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Cisco Certified Network Associate ( CCNA )

Basic OSI and TCP/IP

What are two advantages of Layer 2 Ethernet switches over hubs? (Choose two.)
A. decreasing the number of collision domains
. filtering frames based on !AC addresses
C. allowing simultaneous frame transmissions
". increasing the si#e of broadcast domains
E. increasing the ma$imum length of %&' cabling between devices
(or which ty)e of connection should a straight*through cable be used?
A. switch to switch
. switch to hub
C. switch to router
". hub to hub
E. router to 'C
What is the first 2+ bits in a !AC address called?
A. ,-C
. -A
C. .%-
". /A-
When a host transmits data across a networ0 to another host1 which )rocess does the data go
A. standardi#ation
. conversion
C. enca)sulation
". synchroni#ation
2efer to the e$hibit. What ty)e of connection would be su))orted by the cable diagram shown?
A. 'C to router
. 'C to switch
C. server to switch
". switch to router
Which of the following statements describe the networ0 shown in the gra)hic? (Choose two.)
A. &here are two broadcast domains in the networ0.
. &here are four broadcast domains in the networ0.
C. &here are si$ broadcast domains in the networ0.
". &here are four collision domains in the networ0.
E. &here are five collision domains in the networ0.
(. &here are seven collision domains in the networ0.
2efer to the e$hibit. &he two connected )orts on the switch are not turning orange or green.
What would be the most effective ste)s to troubleshoot this )hysical layer )roblem? (Choose
A. Ensure that the Ethernet enca)sulations match on the interconnected router and switch
. Ensure that cables A and are straight*through cables.
C. Ensure cable A is )lugged into a trun0 )ort.
". Ensure the switch has )ower.
E. 2eboot all of the devices.
(. 2eset all cables.
Which layer of the .3- reference model uses flow control1 se4uencing1 and ac0nowledgements
to ensure that reliable networ0ing occurs?
A. data lin0
. networ0
C. trans)ort
". )resentation
E. )hysical
Which command can be used from a 'C to verify the connectivity between host that connect
through )ath.?
A. tracert address
. )ing address
C. ar) address
". traceroute address
Which layer in the .3- reference model is res)onsible for determining the availability of the
receiving )rogram and chec0ing to see if enough resources e$ist for that communication?
A. trans)ort
. networ0
C. )resentation
". session
E. a))lication
2efer to the e$hibit. oth switches are using a default configuration. Which two destination
addresses will host + uses to send data to host 5? (Choose two.)
A. the -' address of host 5
. the -' address of host +
C. the !AC address of host 5
". the !AC address of host +
E. the !AC address of the (a676 interface of the 25 router
(. the !AC address of the (a675 interface of the 25 router
When two hosts are trying to communicate across a networ01 how does the host originating the
communication determine the hardware address of the host that it wants to 8tal08 to?
A. 2A2' re4uest
. 3how ,etwor0 Address re4uest
C. 'ro$y A2' re4uest
". A2' re4uest
E. 3how 9ardware Address re4uest
2efer to the e$hibit. An administrator )ings the default gateway at and sees the
out)ut as shown. At which .3- layer is the )roblem?
A. data lin0 layer
. a))lication layer
C. access layer
". session layer
E. networ0 layer
Which )rotocols are found in the networ0 layer of the .3- reference model and are res)onsible
for )ath determination and traffic switching?
A. LA,
. routing
C. WA,
". networ0
An administrator attem)ts a traceroute but receives a 8"estination %nreadable8 message.
Which )rotocol is res)onsible for that message?
A. 2A2'
. 2%"'
C. -C!'
". 3,!'
2efer to the e$hibit. After 9ostA )ings 9ost1 which entry will be in the A2' cache of 9ostA to
su))ort this transmission?
Answer: "
A networ0 administrator issues the )ing 5;2.5<=.2.> command and successfully tests
connectivity to a host that has been newly connected to the networ0. Which )rotocols were used
during the test? (Choose two.)
A. A2'
. C"'
C. "9C'
". ",3
E. -C!'
An inbound access list has been configured on a serial interface to deny )ac0et entry for &C'
and %"' )orts 251 2? and 2>. What ty)es of )ac0ets will be )ermitted by this ACL? (Choose
A. (&'
. &elnet
C. 3!&'
". ",3
E. 9&&'
(. '.'?
2efer to the e$hibit. 9ost A )ings 9ost . What source !AC address and source -' address are
contained in the frame as the frame leaves 22 destined for host ?
