.

I did not know what was your real purpose for quoting all these verses. Quran confirms
that God did provide Jews the place of residence in Palestine, favored them by sending
many prophets amongst them and all other favors.

But Jews were not found to be a worthy people for all these favors. Instead of being
grateful to God for all these favors, they rebelled against God and did not walk in His
ways. They even killed and banished many prophets from their lands.

God is indeed a merciful God, but He is also a just God. He is slow in anger but swift in
punishment. When the inequities of Jews crossed the permissible limits, they were
severely chastised by the same God.

First with Babylonian Exile, then with Final Destruction of Temple in 70 EC and their
banishment from the land of Palestine for 2000 years.
With the secret planning and help from their “Christian Friends” they came back here in
1948, but it seems that they did not learn any lesson from their past Chastisement.

They are back to their old ways, persecuting and brutalizing the hapless Palestinian. By
all accounts they are fit case for another Grievous Chastisement from their own Merciful

Q68 . Anonymous :

How it fares compared with other sources?


B. Source of sure Info: Knowledge, Proofs and Revelation?

1. I was very right in identifying three sources of knowledge and including revelation
amongst them.

2. What is more, Revelation is the most reliable of the three sources!!

3. It is not uncommon for us to see that our senses some time deceive us. We see some
thing with our eyes (like water in a desert mirage) which is actually not there. We do not
see things (like hidden in our Blind Spot) which are really there. We see white light,
which in reality is a combination of seven colors. So our eyes do deceive us sometimes.

4. There can be many such examples for unreliability of other senses also. Some thing
which tastes sweet, could be a deadly poison! A sweet smelling plant could cause
unconsciousness etc.

5.Now coming to these “Measurable” experiments, we see that some times what we
measure is not correct. The laws of motions do not work at speed close to light etc. Most
modern scientific theories are discarded a few centuries later as not true, the examples are
innumerable. So we can not say that our own experiments are fool proof.

6. The revelation on the other hand is Direct Information from The Source of All
Information. It can never be wrong. The only question is for us to make sure that what
we perceive is revelation, is really revelation or not.

7. If revelation tells us that Alcohol and gambling is harmful for human society,
irrespective of whatever logic we give in defence of Gambling and Alcohol, they all will
be wrong.
8. If revelation tells us that Usury and Interest is bad for Human society, it would always
be true. It depends you want to learn hard way or soft way. If you heed to Divine
advice, you save yourself and millions of others much economic and social hardship.

9. Same goes for any other Issue (Social. Economical, Political, or Scientific) which is
settled thru Revelation. It is indeed Mercy from our Creator that He has not left us to
wander in darkness, but He sends Most Beneficial and Most Relevant Guidance thru the
Most Reliable Media (called Revelation) to the Most Truthful and Trustworthy Humans
(Called Prophets).

10. But there are many humans who do not like five course cooked food served to them,
they would wander in Jungle and collect wild flowers and roots for their lunch and

Q69 . Anonymous :

Is Allah word used by Arabs for moon god?


My Simple Question to all these people who argue so much that Allah is a pagan god,
that Allah was known by Arabs as a moon god, and that No Semite prophet never ever
knew this word Allah etc etc...

Please answer these Basic Questions:

A. Who put the Word Allah in Arabic Bibles? Muslims or Christian Scholars?

B. Why Every Arab irrespective of whether he be a Jew, Christian or Muslim knows

only Allah as the only name for (what we say as) God in Arabic.

D. Why despite so many bitter arguments, no one is able to suggest any Arabic
equivalent for Allah?

As to the suggestion that Allah was worshipped by Arabs as moon god... the following
Quranic Verse shall suffice

"... Prostate not to the sun and the moon, but prostrate to Allah, Who created them, if it is
He whom you wish to serve" (41:37).

A strange statement for a moon god to make about moon!!!

That is why it is said that "No falsehood can approach it(i.e. Quran)from front or from
back. It is send by One Full of Wisdom worthy of all praise" (41:42)

I feel sorry and feel pity for these "moongod-ers" !!

Q. 70 Anonymous :

What is the difference between Muslim and Islam really?


You asked a very good question “what is the difference between Muslim and Islam

Let me give you a short answer, we may elaborate on it, if you feel interested.


Islam is a set of rules given by God All Mighty for humans to live them by and fulfill
their purpose of life.

These rules cover all parts of human life on this earth, starting with article of faith, rules
for worship, charity, fasting, pilgrimage etc.

The rules also cover Economic, Business, Social, Political and Maintenance of state and
law of order. They also include rules for social structure for a peaceful human society
and civilization.

Islam is based on Instructions mentioned in the Book of God (Quran), Sayings and
Actions of Prophet Mohammad (Hadîth) as well actions of Closest companions of
prophet and learned Islamic Scholars.

The authority of each source is in the order they are mentioned. So Islam is a complete
way of life.


Muslim is a person who willingly agrees to follow and implement teachings of Islam in
his day to day life. If the Muslim is true in his pledge then he is 100 % Muslim, but if he
does not follow some portion of Islamic law, then he is deficient in his adherence to

Prophet Mohammad, and his companions and those who came after them are perfect
example of a true Muslim. Those who came after them were lacking in parts from that
veritable standard.

Every Muslim must try to do his best to follow as much of Islamic teachings as he can to
be considered as an ideal Muslim.
In our age, Muslim has become just a label, while in reality it is a state of belief. We see
many Muslims doing things which are against Islamic teachings. The blame lies on these
Muslims and not Islam.

Q71 . TRP (The Rambling Poet)

I have read bits and pieces of the Quran which some I felt was derived from truth and of a
goodly nature and other parts according to the laws did not ring Godly or even worthy of
God ever having put out as a true message to the people like most of the laws on how to
deal with the man that owes you because of theft or destruction to his property by you or
your family right that was definitely a law written by man and as well the laws regarding
women and how to reprimand them as well as children.

why also does it end each paragraph exactly the same all the way through?
not that I mind at all reading that god is good and merciful but it seems very tampered
with by a man who added to it and possibly even taken away from it not written by an
apostle or a prophet.
In the bible it states that God made Adam to fall into a sleep where from him he took a
rib and whereby created eve the wife of Adam giving her to him as a helpmate. But in the
Muslim religion women are treated as a property of the man.
And yet Ms defend claims women are treated like a respected individual, but what I
personally have seen as I have known at the very least 30 muslims that the men with
wives of these individuals I have known go out of the confines of their marriage to defile
theirselves with prostitutes and strippers from bars before going home to their wives and
defiling their wives. that to me is not respect.


I think you did not study Quran with care. To someone who reads it for the first time, its
style is a bit confusing.

Because it is not a “book” in a literal sense of the world. Where it is divided into
chapters and clauses and then each issue is separately clarified.

Quran is the Direct Revelation from God, it is the book of guidance. Either you read it
with the help of an index to find out various verses dealing with the same subject, or you
take the help of a commentary written by a Muslim Scholar. You should never trust any
Quranic commentary written by a Non Muslim scholar, because they cause many
mischief in their translation and interpretation.

If you study Quran in the manner in which I have told, you will see its real beauty and

Your assumption that Quran treats women like a property of men is not correct. It
considers them as separate entities and gives them mutual rights and duties. Man is made
responsible to earn the living and do outside jobs. Women are trusted with household
jobs and taking care of children. Both these fronts are needed for the good development
of society.

The western society has burdened women with double duties. She works in offices and
market place (for which she is neither physically or psychologically designed) and then
works in house also. That is the main reason for most of social problems in Western
society and their homes.

The cases you cited about Muslims who cheat on their wives, are the acts of these
individuals and Islam has no blame in it. In an Islamic society, these persons shall be
very severely punished, so that they will serve as deterrent to other people.

My advise to you is to read Quran properly and then comment on its message. You are
too quick to form a hasty opinion based on a very imperfect study.

Q72 . Mossad:

MUQ you are right here in bringing up the very important distinction between Islam and
Muslims. My question is, however, what you consider proper Muslim behavior.
Islam is obviously flawed--but this does not necessarily mean all Muslims are flawed.
However--doesn't it strike you as reprehensible that "Allahu Akbar" is being shouted
prior to almost every atrocity committed in the middle east? "Allahu Akbar" is being
shouted by crowds of men holding up the fresh hearts pulled from their compatriots?
"Allahu Akbar" cried out before the murder of innocent Iraqis, Afghans, or the rape of
women who aren't dressed according to a particular style? This same proclamation that
you make daily in your 5 prayers is the final sound heard by people whose only crimes
are that they want something different than what their murderers believe is Allah's will?

How can you say "Allahu Akbar" in your prayers without getting sick to your stomach?


You should have given your reasons as to why you decided that “Islam is obviously
flawed”….speaking in that term I could say that “Judaism and Christianity and Modern
Systems are obviously flawed”. Where does it leave us.

It seems that you are allergic to ‘ALLAH AKBAR”. This is an Arabic phrase which
means Allah is The Greatest. He is above every thing we see or can imagine in this

It is a very beautiful and powerful statement of faith. Muslims say it, during their prayers
and on every occasion where they feel threatened or overwhelmed by any authority. It
removes the feeling of insecurity or any feeling of any inferiority.
The name of Allah must not be invoked for doing any crime or doing any shameful or
Un-Islamic act. That becomes a double crime.

If some Muslims profane the name of Allah, again the faults lies with them and not Islam.

How can any one knowing the true meaning of ALLAH AKBAR can feel sick while
hearing it. It is only the enemies of Islam who feel terrified by hearing this and their
hearts jump to their throats.

In the same way SUBHAN ALLAH (God be Glorified), ALHAMD –O- LILLLAH (All
Praise be to God) and LA ILAHA ILLAL LLAH (There is no deity worth worshipping
except God) are other three beautiful slogans from Islam and Quran.

Q73 . TRP:

So you claim it may have truth to it but the whole thing as a whole unit is not his works
or revealed by him to your people see you have not read your Quran properly or to a
human who is intellectual you would see the holes and some are rather gaping at that
where it describes the laws of property and dealing this was man injected as well as the
laws about women and the personal relationships with women this is also one mans
opinion of…then you claim this is not Islam WE SEE what your ISLAM does and allows
this country has Christians which have become your personal peacemakers if the
Christians all converted and took on your religion our country would be an exact
duplicate of all the other war infested Islamic countries this is what you want to duplicate
in a peaceful country?
what of the young women who are currently lured from Christianity to Islam that are now
SEX SLAVES or even dead people are found every year to be sold into your Islamic
countries all under 18 to begin with without the permission of the person how can you
condone another stealing young girls to sell them in your Islamic countries?


I tried very hard to understand and de-encrypt your post, but I failed. Would you please
express your views more clearly?

The only thing I could decipher was that Islam is Sick, Twisted and Hypocritical…

May be that is the reason why it is the fastest growing religion in the world, in USA , In
Europe and every where else!!
Q74 . Monk:

You're contradicting yourself- "Iraq did not capture an Inch of land of Kuwait"
Iraq was driven from Kuwait or Saddam would have stayed and raped Kuwait

"You are under wrong assumption that Israel vacates any captured land voluntarily."
And then you go on to say WHY Israel voluntarily left those occupied lands.
Israel withdrew unilaterally to achieve peace.

You prove my points for me. Israel has offered friendship to Arab nations by
leaving occupied areas after war. They are at peace with Egypt and Lebanon for doing
The US and coalition forces rescued Kuwait from the evil of Saddam Hussein. We have
strong alliances with Arab nations despite what you think.


I was explaining the “reality” after so many years of Iran-Iraq-Kuwait wars. After so
many years of fighting, every country has the same lands which it was having before the
start of war.

But in the process, the economies of Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the whole of
ME were ruined for ever and millions lost their lives.

No one will believe that such a thing could ever have happened.

I know “The US and coalition forces rescued Kuwait from the evil of Saddam Hussein”
and some time back the same “US forces gave all help to Saddam Hussein to fight with
Iran for 10 years”

This is the divide and rule policy of Western Powers which I had mentioned earlier, in
case of India and British Empire.

As for Israel opting for “peace with its neighbors”, it is like a thief trying to make up with
the owners of house from which he has robbed, that if we are allowed to share the loot,
you will be safe from further thefts!!

I know you have “Strong Alliances with Arab Nations”…. And that is the point of sorrow
for these Arab Nations and not a thing for which they should boast. You will ditch them
sooner or later, because you have no love or sympathy with them. They are just tools for
you, means to grab money, oil and business form that land.

In one day, they will turn from “friends” to “terrorist state”!! As happened for Iraq!!
Q75 . Anonymous:

Was Nobel Prize to Obama Justified?


If speeches can win you Nobel Peace Prize.....then what for is Nobel Prize for

It should be given only after some one has MADE some effort on promoting World
Peace...not just giving empty speeches about it.

Except being First Black US President....there is nothing that justifies this least
at this time.

Mind you I am not against Obama or his policies... we have yet to see any impact of them
on world...

However my reading is...."He will go down in the history as a mediocre president...not

because of his actions....but by being burdened by the mess created by his predecessor
GWB the great.... Instead of rejecting all the policies of his Great Predecessor, by pulling
out of Iraq and Afghanistan immediately....he is being sucked into the same abyss"

Instead of being a great leader and a "change man" he tried to maintain status quo...and
you cannot be a Great leader or a Great man by keeping the status quo.

Nobel Peace Prize has lost its credibility by awarding it to a "Novice" in the world
politics....the First Black president of USA, only because of his color and his talks rather
than the results and his actions.

Q76 . Anonymous:

Obama and Nobel Prize


I am not against Obama or his methods..

But awarding Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama has raised the very question of
Credibility of Nobel Peace prize.

What are the criterions for selecting Nobel Peace Prize? What are the level of
achievements one must have to deserve this prize?

So far world has not seen any result of Obama's efforts to spread peace and disarmament
into the world.
It is only words and words...before Obama ran for US one in the world
even knew him (if by world we mean areas other that USA.

What did he achieve in world peace during one year of his president-ship?

I think awarding peace prize to Obama is the low point in the history of that can
be only give one name...sycophancy and sucking up to USA...

I doubt if Nobel would be happy in his grave for such a nomination and if we need Nobel
prize for peace at all?

Q77 . Anonymous

Have you read all of the Koran?

Sura 3:110 refers to Muslims as the "best of people."
Sura 98:6 refers to unbelievers as the "vilest of created beings."
Sounds kind of 'elitest' to me


Quran does not shower the title "you are best of people" blindly on Muslims, it qualifies
it with conditions, read the full translation of Quranic verse 3:110

"You are the best of people, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding
what is wrong, and believing in God. If only the people of the book (i.e. Jews and
Christians) had faith, it were best for them: among them are some who have faith, but
most of them are perverted transgressors"

This shows that Muslims are not Best of People if:

A. They do not enjoin what is good

B. They do not forbid what is wrong.

C. Have faith in God.

D. Preach their message to all people.

Then it tells Muslims that Jews and Christians were also given these tasks, but they

Then it says that amongst Jews and Christians there are some people who have faith,

Most of them are transgressors.

See how balanced and equitable are the comments of Quran. It does not condemn all
Jews and Christians , it maintains the decency.

The when Quran says that "unbelievers are worst of people"...there also it gives the
reason that why they are that in the eyes of God.

That is the approach of Quran, unbiased, unambiguous and straight. Calling spade a
spade...what else one could expect from the Lord and Creator of this Universe!!

Q78 . Elijahl:

All other meanings fall away in the face of the words ultimate definition. As far as I
understand only the Meshiach who Restores Israel is He. Of course He restores alot more
than Israel, but still.


Please refer to my reply below to clarify the difference between a Messiah and The

Q79 . Liam-R:

There is a difference between "a" messiah and "THE" Messiah. Kings and priests are
each one "a" messiah, but the prophecies speak of "THE" Messiah who will come and do
all these nifty wonderful things. Jesus was neither a messiah nor The Messiah. There is
no reason to think he was a prophet, either. Reformer, yes. I can agree with you on that
idea. What he preached was an attempt to bring the Jews back to Judaism. Of course,
Mohammed was never even in the running, since he was not from the tribe of Judah.


Jesus was indeed a Messiah but not The Messiah. If you look at the words and acts of
Jesus, you cannot deny his prophet hood 9I am not talking about his Divinity, which his
overzealous followers under the delusions of St. Paul’s teachings bestowed on him).

Our prophet was The Messiah, the one who was to bring Abraham’s blessings to all
nations of the world. If he was not from tribe of Judah or not, it does not matter.
Because we cannot accept literal interpretation of any of the Biblical books.

But I think for Jews, The Messiah has not yet appeared. They are still awaiting their
promised Messiah!!
The only Messiah that will come after the advent of our prophet shall be the False
messiah (Anti Christ in Christian terminology) , and Jews shall accept him with open

Q80 . Lipush:

Believe you yet again missed my point. Yes, Our Lord is one, but as you said,
messengers were many, and that what's make different religions.
Every religion is unique by different culture, behaviour, beliefs and so one. Trying to
force any belief or any religion upon people is wrong, no matter who does it.
I cannot tell which is a TRUE Christian or TRUE muslim, simply because i'm not
Christian nor Muslim. i can criticize (which you probably notice i did and probibly will
do) but i'm not the one to tell which one is a true believer.

Because of that, it's just pissing me off when you go people and say- "True Jews believe
in Christ" yada yada. I'm a Jew, let me believe in what i want. that's why i said in my last
post, if they think they need to be called JEWS, suit themselves; what do i care. But in
my country, the one you people there probably learned to hate and only saw few titles
about, the fact is that Messianic Jews tried and are still trying to convert people to
Christianity, using lies, false promises and FORCE .most of their victims are simple kids
who know nothing about life.

that's just WRONG. and because of that i don't think they need to be surprised if they are
being "persecuted".


I thank you for your sentiments and really appreciate your stand. But when you say that
different religions originated with different prophets…this is not entirely true.

If you think logically…when same God sent all these prophets, why their teachings
should be so different from each other?

What you said that each prophet’s message was for that particular nation and took care of
the local customs and local requirement of the society, that is very correct and acceptable
and that is what happened.

But these minor differences, cannot change the basic teachings the fundamental teachings
of true prophets.

And these Fundamental teachings include:

A. Article of faith: believe in One God , Worship only one God and eschew worship of
false gods, Believe in messengers, Angels and Revealed books and Last day.

B. Acts of Worships: Like Regular Prayer, fasting, Charity, Pilgrimage

C. Individual Accountability: To believe that life is a test and we will have to give our
accounts before God on what we did in this life.

D. Social life: To be kind to parents and kinfolks, to de truthful and just and deal justly in
any dispute. There are many such teachings.

These teachings for all prophets were same, irrespective of which ever nations they came.

That is why I said, that there is no contradiction in the mission of any prophets. Any
differences are merely on the surface and only to accommodate local customs and

But these local customs should not become so strong and so powerful and we start
denying the Prophet hood of some prophets, just because they are at variance with our

If you see in this light, then mission of Jesus was to reform the Jewish religion of his

Mission of our prophet was for whole humanity and it was to join all these various
“religions” into one Universal religion of Islam.

Even of we do not accept His Prophet hood, we should show respect to him and
understand what his message really was.

Q81 . Lipush:

Forgive me, but that's ridiculous. That's like saying that true Muslims, for example, are
Christians who believe in Muhammad; There is simply no connection between the both,
and there shouldn't be.

Let the Jews be Jews and the Christians be Christians. Jews are the ones left of the
"Shevet YEHUDA" of the Israelites. that is the definition of being a Jew. though you
don't really have that as it is today, those things changes.

Since none- of you guys are Jews, you are CHRISTIANS, you are not the ones to
describe a REAL JEW, as you call it. Any attempt of trying to say "real Jews follow
Jesus" if called FORCING religion upon others. Jews are the ones who learn the Torah,
Tehilim(Psalms) and who believe that the Lord of prophets is Moses. God is Hashem.
People, Let us keep our culture to ourselves, there is no wrong with that. live your lives
and don't try forcing Christianity upon us, we did not ask for it. Let the Messianic
CHRISTIANS believe what they want, and let's leave each other alone.


Your position is very simplistic and does not take things into their right perspectives.

You forget that all messengers are sent by the same God. There are not different Gods in
the Universe….One for Jews and another for Christians and another for Muslims and so

There is only One God and One Creator in the Universe and He has send all the prophets
for the guidance of people.

It is not for people to choose that I will follow this messenger and I will reject this
messenger and so on.

If you are a true servant and obedient slave of God, you have to believe in and follow all
the messengers which were sent by God.

Adam….Noah …..Abraham…..Moses….David….Jesus ….. and Mohammad (May peace

of God be on all Messengers) are beads of the same rosary. They are friends and not
enemies of each other. If any one rejects any one of these prophets, he is not a true
servant in the eyes of God.

That is the position of messengers and their followers.

I wish I could have left you alone, but the advent of Messengers of God is not an every
day affair in the history of mankind.

The whole situation and Geography of world changes when any great messenger of God
appears on this earth. Things do not remain same before and after the advent of these

The same thing happened when Noah came on this earth.

The same thing happened when Abraham appeared on this earth.

The same story was repeated when Moses got his mission.

Similar was the case when Jesus presented his credentials.

And the same story was repeated when Prophet Mohammad got his mission from God.

Humanity was not same before and after all these events. So your request to leave you
alone is not justified. This issue has to be discussed and doubts to be clarified before it is
time for us to leave this world. Because the question of faith is the most important issue
that will be asked in the hereafter.
Q82 . Eric :

Sounds like a self serving statement to me. My understanding that the passage from the
Quran is attributed to Muhammad himself. Why wouldn't the Eternal (Allah, HaShem, G-
d, etc.) have made such an important statement to mankind?


Why only Mohammad, the same self serving statements you can find about every

Moses or Jesus they all declared their mission and their authority as coming from God.
You can call all of them as self serving.

The Eternal God did made that statement to human kind, in every scripture there is a
prophesy about the last prophet, but their eyes are closed and they do not analyze it

Moses: prophesized about a prophet to come after him (Deut 18:18)

Jesus : Promised “Another Comforter” to come after him (John Ch 14-16).

But Jews and Christians interpreted these prophesies with their own reasoning and missed
its real interpretation.

The ‘Prophet Like Moses” (Deut. 18:18) and “Another Comforter like Jesus” (John 14-
16) was no other than Prophet Mohammad (May Peace and blessings of God be to all His

Q83 . Anonymous:

Why Jewish prophets should preach their message to other people?


There is no harm if a Jewish prophet concentrates only on his people....It only shows that
his mission is only for his people.

All Jewish prophets (including Jesus) came with missions only to Jews and this is no
disadvantage or blame.

It only shows that Judaism and Christianity were not the Universal religion.

A Universal religion and a Universal Prophet was to arise 600 years after Jesus.
And Jesus prophesized about him as Comforter or Counselor.

Moses prophesized about him in Deut. 18:18.

Other past scriptures and past prophets prophesized about coming of a Universal prophet
in their scriptures and teachings.

Q84 . Eric :

Actions of the Promised Messiah:

Here's a start.

A. Build the Third Temple (Ezekiel 37:26-28).

B. Gather all Jews back to the Land of Israel (Isaiah 43:5-6).
C. Usher in an era of world peace, and end all hatred, oppression, suffering and disease.
As it says: "Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall man learn war
anymore." (Isaiah 2:4, Isaiah 9:6/7; Michah 5:5)
D. Spread universal knowledge of the God of Israel, which will unite humanity as one.
As it says: "God will be King over all the world -- on that day, God will be One and His
Name will be One" (Zechariah 14:9).
E. DESCENDENT OF DAVID. The Messiah must be descended on his father's side from
King David (see Genesis 49:10 and Isaiah 11:1). According to the Christian claim that
Jesus was the product of a virgin birth, he had no father -- and thus could not have
possibly fulfilled the messianic requirement of being descended on his father's side from
King David!


Here is my point-by point response to your post

A. Build the Third Temple (Ezekiel 37:26-28).

B. Gather all Jews back to the Land of Israel (Isaiah 43:5-6).
C. Usher in an era of world peace, and end all hatred, oppression, suffering and disease.
As it says: "Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall man learn war
anymore." (Isaiah 2:4, Isaiah 9:6/7; Michah 5:5)

MUQ: When the first Temple and the Second Temple did not bring the world peace, what
is the guarantee that the Third Temple will bring that peace. The pupil is not above the
master, so my reading is that Third temple will bring the same kind of violence,
bloodshed and tumulation as their predecessors
D. Spread universal knowledge of the God of Israel, which will unite humanity as one.
As it says: "God will be King over all the world -- on that day, God will be One and His
Name will be One" (Zechariah 14:9).
MUQ: When Jews in their heydays, did not share their message and religion with world,
what is the guarantee they will do that now. What interest the world nations should have
for that Tribal God , Lord God of Israel?

E. DESCENDENT OF DAVID. The Messiah must be descended on his father's side from
King David (see Genesis 49:10 and Isaiah 11:1 …

MUQ: Who can claim now a days to have their genealogy traced to the House of David?
Unless it is guesswork. If you think Jews keep track of their genealogies during all these
2000 years of wandering, then I feel that you are over ambitious.

Jewish Messiah (Jesus) and Universal Messiah (Prophet Mohammad) have both came,
what is left is Universal False Messiah (Anti Christ)…. May be Jews are waiting for him
to appear, so that they become his followers in drones.

But that false Messiah will not bring any peace to the world, that is sure.

Q85 . Eric:

What's interesting is that you are not disagreeing with my interpretation of the scriptures,
nor are you disagreeing with the historical fact that Jesus did not fulfill the prophecies.
You are disagreeing with the scriptures themselves.


I am supporter of truth and I support truth wherever I see it. It is clear that Jesus did not
fulfill many of OT prophesies, so it is clear that he was not the Universal messiah the
Jews were waiting for.

Jesus himself said that he was not that messiah, he prophesized that some one is going to
come after him who will “Lead them into all truth”.

He never claimed that he was a Universal messenger or that he came for all people of the

So long as your posts confirm these facts I support them.

But when you go out of your way and say that Universal Messiah will come from Jews or
that from house of Judah, then I have to take exception.

Because the authenticity of your scriptures are themselves suspect. Not a single book can
be reliably traced to its original writer. There have been interpolations, additions,
subtractions and mistakes during copying, translation and during transmitting.
That is why I am not Dogmatic about your scripture and compare and confirm with the
history, logic, reason and God’s Word we have with us in the form of Quran.

Q86 . Mom of 3:

Nobody is coming. We're adrift on this ship of a planet and we're on our own. Until we
are willing to let go of a fear of death, we won't be able to fully develop our compassion
toward each other and understand the importance of using the Earth's resources wisely.
Because if you don't have the excuse of "well, this is just temporary," then you have to
come face to face with the fact that you have possibly poisoned the only place your
children will ever live. Living with that guilt should be more difficult than the acceptance
of death and our part in the cycle, but with religion it isn't. It also gives people a mighty
fine excuse to kill people who think differently.


It is only your wish that nobody is coming.....prophets did come in the past.... and Jesus is
sure coming in his second coming.

The death is as real as we have to accept it.... having a fear of death is as
natural and feeling thirst and hunger.... nothing to complain about.

However that fear should not deviate us from our path and hinder our day to day

Taking care of environment is also that.... not only because how our children will live....
but also this is a trust and bounty which God placed in our hands.

How we use it and how we misuse it , we will be questioned when we are presented
before our Creator.

Taking care of environment therefore becomes our religious duty.... to fulfill our trust.

Q87 . Patriot:

MUQ, either you are twisting the facts, or the people you get your information from are
twisting the facts. Most of what you say is either completely false, or only half true.

When you say the word DESIGNED, you act as though specific steps were taken in to
protect the buildings from the crash of a large jet and the affects of the jet fuel. But it
wasn't. Though a Boeing 707 going much slower by the way was taken into account, they
did not DESIGN the buildings to be able to withstand the impacts. If a jet had only hit the
building, and there had been no flames, the building would have stood, though it would
have had to be demolished later. The building did sway, throwing people off their feet,
when the plane hit, but it withstood the impacts. But the combined effects of the major
structural damage, loss of fireproofing on key components, and heavy fire is what
ultimately brought those towers down. NOT explosives.

The collapse of the towers was NOTHING like a controlled demolition, obviously you
don't know what a controlled demo is like, otherwise you wouldn't claim this, do you
even understand how they set up and how controlled demolitions work? no of course not.
The towers did not collapse from any explosive devices, thats what the experts have
concluded from the available evidence, and there really is no conspiracy.

Many of those truther sites and videos you are watching and using are known for their
flat-out lies, twisting of the facts, and mis-understandings, such as that of ground effect,
which truther sites clearly twist, not at all understanding what ground effect really is.


I think that by now, you have been properly educated (by Mr. Bill and others) as to folly
of your claim that WTC towers were demolished by the mere impact of jets and the fire
caused by jet fuel burning.

When I say towers were designed, it does mean that all precautions were taken for such
an eventuality. Temperatures caused by Jet Fuel fire are not enough to melt steel

Even if the steel column of one floor were weakened, there were many more on
subsequent floors which were not damaged, they would have absorbed the impact of
other floors.

The almost “free fall” we saw on both towers is not explainable by science or
mathematics as just the result of jest Impact.

Then what about “free fall” of WTC -7, no jet hit it. Do you mean to say, debris of WTC
towers falling was the reason for it to have “free fall”?

Unless you make up your mind that “seeing is believing” then only you can accept the
official version.

The “official Version” was reached very quickly and attack on Afghanistan and Iraq
initiated (even before the actual cause of building collapses were found out), so as to
arouse “Patriotic feeling” of US citizens.

Any subsequent enquiry will therefore by of only academic in nature, since the Justice
has already been executed.

That shows how deep was the planning and conspiracy. Now most of US citizens defend
Official version, because of Patriotic feeling, otherwise the nation has to be put in shame
for what it did to those poor Afghan and Iraq people.
Q88 . Supersonic:

It isn't just the Jewish side of things that get reported, it is also my grandfather's side and
some of his friends. First hand accounts of what they fought for, saw, experienced etc..
Canadian soldiers didn't need anyone to tell them or distort what they saw and
experienced. You sound just as stupid as Ahmedinajad. Must run in your genes.

Islamic Jew hating west haters are neo-Nazis themselves. And further more, there's still
plenty of WW2 German Nazi soldiers around to talk about their stories. There are also
books etc etc...

You must be a joke.


Do not misunderstand me, I do not dent that Holocaust did happen. My response was
rhetoric to someone who said that History is written only by the winners and the strong
and not by the conquered or week.

But we do not hear that much about the German side of the story as to why a Reasonable
and Cultured nation resorted to such bestialities. Hitler and Nazis are always projected as

Their side of the story is never given any importance which proves that our understanding
of Holocaust is extremely biased.

We feel that Jewish accounts of Holocaust are very much exaggerated and further they
have already en-cashed their sufferings from World nations.

The way people block any discussion on holocaust, the number of dead, reason behind it
shows that they have much to hide.

What is strange that the same survivors of Holocaust do not see any wrong with what
Israel is doing to the hapless Palestinians !! The World is also silent on their plight.

I do not know who is a Joke really/

Q 89 . Just Saying :

Those that hate Israel, those that want Israel destroyed etc etc...are all prophesized in the
Bible. That means Muslims like you and many more are part of prophecies.

The moon cultists and anyone else will never destroy Israel. It was prophecy that Israel
will be restored some day and never be scattered across the earth again.
You're wasting your time.


You seem to imply as if destroying Israel is a new thing in History!! It has already been
destroyed at least two times in your history. If some thing has been done twice it can be
done for a third time also…what is so strange about it?

What your Bible says about those two destructions? Who did it and why was Israel made
to bite dust on those two occasions?

You make sure that you do not repeat the same mistakes again…but from all signs we see
that Israel has not learnt any lesson from those two destructions and are on a Kamikaze
Course for the Third Event also.

Like you have prophesies in Bible, we also have in our Holy Book…. It says that it has
been decreed by God that “Till the day of Judgment…. God will appoint persons who
will torment these Jews”…. “They will be given only temporary respite”.

World history for past 1400 years bears the truth of this Quranic prophesy.

The wages for sins and inequity are really big and painful and by all evidences the
modern Zionist state of Israel is not walking in the ways of God. It is a Materialistic
State controlled by Atheists who have Jewish sounding names.

Do you mean to say that God has vowed to protect such a Jewish state? Please provide
your proof from the scripture.

Q90 . Karma:

You're preaching to the choir. I think if most Americans really knew what was going on
in the West Bank, Gaza, Southern Lebanon during the Israeli invasion, we might have a
completely different foreign policy.

But when you have evangelical Christians, a very strong pro Israeli lobby, American
Politicians who owe more of their allegiance to Israel than the U.S., and a media than
censors the truth out of the news, this is what happens: Blind support for Israel.

I'll say this for the Israelis, they learn their lessons from their enemies. although if you
read their bible, you see the practiced genocide and ethnic cleansing throughout their

What you say is true. But at least we have excuse before our Lord that we tried our best
to educate people and tried to remove the misunderstanding.

We know we have very powerful and influential enemies and they are trying very hard to
influence common people in US and Europe many of which are not aware of the real
issues involved.

You are right, Jews have been racist from the very beginning, they have committed
genocide against Non Jews many times. The problem with racism is that you give no
option to other side. They have to be totally eliminated and destroyed, because they
cannot be absorbed in your society.

Q91 . Westly:

MUQ you need to get off this anti-Jewish trip. It's not about Israel or the Jewish people.
It's about OIL, plain and simple. Israel is the Imperialist's "policeman" in a hostile
environment. An environment hostile because they don't like us draining all their oil for
next to nothing.( Excluding your 7000 or so princes from the "House of Saud"). Basically
we (Britain) set up Israel when we had the power, and USA continues to prop-up Israel
now that they have the power. Forget about race, ethnicity, religion, nationality blah blah.
Its business. Israel will only "fall" when the oil runs out from the middle east. I wouldn't
hold your breath even then. How about a United Arabia (EU,USA,AU ((African Union))
style) including Israel!!


Thank you for giving the information that “oil” is the only attraction for creating and
supporting Israel.

I think that Oil is the “Carrot” used by these Jews to attract Business Minded Nations like
USA and EU.

If the attraction of Oil was not there, they would not have got these countries to commit
themselves whole heartedly.

US and EU get their Oil and Jews get their Homeland (they know that a large portion of
Oil, would ultimately come back to Jews because they control Banks, Insurance and
Stock Market in these countries).

I like your idea of United Arabia (comprising of EU, USA, ME…), it sounds
interesting… but Islam goes a step further… It talks about United Humanity!! All
humans are children of same pair of parents, why should they not be partners in the gift
provided by God All Mighty?
What we see that some nations become sole owners of God’s free gifts to humanity is the
downsize of the concept of Nationalism.

All humanity should have share for God’s given Crude Oil stored in Saudi Arabia and
Gold and Diamonds stored in South Africa and other Minerals provided in different
regions of this earth.

It is the narrow minded ness of the present thinking of Nationalism that has denied all
humans from enjoying benefits of these Free Bounties Provided by our Creator.

By the way I am not against Jews or Jewish religion, I am against those Jews who have
wronged us and driven our brothers and sisters from their houses and lands in which they
were living for centuries!!

Q92 . Monk:

What side haven't we heard from, the DEAD?

We've heard from the German troops and civilians who manned the camps, Hitler and
Himmler planning the Final Solution, the Allied troops who liberated them and shot
movies of what they found,, the survivors who were liberated, not all of them Jews. What
agenda would non-Jews have in lying about the camps?
We haven't heard from the people who the Nazis documented as entering the camps but
never leaving. The victims had no ancestors; their lineage stopped then and there. How is
that possible? No ancestors. Is that the other side, those who died?

Your anti-Semitism puts you in bed with Ahmadinejad and other Holocaust deniers.
There is no other side to the debate to be heard- the story has been proven except to those
who hate Jews and Israel, people like you. A falsehood from 64 years ago will be
corrected? What a farce. You create hate against Jews and Israel, that is why you deny
the Holocaust.
You will never create doubt in the mind of the world- the Holocaust can never be


Have you any evidence from Nazis why they decided to start those concentration camps?
What were their reasons to pick on Jews?

Do you think they were insane maniacs to put so many people to gas chambers without
reason or evidences.

But your historians do not delve on these and only talk about Jew’s side of the sufferings.
That is what I said about one sided reporting.

Do not talk about the crap like Anti-Semitism, Arabs are as Semite as any blue blooded
Jew. Arabs and Jews are cousins by blood!!
We do not deny Holocaust, but we are against its exaggeration and the encashment with
Jews are driving from it.

Our hate against Jews did not cause us to do atrocities against Jews for all those 1300
Years… it was only when you put them in our lands and drove out our brethren living
there for many centuries that this problem started between Muslims and Jews.

Q93 . Monk:

The West gets all the oil needed from her Arab allies in the Middle East.
Do you remember who liberated Kuwait from Saddam Hussein? It must put you in a rage
that Arab nations could withhold oil and force the US to abandon her ally, Israel, but they
refuse to do that. You are too simple to understand why.

Israel has withdrawn from territory it could have retained to defend itself against hostile
neighbors. It withdrew from this territory out of friendship for Egypt and Jordan. Peace is
possible but not with those intent on destroying Israel. It's Hamas, Hezbollahs, Syrias,
Irans raison d'etre. Their hatred for Israel keeps the Middle East divided.


A. The so called “Liberation” of Kuwait from Iraq was one of those “shows” that we see
in West’s divide and rule policy.

I think future generations would wonder that despite more than 10 years of extreme
warfare in which millions of lives were lost and trillions dollars worth of military
equipment and arms were consumed, there remained a strict “status Quo” in the end:

1. Iraq Did not capture an Inch of land of Iran.

2. Iran did not capture an Inch of Land of Iraq.
3. Iraq did not capture an Inch of land of Kuwait &
4. Kuwait did not capture an Inch of land of Iraq.

All are living in the same boundaries before and after the war!!

I do not blame west for these divide and rule techniques. The blame lies with the
spineless leaders and rulers of these nations.

One parallel I can give you, when British came to India around 1750 s, they were very
few in numbers and came as traders. There were many rulers big and small living in
India at that time, They used the same technique, helped one against the other, and
slowly and slowly became the ruler of whole India.
The same technique is used to divide One large Islamic Empire into large numbers of
small countries and then set them one against the other.

B. Israel vacating any Land Voluntarily:

You are under wrong assumption that Israel vacates any captured land voluntarily. They
vacated Sinai because they could not afford to be at war with Egypt and had to make
peace (1973 war showed them that).

They had to vacate the so called “security Zone ‘ around Lebanon because they could not
afford every day war with Hizbollah.

They vacated Gaza due to same reason and mounting world pressure.

Israel thinks by being a Military giant and a bully they can pressurize all their enemies,
but this is only a short term formula.

Q94 . Westly:

I agree, just wish your last paragraph was your first paragraph. This can never be a anti-
Jewish argument,(and I except that you have stated you are not anti-Jewish). You need to
see Israel as an extension of USA foreign policy. America calls the shots. If an American
president said, "enough", Israel would comply(1967 borders?).America keeps the whole
apparatus going.(be it military ,F16's etc or "preferred status" on contracts. It's about Oil
and empire. In fact , just see Israel as a giant aircraft carrier. There to keep "our" interest's
safe, and keep the middle eastern countries aspirations "In-check" and divided. From
USA point of view, they doing a good job!!!


Thank you for your post, you can re-arrange the paragraphs and quote to others.

I am not Anti-Jew in the sense that I condemns every Jews irrespective of his or her
actions, just because he is a Jews.

And I am not a pro-Jew in a sense that I always support actions of Jews, irrespective of
whether they are right or wrong.

In the same sense I am not pro or Anti Arab too.

But I am Pro-Islam, because as per my analyses, teachings of Islam are most logical,
reasonable and promote unity in Human kind.

USA may see “Israel” as a giant Air craft carrier… and may be under delusion that by
using Israel it is furthering US interests in ME…. But in reality it is Jews who is using
USA as their “Henchman” … US does all the dirty work and gets all the blames and
Israel just enjoys the fruits.

For Jews US is just a “sucker” who has taken their bait.

Q95 . Indy:

so rebuild stuff, so the terrorists will be happy?.. i wonder if u remember what happened
to poland in ww2, so dont kill terrorists, build them stuff, umm, i bet u zillion $$ itll
never work....maybe u should post on a terrorists site to do what u said... i bet theyd be
into it...geez louize

obamas plan A is to blame bush, plan B is different, blame gw bush.... isnt obama just
creating more terrorists? what is "winning" in afg? iraq? bout this old fav. "we
shouldnt be there"


You show a very hateful and vengeful character. Remember the announcement of US
and allied forces when they invaded Afghanistan and Iraq?

They went into those countries to free them from oppression and dictators and help them
re-build and transform into modern developed countries.

But once they have “won” the battle….they have gone back into their promises and their
only aim is to kill more and more persons in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The war in Afghanistan and Iraq are not the doings of Obama…why should he take the
blame for them? These are the handiworks of GWB the Great.

However he will take the blame if he does not quickly wash off his hands and removes
US and allied troops at once.

Now he is Nobel peace Prize winner….let us see now a Nobel laureate deals with a real
world peace situation!!

I hope by the end of his term…Nobel Peace Prize Awarding Organisation would ask
Obama to hand back that award …. They will say that they were sorry that they
recommended him for that prize only because of his speeches!!

That award should be given to GWB the Great…for his efforts to “save USA from Al
Qaeda threat” and ensuring Peace in the World.

If it had not been for GWB the Great….Osama might be sitting in White House!!
Chapter-4: Should Evolution be taught in High Schools?

Q96 . Christopher:

Evolution is not blind, but it does not act with foresight. The individual mutations are
random, but whether or not they benefit their host in the present is what determines
whether or not they might make it to the next generation.

There is real forward predictive ability with Evolution, beyond some rather broad

Looking back however, Evolution has very good predictive abilities. There are numerous
examples (like Tiktaalik - ) where scientists have
said that such and such organism would look like a, be found at general age b and should
be locatable in general location c and been proven correct.


To say that evolution was without foresight is saying about a thing for which one has no
real information.

There is no oversight, there never was any specie with bad or wrong design. The species
did not become extinct, because they were designed without foresight. They became
extinct because they had served their purpose in the plan of their Creator.

Considering that there millions and millions of animal species, and for none of them we
have a complete evaluation record, it is amazing for BTOE followers to keep on harping
upon Tikaalik…

To harp upon a single specie that too not its full evolution speaks the real state of truth in
the arguments of the followers of BTOE.

Q97. Divine Allen:

It's really misleading if we teach our children that a human was once a creature that
looked like a monkey.

Many evolutionists are aware that turtles had not evolved since 100 millions years ago
but it's possible for a monkey to evolve into a human over that lperiod of time.
It's amazing that some PhD holders still believe that they are a descendant of a monkey-
looking creature.

IT is a very sensible post. If there was overwhelming evidence that humans and apes
evolved from a common ancestor, then we had no other choice.

But the problem with BTOE is that they first form their own hypothesis and then go on
collecting evidence.

They first DECIDED that their could not have been a Creator and Designer and Planner
for this Universe, so things have to be work themselves out.

Then they went to find evidence for their stupid theory... they find one piece in a billion
sized Jig Saw Puzzle and they blow their trumpet... We have SOLVED the Universe

The total evidence of their fossil record is not even one in one all is their

The correct procedure was to first gather the evidences and then verify that how it can be

Darwin went ahead with his TOE without discovering any of the transitional life
forms...leaving it to posterity to find it.

The clue was taken up mostly by Atheist followers of TOE and they made it into BTOE.

And now they are blowing their trumpet to have solved the Creation and Evolution
riddle, but in reality they have 999,999,999,999 out of 1 Billion info missing!!

And they insist BTOE is the most scientifically correct theory ever invented!!

Q98 . Michigan GEL:

The Judeo / Christian/Islamic belief is that, after Adam/Eve's fall, God limited the human
lifetime, since to live forever in a fallen state would be "a fate worse than death." Of
course, that assumes an afterlife preferable to this earthly existence. Only if that's true can
we rationalize disease and death.

I don't know about an expanding earth, but I had a similar thought: If Adam and his
progeny were highly-intelligent (as created), and lived forever (or at least for hundreds of
years), then perhaps science would have advanced to the point where we could colonize
the solar system... Maybe even beyond.


I do not know that limited life term of humans was only due to the fall of Adam & Eve.
In fact there is nothing in Universe which has a Perpetual life. Perpetual Life is the sole
right of Creator of Universe.
Why God chose a particular time frame for humans is not known to us as , but it must
have many benefits of which we yet do not know.

In my view if any human generation is granted unlimited life span, it would stop the
progress of science and civilization to a limit.

Coming of successive generations does help the fast progress of human science .
technology and civilization, because every new generation thinks the problem with a new
perspective and helps in growth.

I do not know about expanding earth either, Quran speaks about Expanding Universe :

“With Power and Skill, We construct the Firmament and We expand it” 51:47

Man going to outer space and planets is also not against teachings of Quran. It says that
God has made every thing in this Universe to serve and subjugated to Man.

But Man is subjugated to serve His Creator and Master… But the ungrateful man (well
most of them any way) enjoys all the favors and benefits given to him by God and refuses
to serve Him and either worships false gods or his own theories and philosophies like this

Q99 . Noodly James:

That is because neither originating from inorganic molecule nor making a single protein
is evolution. Evolution isn't chance either.
If you desire to go that route then please explain what the chances are for the existence of
an infinite yet undetectable cosmic entity given that the presence of a mote of dust is
impossible to you? This is the most absurd boasting that I have ever heard.

No, absurd logic is claiming "magic did it!!!".

Then all you have to do is prove god as he is the pharmacist. Does he work at Wal-mart?
FYI, humans have created several novel molecules for treatment not found in nature.
So god created diseases and then we have to figure out where to look for some of the
cures? Medical science takes time and experimentation. There are no signs which state
"god put medicine here". In effect if god created anything, he made diseases easier to get
than medical care, and hence he is a sadist.