A. abcd.abcd.a665
. abcd.abcd.b662
C. abcd.abcd.c66?
E. 56.6.<+.5
(. 56.6.52=.5>
A receiving host com)utes the chec0sum on a frame and determines that the frame is
damaged.&he frame is then discarded. At which .3- layer did this ha))en?
A. session
. networ0
C. )hysical
". data lin0
E. trans)ort
!atch the items on the left with a))ro)riate .3- layer on the right. (,ot all o)tions are used.)
A &C'7-' &ransfer is diagrammed in the e$hibit. A window si#e of three has been negotiated for
this transfer. Which message will be returned from the receiver to the sender as )art of this
&C'7-' transfer?
A. 3end AC@ 5*?
. 3end AC@ ?
C. 3end AC@ +
". 3end AC@ +*<
E. 3end AC@ <
(. 3end AC@ A
Which of the following )rotocols uses both &C' and %"' )orts?
A. 3!&'
. &elnet
C. (&'
". ",3
IP(!) *+S,) -.CP
2efer to the e$hibit. &he networ0s connected to router 22 have been summari#ed as a
5;2.5<=.5A<.6725 route and sent to 25. Which two )ac0et destination addresses will 25 forward
to 22? (Choose two.)
A. 5;2.5<=.5;+.5<6
. 5;2.5<=.5=?.+5
C. 5;2.5<=.5>;.2
". 5;2.5<=.5=?.2>>
E. 5;2.5<=.5A;.+
(. 5;2.5<=.5=+.+>
What is the )rinci)le reason to use a )rivate -' address on an internal networ0?
A. 3ubnet strategy for )rivate com)anies.
. !anage and scale the growth of the internal networ0.
C. Conserve )ublic -' addresses so that we do not run out of them.
". Allow access reserved to the devices.
Which -' address can be assigned to an -nternet interface?
A. 56.5=6.+=.22+
. ;.2>>.2>>.56
C. 5;2.5<=.26.22?
". 5A2.5<.266.5=
What will ha))en if a )rivate -' address is assigned to a )ublic interface connected to an -3'?
A. Addresses in a )rivate range will be not routed on the -nternet bac0bone.
. .nly the -3' router will have the ca)ability to access the )ublic networ0.
C. &he ,A& )rocess will be used to translate this address in a valid -' address.
". 3everal automated methods will be necessary on the )rivate networ0.
E. A conflict of -' addresses ha))ens1 because other )ublic routers can use the same range.
When is it necessary to use a )ublic -' address on a routing interface?
A. Connect a router on a local networ0.
. Connect a router to another router.
C. Allow distribution of routes between networ0s.
". &ranslate a )rivate -' address.
E. Connect a networ0 to the -nternet.
2efer to the e$hibit. Which subnet mas0 will )lace all hosts on ,etwor0 in the same subnet
with the least amount of wasted addresses?
A. 2>>.2>>.2>>.6
. 2>>.2>>.2>+.6
C. 2>>.2>>.2>2.6
". 2>>.2>>.2+=.6
&he i) subnet #ero command is not configured on a router. What would be the -' address of
Ethernet676 using the first available address from the si$th subnet of the networ0
A. 5;2.5<=.=.2>
. 5;2.5<=.=.+5
C. 5;2.5<=.=.+;
". 5;2.5<=.=.55?
9ow many addresses for hosts will the networ0 52+.52.+.6722 )rovide?
A. >56
. 5622
C. 562+
". 26+=
2efer to the e$hibit. What is the most a))ro)riate summari#ation for these routes?
A. 725
. 722
C. 72?
". 72+
&he networ0 default gateway a))lying to a host by "9C' is 5;2.5<=.>.??72=. Which o)tion is
the valid -' address of this host?
A. 5;2.5<=.>.>>
. 5;2.5<=.>.+A
C. 5;2.5<=.>.+6
". 5;2.5<=.>.?2
E. 5;2.5<=.>.5+
Which two addresses can be assigned to a host with a subnet mas0 of 2>>.2>>.2>+.6? (Choose
A. 55?.56.+.6
. 5=<.>+.?.6
C. 5A>.??.?.2>>
". 2<.?>.2.2>>
E. 5A.?>.?<.6
2efer to the e$hibit. All of the routers in the networ0 are configured with the i) subnet*#ero
command. Which networ0 addresses should be used for Lin0 A and ,etwor0 A? (Choose two.)