I would say that the number of medicines present now is much higher than before Darwin
published his book, yes.

As usual, my inbox is full with so many people denouncing my views in no uncertain
terms, since it is not possible to answer every one individually and because so many
points are common in various posts, I point a common answer.

A. Evolution and Atheism are not related, it is same as saying Mathematics or

Medicine is Atheism:

To say that Mathematics, or Geometry or Algebra and Atheism are the one and same
thing, only shows that the person has no knowledge and understanding of any of these

Mathematics and Algebra are not philosophies but simple methods to simplify complex
situations and solve equations. Atheism on the other hand is a philosophy to justify our
existence and universe in a way in which God has no place, how can these be equated.

BTOE is same as atheism because it tries to explain life and working of this Universe
without believing in the power or presence of a Creator or Planner and Designer. All
people at the forefront of BTOE are really atheist and these are the fellows who are
leading this philosophy. BTOE is not same as Mathematics or Algebra or Geometry.

B. Evolution and Origin of Life are two different subjects and not interrelated:

This is another fallacy into which the BTOE followers have fallen into. They just don’t
want to discuss how did life originated in the first place. For them the World starts from
the Creation of First Self Replicator.

Any true theory would always support each other and would never contradict each other.
That is the beauty of truth.

If it cannot be proven that First Cell could only come out by chance or by random
happening, then the whole BTOE which is based on that falls to ground.

That is why BTOE followers try to avoid answer these basis questions, such as:

- Can things create themselves?

- Has it been possible to create or duplicate any useful thing just by random process?

C. Humans have “Created” several molecules, not found in nature:

This is another fallacy of these BTOE supporters. In fact humans have never CREATED
anything really. They just used the available material Created by God and using their
God given brains, and God created laws use this material to make a new combination.
Can it in any way be called as Creation?

D. God is sadist because He created diseases:

The presence of diseases is an indication of merciful nature of God, it shows how

helpless is the man in nature if God does not want him to have a healthy life. The fact
that majority of humans on earth enjoy healthy life for most period of their lives shows
indeed the mercy of God and not His sadist nature.

E. Protein formed spontaneously from Non Living chemicals as was demonstrated

in Millers’ experiment

Miller’s equipment did not create any Protein molecule, it just made some Amino acids
by creating hypothetical atmosphere.

And Protein molecule is not life, it is lifeless…what is life and how it originates is
outside the grasp pf BTOE followers.

As a scientist. Chemists or a biologist or a BTOE follower, what is difference between a

dead man and a living man?

F. ID and evolution is more or less same thing:

This is another fallacy to say that evolution and ID are one and the same thing. ID
movement is a midway between Atheism and BTOE to assume some Intelligent
Designer. This ID is not the God , Creator and Sustainer of the Universe.

So ID followers are trying to ride on two horses, like our Liam-R who is a BTOE fanatic
and Ordained Priest of his Pagan Celtic Church at the same time

G. Evolution has already been PROVEN by creating complexity without ID:

The people who believe that they have PROVEN BTOE are deluding themselves. They
have never ever been able to prove any of the basic assumptions of their so called
scientific theory.

H. Evolution is not a belief.

This is another error into which our BTOE followers have fallen. They think that BTOE
is not a belief, while in fact it becomes a way of life for these fellows and prepares their
minds to reject first hand without even contemplating any thing coming from religious

What else is blind faith?

I. Fundamentalists are not QUALIFIED to speak on Evolution:

In the same way, we can say that BTOE followers are not QUALIFIED to speak on
religious matters, so we are even on the qualification issue atleast.

J. What is cure for Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease? Why did God not created

God indeed has created cure for every disease, it is for humans to locate and find them. In
the same way Malaria, smallpox and yellow fever were supposed to be uncured.

And how many people kill themselves by use of Tobacco, Alcohol, Narcotics, Overeating
and in Traffic accidents? And how many hasten their deaths by ignoring basis health and
hygiene guidelines? Their numbers are no way less that Cancer and Alzheimer’

Should we blame God for these deaths also? And what about the death of every human
being and every living creature on this earth? Every one has to taste the taste of death
sooner or later.

K. Muslims only prayed God to cure the disease while the EVOLUTIONISTS
worked very hard to find the cures for diseases.

One who says that does not know the advances which Muslims made in the field of
medicine. While most Europeans thought that Soap is some magical fish, the Muslims
were enjoying hot bathes!!

But no amount of progress in science and medicine created this arrogance in Muslims as
it has created in these modern day Atheist minds of BTOE followers.

Any by the way, I did not find that any of these Super Medicine Men could defeat death
themselves!! They all die and handover their souls to their Creator and none of their
medicines and cures can help them in the end.

They had a right to boast if they could save themselves from eventual death.

M. That Homo erectus is not human at all!!

That is what Mr. Yahya is trying to say, either we have humans or we have apes!! There
is no specie which is partly human and partly ape!! That is the stumbling block of this
whole BTOE. We never had any specie which was a cross between the two species. The
so called Intermediate life forms of Charles Darwin.

L. Since all my logic comes from One Book, so I am unreliable.

Is it the fault or beauty of my One Book that it answers all the questions and disproves
all the man made philosophies created by human to deny God and His Acts. A book that
remains up to date even after 1400 years, none of its statements have been proved wrong
by the advent of modern science.

In fact this is the ultimate proof of divine origin of this book.

Q100 . Michigan GEL

Before you (and Noodly) play the "if God is so loving, why is there disease" card again,
you might want to take that argument to its logical conclusion. If God didn't allow
disease, how would people die? Similarly, you could also argue that a loving God
wouldn't allow death by physical trauma, starvation, or any other conceivable cause
But what does that lead to? Unrestricted population growth!
Now how could a loving God let that happen?!?


The diseases and cure shows how merciful is our Creator. If He left it to ourselves, we
could not even survive for a single hour.

There are millions of actions taken about which we know nothing and cannot do

The so called medical remedies are very superficial and would never work if the entire
Immune system was not working. Check it with any AIDS patient.

But these ungrateful humans take this as unmerciful acts of God. Most humans enjoy
healthy life for most part of their life.

Then in most cases the causes of disease are self inflicted. But it is habit of humans to
ignore all mercies and gifts they receive free from God and complain on any slight
inconveniences they face.

Q101 . Abbey Yoro:

MUQ: Nonscience from the Quran

Verily your Lord is God who hath made the Heavens and the earth in six days
Modern translations change the word days into periods, but the ancient people who wrote
the Koran knew what a day was, from sunrise to sunrise.

34.9] Do they not then consider what is before them and what is behind them of the
heaven and the earth? If We please We will make them disappear in the land or bring
down upon them a portion from the heaven; most surely there is a sign in this for every
servant turning (to Allah).

Heaven is considered solid so that Allah can throw down a portion of it on earth.

In the sura Cattle, camels are considered cattle.


It seems that you are now trying to be an “expert and authority” on Quran and Islam.
This Chair was claimed earlier by our late and lamented H.E. D.D REV…ESQ.

Let me try to “educate” you on points that you have mentioned.

A. Six days versus six epochs:

You have commented that Quran says that “God created heavens and earths in Six
Days…” and earlier commentators meant it to be six 24 hour days. I do not deny it, it
could have been so.

But the beauty of Quran is that it uses such terms which stay current irrespective of the
progress of modern science. It uses the word “AYYAM” and not “YOUM” for days.
AYYAM is Plural of YOUM. YOUM means day, so AYYAM itself indicates the period
could be longer than a day.

Then at one place it says that “one day in the reckoning of your Lord is like One
Thousands years of which you count” then at another place, one day is termed as 50
thousand years of human folks.

So the people who translate six days as “Six epochs” are more true to the Quranic
Meaning and that too keeping with modern science.

However if Quran was not preserved in Original Arabic, or the words of earlier
commentators were added into the main text, we also would have faced the same problem
as Bible Thumpers are facing today.

B. Piece of Sky Falling (34.9)

Here again you have misunderstood the Quranic narration. In Arabic anything above the
earth is termed as “Sky”. The “rain falls from sky” and similar verses are very common
in Quran, Sun, Moon and Stars are all in the sky, the canopy is also called sky.

So there is no problem in the above verse from scientific point of view, a “Piece of sky
falling” could denote:
1. A very heavy shower of hails that destroys the land.
2. A piece of meteorite falling and flattening a city.
3. Sun and moon or star falling on earth and destroying the earth.

Now which of this one is incorrect scientifically? It is only the perception of the person
who is asking what.

C. Camels are considered Cattle?

Now, where is the problem in that? What do you mean by cattle?

Cattle are domestic animals that are used for Food and / or , Milk, and / or transportation.

Camels are used for all such purposes in the land of Arabia since centuries. The life in
Arabia would have been extremely difficult, if camels were not present there. That is
why Quran mentions them as special favor from God and asks Arabs “Have they not look
at the camels, how they are made?” 88:17

They are perfect example of cattles, may be in your land, you do not use camels as

And how this classification of Camels as cattle is against Modern Scientific Discoveries?

Q102 . Igor Trip:

Christianity is more popular and yet you consider it to be corrupted.

So all that proves is that some religions gain great popularity irrespective of whether they
are true.

I personally consider Islam to be a simplified version of Judaism and Christianity, two

highly successful religions of that time.
Hence its popularity. If God seriously thinks the word of one man is enough then he
needs an education


From where you got this idea that if a thing is more popular, it cannot be corrupted or can
not be wrong. I never said that increase in numbers is a sure sign for truth or false hood
of any religion or any issue.

Otherwise number of Hindus in India are close to 800 Millions and they are worship
idols, so we cannot say that Idol worship is correct.
Islam is not the “simplified” version of Judaism or Christianity. Islam is the “Correct”
version of Judaism and Christianity.

And for your information, Judaism was never a “heavy successful religion” at any time of
its 4000 years history. It never propagated beyond the borders of Palestine.

Islam is popular, because it is more reasonable, more logical and a practical common
sense religion.

It frees humankind from all sorts of dogmas and from all bondages of caste, language and
national bondages.

Yes God does think that His Words spoken thru one man is more than enough compared
to the dis-jointed voices of billions of humans,

That is the history of Islam and its growth for last 1400 years and future will show that
this message of Islam reaches every home and every hut of this earth.

Q103 . Chimney:

Is BTOE same as TOE?


A. Some one has asked me to explain Partial Reproducibility / Ring Species /

Transposors , mitochondria and hemoglobin and similar examples…

They claim that these cases are perfectly explained by the Theory of Evolution and not
Directed Evolution or Creationism theory….

First of all they fail to understand that the issue before us is not TOE , but BTOE… If
these people can explain that that these cases can only be explained based on Random
Mutations and not and nor on the basis of Guided Evolutions?

This is a strange statement indeed and the onus of proof is on the one who makes the
claim and not on us.

This BTOE is not able to explain the origin of life itself so what to talk about any future

They complain that I will again ask for them to Create a Housefly, as if it was a very
Unreasonable demand!! They are able to create all these billions of stars and millions of
life forms, sitting on their couch, what prevents them to create a working model of
Housefly and bring it to life (Jesus did it 2000 years before, if you want a precedence!!).
If your feet are made of clay, how could you stand any where?

B. Real Proofs for Miracles:

The one who is asking for real proof of the miracles, should provide real proof for the
origin of life and every thing else on which this BTOE is based.

In matters which are not related to Physical Science (and even for Physical Science where
we have no proof and only theories), Revelations are the MOST Reliable form of

If our revealed book is poetry, it is not human but it is Superhuman, that is why it stands
alone and no human compilation can come even close to it (I know our H.E. D.D.
REV….ESQ would be jumping on his seat).

We have the most authentic proof for all the Miracles mentioned in our Holy Book, Lord
and Creator of this Universe, Himself testifies to it. Whose else's evidence can be more
authentic that His? Darwin's? Chimney's? ESQ 's? No way.

Q104 . Anonymous :

Is ID same as God?


1. Who said to you that all atoms in the Universe is Infinite? They are a large number,
but they are finite!! Of the order on 1 X E 80 !!

2. You said that since all religions believe in God…so I assign the Infinity value to ID?
May I ask you, from where you got the authority to assign some thing to ID? Where is
proof of your authority?

3. I do not talk in riddles and I do not know what you mean by Deist. I speak in plain
language and say that God is the Creator of every thing in this Universe. Plain and
simple. You by talking in riddles and Infinite variable and what not, only muddle up
your and other's mind.

4. If God could not and did not communicate with humans and His other Creations what
is the purpose of all these creations. How powerless would a Creator, if He has no
control or means of communications with a thing He has created?

5. So in the end what I said about ID movement was correct, that want to stand on a Very
Thin line that divides Atheists from Religionists. You are none of those, but for all
practical purposes, there is no difference between an Atheist and a ID believer. Both feel
themselves Independent to subject themselves to any Higher Authority.
6. Your self designed ID is only a philosophical concept and only exists on the imaginary

Q105 . Chimney:

What are powers of Creator?


Creator and Evolution:

As I have mentioned earlier, the Wise and Knowledgeable Creator could have chosen the
path of Evolution for diversification of life forms on this earth. Or He could not have
chosen that path.

If there are credible proofs (Which are not so credible at this stage), that species did
evolve from one into another, even then they do not deny the presence of Creator.

Because the every step of this evolution program was controlled and planned. Things did
not happen on Random basis (as believers of BTOE would like us to believe) at all, but
followed a well defined and well planned course.

As I mentioned earlier that the Creator has power over each and every particle in this
Universe. That means that He can order these particles to follow His will at all times.

In most cases, He allows them to be subjected to normal physical laws which He has
ordained for them, but He can ask them to follow other course also. Some example of
these could be:

Rapid Evolution and De-Evolution:

1. Rod of Moses, which was nothing but a wood stick, evolved immediately into a Big
Snake in a twinkling of eye, when Moses dropped it on ground.

2. Then the same Rod De-evolved into a wooden stick when Moses picked it up.

This was no magic trick or mesmerism but a real case of Rapid Evolution and De-
evolution !! (As our scientific brothers would like to term it). All stages forward and
backward were completed in an instant..

3. In the same way, Jesus Christ made a clay image of bird and blew into it, and by the
Will of Creator it turned into a live bird and flew away. That is another case of Rapid
Evolution. It passed thru all stages of clay to bird in one instant. There was no trick or
magic involved here.
4. Then with the Power of Creator, Jesus Christ, healed those born blind and dumb, the
lepers and even called to life humans who were dead for a couple of days. So many
stages of Evolution were covered in one instant.

5. There are many such examples, the safety of Abraham from Blazing fire, was one of
them, in which so called "Normal Physical Laws" were bypassed by the Will of Creator,
indicating His Power over every member of His Creation.

So if the Creator sees fit, He could choose the path of evolution, which could take
thousands or millions of years, for one specie to change into another, or if He wishes he
could speed up the process.

This is the Theory of Evolution, which is reasonable and logical and not that which I call
it BTOE, where no one knows what would the end results be.

Q106 . Anonymous :

Facial hairs, Is it significant?


A. Hairy or Hairless faces?

1. This is as much speculation as anything if men and women started with hairy faces or
hairless faces.

2. If some races do not have facial hairs, what does it prove? They are more evolved or
they are less evolved?

3. When people do not have any important thing to do, they kill their time in such types
of “Mental Futile exercises”!

Q107 . Chimney:

Does Extinction show mistakes of Creator?


Creator and Extinction:

Some one observed that Extinction of Specie shows that Creator did mistake, this is not
true at all. No specie was ever faulty. They were created for the purpose for which they
were built, when that was over, they became extinct by the will of Creator.
However it is the logic of BTOE by which 999,999.99 % of all specie would be "Faulty"
because they were still "Evolving" and no one is a finished product yet!!

Q108 . Anonymous :

Hard Words, When one should use them?


C. HE. D.D. REV…..ESQ 's past beliefs?

1. Some people have complained that I have used harsh words regarding H.E. D.D.
REV…..ESQ ‘s past beliefs.

2. It is not my habit to use harsh words generally unless I am provoked to the extreme.

3. I have seen statements from many ex-Jews,, Ex-Christians and ex-Hindus etc who have
changed their faiths to come into fold of Islam.

4. Even though they have left their old faith, they do not use abusive language for their
old faith, old gods and old religious personalities. They are very cautious and guarded
in their language when they speak about their old faith and its leaders.

5. But here is an ex-Muslim who has left his faith, but uses most abusive language and
epithet for his past religion, past scripture and past prophet.

6. This only shows poor taste and lack of basic human decency of this person. Or may be
this is a requirement of Atheism that you must ridicule, make fun of and use abusive
language for your earlier and all other religions.

Q109 . Anonymous :

How realistic is ID Movement , are they?


Before commenting on your post, I want to object to your opening statement, where you
have claimed that Infinity = ID rooted into the mother of all Sciences.

What do you mean by the word Mother of All Sciences?

And then you have said that it is done so that a specific world religion…claim world

From where you developed this Most Important Criterion of ID? It seems that you want
to find a midway route between Atheists and those who believe in God. By defining your
ID (s) in such a way , that it has no power into the life of individuals, you have got away
and dispensed with all religions.

What do you say about claim of religions that they received direct instructions from
whom you call as ID?

Then what you have written about those Evolutionists making imaginary figures of
earlier life forms and then pass it on as Authentic and based on scientific research was
very good and should open the eyes of BTOE supporters.

The age chart you have supplied gives additional information about the advent of
different life forms on this earth.

What is the significance of this on your ID philosophy?

It seems that this ID movement wants to ride two boats at the same time. Be friends with
Atheists and Creationists both.

Q110 . Chimney:

He did not say "God did not know" he said "Mohammed did not know" As in,
Mohammed, not God, composed the Koran, and this "sun setting in a muddy pool" is
further proof of that, because Mohammed said some pretty silly things in the Koran -
showing it could not have come directly from God.

Can't you tell the difference?

No, MUQ, that is not true. The very definition of a scientific attitude is to adopt no
position without evidence. Even evidence is not "belief" because it is always possible to
reinterpret the evidence, or to find new and better evidence.

And what about people who do not think their limited knowledge is "supreme", but
understand that it is limited? Thats true of scientists, but less true of you. Even though
you admit your knowledge is limited, you think you have a link to an infinite source of
knowledge that always makes YOU right in these debates and in general principles of
life. I admit my knowledge is limited, and that the evidence for the knowledge I do have
is limited, and this is more honest than you. You have to believe the Koran is perfect so
that you can maintina the illusion that you have access to the infinite knowledge of God,
and that you know 100% what is right and wrong because "God told you". ….

Continue with your delusions, MUQ.


“Someone” has made a very curious remark…a thing which should be recorded for

He says that Quran could not have come from God….because it has mistakes and it was
Prophet Mohammad who did not know…

Did you catch the Curious Part? Coming from the followers of BTOE ….that God
cannot make a mistake is a real masterpiece!!

When he believes that there is no God and there is no Creator (Flying Spaghetti
Monster…) this admission in a real gem and should be recorded permanently!!

And another masterpiece of “Someone” is the false “Humility” which he shows that his
knowledge is limited and he is always ready to change his attitude.

You see his past posts where he “Confirms” that there is no God…that there is No
Creator…. And BTOE is supreme working on the principles of RM and Natural

I on the other hand do not make any claim except ones which are clearly mentioned in the
Book which is Word of God and is nothing but absolute truth.

The statements which are made in this book are no natural and so logical that any one
with straight mind and logic would accept them without any false pretensions.

That there is Only One Creator in this Universe, and that He alone has created every
thing and every thing in this Universe has been created with a Plan, Design and Purpose
behind it….these are so logical and no reasonable that on one should have any problem in
accepting it (unless he suffers from BTOE Virus).

Then none of Scientific knowledge or experiments have been able to disprove these basic
assertions of Quran only adds to force of our arguments.

Q111 . Papa Sasquatch:

MUQ, If a person repeats a lie often enough, does it become reality? Islam is not as
popular as you wish it to be... But for what i have read of it I can understand why
submissive people would fall prey of it's evil grasp of the human fear factor.

Islam is not that popular that it is followed by Majority of World Population, I never
made such a claim.

I said Islam is the fastest growing of all religions in Europe and America. If you think it
is a lie, then you should provide the statistics. The reason every one is discussing about
Islam, is a proof of it.

If life is a test (which indeed it is), then fear to pass or fail is a very real one. Just by
wishing that this life is not a test. Will not abolish the test.

Any one who has a reasonable mind does fear about the outcome of test and it is very
reasonable for them to get attracted to religions that answer their queries.

Islam does not grow only from fear….it also gives a solution for World’s problems.

Q112 . Liam-R:

No, you won't. What you will see is the Sun appearing from behind the horizon, or
disappearing behind it. IF the Quran really was this great and mystical revelation, then
the language used could have and would have made the distinction. Instead, it perpetuates
the silly myth of a flat Earth and the nonsense of a Sun that pops down a hole at the end
of the day.

Well, either he doesn't know, or he lied to Mohammed, or Mohammed lied when he

wrote the Quran. Hmm, or all of the above. Too bad it fails on ANYTHING scientific.
Pretty questionable on the moral issues, too. How is it any different for one man to lie
and fabricate the whole Quran or for committees to add, subtract and change various bit
in the Bible?


Human beings have a strange sickness, which is so intriguing …

On one hand we have books whose authors are not known (First five books of OT), but
we are forced to believe that they were written by Moses.

In the same way, real authors of most books of OT and NT are not really known…but we
are forced to believe that they were written by authors whose name appear on the cover.

Further none of these books claim that they were written by revelation or were inspired
books, but we are forced to believe that these are revealed books and are Words of
God…. That is one extreme of this sickness.
On the other hand, we have Quran which specifically claims that it is Direct revelation
from God Almighty, It is God’s Word and Prophet Mohammad has no participation in its
authorship….. but these people (with this strange sickness) would want us to believe that
Quran indeed was written by Prophet Mohammad and it has nothing to do with
revelation…. This is the other extreme.

I am at a loss as to how to cure this strange sickness and how to reason with these
people!. Quran gives a test that if it was possible for a man who did not know as to how
to read and how to write to bring a book like Quran…then why can’t all the learned men
of earth could also bring a book like Quran?

But these people with this strange sickness, instead of meeting this challenge, just waste
their times in vain talking.

Our prophet was given knowledge for every thing that is needed for the guidance of
human king\d and on all issues that deal with it. He was not send as a teacher of Science,
Mathematics or Medicine. He might or might not have knowledge about these, we do not

But as for as Quran is concerned, it is Revelation from God Almighty and is free from
any mistake.

But Quran was send for guidance of humankind for all ages. It talks in common human
language , so that every one could understand it. If it talked of issues and concepts
which are not understood by people of a certain age, then it will loose its purpose.

That is why it uses terms and phrases which never go against Science at any stage. People
of one age could interpret these as per their stage of scientific knowledge but the same
verses could be understood in a different sense at a later stage.

That is the beauty and wisdom of Word of God, which people with the sickness
mentioned above cannot apprehend. You and most people on this thread suffer with this

The cure is available and it is very simple, but they like to be affected with the sickness
and do not want to get cured.

Q113 . Anonymous:

Why Saudi Arabia is so arrogant?


The mentality which is evident from the replies confirms what I mentioned in my post.
For your info I am an Indian working in Saudi Arabia.

The people who select Saudi Arabia and compare their countries to it, all really
comparing apples against the oranges.

Saudi Arabia is vanguard of Islam and since generations 100 % of its population is

No Non Muslim one would even had to look at Saudi Arabia and want to settle there
even 100 years back!!

The current "rush" of Non Muslims to Saudi Arabia is only to get a share of their Oil
Wealth. They come as workers on their own free will and know before coming the rules
and regulations there.

Saudi Arabia does not interfere with any one's religions, it only bans construction of
Public Places of worship, because the people would leave as soon as "the Oil Wealth" is
gone and will not give it a second look!!

You mean to say that then Saudi Arabia should dismantle all those places of worship.

But the case of UK is different. The Muslims there are resident and nationals of Britain.
They have right to practice their religion and make their places of worship.

If some one wants to make Britain a "Christian only" country, then let him do it by
constitutional means.

Then why they single out only Muslims? They should do the same things to all Non
Christian groups, like Jews, Hindus, Sikhs and so many other groups.

The real reason is their "inherent fear" of Islam and Muslims. They are "afraid" that
more and more of Englishmen are coming into the fold of Islam with each passing day.

That fear and hatred is the real reason behind such type of Anti Islam protests.

They still think that "England" in the center of world and British empire is as it was one
century back.

They fail to realise that British Empire is now shrunk to its home base and even that is
now threatened.

Q114 . Edape:

realize you have been on this forum for what seems like an eternity. After awhile its
difficult to recall if you think evolution should be taught in school.
Its been a long summer here and if you can put your beliefs aside; should evolution be
taught to our children? It seems you have a very short memory or you just "sample" this
side once in a while.


I have answered this question many times on this thread.

Evolution can be taught in High School or any school, not as a scientific theory..

But under the category of Fiction, Creative Writing, Creative Design, Creative art

If it has to taught in science and biology class, the students should be warned firs that
'What you are going to listen or read and not scientifically proven facts but only theories
proposed by some people. We lack scientific evidences to confirm all these claims. There
are people who have raised strong criticism of this theory...."

It is like statuary warning we see on pack of Cigarettes "Smoking is injurious to your


We should not fill the minds of young students with far fetched scientific theories....there
is no shortage of Established Scientific Facts and Laws" to fill their plate for their stay in
School or College.

Q115 . Drew Smith:

It is not about "remaining neutral". A true scientist will follow the evidence. If there is no
evidence to support a particular claim, then the scientist will see no reason to accept the
claim. The claim that there are "things that are not material" is such a claim.


To claim “that there are nothing that are not material” is a very unscientific claim. We
have our thoughts and we have our imaginations, these are not at all materialistic. What
we see in our dreams are not materialistic things.

So how a scientist can say that there is nothing which is not material? This is a very non-
scientific thing to say the least.

The Soul and life and things like these are also non materialistic.

Therefore a true scientist shall stay within his limits when commenting on these items.
He may comment as a human being, but not as a scientist.
Q116 . Dude:

explained to you that evolution does NOT say that God DIDN'T do it. Probably, oh,
somewhere near 12 months ago.

But then it's YOUR job to provide evidence of God's involvement of guiding evolution.
So far, there is no evidence beyond the baseless assertion made by many ancient
superstitious texts (like say, the Koran) that such an entity even exists. On the other hand,
there is plenty of evidence of evolution.

I know that there is little point in telling you this, as your logic filter inside your brain
cavity filters out all logic and expel any and all evidence and facts you find inconvenient,
so I'm just posting this here for posterity.

Cue "The Koran iz true cuz it sez so!"


All the evidences are for a guided evolution. Evolution based on Random Mutations is
only an imaginary thing and not at all proven by evidences.

For any one to reach from point A to point B while moving randomly in itself a very
improbable thing as any mathematician will tell you.

The fact that Creator exists is proven by reason, logic and looking at the intricacies and
fine balance for every thing available in nature. If it was not for Merciful Creator,
nothing could exist or survive in this world.

Out of all scriptures, it is Quran which gives you a falsification test, it says that “If you
are in doubt about Quran (as to whether it is from God or prophet himself wrote it), then
bring another book like it, and gather all your helpers to help you…”

This Quranic challenge is still open after 1400 years and not taken by any one. So if the
humankind cannot meet this Quranic Challenge, then it has to believe in its divine origin.
And after that, it has to accept each one of its sayings- QED!!

Q117 . Chimney:

Anti Islam


The people who have never read and understood Quran are posing as '”authority" on what
its real teachings are!!
Islamic concept of 'Super nationalism" is totally different from what these 'Experts" have
posted on this thread.

First of all, Islam breaks all those distinctions which people have placed between
Children of Adam and in the path of Universal brotherhood.

It breaks all barriers of colors, race, language, ethnic and geographical restriction.

It addresses all humans as "O Mankind, O Children of Adam....not as O Arabs, O Asians

or O Europeans..." It confirms previous scriptures, past messengers and does not revile
personality and beliefs of religious leaders of other faiths.

It asks all human beings to worship one true lord of Universe who is creator of this
Universe and is Lord and sustainer of all Humans, irrespective of their origin.

The rights and duties of every human who hearkens to that message are same...there is no
superiority of one group on another based on these artificial distinctions.

Any one can at any time become member of this Universal brotherhood...with all the
rights and duties as given to its other members.

The people who accept this message become part of a 'Super Nation" or as Ummah.

Those who do not accept this message form two categories:

1. One group (which consists of vast majority of population in almost every country) is
that who is not hostile to Islam and wants to live peacefully. It does not try by words and
actions anything which is harmful to this Islamic nation, such people are to be treated
with kindness and given all due respect.

2. There is another group (which is a miniscule minority in most countries, but which
controls the media and has virtual control of these countries) , which tries to stop the
progress of Islam and tries to plan its destruction in some way or other. If these people
do not change their views, then We have to use every means including force so that their
strength is broken down and they come forward to exist peacefully with Muslims and
change their attitude.

These are the basic guidelines for existence and survival of Islamic and Muslim nations.

It does not force its religion on others, the free choice is given for any one to accept it. Its
demand is that is should be allowed to be preached to every human and in every society.

How can you compare that to the present trend of “Nationalism” which is based on greed
and exploitation and getting maximum benefits for its nationals, irrespective of how
much hardship is caused to citizens of other nations.
Q118 . Chimney:

Why 9/11 Discussion on this thread?


I did not start 9/11 discussion on this forum, someone asked me a question and I
answered it.

I compared it with BTOE because of the mentality of some person to believe in "every
thing official".

That trait comes from blindly believing this BTOE.

The more people will analyze the events of 9/11 and the official version, the more farce it
will prove.

For example, still no charges are framed against Osama in any US court!! If captured he
will just be put in Gitmo prison for ever as a suspect (and no proof or guilty verdict as we
have seen for most of Gitmo detainees)!!

9-11 was a political and media trial and not an impartial and thorough judicial trial and

It was fueled by the false pride of nationalism and patriotism.... committing crimes
against humanity in the name of My County and My Civilization...

It is as I have mentioned earlier "Nations are the idols of modern age" people worship
their Nations and do all such acts as were performed by pagans for their idols of gold,
silver and wood.

They can do any injustice, commit any crime and justify any action performed in the
name of their "idol i.e. their countries".

Islam is against all form of idol worship and is against this "extreme nationalism".

Already world has tasted the fruits of this nationalism in the form of WW-1 and WW-2.
But it seems it is still hungry for more human sacrifices.

This war against terror is one such example...there are many others.
Q 119 . Edape:

Collapse of WTC Towers


I know it is not easy to believe in something which is so much against the "Official

The whole media was unanimous that it was job of Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda Alone....the
whole world saw with their own eyes the two towers collapsing like a deck of card within
a hour or two of jet collision.

The solution was so simple...the top floors collapsed and brought down the bottom floors
with them...

But there are scientists, engineers, scholars and professionals, who did not understand
what they saw on TV.

Two superstructures collapsing on themselves just because of jet fuel fire did not seem

They started asking questions and the truth about truth is that is always support each

No two truths will contradict each other...when they asked questions, they did not receive
answers or the answers were evasive.

That is how this whole movement they have linked 9/11 investigation with
"nationalism" and "Patriotism".

You have to be a traitor or Al Qaeda sympathizer if you question the official version.

I will refer to you to a few sites that will provide additional material on this subject.

I know it is a sensitive topic...I know it will hurt a few people.

But when you are ready to sacrifice a million or two of Iraq and Afghan people...tens of
thousands of your won soldiers and billions of dollars of national money..

Why should you care if a few heads at top should find the truth.

Otherwise many more crazy people will strike Commercial jets with High Rise buildings
and find that none of them come down like WTC Towers!!,

Q120 . Supa AFC:

Your reasons never change. You reject evolution simply because your family's
interpretation of Islam believes we were poofed into existence fully formed.

You have effectively admitted that you are going to keep spamming this thread.
Hypocrite. That is not even remotely true; you ignore people because they destroy your
arguments and do not back down from your ad nauseum arguments.
Most of us have been civil with you at one time or another. It is you who cries foul play
whenever somebody has the audacity to critisise your circular religious logic.

If evolution is blind, then stop using antibiotics and visiting hospitals since it is the basis
for our understanding of biology and, subsequently, how to combat diseases . If you
fundies, since you know the "truth" and "God", are soooo confident, then why not just
pray for healing and leave us Godless satanic amoral atheists with the hospitals since we
have no idea about God and would prefer being properly treated? It's a win-win situation:
waiting lists tumble down, we get our treatment and you guys magically get healed in a


I reject evaluation because there is no convincing proof of it. I have right to post my
views on this subject and I will use that right. It is not spam.

No one is able to refute my argument logically or by duplicating it. I asked them to proof
how life originated from inorganic materials? What is life and could even a single
protein molecule could have come by chance?

There is no convincing answer to any of them, they say it was only time factor which
justifies every thing and this is an absurd logic.

Our religion does not stop us from finding the cures for disease and in fact all medicines
are created by God, there is no human who has created any of the medicine.
God has given us brain and logic and gave us reason to figure out which medicine cures
which disease.

Do you mean tot say that Medicines originated only after Charles Darwin published his
books, before that there were no doctors and there were no medicines?

This is the most absurd boasting that I have ever heard.

Q121 . Chimney:

Dear MUQ

Explain why the logic of blind evolution is impossible.

Remember "complexity" is not an argument, because the ratchet of the blind evolutionary
process explains increasing complexity very well.(remember? random change, non
random selection of the few changes that are positive, repeat the process).

I am convinced you still have no idea what I am talking about. So at least try to
understand it - you still don't have to agree about it. Do you understand the blind
evolution process?

Only a religious mind could believe that the authority for evolution rests with a PERSON
i.e. in this case Darwin, and "followers" would only listen to Darwin. This is the religious
way of thinking, to "follow" Moses or Jesus or Mohammed or whoever.

The authority of evolution rests with the evidence...and the theory itself has been revised
and improved hugely since Darwin's early formulation of it.
I think I have told (more than 400 times on this thread) that I am not against the
evolution as such.


My objection is against this blind evolution that does not believe in any Planning, Design
or Creator.

And my basic objection is that no one has ever created anything just by random process.
Even a small pin has to be designed and planned. No random movement of tool or pen or
brush would ever create any useful thing.

How come this whole universe with its diverse laws and so many interrelated things
could have come by itself.?

This is basically against science and reason and logic.

The theory of Blind Evolution therefore fails to convince any one who has right
perspective of what Creation is.

The so called “self Replicator” did not come by random chance, it was made like that.

It is not random chance that finger prints of no humans are alike, they are designed like

No two humans are exactly alike, there are many differences which we know of and
many which we may not even know today. But none of them are because of random
variations, they are designed like that.

My reference to Darwin was sarcastic…. The poor Darwin would have been against the
present BTOE if he was alive. He was all for guided evolution (done by the hand of

Q122 . Anonymous:
Evolution, by it's very concept, is extremely simple. If certain students can't grasp the
simple concept of Evolution, they should surely seek a tutor and maybe reevaluate their
position in so-called: Normal Education. Perhaps send them down a level until they can
grasp something as simple as Evolution.

Granted, at later stages in school it becomes more involved in the complexities of life.
But it does not build upon the basic, simplistic foundation of Evolution itself.

Rather ridiculous idea by Mr. Woese.


Why punish some one for not understanding some thing as simple as Evolution?

After all it takes nature Millions of years to understand it fully in changing one specie
into another!!

In fact nature also did not understand it fully and is continuing with it all the time.

The best course would be to give the students time (in millions of years) to have some
clear understanding bout it.

The closest analogy to BTOE in my mind is of easy to put into words and so
difficult to explain logically and reasonably.

The same goes for this BTOE... so easy to put on paper but so difficult to prove it

You have my sympathies!!

Q123 . Anonymous:

This Post shows one thing brilliantly: the intolerance and bigotry built into your religion,
AND your own blindness to this fact!

Try reading your own words again, and if you possibly can, imagine you are reading
them as a NON Muslim. Just try it, and then you will understand that anti-Muslim
sentiment is NOT a product of the Media etc. Its a product of the actions and attitudes of
YOU yourself and people like you.

I mean it: read your own words again, and pretend you are not a Muslim for one minute.
Do it.

You have now justified Bigotry, segregation, and totalitarianism on the basis of a
completely unproven ideology. Its amazing. You actually think its right.

Hitler believed that his "superior" people could not have been in trouble if the Jews had
not destroyed them. YOU think that Islamic world would be perfect if the Jews had not
"controlled the media" etc. What an Idiot you are. Muslims are no better than any others,
but they are obnoxious because they think they are. And because of that, they can never
see any problem as THEIR OWN fault.

What a dickhead you are. You say Muslims want the right to practice and preach in other
countries, but deny the right of other religions to preach in YOUR countries. What
arrogance. What fear. Pathetic.

This is a totalitarian mind control virus masquerading as a religion. Say more please:
make it obvious to everyone!


I told in the eyes of God…. There are only two groups of People… One who follow His
commandments and another who do not follow His commandments… there is no third

Put yourself in position of Creator of Universe…. Can you see any third group?

The people who follow God’s commandment were ALWAYS known as Muslims and the
people who rejected His commandments were ALWAYS known as Non Muslims or
Rejecters (KAFIRS).
The names people go by these days (Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus etc) are there
own concoction and have no traceability in their scriptures …

So why people place themselves in the ranks of Non Muslims first and take offense…
why do they not place themselves in the ranks of those who follow the Commandments
of their Creator and be in His favorable party.

This is a strange logic of you… they CHOOSE to deny God and His authority… they
CHOOSE to laugh at His prophets and His books…. they CHOOSE to defeat His cause
in every possible way…

And still they expect that He should give them same position same honor and kid them
along (so as to not hurt their sentiments and keep them in false hopes and false
pretensions) till they come to meet Him face to face…. I think that will be not a equitable
course of Lord and Creator of this Universe.

And mind you, one should not just have a Muslim sounding name to be counted as
Muslim in the eyes of God.

I said in the eyes of God a Muslim is one who follows His commandments and walks in
His ways.

Going by that standard, many of present day Muslims might not be Muslims in the eyes
of God.

The fight between truth and falsehood is as old as the Creation of First Man (Adam) and
his adversary (Satan). So we are not afraid if we have enemies in the world.

But what we complain about the media bias, is that they use different standards when
reporting the same event.

Let us say a murder is committed by a Christian Police officer…. They will report that a
Police office committed a murder… however if he happened to have a Muslim sounding
name… they will say A Muslim Police officer committed murder. What the religion has
to do with the act of murder?

Media uses such tactics to create hatred and bias against islam and Muslims and they find
easy readership and believers in this types of unethical reporting.

Q124 . Anonymous:

I am sure that in your uncritical mind, you fully believe this rubbish. So let me just point
out or two glaring hypocrisies.

There is no distinction between groups or long as they are muslim. The
distinction between muslims and Dhimmi (christians and Jews) inside Sharia law is as
clear as can be, and they are definitely second class citizens.

"Its "Islam's) demand is that is should be allowed to be preached to every human and in
every society." Yes? While it does not allow the same rights to other religions? For
example, I can be a christian in Saudi, Iran, or Afghanistan, privately, but the moment I
preach my religion to anyone else, I can be imprisoned or executed.

Do not blame opposition to Islam on the Media, brother, the opposition stems directly
from Islam's totalitarian character and barbarity which is right out of step with modern
enlightened democracy. Also your "media" and "tiny minority" charge looks like a thinly
disguised reference to the Jews. Speak clearly and reveal yourself.


In the eyes of our Creator, there are only two groups, one who follow His
Commandments and one who rejects His Commandment. There is no third group.

The ones who truly follow His Commandments are called Muslims and those who reject
are called Non Muslims.

God has spoken very clearly and very unambiguously in Quran about both these groups.
God has also spoken very clearly what will be the end results of these two groups. He
has not left anybody to be under any false hopes or any false pretensions.

Then He has given every human freedom to Choose which ever path he or she wants to
take. But that does not mean that who rejects God’s commandments will ever become
equal to those who follow His commandments.

There is no way that in God’s eyes the two groups can have the same position and that
are why God gave special position in every thing to those who follow and walk in His
path. Both Quran and Bible are filled with details of special favor of God to His
righteous servants.

In which society or system, followers of Law and Breakers of Law are given equal

Does USA gives the same rights to US citizens and those who are not US Citizens?

Does USA gives the same rights to its law abiding citizens and those that are criminals?

That is why, the Islamic system of dividing people into Muslims and Dimmi is justified
and logical. It gives people free choice to either became Muslim and share equally in
every thing, or continue to believe in their own systems and be not hostile to Islam and
If would have been injustice, if Islam gave no choice to people to became Muslim and
force Dimmi status on them.

Islam is the true religion of God and it cannot be equated with manmade systems and
religions. The truth and false hood can never be equated or can be given equal status. So
what rights Islam asks for itself as true religion of God can be demanded for other

And that is why Islam does not want any other religion be preached where people are
already on true path.

I have already mentioned in many places that it is “Tiny Minority” of Jews who control
most of US and European Print, Electronic and Film Media. Then this “Tiny Minority”
also control most of Financial and Insurance sector of US and European countries.

Due to this Vice like grip on Media and Finance this “Tiny Minority” of Jews is able to
influence and mould the public opinion in their favor. They always project themselves as
the aggrieved party and Muslims, Arabs and Palestinians as the aggressors. In most cases
the realities are reverse.

Most of US and European people have a Child like faith in the impartiality and
infallibility of their Print and electronic media so they get influenced by their slow

It is the media which is behind this Anti Islamic bias in world and the current climate of
Islam phobia.

Would any one like me to be plainer than this?

Q125 . Edape:

My Aunt by marriage brother was killed in 9/11. I appreciate your links and have read
them. Bin Laden did take the credit. He also stated he was surprised that they collapsed.

(The towers were constantly swaying and after a jumbo jet impact I just find it difficult to
believe along with other simulations that were televised that they just conveniently
collapsed floor by floor. They were finished in 1961-2 and the box like girder design had
survived every storm without damage prior to 9/11. Maybe all the flashes that were
photographed were not electrical or gas prior to collapse. I am in no way implying that
this was an excuse for the war on Bin Laden and his followers. It was the factual reason.
If the towers fell over like a tree the damage would have been far greater in lives due to
the density of lower Manhattan.)

I am sorry about your personal loss in 9/11 and want to extend my condolences to you
and to others who lost their near ones and dear ones during that tragedy.

Thank you for going thru these links… but that list is not complete… there are many
interconnected links and you will get directions and additional information.

If your memory serves you right…Bin Laden denied all involvement for 9/11 when that
thing happened (as per logic that would have best time for him to gloat and take
responsibility, if he was successful in the “Biggest terrorist Attack” Usually these type of
organizations jump over each other when to take responsibility when such things

This ‘taking Responsibility “ tapes came at least after two years of Afghan war. Nobody
has seen Osama Bin Laden since the start of Afghan War. He is dead or alive is not still

Osama is no civil or structural or Architect, may be he was also surprised by seeing the
collapse of those two towers and the Third one as an additional bonus.

In your reply as to what would have happened if the towers would have fallen like a tree,
my assumption is that it would have caused more property loss and less human losses,
because no other towers would have collapsed totally due to falling debris of WTC.

Does it not look strange to you that all towers that were named WTC (I mean WTC South
Tower, WTC North Tower and WTC-7) collapsed on the eve on 9/11 ?

Is there any tower in Manhattan that was named after WTC?

Q126 . Igor Trip:

Islam comes down to the word of just one man! That's it! The word of just one man! And
we are told that if we don't believe him we will burn in hell forever!

That's totally irrational. Heaven reads like a Nigerian scam, hell like something from a
deranged fairytale. And you wonder why we don't believe it?


It is word of one man backed by Lord and Creator of this Universe…. And that is
sufficient for all those who want to believe

Then the message is not so strange either… it has been confirmed by one prophet after
another… All the world religions have many things common with this message.

If heavens and hell feel like a fairy tale to some one….it is their choice and it is for them
to take the responsibility.
Lord and Cherisher of Universe has provided very clear cut warning in no unambiguous
words and left the choice to individuals.

Let every one make his or her choice accordingly and face the consequences.

Our job is only to deliver the message and nothing else.

Q127 . Chimney

Is Islam a religion or a country or a political unit? If you are in America, you will have
the same legal rights regardless of your religion.

That’s because the US system is based on actions, not beliefs. For example, it can never
be a crime in the USA to change your religion. So, you cannot compare the two.

Your assumption that through Mohammed & Quran you have a direct line to God's truth
has been fully revealed. It has made you arrogant beyond reckoning, while at the same
time you can believe that you are the most humble! It gives you the right to think non-
Muslims should be second class people. It gives you the right to think Muslims who
decide Islam is wrong should be killed.

It gives you the right to think the only important divide in the world is between muslims
("us", "good guys", "living in the Light") and non-muslims ("them", "bad guys", "lost in
Darkness"). Any kind of war against "them" is permissible. It gives you the right to think
that Mohammed's rules are really God's rules for everything from women's clothing to
inheritance law to divorce law...Arrogance beyond belief.


“Someone” asked me a Question “Is Islam a religion, a Country or a Political Unit?”

Let me answer that Islam is a state of belief. So long as one truly believes in his or her
heart the message and Commandments of God and tries his or her level best to live
according to that of God, he or she is a Muslim.

The moment any one rejects the Message and Commandments of God, he or she becomes
a Non Muslim in the eyes of God, irrespective of whether he or she lives in a Muslim
country or has a Muslim sounding name.

So in reality Islam is not a “religion” (in Western sense, consisting of some private
beliefs and private or public rituals), nor a country and not a Political Unit. Islam is a
combination of them all.
The Muslims (I mean True Muslims) thru out the world form a Single Community of
Brothers. The joy and grief of one Muslim affects the others. These Muslims were
united as one Political and Military Unit and defending themselves against Non Muslims.