A. ,etwor0 A * 5A2.5<.?.+=72<
. ,etwor0 A * 5A2.5<.?.52=72>
C. ,etwor0 A * 5A2.5<.?.5;272<
". Lin0 A * 5A2.5<.?.67?6
E. Lin0 A * 5A2.5<.?.+67?6
(. Lin0 A * 5A2.5<.?.5527?6
Which of the following -' addresses fall into the C-"2 bloc0 of 55>.<+.+.6722? (Choose three.)
A. 55>.<+.=.?2
. 55>.<+.A.<+
C. 55>.<+.<.2>>
". 55>.<+.?.2>>
E. 55>.<+.>.52=
(. 55>.<+.52.52=
9ow many subnets can be gained by subnetting 5A2.5A.?2.672? into a 72A mas01 and how many
usable host addresses will there be )er subnet?
A. = subnets1 ?5 hosts
. = subnets1 ?2 hosts
C. 5< subnets1 ?6 hosts
". 5< subnets1 ?2 hosts
E. A Class address canBt be subnetted into the fourth octet.
A national retail chain needs to design an -' addressing scheme to su))ort a nationwide
networ0. &he com)any needs a minimum of ?66 sub*networ0s and a ma$imum of >6 host
addresses )er subnet. Wor0ing with only one Class address1 which of the following subnet
mas0s will su))ort an a))ro)riate addressing scheme? (Choose two.)
A. 2>>.2>>.2>>.6
. 2>>.2>>.2>>.52=
C. 2>>.2>>.2>2.6
". 2>>.2>>.2>>.22+
E. 2>>.2>>.2>>.5;2
(. 2>>.2>>.2+=.6
2efer to the e$hibit. According to the routing table1 where will the router send a )ac0et destined
for 56.5.>.<>?
C. 56.5.?.?
". 56.5.+.+
Which of the following host addresses are members of networ0s that can be routed across the
)ublic -nternet? (Choose three.)
A. 56.5A2.5?.<>
. 5A2.5<.22?.52>
C. 5A2.<+.52.2;
". 5;2.5<=.2?.2>2
E. 5;=.2?+.52.;>
(. 252.5;?.+=.2>+
2efer to the e$hibit. &he user at Wor0station re)orts that 3erver A cannot be reached. What is
)reventing Wor0station from reaching 3erver A?
A. &he -' address for 3erver A is a broadcast address.
. &he -' address for Wor0station is a subnet address.
C. &he gateway for Wor0station is not on the same subnet.
". &he gateway for 3erver A is not on the same subnet.
&he Ethernet networ0s connected to router 25 in the gra)hic have been summari#ed for router
22 as
5;2.5.5++.6726. Which of the following )ac0et destination addresses will 22 forward to 251
according to this summary? (Choose two.)
A. 5;2.5.5>;.2
. 5;2.5.5<6.55
C. 5;2.5.5?=.+5
". 5;2.5.5>5.2>+
E. 5;2.5.5+?.5+>
(. 5;
Cou are wor0ing in a data center environment and are assigned the address range
56.5==.?5.672?.Cou are as0ed to develo) an -' addressing )lan to allow the ma$imum number
of subnets with as many as ?6 hosts each. Which -' address range meets these re4uirements?
A. 56.5==.?5.672A
. 56.5==.?5.672<
C. 56.5==.?5.672;
". 56.5==.?5.672=
E. 56.5==.?5.672>
2efer to the e$hibit. A networ0 technician is as0ed to design a small networ0 with redundancy.
&he e$hibit re)resents this design1 with all hosts configured in the same /LA,. What
conclusions can be made about this design?
A. &he design will function as intended
. 3)anning*tree will need to be used.
C. &he router will not acce)t the addressing scheme.
". &he connection between switches should be a trun0.
E. &he router interfaces must be enca)sulated with the =62.5D )rotocol.
What is 0nown as 8one*to*nearest8 addressing in -'v<?
A. global unicast
. anycast
C. multicast
". uns)ecified address
Which two statements describe characteristics of -'v< unicast addressing? (Choose two.)
A. Elobal addresses start with 2666::7?.
. Lin0*local addresses start with (E66:752.
C. Lin0*local addresses start with ((66::756.
". &here is only one loo)bac0 address and it is ::5.
E. -f a global address is assigned to an interface1 then that is the only allowable address for the
Which o)tion is a valid -'v< address?
A. 2665:6666:5?6(::6;;a::52a
. 2662:A<>+:A5A":<5:=5A(:CCC5
C. (EC6:AC":WFCG:66<A::2A+
". 266+:5:2>A+:==<(::5
Which term describes the )rocess of enca)sulating -'v< )ac0ets inside -'v+ )ac0ets?
A. tunneling
. hashing
C. routing
". ,A&
2unning both -'v+ and -'v< on a router simultaneously is 0nown as what?
A. +to< routing
. <to+ routing
C. binary routing
". dual*stac0 routing
E. ,e$tEen routing
-dentify the four valid -'v< addresses. (Choose four.)
A. ::
. ::5;2:5<=:6:5
C. 2666::
". 2665:?+>2:+;>2:2=?A::
E. 2662:c6a=:565::+2
(. 266?:dead:beef:+dad:2?:+<:bb:565
9ow is a E%-*<+ format interface -" created from a +=*bit !AC address?
A. by a))ending 6$(( to the !AC address
. by )refi$ing the !AC address with 6$((EE
C. by )refi$ing the !AC address with 6$(( and a))ending 6$(( to it
". by inserting 6$(((E between the u))er three bytes and the lower three bytes of the !AC
E. by )refi$ing the !AC address with 6$( and inserting 6$( after each of its first three bytes
Which statement is true?
A. An -'v< address is <+ b long and is re)resented as he$adecimal characters.
. An -'v< address is ?2 b long and is re)resented as decimal digits.
C. An -'v< address is 52= b long and is re)resented as decimal digits.
". An -'v< address is 52= b long and is re)resented as he$adecimal characters.
Which -'v< address is valid?
A. 26?5:6:5?6(::;C6:=A<A:5?6
. 2665:6"=:6666:5?6(:6666:6666:6=EC:5+6
C. 2665:6"=:6:5?69::=AC:5+6
". 26?5::5?6(::;C6:=A<A:5?6
What is the alternative notation for the -'/< address
A. >5+:=2C?:662;::ECAA:6666:ECA2
. >5+:=2C?:662;:ECAA:ECA2
C. >5+:=2C?::662;:ECAA:6:ECA2
". >5+:=2C?::662;:ECAA:ECA2
Which command can you use to manually assign a static -'/< address to a router interface?
A. i)v< address '2E(-FH5::57<+
. i)v< autoconfig 2665:db=:2222:A2A2::A27<+
C. i)v< autoconfig
". i)v< address 2665:db=:2222:A2A2::A27<+
What are three features of the -'v< )rotocol? (Choose three)
A. com)licated header
. )lug*and*)lay
C. no broadcasts
". chec0sums
E. o)tional -'sec
(. autoconfiguration
Which address is a muticast grou) address that is used by E-E2'v< as the destination
A. ((62::;
. ((62::56
C. ((6>::565
". ((62::A
E. ((62::<
When configuring a serial interface on a router1 what is the default enca)sulation?
A. atm*d$i
. frame*relay
C. hdlc
". la)b
E. )))
Which three o)tions are valid WA, connectivity methods? (Choose three.)
A. '''
. WA'
C. 9"LC
". !'L3
E. L2&'v?
(. A&!
When troubleshooting a (rame 2elay connection1 what is the first ste) when )erforming a
loo)bac0 test?
A. 3et the enca)sulation of the interface to 9"LC.
. 'lace the C3%7"3% in local*loo) mode.
C. Enable local*loo) mode on the "CE (rame 2elay router.
". /erify that the enca)sulation is set to (rame 2elay.
At which layers of the .3- model do WA,s o)erate? (Choose two.)
A. a))lication layer
. session layer
C. trans)ort layer
". networ0 layer
E. datalin0 layer
(. )hysical layer
Which three Layer 2 enca)sulation ty)es would be used on a WA, rather than a LA,? (Choose
A. 9"LC
. Ethernet
C. &o0en 2ing
". '''
E. (""-
(. (rame 2elay
All WA, lin0s inside the AC %niversity networ0 use ''' with C9A' for authentication
security. Which
Command will dis)lay the C9A' authentication )rocess as it occur between two routers in the
A. show cha) authentication
. show interface serial6
C. debug ))) authentication
". debug cha) authentication
E. show ))) authentication cha)
2efer to the e$hibit. &he igtime router is unable to authenticate to the Littletime router. What is
the cause of the )roblem?
A. &he usernames are incorrectly configured on the two routers.
. &he )asswords do not match on the two routers.