It were the enemies of Islam and Muslims who divided them into so many different

The distinction as to who are the “Good Guys” and who are the “Bad Guys” rests with
the Creator of all Humans. Any one who serves the purpose of human life in accordance
with the Will of Creator is a Good Guy. Any one who rejects is a Bad Guy.

It is people themselves that choose to belong to which Group. It is very illogical that
Creator should stamp any one with any Title, irrespective of their actions.

The advancements in Science, Technology, Medicine and Civilizations are not the sole
criterion for one to be included into “Good Guys”. These are mere necessities and
luxuries of the world. What really counts is how far we go in our preparation for the next

I have mentioned that True Muslims will always walk in the ways of God. And God does
not command injustice, tyranny or killing of innocent.

If any person or group of persons (having Muslim sounding names) do or commit any
crime, it is their own’ . God and Islam have no share in it.

Q128 . Dogen:

In his defense it is difficult to understand gibberish.

You could test your posts to see if they make sense by substituting the word "Christian"
for "Muslim" and seeing if it makes just as much sense. If yes, then what distinguishes
the two?

Your arguments sound EXACTLY like those of Christian Fundamentalists. Why should
anyone give one gram more weight to Islam? In fact Islam has no ties to the historic
record (other than fabrications in the Koran) as you yourself have noted by pointing out
that stories in the Koran do not match Judo/Christian versions.

So Christianity makes no logical sense at all. And Islam makes LESS sense than that. No,
it is the word of one man. No Deity has weighed in on this matter. It is the word of one
man who (based on evidence in his own writings!) was mentally ill, physically ill,
possibly deformed, was a murderer, child molester, rapist, misogynist, drug user, and had
anger management issues.

I make up not one of these accusations: all this is by his own writings. Followers of
Islam have similar traits to their prophet. You do not see a lot of Jews or Christians flying
airplane into buildings nor strapping explosive to themselves to blow people up. Those
are acts of violent and desperate people. Remember, it always takes two to tango. Is Islam
seen as a primitive, violent and illegitimate religion in the west?


You are entitled to your own views about Islam and it is not for me to force you to bring
to my view point.

Every one makes his own judgment on the question of his faith, and it is why he will be
judged according to his choice.

You have made your choice and you are welcome to it.

There are many who think otherwise and they join the faith of Islam, every day and in
every country.

Read the “truth about 9/11” to actually know believers of which faith planned the whole
operation and implicated followers of which religion.

Q129 . Igor Trip:

According to the word of one man. Then why do the prophets disagree about so much?
Where in Islam is the concepts of multiple Gods, or reincarnation which are so common
in other religions?

Please show me one non-Abrahamic religion from around the world that believes in One
God, heaven, hell and the Day of Judgement.. The word of one man is not a clear sign of
anything except incompetence. Here's a test for you. Try finding anything about an
afterlife in the Old Testament. Neither Moses, Abraham, Noah or any of the early
prophets ever mention anything about it.
They didn't believe in one. (There is one chapter about it. I'll let you find it.)


The prophets do not disagree with each other. It is the followers of these prophets who
have modified and corrupted the original scriptures, that is why we see these

The concept of One God, Angels, Prophets, Revelation, Heaven and Hell are all available
in all revealed religions.
In both OT and NT these concepts are available, but they have been not As clearly visible
due to corruptions of human hands.

In Hinduism also the concept of one God, heaven and hell are all available, but they have
been hidden by so many other details and other ideas added over the centuries.

I will refer you the book “Similarities between Hinduism and Islam” By Dr. Zakir Naik,
where the learned author has given quotation from numerous Hindu Scriptures to prove
that all Basic Ideas of Islam are found in Hinduism also.

The book can be downloaded from

The concept of many gods, God taking human forms, idol worship and other deviations
cannot be confirmed by Quran as these were the corruptions added by humans into the
original scriptures.

Q130 . Macmoozahn:

My legal status is that of a "permanent resident alien". I get to pay the same taxes, will
get the same Social Security and retirement benefits, I can (unlike most women in Araby)
lawfully operate a motor vehicle. Oh, and I can stop off for a beer on my way home from
work. Reread my earlier post: I clearly stated that I'm not an American.


It was very kind for you to describe your status as “permanent Resident Alien” of USA
and not as US citizen. Now let us see what are your “Rights and duties” as a Permanent
Resident Alien:


1. You have agreed to abide by US Constitution and All US laws.

2. You will not take part in any action that undermines security, integrity and existence of
USA and anything that disrupts them..

3. You will pay all your taxes and any other dues that US laws and its constitution places
on you. It includes existing taxes and those in future and when modified by competent
US authorities.

4. You are subject to US judicial system and you cannot be judged by your Native
country’s laws.

5. You can vote, but you cannot become member of US senate, Assembly or any state
legislature (till you become US citizen).
6. Even after becoming US citizen, you cannot be a candidate for US President (that job
is only for Born US citizens).

7. If you violate any important US laws, your “permanent Resident Alien status” can be
revoked and you would be deported to your country of origin.


When you comply with the above, you get following “Rights”

1. You can reside in USA and own property and take any job.

2. You can follow your religion and practice it (so long it does not interfere with any
other people).

3. You cannot transfer your US earnings to your country, unless it is as per procedure
established by US laws.


1. These are your right and duties as “permanent Resident Alien” (in the most Civilized
country of the world) and most people take them as fair and reasonable and would give
their every thing to come there.

2. Now compare that with Islamic Dimmi System, which you people are opt to criticize
so much.

a. In Islamic Dimmi system, people who are Non Muslims but live in Islamic Country
abide by all the duties as laid down in US laws for “permanent Resident Aliens”

b. But they get more rights in that they can follow their own personal laws. They can
have their own courts to deal with disputes between themselves. If one party is Muslim
then , it will be referred to Islamic courts.

c. They do not pay all those taxes which they have to pay in US, but a fixed amount every

How then this “Permanent Resident alien” status looks attractive to you but not a
“Dimmi” status in Islamic countries? .

Q131 . 15th Dalai lama:

MUQ makes a substantially more arrogant claim:

"The people who follow God’s commandment were ALWAYS known as Muslims and
the people who rejected His commandments were ALWAYS known as Non Muslims or
Rejecters (KAFIRS). The names people go by these days (Jews, Christians, Buddhists,
Hindus etc) are there own concoction and have no traceability in their scriptures"

Where does that put us atheists? I don't know. I'll ponder that over a pork chop and a


If you think that I made an arrogant claim, then please prove from the respective
scriptures that:

1. Religion of Moses was Judaism or he named his followers by that name.

2. Religion of Jesus was Christianity and he called his fellows as Christians.
3. Name of Indian original religion was Hinduism and the scriptures called their
followers as Hindus.
4. The religion of Buddha was Buddhism and he names his followers as Buddhists.
5. The same goes for each and every revealed religion and their followers.

Islam and Muslim on the other hands are nor the Proper names but a state of mind and

Islam means submitting your will to the will of your Creator and a Muslim is one who
does that.

That is why the true religion in the eyes of God was Islam (in all ages) and the True
servants of God were knows as Muslims

PS: Islam and Muslims are Arabic names, their equivalents in other language could have
been used by different nations.

It makes perfect sense also, since God is the Creator of all Humans, why there should be
different religions sent by God?

The differences and contradictions we see in present day scriptures are all due to
corruptions and interpolations done by the followers.

God and His prophets are free from these errors, mistakes and contradictions.

Q132 . Igor Trip:

Moses did not believe in an afterlife and no amount of excuses is going to change that.
Desperate attempts to twist the beliefs of other religions to try and get them to conform to
Islam proves nothing and just makes God look incompetent. An all knowing and
powerful God could easily keep his religion free from such distortions in every culture
around the world.
He hasn't because he doesn't exist.


If Moses did not believe in an After Life, then what was the purpose of his
communication with God? What it meant that no one can see God and live? What were
those angels for?

I know the existing OT books mention very little about the next life, but to say that they
are totally devoid of concept of heaven, hell, last day and individual accountability then
let me say that your study and understanding of scriptures is very superficial.

All Knowing and All Powerful God could have made every human as angels if He
wished and willed it…. All Knowing and All Powerful God could have seen that none of
the Scriptures are tampered with of He so Willed and So wished.

But in His plan, He gave that job to the followers of prophets… In His plan the scripture
that was to be protected would be the Last one.

He promised that “It is We who have sent down this Remembrance (i.e. Quran) and it is
for Us to guard it (from interpolation and corruptions)” 15:9

And He has done it!!!

That shows that He does Exist!!!

Q133 . Macmoozahn:

In re your 5: Resident aliens cannot vote. And if you think it's a good idea for me to
apply, say, Brehon law here, I suspect you'd be dismayed.

Also, could I do that in, say, Afghanistan? What happens when my atheism conflicts with
Sharia law? How if I want to raise pigs, or operate a brewery, or an Irish pub?

How if my daughter wants to drive to the store, or go to the beach in her bikini? Or wear
a tank-top and shorts in Kabul? Don't give me that crap. I've seen it before.


What if in US you want to live like a Communist or Want to start a communist

movement? Or want to start you own bank with your own rules?
You have to abide by the existing US laws in Criminal, Social and Economic Fields. If
US social laws do not allow you to wear Bikini in Public, then very well you cannot wear
them in public.

So do not think that you are living in a really free land. I know the hardships common
people have to make to make the ends meet. The people who are really enjoying in US
are bankers and Insurance Companies and most of them are under the control of Jews.

In Islamic Dimmi system, you can raise pig, you can have your brewery and drink
Alcohol, but you have to take care that these evils stay within your specified areas and
you do not pollute the life of Muslims living your next door.

Compared to the crap which I get from guys like you, my crap is better, it is at least more
civil than most of you have posted or are posting.

Q134 . Chimney:

OK, on a conciliatory note.

Firstly, one reason I reply a lot to your posts is simply because you are in the same time
zone - haven't you noticed? We respond in "real time", not overnight.
Secondly - to an outsider both of us would seem "closed minded", because neither of us
moves our position.
So when you see two people who are adamant about two incompatible sets of assertions
about the truth and the nature of reality, what can you do?
You have to look for the basis of their viewpoint and see which viewpoint (if either) more
closely matches the evidence.
That, by the way, is the fundamental reason WHY I am confident in evolution but lack
any confidence in Islam or any other religion. If I seem closed minded to you its because
I have looked at the huge amount of evidence for evolution and I know that any religious
explanation must be compatible with this to even be half true.
This is because we have direct and powerful evidence of blind evolution, so if there is a
God, this is how he must have created the universe - one where blind evolution can and
has happened.
You can say a thousand times that if this disagrees with the Quran, it must be wrong, but
that is not good enough. You have to show why the evidence for the Quran's truth, if
there is any, has more weight than evidence against it


First you have to prove that any thing said in Quran is WRONG.

There is not a single statement in Quran which is against the established facts of Modern

There could be statements in Quran which may be against unproven theories like this
When we see Quran in this light that none of its statements are against science... then
why we should not reject "mere theories" when Quran rejects it.

As mentioned many times, Quran is the book of Guidance for humanity... It lays the rules
and foundation for humans to fulfill their real mission in this world.

Then it delivers the message and leaves you to accept it or reject it... that is the fairest
treatment that can be found.

But if you feel that in the eyes of our Creator...the Law Abiders and the Law Breakers
should be given the same place of honor, then you are mistaken...

That would tantamount to nullify the message itself... that is why Quran speaks very
plainly and in very unambiguous terms as to what will be the fate of those who reject the
message of their Creator.

That is why the followers are called "believers" and "Those who submit themselves" and
not by any ethnic, linguistic or nationality or related to any individual.

In fact I have very rarely said about scientific laws that they are against Quran. I only
talk about the very basics like

A. Can any thing create Itself?

B. Can anything be created without any plan?

C. What is the probability that life could have started by chance or could survive by
chance or could proliferate by chance?

These and other such are the basic objections which I raise against this BTOE and I have
never received a convincing answer.

By convincing, I mean if one can duplicate any of these feats. What answers I get only
show probabilities that too of tremendous odds against them.

How can an enquiring mind be satisfied with such theories:

PS: coming to Time Zone, I usually download all the messages addressed to me. Then I
compose the answer and post them next day or at any other convenient time. That is why
you will see all my answers for the day, bunched together.

That is my way and it suits me, may be not to others. As it is, I devote more than what I
should spend on these “frivolities” .
Q135 . Dude:

MUQ, I have a severe lack of respect for fundies who like to kill people or blow stuff just
because people disagree with their religious opinions (Muslim or Christian (or anyone
else)), but that doesn't mean I support Gitmo either. But like it or not, Osama and his
followers (and many like him) whether or not he was responsible for 9/11, are still more
than happy to stir up the crap in the middle East, and you are willing to defend them, here
on this thread. I'm guessing you're not a lawyer by trade judging by your general grasp of
logic you display in your posts. However I am aware that (even if you have a point to a
certain degree - which makes a change) this was a deflection by you to get a few digs in
at the West so you could ignore the child-rape followed by execution by stoning.

I doubt very much I'll be enlightened by any further response to this, so I wouldn't bother.


Why should you have lack of respect only for “fundies” who blow themselves up to kill

You should have lack of respect for “everyone” who kills innocent men , women and
children in any way and by any means, whether by dropping Bombs, Missiles , Mortars,
Atom Bombs or any other weapons.

Then only you are a friend of humanity otherwise you are also a biased person and serve
the interest of these war mongers.

I am not writing to defend any one, I am only saying that whole truth is not what was
shown on CNN and by Official US media.

The events of 9/11 were not as simple as they were made for us. If it was the whole truth
then all pieces of Jigsaw Puzzle must match, but that is not the case.

The official version is as full of holes as Swiss Cheese. The eyes of people are blinded
by their so called “patriotism” and because they have already made so much blood shed
based of “official version”.

Backtracking their steps would mean a lot of guilt feeling and accountability at the
highest level. They do not want to do that.

What matters to them if a few more thousands or hundreds of thousands lives are lost in a
far away country. They are “safe” from repletion of such acts.

They fail to realize that how many 9/11 types incidents happened “before” their going
tough policy? None

How many incidents like 9/11 happened after they got tough? None?
So what is the difference?

If the “Real culprit and real planners” of 9/11 are not caught, there is strong chance that
such incidents would be repeated in future too.

If my posts help you, I am delighted…. If they do not help you…well then I would
assume that you are also one of those who do not think and analyze things without bias.

Q136 . Igor Trip:

People are more likely to forget Moses than an afterlife of heaven or hell. There is no
evidence that Moses or the other prophets of the Old Testament believed in an afterlife.

All you have is the word of one man. This life is hard and people pray to God/s in the
hope he will help (it doesn't work). Your religion comes down to the word of one man.
It's irrational to believe the word of one man. Your God could have talked to thousands of
people all round the world, so everywhere we go we should find people following the
same religion but different prophets. We don't. Your God's not even trying.


No one can convince if some one does not want to get convinced.

Yes our religion is based on the word of one man. It was the word of one man against
Millions when it started. It prevailed then and It will prevail now and ever.

But you must remember Word of One Man backed by the authority of Lord and Creator
of Universe is more powerful than words of millions and millions speaking without any
knowledge or authority.

If God so willed, He could have made all men as Angels … he could have forced all of
them to believe in one religion…He could have sent a printed copy in the hands of each
and every Individual…

But He did not willed it. He gave the choice to every human to search for truth and
follow it when they find it. That is the choice which humans have got and that is the
basis on which they will be judged.

If you have any objection on this plan of god, you can lodge your complain to Him, when
you meet Him in person on the Last Day.

Your wish, and Your Will and your own logic does not count that much!!
Q137 . Mike-F:

How convenient since Saudi Arabia has no freedom of religion whatsoever. Christianity
is persecuted. Non-Muslim displays of any type are forbidden. No Jewelry, bibles, etc.
Just the kind of country you'd want to live in.


For your info Christianity had 600 years of free run in Arabia and in the World, before
the advent of our prophet.

They had very little success in converting Arabs to their religion even in those days of

What can you say what was the condition after the advent of Islam.

We do not like that people who are already on the right path, be tempted to try other man
made and corrupted ideologies.

Right and Wrongs are never given the same rights in any society.

So many contradictions in one little point. If a finding is "true", then how can it contradict
a religious "truth" if scientific "truth" (evidence) has reality to back it up? All your
"truths" have are appeals to emotion and final consequence threats behind it. Explain the
contradiction in the "interpretation" and "theorization" of evolutionary evidence.

You don't need to, because genuine scientists never do. You force your way in anyway
simply because you don't like the results. You feel it is your duty to dumb down
humanity for the sake of your family's religion. Again, argument from incredulity. That
is not evidence. And for the 10th time: science makes no comment on the supernatural, so
stop making the inane claim that scientists are out to "deny God".
I switched off as soon as I read the first two words: true scientists. No true Scotsman
fallacy; your argument is invalid.


It seems you are short of understanding even basic English!!

1. There can never be CONTRADICTIONS between truths!! If there is a real

contradiction, then either both are wrong or one of them is LIE but posted as Truth. If
any so called Scientific “Finding” is contradicting Word of God (Quran), then per see
there is some thing wrong with that “Finding” and not in the Word of God..

2. You do not have to “Physically Deny”: anything and still negate its presence. They
was Pseudo Scientists explain working of this Universe amount to their denying the
presence of Creator. How strange is to discuss and analyze Creations of God, while not
taking His name or praising His Powers? If some one says that he still believes in God,
then that belief is only on his lips and not in his heart!!

3. You have shown your true colors, when you say how can I praise someone whom I
“Know” does not exists? How that statement goes with Pseudo Scientists who believe in

4. If you do not find any guidance or information in Quran as to how you lead your life,
then it is your individual judgment. What rights you have to criticize 1500 Millions who
do not agree with you?

In the end, let me say that I find no useful logic in your long posts, and I may not post
direct answers to you if you continue your current practice.

There is no need to post reply to each and every word of mine or anyone else’s post, you
should comment on the general meaning of the post

Q. 138 MI Dutch


Here are answers for your IMAGINARY Questions:

A. IF you have a wife would you allow her to drive a car?

MUQ: Yes, if she learns to drive and has valid driving license.

B. IF you have a daughter would you allow her go to school?

MUQ: Yes in a Girls Only School

C. IF you have a daughter would you allow her become a doctor?

MUQ: Yes if she Qualifies the Pre medical Exam

D. Do you listen to music?

MUQ: Some times.

E. Are you allowed to dance?

MUQ: No I do not dance, Please explain what you mean by Allowed to?

F. Do you have a television?

MUQ: Yes,

G. Have a few beers lately?

MUQ: Non Alcoholic Bears are commonly available.

H. IF you have a daughter would you stone her to death for talking to a male who is not
part of her family?

MUQ: No, talking to outsiders is not banned if it is necessary for any work or enquiry.

I. IF you had a daughter would you stone her to death for being the VICTIM of rape?

MUQ: No body stones a women for being victim of rape. The Rapist has to be put to

Why did you made such a big issue about these SIMPLE Questions and called me names,
I cannot understand.

Q139 . SUPA-AFC:

Except when they contradict your interpretation of a religious text. Ergo, evolution. You
claim they are not science not because you understand anything scientific, but simply
because they contradict your interpretation of a religious text. Point 1 is therefore a lie.

Argument from incredulity, that at the moment, is not supported by science. Again, you
are demonstrating that point 1 is a lie.

I couldn't care less about a person's belief in the existence of God. God is not the issue
here - you are the one who keeps bringing God into the debate. The issue is that people
like you are denying reality simply because you do not like the findings. Then, you lie
about it. God is only brought into the discussions because it's your interpretation of God
that is the basis of your rejection of evolution. Not because of logic, not because of
science, not because of foul play. Your whole basis on rejecting reality is "because I was
brought up to believe in something in a certain way, and will not change my stance no
matter what".

And then ironically praise your God instead of the people themselves. And ironically
shun and/or degrade them from your communities if they happen to believe differently to


1. No you are mistaken; no truth will ever contradict another truth. None of your true
findings will ever contradict our God’s revealed book. The contradiction will come in

2. The scope of science is limited to Material world only and it is beyond its scope to
comment on any thing that is not material. So if Science and any scientist step beyond
this boundary, we have to correct them. It is our duty.

3. I do not know that which Postulate of Science DENIES that there has to be a Creator
for every thing. The Uniqueness of Creator is self proven by Uniformity of Laws that are
applicable to whole Universe. There are no separate laws for individual planets and

3A. True scientists can recognize them in a flash, but this simple fact does not penetrate
to the bunch of Pseudo Scientists that we have on this thread, and pardon me saying this,
you seem to belong to the same bunch.

4. If God is not to be brought into any issue that deals with the Creation and proliferation
of Life on this planet, then who else deserves that credit? Should we refer to Charles
Darwin every time that issue is raised to who else? Why you feel so incensed when the
name of God is mentioned?

5. No we praise humans also, but in the end all praise is to God for giving men such
power and understanding. It seems you have grudge against God that why He gave some
men such knowledge and understanding?

6. If any one says that he believes in God and still believes in this Blind Theory of
Evolution, then he or she is telling a lie. Because belief in God is not a theoretical
concept, it implies that you believe in His Power, His Wisdom and His Mercy. Only an
idiot will say that he believes in God and yet says that God does not know what is
happening in His Universe or Does not plan creation and life forms.

Quran is a watchdog ever all activities of human kind. It appreciates their good works
and stops and complains when they do some thing wrong. You should appreciate and
should not complain when it brings to your remembrance your creator. In fact you
should appreciate it.

Q140 . Dude:

And yet you are incapable of showing EXACTLY HOW your "creator" involved itself
with evolution. Just as you are incapable of showing EXACTLY HOW your "creator"
involved itself with gravity.
We CAN however show that gravity occurs. Just as we can show that evolution occurs.

THAT is why there is no mention of your "creator" in the theory of evolution. And why
there is no mention of it in the theory of gravity.

So stop complaining about evolution and start complaining about gravity.(Need some


It is very naïve to ask how MY Creator got involved with the Evolution. First He is not
only MY Creator; He is your Creator too!!

He is the Creator of all Laws in the Universe. It was not Newton or Einstein or any one
else, who Created any Laws. They just discovered and found out already existing laws.
Even if they would not have found out these laws, the planets would still be rotating
around each other, Apples would just as well fall on ground from tree, it would not
ascend into skies!!

I did not say that Evolution actually occurred; I said that I have nothing wrong in the idea
that Creator would have chosen the path of evolution for proliferation of life forms on
this earth. But no specie would just by itself evolve into any thing else, unless its Creator
wants it to.

It is not enough to just say that Gravity occurs, we have to answer Why it occurs and
How it occurs, Atoms by themselves did not decide or voted to be governed by the
Gravity? They were made to and the power that made it happen is the Creator of
everything in this Universe.

Now I know why you chose Dude as your Pseudo Name!!

Q141 . Fossil Bob:

This is insane! Absolutely backwards... You have invented the whole "story".

They FIRST FOUND evidence that indicated an ancient Earth! Then they found evidence
of changed life forms... The "theory" followed.

I told you TWO YEARS AGO that you did NOT have any understanding of GEOLOGY!
You have arrogantly (and STUPIDLY!) continued with that same idiotic nonsense! If you
had ever studied the subject, you would clearly see what a fool and liar you have been!

I find myself disgusted by your deliberately stupid and offensive attitude!!!(which is why
I haven't responded to your childish nonsense for a LONG time)

There is no substance in your post except calling me names. How could I respond to it,
except by saying that I am honored to receive any reply from you.

By the way you were missing from this thread for quite some time and did not respond to
any post…. My childish nonsense or Adult nonsense from BTOE followers!!

Q142 . Mike-F:

Nonsense. How the first cell appeared - if by chemical action or magic - would have no
bearing whatsoever on the subsequent process that lead to the diversification of life
thereafter. And that is precisely why abiogenesis and evolution are two distinct areas of

No, it indicates that your god is a masochistic prick. Q.E.D. That's complete fabrication
of fact and revisionist history. Damn near everyone believed in a creator to begin with. It
was only AFTER the discovery of the evidence and Darwin's explanation of the process
that the theory was accepted. It is fundies that start with the conclusion of 'my holy book
is always 100% right' and then proceed to bend the facts of nature to fit their
preconceived ideas.


I understand your difficulty in explaining how first cell was formed. Some of your
friends solved this by confusing first cell with “First Self Replicator Molecule”. What
that term means, only they know..

If you cannot explain or prove Abio-genesis , then TOE has no meaning at all. It is no
use separating them into different areas. If you do not know how life started, how can you
prove how it evolved?

A truth does confirm another truth and no two truths ever contradict each other.

That is why we should always start at the beginning and then move forward step by step.
Start from Big Bang and then move slowly and see how could First Cell would have been
formed without any assistance from the Creator.

Fundies do not start with confusion ….they are confident that their book is direct
revelation from Creator and therefore cannot contain any lie.

Who should know about Universe and its creation than the Creator Himself? It is a most
logical and straightforward approach.
Q143 . ISEE2:

I would like to ask, do you think it possible that science and religion could merge to find
the truth about creation? And that we as humans and another "human type" species could
have both existed at the same time or different times in history? Is it not possible God
created man and this other "human type" species was something different from humans,
not an earlier form of human? Could it be both?
I think man has created some disease. I have had a rare cancer,(1 in 1.6 million), for 17
years. Faith has got me through and mans medicine has about killed me. I am know
longer scared of death and have learned to live each day with faith in God and a healthy
interest in science.


First of all I am very sorry to hear about your illness and I pray for your full recovery and
a long and happy life.

I was very touched by your post and sentiments mentioned therein. I would like to
answer some of them:

A. Can science and religion live and help each other?

It is not only possible but necessary for the real progress and happiness of human race.

Science and religion are basically del in areas that are different from each other. There is
no real conflict in their ways.

It is the zealots in both camps who are trying to do down each other..

Scope of religion is to formulate Moral code and relation between man and His creator
and to explain the purpose of human life.

Science on the other hand deals with the study of cause and effects and its scope is
limited to materialistic world.

B. Why Scientists and Religious People are in opposite camps?

Reason for this lies in past few centuries’ history of Europe and Christian world. The
fault lies mainly with Church and its leaders, who for many centuries persecuted
Scientists and stunted the growth of Science and technology during Dark ages.

There was never a conflict between science and religion in Islam. Islam is all for the
growth of science and technology. It asks in numerous places for humans to contemplate
on nature and its phenomenon and find out how they work.

C. TOE and Science:

It may sound strange, but science really has nothing to do with the TOE. It is not a
scientific theory at all, but a sort of philosophy to explain Universe and life on this earth
bypassing the Creator, Designer and Planner of this Universe.

Religion can help science to not waste its energies in this impossible task and concentrate
itself on more useful activities. They will never be able to prove that Life started itself
and proliferated by Random Mutation and Natural Selection.

D. Creation of Human and other Species:

The most probable thing seems to me that first pair of every new specie came out
suddenly. Either being born from parents of existing specie or in any other way. Then
over the ages, slow changes in same specie took place to accommodate varying climate
and living conditions.

This explains most of the observable evidence available with us today and which may
arise in future. But never ever there will be any evidence of slow evolution of one specie
into another.

E. Humans and other Species:

It is possible that some species could have lived on earth before humans came to this
earth. If we have fossil evidence for that, it will be not against religion. Because religion
starts with the first human on this earth, that was Adam and Eve. We have no info about
what was before and would welcome that as a very interesting thing.

Q144 . MI Dutch:

Hahaha. Nice dodge. Still doesn't address the questions. How about these ones:

So, MUCK, IF you have a wife would you allow her to drive a car? IF you have a
daughter would you allow her go to school? IF you have a daughter would you allow her
become a doctor? Do you listen to music? Are you allowed to dance? Do you have a
television? Have a few beers lately? IF you have a daughter would you stone her to death
for talking to a male who is not part of her family? IF you had a daughter would you
stone her to death for being the VICTIM of rape?

To COWARDLY to answer these questions HONESTLY? The ONLY reason anyone

goes to your country is because they get lots of money for doing jobs YOUR people are
too LAZY to do for themselves. No one in their right mind would go to the KSA
otherwise. So people going to your country for an "easy and quick dollar" is NOT
something to be proud of.

As I recall, there were LOTS of cases where "guest" workers were abused, raped,
murdered by YOUR people (and probably still are).


If we are going to answer HYPOTHETICAL questions only, then let me ask you a few:

What IF you meet your Creator when you die, and IF he asks why you denied His
Presence, His Prophets , His Revelations, What will be your answer?

IF He asks why you did not follow my laws and commandments, and walked in my ways,
What will be your answer,

IF He asked you that the matter of my presence and absurdity of BTOE was made clear
to you, why you stick to your own idiotic views?

You answer these questions and then I will try to answer your HYPOTHEITICAL

Saudi Arabia is not my country, I am an Indian working here and I see millions of
expatriates from every religion, from every country and from every race, working here
and living peacefully.

No one is molested or killed for his religion, no JIZYA is imposed on any one and no one
is forced to come here. They come by their own free will and there is a long list of
people who want to come here.

If there be a few criminal cases as you alleged, then tell me in which country there is no
crime? Saudi Arabia is the safest country in the world, thanks to their Islamic Criminal
Justice system. If you apply that, your streets will also become safe.

Saudis are lazy or not, is neither here and there, if they were not, why millions of people
would get employment here. For them it is a boon, why should they complain

Q145 . Michigan GEL:

The explanation for that one is obvious: To those early persecuted Christians, what good
is a Comforter who wouldn't be born for another 600 years?!?... Besides, what comfort
did Mohammed's sword bring to Jesus' followers?

If you go by that logic, then every scriptural prophesy should be for the age of prophet
also. Why Moses and David should prophesies about Jesus that would appear thousands
of years after them?

Therefore we should interpret each Biblical prophesy according to the criterion it


What Benefit Mohammad brought to Jesus’ Followers?

Mohammad (PBUH) did a great favor to jesus and his true followers. The pure religion
of Jesus was overshadowed by the innovation of Paul and his followers. The personality
of Jesus was equated with God. The Unity of God was corrupted by the idea of Trinity.
All prophets emphasised on Belief and deed, that was compromised by the concept of

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) clarified all these cobwebs, restored Jesus to his rightful
position in the chain of prophets, restored the Unity of God and restored the emphasis on
belief and deeds.

The true followers of Jesus embraced Islam as they saw in it confirmation of Jesus’
prophesy. Those who were true followers of Paul , remained outside the circle of Islam
and fought with Muslims in the same way they had fought the true followers of Jesus for
300 or so years.

But the sword of Mohammad ( PBUH) was mightier than these Pauline Christians and
they were defeated soundly and for many centuries did not dare raise their voices. From
the time, the Sword has been put in the sheath, these elements are again committing
mischief on earth.

Q146 . Mike-F:

To revive a tired old example, we do not know the complete explanation of gravity or
how or what caused it to begin. Does that mean there can be no theory of gravity to
explain its current state? Of course not. The same applies to abiogenesis and evolution.


We may not fully understand Gravity or any nature Nature’s laws or phenomenon, but we
are on right track, if we be humble and say that this is what best we could learn. For
things which we do not know, we raise it to God that He knows Best.

At no point we should be stupid enough to assume that these Laws of Gravity or

Phenomenon of Gravity came by themselves or created themselves or just came by
So the true approach of origin of life should be that we do not really know how life did
originate, but God only knows it and we are trying to know more and more about this
subject to the best of our ability.

That is the humble and truly scientific approach for Origin of life and TOE, than the
Boastful claims of BTOE followers that WE KNOW HOW LIFE ORIGINATED AND

This is the difference between a Muslim Scientist and an Atheist Scientist.

Q147 . Chimney:

Simply, utterly, false. Proteins are just long strings of amino acids, which will form
spontaneously in a solution with the right ingredients.

On the other hand if you were talking about a particular protein, such as a version of
haemoglobin, the odds of that particular protein forming spontaneously are very low.
However there are two OBVIOUS fallacies embedded in your position.

The first is that this would be the ONLY protein construction capable of transporting
oxygen. There may in fact be millions or billions. We know there are thousands of
variants on the common form of hemoglobin and in fact this is a useful device for
building an evolutionary map of the vertebrate tree of life.

Then there is a whole class of creatures that uses a completely different protein for
oxygen transport based on copper, not iron. We have no idea how many others could
exist, but the more there are, the more false your position.

The second point is the assumption that a modern hemoglobin protein appeared in its
current form without NATURAL SELECTION. It is almost certain that the earliest
oxygen transport proteins were far simpler and less efficient.


Are you not amused at these words…. Proteins are just long strings of amino acids,
which will form spontaneously in a solution with the right ingredients…

He forgot to mention, not Just Long Strings of any combination of 20 or so Amino

Acids…. But right combination of only one kind of these amino acids (remember pack of
cards arranging themselves in ascending or descending orders) which can not be formed
by any random permutation and combination of Left handed or Right handed Amino

Then out of Billions upon Billions of those long strings, only a few hundred thousands
are the RIGHT Combination. And before they are formed, no one could predict or know
what would be their behaviour.
He did mention “Right Ingredients” but forget to mention “Right Circumstance” both of
which just cannot come by themselves.

Notice his rambling about Haemoglobin, Oxygen Carriers, Blah Blah Blah…

It is the habit of these BTOE supporters to talk in Jargon language and do not answer the
main question. As to how the right ingredients and right conditions were provided.

If it was so simple in the beginning or creation, why cannot we duplicate the same when
we have every facility.

Poor Miller could only create a few Amino Acids and had to leave it at that. Why did not
those Amino Acids started making “Long Strings” and most basic Protein Molecules?
Why could we not create a Single Living Cell…House fly is still lights years away!!

Q148 . Supa-AFC:

Two points:-

1) Nothing more than god of the gaps fallacy. We may as well stop research, throw our
hands up in the air and say "oh never mind, magic does it."

2) There are no differences between Muslim and Atheist scientists other than, uh, the fact
that they're Muslims and Atheists. Both work hand in hand along with scientists of other
faiths to study the natural world based on scientific methods without allowing their
personal biases to interfere with the results. Simple really.


You misunderstood me, no one asks you to stop any research or try to unravel the
workings and mystery of the Universe. The Universe is left open by our Creator to
explore and use it for the best purposes.

But do not follow the wrong path, by first rejecting God and His presence and when you
are unable to explain something, still try to convince your conscience that time will find
the answer for it. But one this certain, God does not Exists and He did not create any

There is a world of difference between a Muslim and Atheist Scientists. The Islamic
books of science start with the Glorification and praise of God and salutation on His
prophets. Then at the end of each chapter or section there is a phrase “God knows Best”.

A Muslim scientist is always humble servant of his Creator. He does all the studies and
then he puts his face on ground and asks God for help in his tasks.
He is always in communication with his Creator and at peace with himself and nature.

An Atheist scientist is in fact a bully on the nature. He is arrogant and tries to bluff his
way out, if he does not has answer to any problem. He poses as if he knows every thing
about nature, while in reality he does not KNOW even one part in One Billion!!!

Q149 . SUPA-AFC:
You misunderstood me, no one asks you to stop any research or try to unravel the
workings and mystery of the Universe. The Universe is left open by our Creator to
explore and use it for the best purposes. You claim I misunderstand you, then pretty
much validate my point in the very next sentence - fail! The problem is MUQ, we
DO go out of our way to unravel the "mysteries of the universe". The problem is
when we do find answers, people like you reject them simply because they don't
match the "answers" in one, stinking, book.
That is what science assumes. You are effectively claiming that the scientific method
is the "wrong path". You are claiming that dogmatic beliefs that has brought nothing
but destruction to humanity champions the method that got us cures, internet and
It's the content of the books that matter; the research. How a scientist decides to open
and close his/her studies is meaningless. Utterly meaningless.
Again, irrelevant to the science itself. You can say the exact same things about a
scientist who, in his/her spare time, is a diehard Red Sox fan and spends all his/her
time going to games and discussing baseball. .


1. No we never complain when you find any law or explain hidden working of any of the
nature's hidden mystery. In fact we love and we appreciate it.

2. However when you people try to put your unproven interpretations, then we complain
that this is not science, these are unproven, illogical and unreasonable assumptions.

3.Our position is so simple, so logical and so reasonable that we do not have to change
our stand at all. That this entire Universe, is a Created Thing, That there is only one
Supreme force in this nature, and that there is a only a single Designer, Planner and
Creator of every thing in this universe, is so obvious and so clear that only a very
unreasonable and illogical man can reject it.
4. None of your scientific experiments and explorations have found any thing
contradicting it, so why should you take offense at this simple statement, I cannot

5. Therefore we enjoy all the benefits of modern science, appreciate their hard work and
there excellence in developing science and technology.

But when we see that scientists in their intoxication try to deny the presence of God and
Creator itself and try to prove some thing so illogical as this BTOE, we have to protest.,

5. It is the same as we appreciate the Scientific and Technological advancement of

Christians of our age, but when they try to prove the Divinity of Jesus, or try to prove
Trinity or concept of original sin, we protest.

Just because you are leader in one field, does not bestow on you leadership of all fields.

6. That Quran cannot be written by humans shall have to be proven by linguistic

scholars of Arabic language and not by mere rambling of Pseudo Scientists who do
not know even A, B, C of Arabic Language and its grammar.

Q. 150 Chimney:

Actually there is a very good article in the 17 October New Scientist that discusses a
recent hypothesis concerning abiogenesis. Whether this is the right hypothesis will
depend on how it stacks up against several others or more to be considered. However, at
least it is consistent with known conditions of the time.

The first self replicator is a very concept even for you to understand, MUQ. It is the first
complex molecule that was self catalysing, meaning that placed in the right solution of
ingredients, it would make copies of itself. All DNA and RNA will do this, by the way -
thats how they do DNA tests with tiny samples. You heat the DNA and it splits, and as it
cools the two halves bind a mirror set. Repeated heating and cooling causes a doubling -
2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64... got the idea?

Finally, as you have been told 1276 times, the theory of evolution applies after the self
replicator is present, not before. We can look for a naturalistic explanation as above, but
we would not call that evolution. Wrong. "At no point should we be stupid enough to
assume". You can stop right there - before adding your own stupid assumptions.



There are “some people” whose mind is stuck with word “self”. Self Replicator, self
Duplicator, Self Starting, Self Regenerating, Self existing, Self Modifying etc…
Probably they got that idea from “self Starter” used in cars!!

Nothing becomes self starting, self replicating and self duplicating unless they are
programmed to do so by the designer, creator or programmer. (I presume it is their own
“Self” which prompt them to assume such things.

The pity is that these people recognize that when comes to any thing in their daily life.
But when comes to nature and Universe they simply ignore this basic question, how can a
thing design itself to be a self replicator or self duplicator.

There may be a very good article here and very good article there, and they will be lapped
up by the followers of BTOE like pure milk and pure honey…. Just because they never
answer the very basic question. Can any thing design it by itself? Can we achieve any
thing just by random selection?

Water the Amazing Liquid:

I ask them to just reflect with a cool mind and without any bias. We know now that a
water molecule consists of two hydrogen atom and one oxygen atom.

You look at Hydrogen atom individually by whatever detail you can and analyse Oxygen
atom with the same minute detail.

Can by any calculation or by any imagination, you can decipher that when Two
Hydrogen Atoms and one Oxygen Atoms combine, the resulting water Molecule will
have all that amazing properties that water has.

That is will become a Fire retarding liquid with a boiling point of 100 Degrees and a
freezing point of 0 Degrees. It would have maximum density at 4 Degrees and will have
an optical window? It will be the most important element of any living organism?

Can we ever predict that without actually analyzing the property of water once it is

How illogical is to say that water developed all these properties by itself or by chance or
the Creator of Hydrogen and Oxygen was not aware of what will happen when they
combine to form water.

The same analogy applies to all other building blocks of a living cell. No one could have
predicted or deduced the properties and function of each building block by just looking at
the inorganic component part of its ingredients.

The correct definition of a Miracle is something which is outside the scope of our powers.
So the birth of a baby child, shooting out roots from a seed and rain falling from the sky
are as much a miracle of nature as a baby born without a human father.

The rarity of event is a common fixation in the minds of humans, but it is not so.

Quran is a miracle, even though we read it daily, but we cannot bring any thing like it,
how so ever we try!! It is a living miracle of all time!!

If Self Replicator was so easy to make….now we have all the facilities in our highly
equipped labs. Take Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen and any other material find in
RNA and make ourselves a Self Replicator!! Can we do it now? Can we do it in next
1000 years?

The answer is a big NO, unless we cheat in our exam and use some of the existing natural
process (like WE created Test Tube babies!!).

If you do not have an eye that can see Miracles every day right in front of you….how can
you really enjoy and appreciate the nature’s beauties?

Q151 . MI Dutch:

He would not ask me this because He knows that I have NOT denied His presence.

What I deny is your FALSE "god" and the violent, backwards, socio- and psychopathic
religion that you worship.

What I do NOT follow is your FALSE "god" and the violent, backwards, socio- and
psychopathic religion that you worship.
YOUR opinion, not God's.

My God is the creator of the Cosmos and does not require that we IGNORE His Cosmos
just to adhere to a FALSE and childish goat-herder interpretation of a bronze age book of
myth and fable like you do.

BTW did I mention your FALSE "god" and the violent, backwards, socio- and
psychopathic religion that you worship ?

Okay, your turn.


You have opened a very new interesting topic…so let us lead your hypothetical questions
aside and let us learn some more about God you recognize.
You said that your God is the creator of Cosmos and does not want that we IGNORE this

That is a very noble sentiment, but tell me from where you got this idea that “Our God is
not the Creator of Cosmos and wants that we IGNORE this cosmos”?

In fact of all the scriptures available on the face of this earth, it is Quran which comments
maximum on nature and every thing present in it. It exhorts Muslims to reflect on God’
creations and ponder on it.

If you believe in God (as Creator of Cosmos) then how can you be a follower of BTOE?
Which denies the presence of any creator, planner or designer for this cosmos?

Do you mean to say that this earth and every thing present here is outside the Cosmos and
your god has nothing to do with it?

Or Random Mutations are not Random after all and are part of the overall cosmos

Instead of heaping insult on Islam, Muslims and Saudi Arabia, this is the topic where
you should put more attention.

Q152 . The Dutch:

God has no role in the theory of gravity. If it did, how would it change? God also has no
role in the theory of relativity, the germ theory of disease, the theory of plate tectonics,
the Big Bang theory... or any theory at all. But evolution is the one that gets your panties
in a twist. Why? Because of your religious beliefs, as you have just indicated. There is no
science or logic in your reasoning.


I presume that you are separate from MI Dutch, who has posted so many posts that it is
not possible to answer all of them.

God has every role in Gravity, Relativity, Evolution and every other branch of science,
technology and any other field of knowledge, because He is the Creator of all these!!

It is not only BTOE that alarms us, in fact this whole Materialistic Western Philosophy is
what alarms us. This is one sided road that leads to perdition. There is no other way out.

Religious beliefs are as logical as scientific beliefs, there is really no difference between
them. In Many cases scientific beliefs can be proven wrong, so there are many religious
beliefs (which humans concocted themselves) which are wrong.
However Islamic beliefs are formed under the direct guidance of Creator of this Universe
and they are not wrong.

Q153 . Chimney:

You say that it is not evolution but only "blind evolution" that seems wrong to you.

You are saying evolution through guided mutation (i.e. deliberate changes to the genes) is
consistent with both the Quran and the scientific evidence i.e the fossil record etc.

The standard theory of evolution is that mutation is unguided i.e. blind i.e. random. Your
theory is that mutation is guided and God changed creatures gradually as He saw fit to
build up the species into their modern versions. So my first question is: as a SCIENTIST,
what possible differences in the pattern of evolution might you expect if you were trying
to discover, from the evidence, whether evolution was random, or was guided? Would
there be any observable differences in the evidence from these two types of evolution? If
so, what difference?

You might think I am trying to lead you into a blind alley argument, but I am not. Lets
forget arguments for a second and consider this question. What EVIDENCE in nature
supports one version of evolution above the other?

One definition of "intoxication" is "excitement and elation beyond the bounds of

sobriety". Unbalanced, out of control, euphoric or otherwise extreme moods etc, loss of
mental control.


Now “someone” has asked my opinion on TOE and BTOE and clarify my stand on
them, So I respond with following:

Guided and Unguided Evolution:

Before I comment on that, let us first see what our “Unlettered Prophet” the one who
could not read or write, did not learned from any one, sitting in a remote location in
deserts of Arabia has to say on this 1400 years ago (And this should explain why we
consider that book as words of God):

1. Quran on the Topic of Evolution: Let us ponder on following verses of Quran:

a. “Say: Travel through the earth and see How God did originate creation; so will God
produce a later creation: For God has power over all things” 29:20

b. “And God has created every animal from water; of them are some that creep on their
bellies; some that walk on two legs and some that walk on four, God creates what He
wills; for verily God has power over all things” 24:45
c. “Do not the unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one
unit of creation) , before We sent them asunder? We made from water every living thing,
will they not then believe “ 21: 30

d. Did you not see that God created heavens and the earth in Truth? If He so will, He can
remove you and put (in your place) a new creation? Nor is that for God any great matter”
14: 19-20

Look at the majesty of these verses and ponder on the deep meaning they portray. How
an unlettered man could imagine these things 1400 years ago all by himself?

2. What These Quranic verses imply?

a. That the proof for origin of creation is indeed available on this earth itself. One has to
look and search and he fill find it. (Fossil Records, Geological records and all other
branches of science dealing with this matter are helpful guides in this quest).

b. Every living creature has been made from water; or has water as its major components
(a fact proven by modern science).

c. That God indeed created many type of creatures, if God willed, He could replace
humans (or other creatures) by other species.

d. This creation and changing of species is a simple task for God.

All of these look very reasonable and none of them has been contradicted by any proven
facts of Modern Science.