C. C9A' authentication cannot be used on a serial interface.
". &he routers cannot be connected from interface 3676 to interface 3676.
E. with C9A' authentication1 one router must authenticate to another router. &he routers cannot
be configured to authenticate to each other.
2efer to the e$hibit. Com)lete the networ0 diagram by dragging the correct device name or
descri)tion to the correct location. ,ot all the names or descri)tions will be used.
2efer to the e$hibit. What is the meaning of the term dynamic as dis)layed in the out)ut of the
s0ow fra1ere2a3 1a4 command shown?
A. &he 3erial676 interface is )assing traffic.
. &he "LC- 566 was dynamically allocated by the router.
C. &he 3erial676 interface ac4uired by the -' address of 5A2.5<.?.5 from a "9C' server.
". &he "LC- 566 will be dynamically changed as re4uired to ada)t to changes in the (rame
2elay cloud.
E. &he ma))ing between "LC- 566 and the end station -' address 5A2.5<.?.5 was learned
through inverse A2'.
Which command can be used to verify the "LC- destination address in a (rame 2elay static
A. show frame*relay end*to*end
. show frame*relay ma)
C. show frame*relay lmi
". show frame*relay )vc
Which ''' sub*)rotocol negotiates authentication o)tions?
A. ,C'
. LC'
C. -3",
". "LC-
E. 3L-'
Which command is used to enable C9A' authentication whit 'A' as the fallbac0 method on a
serial interface?
A. (config*if)I authentication ))) cha) fallbac0 )))
. (config*if)I authentication ))) cha) )a)
C. (config*if)I ))) authentication cha) )a)
". (config*if)I ))) authentication cha) fallbac0 )))
What is the )ur)ose of the inverse A2'?
A. to ma) a 0nown "LC- to an -' address
. to ma) a 0nown -' address to a !AC address
C. to ma) 0nown 3'-" to a !ACaddress
". to ma) a 0nown "LC- to a !AC address
E. to ma) a 0nown -' address to a 3'-"
(. to ma) a 0nown !AC address to an -' address
What are three basic )arameters to configure on a wireless access )oint? (Choose three.)
A. 33-"
. 2&37C&3
C. AE3*CC!'
". &@-'7!-C
E. 2( channel
(. authentication method
What s)eeds must be disabled in a mi$ed =62.55b7g WLA, to allow only =62.55g clients to
A. <1 ;1 521 5=
. 51 21 >.>1 <
C. >.>1 <1 ;1 55
". 51 21 >.>1 55
What is the ma$imum data rate s)ecified for -EEE =62.55b WLA,s?
A. 56 !b)s
. 55 !b)s
C. >+ !b)s
". 566 !b)s
A wireless client cannot connect to an =62.55b7g 33 with a b7g wireless card. &he client
section of the access )oint does not list any active WLA, clients. What is a )ossible reason for
A. &he incorrect channel is configured on the client.
. &he clientBs -' address is on the wrong subnet.
C. &he client has an incorrect )re*shared 0ey.
". &he 33-" is configured incorrectly on the client.
Which two wireless encry)tion methods are based on the 2C+ encry)tion algorithm? (Choose
A. WE'
. CC@!
C. AE3
". &@-'
E. CC!'
Cou have finished )hysically installing an access )oint on the ceiling at your office. At a
minimum1 which
'arameter must be configured on the access )oint in order to allow a wireless client to o)erate
on it?
A. AE3
. '3@
C. 33-"
". &@-'
E. WE'
What is one reason that W'A encry)tion is )referred over WE'?
A. A W'A 0ey is longer and re4uires more s)ecial characters than the WE' 0ey.
. &he access )oint and the client are manually configured with different W'A 0ey values.
C. W'A 0ey values remain the same until the client configuration is changed.
". &he values of W'A 0eys can change dynamically while the system is used.
Which s)read s)ectrum technology does the =62.55b standard define for o)eration?
A. -2
. "333
C. (933
". "333 and (933
E. -21 (9331 and "333
Cisco IOS
2efer to the e$hibit. What could be )ossible causes for the 83erial676 is down8 interface status?
(Choose two.)
A. A Layer 5 )roblem e$ists.
. &he bandwidth is set too low.
C. A )rotocol mismatch e$ists.
". An incorrect cable is being used.
E. &here is an incorrect -' address on the 3erial 676 interface.
Which command shows system hardware and software version information?
A. show configuration
. show environment
C. show inventory
". show )latform
E. show version
Which command will show the !AC addresses of stations connected to switch )orts?