3. Do specie really evolve into one another?

a. Unless we have real proofs for that, we cannot be sure that such is the case.

b. What we find from Fossil records are sudden appearances of specie at a particular time
and extinction of certain others.

c. There are some specie that have remained virtually unchanged for millions of years.
That denies the theory of continuous evolution as this BTOE demands.

d. The most probable explanation is sudden big change in an existing specie and
appearance of a new specie which is both similar and different from the existing specie.

e. This is not the result of slow process of Random Mutation but a big leap in the process
of evolution.

4. What are so called “peer reviewed” articles:

a. The writers tries to awe us with this mysterious term, who are these “peers’ and what
do they review? They are none other than believers in BTOE, and what do they review?
They suppress all evidences that contradict their own version of BTOE and allow only
their own views to be published.

b. There is no shortage of evidence of this going on in scientific circles.

5. Killing in God’s Name?

a. The writer seems abhorrent that people can be killed in God’s name, but he finds no
problem if people are killed in the name of their Nations, in the name of their races and in
the name of their ideologies.

b. We have seen in recent pasts, two illegal wars, one in Iraq and another in Afghanistan.
The writer has no qualms that more than a million of Iraqis and many hundred of
thousands in Afghanistan have been killed. What were the reasons of these wars?

c. We are seeing daily brutalization of Palestinian people by Israelis. In whose name

Israelis are killing these people? In the name of their country and in the name of their
race. But whole world is silent on these killings. If the aggression by Israel was stopped
by world powers, many of present day world problems would not have arisen.

d. On one hand there are blind followers of official version of 9/11 events , they turn
blind eye on the evidence pointing to fatal defects in the official version (some of which I
posted on this thread itself).

e. This double standard and extreme nationalism and extreme materialism are the real
problem in the world of today.

Q154 , Steve:

Whenever someone kisses a snake or flies an airplane into a building I do wonder which
superstition took away their last shred of sanity. God, Satan, God, Satan. It's so hard to
tell sometimes, and not just for me.

On at least one occasion Satan, rather than Gabriel, spoke through Mohammed. At the
time Mohammed was unable to tell the difference. How many other times was it Satan?
Was it ever really the Angel Gabriel? Was the whole thing really just an elaborate lie
designed to make Muhammad ibn ‘Abdull a king?

I'd have been a lot more impressed if Mohammed had died a kindly and downtrodden
pauper who gave everything to help the needy, rather than a wealthy, despotic, pedaristic,
tyrant who gained power through the mindless violence of his followers.

It's really quite obvious. Islam is inspired by God, except for the parts that aren't.

Your understanding of Islam and life of our prophet is very faulty and superficial to say
the least.

To find out whether he was visited by Gabriel or Satan is very easy. Why don’t we
concentrate on the message he brought.

Would Satan teach humans to worship only One God? Would Satan teach humans to do
good deeds so that they can save them from the God’s wrath on the Last Day?

Would Satan teach humans to be kind to their parents? Pray regularly, Give in Charity,
go on pilgrimage and thousands of such teachings?

Would Satan advise humans to stay away from Alcohol, Gambling, Fortune telling and
shun all abominations.

Yes you would very much like our prophet to die as a destitute, pauper and better being
killed and crucified by his enemies… (As was the case with Jesus 600 years before)

But God’s plan was different, He sent His Last prophet with Guidance and a way of life
to establish the Kingdom of God on this earth. And he did that in 23 years against
extreme odds and with minimum of blood shed and with most amazing results.!!

Biography of our prophet is like a beacon to all those who want the way of truth to be
established on the earth.

Q155 . Igor Trip:

Your religion comes down to the word of just one man. It's irrational to believe the word
of just one man. Yet we are told that if we don't believe him we will burn in hell for
Only the weak need to make such threats. Your God's not even trying.


What is this logic that words of “one Man” must always be rejected , no matter if he
speaks truth or falsehood. What is this logic I cannot understand.

Thru out the ages, the voice of One Man has prevailed over the voices of millions. The
voice of Moses was more powerful than millions of Jews present at his time. Same
happened with Jesus. And this is also the case with our prophet also.
The reason is that Prophets speak wit the authority and power of Lord and Creator of
Universe at their back.

Q156 . Big Joe:

Of course you don't believe what you don't want to hear. The national poll fieldwork was
carried out by the Afghan Centre for Socio-Economic and Opinion Research in Kabul.
Who cares what some Al-Qaeda supporter in Saudi Arabia thinks. Better be careful jihad
boy Al-Qaeda supporters are going to prison in your Saudi kingdom.
Osama is just a sickly terrorist who inherited money hiding in some cave with his safe
haven of Afghanistan now removed from him.
He's nobody special just a figurehead.


I am a citizen of India and know how these polls are conducted and tweaked with. You
can get any answer from any public poll. The trick is how you put the question and to
whom you ask the questions.

So I do not put so much faith of these “surveys” especially if they have a “vested interest
group” behind these surveys.

The ground realities are in front of every one. Hands full of “terrorists” are keeping at
bay “Lone” World Super Power and All of its NATO Super Power armies for past eight

You say that they do not have Popular Support, how come they are surviving?

If you have that much overwhelming support for US and NATO forces in Afghanistan,
why are you afraid to leave the country? Why your “Friends” amongst Afghan people
and your puppet president of Afghanistan cannot survive even for a day without your

What work your forces have done there in past 8 years except killing more and more
innocent people in the garb of “Searching” for terrorists. Such actions will not win you
friends and make common people sympathize with you.

Instead of answering tough question and correcting your course, you are on one track
mind to denounce Osama and Taliban.

Osama is alive or dead, no one knows. He was a puppet and a creation of CIA and FBI,
now you eat his fruits.
Chapter-5 Who is Allah? (Posted in Archeological Forum)

Q157 . Jupiter:

first of all I do not own a CHURCH. How can you say people worship Jesus. We
recognize Jesus was the son Of Man. If you do not understand that then you are thick in
your understanding. You cannot pray unto Yahweh without accepting him, he is the
mediator. If you think by chanting around a stone is reaching the creator then you are
very backward indeed. When did Ishmael and Abraham build Mecca? please state your
If you are living in France for example how can you face Kabba? explain that? and if you
mention the moon then I know what it REALLY means


Either you are playing naïve or you want to be over smart.

A. I think every one knows that majority of Christians believe that Jesus is Son of God
and is God is a Trinity. All their prayers are directed towards Jesus.

If you have any doubt, just watch the burial ceremony of President Reagan, (which was
broadcasted live worldwide) in which Jesus was asked to forgive “his servant” Ronald
Regan and all such sort of things… I could not believe my ears, I had thought that
praying to Jesus is things of past… But I could see it and that too for President of USA
and service conducted by the Highest Priest in USA.!!

B. The Biblical story of Abraham and Ishmael is very faulty, biased and presents
Abraham, his wife Sarah as being extremely cruel to Hagar and Ishmael.

As per Islamic history, Abraham settled his wife Hagar with infant Ishmael (when there
was no Isaac even born) in the land of Makkah on God’s instruction. The scene depicted
in Bible of Ishmael’s departure and his thirst is only practical if Ishmael was an infant
and not a boy of 13-14 years.

The well which gushed by the wings of angels (as described in the book of Genesis) is
still existent in Makkah to this day.

Abraham used to visit his wife and child (as is natural for any loving father and husband,
which Abraham was) in Makkah from time to time. On one such occasion (when Isaac
was not even born) to sacrifice his only son Ishmael. The place of sacrifice (the hill
Marwah) still exists in the city of Makkah.

When Ishmael grew up, father and son erected the building of Kaaba for the worship of
One True God and Lord of Universe. They established the pilgrimage of Hajj, which is
still continuing and is the longest unbroken annual pilgrimage in the world.
C. That Kaaba is the symbol of Monotheism in the world. If you are in France, USA,
China or anywhere else in the world, you set your face towards Makkah and Kaaba. It
was because of this that Muslim astronomers made so many gadgets to find the direction
of Makkah during 7th -15th Century of CE.

If you have to face Moon, then position of moon keeps shifting from time to time and
from hour to hour, how can you face it all the time.

We worship the Creator of Sun and Moon and not Sun and moon or star or any human

Q158 . Hugh be:

“If by Sabbath you mean a day of assembly, a day of special prayers, a special day of
week, then Muslims do keep the Sabbath, and their day of Sabbath is Friday and not

I was actually speaking of the the 7th day Sabbath i.e. from sunset on Friday to sunset
Saturday and yes as you have pointed out it is “a day of assembly, a day of special
prayers, a special day of week”. However, unlike your “Sabbath” which is Friday the
Sabbath that I speak of is not the Sabbath of the Jews or some Christians it is the Sabbath
of the Lord.


I explained to you the position of Sabbath. It is supposed to be a day of special prayers.

The emphasis given in Jewish scriptures about 7th day and it being an eternal covenant is
only for Jews and not applicable to all humanity.

By strictness I meant that rituals that are around Sabbath and any one if he does any work
on that day faces death punishment (as recorded in Torah), such extreme measures were
temporary and were only for Jews due to the hardness of their hearts and due to their

Islamic day of “Sabbath” (Friday) is much more softer and easier. We gather for special
prayer and sermon and there is no restriction whatsoever on doing work on that day,
except during the prayer and sermon.

This is the “Humane” side of Sabbath I was talking about. The choice is yours, come to
practical and humane Sabbath or persist in extremely ritual Sabbath of Jews.

Quran denies the concept of God Resting on Seventh day…. It says that God Created the
Heavens and the Earth in Six days , but the work did not tire Him and He was firmly
established on His Throne.
So the whole idea of God resting on 7th day and making it Holy is one of the corruptions
done by scribes in Jewish scribes and writers.

Allah of Quran is Much Powerful, Merciful, Graceful, Majestic….than YHWH or

Elohim of Jewish and Christian scriptures.

Q159 . A SOG: ( A Son of God)

I'll state whatever is the truth whenever. You hold to the satanic belief that Jesus cheated
suffering and death on the cross. That it as made to appear so, or even that another stood i
for him. That is deception, be you deceive yourself in to saying contrary. Jesus is accused
of deception.

Paul. If Paul changed the commandments, why did he teach them? You don't understand
the letter to the Romans at all
If you love your neighbour, would you seek to kill him? The law of love is greater than a
commandment. The law of love is a dictate of the heart.

Why are you asking me to show you where Jesus makes reference to Adam and Eve?
Wouldn't you then say that the bible is "corrupted"?

If you master - self proclaimed prophet - kept the commandments, then why was he an
adulterer, a murderer, a false witness and encouraged lies to be told. He encouraged some
to go out and lie and say anything. That shows he was a liar. Admit it - he was nowhere
near the crucifixion.


It seems that you are not in a fit state of mind to talk or to listen to anything.

You are most incoherent in your posts and your thoughts.

I think it will be best for you if you “cool down” a bit.

Why that “Holy Spirit” inside you asks to be foul mouthed and incoherent when speaking
about religious personalities of other faiths?

Do you not see, how we criticize Paul, without using any foul or abusive language?
Q160 . Joel:

Need of restraint


What is the reason for so much hue and cry in India about an article written by a Chinese

India should retaliate back and put a counter analysis by an Indian Analyst asking for
china to be divided into 50 parts!!

Just be making so much hue and cry...they have given undue publicity to an obscure
article, which no one even would have read.

India and China are two of the biggest countries in Asia and world....they have
civilizations going back to thousands of years...they wont disappear from world map, just
by some one wishing like that.

It is time to be realistic and not too touchy about such things.

I can say that US should be divided into 50 countries...each state should be a separate
country. Is it not logical?

But this is my view, I do not expect President Obama to contradict it!!!

Then some one is praising India in unrealistic terms.

They fail to tell that India has the highest numbers of poor living in the world.

India has the highest number of people living in the world without proper hygiene,
without safe drinking water.

Most of Indian rivers are most polluted in the world, you cannot drink their waters.

India is a country of Contrasts...we have filthy rich and we have extreme destitute living
side by side...

We have sky scrappers and we have ghettos… all side by side.

We have conquered software world...but we are novice in hardware....

We supply Engineers, doctors and Scientists to whole world (and feel proud about
it)...but in our own country, they can not do anything.

We seem to live in a dream world.

China in my view is more reasonable and has better planning and is more advanced in
technology that India.

PS: I am an Indian working in Saudi Arabia, so please do not question my patriotism. I

love India but I do not worship India.

Just by showing mirrors to overzealous Indians, I do not become Anti-national

Q161 . Anonymous :

How are they treated?


They are still treated better than Jews treat Arabs in occupied Palestine.

I never heard any cries from your side over their treatment?

A trait is seen over a period of centuries. Islam is not a religion that started yesterday.

It has 1400 years of solid history behind it. So when you talk about Islam, you have to
consider all aspects.

Not just some incidents in some part of the world and then paint the whole community
with, red, yellow, or blue paint.

Muslims are no angels, there are good and bad people in them, just like any community.

But for people like want to generalize every muslim in one category.

When you do that, we have to show you the mirror.

Q162 . Anonymous :

What is significance of X-mas?


It seems that similarity of your name with "Hillary Clinton" has brought some of her
"fiery personality" in your writing.

You say we celebrate Christmas as birthday of Jesus. I do not deny it. I want to ask you,
why you fix 25 December for it? Why don’t you celebrate Christmas on any other day,
say June 30th. To celebrate any festival, you have to have some reasoning as to how the
date was selected.
That is why I said, that originally the date was selected to compromise with pagan dates,
same is with cross and Sunday…..but over the period of time, most people have forgotten
those pagan links and now take these dates, symbols and festivals as normal and logical.

I have no axe to grind over usage of Christmas or X-mass.

You accuse me of being Stupid, ignorant , …who cannot comprehend a simple statement
….but I feel that shoe is in another feet.

If some Christians feel that Jesus was indeed born on 25th December….that Cross in
indeed a symbol of Christianity…that Jesus established his Sabbath day as Sunday
instead of Saturday….. what would you say about those "Simpletons"?

Q163 . Anonymous :

How to interpret Quranic stories?


Before commenting on Quran, you have to understand its style. It is not a book of history
or a book of stories or a book of fables.

It is a book of Guidance and that is its basic purpose. It uses the stories of past prophets
and past generations and fables and tales with a purpose. These stories are used in the
context with the topic in discussion. Some time one portion is emphasized and some time

To pass any judgment on Quran first we should gather all statements of Quran regarding
any subject and then link them to form the whole story.

That is what is so amazing in Quran, one story is repeated at many places, in different
styles, in different context, but they all compliment each other and never contradict each

To understand Quran, you need to ponder on its message and that is the thing which
brings you closer to Quran. But if you are hasty and pass quick judgment, then you will
not get any guidance from guidance and go astray.

It is unbecoming for you to call Bible and Torah (for your info Torah is part of Bible!)
and Quran as works of fiction. You do not know what is meaning of word fiction. These
are guidance from God to humankind as to how to live their lives.
Q164 . Anonymous :

Why are Muslims against Paul?


You asked me what I have against Paul? I have no personal grudge against Paul. But it
pains me to see that Christians who think that they are following Jesus…. Really follow
the teachings of Paul who never met jesus, never learned anything from him and never
learned anything from the chosen disciple of Jesus.

Best thing for such people is to declare that Paul is a Prophet of God and he receives
direct revelation from God and then follow him. I have no problem with that. But then
they should call themselves as followers of Paul and not Jesus.

The Gospel of John is written in allegorical language and the writer puts his own words
and ideas into the mouth of Jesus. This is clear to any one who reads the first three
gospels and then reads the gospel of John. So we have to be careful when basing any
dogma on the basis of Gospel of John.

"Being Born Again" is one such example. Then Gospel of John was not written by John
the Apostle of Jesus. He was some other John. It was written when teachings of Paul
had taken roots in Christianity. Paul's letters are the oldest NT writings that we have with
us. So every Gospel has been affected some way or other by Paul's teachings.

"Satan is Evil" and "God is Love" are two different things altogether. Evil is not an
emotion but a state of personality. So Satan is Evil is no Dogma, as we can say same
thing about any other person.

Saying that God is Love is another thing. Love is and emotion and God is not any
emotion. God is Loving is the correct way to say it.

God is Merciful is right but to say God is Mercy is wrong.

God is Just is right but to say God is Justice is wrong and so on

Sometimes I wonder how fat Christians leave their reason and logic behind when they
want to defend their Dogmas.
Q165 . Anonymous :

How Muslims deal with Bible?


Since most of the Biblical books are written by non prophets and they have suffered in
transmission and lack direct link to their originators, we cannot take any statement or
story of Bible on face value.

That is why Quran confirms part of the stories which are true and rejects those parts
which are not true. Quran is the Standard or Criterion to judge Bible and not the other
was round.

Quran praises and holds in highest honor all prophets of God. It does not lay false
charges (involving cases of moral turpitude) against any of the prophets of God.

As per Quran, all prophets of God are like shining stars, thru which humanity gets the
guidance. Not like Bible, where the character of every prophet is smeared with tales of
their shameful activities.

God spoke to Moses face to face on this earth…..God spoke to our prophet face to face
on the seventh heaven.

There was no evil spirit who spoke to our prophet in the cave of Hira. It was Archangel
Gabriel. And that was not a dark cave at all. It is only 3 M X 3 M and fully illuminated
with sun light. Islam is no darkness, every thing here is as clear as day.

And finally God is loving but God is not Love. Love is an emotion and God is not an

Q166 . Pawn King:

I remember discussing with you about this "bridging" thing in the past (as Postit or Just
Me). My position was to expose Islam's dark sides and you were bridging Islam and
Christianity, which I didn't believe can be done as Islam is Anti-Christ in its core (this is
different from bridging muslims and Christians, which can and should be done). But now
you're speaking from the 3rd side... what a change.


Islam is in no way Anti glorifies Christ and gives him the true honor which he
deserves in the rank of all other prophets.
But you can name it Anti-Paul...because Islam rejects all innovations which Paul and his
followers introduced into the message of Jesus. Issues like Divinity of Jesus, Trinity and
Original Sin and Atonement...these are not the teachings of Jesus or any of the past
Jewish prophets.

Islam asks Christians to become true followers of Jesus...follow the teachings of Jesus
and not of every Paul, Dick or Harry who comes along saying that I saw in Dream Jesus
teaching me such and such.

Islam is the biggest benefactor of Jesus... if it was not for Islam and Muslims, it was very
difficult for Christians to prove that if even Jesus existed at all!!

Q167 . Anonymous :

Who is odd man out of Prophets?


Are you sure that both Allah and Iblis did this conversation in Arabic?

In these matters, what is important is the essence of the message and not actual words.

Then if a part of conversation is reported at one place and another at a different place, this
does not come under the category of Contradiction.

Contradiction is where the two statements mean different things, like in One Allah
praises Iblis and in another He curses Him.

Or in on passage He says that you will be given no respite and in another gives him

If you want to see the examples of real contradictions, then see it in Biblical Books.
There the two statements are exact opposite to each other and only one can be true.

Instead of jumping to conclusions, you should stop, think and then ask people who know,
before pronouncing your verdict.
Q168 . Anonymous :

Bible is silent about Mohammad?


You have made many claims in your post, for which you have not given any proofs.

1. You said Comforter is Holy Spirit and not Our Prophet. You list out the qualities of
Comforter as mentioned by Jesus (in the Gospel of John Ch 14-16) and check if they
apply to Holy Spirit ( a spooky incorporeal body) or to a Man in Flesh (A living human).

2. Then you said that Deut 18:18 is about Jesus and for proof you have quoted John 5:45-
48 where Jesus is said that Moses wrote about me. At the same time you say that there
are more than 300 prophesies in OT regarding Jesus, Did Jesus told that Moses did not
prophesy except for me or that Deut. 18-18 is about me?

It is your guess as anyone else's that Jesus meant Deut. 18-18.

Why not analyze that in detail and see to whom he fits , Jesus or Our prophet.

3. Muslims try daily to fit all these 300 prophesies about Mohammad:

I fail to see Muslims saying that all prophesies in OT are about our prophet and no one
else. We try to fit those which we think that they are about our prophet. There is nothing
wrong in that. We should put our reasoning and discuss.

None of the prophesy is dogmatic, because prophesies are always written in allegorical
and ambiguous language. In None of the OT prophesies for example it is written that
Messiah shall be named Jesus, His Mother's name shall be Mary and (Supposed) father
shall be called Joseph etc.

4. Mohammad was not a Jewish prophet:

Who claimed that Mohammad was a Jewish prophet? Do you mean to say that God will
not send prophets who are not Jewish? Has God made any Agreement with Jews that
prophets shall only be Jews?

5. Jews and Christians shall never accept Mohammad:

That is your choice, you reject a true prophet of God and you face the consequences.

It was strange for you to include Jews and Christians as one group.

Jews believe that Jesus was a False Messiah and that is why Majority of Jews reject Jesus
and say bad things about him.
What do you say about these Jews? Are they right or wrong about Jesus? They say none
of OT prophesies apply to jesus. Do you accept their claims?

What you say to Jews regarding Jesus…same thing we say to Jews AND Christians
regarding our prophet.

Q169 . Anonymous :

Did Paul learned from Disciples of Jesus?


I appreciate opening part of your post, but have following comments on the remaining

A. Paul and his dealings with Chosen Disciples of Jesus:

You have said that Paul did mix and had interactions with those Disciples, I never denied
that Paul met Chosen Disciples of Jesus and had interactions with them. What I said was
that he never learned anything from those disciples and dealt with them on equal terms.
Consider the following:

1. Jesus hand picked and chose these twelve disciples and taught them in private the real
meaning and values of his teachings. When jesus left this earth, these disciples were the
highest authority on Jesus' teachings on this earth.

2. If any one wanted to know what are the real teachings of Jesus, he or she must contact
them. No theory or logic can contradict what these Chosen twelve disciples of Jesus
agreed on.

3. Now this Paul, never saw or met Jesus in his life time, So when he became a follower
of Jesus, the most logical course for him was to become disciple of one of those twelve
disciples and learn from them about the mission of Jesus.

4. But at no stage in his career, Paul became disciple of any of them. He preached his
own Gospel in his own manner. He dealt with them on equal footing and at many places
contradicted them.

5. Last dealings between Paul and Disciples was during Council of Jerusalem, after
which book of Acts puts a curtain on all disciples of Jesus and only deals with actions of

6. You can see in letters of Paul that he very seldom quotes any of Jesus' Chosen
disciples or even from Jesus. He talks of his own logic and presents his own theories. So
you can either believe in unsubstantiated theories of Paul or believe in sayings of Jesus.
Trinity and its Meaning:

1. You are right when you say, it is very difficult to explain Trinity in simple words or
prove it logically. But what I ask is, why you make such a thing as your fundamental
belief, which cannot be explained or proved?

2. If Trinity was such a difficult concept, why jesus did not explain it in more detail?

3. A thing which Jesus did not explain in so much detail, why after three centuries
became the basis of Christianity?

God's Heart died when jesus Died:

1. I do not know why you say such horrible things. What prompts you to say such thing
about God, I do not know.

2. Why the hearts of God should die, when Jesus died? To God and to Jesus it was
known that it is only a drama. Jesus would arise after three days. So why any part of
God should die with the death of Jesus.

2. God loves us, but His love is not Blind. He is a Wise, Knowledgeable and Merciful

In the end let be tell you God is Loving, but God is not Love.

Love is an emotion and God is much above that He should be an emotion

Q170 . Anonymous :

Did Allah and Iblis spoke in Arabic?


Are you sure that both Allah and Iblis did this conversation in Arabic?

In these matters, what is important is the essence of the message and not actual words.

Then if a part of conversation is reported at one place and another at a different place, this
does not come under the category of Contradiction.

Contradiction is where the two statements mean different things, like in One Allah
praises Iblis and in another He curses Him.

Or in on passage He says that you will be given no respite and in another gives him
If you want to see the examples of real contradictions, then see it in Biblical Books.
There the two statements are exact opposite to each other and only one can be true.

Instead of jumping to conclusions, you should stop, think and then ask people who know,
before pronouncing your verdict.

Q171 .Anonymous :

Did Muslims killed every Non Muslim?


If we had swords ready to kill every infidel we met....there would not have been 80 %
Hindus in India despite 1000 years of Muslim rule in India (remember Spain? where in a
short span of 20 odd years there was not left a single Muslim to pray in mosque!!).

If we had swords ready to kill every infidel...there would not have been a left a single
Christian or Jew in any of the Arab countries!!! There are still 50 Million Arab
Christians...20 Million in Egypt alone as Coptic Christians...They contradict your claims.

But what you said about sword is true of European Christians...they did not leave any
Red Indians in whole of South America and all but exterminated them in North America,
Australia , New Zealand and which ever countries they went in.

You should read history before spending too much time in following the activities of
Osama, Mullah Omar and BAitullah Mashood!!

Q172. Sound Doc:

Yeah, that is what muslim men think is power, That explains why their only honor is
between a female’s legs. Mohammad's so-called miracles, which no one can prove are
miracles, splitting the moon, plagiarizing a book from many religions, and false
prophesies, no healings of anyone, no compassionate helping any sick or blind people. He
murdered with vengeance and torture. Saddam Hussein was Mohammad's brother and


Total number of casualties in "ten years of brutal Warfare, (in which he is supposed to
have killed each and every one who dared oppose him)" on both sides does not even add
to even 1000!!

And by using that "Extra and rabid force" he was able to subdue an area of the size of
Arabia!! and that too for a perpetual submission
Compare that with the blood shed and loss of Human lives which prophets like Moses,
Joshua and David had to do to subdue a land of the size of Land of Canaan? And how
were their victories? Temporary!!

This simple logic proves the 'Humane" and "merciful" nature of our prophet and is ample
proof to silence any one who accuses him of brutality.

But these people do not listen to logic and reason.

Jesus by performing so many miracles, healing so many deaf, blinds, lepers and raising to
life so many humans....what was the end result?

He was crucified like a common criminal (as the Biblical story goes) and none of his
disciples or healed fellows came to his help.

Our prophet without showing even a single miracle (if we accept your point of view) was
able to gain more than 100,000 zealous supporters by the time he left the world.

Is there any comparison between the two? By any standards?

Our prophet by copying and stealing from old scriptures (if we accept your claim) was
able to produce a book, that remains highest example of Arabic language for 1400 years
and is incomparable.

The words of your God and lord (Jesus Christ) could not be preserved in any authentic
form and were changed and corrupted beyond recognition. Is there any comparison.

I can only detect envy and hate and bias in your post and never any unbiased analysis.

Q173 . Anonymous :

Is Pope Infallible in reality?


If every Child only followed the religion of his parents, no new religion or faith or sect
or denomination could have existed at all!!!

The parents guide and even force their religion to children when they are young;, but
when they grow up, they choose their own path. If you do not agree with this, then it
means that you have not observed any civilization with care.

What makes Pope infallible when working as Pope and fallible when he does his secular
Why so many papal decrees have to be revoked posthumously? Why so many Popes
have to be declared Anti-pope after they were dead? This whole idea of infallibility of
Pope is wrong and based on concept that King can do no wrong.

You say that Jews believe that they will have holy spirit inside them at a future date (as
you have quoted Joel), is not true in literal sense and should not be interpreted in literal
sense. Christians (and under their influence Jews also) have made this Holy Spirit a sort
of their servant. On one hand It is God and part of Trinity and on another hand it is like
their servant and slave, coming and going as per their wish and their will.

Even if Pope is not representing all Christians, but what I said about X-mass , Cross and
Sunday is accepted by most Christians. It is not my place to delve on differences between
so many Christians sects and denominations (and to speak the truth, I do not know also),
but how come such a large number of Christians are mislead into observing these pagan
days, symbols and rituals.

There has been some compromise some where down the line. That should be

Q174. George Whyte:

Does Quran define the word Allah? NO


Does Bible define the word God? YHWH, I AM , Elohim or Jehovah? The answer is NO

So why we use double standards?

Allah was already known to Arabs as Unique Creator and sustainer of Universe.... there
was nothing to define Allah to them.

This is evident from many questions who were asked to them, about Who Created heaven
and earth, Who gives life and death? Who manages all affairs?

And the answer was given from those people ... that they will surely say Allah!!

Their problem was associating others with the worship of One God and misconceptions
about the personality and attributes of Allah.

These were explained to them in more than ordinary details thru the innumerable verses
of Quran.

Allah was known to pagan Arabs as it is known to Millions of Arab Christians and Jews.

No one has been able to find a word for God in Arabic other than Allah.
All Christian Bible contain the word Allah for God....right from 1st Century CE!!

Q175 . Yacco Ibrahim:

Do you want to touch on the freedom of religion under these 'different' Gods.
Or do you prefer BMZ in Singapore do it for you which will be quite awhile because the
clear book Quran is not that clear for some.
Does this Allah know anything about the FREEDOM of Religion this Loke experienced
as a Christian.
Australians are very interested to know!!


Freedom of religion is interpreted in different ways by different people.

As per the Islamic concept there is no compulsion for on any one to Join or accept Islam.

No Non Muslim will be converted to Islam by force or by deception or any sort of


But that choice goes once some one accepts Islam. One is not free to renounce Islam in
an Islamic society.

Only way for him is to leave the Islamic society and live in a Non Muslim society to
escape the punishment.

This is not against logic, because truth and falsehood can not be given equal right.

If you want to discuss on this topic, please go ahead, but use civil language and maintain
decency of debates when dealing with me.

Q176 . Local Yodel

Whoa! If this is true, then why do both pray to the God of Abraham? Don't any one of
you realize where the Muslims originated? The child born to Abraham by the
handmaiden became (in due time) the Muslims and the child born by his wife became the
Isrialis. Muhammed (according to thier religion) was visited by angel and given the tenets
of their faith because the Jews had once again gone astray.(Remember the Golden Calf)
None of us were there so how can we deny whether this happened or not. Paul was one of
the ones who held the coats so Stephen could be stoned for preaching what Jesus taught.
But Paul also changed and began to teach about Jesus being the Son of God. The Jews
also believed long ago that if you knew anyone's full name, it gave you some sort of
magical power of them, that's why God is a title and not a name. He is called by many
titles including Tetrigrammiton. Instead of arguing, acquire the books that I have and
study a lot. The is only one Supreme Being. He is called by many titles but they all mean
the same. Whether it's Allah, Jehoval, Yahweh, Dios, etc. I have never heard or read that
sex is relevant when it comes to Heaven so that shouldn't enter into this picture. He loves
us all, but what no one is saying anything about is free will. We make our own decisions
about everything and when we make wrong ones, that's our fault, not His. We must not
fight each other because of our different religious beliefs because none of us is sure we're
right. We only know that He exists. I have never believed that He is vengeful. Revenge is
a vicious circle. But I have always known that He loves me and that alone makes me
think before making a decision.


I must congratulate you for a very well written and very balanced post. You are right and
Jews, Christians and Muslims basically worship the dame God, even if they call Him by
different names.

There is a slight difference between them on personality of God, but they are minor
(except when Paul introduced Trinity into the Christian theology). YHWEH of Jews,
Father in heaven of Christians and Allah of Muslims are one and the same.

You are also right when you say that we have freedom to choose and based on that choice
we will be judged by our Creator.

Instead of fighting and criticizing each other , we should try to excel in doing good deeds
and try top be true to our faith. If we do that, there will be more cooperation and
understanding between these three Monotheistic religions of the world.

I once again would like to express my appreciation for your well written post.

Q177 . Bryant:

Not all scholars believe Mark wrote first or that Matthew and Luke copied from Mark.
The early church unanimously agreed that Matthew wrote first.

It can just as easily be proven that Mark copied from Matthew. Each had their own
sources and some of them overlapped.

How can it be plagiarism if they used the same source for some accounts?
They also had their own sources, BMZ, and they compliment each other.
Even in the Quran we see the same story being told in different words, not using the exact
words of the other accounts, some things left out completely.
I don't understand what you are saying. Each Gospel calls Jesus the Messiah or Christ,
which means Messiah.

I do not deny that many believe that Matthew first wrote his Gospel for the Jews. But
Matthew wrote in Hebrew or Aramaic language (language of the Jews) and not in Greek
which is the Gospel associated with Matthew these days.

Who translated the Gospel of Matthew or how the originals were lost, we do not know.
But if you compare the words uttered by Jesus in Mark, you will find that most of them
are also present in Matthew or Luke and vice versa is not the case. That is why Scholars
believe that Mark’s is the first Gospel and Luke and Matthew copied from that.

If Matthew, Mark and Luke were all disciples of Jesus, then obviously we cannot say that
they copied from one another, but that is not the case here.

The case of Quran is totally different, because there is only one source. Quran is not
biography or history in any sense; it is a book of guidance. Gospels on the other hand are
written like a biography. Each writer writing according to his own knowledge and his
own source.

None of the Gospel writer says that he got the info thru revelation.

Many Gospels were written out of which the Church decided in 325 CE that these four
are to be treated as authentic and rest as Apocrypha. The decision was only made because
of their popularity and not because these four are revealed and others are handiwork of
their writers.

Q177A . Sound Doc:

2Ti 3:16 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for
reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness,
God did not forbid each writer's personality from showing in scriptures. There is different
styles in each book, but the same Spirit of God in all. If any had been coppied, they
would have the same style, but they are all different that way. This is also why some
believe there are contradictions. Some words are omited in some books and some are
different in others, but the message is the same. All testify to the same things.
Mohammad's book has many of his own personal traits in it mixed with the spirit who
gave it. But Mohammad does not have a single prophet who agrees with him. Abrogation
is rampant in the Quran. A book that is supposed to be exactly as the one in heaven? Why
would God send it and then allow a man to edit it? Did God edit the eternal one in heaven
after Mohammad did? For instance, the direction of prayer was changed after the Jews
rejected Mohammad as a prophet.[/QUOTE]

Regarding Biblical books it is the people which claim that the writers received the
revelations or the books were written by inspiration, the books do not claim such things.

The mutual contradictions and errors within the books prove that these errors could not
have come because of Inspiration.

The quotation of Paul is support of present scriptures hold no authority for us, because his
own authenticity is questionable.

The Quran bears proof that it could never have been written by prophet Mohammad, just

Name of His father is not mentioned in his book, the name of his mother is not mentioned
in his book, the name of his grandfather, is not mentioned in his book.

The name of his wives, his sons, his daughters , his cousins, his companions are not
mentioned in his book.

If Mohammad was the writer and was writing the book for his glory, he should have
showered all respects and glories on him and his family, but we do not find any such
thing in Quran.

Quran does not say that Jesus is not Son of God but Mohammad is Son of God.

Quran does not say that Jesus was not the Christ, but Mohammad was the Christ.

Quran does not say that wife, mother, daughter or any other women of him family was
chosen above all women of the world, in fact it reserves that title for Mary the Mother of

There is no way which proves that Quran was written by Prophet Mohammad in any way.

Q177B . Bryant:

Some Muslims claim that if a Muslim leave Islam they are to be killed.

Do you agree?


The punishment for any one renouncing Islam in any Islamic society is death. But that is
to be implemented by an Islamic Court and not by individuals acting on their own.

And that punishment is not for the "Crime" of leaving Islam (that punishment would be
in the hereafter), this is to save other members of society from temptation.
That is the Islamic law, but in reality you will hardly find any one being executed for
leaving Islam. And that punishment is not reason to keep Muslim society united, how
could one kill so many people, if they want to leave Islam.

But I was speaking about Islamic law. The entry is by free choice but the exit is not that

Q178 . Lucious:

Yes, we have now seen for quite a while that you are telling these stories that no one here
really believe in! We know your agenda, and we don’t want it!

Within every culture there are some ignorant and even stupid people, don’t take
advantage of this minority group of losers to promote your backward ideas!

Your cult is leaking out at the other end, and due to the consequences of telling, people
just don’t do that! And most of all; we hate lies told as if it should be the truth, that is
how honest people are made!


Thanks for commenting on my religion. For your information, Islam is not a cult. It is a
major world religion with 1500 Million followers that are distributed in all countries and
amongst all races.

It has a proud history of 1400 years,,,, there has never been a time, when Islam was not
growing in the world.

You are entitled to your opinion and I do not want to force you into any belief. Stories of
new Muslim Converts throw some light as to what people find attracting in Islam.

There are people who are attracted to its teachings and they accept it. There are people
who do not find it attractive and reject it.

Let both follow their course. Our job is only to deliver the message to people.

Q179 . Joel:

But Guru Nanak was a great Saint-Reformer who destroyed myths, superstitions and

On a pilgrimage to Mecca, Nanak wilfully kept his feet facing the Kaaba and on being
warned not to do so he replied that since god was "omnipresent" one would still be
pointing one's feet towards god even though they were not directly being pointed towards
the Kaaba.
Next, Nanak being a Yogi of a very high order, assured a Muslim Mullah that the number
of heavens were not 7 as stated by the Quran but were counted by the dozens.

Nanak was not a monotheist who believed in the crude and irrational dualistic theory that
god was an extra-cosmic, anthropomrophic and creationist being.

Shri Guru Nanak was a monist or non-dualist who had experienced via Yoga in the
depths of his own awakened consciousness the cosmic multiplicity on the varied
supraphysical planes and unity with the the Absolute Consciousness on the supracosmic
heights during the supersensuous trances he always experienced and in fact he was so
deeply united with the Absolute Consciousness in a Yogic sense that at all times he
always acted from an exalted plane of consciousness.

Nanak was a "trikaal gyaani" (knower of the past, present and future) as being a high
order Yogi he was clearly able to perceive the past, present and future in fine detail as
revealed to him by Yogic identity with the cosmic causal chain and had commented on
the coming of the Kalki Avataar (Kalki is the Prophet of the last days) in the future who'd
wipe out evil and establish the Satya Yug or Golden Age in the world based upon truth
and harmony of the descending cosmic supramental consciousness....and much more....


First of all this journey of Guru Nanak to Makkah is Apocrypha. There is no such record
of Kaaba changing its direction towards the feet of Guru Nanak. You have never visited
Kaaba so you would not know.

The place is filled with people who go around it 24 hours a day. If it shifted from its
roots what happened to those people? It would have been a very big news and must be
reported by every one present there.

Then no one can enter Makkah unless he be a Muslim, so either Guru Nanak went there
disguised as a Muslim or told lies to people there that he was a Muslim.

Whatever you say, it is not fit for a person of High Moral Character as Guru Nanak.

The truth is that Guru Nanak was not a Sikh in the way Sikhism is defined today. No one
knows about his true religion. The present scriptures of Sikhs have very few sayings
from Guru Nanak himself. It was modified and perfected by other gurus.

So just do not post whatever comes to your mind about Guru Nanak and do not put your
own ideas to him. Your view about Guru Nanak is opposite to that of Swami Dayananda
Saraswati, the founder of Arya Samaj.

Let us talk about Kalki Avtar… Has he come already or will come after some time?
Who will be this Kalki Avtar and what are his qualities mentioned in your Scriptures?

That will be a very interesting topic for both of us…instead of you posting unintelligible
philosophical wordings.

Q180. Bryant:

So, according to Islamic law a Muslim who leaves Islam will have a trial and if found
guilty will be put to death.


No the court will not summarily put him to death. It will ask what are the reasons of him
renouncing Islam.

If he has any doubt, then the court will ask Islamic scholars to clear his doubts. But if he
persists in his disbelief, the court may give him some time to re-think and may put him in
prison for some time.

If after all these attempts the persons wants to renounce Islam, then court will order him
to be executed.

If you look thru history of Islam, you will find hardly any case when some one was
executed so easily.

Compared to that, Church History is filled with Millions upon millions who were killed
and burned on stakes on charges of hypocrisy or apostate.

But still there is no shortage of people saying that it is Islam which is Barbaric and
Christianity is the religion of peace.

Q181 . Anonymous :

Are Gospels original?


It seems you are also trying to be a "Master of Cut and Paste" as our late Sound Doc.
used to be.

What I am quoting are the words of Christian Scholars who edited the Bible.

They are saying some thing which is different than what you are saying.

Why should any one edit, touch up or update any manuscript written by some one else?
This is a crime and no one has any right to do it.
After that editing, the link with the original writer is broken, it should be known by
another name. By retaining the old name, they try to emphasis that the book is still
written by the same person.

Every Gospel has passed thru many stages of editing and what is more the names of those
who edited are not known.

In reality these are anonymous books , the title page of which is only affixed for

That is what these authors are trying to tell us, in a round about way using ambiguous

Q182 . Anonymous :

How it fares compared with other sources?


B. Source of sure Info: Knowledge, Proofs and Revelation?

1. I was very right in identifying three sources of knowledge and including revelation
amongst them.

2. What is more, Revelation is the most reliable of the three sources!!

3. It is not uncommon for us to see that our senses some time deceive us. We see some
thing with our eyes (like water in a desert mirage) which is actually not there. We do not
see things (like hidden in our Blind Spot) which are really there. We see white light,
which in reality is a combination of seven colors. So our eyes do deceive us sometimes.

4. There can be many such examples for unreliability of other senses also. Some thing
which tastes sweet, could be a deadly poison! A sweet smelling plant could cause
unconsciousness etc.

5.Now coming to these “Measurable” experiments, we see that some times what we
measure is not correct. The laws of motions do not work at speed close to light etc. Most
modern scientific theories are discarded a few centuries later as not true, the examples are
innumerable. So we can not say that our own experiments are fool proof.

6. The revelation on the other hand is Direct Information from The Source of All
Information. It can never be wrong. The only question is for us to make sure that what
we perceive is revelation, is really revelation or not.
7. If revelation tells us that Alcohol and gambling is harmful for human society,
irrespective of whatever logic we give in defence of Gambling and Alcohol, they all will
be wrong.

8. If revelation tells us that Usury and Interest is bad for Human society, it would always
be true. It depends you want to learn hard way or soft way. If you heed to Divine
advice, you save yourself and millions of others much economic and social hardship.

9. Same goes for any other Issue (Social. Economical, Political, or Scientific) which is
settled thru Revelation. It is indeed Mercy from our Creator that He has not left us to
wander in darkness, but He sends Most Beneficial and Most Relevant Guidance thru the
Most Reliable Media (called Revelation) to the Most Truthful and Trustworthy Humans
(Called Prophets).

10. But there are many humans who do not like five course cooked food served to them,
they would wander in Jungle and collect wild flowers and roots for their lunch and

Q183. Anonymous :

Is Allah word used by Arabs for moon god?


My Simple Question to all these people who argue so much that Allah is a pagan god,
that Allah was known by Arabs as a moon god, and that No Semite prophet never ever
knew this word Allah etc etc...

Please answer these Basic Questions:

A. Who put the Word Allah in Arabic Bibles? Muslims or Christian Scholars?

B. Why Every Arab irrespective of whether he be a Jew, Christian or Muslim knows

only Allah as the only name for (what we say as) God in Arabic.

D. Why despite so many bitter arguments, no one is able to suggest any Arabic
equivalent for Allah?

As to the suggestion that Allah was worshipped by Arabs as moon god... the following
Quranic Verse shall suffice

"... Prostate not to the sun and the moon, but prostrate to Allah, Who created them, if it is
He whom you wish to serve" (41:37).

A strange statement for a moon god to make about moon!!!

That is why it is said that "No falsehood can approach it(i.e. Quran)from front or from
back. It is send by One Full of Wisdom worthy of all praise" (41:42)

I feel sorry and feel pity for these "moongod-ers" !!

Q184 . Anonymous :

Did Muslim misunderstood Jesus?


I appreciate first part of your letter, where you have commented on Muslims and Islam
and values that Muslims hold.

Then in later part of your post, where you have commented on Muslims not
understanding the mission of Jesus, you got somewhat confused.

You claim that Muslims did not understood the mission of Jesus, I want to ask you, did
so called Christians have understood the mission of Jesus?

All things which you have claimed like Trinity, Resurrection of Jesus, descent of Holy
Spirit etc. are ideas that came much after Jesus had left this earth. These are mostly
based on teachings of Paul, who neither saw, never met and never learned any thing from
Jesus or his disciples. How can any one accept these un supported words of Paul unless
they are confirmed by Jesus' own words?

If you look at NT books and look only at words of Jesus, you can see that what Muslims
believe about Jesus is true and logical.

To call Jesus a Begotten Son of God, to bestow Divinity on Jesus, to Make Jesus equal
with God (in garb of never understood Trinity), concept of Original sin…all these are
foreign to the teachings of Jesus and other Jewish prophets.

What Muslims believe about Jesus is much more logical and reasonable than what
Pauline Christians believe.

It is therefore necessary for Christians to free their minds from Paul's teachings and then
look at life and words of Jesus and that will make them see him in a different light

Q185 . Anonymous :

Why Christians about Holy Spirit?

In every culture, parents can only educate their children. No one has power to Guide or
Force their children to follow any path. It is true for your culture and it is true for my
culture and it is true for every culture in the world.

The case of following teachings of prophets is left to every individual and there is no
difference of opinion in that.

However when Christians say that Holy Spirit is Inside them and it makes them (or al
least their leaders like Pope or Archbishop infallible), then it is a different thing. Because
they claim some thing, which no one else has claimed. Jews and Muslims do not say that
Spirit of God resides inside them or guides them. No one says that any Muslim or Jewish
scholar is infallible.

When Israel fell into error or idolatry, it was because of their own indiscretion and they
received punishment (Individually and collectively) for that indiscretion.

The case with Christianity is different. They have Holy Spirit to Guide them, their Pope
is Vicar of Christ and infallible. How could then every Pope and every Church (most of
them any way) accepted these symbols of Pagan belief and pagan worship and pagan day
of assembly as Christian symbols.

Q186 . Anonymous :

Is Crescent an Islamic symbol?


Crescent and Star symbol have no relevance in Islam...they are not Islamic symbols at all.
…Some Muslim countries putting them on their flags have nothing to do with Islam.

It is totally different from Cross, which is per see the symbol of Christianity, it is
displayed in all churches and kissed and worshipped in every sense of the word.

Please try once again....and answer my question...

By the way, Me. Eric , you have still not completed your study of my post regarding what
we believe about Allah?

Q187 . Anonymous :

Islamic Versus Christian Scriptures


You have raised some very important points here, let us analyze them.
1. You said Luke said such and such (Lu. 1:1 onward)… Are you sure that Gospel of
Luke was indeed written by Luke? Have you original signed copy of Luke for that
Gospel? Christian Scholars (majority of them of Higher Biblical Criticism) agree that
this Gospel has been edited by "Unknown hands" many times during the first three
centuries. How it is still called Luke's Gospels is a mystery.

2. Islamic books have a hundred times and more better authenticity than any of your OT
and NT books. We have unbroken chain of narrators for each and every important thing
of our faith. And that is open for inspection by every one.

3. It is correct that you cannot get every scholar agree to every thing, that is not possible
in any human society, but you have to consider the view of majority of Renowned
Scholars who have trust and respect of Muslims in these cases.

4. For Biblical books every thing is based on guess work… every scholar comes with a
fresh theory…no one has any proof. They argue with one word found here and another
found there proves this and proves that and so on.

5. The so called Orientalist Scholar want to do the same thing with Islamic Books also,
where each and every thing is crystal clear. The evidence is there along with the change
of narrators, then there is biography of each of those narrators. But these scholars ignore
all that and jump to their own half bred conclusions.

6. You read any book by any Western Writer on life history of our prophet, every one
comes with his own theory. Every one "Fabricating" evidence to justify his theory. They
go to extreme length to justify their claims…. They will consider each and every
possibility …but never the right one!! If they use the right key, all the locks will open
and there will be no doubt any where.

7. If you remain ignorant of Arabic (or Quranic Translation in Your own language), you
will deprive yourself of much of what is the real meaning of OT statements.

8. The passages you have quoted from Gen. as to all nations receiving Blessings thru
Abraham, to whom it refers? To Jesus? No!!! Because Jesus Himself said "I have been
sent only to Lost Sheep of House of Israel" !! So if you claim that message of Jesus is for
whole world….then it is your interpretation and not the stand of Jesus.

9. Quran on the other hand says about mission of our prophet "We have send you but as a
(messenger) for All Mankind" (34:28). This is a express statement claiming that our
prophet's mission was for whole mankind!!

10. Since our prophet was from Lineage of Abraham, so thru him, all nations received the
Blessings of Abraham!! Makes sense? No to those who try to distort the message of
Jesus to prove their own logic!!
Q188 . Mein Kemph Islam:

Bahrain Three Islamic Arrested for Brutal Rape of Teen-Age Boy...

proof the Koran is the word of Allah its ok because Mohammed said its ok to do so.....tut


What can I say of this mentality… If any Muslim does any crime…It is the fault of Islam
and Quran and the prophet.

If any Christian or Jew or Hindu does the same crime….well it is their individual
acts….the fault is not Moses’,.. Jesus’… Rama’ Krishna’s….neither it is the fault of
Torah, Gospel, Veda….etc.

What type of sick, biased and pervert mentality you persons have?

Muslims are no angels….there are good people amongst them and there are bad people
amongst them.

Why should you generalize and place the blame for crimes on the part of any Muslim on
the door of Islam, Quran and The Prophet?

This shows only your inferiority complex and double standard and hypocrisy.

Q189. A SOG:

Mary, we do not hate Muslims. we would prefer that they come to accept the truth. The
truth od the New Covenant in Christ. What you might not realise Mary is that
Muhammad was he who was prophesied of in the Book of revelation - the false prophet.
The Quran is in Arabic, but the symbols are in Greek - the symbols are 666. they say 666
is the holiest of numbers. Mecca is the city on seven hills. It is the city of Babylon. Islam
also took Jerusalem as prophesied.

Muhammad accused Jesus of being a phony. Saying that Jesus did not suffer and die on
the cross, but that Jesus deceived everyone in to thinking that he did. Muhammad also
denied the true identity of Jesus. Muhammad also made the false claim of being the
Comforter - which we know is the Holy Spirit. Muhammad was sent by satan to deny
salvation to many!


The Lady's comment was addressed to Sound Doc personally and let him answer it.

It was not a general comment of Christianity versus Islam.

There could be theological differences between one religion and another...if there were
no...then why there will be different religions.

we Muslims have rights to our beliefs and you have right to discredit them.

But that should be done in a civil manner.

The way you people address our Holy Book, the way you attack the noble personality of
our Holy Prophet is really nauseating.

There is no excuse whatsoever for such behaviour.

That was what the lady commented about Sound Doc and his hate posts.

You must stay civil and do not cross the boundaries of decency when you conduct dialog
with persons of other faith.

That was the essence of message of that lady and I appreciate it.

Q190 . Noetics:

Is Trinity Simple?


Also 1/1/1 = 1


1-1+1 = 1

What other maths do you need?

A man can be Father, a brother or a son....but they are referring to same person.

In case of Trinity, father is a separate person, son is a separate person and Holy spirit is
separate person.

What father is son is not...what son is holy spirit is not....

These three are separately God...but when they Unite they are still one God.

If it was so easy to explain. so many sects and denominations have not sprung out to
explain this trinity.

The current going is that it is a mystery which would only be clear in the next world!!
Q191 . Anonymous :

What is the technique used by Anti Islamite?


You asked me why I do not carry out direct discussion with Rt. Hon. ZAHID. I respect
your intentions and may be you look forward to a series of informative posts from us, but
let me tell you, I have my reasons to not responding to him directly.

You might not know, but we had a few exchanges some times back, till I came to the
conclusion that it would be a futile exercise on my part. My reasons are as follows:

1. First of all our religion, does not want us to keep on arguing with people who have
closed up their minds. Our job is to invite and educate people about Islamic teachings.
We can answer any honest doubts and queries, but not deliberate mischievous rhetoric.

2. I take these discussions seriously and devote much of my spare time and energy into
posting replies. I do not consider them as a sort of “Wrestling matches” or “Verbal
debates” the aim of which is to silence your opponent at any cost.

3. Rt. Hon. ZAHID claims to be a self claimed authority on Islam as an ex-Muslim. He

thinks that just being a name sake Muslim in some part of his life automatically makes
him an authority on Islam and Muslims…. but let me tell you his knowledge about Islam
is extremely limited and he has not studied it from Islamic sources at all.

3A. Most of doubts and questions he has picked up from Anti Islamic sites and these only
he posts verbatim. Many people who do not know much about Islam think him
knowledgeable about Islam, but not me. Let me give you a few examples.

4. Quran saying “sun sets in murky waters” is a standard Christian objection on Islam. I
can take that question from Non Muslims because they have no knowledge about Quran
and its way of expression. But when any Muslim that too an ex-Muslim, one who claims
himself authority repeats the same charge, to me it means that this man has no knowledge
about Quran and has not studied any of Quranic commentaries written by Muslim

5. Then it is standard practice of Anti Islamic writers to search about the episodes of
sexual life of our prophet as recorded in authentic Islamic books and then present them
before people, quoting out of context and deriving their own brazen conclusions from
them. Non Muslims could be excused because of their limited knowledge, but when I see
that self claimed authority of Islam repeating these things verbatim, to me his depth of
Islamic knowledge is clear.
5A. Let me tell you that discussing sex is not Taboo in Islam. Sex is one of the
necessities of life and Quran or Prophetic sayings both have their say on it.

5B. If prophet had not taught us on this important part of life, we would be groping in the
dark and making our own ways. A perfect way of life, has to cover every portion of
human life and that is why sexual issues are also clarified in Islamic books.

5C. But there is difference between sexual information and pornography, the thin line
between them is never breached. Quran takes many precautions about it.

- First of All Quran bestows the title of Mother of Believers to all of prophet’s wives

- Quran then prohibits that any Muslim might ever marry any or prophet’s wives.,

- Then Quran asks prophet’s wives to wear Hijab and speak in plain tones to people; So
that diseased heart may mot draw any wrong conclusion.

All these precautions were necessary if Prophet’s private life was to be opened before

5D. Then these sexual questions were only asked from Prophet’s wives, it was like
children asking from their mothers.

5E. Aiyesha the young prophet wife lived almost 47 years after death of prophet, she
instructed Muslims on most matters of prophet’s sexual life. A large part of Islamic
knowledge and prophet’s home life has come to us thru Lady Aiyesha and these Islamic
enemies make her life most scandalous

6. The final straw came when Rt. Hon. ZAHID started referring to our prophet in the
abusive language. That was the point when I parted company and stopped replying
directly to him. Because I cannot carry out discussion with any one who uses abusive
language for our prophet, the most beloved of all personalities on this earth to us.

6A. Using abusive language for our prophet shows the moral character of Rt. Hon.
ZAHID, we have seen many, ex Christians accepting Islam, none of them uses any
abusive language against Jesus, We have seen many ex-Hindus accepting Islam. But none
of them uses abusive language against their old gods and idols, same holds good for ex-
Jews and ex- Buddhists also.

6B. But this ex-Muslim, self claimed authority on Islam and all other world religions uses
the same words and phrases that are used by rabid Anti Muslims against our prophet, the
noblest soul that ever lived on this earth, one whom Lord of Universe praises as Mercy to
Whole Universe, One on Highest Level of Character etc…. That proved that this
gentleman is void of even the basic human decencies.
7. Now tell me, will any good come out by discussing any issue with such a Character or
am I on fault for not posting directly to him? .

Q192. Anonymous :

Is staying in home Degrading to women?


Your post is based on a number of misconceptions and generalizations, It would be best

if you raised one issue at a time, so we could discuss it in detail, instead of going here and

The principles of right and wrong do not change with time. They always remain the
same. To define different spheres for activities for men and women do not degrade any

The roles allotted to both match with their physical, mental and psychological built up.
Woman is more suited to remain in house and take care of house hold chores and take
care of children.

Just because she stays in home, she is no way slave of any man. She has her own rights
duties and personality. Home front is in so way inferior to earning bread for the family.

So in no way Islam degrades women by confining her to a separate role.

In Islam marriage and divorce have been made easy, so there would be no role for a
prostitute as an institution. This is a welcome institution for your society, so you make
rules for them.

Islamic laws for adultery and fornication are natural and very effective to stop crimes
against women’s honor.

You asked me how I would feel if my wife was stoned to death if she committed
adultery, I want to ask you a counter question, how would you feel towards a criminal
who raped and killed your wife or your daughter? What punishment would give to such a
man if you are a judge and the criminal is brought before you?

Give an honest reply, because it will show what type of moral standard you have.
Q193 . Anonymous :

Are Islamic punishments Barbaric?


Thanks for identifying your gender. It is my experience that most "Violent" on these
threads are generally women.

It was surprise to me, that despite being a woman, you would condone someone who
raped your sister, mother or daughter. We have seen on our TV screens in India, Hindu
Women demanding that such criminals be beaten in front of public and then hanged in
front of every people. They demand summary trial and summary execution of such

May be when some one rapes your mother, daughter or sister (depending upon which
ever age group you belong to), then you will see the wisdom behind Islamic punishments.

The language which have used shows your real mentality, I feel ashamed that you being a
woman use such a filthy and dirty language for the Noblest Person that ever lived on this
earth. Modesty prevents me to reply back to a woman in the same language.

Allah is the same deity which Jews and Christians and all other followers of revealed
religion worship under different names.

You should go back to my post where I have given some of the fundamental beliefs
which we Muslims have is regard to Allah.

Q194 . Anonymous :

Why Muslim argue with Christian sources?


In these discussions we use statements from the opposite group to prove the case to them.
It does not affect if we believe in that or not.

That is how, we get so many objections from Christians against Quran and sayings of our
prophet. They try to prove Jesus’ divinity from Quran, while believing that it is not Word
of God.

When we say that Jesus said ELI ELI LAMA SABAQTANI or Cross, it is to take
Christians word for that and proving that this statement uses the word which is very
similar in sounding as Arabic Word Allah. Since Arabic and Hebrew and its derivative
Syriac or Aramaic are sister languages so this much difference in pronunciation is
Q195. Anonymous :

Why Muslim population demand Shariah?


Your using the word theocracy or control of country clerics mean that you have no
information about Islam and its governing system.

The word clerics in Christianity , Judaism and Islam means totally different things.
Cleric is not any hierarchical institution or any organized institution in Islam. Any one
knowledgeable in Islamic knowledge can become a cleric and can rise to any level of

There are no special rights or duties for a cleric and it is not any constitutional post.
Leader of Islamic nation has to perform both secular as well as religious duties.

Just because there are many sects in Islam in no way diminishes the importance of
Islamic Shariah. There was never any dispute in any Islamic country as to the
applicability of Shariah law, till the rise of Western Materialistic and Atheist civilization
a couple of century ago. Then that demand also rose because of European conquest and
rule over much of Muslim lands and countries.

When these nations got their independence from Foreign Yoke, immediately movements
started in almost all Muslim countries to implement Islamic laws. But due to so many
decades of foreign rule, there is hangover of past, especially amongst the rulers.

Another favorite pastime of your media is to exaggerate any minor incidence in Muslim
countries. Talks of election fraud are so common in so many countries that they do not
even make second page news in Important News Papers.

But these insignificant incidences in Iran are projected as if the foundation of that country
are shaking.

I ask you, if a Pro Government Demo takes place in Tehran, that is more than Ten time
of that is in Opposition, what would you say? Will you believe that 90 % of Iran people
are in favor of Current President?

So instead of fanning hatred and factionalism, we should not interfere into any country’s
internal affairs and leave them to solve their own problems.
Q 196. Anonymous :

Are there Grammatical mistakes in Quran?


. Quran and Arabic Grammar?

1. It was very amusing that Grammatical mistakes of Quran being discussed on this
thread by people who cannot read , write or understand any Arabic at all.

2. Those who claim to have “Knowledge” of Arabic (based on their past history) would
be at a loss to read correctly, if a few Quranic verses were given to them to read without
Punctuation Marks!!

3. One simile that comes to my mind is that sixth class students of a Village School in
Bangladesh, “armed with their Wren and Martin” ( book of High School Grammar),
trying to find mistakes in English of Shakespeare!!

4. They fail to realize that it was because of these “Grammatical Mistakes” that Quran
gave challenge to its opponents to bring Ten Surah Like it, to Bring One Surah Like it, or
to bring something like it.

5. It was because of these “Grammatical Mistakes” that no one is able to bring anything
in Arabic literature even remotely resembling Quran is past 1400 years!! How can these
poor people copy “Mistakes”?

6. They fail to realize that there was no book of Arabic Grammar when the Quran was
being revealed. The Books of Arabic Grammar were written much after Quran and they
used Quran as its base!!

7. Quran was used as the ultimate example of Arabic Grammar, any word or phrase used
in Quran per see became the ultimate proof of its proper usage.

8. Then these people fail to realize that there is Grammar for 10 th Standard, another
Grammar for Under graduate and Post Graduate level and another level which is for the
Highest Authority of English Masters. In Arabic it is called as BALAGHA. Quran is at
the highest level of BALAGHA.

9. These so called “Grammatical Mistakes” were pointed out mostly by Muslim Scholars
as an example of Quranic BALAGHA.

10. Then the trick played by Islamic enemies is to use Muslim Sounding names to cause
confusion. Who is this ALI DASHTI? No one has ever heard of him. If he is such a
character as our own H.E. D.D. REV. ZAHID ESQ…. then people can get confused by
Muslim sounding name. (They used the same technique when they used the Name Razi
(Abu Bakar Razi, A Muslim scientists) to confuse with Imam Razi (Fakhruddin Razi,
renowned Muslim Scholar).

11. They would use any technique foul or fair to prove their case. The latest examples
are nothing more than gimmicks.

Q197. Anonymous:

Can Iraqis repay US for its favors?


Before US attack on Iraq in 2003, there was NO Al Qaeda Fighters in Iraq...

Now after 6 years of fighting there remain ONLY A FEW Al Qaeda fighters in Iraq...

That is a real achievement for Mighty US army and Extra Brave US soldiers!!

We should salute the US army and its Military personnel.

All Iraqis should bow before US troops for freeing their country from WMD, from Iraqi
Army, from Iraqi Police and Iraqi Civil Administration.

They should praise US for teaching Iraqis how Police force is raised from scratch... How
a civil administration is built from scratch..

How a FREE & FAIR elections are conducted in a country..

How much Joy and enthusiasm is generated by seeing your elected representatives
talking and debating in parliament and assemblies.

Can Iraqis every "repay the debt" they owe to US?

Is entire Iraqi oil a sufficient payback? I think it is not enough... they should do more...
they should bind them to serve US, US interests (I mean Israel) for ever (at least for next
100 years).
Q198. Pawn King:

Changing the title of God to mere prophet is blasphemy - not exactly our idea of honor.


You are right, Removing some one from God head to a mere human is indeed insulting


On the other hand, raising a human to the level of God is also a very serious mistake.

The Divinity of Jesus is not proven. How Creator of Universe could be born as a Human
baby…eating, sleeping, having call of nature etc.

If Islam denies Divinity of Jesus, then it is not insulting him, but giving him his due
regard a righteous prophet of God.

If Islam said that Jesus is not God but Mohammad is God or Jesus is not Son of God, but
Mohammad is Son of God…the you had some ground of complaint.

Islam says God has no Sons or Daughters and there is no Partner in His Godhead.

Islam therefore glorifies Jesus by giving him due regard and removing allegations of
Divinity from his personality.

Q199 . Fish:

Nobody knows if there are any deities responsible for creation. Christianity, Islam and
Judaism are the three largest of the Abrahamic religions, so technically you all worship
the same god. Savor the delicious irony of all the bickering! Grow up and embrace
reality. Which came first; the god delusion or the infantile mind required to sustain it?

Well, of course you're not Muslim by birth, silly! It's not possible to be born a belief


You are right no body really KNOWS that there is a Creator of this Universe. We can
not see Him with Physical eyes or with our scientific experiments. But He can be seen
thru the EYES of reason, logic and deduction.

You are right that Jews, Christians and Muslims basically worship the same God (even if
Jews and Christians may not accept it). What is more most of religions in the world
worship basically the same God…because there is only one God and only one Creator!!
What growing up you want from us? A man who can not visualize his own Creator is
the man who has not grown up at all, he is still in his or her infancy!! (Theologically
speaking that is).

The concept of God came with the first man who walked on this earth. Adam was first
man as well as first prophet.

Q200 . A SOG ( A Son Of God)

MUQ. Consider what you follow. A black stone of darkness. Symbolic of the lies you
teach, and the hardness of your heart against God!

Put away all lying - lies are contrary to God in whom there is all truth. Do not make
yourself to be an enemy of God! Put away all lying! Stop accusing God of deception. for
it is you who is deceived. Turn to God with an honest open heart for His Truth. Then you
may come to know God. Know this - God knows what is in your heart even before you
ask. Consider this - God is Holy - God is Pure. God is Love.


We do not follow or worship any black stone. That stone is the starting point of TAWAF
(Circumambulating) around Kaaba and nothing else. That shows your knowledge about
Islam and Muslims.

And you claim yourself to be a Son of God!!

Yes we are always turning back to God and always repenting for our sins. We are not
arrogant like other people. We are humble and we are aware of our shortcoming.

We have faith in our Just and Merciful God. We have a fear from Him for our deeds and
actions and we have hope in His mercy. That is why we never boast about our faith or
our actions.

God is Holy and God is Pure. But God is not Holiness and God is not Purity. In the
same way God is Loving but God is not Love.

We do not say about God anything except what He or His messenger say about Him

Q201. Sound Doc:

Scholars? Your scholars? My scholars say differently; Authorship

There is no question about the fact that this letter was written by someone named James.
The problem lies in determining which James is referred to. Some assume that the author
of the letter is the brother of John and the son of Zebedee, whom the Lord called to the
apostleship early in his ministry (Matt. 10:12). He, together with Peter and John, formed
the first presidency of the early church. This James, however, was the first apostolic
martyr of the early church. He was "killed with the sword" (probably beheaded) by Herod
in a wave of persecution against the church (Acts 12:1,2). Most scholars fix the date of
his execution at A.D. 44, five or six years before the great Jerusalem Council. With these
facts considered, some scholars believe that the epistle of James was written by James,
the Lord's brother.


That you for your Obiter Dicta about the letter of James. If you re-read your own writing
carefully, it will be enough to tell you that this letter is not revelation from God and it is
not Word of God.

Why should it be included in Holy Bible which is supposed top be Word of God. In
Quran we have nothing but pure word of God and nothing but Word of God.

We have books of traditions, where acts and deeds of our prophet is recorded. We have
separate books were words and acts of Prophet’s companions are recorded.

Every book has its own authority. But in your case all these things are put behind the
same two covers.

Every Scholar who is not biased and speaks truth, will come to the same conclusion as
what I have written. And I have seen that Christian Scholars also reach to the same

Q202. VOR:

You are incorrect on the writings of St. Paul. In fact, Paul's preachings to Gentiles
correctly determined that Gentile followers of Jesus need not follow the same laws as
Jews. Paul's reasoning was that no one was ever saved by the law - if they had there
would be no need for a messiah. Therefore while Paul correctly ascertained that Gentile
followers of Jesus were not under the law, he made no such statements that Jewish
followers of Jesus should abandon circumcision, keeping kosher, etc.

Ordained by who to reject Jesus. Certainly not G-d? Jesus was rejected by Jewish leaders,
despite all they had seen and heard, not because of a conclusion that he wasn't He who
was promised, but because of the threat he posed to their power and authority.

Jews would be better served to focus their attention on businesses open on the sabbath in
Israel, not only working on the sabbath, but changing money as well. I think G-d would
find that more despicable than a group of messianic Jews who, in trying to follow G-d
more closely, have come to the conclusion that Jesus is messiah.

Who was Paul and from where he got the authority to change the message of Jesus, that it
is OK for gentiles to not follow Torah and for Jews to follow Torah?

Paul never met Jesus and never learned anything from Jesus or Jesus’ chosen 12

So teachings of Paul have no real value unless they are confirmed thru the teachings and
wordings of Jesus.

But when we see the teachings and reasoning of Paul (As outlined in his 13 or 14 letters),
we hardly find any quotation from Jesus!!

Jews were wrong to reject the message of Jesus, He did prove his credentials to clear any
doubt. It was only stubbornness on the parts of their scribes and Pharisees that they did
not follow Jesus.

Present day Jews are doing the same mistake by rejecting the message of Jesus. How
God will judge with each group is open to Him and we cannot say anything about that.

Our job is to deliver the message and leave the choice to individuals.

Q203. A SOG

MUQ.. What do you teach? That God deceived and did not have Christ crucified. God
does not Deceive. Such is not of God. God is Holy God is Pure. In God there is all truth.
You teach Paul the apostle was of satan. Paul sided with God's truth - that Christ was
truly crucified and rose again from the dead - that God did not deceive. For Such is not of
God. God is Holy God is Pure. In God there is all truth.

You teach the Holy Bible of the New Testament is a lie. To uphold a prophet who taught
followers to go out and lie and say anything to have him recognised as a prophet. One
law for him and one law for others. Even his followers questioned him. He taught of a
sex heaven. He lived according to the desires of the flesh. According to body and soul.

Jesus taught we are to be like the angels of God. Jesus also said that a person may not
enter Heaven unless they are born of the spirit also.

How can you say you are always turning back to God when you accuse Him of deceit?
That Jesus was not truly crucified, died and rose again. Also claiming that Jesus did not
speak the truth about Heaven. God does not deceive. God is Holy. God is Pure. Deceit is
hostile to God. God is Love.

God did not deceive and Jesus was never crucified. When he did not die, so there was no
case of any resurrection!!

None of the Gospel writers were eye witnesses of what they wrote, they wrote from
Hearsay and that is why their statements are contradictory and cancel each other.

Saint Paul of whatever status or level he may or may not be, it is a fact that he never met
Jesus, he never learned anything from Jesus and he never learned any thing from Jesus’
chosen 12 Apostles.

So whatever he says or teaches are his personal thoughts and not thoughts and teachings
of Jesus. We must be very careful to Accept any statement of Paul on face value.

None of the present Gospels were written during the life of Jesus and none of the writers
were Disciples of Jesus. Then none of the writers say from which source they got this
information. What you have is a bunch of anonymous books and you create your
skyscraper of theology on these weak foundations.

Neither God tells a lie, Nor Jesus ever told a lie. It were people after Jesus that stole his
mission and mixed his simple teachings with all that Roman and Greek philosophy.

Jesus never hear the word “Christ” in his life time!! No body called him Jesus in his life
time!! He never ever heard the word Trinity in his life time!!

And these are the basic foundations of modern day Christian faith!!

Q204. Mary:


When people live in certain places, people adopt similar behavior, except the one's who
migrate or lived other places .If you read my post clearly, I said I didn't generalize and I
said "Most". I have NEVER met a good Saudi nationals because of
the fact that people adopt similar behavior living in same environment. Well, maybe you
are brainwashed to NOT see what is been going on in Riyadh. I never seen such a crime
committed on human beings like what happened in Saudi. All kind of murders committed
and say Mecca is holy place? why? I have nothing against other surrounding countires,
especially Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan,. So on but Yes what is been done in Saudi on
others, will have to stop and trust me that is not what the Quran said. .it is pure evil. And
don't tell me it is ok to poison, take other people body parts, use different method of
abusing, take the less fortunate in a place where it is outcast and use them for different
reasons, ALL THESE IS EVIL. And yes it happens everyday,


You started with innocent sounding posts, but now you are working up into Anti Saudi

I would request you to be modest in either praising or criticizing any one. With all its
faults and excess in Riyadh and its crimes….it is much lower than in any other city say
New York or London. Should we criticize USA or Christians or Christianity for what is
happening in New York?

Who told you that non Muslims are murdered and left on roads in Riyadh? It seems you
have never come to Saudi Arabia or any of ME countries. You are only writing based on
faulty information.

Millions of Non Muslims are living and working in Saudi Arabia and they came here by
their own choice…no one “hijacked” them to come here and they are free to leave the
country. If they are killed and tortured and left on street to die…why would they come

Then from the Universal brotherhood and accommodate every one….you have started
this one sided criticism of Islam and Muslims. It is so unlike your last posts.

Makkah is a holy place, because it contains the Kaaba, the House Constructed by prophet
Abraham for worship of one true God.

So I think sister you are getting hysterical in your criticism of Saudis…and loosing your
poise. You use language which is not fit for a lady of refined tastes. Tone it down a
little. No one is perfect, but to single out a particular group and then generalize it is not a
good thing.

Q205. ASOG:

You also mean well. I do know the history of the gospels. Some people receive the Holy
Spirit without anything seemingly dramatic. For others it is indeed as though being
baptised with fire. There is a burning at the core of ones being. Then there comes a deep

The Holy Spirit and the Comforter are one and the same. For the Holy Spirit gives
comfort when in times of tough trial. Look at the great trials of the Great Apostle Paul in
the Book of Acts for example - he endured and met every obstacle with great victory -
and without picking up a sword of steel. A person can be seemingly be alone, and still
know God is with them.
It is not that Christians misunderstand the passage; it is that you have been pointed
elsewhere, to one who considered himself exempt from keeping God's Commandments.
There by it he was not Holy, for to go against the Commandments comes an alienation
from God who is Holy. The Commandments lead to life and love.

The God of Abraham is no deceiver, in him there is all truth, for God is Holy and pure. In
Him we can trust.


I told you, that you are not familiar with Jewish language and Jewish terms.

The world “Fire” in Jewish language meant “War or struggle or Physical Laws” and not
the “Burning sensation inside your body” as you are trying to explain.

John the Baptist was saying that after me a prophet will come, who will Baptize you with
a New Law and lead you to war and struggle and a new law. He was not speaking about
Jesus, his contemporary, who did nothing of these.

In the same way, Son of God in Jewish language meant a man, closer to God, a godly
person and a righteous prophet. Christians have taken this word in its literal sense and
created all these impossible concepts like “God’s only Begotten Son”….God the Son and
ultimately falling into the abyss of Trinity.

The First thing Paul should have done after his “conversion” was to head to Jerusalem
and learn about the teachings of Jesus from them….but he did nothing of the
sort….Immediately after his “Fake Conversion” he started teaching his own version of
Gospel… his teachings are his own and not of Jesus’ from whom he learned nothing
at all.

God does not deceive…but many get deceived in the name of God by Satan and his

Q206 . A SOG:

You are going to need to trust what I am telling you is true. After Jesus died, rose and
ascended to Heaven. He did what he promised and sent the Holy Spirit to those that
believe. Remember when Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist what he said?

John the Baptist also spoke of it:

Luke 3:16
16 John answered them all, "I baptize you with water. But one more powerful than I will
come, the thongs of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie. He will baptize you with the
Holy Spirit and with fire.
The prophet Joel also spoke of it:
Joel 2:28 28 "And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and
daughters will prophesy,
your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.

Acts 2:1-20
1 When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place. 2 Suddenly a
sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house
where they were sitting. 3 They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and
came to rest on each of them.
4 All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the
Spirit enabled them.

John 16:7-8 7 But I tell you the truth: It is for your good that I am going away. Unless I
go away, the Counselor will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you. 8 When
he comes, he will convict the world of guilt in regard to sin and righteousness and

John 3:5 5 Jesus answered, "I tell you the truth, no one can enter the kingdom of God
unless he is born of water and the Spirit


I do not doubt your sincerity….but there are some hard facts which you should
face….Just having good intentions are not enough.

You must know the history of Gospels and then be dogmatic about the words and phrases
they used.

Take for example John the Baptists quotation “I baptize you with water. But one more
powerful than I will come, the thongs of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie. He will
baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire.”

People usually take than John in above quotation meant Jesus….but is it true? John and
Jesus were contemporaries …in prophetic language no one says that one who will come
after me….that is used when sufficient gap is passed between the two events. What Fire
Jesus Baptized with? What is the significance of Fire? What it meant in Jewish

Then you quoted John 16:7-8

“7 But I tell you the truth: It is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the
Counselor will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you. 8 When he comes, he
will convict the world of guilt in regard to sin and righteousness and judgment:
This is the most misunderstood of all passages of John’s Gospel. Jesus is clearly telling
of a future personality to come after him and do such and such things.

But Christians misunderstood this passage as referring to Holy Spirit that is supposed to
have descended on Pentecost day. That spirit did nothing which Jesus is telling here.

That is why I say to you, hold your passion and go thru the Gospel of Barnabas, may be it
will provide you answers for many of your doubts.

Q207. BMZ:

There have been a number of false witness gospels written by followers of Satan in an
attempt to discredit Jesus and the Gospels of truth.

Body soul death.

Do you think Satan wants a man to become of body soul and spirit? Of course he doesn't.

False witness gospels were written by both Jews and Romans. For the Jew, Christ was an
embarrassment, while for Roman Emperor, Christ was tearing Rome apart.


I know that many spurious Gospels and books were written (writing spurious books
seems to be an specialty of Jews and Christians alike!!).

Tell me what were the criterion used by Church to judge the true Gospels from spurious

Why they selected these four Gospels only?

Satan would try his very best to lure people away from worship of One True God of
Universe....that would be his main aim of existence.

Sometimes he lures people into worshipping Idols made of wood and stone...

Sometime he lures people into worshipping celestial bodies like sun, moon and stars etc.

Sometimes he lures people into worshipping true prophets of making

themselves like unto God..

That was the technique he used on Paul... by raising the status of jesus, till he made jesus
as equal to God...

When Paul was were his blind followers....who accepted every thing
coming from Paul as coming from Jesus....

In the bitter struggle for supremacy...Paul’s party won in the end.....but that does not
make it truth.

Barnabas from the other party wrote down his own version of the could
Pauline Church be supportive of that Gospel?

That explains their opposition to this Gospel and as Blind Follower of Church
also get a bias against this Gospel.

I am not dogmatic about the accuracy of this Gospel as I have explained...but it gives a
second opinion....the position of Chosen disciples of jesus to keep the record straight.

Q208. Anonymous:

James Bones discovered in Jerusalem


The Bones may be real or forged is neither here nor there.

What is really interesting is for a "Jewish judge" to decide on this sensitive issue.

It recalls to our mind another "Jewish Trail presided by Jewish judges" in which Jesus
himself was the accused!!

Can any one expect a "fair trail" or 'fair judgment" from such a court?

It is pathetic to see how Christians growl and stoop down to such techniques to "prove" to
the world that Jesus indeed existed!!

In their zeal to preserve "Resurrected Christ"....they destroyed knowingly or unknowingly

all evidences and traces of historical Jesus Christ, the man the prophet of God.

In their view it was immaterial....why to keep evidences that their "God" was a mortal
man after all.

This is what I said that Jews have totally neutralized Christianity in West...and the
evidence is right in front of us.

An Israeli and Jew Judge will pronounce if James son of Joseph existed ....proving by
tangent argument that if James existed so Jesus might also have existed....

Is that what is the faith of 2 Billion Christians?

Q209. MARY

I am talking in general as someone who lived in same area share similar behavior. It is
not about meeting good Saudi or not. It is about being a culture to abuse and torture
innocent people in Saudi and others are supporting the act of the savage act like it is
ok....because they are muslim brothers
as you said. well, yes Quran say about universal brotherhood, but people in Saudi don't
practice it but most do evil.

well, there IS NO Equality in Saudi. There is murder and kill anybody which they have
power on , due to race, religion, nation, on. I tell you Saudi will be the first to be
destroyed....wait and see. …


You have some special knives to grind with Saudis and I cannot help it.

It only seems your personal grudge….I am sure you have never been to Saudi Arabia…..
There are bad people and criminal every where and Saudi Arabia is no exception.

No one can say that only angels live here.

But the way you are singling it out, shows your own bias. You give me any example of
torture and violence in Saudi Arabia….I will give you ten and more such examples from
your own countries of similar and more horrible crimes like that.

I just cannot believe that a refined person, that too a lady could or should write such
messages of hate.

To me it seems you are not in a fit state of mind for any meaningful discussion.

Peace be on to you.

Q210 . A SOG:

What makes you think God was just for the Jew?

The Jews were a nation set apart from the rest of the world by God in order for them to
become a holy nation for the bringing in to the world the Messiah. a Messiah not just for
the Jews but also for the whole of mankind.
Take another look at Paul's teachings. After his conversion he lived according to the
commandments written in the heart as a principle of love rather than command. He also
taught the principles of the commandments as a matter of love. Jesus also lead by
example and took the commandments as principles of love. Written in the heart. For it
can be seen that the commandments lead to life and love.

In Christ there is a new covenant founded on love. the Jews thought the covenant would
be just for them. The gentiles have been grafted in through Christ the King of the Jews.
The Old Testament prophesy of this age can be found here:


Where did I say that God is only for Jews?

I said that Mission of Jesus was for Jews….and this is not what I am saying…this is what
Jesus himself is saying:

‘I have been sent to Lost sheep of the House of Israel” is his famous quote.

He instructed his apostles also not to enter into any other village or town except those of
Jews and Israel.

The mission of Jesus was not Universal….it was Paul who did it and caused all those
problems and theological debated mentioned by me.

Your testimony for Paul holds no authority… keep it with yourself. A man is known
by his actions…..Paul’ can also be seen by what deviations he created into the pure and
simple message of Jesus.

Q211. ASOG:

Where do you get the idea from that Jesus wanted to build his church on Peter? Except
that Paul's authority came from the true God of Abraham.
I take it you have read the acts of the apostles? According to you Jesus had no message!
For according to you, and some others, Jesus came with nothing new. Well no he
wouldn't have done, except that he brought a loving hand of salvation to mankind, and
then came the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
You mock salvation. You have no salvation. You mock Almighty God, to prop up the
greatest of deceivers. You are of the Antichrist.


It is not my idea….it is recorded in Gospels that Jesus wanted to built his church on or
around Peter….but some one beat him to it!!
It is your statement that Paul’s authority came from God of Abraham,,,, and your
unsupported words count of nothing.

Where did I said that Jesus came with nothing? He was the greatest reformer of Jewish
religion after Moses. He introduced moral values into a religion which had become too

Every prophet brings salvation to his followers, there is no specialty in that for Jesus
alone. Before Jesus, Moses brought salvation to his people .

I do not mock any prophet of God, I seek pardon from God, if I have done that for any
one. The people like Paul are exemption, because they were no prophets of God and not
chosen disciples of any prophet.

I think you have authority to distribute Anti Christ badge to any one you like or
wish….may be Jesus or Paul or Holy Spirit has given you that authority.

Q212. A SOG

MUQ, It is not that the verse has been tampered with, but that verse Verse has long been
misinterpreted by the Roman Catholic church to sanctify the Pope, as head of the church.
Constantine tried to usurp Christianity to gain control over the Christians and restore
Lordship to emperor and Rome.
Christ - he is the head. The great Rock is the truth that Peter said and not Peter himself.
Jesus did not change the subject, he asked them if they knew who he was was. It is who
he is that the rock that the church is built on.

Paul was a great Apostle, chosen to go out to the gentiles. What needs to be understood,
is the the other 11 were still Jew in the head. Acts chapter 10 shows this of Peter. This is
why they were sent out to the Jews. This does not mean that the writings of those is of no
value to those who are gentiles. Paul's letters are wonderful. He went through many trials
and endured. Paul taught holiness, for holiness is of God. Paul lived to be holy. Paul
might have understood more than the others, for Paul knew salvation in Christ was also
for the gentiles, and not just for the Jews. Again, that can be found in Acts chaper 10. It
was a mystery hidden in God.


It is your interpretation that Jesus is the Great Rock and not the Peter. I do not want to
involve into inter-sectarian disputes between Christian sects.

Since Pope was dishing out Paul’s teachings, why should they usurp the name of Peter?

I know Paul was a Great Apostle….nay a great Prophet…. But he himself ascended to
that throne on his own authority….. or telling the people that God or Jesus gave him that
authority in dreams…. Since then Christianity is only about dreams and claims.
In the book of Acts, we see Peter and Barnabas together with Paul till about the 15th
Chapter…. And after that it is Paul, Paul and Paul….all other disciples fade away…. You
know why?

Read the chapter 15, It is about Counsel of Jerusalem…. Paul got some concessions from
Jesus’ Chosen disciples in that conference … after that there was no need for any apostle
in his mission.

I know paul knew more than other Jesus’ chosen disciples (that is why Jesus chose
them!!)… In fact by taking the message to mostly Gentiles….he seemed to know more
that even Jesus!! In his life time, Jesus only spread his message to Jews … it was Paul
who opened the gate for gentiles and got his own following.

That is Pauline Christianity which overwhelmed Jesus’ Christianity.

I know that there were many spurious Gospels that were written (Jews and Christians
have mastery on writing spurious books)…. Jest because there are spurious books, we
cannot call every book as spurious.

As I told , I am not dogmatic about this Gospel of Barnabas…..however it answers many

of the unanswered questions left in Recognized Gospels and present another picture of
Jesus… which is more real…. More human and more in line with what he really was….
A great human Jewish prophet…. Paul drew his own Resurrected Christ from that Human
Jewish Prophet and made him a mystery.

Q213. A SOG:

MUQ, the idea that Jesus was to found the church on Peter comes from The Roman
Catholic Church. It was taught to give Rome authority over the church.
Jesus was talking about himself. He is the great rock on whom the church is built. That is
clarified in Peters own letters.
The Jews did have moral values - they had the commandments given by God to Moses.
So how can you say he came to give moral values?
Paul's authority came from God. He spoke with authority of the Holy Spirit. He taught in
accordance with the holy Spirit. He lived in accordance with the Holy Spirit. Those born
of the Holy Spirit would recognise this.

You do not teach baptism in to Christ. You deny baptism in to Christ. This is why you
fail to recognise what is of God and what is not of God.
You may be blown around by any wind of doctrine. You would teach any wind of
The Holy Spirit has been given to prevent us from being blown around by any wind of
doctrine. The Holy Spirit has been given to protect us from the wiles of the devil, and so
that we may come glorify God….


The idea that Jesus wanted to built his church on Peter is found in the Gospels
themselves….Do you mean to say that Roman Church “Tweaked” the Gospels to prove
what they wanted?

Is that not what I am saying all along….That Gospels have been tempered with….things
have been added and things have been subtracted and things have been changed…..not by
laymen or common folks…..but by those who were at the highest level of Church

If you listen to various arguments between Jesus and Jews of his days, you would
recognize to what level of “Moral values” they had descended and that is what was most
prominent in the teachings of Jesus.

He introduced the concept of mercy and forgiveness into their mostly ritualistic way of
life….he taught them “meaning” of the words and not their spelling so to say..

You might say that paul received his authority from God. Then it makes Paul a prophet
of God.

That is what I have been demanding from Christians, they follow all teaching s of Paul
without defining his status. They are fooled into believing that they are following
teachings of Jesus, while in reality it has no connection.

You make paul a prophet of God and follow him, I have no objection. They you should
call yourself a Pauline and not Christian.

God’s mercy is not limited to Jews only….God has sent many prophets to Non Jews and
non Abraham people also.

Our prophet however was descendant of Abraham….so all your arguments against him

Patriarch Abraham has precedence and superiority over Moses , David and Jesus.

Q214. Mary:

well, you can say negative stuff as a man and a woman is not supposed to say anything?
looooool. tell that to Saudi women not me. You don't know who you talking with.

you support the negative act in Saudi because you are brothers in faith? well, your
brothers aint gonna save you on judgement day, I tell you that.

1 example of torture? hahahha funny. A non muslim is tortured, raped, slaughtered and
thrown on the desert and now you sit and lie about it...???? stop comparing saudi with
usa....atleast in usa without discrimination people live with out killing, slaughtering,
torturing......stop comparing a free country from barbaric country like saudi....not other
middle east country , i have only beef with Saudi.....and I hope something will be done
about the slaughtering of innocent in Saudi.......when many Saudis learn how to respect
human being as a flesh and reflection of Almighty then there will be peace...


I am neither a Die Hard supporter of Saudi people nor a Rabid Hater of Saudi People as
you are.

I will not be asked to be a judge for these people and I will not be asked on the last day
how Saudi people behaved.

Whatever I find good in Saudi people I praise and whatever I see bad I reject. I do not
raise them to level of Angels and do not bring them down to the level of demons.

They are like any other people or group in the world, there are good people amongst them
and there are bad people amongst them too.

Why should you try to propagate only negative image for them I cannot understand,
unless you have some personal grudge against them.

Were you ditched by a Saudi man or did you ever worked as domestic maid in their
houses? There is no logical reason for your Anti Saudi stand to me.

Q215 . A SOG:

The gospels of truth have become suspect to you because the false prophet told you God
cannot have a son. You're mind is also too small to accept that God is Almighty.
You do not believe the God of Abraham. You have chosen to embrace the flawed
teachings of the Antichrist.
You mock Paul the great apostle. You mock Christ crucified - the one who said, "Father
forgive them because they do not know what they are doing."

I pray also that you do not know what you are doing. Your heart is closed to God, which
is why the gospels of truth have become nonsense to you.

Christ was born. Christ suffered. Christ died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again in
glory. Praise be to God.

It is very interesting for you to say that ‘Your God Cannot have a Son”!!

My God also cannot lie!!

My God cannot also forget?

My God also cannot do Injustice?

My God also cannot create any one who is His Equal!!!

Are these “disabilities” lower His personality or Enhance it?

To have a Son is in-fact a “Negative Trait” for God. Why should God need a Son?

We Humans need Son, so that thru him our progeny survive, we need sons to take care of
us when we get old.

God is free from all such needs… therefore it fits His glory that He be free from all such
weaknesses. That is why God says in Quran “He begets non, neither was He Begotten”!!

I do not mock Paul. I say he made himself as an Apostle of Jesus. He was a self claimed
Apostle of Jesus and every thing proves it. His past life, his strange teachings and his
stranger logic….all so different from Jesus and his way of talking and preaching.

Finally I am happy to end that you have changed your signature from “God is Love” to
‘Praise be to God”.

If our discussions changed you that much, then I am happy.

The Judgment you pronounced on me, is your own and God is not bound by that.
Q216. Jupiter:

state to me 'why' you believe Catholics are Christians. but be careful how you
reply-'Roman Catholic' remember. First you need to discuss their origin, why the made
that sect etc. the following quotes show 'why' they are against Yahweh and are against the
teachings of Jesus and remember Catholics invented the muslim religion also.
1 . Prayers for the dead .…………-----300 A.D.
2. Making the sign of the cross …………………………300 A.D.
3. Veneration of angels & dead saints …………------375 A.D.
4. Use of images in worship………………………… 375 A.D.
5. The Mass as a daily celebration………………………… 394 A.D.
6 Beginning of the exaltation of Mary; the term, "Mother of God" applied a Council of
Ephesus……………..--- 431 A.D.
7 Extreme Unction (Last Rites)………………………526 A.D.
8. Doctrine of Purgatory-Gregory 1…………………………593 A.D..
9. Prayers to Mary & dead saints …………………………600 A.D.
10. Worship of cross, images & relics ………………………… 786 A.D.
11 Canonization of dead saints …………………………995 A.D.
12. Celibacy of priesthood …………………………1079 A.D.
13. The Rosary ………………………… 1090 A.D.
14. Indulgences …………………………1190 A.D.
15. Transubstantiation-Innocent III ………………………… 1215 A.D.
16. Auricular Confession of sins to a priest …………………… 1215 A.D.
17. Adoration of the wafer (Host)……………………… 1220 A.D.
18. Cup forbidden to the people at communion …………………..1414 A.D.
19. Purgatory proclaimed as a dogma…………………………1439 A.D.
20. The doctrine of the Seven Sacraments confirmed …………….1439 A.D.
21 Tradition declared of equal authority with Bible by Council of
Trent………………………… 1545 A.D.
22. Apocryphal books added to Bible ………-------1546 A.D.
23. Immaculate Conception of Mary…………………………1854 A.D.
24, Infallibility of the pope in matters of faith and morals, proclaimed by the Vatican
Council ……………… 1870 A.D.
25. Assumption of the Virgin Mary (bodily ascension into heaven shortly after her death)
………………………1950 A.D.
26. Mary proclaimed Mother of the Church……………………… 1965 A.D.


Although some of the preceding Roman Catholic heresies are now being questioned by
many, both inside and outside the church, none have
It is very useful information, may be "Holy Ghost" residing inside Popes was
instrumental in adopting these teachings.

You know he might be getting bored, with people following same teachings centuries
after centuries, there should be some alteration so that people always get something new
Q217. Eric:

So when they continued asking Him, He raised Himself up and said to them, "He who is
without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first."
...Ever wonder why they only caught "Woman in the Act" ?


What about man who was with her?

When they catch people in the ac of adultery ...then both parties should be apprehended...

Why they only brought woman to Jesus and left the man Scott free?

Or was it a sort of discrimination...punish only weaker people (woman) and let free the
strong people (man in this case).

May be it was this hypocrisy against which Jesus spoke.

Mind you Jesus never said that Moses law on Adultery was wrong or outdate.

He simply said to the woman "all your accusers are gone....and I alone cannot judge you,
because I have no I let you free (on want of witness)!

Q218 . Jupiter:

Now explain that this is all lies- and state your reasons for why it is lies. Until this day I
have NEVER had one single muslim would could back up their Allah - or back up
Mohammed. Before you back up your religion, i urge you to do so without including
Jesus because Jesus has nothing to do with the moon ok.....think before you answer

You speak such evil and such hate. How dare your false doctrine even dare to write
Yashua name in that evil book the Koran.

The muslims and the Catholics are one, infact they both share a common purpose.(and im
not talking about the peodo's this time around, i'll leave that to a next discussion).


Your answer only shows your ignorance about Islam and Quran. I am sure you have
never read just it…. Just got some inputs from hearsay or from some Anti Islamic sites on
Internet and pose yourself as an “authority” on Islam and Muslims.
Quran as revelation from God Almighty has all rights to speak about any prophet starting
from Adam down to Jesus and Mohammad (may peace of Allah be on to all the

Islam itself means peace, it does not preach hate.

Q219. ASOG:

What you do not realise is that it is Jesus that has shown us what God is like. God had a
Son because we needed God to have a Son. You only believe God has not had a son,
because that is a teaching of the Satan’s Antichrist.
Why did God allow Jesus to be crucified? To show us just how much He really loves us.
When we realise that, we can come to love God in return. God would rather we love him
than fear him!

Why can't God step in to His Creation? Why belittle God's creation? God has shown how
much He values His creation. what is the best part of God's creation? Mankind, for it is
mankind that can know love, and it is mankind that can become to know God.
You have already been told about the fictional work that is the gospel of Barnabas. the
real Barnabas would object to it.
Paul was a true disciple of Jesus. Paul taught Christ and the Holy Spirit which was
poured out on those that believe. Paul's letters lead to holiness, for holiness is of God.
God is Holy. Clear proof Paul was certainly not of satan!

God has redeemed us. It was with cost to God. God has done the purchasing and not us.
The Sword of Truth - that is a weapon designed to give life, but it is two edged. On one
side is salvation, on the other is damnation. Christ in you the hope of glory.


What right have you got to make God do what you want Him to do.

If you need God to have a Son…. Then He must have a Son!!

If you need God to have a daughter…. Then He must also have a daughter!!!

If you needt God to have a Wife…. Then He must also have a wife too.

If you need God to become a Man…. Then He should become a Man to satisfy your

If you need God to have one Hundred Sons…. Then He must have one Hundred sons to
satisfy your curiosity (Hindus in fact are more logical that Christians, in their mythology
God does take the shape of Human, Fish, Tortoise, and many other life forms)
What is this logic? God is What He is. He does what He wants to do… not what His
creations wants to do.

You are very right…Paul was a true Disciple of Jesus…..because he never met Jesus in
his life time and never learned any thing from him!!

In fact the Chosen 12 Disciples of Jesus were not true Disciples of Jesus …because they
had the “misfortune” to see, meet and listen and taught by Jesus face to face!!!

I like you logic very much… may be it is Holy Spirit which is whispering these to you.

The sword of truth is an imaginary weapon (like your imaginary Trinity)…

Q220. ASOG:

That is totally untrue. The Quran denies Jesus to be the Son of God, and of the Holy
Trinity. The Quran also accuses Jesus of deception about the crucifixion.
Jesus is also said to be dead and not risen in glory. The Quran denies salvation in Christ.
The Quran also blasphemes God by implying God to be the greatest of deceivers. Satan is
the greatest of deceivers, and deception is not of God. So MUQ. Why did Paul encourage
to be Holy? Holiness is of God, for God is holy.


As I told to raise some one above his actual status is not really praising him but
downgrading him in the eyes of God and in the eyes of knowledgeable people.

If some one has never been a President to USA, so raise him to the level of President of
USA is insulting him.

So God never had a Son, God does not begets and God is nor begotten. So those who say
that Jesus is Son of God are really insulting God and Jesus.

When there was no crucifixion, how can you say that Jesus deceived people about his
crucifixion? Read thru Gospel of Barnabas and the whole episode will become clear to

Salvation is only in the hands of God and not in the hands of Jesus, Moses or Mohammad

You should get your facts right…. Get out of Paul’s influence and become a true disciple
of Jesus

PS: Name ANY Weapon which is not designed to kill?

Q221. ASOG:

Who is it that has revealed what God is really like? It is Jesus. Do you deny mankind
does not need to know what God is like? The Father has a Son. Not because I say the
Father has a Son, but because the Father has been revealed in the Son. Jesus was not
lying when he spoke of his Father. It is in the Son that the Father has been glorified, for it
is in the Son that we can come to know and love God.
Do you think Satan wants you to know God? That is why Satan deceives you for he is the
greatest of deceivers. Deception is not of God. Satan has tricked you in to limiting God so
that you remain blind, and dead in spirit.

John 3:5
5 Jesus answered, "I tell you the truth, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is
born of water and the Spirit.


How did God reveal to humanity before Jesus came into the world?

Why was God partial to those people?

All those prophets who came before Jesus, how did they know God and how did they
guide their people to God?

What was wrong in that approach that God has to send His Son (6000 or so years after
Adam) so that people actually may know God?

Therefore all this idea of God having a Son and sending His Son to world is an
imagination of St. Paul, which has confused the minds of him and his followers.

What about Paul being a True Disciple of Jesus because he did not had the “Misfortune”
of seeing and meeting Jesus when Jesus was alive.

Read thru the Gospel of Barnabas and it would clarify your mistakes.

Q221. Jupiter

to be honest - we have wasted time here. you worship Allah- and i worship yahweh. You
believe in the Koran I do not for my own personal beliefs. Secondly, you believe Jesu
(yashua) was a prophet, I do not I believe he was the son of man. You believe
Mohammed was a prophet I believe he was a pedo.
We shall never agree on nothing here. Your book, I have seen and out of curiously I had a
peep and read 2 pages. it left me wanting to vomit.
Now this discussion is about Allah, not tom jones, not paul, not jesu, not selassi, just
allah. You worship him, thats your choice but not one single thing you have said justifies
your choice.
Its time to end this discussion now because (AS ALWAYS) the muslims jump on Jesus,
nothing changes, one of the reasons they killed him and hope people would forget about


These threads are not about people to force to come to each other’s beliefs. This is forum
to exchange our views and post them so we learn about each other’s faith.

You say we believe in Allah and you believe in YHWH, what if they point to same
personality? One in Arabic and another in Hebrew? Do you mean that Creator of Arabs
is different from Creator of Jews?

If you came to vomiting after just reading two pages of Quran….that speaks about your
bad taste and pre-bias against Quran, Islam and its prophet.

These are the people whom I call as with closed mind.

I am not too much interested to keep the discussion line open between us. If your
comments are fit to be answered, then I will post a reply, otherwise I myself will keep

You are not the first one with that privilege!!

Q223. Jupiter

what amazes me is this...whenever you question the muslim faith you get some retard
who compares their beliefs to Christianity, why? Allah is a moon God, that is the end of
the discussion. The whole Koran puts down jesus- is that the aim of the muslim
religion?? it seems to be. Mohammed fancied little girls, he put people into slavery, he
had sex with children, he killed and hurt people, he stole, he saved his riches. Now what a
good example he was to others to follow. The black stone at Mecca is a tribute to Lucifer,
that is why they throw stones at it.
Please get back to the question (unless ou want to start another thread) What is Allah? A
MOON DIETY - so when your sitting there in your letterbox outfit I suggest you
consider the aspects of your most holy leader- cough cough!!!


In Fact it is Quran which really glorifies Jesus!!

There is not a single statement in Quran which degrades the personality and moral
uprightness of Jesus..
Quran gives the proper respect and proper place to Jesus which he really deserves.

If you raise someone to the level of are not praising him or increasing his
stature but in fact you are reducing his status.

For example , if some one in not President of USA, if you start saying that he Was or he
is President of USA, it is a lie and it lowers his position. If some one corrects you and
says he is or never was President of USA, but only a senator...he is doing justice to that
person and to you also.

Same is the case of Jesus in Quran. In Quran he is spoken as a righteous prophet of God,
A Righteous servant of God...Born without Human father, a Sign from God for

He performed all those miracles with the permission of God...His mission was to Jews
and he was the greatest reformer of Jewish religion after Moses...

He was not killed and he was not crucified...He was taken up bodily to Heavens by God...
He will come back to earth before the last day..

Now which of these statements are showing insult to jesus?

Compare that with what you usually say about our prophet and see who is doing what.

Quranic Jesus is much superior to the Pauline Begotten Son of God and one in Trinity as
Co-Equal to God. These titles are actually lowering the position of jesus in sight of God.

You are not helping Jesus in any way by increasing his true stature.

That is why Quran says

"O people of Book (Jews and Christians) commit no excesses in your religion : nor say of
God anything but truth...Christ Jesus the son of Mary was (no more than) a messenger of
God, And His Word which He bestowed on Mary and a spirit proceeding from Him....So
believe in God and His messengers...and Do not say Trinity...Desist it would be better for
you..." (Ch 4: 171).

In reality Quran is the biggest benefactor of Jesus!!

PS: If you think Allah is a Moon Deity...then first remove the word Allah from All
Arabic Bibles!! Check from 500 CE Downwards and see if any Arabic Bible is without
the word Allah!!

Then you find another equivalent of the word Allah in Arabic that can be used in place of
When you find answers to both these questions, then you come back to me on this thread
(if you are honest, these two tasks will take you your whole human life on this earth and
still you will be at the same place from where you started)!!!

Q224. Jupiter:

You say we believe in Allah and you believe in YHWH, what if they point to same
personality? One in Arabic and another in Hebrew? Do you mean that Creator of Arabs is
different from Creator of Jews?

Good day, let me answer your question. I shall make it so simple that even a 3 year old
could understand this logic.

The creator is Yahweh which you find so difficult to even type let alone utter ( I wonder
why) It does make reference in the scriptures about those who fear his name and go on to
change it, hmmm interesting. Secondly, your GOD Allah is a Arabic name for YOUR
God, I am not disputing that. Remember I used the word GOD. Remember there are
millions of Gods and Goddesses- so you are correct. However, the creator, the Almighty,
the most High, is Yahweh. Yahweh created ALL things, Jews, Arabs, you name it.
Because you reject Yushua - this boils down to the very essence as to why me and you do
not share the same opinions and we do not serve the same master. Does this answer your
question now?


You accuse me to be shy of spelling YHWH correctly, but in reality it is you who are
wrong to spell it as Yahweh!!

In original Hebrew Manuscripts the word is written without any Vowels!!! It is just Four
Consonants, YHWH (Jews even do not pronounce this world). You put your own vowels
to derive Yahweh and another group of Christians get Jehovah from the same four

There is Only One Creator of this Universe… who is known by different people by
different names.

Jews call Him YHWH or Elohim

Christians call Him as God

Arabs and Muslims call Him as Allah and so on

Mary has posted a long list how God is known in different language.

You only show your ignorance by disputing it.

However people claim that there many imaginary gods and goddesses … these exist only
in imagination of people and have no real existence.

Q225 . Bryant:

They must be Biblical sound.

The New Testament provides no precise information concerning the year of Jesus' birth.
A fixed point from which to start is the fact that Jesus was born before the death of Herod
the Great. According to Matthew 2:1-9, Herod was troubled by the arrival of the Wise
Men asking where the king of the Jews had been born. From Josephus we learn that
Herod died on or before Passover, A.U.C. 750 (that is, on or before April 4, 4 B.C.). How
long before this date Jesus was born is not known. Matthew and Luke tell of certain
events that occurred between his birth and Herod's death, including the presentation at the
temple 40 days after his birth, the visit of the Wise Men, the flight into Egypt, and the
murder of the male children in Bethlehem. Whatever view is taken of the order of these
events they can scarcely have occupied less than 2 or 3 months. Therefore the birth of
Jesus took place no later than January of 4 B.C. or December 5 B.C., and it may have
occurred up to 2 years earlier, although this is highly doubtful.

The custom of celebrating Jesus' birth on December 25th began in the 3rd or 4th century.
It is questionable whether his birth was celebrated before that time, although we do know
that the coming of the Wise Men was being celebrated on January 6 (Epiphany). The
reason(s) for designating December 25th, as Jesus' birthday is not known.

Some argue that the date was chosen because it was the date for the pagan celebration
Dies Solis Invicti (Day of the Invincible Sun). This celebration honored the sun god. If
this were true, the reason(s) would have been (1) December 25th is within the reasonable
window of dates (between Dec. 5 & Jan. of the year 4 B.C.); (2) it would have provided
Christians an alternative festival in place of the one held in honor of the sun god, which
was associated with the pagan Mithra religion.


Thanks for giving all these details about when Jesus was born… I agree with your
conclusion that “We really do not know when Jesus was really born”.

This is truth and very truth. So to say that Jesus was born on 25 th December is wrong
factually and reasonably too.
I have no objection if you say that we “fixed” ourselves December 25 to celebrate the
Birth day of Jesus. But you should check why this date was chosen in the first place?

If you find that this was a Pagan day of festival, then you should not have chosen it,
because it will cause confusion in the minds of people.

I know that by passage of time, the original connection is lost in the minds of people and
they only think that Jesus was born on 25th December…which is wrong.

So why persist with that error?

What you said about Christmas is known as “Innovations” in Islam and is highly
discouraged. We should not initiate “innovations” in our religion and in our lives.

Do you want to be more Christian than Jesus and his chosen Disciples?

Q226. ASOG:

I'll start with the last part first MUQ. The gospel of Barnabas was written about 1,500
years AFTER Christ. It is a fraud, and as such it is unwise to go by.
God was never really partial to the Jews. That is a misconception. They were a people
chosen by God to become a holy nation for the purpose of bringing in to the world the
Messiah - the savior of the world, and not of just the Jews.

Prophets before Jesus’ time had the Holy Spirit come upon them. That is different to what
was to follow with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is now within and
not just upon those that believe. This is one great truth through which we know there was
to be only one last prophet after Christ. For one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is prophesy.
So a true prophet would be within and not from without.
Your prophet was dead in spirit, which was why he failed to grasp understanding of the
spirit. He lived and died dead in spirit. He did not teach according to the spirit. He did not
comprehend what happened to mankind at the fall through the rejection of God. That was
how mankind came to be dead in spirit, and how satan came to be god of this world. You
can see it all around you - Satan is still god of this world!

Your prophet thought he had seen the Angel Gabriel, but it was Satan that he saw, for
Satan detests what happened through Christ's death and resurrection. The gospels are
accounts written several hundred years before the arrival of the antichrist.


First of all, I must congratulate you for having a “Built In Holy Spirit Detector”!!

You can decide within a moment who has and who does not has Holy Spirit… have you
even pondered, may be you do not have Holy Spirit inside yourself too?
Your logic that Jews were chosen by God to bring the Messiah into the world is a very far
fetched logic.

I asked how the prophets before Jesus reached salvation and how did they helped their
followers to know and reach God.

Do you mean to say that no Prophet before Jesus knew God and no prophet before Jesus
guided their followers to God?

This is a very absurd logic and not proven by OT books.

Then you calling Gospel of Barnabas a 15th century forgery is your self made claim (same
as your faulty Holy spirit Detector). The authenticity of this Gospel is no less than other

It has not reached us in the original condition, and that is the case with other four gospels

May be some one has added something or removed something from this Gospel, and the
same is the case with other four Gospels also.

Since as per your belief the original message contained in the four Gospels did not suffer
because of these additions and subtractions, so we can say the same thing about this
Gospel also.

I am not dogmatic about the authenticity of this Gospel. I only said that it provides
another picture of Jesus, which is different from the picture presented by four Gospel.

Jesus in this gospel comes to us what he really was, a mighty and true prophet of God.

Reading this gospel, will clear many of errors and corruptions that were introduced by
Paul in the simple religion of Jesus.

Q227. Jupiter:

Mohammed begged for forgiveness before he died. It is called 'traveling'. Before you die
your mind travels and all the wicked things you did resurface. It is beyond your control-
it just blurts out! Because I worked at a hospital some years back, i witnessed cancer
patients go through this process, it was horrible to watch. Now, because mo had put so
many people in slavery, was racist towards black people, abused little children, stole,
robbed and built up his own riches, killed, and mimed people he was full of sin. He also
realised that he had led people astray and expected forgiveness.

The reason Casius Clay is the way he is - is because he bought it on himself. he was made
into a world class boxer by yahweh. He then turned his back on him and worship another.
He expected to have the same power??? nope, Yahweh striked him! he went against him-
he will never box again. He realises now.


It is very clear that you have not read our prophet’s life history. Unfortunately you have
not read authentic history of any prophet of God.

Prophets of God are true Servant and Slaves of God… they seek His pardon and
forgiveness many times in the course of their daily life.

What Jesus meant by the Lord’s Prayer? Did it not include the phrase “forgive our sins”?

Was Jesus not saying Lord’s Prayer himself?

In the same way our prophet was always remembering God, irrespective of in whichever
condition he was. His supplications for various occasions are recorded in books of

Even a cursory glance will prove what a strong link he had with God and how he kept the
remembrance of God.

His end was most peaceful…. He died after seeing more than one hundred thousands of
his followers walking in his ways, the whole of Arabia united in his life time in the
worship of One True God… a feat no other prophet could achieve during his life time.

He was the “Most successful of all religious leaders” (Encyclopedia Britannica).

His least words before departing this earth were “O God! To the best of companionship”

By contrast the last words of Jesus were “Eli, Eli, lama Sabaqtani” (O God, O God why
you have forsaken me).

Can you see the contrast?

Q228. A SOG:

The Prophets before Jesus go back to Abraham. The promised Messiah was looked
forward to, and that sanctified the Jews.

You have made it plain you do not believe what has been passed down through the Holy
Bible in either the Old Testaments nor the New. Yet claim the scriptures were
"corrupted" but place your trust in a fake gospel which you readily admit you cannot
guarantee. You are however prepared to pass it off as though it were true.
That the Jews were a chosen people by God for the promised Messiah is not my logic but
is of God. The One true Almighty God whom you mock.
How do we know what is inside us is the Holy Spirit is a good question. How do we
know we are not possessed by a demon? If you knew what is of God and what is not of
God you would know. If the Holy Spirit were not of God, would we be steered towards
holiness or away from holiness? Do you know what holiness is. If you cannot say, then
you are not of God, for God is holy. How are we to worship God? We are to worship God
in Spirit and in truth. The Holy Spirit leads us to a greater love. A love with a greater
compassion and understanding. Do not point to the bad examples, for I know that is what
you will try to do next. Think of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, are they of God or of satan?
Think of the gifts also, are they of God or of Satan?

The things of God are the beautiful things. If you say Paul's teachings were evil then you
are not of God, but a child of satan. What has satan got to do with love, joy, peace,
patience, faith, hope and charity? Satan will blind towards discernment of Spirits, for
satan would keep a person in the dark about which is and which is not of God. The Holy
Spirit will inform to protect and to keep away from the wicked wiles of the devil.


Irrespective of your incoherent ramblings, you did not answer my basic question.

Who did prophets before Jesus knew God?

How the followers of prophets before Jesus did knew God?

How did people before Jesus got salvation?

Do you mean to say that just belief in a forthcoming Messiah was enough for entire
Human Kind before Jesus (mind you, it is in thousands of years) to attain salvation?

I did not say that Paul’s teachings were evil, I said that Paul’s teachings are of his own
and have no authority from Jesus. He never met and never learned anything from Jesus.

You can blindly follow Paul, if you raise him to the level of Prophethood. What surprises
me is that people blindly following some one without knowing his authenticity and

We believe in words and action of our Prophet, after believing and accepting him as

You believe every thing which paul says, without first checking was he really a disciple
and apostle of Jesus. What authority he has to speak in the names of Jesus?
Q229. Bryant:

Try looking at Jesus. He never prayed for forgiveness of his sins because he did not sin.
If you knew the Gospel you would know that Jesus' disciples asked Jesus how THEY
should pray.

Why should any Christian or Muslim read the GOB when it contradicts the New
Testament as well as the Quran?


1. It is your own claim that Jesus never prayed to God to forgive his sins…. In fact if
some one thinks that he or she has not committed any sin, then this in itself is a big sin.

No religion teaches mankind to be boastful of their deeds and do not turn to God for
pardon and forgiveness.

What Jesus did when he fell on face on that night of his arrest… He fell on his face and
prayed to God… what was he praying?

Then it is your assumption that Jesus did not used to utter Lord’s Prayer himself. He
would be a bad teacher who ask his followers to do something which he himself does not

Inspite of the fact that all prophets are free from sins and do not commit any sin….they
never are boastful before their Lord and Creator and always seek His favors, Pardon and

That is the teaching they pass on to their followers.

2. Gospel of Barnabas , does show the true character of Jesus. It is the character of a true
prophet of God. It shows the human side of Jesus, how careful was he in his conduct and
how much care he took to teach and guide his chosen disciples.

If it contradicts any express statement of Quran, we Muslims do not believe in it as we do

not believe in so many expressions of Canonized Gospels which are against Quran.

For Christians, it gives them a last chance to get away from the influence and intoxication
which Paul’s false teachings have put into them. It is a last chance for them to see in
almost true light, who Jesus was and what was his real message.

In fact it is the last evidence against themselves. If they still ignore it, then they have to
give answer before God on that last day, the day of accounts, the day of reckoning.

Q230. A SOG:
The prophet's before Jesus did not know the Father as well as the Son. The prophets
before Jesus looked to salvation in the Messiah. They also repented when they broke
God's commandments.

You are unable to bear testimony to Paul, were you on the road at the time? Why do you
make out that you were? You bear false witness. The Liar is you and not Paul.

Truly, the day will come when God will throw these word back at you "What surprises
me is that people blindly following some one without knowing his authenticity and
authority!!" For it is satan you follow! Can you prove it is not satan you follow, seeing as
you can not perceive Paul's authority?


It is very interesting for you to say Prophets before Jesus did not know the Father as well
as the Son.

Because there was no Father and there was no Son!! The Father and Son in Literal sense
were only the imagination of Paul.

It is very bold for you to say the Earlier prophets only hoped for Salvation in Messiah…
what this phrase means I do not know.

I think that conversion of Paul was fraudulent… Any true conversion would have lead
him to come to Chosen Disciples of Jesus and learn the message and teachings of Jesus
from them and then start preaching. After his ‘Alleged” conversion, he started preaching
forthwith…which shows pre planned actions.

We believe in the truth and in the sincere message brought by our prophet… Satan will
never deceive any one and teach his to Pray and Worship the True Lord and Creator of

Satan will not teach people to speak truth, to pray regularly, to fast, to give in charity and
be kind to your parents and your kinfolk and deal justly with people.

Satan on the other hand would very much tempt and deceive people to take them away
from worship of one True God and Worship indeed a Created Human Being… Satan
would very much want that God’s Laws and Commandments be nullified … Satan would
very much want that people do not do good deeds and only base their hopes in the idle
Hope of Mercy from God….

All these are the hallmarks of Paul’s teachings… It is not so difficult to judge as to which
is from God and which is from Satan.
Q231. Bryant:

The difference is Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were all written in the first century,
while most of the original followers of Jesus were still alive. While the GOB was written
in the 15th century.


You have no proof that Gospel of Barnabas was written in the 15th Century. From its
message it is very clear that it was written in the same period when other gospels were

None of the Gospels claim that the authors were eyewitnesses of the events they were
recording. It is only this Gospel whose author makes this claim and the writings do
confirm it.

I said that I am not Dogmatic about it…. But its message is in line with the personality of
a true prophet of God and that makes a lot of difference.

Q232. Jupiter:

If i had the time I’d fly to Mecca and smash that black stone to pieces (smashing of idols
is a right given by yahweh)


I know, you would wish that, and not only you, millions of hate mongers like you.

1500 Years ago….some of your great grand fathers did try to destroy Kaaba and he went
to attack with a huge army at the head of which there were many elephants. What
happened to them? Read Chapter Elephant of Quran.

By the way that black stone is already broken into 8 or 9 pieces, some enemy did struck it
with a hammer and broke it into many pieces. …. Then another fanatic group removed
the Black Stone from Kaaba and took it to their

Q233 . ASOG

Satan knows that any good you do is brought to nothing by making yourself to be an
enemy of almighty God. By keeping you away from salvation and by not upholding the
gospel of truth. For example, you accuse Paul of being a liar, Jesus of being a cheat, and
you deny the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Some of you blaspheme and call
almighty God an abomination - and this after He has offered salvation. Satan knows the
meaning of wolves in sheeps clothing.
It is your man that is alleged to have spoken with the Angel Gabriel. Why wasn't he

Why didn't he keep God's commandments? He nullified God's commandments in

himself. Would satan have liked your man to keep God's commandments? Not at all.
Which was why your man did not keep them. Paul was a true disciple. His letters are
perfectly in line with the Gospel. He was every bit the man your man could never have
been. Paul was the far braver man that endured much. Paul conquered with love. Your
man conquered with fear. You have also decided Paul started teaching forthwith. Where
have you got that idea from?
Paul encouraged love, and things that can be seen to be the things of God. If you knew
God you would realise that. You do not know God because you do not know what is of
God and what is of satan.


You have made so many accusations and raised so many points in one post and this is not

You should concentrate on one point at a time and then move to next item. Let me answer
a few:

A. That I called Paul a Liar: If you find that statements of Jesus do not tally with
statements of Paul, whom would you call a liar? Decide Yourself.

2. That I called Jesus a Cheat: Please show me a single statement where I said that Jesus
was a cheat, God Forbid. I always praised Jesus and said he was one of the mightiest
messenger of God. The allegations that you lay against Jesus by raising him to the level
of Divinity, Jesus is free from such blames.

3. That I deny Father, Son and Holy Ghost (in a Trinity): Yes I deny that and it is because
there is no Trinity. God is One and Absolute Unity, there is no Partner either in His
Personality or in His Powers or in His attributes. Both Quran and Jewish Scriptures say
that, not at one place but at many places.

4. Our prophet Did not Follow God’ Laws and Commandments: Our Prophet followed
each and every Law and Commandment which he received by revelation. The laws of
OT and NT were modified by God whenever or wherever He wished and willed.

Jesus also changed so many Laws and Commandments of Moses’ laws and for you it is
no problem.

What is strange that your Saint Paul, the self claimed 13 th Apostle of Jesus abrogated the
entire Laws of Moses and you find no problem in it.

Our prophet as a legitimate prophet, had every right to formulate rules and regulations for
his followers.
I advise you to be coherent in your approach and raise one point at a time.

Q234. BMZ:

Thank you, MUQ, for the excellent response. I have also been raising the following point,
which you put so well but not a single Christian can answer this.

Great! Well said.

"I think that conversion of Paul was fraudulent… Any true conversion would have lead
him to come to Chosen Disciples of Jesus and learn the message and teachings of Jesus
from them and then start preaching. After his ‘Alleged” conversion, he started preaching
forthwith…which shows pre planned actions."

We do not see Paul returning immediately to Jerusalem.



Thank you brother for your support. Things are not straight forward when we analyze the
life and conversion of Paul.

A moment before he was staunch enemy of Jesus and Christians… immediately after
“seeing the light” he starts preaching to the people.

There have been many cases when enemies of religions and prophets have had their
changes of hearts. But the New Convert needs to learn about the religion before going out
and preaching it to public.

In Islam we have the case of Omar, the second Caliph, he too was staunch enemy of
Islam and prophet. But when he accepted Islam, he stayed with the prophet, till he
learned Islam and fully and became his trusted companion.

The case of Omar is not unique...any enemy of prophet whenever he accepted Islam he
was asked to learn about the faith, Quran and Islamic teachings from earlier Muslims and
then he was to go and preach to others.
During the time of Companions of new convert had any right to rule on the
matter of law or religion unless he learns the teachings from the Companions and others
who became Muslims earlier.

The case of Paul is unique in religious history where a "Non Disciple" declares himself
"above the Chosen Disciple" and claims superiority based on "direct instructions he
receives fro jesus (in visions or in dreams)" and the Christians are dumb enough to lap up
any thing coming from Paul.

How strange that Paul should prove his theories from quoting OT books and never from
words and teachings of living jesus. If he was getting direct instructions from Jesus, then
Jesus should have reminded him what he said while living with people.

Wallahi it is a very strange and unique situation

Q235. Hugh Be:

Why don’t Muslims keep the Sabbath?


If by Sabbath you mean a day of assembly, a day of special prayers, a special day of
week, then Muslims do keep the Sabbath, and their day of Sabbath is Friday and not

However if by Sabbath, you mean the rituals which Jews perform and complete rest and
other things done by Jews on Saturday… well then this practice has been abrogated by
our prophet and replaced with a more “Humane” touch.

This Quran has to say about Jewish Sabbath “The Sabbath was only made (strict) for
those who disagreed (as to its observance); But Allah will judge between them on the day
of Judgment, as to their differences” 16:124

So the strictness we find in Jewish laws about Sabbath was a sort of “punishment” for
them from their Lord for their bickering and infighting and asking too many questions.
Q236. Jupiter

First let me correct you, I am not a Catholic so therefore you have again got me confused
with someone else. If you can read you will see how I mention that the muslim and
Catholics are very similar. Now back to this black stone cough cough!!
What you have infact admitted is IDOL worship. The Kaaba stone is Allah. That is the
very answer to the question. Why go around in circles? this is a satanic ritual and it stems
back to ancient Babylon period. All of these pagan beliefs originated in The East before
the Indians came to Saudi and stole the land and put the natives into slavery- does that
sound familiar?
I have a lot of stones in my garden- do you think for one minute I would let some jerk tell
me to worship it and put a shrine around it and face it (no matter where I am in the
world??) stupid superstitions that pull people away from the true worship of Yahweh our
Idol worship is very common in Indian and Asian history and much of it continues today
but Mohammed thought he was clever by using some of the bible scriptures (which the
Catholics gave him in the first place) and delivered this new sect for weak minded people
to follow, either by choice or by force.

Do you not pray at any other time or at any other position? explain why? Mecca is no
holy city, it just happens to be the place where mo was born that’s all. The relics of the
Kaaba stone symbolizes idol worship- so far you have no said anything to say otherwise.
Keep facing your stone and see how long the people in those regions will continue to be
in continuous blood shed/ there is no peace no love just pure evil. On the day of
Judgement you will see what happens to this precious stone.


How do I know that to which sect and denomination of these innumerable Christian
Churches you belong to? It is not for me to interfere in your “internal” matters.

I comment on the beliefs of Major Christian Sects that I know of.

Irrespective of whichever sect you belong to, listening of reason and logic one virtue
that is not taught by your Church.

I explained to you what is the Islamic position on Kaaba and Black stone… but you keep
on going in your Single Track Mind….that black Stone is Allah and Kaaba is idol.

Makkah is the city which was established by Prophet Abraham and Ishmael . Kaaba was
constructed by these two prophets of God.

Makkah was already a holy place and Kaaba was a center of pilgrimage for all Arabs
much before the birth of our prophet.
Kaaba is the symbol of Monotheism in the world, and it only shows your ignorance to
link it with Idol worship,

Do you know what people chant when they move towards Kaaba “O Allah, Here We are
(present), We are present and there are No partners with you (repeated twice). All praises
and all Bounties are Yours and so is the Dominion, there is None who is your partner.

In Arabic it goes like that “LABBAIK ! ALLAH UMMA LABBAIK….. LABBAIK LA


If that is Idol Worship, then how else can you worship one True God of Universe?

We pray to Allah and we face towards Kaaba to show our unity of purpose.

But how those who Worship Jesus can understand the beauty and grandeur of this form
of prayer!!

Q237. Where is peace:

Oh please what is with all the dishonesty? they don't really give a flip why you
denounced Islam! And there are countless cases where people were executed so easily!


I gave you what is the Islamic position on this. If people take law in their own hands, the
fault is theirs and not Islam's

Burning hypocrites and apostates on stake, is the teaching of Christianity or individual

acts of some people? (Popes and Priests included).

Should we blame Christianity for the faults of those popes and Christians?

Q238. The Solution:

see it as a father giving his 3 sons each a book of laws (all similar laws) and them each
interpreting them differently. Because of the different/human interpretations it forces
them to fight amongst themselves until the day when they realize they are the same.
Muslims, Christians and Jews need to understand they worship the same God, and
understand the enemy they should be fighting against is not each other, but the evil in the
world that encourages them to fight.

I think your interpretation of God giving 3 sons each a book of law….. does not depict
the picture clearly. There is a difference of time gap between the three sons. So it should
go like that.

God first gave his son a book of law so that he should live his life by that book. But after
some time, the progeny of his son, changed and corrupted the book, they added some
portions and deleted some portion….so after a time it was difficult to separate truth from
the falsehood.

Then God gave his another son, a more up-to-date version of the same book (to take care
of changing times and growth of human civilization) and asked him to renew his pledge
and live life according to that book. But after some time, the same thing happened and
the people changed and modified the original message.

Finally God gave the Most Up-to-date version of the same Book and Ensured that no one
will be able to tamper with the message and the book is to remain protected against any
corruption or interpolation. So now every one has to follow this final book as the most
authentic source of Divine knowledge.

That is the position of OT, NT Books and Quran in Short.

Jews, Christians and Muslims basically worship the same God and follow he same
message. But OT & NT books have been corrupted while the Quran remains pure and

I do not know which of used will buy any product or medicine or a life saving drug, after
knowing that the seal has been opened and some things has been added and some things
have been removed from the original formula

Q239 . Anonymous:

Muslim gospel, the Gospel of Barnabas ::

1. The Identity of the Messiah One of the main objectives of this book, "Gospel of
Barnabas" is to remove the title "Messiah" from Jesus to the prophet Muhammad. This
attempt, however, is contradicted by both internal and external evidence. ....Jesus is not
the Messiah!


There is some confusion about the term Messiah. In Jewish terminology it simply meant
anyone appointed to a high post by God.

In that sense Bible speaks about so many Messiahs.

Jesus was also a Messiah in that sense in fact the Last Messiah to come out from Jews,
Since Jews denied mission of Jesus that is why Quran singles Jesus with the Title of

However Jews were waiting for another messiah, a Universal Prophet, by whom all
nations of the earth will be blessed. That Messiah was also promised in many Jewish
Scriptures and Some one mistook Jesus for that Universal Messiah.

That is why in Gospel of Barnabas , Jesus denies that he is that Messiah, a Universal and
last prophet that shall arise not from the Isaac but the Ishmaelite branch of Abraham and
by whom all nations of the world will be blessed.

It was mission of Jesus to clarify this misunderstanding which Jews of his days had and
that is the essence of his teachings as per this Gospel

Q240. A SOG:

MUQ. That is a good question!

Indeed there are some that kid themselves! The true Christian walk is about love.
Everything Jesus said, and did was about love. The commandments which Jesus upheld
and taught are about love - if the heart doesn't say it, then God commands it. The
commandments are indeed very good. Jesus expanded on them.
The thing is, the more we look at this thing called love - the more we begin to realise we
fail. Do we get angry with our neighbour for some silly reason?
We can not match the perfection of God is Holy and pure. We have to admit and be
honest, we are not worthy - we fall short of perfection. Which is why we have salvation
in Christ. For he alone is worthy. he defeated that which we can't. The wages of sin is
death. So Jesus defeated death for us. the great love of God.
We are even taught to love our enemies, and not to kill. All is about love.

God is truly beautiful when we really consider Him. God has given us excellent reason to
love Him, and to love one another. Jesus on that cross only showed one thing "father
forgive them, because they don't know what they are doing!" what a great love that is!
I even ask myself what did Jesus really mean when he said "My God, My God, why have
you forsaken me?" He didn't say "My Father" He said, "My God"
Who had forsook him? The people around him!
What do we find in Jesus? That God worships us!
God has given every cause to want to love him back, and be obedient to what he wants us
to do - which is to love one another. Perfect love casts out sin.

Praise him.

Love is very good …. I appreciate it…..when you talk to children you talk to them about
love….you kid them along for a while….when he or she grows up….then you talk about
real facts of life, the struggle the suffering and how to deal with enemies and how to go
through the life..

Just talking about non stop with Love, Love and Love means that you are avoiding the
real issues of life and living in an imaginary world.

That is why I think, Christians went to the path of Monastery and likes…because they
wanted to fled away from the every day situation of life.

It is very easy to talk about loving God and how beautiful He is and How loving it is.
But what about the realities of life, how to solve the problems being faced in the world

Christianity has no answer for these problems, that is why it is shrinking in the world,
there are Christians who only give it a lip service. But the Government in Christian
countries are ruthless, they amass most devastating weapons, missiles, aircrafts, bombs
and are ready to leash them on their adversaries..

And on the background we have Christian churches rambling about Love, Love,
forgiveness, tolerance and all. Never confronting their ruthless governments, a portrait of
hypocrisy in my view.

Islam on the other hand, never shies from tackling the problems of mankind, it has
solution for every thing and for every situation.

That is why one learned western scholar said “That when I compare the sermons of Jesus
with the teachings of Mohammad (PB on both of them), it seems as if a little child is
speaking in front of a Grown man of Wisdom”. The simile may not be 100 % accurate,
but it shows the way.
Chapter-6 Who is Allah (posted in religious forum)

Q241. Joel:

Very high birth rates among the Muslims are making up for the losses. But, the Al Jazera
report applies only to Africa. [/QUOTE]


It is not only the birth rate which makes up the loss...It is the continuous line of people
who have Non Islamic background coming into faith every every country....that
makes up the loss and increases the percentage of Muslims.

And that is why every one is afraid of Islam and that is the reason for all this Anti islam
and Anti Muslim propaganda.

Q242. Joel:


"Ekam Sat" states the Vedas - One Self-Existent, Supracosmic Existence that serves as
both the material as well as efficient Cause of everything has by self-manifestation given
rise to the graduated cosmos ! This profound monistic declaration is the verifiable and
rational truth of Existence. [/QUOTE]


In fact there are two types of Hinduism in is for the most learned scholars
which is based on Monotheism...

And the second one is what we see in India... In temples filled with idols and all sorts of

The learned scholars of Hinduism instead of correcting the common people have found
loop holes for idol worship and all things which go on in the temples and their places of

The teachings of Vedas and religion of common people are exactly opposite to each

So Hindu Scholars must try to propagate the Vedic teachings and beliefs in India and take
out people out of darkness.

This they are not doing and feel very content that Hindus are very tolearnt people and we
worship every thing and any thing.
The reality on ground is different. Hindus are not peace loving non tolerant people at all.

A community which persecuted its own fellows for so many centuries , how it could be
peace loving and tolerant.

We see the real face of Hindu Non Violence during thousands of riots that take place in
India every year. Gujarat 2002 was a prime example of Hindu Tolerance and non

Q243. Deanoff:

I can see why you get so upset. It must be hard to live in a country where you have no
choice other than to be a muslim, can't have a bacon sandwich and a pint to wash it down,
call your leaders what they are, religious dictators.
Without oil you would be in the same place as your mentality, in the stone age.
But more fool the west for buying it right? which only serves to finance the setting up of
mosques in foreign countries to brainwash kids into sacrificing their lives for a
nonexistent entity.
The best part though, is the way the western government actually seem to welcome these
mosques with open arms, on the other hand, Saudi wont even tolerate a bible in the
country let alone a church.
The Saudi government wants to finance Europe's biggest mosque in the UK. Are we
mad? I think we must be. We are selling our country for Saudi oil. If we don't wake up
we will have a worse theocracy than we already have.


For your information, I come from India, where we have every religion in the world.

So most of your comments go down the drain. In India , we choose to become Muslim,
that is why we are Muslims, otherwise there is no shortage of temptations to join other

Saudi Arabia was the centre of attraction for millions of Muslims in all ages….before
there was oil and will continue to hold that position even if there is no oil.

It is for your countries that Saudi Arabia has only one attraction….that is Oil.

Saudi Government builds mosques in western cities for use of thousands of Muslims who
are living there and are citizens of these countries.

There is not a single Non Muslim who is citizen of Saudi Arabia….why should it make
or allow to be made Churches and temples in this Holy Land?
To tempt the people to worship, idols and human beings after they have found the true

Q244. Chago:

sure, please re-post


This is as per your request:

Who was Dulqarnain?

I think we have talked so much about “Sun setting in murky waters” that we have
forgotten the real issue, and it is “Who was Dulqarnain”? Was he only a parable or a
historical personality?

The purpose of Quran is not to teach history, but to dwell on the moral and lessons that
we can learn from such episodes. However there is no harm, if we can trace such
episodes to historical personalities.

Muslim Scholars over the ages have tried to answer this question, giving their own

Somehow or the other, from the very beginning there has been efforts to identify
Dulqaranain as Alexander the Great.

How this started, I cannot be sure, but the idea was very old, so much so that Imam
Bukhari (Famous Third Century Scholar of Tradition) used his story along side Prophet
Abraham, just to show that the idea to equate him with Alexander was absurd.

However Pro Alexander lobby is still very strong.

Instead of going into Classic Islamic literature, I will present below, two independent
studies conducted by two contemporary Islamic Scholars and each reaching different
conclusions. This will throw some light how these scholars use the hints given in Quran.
This will also show the position of those who say “Allah did not know that sun does not
set in murky water”!!

The first study is by Abdullah Yousuf Ali, the famous Translator and Commentator of
Quran, who is Appendix VII after Chapter 18, tackles this subject and concludes that
Dulqaranin of Quran was no other than Alexander the Great.

The second study is by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, well known Indian Freedom Fighter
and is endorsed by Maulana Hifzul Rahaman Seoharvi, in his Book QASAS AL
QURAN, Stories of Quran Vol-3 Page 116-237
I will only provide the summary of their arguments and not full discussions to save space
on this thread, those who are interested can refer to these books.

The studies and the results are not dogmatic and they do not lesson the moral of this story
a bit.(Contd.)

Was Dulqarnain Alexander the Great? (Abdullah Yousuf Ali)

He starts with question, what is the meaning of this word Dulqarnain? Obviously it is not
a name, but a title.

It means
1) Horn in literal sense
2) Horn in metaphorical sense as Horns of kingdom
3) Lock of hairs as used by kings in place of diadem or
4) it can be taken in the sense of age.

Alexander‘s personality satisfies the criterion mentioned above. His influence on the
world history was profound and we still see it in one form or another. His empire was
very vast to say the least.

Quran mentions three journeys, one in West direction, another in east direction and third
to Gog and Magog territory. Alexander’s carrier matches with all three.

A. Westward Journey:

It is one of the wonders of Quran that spoken thru an UMMI ’s mouth, it should contain
so many incidental details which are absolutely true… such point occurs in mention
of his Westward Journey (18:86), He saw the sun set in a piece of murky water which is
described as “Spring”

Most commentators have understood the “spring” to be sea and the “Murky water” to its
deep blue water….

Alexander’s first exploits when he was a mere boy were in the region of Illyricum which
is due west of Macedonia…to the west of the town of Lychnis is a lake 170 Square miles
in area, fed by underground springs that issue through limestone rocks and give out
murky water. Both town and lake are now called Orchida, about 50 miles west of
Monastir….looking at the sunset from the town, the observer would see the sun set in a
pool of murky water…

B. Eastward Journey:
The journey to the east was to Persian Empire, here he found a people who lived in open
and wear little clothing. This might apply to people who live inland place in the latitude
of Persepolis or Multan, he left them alone as they were (18: 91)

C. Third Journey

The direction of the third journey is not mentioned. The third journey mentioned by
Quran was also in east direction and was continuation to his Persian conquest.

Gog and Magog as mentioned in the Quran are believed to be Wild tribes of Central Asia
which have made inroads on settled kingdoms and Empires at various stages of the
world’s history…The barrier in Quran might have been more in the nature of iron gates
than an Iron wall….

We have one iron gate that is linked to the story of Alexander and which is located at a
place called Derband in Central Asia, Hissar District, about 150 miles south east of
Bukhara. There is no Iron gate now, but there was one in the seventh century when
Chinese Traveller Hiouen Tsiang saw it on his journey to India …

Conclusion: I have least doubt that Dulqaranin of Quran is meant to be Alexander the
Great, the historic Alexander and not the legendary Alexander.

Comments (by MUQ):

1 Our learned scholar has tried his level best to justify Alexander as Quranic Dulqarnain.
But his arguments are not very convincing.

2. Alexander was a pagan who believed in Greek Mythology and worshipped their gods.
Such a Character does not fit Quranic description.

3. Then the Westward journey as per our scholar was taken when he was a boy and not a
full grown man. The distance of 170 Miles is not which is so extraordinary so as to be
mentioned as a great journey that “reached to the setting place of sun”.

4. Journey to Gog and Magog as per our learned scholar was in east direction, as a
continuation of second journey. As per Quran it should have been in a different
direction. Then this Iron gate does not match Quranic description of putting a barrier
between two valleys, which they could not cross not penetrate.

Allah Knows Best (Contd.)

Was Dulqarnain Cyrus the King of Persia ( by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, )

Maulana Azad starts his arguments from the beginning of Quranic Story…”They ask
you regarding Dulqarnain…” (18:81)
Who were these people who questioned our prophet regarding Dulqarnain?

As per Islamic traditions, Jews of Medina asked our prophet (thru pagans of Makkah )
about Dulqarnain….and this question was to test his prophet hood.

Therefore this Dulqarnain, must have some very special links with the history of Jews
and their nationhood.

He says that Cyrus the King of Persia (561 BC) meets most of Criterion mentioned in

West Journey:

He was the king of Persia and also conquered the kingdom of Lydia and Asia Minor.
This kingdom of Lydia lies in the west of Persia and extends right upto the Aegean Sea.
The capital of Lydia was Samarna, which is on the sea coast and Aegean sea there is
divided into a sort of delta where there are many small island.

The sea water is very dirty there and if we look at sunset, it would look as if sun is
setting into murky water. That is what is refereed to in Quran 18:86.

East Journey:

Cyrus had not yet captured Babylon, when he had to take an eastward journey to quell a
revolt by the tribes of BAKHTAR. This area is now a days known as MAKRAN and is
located very far east of Persian Capital.

Further progress was not possible as the path was blocked by mountains. So it was
eastward limit for Cyrus as mentioned in Quran.

Gog and Magog Journey:

Historians tell us that Cyrus had to take another journey in North direction, which took
him upto Caspian sea and hill ranges of Caucasian. In these ranges he found a pass
located between two high mountains. From this pass Scythian tribes used to attack the
civilizations. It was here that Cyrus made the barrier made of stone, iron and copper as
mentioned in Quran.

So all three journeys mentioned in Quran can be traced in the carrier of Cyrus.

Cyrus and Jewish History:

Cyrus is well known to every Jew, because he was the one who ended their Babylonian
captivity and allowed then to return to Jerusalem. He is mentioned at many places in OT
books, in Isaiah 45: 1-4, where he is called as a Messiah of god. In Jeremiah Ch. 50 &
Ch.51 And also in the book of Daniel Ch 8: 1-8. & Ezra Ch.1 1-4.
His Title Dulqarnain is because he ruled two kingdoms and united them into one. His
son Darious continued his mission and favor to Jews.

From all this praise heaped on Cyrus in Jewish Scriptures it is clear that he was a
righteous king and matches the character as depicted in Quran.

Therefore it was very natural that Jews would have tested an “unlettered UMMI’ prophet
to tell them about a character of their national history and no one but a prophet would be
able to answer their queries.

Quran not only answered their queries but mentioned some details which are not present
even in Bible.

Conclusion: Of past warriors and great rulers, Cyrus the King of Persia satisfies most of
Criterion mentioned by Quran and he is the most probable candidate for that Title.

Allah Knows Best

Q245. Hot Rod:

[QUOTE who="Hot Rod"]Muslims have more in common with Egyptians than Jews.
The pyramids that are inline with the 3 stars, are referred to as moon god Allah’s
daughters. Moon god Allah statues and 3 daughters found through out middle east. He
has 99 other names too. [/QUOTE]


You forget that Egyptians left their ancestor's religion and accepted Islam en-masse after
Muslims armies conquered that land in ~ 650 CE.
Egyptians left all their moon and son gods and chose to worship One True God, One True
Lord of Universe....the Sole Creator of heavens and earth...the Creator of Sun and Moon.

How hollow your analysis seems to any one who have even the rudimentary knowledge
of religion and history, I cannot say.

But that does not prevent people like you from coming and posting such "authoritative
posts" which only depict your ignorance.

Carry on and try to be-fool as many as you can...till your trick is exposed.
Q246. Bryant:

Christians do not have a "secondary God." Christians do not worship "another god."


You posted “Christians do not have a "secondary God." & Christians do not worship
"another god."

You are very right, in fact Jews, Christians, Muslims worship same God. Not only these
even Hindus and worshippers of other revealed religions worship the same One God.
Because they all claim to worship the Lord, Owner and Creator of This Universe and He
is One and the same.

In Quran, at many places it tells Jews and Christians that our Lord and your Lord is one
and same and we basically worship the same God.

The problem is only in perception. Christians by raising Jesus to Divinity and by

introducing concept of Trinity have come very close to worship of more than one God.

They have introduced “partners” into the Pure Worship of one God. Their center of
attraction and their center of love and prayer is Jesus the Son and not Father.

The “Primary God” of Christians should be what they name as “Our Father in
Heavens”…. They should pray only to Him and not to any one else.

Take the case of Hindus, they make so many idols and worship them, if you question
them, they will answer that we do not worship these stone idols, our worship is only for
God and we make these statues to serve only as a medium. You know that is not an
acceptable logic at all. Because slowly and slowly they drift to worship these idols and
fall into error.

Q247. Hugh Be:

When did Abraham convert from paganism to serving the Eternal?


As per Quran and Islamic literature, Abraham was never a pagan. Indeed he was born in
a family and in a society that took to idol worship, even his father used to carve and
worship idols, but Abraham never worshipped any idol or false god.

In Quran he is pictured as arguing with his father and his people on the futility of idol
worship, while he was very young.
He argued and he argued against idol worship….and on one instance broke all their idols
to pieces…… for that he had to suffer much and even migrate from his home town to
land of Canaan.

Abraham is the prime example of absolute Monotheism… Quran says that He was
always a Muslim (one who submitted himself to All Mighty God) and he was never one
to associate any one with worship of God.

He was Haneef (one who is steadfast in his concentration)…. That is why God took
Abraham to be as KHALEEL (i.e. bosom friend)!!

Our prophet was very much similar to Abraham in this regard….even though he was born
in Makkah, which was full with idols and idol worshippers, but he also never worshipped
any idol or served any false god. He was a true Grandson of His illustrious father

Q248. Hairy Ball :

When the USA falls to the bottom of the sea the only happy USA will be Obama because
the "Nobel Medal" will help him remember the good old USA days, when people were
able to buy Hot Dogs, Pizza and a liquid called Coca Cola. I wonder what name will the
USA be called in the future!!!
To everything there is a time and the time for the USA to fall started when the former
USA President Bush asked China for "Bail Out money" of US$800,000,000,000 Billions
dollars. China has an history of being "Sharks" when it comes to lending money so the
USA will have to pay at least 200 times the Interests charge for the money they borrowed
from China. Who knows China might even take away the "Nobel Medal" from Obama to
help pay for the Loan debts


Why will USA have to pay back pay all that money to China?

They have a very simple solution....they will declare China a “Terrorist State” and stop
all past, present and future payment to that "terrorist and den of terrorist country"!! (one
or two 9/11 type incidents can be stage managed to win world opinion and inside US

If China does not repent and continues with its request, then China has to fear the "wrath"
of US Nuclear Arsenal and Mighty US Army, Navy and Air Force!!

US did the same with the money of Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia invested in USA during

It is China who is taken for a "sucker" to lend USA that much money!!
That is why you have Jews and Zionists controlling your policies and Financial
sector...they will always find the way.

Only way that will lead to the doom of USA shall be when they get "foul" with the
powerful Jewish and Zionist lobby and try to "really solve" Israel- Palestinian problem

Q249. 57 Sporster:

That explains the religious tolerance in Saudi Arabia. Why did American servicemen
have to hold Christmas services in tents and have the service broadcast from a Navy ship
offshore when they were there covering your and Kuait's ass when Iraq was moving in?
Can't have those infidels practicing their faith on Saudi land, right?


What Business these US troops had in Saudi Arabia? They did not went to help Saudi
Arabia or Kuwait!! They went to ensure the Cheap oil supply for their country!!

Their aim was only to get more and more out of Iraq, \Kuwait and Saudi Arabia… when
they got more than what they expected, why should they complain about missing X-mass
ceremonies and songs?

They got more than enough compensation for their discomfort. If they were religious
people and worried so much about X-mass, they should have refused to come to Saudi
Arabia at all.

Saudi Arabia is vanguard of Islam and no other religion can be allowed in its land. You
try and do the same in your land too…. If you can!!!

Q250. Alex:

and Saudi Arabia is not a racist brutal and cruel nation? is this country not discriminatory
against women?
women need a guardian permission to work study travel and get an ID as if they were
children. or how about they way foreign workers are being treated?
is treating them like slaves not racist, or is that ok in your book? and how about the
ismaili and shia minoritys?


You have raised many points regarding Saudi Arabia. I am not a Saudi National so I do
not speak about that country. The things which are good in Saudi Arabia, I support, the
things which are not good here , I reject.
I am here to clarify doubts and misconception about Islam and not the practices of Saudi
Arabia or Iran or Syria or Libya.

None of these countries are 100 % Islamic country…. They only act partially … Of all
nations on earth, Saudi Arabia implements maximum laws of Islam, but not 100 %. Its
political system and its Banking System is not Islamic.

Now I will answer your questions:

A. Is it a racist and brutal society: Islam and racism are poles apart. But Saudis society
is mostly tribal in nature. So for some people it may seem a bit weird. But this not
racism, racism is when you discriminate and do not give people their rights because of
their races.

As regards brutality, I have no reason to believe that Saudi Society is brutal. They have
no fighting with any other nation.

B. Women Right in Saudi Arabia: There are some restrictions imposed on women in
Islam and there are some traditional behavior. Islamic concept of equality of sexes is
different from western concept. In Islam women have no economic liabilities, it is man
who has to earn the living and woman has to take care of household.

Both are equally important for society and no one take claim superiority because he is
assigned a different job. Women can work, can do business and many things allowed in

Women Driving is local Saudi Custom problem, the woman is driven by her husband or a
professional driver…what she should select?

C. Saudis and Outside Workers: Millions of outsiders work in Saudi Arabia and each has
its own contract with his employers. I accept that there are many wage scales, Americans
and Europeans are paid much higher for same job than an Asian or even Saudis.

There is no restriction on any one to be kept hostage, if some one does not like his wages
or terms, he can leave the country on exit only visa.

There are many in USA who live in ghettos, whom should they blame?

So all in all Saudi Arabia is the safest and most peaceful country than any other in the

It has its disadvantages too, but its benefits outweigh its defects, that is the reason why
millions are ready to work here. It is not slavery… because in slavery you have no
But there are people who would only highlight the negative points and forget all positive
points of the country.

You have to be balanced and unbiased in your approach.

Q251. Mossad:

So our weakness is our ability to survive. We owe our existence to the beneficence of the
ghetto life, even 700 or more years before its invention. And if anyone is fearful, they are
fearful of letting you know what a backwards half-assed satanic morality you promulgate
as if it were the voice of G-d himself.


If you know correctly… cockroaches and rats also survived for millions of years. The
biggest quality of Jews is their survival stint. There is way a Lion lives and there is a way
in which a weasel lives. Both survive but with different outlooks.

On the canvas of history, Jews are like rats, cockroaches and weasels (I do not count
Jewish Prophets of course, they were all Muslims, as were their true followers) while
Muslims have lived like lions and eagles.

Jews have proven to be the Best Subjects and the Worst rulers. The case of Islam and
Muslims is exactly opposite. Muslims have shown to be the Best rulers and Worst

So for world peace Jews should be the subjects and Muslims should be the rulers.

It is not good for you to speak against Islam in that tone, because Muslims and Jews are
very close in their jurisprudence.

If Jews remove racism from their religious teachings, they would come very close to
being a Muslim!!

So mind your language when criticizing Islam.

Q252. Khatru:

It's not the rules themselves that I find objectionable. I used them as an example of how
the writers of the Muslim holy book want to control every single thing that people do. It
doesn't allow people to think for themselves. Still, that's religion for you.

How do you define innocent? The Quran is full of texts urging the devotees of Islam to
kill unbelievers. I guess an unbeliever is guilty and thus becomes fair game to be

You are wrong once again, it is not the Quran that provides these details about how to act
in every situation of life.

Quran deals only with the fundamental issues and lays the guidelines. It is the books of
Traditions (sayings and actions of Prophet) that provide these details.

The intention is clear, we have to be mindful of our every action, we are not left here
unchecked. Video and Audio film of our every action in this life is being prepared 24
hours a day, 7 days a week.

Islam wants us to lead a responsible and conscientious life, one about which we can
answer any question. This is Islam in nutshell. But its rules are not difficult and not
against basic human nature and not harmful to the society at large.

It is news for me that Quran asks us to kill every unbeliever. If that was the case, not a
single unbeliever was left in any Muslim country after 1400 years, but we do see sizable
minorities living in almost all Muslim countries. How do you account for that?

Perhaps, you will quote from Quran verses that deal with fighting. In which it is told to
kill those who come top fight with you. Just using them as a blanket order to kill every
unbeliever is distorting the message of Quran.

We have to see how these verses were interpreted by Muslims of all ages.

Unbelievers are really guilty, but their crime is against God, the Lord of Universe and he
will deal with them properly on the day of Judgment. In this life, we have to only deal
people on their actions. If they are friendly, we are friendly. If they attack or plan
against us, we retaliate. This is Common sense.

What about this war on Terror? Is not the dictate to kill every Al Qaeda or Taliban
member? Can it be interpreted to kill every Muslim?

Q253. Khatru:

You're putting words in my mouth. I used those rules as an example of how controlling
your faith is.

My objection is that people are quite capable of thinking for themselves. They don't need
rules laid down by Dark Age desert dwellers to govern every aspect of their lives. Free
thought is discouraged. There are countries where Muslims that try to criticize Islam do
so at serious peril to themselves. our book prohibits so much but then it rescinds those
prohibitions when you get to paradise:

What is your paradise? From what I can gather, your book provides the most detailed
description of its paradise. It's streams, rivers, springs, meadows, magnificent fruit
(grapes so big that it takes a raven a month to fly around a bunch of them). Why, there’s a
banana tree so huge, that it takes a horse and rider over a hundred years to pass through
the tree’s shadow.

You’ll find alluring and wide-eyed houris (always virginal), beautiful youths
(paedophilia?), superb garments and fabrics, extraordinary Jewellery, gold, pearls,
perfumes, etc. At your banquets in paradise you can drink wine and eat pork. You can
wear gold, you can eat from gold and silver plates, wear silk and so on.

All this is forbidden on earth yet is hypocritically granted in paradise. Your paradise
resembles an al fresco whorehouse, yet sex is prohibited on earth.

There is so much more that this false promise provides. How could your average Allah
fearing Muslim say no? How natural that Palestinian suicide bombers should unleash
death in public cafes, that people of Islamic faith should kill thousands by piloting planes
into the twin towers and by murdering people on the subways and railways of London
and Madrid.


I thank you for commenting on my religion and my paradise. If it looks so abhorring to

you, I can only pray that you have nothing of it!!

I asked you question as to what you found objectionable on rules of personal hygiene as
given in the sayings of our prophet. You did not answer any of those and jumped to the
concept of Paradise in Islam. First you finish that topic and then raise another topic, this
is logical, reasonable and proper approach.

You said, why provide guidelines about which every one is capable of thinking of
themselves. This is a very vague answer. Islam provides guidelines for each part of
one’s life and it is its beauty and not drawback.

Arabs before Islam were living in a lifestyle which was devoid of any guidance, they did
not follow any rule of personal hygiene and how to clean themselves. It was prophet who
taught them every thing, starting from hygiene to salutation and how to enter one’s house.

It was because of these teachings that Arabs became the most hygienic and most civilized
people in such a short period.

Moreover these rules and guidelines have never been outdated or have been improved
upon. They are still practicable and not against any principle of modern science.

As regards paradise, this refers to the hereafter. We cannot fully understand how that life
will be. But they have to be explained in human language. So the words used in Quran
should not be taken literally. The enjoyments of Paradise shall be for body as well as

There is no hypocritically involved in banning Alcohol on earth and allowing it in

paradise, because the Wine of Paradise will not be like Wine of this earth. That wine will
not cause dulling of sense and will be free from side affects which are present in Wine of
this earth. What people need from Wine is a sense of elation and that will be provided in
the Wine of Paradise.

There is not a single false promise in Quran. Making false promise is the specialty of
Satan and Devil.

Any one knowingly killing innocent person is not a Martyr for the cause of Islam. The
rules for martyrdom are very clear in Islam. What people do or if they mis-interpret any
rule of Islam it is their ’s problem and not Islam’

Q254. Chago:

these statements are a little the so-called period of darkness, had many noble people prior,
islam & muslims try to paint such a harsh picture of pre-Islamic Arabs & their times
because it makes it seem like islam was needed to bring Arabs out of the dark ages but
islam took many rituals from pre-existing ones of the Sabateans of Yemen & Nabateans
from Jordan, the rituals of Ramadan & the kaba'a were already standard rituals, you don't
do anything different that the pagans that preceded islam did

the things you did bring were

* dishonoring non-islamic parents & families by making the ummah paramount over
* allowing the practice of thighing of little girls by older boys & men (by example of
* allowing lying as an acceptable practice via taqiyya, kitman, tu coque & treachery, as in
the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah
* treachery & dishonor by fighting during Ramadan & by overthrowing the city of Mecca
during hajj
* dishonoring women by forcing them into 2nd class status, while prior to islam women
like Khadijah were able to acquire power, money & status (who do you think was
Mohammad's boss & who bankrolled islam until Mohammad became a bandit & warlord
against the Meccan caravans?)


If Arabs were so civilized and cultured before the advent of Islam, then what was their
contribution to World’s Civilization during the period of past thousands of years?
Either you present your proof or you accept what the people of that day wrote about it.
But you always have a double standard, any thing coming from Islamic sources must
always be biased and doubtful, and any thing coming from your own brain waves must be
absolute truth.

Now I will provide answers to your so called list of Islamic ‘Excesses” !

A. dishonoring non-Islamic parents & families by making the ummah paramount over

MUQ: Islam shows the greatest respect to non Islamic parents, it says that

“And We have enjoined on man (to be good) to his parents. In pain upon pain did his
mother bear him… Show gratitude to Me and your parents….But if they strive to make
you join in worship with Me things of which you have no knowledge, obey them not, yet
bear them company in this life with justice…” 31:1415

Could any thing be more logical and just than this Quranic approach? It lays the
boundaries for how to deal with aged parents. In fact Quran lays so much emphasis on
honoring one’s parents that it is not to be find in any other religious book.

B. allowing the practice of thighing of little girls by older boys & men (by example of

MUQ: Your choice of words describing our prophet is most objecting and shows your
mental attitude. In Islam both boy and girl should be or marriageable age and both
should consent for the marriage.

The apparent difference in age of the two parties, is a matter of both parties to decide.

And can you give example from Pagan Arabs that in their culture both bride and groom
had to be of same age?

In which scripture you find that both the parties should be of same age group?

C. allowing lying as an acceptable practice via taqiyya, kitman, tu coque & treachery, as
in the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah

MUQ: What was treachery during the treaty of Hudaibiah? Please quote the incidents, to
my knowledge the terms of treaty were all in apparent favour of Pagan Arabs than
Muslims. Which part of the treaty was broken by prophet and Muslims? I would like to

D. treachery & dishonor by fighting during Ramadan & by overthrowing the city of
Mecca during hajj
MUQ: From where you got the info that fighting during Ramadan was banned in Arabs?
The four Sacred months, Rajab, Shawwal, Zul Qada and Zul Hijja doe not include
Ramadan at all!!

Who told you that Makakh was captured during hajj? Makkah was captured on 17th
Ramadan 8 AH. When Hajj was no where around!

That shows your knowledge of Islam

E. dishonoring women by forcing them into 2nd class status, while prior to islam women
like Khadijah were able to acquire power, money & status (who do you think was
Mohammad's boss & who bankrolled islam until Mohammad became a bandit & warlord
against the Meccan caravans?)

MUQ: Women are nowhere granted 2nd class status. They have rights and duties as well
as men have rights and duties. The sphere of men and women in social field are not
same. They are not competing against each other, but they complement each other.

Many Muslims women acquired power, money and status under Islam, there is no
restrictions on women to carry out trade or get education or knowledge in Islam.

For your info Khadijah was not boss of our prophet. She was the beloved wife of our
prophet and she became First of all Muslims. She knew her husband more that what you
will ever come to know. Her testimony for Mohammad speaks the real truth about the
character of our prophet.

It seems your skyscraper of objections on Islam bites the dust so quickly!!

Q255. A SOG:

If he didn't suffer and die on that cross but goes along with letting people think how great
he was then what else can you call it but deceitful?

Doesn't ring true at all of Jesus does it? He did it. He went through with it, to prove the
great love of God. The biblical gospels are true, because Jesus is true. You can be fully
assured of that. God's love is true. We have the most wonderful Father. That's why I keep
putting this at the bottom of my many of my posts:

God is Love. God has proved his love and expects us to love on another. It's as though
God has turned love into a God. God is Love.


Why will you blame Jesus for other’s fault? The things written by these Gospel Writers
are their own versions and Jesus did not dictate a word of it.
It is their own cooked stories…they “heard” from Hearsay that Jesus died on the cross
and resurrected…so they wrote it. Each person wrote according to his source of info that
is why they are different and contradict each other at many places.

Jesus is as blameless of this charge as any true prophet of God could be.

Just by your repeating a falsehood many times, it will not become truth. God is not Love
but God indeed is loving.

Love is an emotion a feeling and God is not Love or emotion or feeling.

If you say God is love, then can we also say Love is God?

Q256. Bryant:

Trinitarians believe in only one God. My original question was how can the Word of the
one God and the Holy Spirit of the one God make two more Gods?

No one seems to be able to answer that question on this forum. All Jesus followers
believed he was the Word of God in the flesh, that the Word of God tabernacled in the
human body of Jesus of Nazareth. The Triune Nature of God is hinted at in the Hebrew
Scriptures. Jesus revealed the true nature of God.

Take the Holy Spirit for instance. Jesus told us the Holy Spirit of God would come and
indwell his disciples and all believers. He said the Holy Spirit would teach. Only a person
can teach, so the Holy Spirit is a "person." Not a person like we are, but a person who is
of the same substance as the Father. Jesus claimed things for himself that God can only
claim for himself.

Jews would never pray to a mere man, yet Stephen, a Jew, prayed to Jesus and asked him
to receive his spirit and to forgive those who were about to kill him. This even happened
shortly after Jesus' resurrection from the dead and Paul's conversion. The word "Trinity"
is not in the Bible, but the concept of the Trinity is. There are many biblical concepts that
people believe in that don't have a specific word describing them used in the Bible. For
example, the word "bible" is not found in the Bible, but we use it anyway to describe the
Bible. Likewise, the words "omniscience," which means "all knowing," "omnipotence,"
which means "all powerful," and "omnipresence," which means "present everywhere,"
are words not found in the Bible either, but we use them to describe the attributes of God.
We don't have to see a specific word in the Bible in order for the concept it describes to
be true. You believe that the Quran is saying that Jesus was translated into heaven?


You seem to getting into the shoes of our “Sound Doctor” by posting very large posts.
Yes no one can answer that question how God, Word of God and Holy Ghost combine
into one God!!

That is the basic absurdity of this Trinity Concept. You believe in a wrong and illogical
concept, whatever reasons or explanations you provide do not solve the problem but
complicate it.

That is why Quran says “Do not say Trinity!! Desist, it will be best for you”!!

Jesus being Word of God….then turning into flesh….is all the imagination of John and
Paul and Roman and Greek Philosophy….Jesus has no part in it.

Holy Spirit could well be an angel of God….who brings God’s message to

prophets….Why he had to be a part of God head? Will God come down and reside in
every so called Christian? To what level you have brought down God?

OT books are totally free from the concept of trinity, otherwise Jews would be the first to
accept that concept. It is only based on ambiguous words used in Bible like “We and Us
and Our etc.”. These are plural of respect and not plural of quantity.

What BMZ believes or what MUQ believes does not matter neither here nor there. As
per Quran Jesus was never crucified and was never killed. So there was no Resurrected
Christ…hence no Pauline Christianity and no Trinity.

As per Quran God raised Jesus bodily into heaven (This is not a unique case according to
Bible….there are at least two more incidences in which God raised humans into the

The Word Trinity is not in Bible and as you mentioned the word Bible itself is not in the
Bible!! That is why Quran never mentions the word Bible!!

It mentions Torah as revelation given to Moses.

It mentions Gospel as revelation given to Jesus

It mentions Psalms as revelation given to David.

It mentions revelation sent to other prophets (“Prophets” of Bible).

It is silent about the words concocted by you people like Bible, New Testament, Old
Testament and Trinity and Resurrected Christ etc.
Q257. Joel Pastika


It's evident that you've failed to understand the Big Bang Theory. And, science does not
and will never talk of an extra-cosmic, anthropomorphic god (Allah) who despite having
no causal connection with anything yet somehow managed to manufacture the cosmos
out of absolute nothing by saying "Be". They'll laugh at the Quran and at you for coming
up with such an irrational explanation. On the Larry King Show, upon being asked by the
host whether he believed in god, Dr Stephen Hawking said "yes" he did believe in god
provided by god was meant the "embodiment of the natural laws".

When science says energy was created out of virtually "nothing" via the Big Bang it
means that from a finer or primal state that does not correspond to gross energy as we
know it, energy (gross) was manifested (not created) in 4-dimensional space-time. The
law of conservation applies at all times. The latest findings state (it was pioneered by the
late Dr Carl Sagan) that the present cosmos is a manifestation of a previously dissolved
"mother" cosmos.

After the completion of a cosmic cycle, the gross energy in 4-dimensional space-time
becomes fine and still finer and apparently disappears from view and the 4-dimensional
spatio-temporal framework also disappears as now the fine energy resides in a supra 4-
dimensional poise where it enters a state of stato-dynamic equilibrium and after a period
as the equilibrium is lost the primal energy once again gets manifested as gross energy
and once again brings about the emergence of the 4-dimensional space-time continuum.
This process of manifestation and dissolution is cyclical.


Science’s scope is very limited!! It deals only with Material or Physical World…..but
there are many other worlds which are outside the preview of our Science.

So we do not have to take the approval of Science and Scientists in such matters which
are not related to material or physical phenomenon.

If God was not able to “Manufacture” material and energy out of nowhere, so from where
they came about in the first place?

Did they create themselves?

Whatever theories you invent…they all have to stop at some level….from where they
originated and that starting point is the God of this Universe…the ultimate Creator.

I have all respect for dr. Stephen Hawking as a scientist…..but his views on God and
religion hold no authority for us. May be he is fed with wrong concept of God (God the
father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, all combining into one God….or the God
Lord of Israel etc) so he is failed to grasp the concept of true and powerful God as
mentioned in Quran.

Every cycle has top be set into motion…the laws of Thermodynamics and Physics have
to be laid down….they did not come about themselves….

So if I were a True and Real Scientist….I will remain within my domain and would not
comment about things and areas I have no knowledge about.

Q258. Joel

Other worlds?

You mean "non-physical" worlds? Right? What are these? How do you know they exist?
Of what materials and forces are these "non-physical" worlds constituted or made up of?

How do these "non-physical" worlds connect with the physical universe (as underlying
diversity is a Unity/2 more singularities cannot co-exist without there being a causal
connection among them)? Can you give me sensible answers and supporting proofs to
show that "non-physical" worlds exist?

PS: The heavens and hells of the Quran are made up of gross physical substances like
rivers of milk, honey, wine or burning logs of fire or boiling water....So, in what way are
the conditions different in these absurd Quranic heavens and hells as they're made up of
gross physical elements? Are the conditions in these make-belief Quranic heavens and
hells governed by the physical laws given the fact that they're described as being
composed of gross physical substances?

Today, several mainstream scientists are fast veering around to accepting Consciousness
as the sole reality or basis of everything. This view is certainly meaningful unlike silly
creationist hypotheses.


You are so astonished about ‘Non- Physical” worlds when you see them right before you
every day and do not recognize.

What is life? And what is Death?

Is life a physical thing?

We have some thing which is called Soul, when it leaves the body, we are declared dead.
What experiments can you conduct to find out what is Soul?
Human thoughts and human imaginations are another world….they have no link to this
Physical World at all… can believe in any thing you like….You could be a Super-
powerful guy in your imaginations…while in reality you are a puny guy.

In the same way there are paradise and there are hell which are away from our Physical
world now…..but they are as real as our Souls

If something cannot be Created and cannot be destroyed….then how come it came into
existence at all?

The same boast we heard from the lips of your predecessors scientists that “Matter cannot
be Created and Matter cannot be destroyed” when Einstein punctured that Bubble!!

It is not me whose brain is puny, it is you who have a very retrained outlook.

Whatever efforts scientists might be making to unravel the secrets of Universe….they are
still playing as blind….if they cannot SEE the Creator behind all that is going on in this

Q259. Bryant:

The so-called "Gospel of Barnabas" is a 15-16th century forgery. I have a copy.

In the introduction to the book it says that the "Gospel" of Barnabas was accepted as a
Canonical Gospel in the Churches of Alexandria until 325AD. This is not true, it was the
Epistle of Barnabas that the Churches of Alexandria almost put in their canon. The
Epistle of Barnabas is an entirely different book. Some of the criteria for choosing the
books of the New Testament were that the books had to have been either written by an
Apostle or one associated with an Apostle and the books had to have been continually
used by the church.

In the Gospel of Barnabas (Chapter 1) "Barnabas" is called an Apostle. This is not correct
in its implication. Although Barnabas is referred to as an Apostle (Acts 14:4,14), the
Gospel of Barnabas concept is quite different. It says in the introduction that Barnabas
was one of the twelve original disciples of Jesus and he was not. The conversion of
Barnabas took place after the Day of Pentecost and consequently he does not qualify for
apostleship as outlined in Acts 1:21-22. The Day of Pentecost happened after Jesus'
resurrection so Barnabas was not one of the twelve.

It is true that some writers thought that a Muslim wrote it, but that is not the conclusion
one of the top scholars who analyzed the book. His conclusion is:

"The GB was prepared by Cardinal Giulio Santorio to incriminate Cardinals Marcantonio

and Ascanio Colonna. His motives were a combination of revenge, self-defense,
ideological zeal and political leverage. The work itself - called a Gospel of Barnabas - is
supposed to be the "narrative and miracles and doctrines" described as travelling with the
apostle Barnabas in the 5th C apocryphal work Acts of Barnabas. The origins of the work
are probably Cyprus and it enters Europe along with supporting literature through Milan
probably shortly after 1571, its broader context being the fall of Cyprus to the Turks and
the strategic shifts of Christendom in the counter-reformation following the Battle of
Lepanto. As it survives, Santorio is using the work to incriminate the Colonna and expose
a tradition of heresy and treachery among the nobility and high clergy."

The "Gospel of Barnabas" contradicts the Quran and Muslims have been urged to stay
away from it.


Thanks for your info about Gospel of Barnabas…..I am not dogmatic about it and I never
said that it came to us in its original condition.

Whatever charges you have put against Barnabas are not true however. The way he was
treated by Apostles…the high regard they showed to him….the way he was able to
‘convince’ other Apostles about conversion of Paul itself speaks of his status.

As per Barnabas he was amongst the Chosen 12 Disciples….this was questionable if all
four Gospels agreed on the list of 12 Disciples!! But we see that it is not the case. When
Gospels differ even on the names of 12 disciples , which was such a simple thing, what
can we say of serious matters?

It is clear that one name was blotted out from that list and each writer used his own idea
to replace with another. It is not illogical to reject the claim of Barnabas because his
name does not appear in list of Apostles.

It is also clear to those who have studied initial history of Church, that there was a bitter
struggle for supremacy between different factions, one headed by paul and his followers
(Gentile Christians) and another headed by Orthodox Christians (Jewish Christians).
Many spurious books were written by both factions and interpolations and editions of the
texts were every day affair.

If you go by strict rules, all these books are unreliable and no one can vouchsafe for
accuracy of any single book. We cannot take the attestation of Church at its face value
(because they have vested interest with one faction).

The charges which you have mentioned against this book in Islamic encyclopedia is
“typical” way of writing of these experts. They have no evidences and just write
whatever comes into their mind with slimmest of evidences available. They use such
words as “Might have been”….”Most probably”….”Could have been” …”It is possible”
etc….committing themselves to nothing really.
The same technique they used against Islam and its holy books. So we cannot take their
word as absolute truth.

At least this books give a fresh peek into the life of Jesus….so different from Pauline

But we are not Dogmatic about it.

Q260. Arnold:

MUQ, was it you or somebody else that I told about the Gospel of Barnabas of today
being a 13th or 14th century fraud from Spain?
In it is a verse that speaks of rolling wooden wine caskets, when that practice was not
done until the middle ages. Whoops!!!
Also, it speaks of 9 heavens instead of 7 like the Quran says. So why would you ever
want to have anything to do with this fraud book?
The ironic part, is that after all the talk about forgery that Muslims lay on to Christians
and Jews, it turns out that the book consider most likely to be a fraud, was actually most
likely created by a Muslim, as evidenced by it's blatant "Islamization" and it's wild
variance from the other texts.


If you go by your standard then most of Biblical books would turn out to be fakes!! The
End of Deuteronomy would prove that it was not written by Moses and so on…

I told that this gospel is not available to us in Original Language in which it was written
(As is the case with most OT and NT books). It has been translated into different
languages, so it is not unlikely that some words of translators could have creped into the

That also is not a unique phenomenon with this Gospel…We can give you many
incidences of the same from both OT and NT books.

I do not consider this Gospel as authority on Islam, as for your charge that it was written
by a Muslim….the proof that it says there are 9 heavens instead of 7 shows that no
Muslim could have written it!!

As I told you, no Muslim was aware of its existence until it came into light accidentally.
If any Muslim would have written it, it would have been very popular with Muslims of
past centuries. But we have no evidence that any Muslim used this Gospel against
Christians in the past.

If you call this book as “Fraud”, then you have to use the same Title for most of OT and
NT books too!!
For me, I am unbiased, I take this book on equal footing…any thing in it which Quran
confirms, we also confirm…any thing which Quran rejects, we also reject…and things on
which Quran is silent, we are also silent.

The same is our stand in regards to all books of OT and NT!!

Q261. Chago:

actually your Quran says the Bible is ok, then it says that it is not, first it say that it is the
religion of peace, then it is the religion of war, so you don't believe that it is referring to
Alexander, then who is it? & why is it in the Quran?

if you're going to use errant, post-Islamic stories at least have the decency of mentioning
that they are post-islam, probably put together by a recent convert to islam;


Quran never says Bible is OK, Quran never used the word Bible at all….Quran only
confirms earlier revelations given to past prophets.

Like Torah to Moses….Psalms to David and Gospel to Jesus….

Then it warns that people of book are experts in distorting the Word of God by their lying
tongues …..that they write books with their own hands and then claim it is from God…

The proof of this Quranic statement can be seen in so many spurious books written by
Jews and Christians and so many errors, mistakes and contradictions in their manuscripts
and in so many “Versions” of Bible that it is a big efforts even to count all these versions.

Q262. Joel:

It won't suffice to say that there exist non-physical things. That's a belief.

So, now tell me of what materials and forces are these non-physical things made up of
and how do they connect with physical matter? Have you heard of the word self-existent?
That'll give you the clue to non-dualistic thinking that're based on conservation, causation
and unity in variety. The only changes that occur are from subtle to gross and vice-versa
as the eternal cosmic cycles proceed. If you still believe that consciousness, mind,
emotions, life and energy were created out of nothing, then the burden is on you to
provide us the detailed mechanism with supporting reasons and proofs.

And, in crude dualistic fashion, if you aver that everything has to have a creator then tell
me who created your extra-cosmic god? And, then, tell me, who created that entity who
created your extra-cosmic god? This questioning can go on ad infinitum. It's obvious that
you've a very low IQ and an extremely underdeveloped mind…..


Answers to main points of your posts are as below:

A. Do non Material things do not exist?

I asked you if Soul, thoughts and imagine are material? You did not answer that and
posed the question to me back.

If you say that they do not exist, then what are they? We imagine, we think and we day
dream…if these things are not existing in physical world, then they exist in Non Physical

B. Self Existent:

When matter can self Exist, then why can’t the Creator of the Matter?

C. Who created God?

You think it as masterpiece of question, but in reality it is very childish. If as per your
argument Matter is self existent, then you should have no objection if Creator of Matter
was also self existent.

As per us, the Cycle of Creation has a beginning and a starting point. It is the Creator
who alone is Self existent and all creations stop there. So the question who Created the
Creator is illogical.

It is like asking question, if man give birth to a child, will it be a male or female!! A
question based on a falsehood.

D. What Bubble did Einstein Burst?

Einstein did burst the Bubble of those who had Static View of Universe…”Believing”
that Matter cannot be Created and Matter cannot be destroyed. He showed that Matter
and energy are interchangeable, so matter can be created and matter can be destroyed.

Now Big bang theory shows that both Matter, Energy , Time and Space can be created in
one instant out of nothing.

What was before Big Bang? It is only guess work, without any proof, because you
cannot have any proof of that?
So you are as much believer in some thing which you cannot prove as you accuse us of!!

E. Will God protect Kaaba from US Nuclear attack?

I hope US does not get mad enough to try this…..but I am sure that War mongers like
you would tempt it to do that…

God does not reside inside Kaaba, so that His home or abode will be destroyed if Kaaba
is destroyed!!

Kaaba is only a symbol and a direction for prayer….it was the first house on the earth
created by prophets Abraham and Ishmael for the worship of one true God.

There have been instances when the Kaaba was damaged during the floods or tremors or
even wars. There is no dogma attached to the physical structure of Kaaba.

However God will surely test 1,500,000,000 Muslims if they have strength left to take
revenge on those who willfully try to destruct the Kaaba, the symbol of Monotheism in
the world.

If God feels that Muslims are impotent enough to do nothing….He may leave them to
simmer in their juices of humility and shame….However if God feels that Muslims are
really overwhelmed and have no means to defend their Holy place….then He may chose
to intervene directly …. As he did against those of Abyssinia who came to destroy Kaaba
with Elephants in the year 571 CE (the year of birth of our prophet).

For your information, destruction of Kaaba is one of the signs of nearness of Last Day. It
will be destroyed for sure…..when there will be no Muslim alive on this earth!!

So if I were you, I will only dream of actually taking steps top destroy Kaaba and would
leave that in the hands of children (like a Video Game!!!)

Q263. ASOG:

Names have meanings. That is why variations to the names of the apostles occur. The
meanings may be somewhat lost today. But the names can take on according to meaning
in translation.

Simon is a derivative of Simeon. Cephas or Kepha are also the same.

Simon Ben Jonah's name was changed to Peter by Jesus, out of recognition of a truth -
that Jesus was and is the Holy one of God. The name Peter means a Rock. The Rock
however is the truth that Peter came out with on which the church is built.

Matthew: 16:13-20
13 When Jesus came to the region of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, "Who do
people say the Son of Man is?"
14 They replied, "Some say John the Baptist; others say Elijah; and still others, Jeremiah
or one of the prophets."
15 "But what about you?" he asked. "Who do you say I am?"
16 Simon Peter answered, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God."
17 Jesus replied, "Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you
by man, but by my Father in heaven.
18 And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates
of Hades will not overcome it.
19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be
bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven."
20 Then he warned his disciples not to tell anyone that he was the Christ.


Yes names do have meanings and sometimes people have different names and titles. But
when it comes to providing the list of 12 disciples, we do not have any alternative, but to
see that one unique name appears in Luke and John, which is not present in Matthew or
Mark….you cannot say that these are the names and titles of the same man….just your
assumptions are not enough….that it might have been the other name for such and such

As per Peter calling Jesus Son of God and Christ and Jesus’ response to it……wait till
you see the same episode in the Gospel of Barnabas….How strongly Jesus reacts to it and
how strongly he rebukes Peter for that Lapse of tongue.

That is why I said…..Hold your breath and see the excerpts from this Gospel

Q264. Joel:

Your answers on self-existence (2 singularities self-existent energy and self-existent

creator) make no sense as unity underlying diversity is the law.

Your reply to E = MC^2 is pure rubbish. Boy, you're confusing manifestation of matter
from self-existent and as such indestructible primal energy and its reconversion back into
energy with an act of creation which implies the existence of a separate being who
despite having no causal connection with anything somehow managed to create energy
out of nothing.

Fool, do you know the difference between the words "manifestation" and "creation"?

The Big Bang theory is flawed but whatever are its limitations it only says that primal
energy emerges from a sea of virtual particles from the quantum mechanical vacuum
which is not nothing as you naively assume. Chapters and chapters of highly complex
Math are required to describe the quantum mechanical vacuum and I can tell you much
more, you Dunce. The latest view is that the present universe is a manifestation of a
previously dissolved mother universe.
If everything has to have a creator as you say then surely your fictitious extra-cosmic,
anthropomorphic, creationist god who created the cosmos out of nothing has also to have
a creator and that entity who created Allah out of nothing also has to have a creator and
so on...
I asked you you tell me what exactly do you mean by "non-physical" in terms of its
material and force constituents and how these "non-physical" entities connect with
physical energy/matter as underlying diversity is a unity in keeping with the eternal laws
of conservation and causation.
Similarly, what is an angel, heaven , hell etc? Of what materials and forces are they
composed of and how do they connect with physical energy?
Also outline the complete mechanism of creation out of nothing giving supporting proofs
and sound reasons.


One century back….it was non destructible matter….Now you have come to Non
Destructible Primal Energy!!!

That is an improvement….Now can you tell you from where this non Destructible Primal
Energy came from?

Did it crate itself? ….. If you cannot find the source of that Primal Energy….why it is
Illogical to say that Creator made it and that Creator is the Source of That Primal Energy
and that He is one who is not created.

Who designed those Quantum Mechanical Laws? Did they also came about by Chance
or Created themselves?

You say Big Bang theory is flawed and I say….your whole reasoning is flawed…so we
are even…

It is you who Assign Duty of God to protect Kaaba and punish those who want to destroy
it in Public….He could if He wished…We have no authority to fix “Duties and
Responsibilities” for God.

God works the way He wishes….the buildings of stone and mortar have no value for

In Past He did not intervene when Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the Temple of Jerusalem

He did not also intervene when Titus destroyed the Temple of Jerusalem for the second

He did not intervene when (according to Jews and Christians) they were crucifying His
Only Begotten Son and the Son was Crying to Him
But He did intervene when An Abyssinian army with Elephants came to destroy Kaaba in
571 CE.

So you just calm down and plan destruction of Kaaba only in your dreams.

PS: Thanks you for commenting on my education and my English. I am sure we have not
gathered here to teach each other English. This is public forum. People have different
levels of education. I can show you many posts in this thread which use much worse
English than mine (Your ’s for Example!!)

Q265. Joel:

The Quran and you support the Second Coming of Jesus?

So, you mean that the Christians will have the last laugh as their chosen prophet Jesus
Christ will come down on Judgement to battle Satan and his followers.

In the Bible, too, it's said that Jesus will come again and repeated warnings have been
given by Him to shun the False Prophets who'll arise after His passing away. The
"Comforter", as noted in the Bible to succeed Christ, will be Jesus in His second avatar
upon earth during the so-called Last Days. When Jesus, as revealed by John, arrives
through a hole in the sky with His angels, a mighty battle will ensue and the good will be
separated from the evil and a period of peace will reign for 1000 years.

From this biblical account it appears that with the "imminent" Second Coming of Jesus,
the whole world will be Christianized and non-Christians, with the Mark of the Beast on
them, will be eliminated. Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists better convert fast to
Christianity or else take the Mark of the Beast and perish in the Armageddon that, as it's
believed, will soon arise (but none knows when) in the world.

Nice tale ! Well, I have my own pet version of Judgement Day that's very different from
the Biblical or Quranic descriptions !


All prophets are from God…so there is no Christian Prophet or a Muslim prophet…
Jesus’ is our prophet too!! We honor and follow his teachings more than these supposed
Christians are doing themselves.

It is God who allots the mission for each of His prophets… and in the plan of God, He
chose that Jesus should be the one to kill the Anti Christ or DAJJAL….so why should we
or any other complain?.

In Quran God says that He has raised some prophets in stature over others… It is His
choice and His decision…
The second coming of Jesus would indeed herald the end of this Pauline Christianity
(which we mistakenly call as Christianity these days)….

The Pauline Christianity stands on two pillars, first claiming that Jesus was God and
second that he was crucified and risen and took away the sins of world.

Jesus is his second coming will deny both these allegations…. So the Pauline Christianity
will be finished and original religion of Jesus will be restored…which is nothing but

It will also herald end of Jews as a race…. All other people of the world will accept
Islam and that will be the Universal religion of all human kind.

For once the differences of color, race, language and nation would be abolished and
humanity will join itself in worshipping their True Creator.

I know you as a “Creative Writer” could have your version of Judgment day and all other
days…. I only wish that you keep that to yourself….unless you want to introduce
yourself as a New Prophet Coming into the world!!

Q266. Joel:

The Second Coming of Jesus will mean that Christianity will be the preferred religion
that the whole will accept after the destruction of evil on earth. This is common sense.

I've yet to hear that Jesus preached allegiance to any of the 5 pillars of Islam that arose
much later after Jesus' passing away. Now, the Buddhist say that with the coming of the
Prophet Maitreya, foul human beings will be destroyed and that all the survivors will
accept Buddha-Maitreya and convert to Buddhism. The Hindus say that the Prophet
Kalki will destroy evil ones everywhere and establish Hinduism on earth as the only
faith. The Zoroastrians say the same thing about their own Prophet and the choice of
religion in the coming Golden Age after the destruction of evil people.

So, you see, people of all faiths are rigid in believing only what their own book says.
Which theory among all of these is correct? I say none.

Now, tell me, when is your Islamic Judgement Day?


I want to comment only on two points of your post to me:

A. Jesus did not adhere to Five Pillars of Islam:

The five pillars of Islam are belief in one God and His Messenger, Regular Prayers,
fasting, Charity and Pilgrimage.

I do not know that Jesus negated any of these during his earthly life. He believed in one
God and His meseengers. He used to pray regularly. He used to fast and he encouraged
charity. We have seen him visiting Temple of Jerusalem a sort of pilgrimage.

So he was acting on all five pillars in principle.

When he comes for second time, he will be glad to see that these Five Pillars are still
being followed by Muslims, only some changes have been made , to make them more
organized. He will be glad to accept and follow the new arrangement set by the Last and
Final prophet and approved by God , Jesus’ Creator.

Neither Jesus nor any of the past prophets would have any qualms to follow the teachings
of last and final prophet.

B. Hindus and Buddhists and other world religions say that whole world would accept
their form of religion:

I am not unaware of these claims. In fact all religions are waiting for the final prophet to
come and unite humanity into one religion.

The Maitreya of Buddhists, the Kalki of Hindus….the Comforter of Christians and “The
prophet like Moses” of Jews….are all the one and same person. They all point out to the
Last and Final Prophet to come into the world….and that prophet has already come into
the world 1400 years back.

The Universal religion is progressing in the world since then…. But the culmination and
climax of that seen will be seen when Jesus comes back to earth… to finish off Pauline
Christianity and Judaism…. Hindus and Buddhist and other people would follow suit.

You say none, because you have no source of independent knowledge. When the Last
day will come in only known to God…. No one knows the Time of that Hour except

Q267. Bryant:

What is your source for your claim?

The earliest writers of the church (Papias, Irenaeus, Clement of Alexandria, Origen
among others) from the 2nd century onwards, all affirmed that the four Gospels were
written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. If the Gospels are anonymous, why is there
no other surviving tradition of another author for the Gospels? Second-century testimony
is unanimous in attributing the four Gospels to the persons that now carry their name.
This suggests that they received their titles early; for if they had not, there would have
been a great deal of speculation as to who had written them - "a variation of titles would
have inevitably risen," as had happened with the apocryphal gospels. It is rather harder to
believe that the Gospels circulated anonymously for 60 or more years and then someone
finally thought to put authors on them -- and managed to get the whole church across the
Roman Empire to agree!

Not so.

James, 47-48AD, 1 Thessalonians, early 50’s AD, I Thessalonians, 50-1 AD, , 1

Corinthians, Spring 55AD, 1 Timothy, autumn 55AD
II Corinthians early 56AD, Galatians, later 56AD , Romans, early 57AD Titus, late spring
57AD, Philippians, spring 58AD,Philemon, summer 58AD
Colossians, summer 58AD, Ephesians, later summer 58AD, II Timothy, autumn 58AD,
Mark, 45-60AD,, Matthew, 40-60AD, Luke, 57-60AD,
Jude, 61-2AD, Acts, 57-62AD, John, 40-65+AD

And your source is? Look at those dates again. Paul wrote to churches. There is no
evidence that his letters were read to any churches other than the ones he originally wrote

We do, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Peter and James. Jesus didn't say that he was A
way; he said that he was THE way. No other prophet said that they had to go through
them to get to the Father, but Jesus did. I've read it. Barnabas did not write it. "Barnabas"
says that Jesus is the Christ, but later in the book, Jesus denies being the Messiah/Christ.
The Quran says that Jesus was the Christ.


Please go thru any book that deals with the history of Gospel and it will give you the true

None of the persons you quoted have confirmed that ‘Present Gospels of Matthew, Mark,
Luke and John” were really written by the living persons of those names. This is your

Even if we accept the dates mentioned by you as correct, these are not the dates when the
“Final version of these Gospels as we have today were written”. There have been many
interpolations, additions, deletion and every thing going in.
The Gospels were never in the hands of common folks, they were in the hands of Church
leaders and every church was modifying it to his view point.

The Bible as we have today as an encyclopedia of 66 or 73 books was not finalized till
about 375 CE.

When the authorship of these Gospels itself is suspect, we cannot take any statement of
Jesus as authentic and split hairs about it. Like you said “Jesus said I am THE way and I
am not way etc.”

The sinking people usually clutch at straws and your position seems to be like one.

Q268. Chago:

thanks for trying to smooth BMZ's rough edges, but he may believe that, you to seem to
believe that Christians are an aberration from monotheism, but we fit right in, its a long
story will answer tomorrow


I am not roughing any one’s edges. I have good intention towards every one.

Christians by believing that Jesus is Son of God, by believing that Godhead is Triune in
nature, have come very close to deny Monotheism. But for name sake they say that they
still believe in one God… So they are really associating Partners in the Worship of
God….which is the Greatest Sin in religious terminology.

In Secular terms it is equivalent to sedition or treachery against your own country.

The long story can be shortened in one sentence “Do Not Say Trinity, Desist, it will be
best for you” !!

Q269. Chago:

thanks for trying to BMZ, but he is without honor, if he is a muslim he might be an

Ahmadiyya who are violently anti-Christian & apparently are not above outright lies, no
real muslim would say those things because as was shown by Mohammad, true muslims
all believe that Jesus has a special place in the Day of Judgment, but all 3 monotheistic
religions disagree on what & where

Christians believe that only Jesus was without sin, all others were humans & thus flawed;
David committed polygamy, adultery & murder, Mohammad committed pedophilia,
polygamy, murder & blasphemy , none of them could help themselves because they were
just human, Jesus on the other hand was God made flesh by an act of God, muslims even
have a special name for Jesus that is used occasionally, Ruhollah that means "Spirit of

I would not make personal comments against BMZ or against any individual. Nor do I
pry into their personal beliefs. This is an open forum.

But some times people say something in the heat of moment or rhetoric or as mentioned
in the opponents scriptures.

It is not our beliefs, but we say to other party that as per your scripture this is your belief.

BMZ has lots of experience in dealing with so many people, so his outlook is different
from mine. If you go thru our posts, I have many times commented on his tone and asked
him to go slow.

We believe that Jesus was a Great prophet of God and has a much honored place in sight
of God. It is our belief that, though all true prophets of God are equal as prophet, but
God has favored some over above and given them positions different from each other.

But we do not discriminate between prophets based on these special favors given by
God…to us all are equally honorable.

The charges which are laid against David, Solomon, Lot and others in Bible are
considered as false charges in Islam and Quran does not support any of these charges.
These are the “impurities” added by Jewish and Christian scholars into their books which
are ‘Cleansed” by Quran .

Now the charges that you lay against our prophet speak of your own ignorance and bias
against Islam and Muslims, which you should correct.

Jesus was as human as any other human, but God created his as a sign from Him and he
was made without any human father.

And why do you feel that such an event will make him Divine? Before Jesus Adam was
also created without any father and mother and Eve was created without any mother.
That did not make them divine!!

The whole idea of Word becoming flesh is Paul’s innovation and taken in by the Church.
It is not supported by Jesus’ own words and actions..

Do not read too much into phrases like “Roohullah”. We call Kaaba as “Baitullah”
meaning “House of God” . The same word Rooh is used by Quran when referring to
creation of Adam. God breathed ‘Some of His spirit” into Adam and he became alive!!
The problem with Christians is that they had no link with prophets, scriptures and idioms
of Jews. They were Roman and Greeks (at least most of Paul’s followers)…. They took
every thing literally.

Son of God, Spirit of God, Word of God are common Jewish terms none of them are to
be taken literally.

Paul and his Gentile followers took these terms in literal sense and got into error. No Jew
will ever interpret these words in the way Christians do and Jesus was a Jew and not a
Gentile!! He spoke and he preached in the idioms of Jews and not that of Roman or

Q270. Joel:

Caste discrimination form no part of the original eugenic science of varnaashram. The
institution of the 4 fold eugenic castes (varnas) and blood clans (gotras) were based on a
natural classification of the inborn instincts of human beings with the grand aim of
preventing eugenic abnormalities like hypogamy and inbreeding from occurring. Later,
when the original meaning of caste was distorted, pride and discrimination set in.


Who modified the Hindu scriptures to insert those caste based ideas that are prevalent
today in Hinduism?

Muslims? Christians or Hindus themselves?

What is your solution to abolish this caste based Hinduism? Try and abolish it first and
then come and preach your message of love and tolerance to others.

If some one has complete record of caste based violence and hatred in India. It will
overshadow all crimes and violence committed in every other system.

So you first set your own house in order, before posting those theories of yours.

Q271. Noetics:

This is what the Great Prophet Jesus declared to the whole world:

1.“I did not come to condemn the world, the world is ALREADY condemned”.(In other
words, you do not have to do anything to go to hell, just show up on planet Earth).“I AM
the Resurrection”.(He did not just say I will resurrect Lazarus).“I AM the Bread of
Life”(He did not just say I will give you bread).““I AM the Door”…,“I AM the Way”.
(He did not just say I will show you the door or the way).
In other words, you do not and CANNOT do anything to go be JUSTIFIED (from Capital
Punishment), just be in HIM who rose from the dead..

Put these words into the mouth of any other person from Adam to MUQ including your
own prophet!!

Then if you allow the Holy Spirit to bring His Word, you will know the difference.

2 & 3. Yes the Messiah Jesus was 100% Human. But, He did not BECOME divine. He
was 100% Divine who became 100% Human. Only the Almighty Creator has that kind of
CREATIVE POWER. It is the CREATOR who imprinted the Sentence of Death on
humans. Only the Creator can cancel that sentence. The Almighty Creator cancelled that
sentence by taking it upon HIMSELF and rising from the dead for ALL, even for MUQ if
only you accept it FREELY.

4. Paul has no influence on the writing of the Gospels. He makes no specific reference to
any Apostle by name other than Peter [and James the step-brother of the Messiah who
was not one of the twelve Apostles, but an Apostle in the same sense as Barnabas and
Silas]. The destruction of the Temple was the most important date in Jewish History after
the Exodus and it was clearly predicted by the Messiah Himself.

However, neither the Gospel writers nor Paul mention anything about that cruel event
perpetrated by the Romans. The only possible reason is that they wrote the gospels and
the epistles long before the destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D.


Will you please get away from the allegorical words used in john’s Gospel and come to

John puts his thoughts and His words in the mouth of Jesus. It is the best pastime of
Christians to justify their articles of faiths from these sort of ambiguous words of Jesus.

Jesus was a Jew and he spoke in Hebrew or Aramaic language. He spoke in the language
and idioms of Jews and we should turn to Jews and ask what these worlds really mean.

It is a great folly and real contradiction to say that Jesus was 100 % Human and 100 %
God. It is like saying that you are 100 % man and 100 % Female!!

God and Humans are not synonymous terms. God is Infinite, Humans are Finite, one
cannot be Finite and Infinite at the same time.

God is immortal and humans are immortal. You cannot be Mortal and Immortal at the
same time.
Paul did not quote any gospel because none of them were existing when he was alive!!
He never quotes Jesus, because he never met him. He never quotes other apostles
because he never learned any thing from him.

The teachings of Paul are his own, you consider him a prophet and you believe in his
teachings. Then your true title is Pauline and not Jesus’ followers.

Q272. Bryant:

The late Professor FF Bruce was one of the world’s foremost Textual History critics (and
a non-Christian) at the time that he said:

“The interval then between the dates of original composition and the earliest extant
evidence becomes so small as to be in fact negligible, especially when compared to the
dates of academically accepted Historical documents such as those detailing Roman
History. The last foundation for any doubt that the scripts of the Old and New Testaments
have come down to us substantially as they were written has now been removed. Both the
authenticity and the general integrity of these works may now be finally established and
proved, probably to be the most authentic historical documents known to man.”

Thousands of early Christian writings and lexionaries (first and second century) cite
verses from the New Testament. In fact, it is nearly possible to put together the entire
New Testament just from early Christian writings. For example, the Epistle of Clement to
the Corinthians (dated 95 A.D.) cites verses from the Gospels, Acts, Romans, 1
Corinthians, Ephesians, Titus, Hebrews, and 1 Peter. The letters of Ignatius (dated 115
A.D.) were written to several churches in Asia Minor and cites verses from Matthew,
John, Romans, 1 & 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, 1 & 2 Timothy and
Titus. These letters indicate that the entire New Testament was written in the first century


I do not want to comment on the authority or impartiality of Prof. FF Bruce… but one
thing I have noticed in all these scholars is that they use Different standards when it
comes to examining Islamic Scriptures and books and Jewish and Christian Scriptures.

For them some quotations in the Epistle of Clement (95 CE) from the gospels of
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John is enough evidences that these books were actually
present at his time.

Clement could very well have his own sources for those quotations, because he was
contemporary of Apostles and their disciples. If he claims that he has taken these
quotations from such and such gospels then that was OK, but there is no such
Same is the case with one verse found here and one verse found there….they cannot
become the basis of proving the authenticity of these books.

The basic problem with OT and NT books is that they were never in the hands of
common people…. They were only with Church and the Churches were in contention
with each other. So they did interfered with the text in any manner they liked.

The only way to preserve any scripture is to make it public, let it be in the hands of
common people. Let it be read every day by common people. Let it be memorized by
common people.

That is the procedure adopted for Quran by Muslims and that is why you see Muslims
have only one Quran.

I do not say that books of OT and NT were not written down in First Century or 2nd
Century CE….My contention is that the books we have in our hands are not the same as
which were written originally.

What difference does it make if you say that these books are same as they were in the 2 nd
Century CE? How can you trace it to Jesus and His Disciples?

Q273. Charlotte:

wouldn't say its very unique, on the contrary it still resembles the word which preceded
it: "Allat", one of the three moon goddesses (Kore and Al-Uzza were the other two) who
were the patron deities of Mecca before Mohammad's time. Allat was worshiped at the
Kaaba, where muslims STILL go for their hajj, they kiss her stone, a meteorite
symbolizing her lunar origins. Her symbol was the crescent moon, the same symbol most
Islamic nations STILL use. Mohammad's tribe were the Koreshites or "children of Kore"
who gave worship to Allat's sister Goddess, its no wonder he named his work the
"Koran" which meant to his native tribesman "the word of Kore" or "Q're word".

There's a great deal connecting Islam to its preceding Arab traditions, but I won't bother
to go over them all, simply looking it up will reveal enough.


I am thankful for remembering my “Original Name” even after a lapse of so many


It is strange for you to say that for Pagan Makkan was Allah was a moon god. There
cannot be a better witness than Quran itself.

You see the Quran is preserved exactly as it was revealed to our prophet. In Quran the
Pagans are asked many Questions and their answers are also recorded, just go thru these
Questions and Answers and think if the Makkans meant by Allah to be a moon god
1. “If indeed you ask them, who has created the heavens and the earth and subjected the
Sun and Moon (to His Laws), They will certainly reply “Allah” (29:61)

If Allah be moon god then the question and answer is ridiculous. A moon god subjected
Moon to his laws?

2. If you asked them Who is that created the heavens and earth? They will certainly say
“Allah” (31:25, 39:38)

Moon is part of heaven, so Moon god created itself also!!

3. If you were to question them “who created the heavens and the earth? They would
surely reply “they were created by One who is Exalted in Power , Full of knowledge”
(43: 9)

Can a moon god fit this description?

4. Say “who is the Lord of Seven Heavens and the Lord of the Throne of Glory
Supreme? They will say to Allah (23:86-87)

5. Among His signs are The Night and the Day, and the Sun and the Moon, Adore not the
Sun and the Moon, but adore Allah, who created them..” (41:37)

Can we still say that Allah is the moon god of Pagan Arabs contemporary of Prophet

Each and every reasonable man will say NO, NO and NO.

All others of your hypothesis can be blown to pieces in the same way.

Best thing for you is so come back to your senses and believe in the truth of Islam

Q274. Bryant:

I gave you the reasoning behind choosing December 25 to observe Jesus' birth.

From the Internet:

"So, why was December 25 chosen to remember Jesus Christ’s birth with a mass (or
Communion supper)? Since no one knows the day of his birth, the Roman Catholic
Church felt free to chose this date. The Church wished to replace the pagan festival with
a Christian holy day (holiday). The psychology was that is easier to take away an unholy
(but traditional) festival from the population, when you can replace it with a good one.
Otherwise, the Church would have left a void where there was a long-standing tradition,
and risked producing a discontented population and a rapid return to the old ways."

As I pointed out, we do not know for sure when Jesus was born. It doesn't matter to me if
that date was a pagan holiday. If we look hard enough we could probably find some kind
of pagan holiday on each day of the year. We are not commanded to celebrate Jesus' birth
at all. So, the issue is not an important one for us. Christians accept the Jewish scriptures.

What I see is that Islamic scholars use different standards for the Bible than for other

Manuscript evidence of the New Testament is overwhelming.


You have raised so many points at once, I would answer most important of these:

A. December 25 As Birthday of Jesus

The Internet quote you mentioned tells every thing about choosing December 25th As
Birthday of Jesus. The day was conveniently selected to replace the Pagan Festival, but
so many Pagan rituals and practices also came along.

I know in modern times, most people do not think about that Pagan origin, but Christmas,
not having any religious significance, has now become the Most Important of All
Christian Festivals.

This is what happens when you add any innovation in your religions.

B. Having different copies in Different Churches “Helped” the purity of Bible.

This is a strange logic, how come having so many different “originals” will help preserve
the book. In fact it would make the job of correcting much more difficult . Because
every Church will insist on his book being the most authentic.

I think this is the main reason for you having so many different versions of Bible and so
many variant readings.

C. Jews and Christian as is the case of Quran have one Bible.

It is a myth to say that Jews and Christians have one Bible. Even to a novice it is clear
that RC Bible contains 73 Books and Protestant Bible contains 66 Books. Who is the
guilty party, I do not want to comment on that,.

Then each major Church has his own “Version” of Bible. No two manuscripts are
identical and neither the two Bibles of Major Sects.

D. Jews used to memorize their Scriptures

I hardly know any Jew or Christian who has memorized complete Bible. I feel it is not
humanly possible to memorize all those lengthy genealogies with “Obscure Names”

Number of persons who have memorized entire NT can also be counted on fingers. You
will always see the priests and preachers, from highest to lowest, with their “Bibles
tucked under their arms”

Whereas in case of Quran, its memorizers number in hundreds of thousands thru out the
ages. Even now, when Muslims are very weak in political sense and in might and the
“Wave of Modernism” is very strong, there is hardly any Muslim Village which does not
have any memorizer of Quran.

That is the way to preserve the scriptural purity of any Scripture and Quran is unique in
this respect.

E. Many Muslims also cannot understand Arabic Quran

You are right on that, but we are considering the textual purity of Quran. You collect a
memorizer from China, Mongolia or Kazakhstan and compare their recitation from any
Arab or Asian.

You will find that they are exactly similar, even the minutest deviations (in punctuation)
would not be allowed during congregation prayers. I have witnessed that even Imam of
Kaaba (leading the congregation prayers) has to be corrected when he makes any
mistake in recitation. I doubt, if any Christian can question Pope during his recitation of

Most Christians do not read their Scripture in their Original language. They only read
Translations and Translations cannot take the place of original.

This shows why Quran was sent by God as Final Revelation and why no other revelation
is needed after Quran. (Because God’s message is intact and unadulterated).
Q275. Chago:

my dear MUQ, far be it from me to disparage your prophet, for it seems to me that
muslims have already done that; putting scurrilous remarks about Mohammad being a
pedophile by marrying a 6 year old, changing Quranic verses to suit his needs, hatred
toward Jews, sex-crazed nature, vindictive nature & being an amateur alchemist

Bukhari Volume 1, Book 4, Number 184, Bukhari Volume 1, Book 4, Number 189,
Bukhari Volume 1, Book 4, Number 210, Bukhari Volume 1, Book 4, Number 215
Bukhari Volume 1, Book 4, Number 233, Bukhari Volume 1, Book 4, Number 234,

those are all from Islamic sources, which I assume were at one time considered virtues by
muslims until your people came in contact with the West, where our sensibilities are
democratic, rational & , in other words more girly to your Islamic more manly manners if
you are going to use discredited sources to compare for Christianity, can I use Baha'i,
Druze, Yazidi or Alawhite sources to do the same for islam? please stick to true sources
& don't disambiguate taqiyya us


1. Is it not strange that you are quoting book of Bukhari and drawing a totally erroneous
conclusion than what was intended by Bukhari? You want to be holier than Pope?

2. Our prophet did not marry any women who had not reached the age of menstruation.
No one raised any objection to this marriage till the advent of 20th Century.

Do you not know that till the age of 50, Our prophet was content with one wife, who was
15 years his senior? At the age of 25 He married Khadija , who was 15 years his senior
and she remained his sole wife for 25 years.

That speaks a lot about your accusation of his “Sex crazed nature”.

Then all but one of his wives were widows, some widowed once and some widowed even
twice, that also speaks a lot about his “sex crazed nature”.

It was not his “sex crazed nature” but the state of mind of his accusers, for whom there is
no other purpose of marriage except to fulfill one’s sexual desires.

3. Quran is most balanced in his criticism of Jews and Christians, it critics those who
were rebellious and praises those who had some qualities of true believers left in them.

4. You may use any source to attack Islam, that does not matter. The truth remains the
truth, irrespective of whatever allegation you lay against it.
5. There is nothing in Islamic jurisprudence called Taqaiyya , so I cannot answer you on

Q276. A SOG:

What does it prophet a man if the words preserved deny God Almighty, and accuse God
Almighty of being a liar, and give false witness as a testimony?
What has greater value to God: Preserving words, or preserving an honest open heart
towards God? Preserved words can end up being a testimony that go against the
Preserved words should be chosen with wisdom.


It is your biased saying that Quran denies God All Mighty, Accuses God of being a liar
and Gives false witness or testimony.

Quran does nothing of the sort. It corrects the mistakes and false notions in your
scriptures which human hands have entered into it.

It open the lies which paul and his followers introduced into the simple and straight
forward message of Jesus and other prophets.

Preservation of Original Scripture Words is of utmost importance, so that no human

corruptions can enter into it.

Of all the scriptures in the world, it is only Quran that has remained pure and
unadulterated even after 1400 years.

By contrast hundreds of ‘Spurious Gospels” sprang up in the small community of

Christians within the first two centuries!!

Q277. Chago:

here is an except from the next seal of the prophet, after Mohammad, it is very Islamic

"Epistle to the Son of the Wolf"

* Author: Bahá’u’lláh
<quoted text>
In the name of God, the One, the Incomparable, the All-Powerful, the All-Knowing, the
Praise be to God, the Eternal that perisheth not, the Everlasting that declineth not, the
Self-Subsisting that altereth not. He it is Who is transcendent in His sovereignty, Who is
manifest through His signs, and is hidden through His mysteries. He it is at Whose
bidding the standard of the Most Exalted Word hath been lifted up in the world of
creation, and the banner of “He doeth whatsoever He willeth” raised amidst all peoples.
He it is Who hath revealed His Cause for the guidance of His creatures, and sent down
His verses to demonstrate His Proof and His Testimony, and embellished the preface of
the Book of Man with the ornament of utterance through His saying:“The God of Mercy
hath taught the Qur’án, hath created man, and taught him articulate speech.” No God is
there but Him, the One, the Peerless, the Powerful, the Mighty, the Beneficent

for some reason it sounds more poetic than the Quran, enjoy, the Quran gives examples
of itself as spurious, do you believe that the earth is flat? do you believe that anyone can
find the setting place of the sun? can birds report on people? edited edition of the Quran
is proved by examples of earlier Quran in Yemen; ,
spurious, you use Barnabas shame on you!

the Quran is in error, read surah 18:83 to 98 & all of surah 27, have fun, enjoy!


Really interesting Excerpt from “Another Seal of the Prophet” but it was far fetched for
you to say that it is more poetic than Quran.

First of all Quran is not the poetry… It is book of Guidance… Second thing it is in
Arabic and any comparison must be in Arabic language.

All you have to ask these “Millions of Bahais, living in more than 200 Countries of the
world” is to translate this “Masterpiece of Poetry” into Arabic Language and then let us
put it side-by side with Quran and ask unbiased opinion of Arabic Scholars as to which is

It is not impossible to write very powerful and moving poetry and prose in world’s
different languages. People have been writing it all the times.

Even Arabic Language is not devoid of such powerful and moving compositions, but
none of them can match Quran in its style, eloquence and message.

Nice try though!!

Quran is not in error, the error is in your own minds, who do not understand the language,
idiom and meaning of Quran.
Q278. Joel:

In recent times, Hindus have only retaliated against Muslims in India for the murder of
millions of their ancestors and destruction of thousands of their temples by barbaric
Muslim invaders.


Have you ever pondered over what you have written…. Does it not show the meanness of
Hindu Mentality?

The ‘Supposed Crime” was committed by some one else and they want to take revenge
on some one else.

Would you recommend that Japanese totally wipe out USA after 200 years for what US
Atomic Bomb did to Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945?

By this logic the circle of hate will continue… the grandsons of these innocent Muslims
whom present day Hindus are persecuting will take “revenge” on the Hindus of their age
and the circle will never end.

I do not know how the “philosopher” in you justifies such acts?

Q279. Noetivs:

Since you NEVER EVER was a Christian, Noetics is an exception to your assertion.
Noetics fully understand why you ARE and WERE NOT 'a REGENERATE
You are in a double bind! You say Jesus is a TRUE servant of the Creator and then make
HIM a liar by denying ALL that He claimed to be. " I AM... I AM...Amen, Amen I say
unto you...Before Abraham was I AM...etc. etc. etc.. Which wo/man has ever said so?
Which prophet ever dared to utter any of these I AM statements?
He said and proved it that HE came to die (for even you), will be buried and will RISE on
the third day. Which prophet could ever dare even to think so?
The world's best brains cannot still figure out what a photon is!!! One of the simplest
entity ever to populate the universe, but you had figured out everything in your high
school days!!!

Did you figure out Field1 + Field2 + Field3 = 1 Field? Infinity1+Infinity2+Infinity3=

So then how will you figure oput Infinite Father + Infinite Son + Infinite Spirit = One
Infinite Elohim?
That leaves you with a loner Allah with no ability or means of communication with any
one for an ifinite period and suddenly "learned" to say or do something!!! In the Bible
even Lucifer the now fallen Cherub,“his Excellency the Right Reverend prince-god of
this world” had and still have innumerable beings to communicate with. Sad to know
your Allah was a loner of infinity past for so long! Perhaps that explains some of the
idiosyncrasies Koran attributes to him.


I think we have earlier discussed this “Mathematical” absurdity of proving Trinity by

using ‘Infinity”!!

Why we prove only Trinity using this method? Why not “Quadinity” or “Pentanity” ?

If by Christian you mean, one that follows the teachings of Jesus Christ… then we
Muslims are more Christians than the so called Christians!!

However if by Christian you mean the one, who follows all innovations of Paul… then I
did not had honor to ever become that type of Pauline Christian and I hope and pray to
God All Mighty that I never fall into that deep pit.!!

None of the Gospels were written during the life time of Jesus and never in his own
language… so it is useless to argue on linguistic points mentioned there.

Did Jesus ever used the word “I AM” is debatable…

It is height of your insolence for you to say that Allah is all “alone” and has no one to talk
to…. Don’t you think that by “Talking to the same Two Persons of Holy Trinity would
not bore Him”? He should have a very large community to talk to….

Allah is above and free from all these allegations and weaknesses which people like you
assign to Him!!

Q280. ASOG:

How can you say your master did not accuse Jesus of lying and cheating, when he taught
Jesus made it look as though but hadn't really? Don't you see the deception?
Your master is not the Last and final prophet - the seal of all prophets. Your master
denied the Holy Spirit through which there is the gift of prophesy. Your master was not
the comforter. The Comforter is there in times of tribulation. Your master is dead -
unable to comfort. There was only one prophet after Christ - the false prophet.
The one who was to teach many to stay away from the Holy Spirit of God - the true
Comforter. For it is by the Holy Spirit that satan is defeated.

The Quran is your master's words, who was not there at the crucifixion, who did not have
the Spirit of God to proclaim God. Your master denied the Spirit of God, as you deny the
Spirit of God. So shall the Spirit of God deny your master, as promised in the Book of
Revelation which foretold of him. His fate is sealed - not his words.

Christ in you the hope of glory.

Was the Quran written in the time of Jesus Christ? No. It was written nearly 700 years
later. what sort of witness is that? It is a preserved witness to it's own damnation.
You blaspheme God by calling Him absurd. When you see the great deceiver whom you
worship in the great lake of fire you will tremble for the blasphemies that pour so
carelessly from you. You say you are more Christian, but fail abysmally to recognise the
Holy Spirit. You fail to recognise the Holy Spirit because you have no concept of what is
God has offered you salvation and all you can do is mock. You have been shown many
times how you misinterpret scripture but you reject them to uphold your god -
Do not deny that you worship Muhammad. You hold his words up as God's words. You
fall on your knees in worship to the city of his birth.
You worship a false god. There was no truth in Muhammad, he prophesied nothing. He
denied as you deny. So will God deny you also.


Quran is a revelation from God All Mighty… He was seeing every thing that happened at
the time of ‘alleged crucifixion”.

His statement are authentic and far more authoritative than those of “Gospels” none of
whom was present and eye witness at the time of ‘alleged crucifixion”.

Do you not take the statements of Moses regarding Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob,
and Joseph etc. as authentic when Moses was born many centuries afterwards?

Why? Because Moses received revelation from God telling him these things.

In the same way, our prophet got the knowledge from same All Knowing God who
KNEW what really transpired.

Quran is not the word of your prophet. It mentions clearly not at one place but at
hundred of places that it is direct revelation from God, the Lord of this Universe.

Human beings are really strange creatures, they consider books (OT and NT Books) as
revelation and Words of God, when none of the books claim that they were revelation or
Inspiration and the Book which starts with the first sentence that it is from God, they
consider it be word of men!!

Q281. Chago:

question, if that is true, how did the Quran make the mistake of having the sun set on a
muddy spring in surah 18:83 to 98? & why does it imply that the earth is flat?


Quran never made a mistake in 18:83 to 98.

Quran says that DUL QARNAIN “Saw” the sun setting in Murky waters. It is not the
statement from God that sun does sets in Murky water.

This reference to murky water is a hint to decide the location of place where DUL
QARNAIN went during his journey. It is a hint to trace his personality from Historical

I have discussed this issue in detail in another thread. If you are interested, I can re-post
it to you.

Quran does not say that Earth is flat… It does not say that earth is round. It has
statements that can be inferred as both.

The words are so chosen that they fit both descriptions… that is the Wisdom of All
Knowing God… Does not confuse humans irrespective of the age in which they live.

Q282. Noetics:

No, you always shelve, or evade or beg all questions put to you. I am NOT trying to
PROVE anything including Trinity. I present facts.

Fact 1. Repetition

There are so many tri-une entities and phenomena in the visible universe including

Fact 2. Repeat

There is no 'quadranity' or 'pentanity' in Nature as you taunt. So, there need be no taunt to
counter that!

Fact 3. There is nothing insolent about pointing out what the Koran depicts as a loner
Allah until Allah learns or decides to do something about it.
Repaeat: This is the gist of the Bible message. You do not have to do anything to go to
hell, just show up on the planet earth. You do not and CANNOT do anything to cancel
the Universal Sentence of Death
which in imprinted on your genome also; just be in HIM the Creator who cancelled it by
taking it on Himself and rose from the dead.

Only the Creator Judge who pronounced that sentence can cancel it. He did cancel it in
the Infinite Person of Messiah Yah Shua and rose from the dead.

You have a choice: reject it and continue with the Sentence of Death upon you or accept
it and reverse the course. It was your contention in an earlier post that all that Yah Shua
Messiah said of Himself in John's Gospel (and all Gospels) are "allegories" such as the I
AM statements. " IAM the Way, the Truth and the Life; I AM the bread of Life; I Am the
Good Shepherd;
I AM before Abraham was... I AM the Resurrection. Etc., Etc...

Now you put these "allegories" (your term) into the mouth of any human from Adam to
MUQ (other than the Messiah Yah Shua, the good Prophet born of the Virgin Mary,
according to your prophet). Then you will see the difference.


I showed to you that Entire Plant Kingdom is “Penta” in nature… but you take no notice
of it.

Plants consist of Root, Stem, Branches, Leaves and Fruits: where is your Trinity in Plant

But you living in Triune world will not see any thing else!!

The way you described Allah being lonely equally applies if He be with the same two
others from eternity till eternity… we should not say anything about God using our
Human logic. He is alone because of His Majesty and His Personality and His

This is a strange logic that you have nothing to do to go to hell. … How people before
Jesus were judged…? I think you will send all of them to Hell indiscriminately. Is that
your logic?

None of the statement of Jesus recorded in Bible can be taken as Dogmatic… because
they do not quote anything verbatim from Jesus. None of the Gospel is in the original
language of Jesus … so we cannot argue on linguistic value of each statement.
Q283 . Renegade and Joel:

If you're thinking of trying to portray Muhammad as the kalki avatar, forget it. Instead of
reading the 'translations' given by the Islamic sites, you should atleast try to read the
original Sanskrit, or atleast the original English translation.

I'm willing to link you to English translations of both Bhavishya and Kalki puranas, both
of which according to some Islamic sites and a purported Vedic 'scholar' called Ved
Prakash Upadhyay( does he even exist? I've searched for his books and don't think they
do not exist outside the Islamic dream world), proclaims Muhammad is Kalki indeed.
( Is linking possible on here? It keeps getting deleted.)

Bhavishya Purana infact says Muhammad is the reincarnation of a demon called

Tripurasura who was ordered by Lord Shiva to trick the Mlechhas ( barbarians) into
following his devilish cult.

Kalki purana speaks in detail about the Kalki avatar. He is born to brahmin parents ( the
one's with the sacred thread all) called Vishnuyasa and Sumati. For these to be Abdullah
and Ameena, Allah should be Vishnu and in that case Hindus still follow Allah, as 80%
of Hindus are Vaishnavists. Kalki has 4 'biological' brothers. Not '4 close friends' as is
claimed by muslims who try to hijack our scriptures. Kalki rides the white horse to all of
his battle on earth, not just seeing it once like Muhammad. Kalki marries a sinhalese girl
called Padma, in a city filled with aircrafts and huge buildings. Not a large number of
wives, nor kids like Aisha. Nor does he marry from a desert filled with camels.

Last, but not the least, Kalki will usher in a golden reign of peace, not bring destruction
like Muhammad.

Following is a speech made by Kalki to women soldiers who come to fight him. Can you
think Muhammad was capable of being so eloquent?


The issue of applying a scriptural prophesy on any individual is a tricky issue, especially
if he be outside the Orthodox Circle of its flowers. Let me explain this from some

A. Jesus in OT Books:

If you ask any Christian, he will say that there are hundreds nay thousands of crystal clear
prophesies about Jesus in OT books.

But if you ask any Jew, he will say that Jesus is never mentioned in any of the OT
How could both be true? The problem is that Jews interpret these prophesies in a
different way than Christians. Even after 2000 years Jews and Christians are Adamant on
their own interpretations.

B. Prophet Mohammad in OT:

Muslims say that Prophet Mohammad is clearly prophesized in many OT books. Deut
18:18 is the Most clear prophesy regarding Prophet Mohammad in OT. But both Jews
and Christians reject this. Jews say that the prophet might have come already and they do
not care about it. Christians say that Deut. 18:18 is about Jesus.

Even after 1400 years Jews, Christians and Muslims are sticking to their own

C. Prophet Mohammad in NT Books:

Muslims say that Prophet Mohammad is clearly prophesized in John Ch 15-17 as

Comforter. Christians deny this and say that Comforter was the Holy Spirit that
descended on Pentecost Day on Disciples.

Even after 1400 years we are at different poles.

D. Why is there so much Contradiction in Analyzing Prophesies:

There are many reasons for that:

1. First one is that Prophesies are never specific, they only present a word picture of an
event that may come after centuries or even after thousands of years.

2. Then there is a problem of language. If a man is to appear in a foreign country or a

different nation, then the names get translated and that become a very big barrier in its
correct interpretation.

3. Then after passage of many centuries, people get programmed by their preachers and
their leaders. They only think about the coming personality in their own circles in their
own country and never look outside.

4. Some time people add or subtract certain words in the scripture to prove their cases.
This happens when some contender for that prophesy appears on scene.

These are some of the reasons that explain problems between Jews, Christians and
Muslims regarding Jesus and Mohammad.

Now let us take the case of Kaliki Avatar.

E. Kaliki Avatar:
I want to ask you some questions in this regard

1. What is the oldest Manuscript of Kaliki Purana that Hindus have:

If it is dated 2000 years or more (And certifiable by evidence) , then its evidence is most
authentic. If you have manuscripts that only date 1000 or so years old, then it is probable
that it might have been tampered with.

2. Are you sure that Kaliki will be an Indian?

3. What is the Period of His appearance according to your scripture?

4. Has anyone in India or amongst Hindus has claimed to be that Kaliki Avatar?

5. After that you write down the Most important qualities of this Kaliki Avatar and see in
which personality of past, you find most of its fulfillment.

6. Keep your mind open that Kaliki Avatar could be from outside India and could speak a
very different language than Sanskrit. The name like Siva or Vishnu or Brahma are
different names of same God and not different personalities.

7. Let us put them into proper perspective and see to which personality they point and
who is the most probable candidate for that prophesy.

8. From the apparent wordings most Hindus think that Kaliki will be an Indian and will
speak Sanskrit, in reality, Sanskrit has lost its importance in India and it is unlikely that it
will again be the dominant language of India.

My post has become a bit long, but I wanted to make a proper base for our further
discussion. Let us have your views on what I have written.

Q284. Joel:

Obviously, the story of the Kaaba changing direction is apocryphal.

What could have happened is that Nanak may have pointed his feet in the direction of the
Kaaba somewhere from the outskirts of Mecca and upon being warned not to do so
replied that since god is omnipresent what did it matter which way one's feet pointed.
Nanak was a Hindu Kshatriya born in the Punjab Province who, being a spiritual aspirant
of a very high order, later, through Yog Tapasya (Mysticism), became a Brahmin -
Knower of the Brahman (Absolute Consciousness) in the Yogic sense.

The word "sikh" is derived from the Sanskrit word "Shishya" (disciple). The Adi Granth
is a compilation of various teachings, quotes and hymns of the various Sikh Gurus and is
a fusion of scriptural references from various texts as well as account of Yoga
experiences attained in supraphysical states of consciousness.

Dayanand Saraswati like Ram Mohan Roy was a mere talker. He was not a Yogi by any
stretch of imagination or a profound intellectual, so his views on Guru Nanak are bound
to be limited and erroneous in most ways. Nanak and Kabir were great Saint-Yogis
who'd risen to subtle heights on the hallowed path of Self-Realization but in modern
times I think their mystical attainments were exceeded by Sri Aurobindo whose Yogic
experiences and first hand accounts of the same are far superior to any of these.....

Kalki will be the 10th Advent as per the Puranas and the highly mystical accounts of
Maharishi Bhrigu..... The surest sign of the Kalki will be that he'll, using his super-
sensory powers, destroy evil on a global scale and thereafter usher in the Golden Age
(Satya Yug) in the whole world based upon the Non-Dualistic Supermind Consciousness
by which human attainments will be based on the higher truths, right conduct, profound
yogic attainments, the world will be rid of diseases, poverty, wars, crass materialism and
highly evolved futuristic technologies will appear.....

Incidentally, Nanak said that when the Kalki Avataar arises, many of his own disciples
will be parasites on him....

In the past century or so, Sri Sri Ramkrishna Paramhans, Sri Sri Anukul Chandra and Sri
Aurobindo have openly hinted at the coming of the Kalki.....

Let us watch.....


I thank you for accepting that the story of Nanak and Kaaba changing direction is not

Now Nanak being born in a Hindu Family is of no importance as such, because no one
has control over his birth. We should concentrate on which path he followed when he
grew up and what was his condition when he died.

You are putting these epithet on him, without having any first hand knowledge about his
life. Most of his life story is not known, and it is debatable whether he started a new
religion or not.

People coming after him, gave it a new name and modified it to make it a new religion.

You have used disparaging words about Dayananda & Vivekananda, some one may use
the same words for your heroes, so let us leave that topic alone.

Now regarding the Kaliki Avatar, please see my response to Renegade and this should
suffice both of you.
If you are still waiting for Kaliki Avatar, then let me say that you missed the bus and you
will wait till eternity and he surely will not come, because he has already come into the

Q285. Renegade and Joel:

Blah, blah, blah.

This is boring. If you wanted my thoughts on Kalki Avatar, or the details of the Purana,
you got them in my first post. There was no need to ask for them again.

Did you go through an english translation of the Kalki or Bhavishya Purana like I
recommended. Or do you stick to the version supplied by 'islamic' sourcs because you
want to believe it very much.

I had written a long post in reply, but it got deleted again. So I'll just say that he is all
what Joel said. A twice born brahmin, married to sinhalese woman in a city full of
buildings and aircraft, had two sons named Joy and Vijoy etc..And yeah, he had the 8
yogic siddhis/ supernatural powers which has not been demonstrated for many thousand
years. So if someone does do this, he is Kalki for sure.

Kalki would be an avatar of the Para brahman who erases evil all over the earth/universe
in HIS LIFETIME, not just in a area, nor is he a messenger or a prophet, but he is the
universal spirit disguised as a human being. His reign will bring peace to the earth for rest
of the yuga after which the world dissolves into the spirit again and creation begins anew,
A golden age which Kalki made possible will be born.


I think you missed the issues which I had raised in my posts and just put forward the
“official Hindu Position” on this Kaliki Avatar.

I had asked you some basic question regarding the Kaliki Purana . but you chose to
ignore it and continue with your one sided rhetoric.

Let me put these questions once again, and start discussion in a systematic way:

A. Who wrote Kaliki Purana?

B. What is the Oldest Manuscript (Authenticated and Verifiable) of Kaliki Purana that is
present in the world today?

C. How authentic are the copies of Kaliki Purana that are present today compared to that
oldest manuscript?
D. Why are you sure that Kaliki will be born in India? Does the word Brahmin means
that it is only applicable to India? Or the persons born in the highest echelons of other
country and nations could be interpreted as Brahmins?

E. If that is not the case, then what is the status of all Humanity not living in India? Are
they all Sudras or Untouchables?

F. What is the most probable time period for coming of this Kaliki Avatar?

G. What was the exact date when Kaliyug Started and what is meant by Kaliyug? When
the Kaliyug will end?

These are the points on which we should make our base, instead of jumping to the finer
issues and making the whole picture blurred.

I am not biased in my views, I just do not want to enter into a discussion where the roads
for discussion are already blocked.

Q286. Joel:

Who wrote the Vedic books is hard to know as they're millennia old and they've been
compiled much after the passing away of the Great Seers whose cosmic revelations were
initially transmitted via oral traditions before being committed to writing and besides
several Vedic Seers take a generic name like for instance Kashyap, Kapila, Manu or some
other. So, it's difficult to trace the author of a particular Vedic revealtion.

It's not only the Kalki Puraan but several other books and prophecies (ancient as well as
modern) that explicitly refer to the coming of the Kalki Avataar and his global mission of
eliminating evil everywhere in human society and establishing the Satya Yug (an Age
based on the manifested Unitary Truth-Consciousness) in the world among the few
virtuous survivors.

Generally speaking, the word "Brahmin" applies to anyone who is an Advanced Yogi or
a Knower of the Brahman (Absolute Consciousness) in any of its manifested supracosmic
as well as cosmic ranges preferably supramental and beyond.

Where the highest eugenic caste is concerned members of this caste are correctly referred
to as "vipras" and not brahmins.

In the context of the Kalki or any other Avataar for the matter, the word "Brahmin"
explicitly refers to the Supreme manifestation of the Brahman (Absolute Consciousness)
upon the earth plane !

So can we assume that you have no authentic record for any of your scriptures? Your
faith and your assumptions are just your imaginations.

It is "general belief" that this is so and so and every one laps it up. In Islam it is not so,
every book is dated and authenticated. The dates of birth and date of death of most of
scholars are recorded.

That is why we are very certain when we attribute any statement to any one. Such is not
the case for Hinduism or other religion. You just say whatever you like, without and

I asked about Kaliki Purana… you do not know who wrote it…. You do not know which
is the oldest survival manuscript…

Then I asked you, why you think Kaliki will be from India?

What is his time of coming?

When Kaliyug started?

When Kaliyug will end?

You clarified that "Brahmin" could be used for any one who has close relation ship and
realization of God. This is a very important point.

So if some one is outside India and he receives direct revelation from God…. He could
be termed as Brahmin.

So let us finalize the other points before we start discussing more details about the
personality of this Kaliki Avatar.

Q287. Joel:

We're not interested in authorship of the various Vedic Revelations so long as the cosmic
principles they preach are rational and yogically verifiable.

The Seers who discovered the supracosmic as well as cosmic principles as aspects of the
Self-Existent Absolute Consciousness (Brahman) did not care for name or fame. In many
ways, they purposely adopted family or generic names as they were highly unegoistic
beings and cared not whether they were remembered or not by posterity. They simply
declared their observations or revelations as they came during the course of the Yoga to
their chosen disciples and forgot all about authorship.
The stress was on Yogic Realization. The Seer Himself strove for greater Yogic
Realizations, while it was the sacred aim of every student of his to Yogically realize the
same. In this context, I recall the monistic urgings of Christ to his disciples: ""Be ye as
perfect as thy Heavenly Father !", "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you", "I and My
Father are One !"

Rituals and mere talks were discouraged and considered unworthy. In short, everything
with the Seer as well as his student was based on practical Yogic Realizations and as the
Yogic Experiences came and became a permanent part of the Teacher's Consciousness,
the Yogic Experiences and the accompanying cosmic wisdom about the various planes of
Cosmos were noted down and room was left for further knowledge that could be
discovered at a later date based on still higher Yogic Realizations.

Kali Yug can be a major cosmic cycle or a sub-cycle embedded within say some other
major Yug Cycle. The present Kali Yug is said to be 400,000 years or more old and will
soon come to an end after the destruction of evil and opening up of the Satya Yug....


I could see from your post that you do not know who wrote your Vedas and Puranas and
other Scriptures.
The way you are speaking about Yogically Verifiable and Supercosmic principles shows
that you do not know what you are talking about.

Such types of evasive writings do not prove your point. I wanted simple and straight
forward answers, so we could analyze the personality of this Kaliki Avatar in light of
Hindu scriptures, but in your [resent frame of mind, I think that is not possible. I request
you to come down from that High Yogic Pedestal and talk in common English language
and straight forward answers.

If Kali yug in 400,000 Years old, then the entire Human civilization refers to Kaliyug
only, the other three yugs do not concern with human civilization and should be best left
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