A. show mac*address
. show ar)
C. show table
". show switch)ort
Which command would correctly configure a serial )ort on a router with the last usable host
address in the 5;2.25<.?2.?272; subnet?
A. 2outer(config*if)I i) address 5;2.25<.?2.?= 2>>.2>>.2>>.2+6
. 2outer(config*if)I i) address 5;2.25<.?2.?; 2>>.2>>.2>>.22+
C. 2outer(config*if)I i) address 5;2.25<.?2.<? 2>>.2>>.2>>.2+=
". 2outer(config*if)I i) address 5;2.25<.?2.?; 2>>.2>>.2>>.2+=
E. 2outer(config*if)I i) address 5;2.25<.?2.<? 2>>.2>>.2>>.2+=
(. 2outer(config*if)I i) address 5;2.25<.?2.?= 2>>.2>>.2>>.2+=
When you are logged into a switch1 which )rom)t indicates that you are in )rivileged mode?
A. J
. K
C. L
". M
E. I
Which command is used to co)y the configuration from 2A! into ,/2A!?
A. co)y running*config startu)*config
. co)y startu)*config: running*config:
C. co)y running config startu) config
". co)y startu) config running config
E. write terminal
What functions do routers )erform in a networ0? (Choose two.)
A. )ac0et switching
. access layer security
C. )ath selection
". /LA, membershi) assignment
E. bridging between LA, segments
(. micro segmentation of broadcast domains
&he show interfaces serial 676 command resulted in the out)ut shown in the gra)hic. What are
)ossible causes for this interface status? (Choose three.)
A. &he interface is shut down.
. ,o 0ee)alive messages are received.
C. &he cloc0rate is not set.
". ,o loo)bac0 address is set.
E. ,o cable is attached to the interface.
(. &here is a mismatch in the enca)sulation ty)e.
9ow does using the service )assword encry)tion command on a router )rovide additional
A. by encry)ting all )asswords )assing through the router
. by encry)ting )asswords in the )lain te$t configuration file
C. by re4uiring entry of encry)ted )asswords for access to the device
". by configuring an !"> encry)ted 0ey to be used by routing )rotocols to validate routing
E. by automatically suggesting encry)ted )asswords for use in configuring the router
2efer to the e$hibit. 9ost in networ0 5;2.5<=.2.6 are unable to reach hosts in networ0
5;2.5<=.?.6. ased on the out)ut from 2outerA1 what are two )ossible reasons for the failure?
(Choose two.)
A. &he cable that is connected to 3676 on 2outerA is faulty.
. -nterface 3676 on 2outer is administratively down.
C. -nterface 3676 on 2outerA is configured with an incorrect subnet mas0.
". &he -' address that is configured on 3676 of 2outer1 is not in the correct subnet.
E. -nterface 3676 on 2outerA is not receiving a cloc0 signal.
(. &he enca)sulation that is configured on 3676 of 2otuer does not match the enca)sulation
that is configured on 3676 of 2outerA.
Which command can be e$ecuted on a router to verify the layer ? )ath to a host?
A. traceroute address
. tracert address
C. ssh address
". telnet address
&here are no boot system commands in a router configuration in ,/2A!. What is the fallbac0
se4uence that router will use to find an -.3 during reload?
A. (lash1 &(&' server1 2.!
. (lash1 ,/2A!1 2.!
C. 2.!1 ,/2A!1 &(&' server
". ,/2A!1 &(&' server1 2.!
E. &(&' server1 (lash1 ,/2A!
A networ0 administrator changes the configuration register to 6$25+2 and reboots the router.
What are two results of ma0ing this change? (Choose two.)
A. &he -.3 image will be ignored.
. &he router will )rom)t to enter initial configuration mode.
C. &he router will boot to 2.!.
". Any configuration entries in ,/2A! will be ignored.
E. &he configuration in flash memory will be booted.
Do3 )olicies are a))lied on the switches of a LA,. Which ty)e of command will show the
effects of the )olicy in real time?
A. show command
. debug command
C. configuration command
". rommon command
Which command would you configure globally on a Cisco router that would allow you to view
directly connected Cisco devices?
A. enable cd)
. cd) enable
C. cd) run
". run cd)
2efer to the e$hibit. &he two e$hibit devices are the only Cisco devices on the networ0. &he
serial networ0 between the two devices has a mas0 of 2>>.2>>.2>>.2>2. Eiven the out)ut that is
shown1 what three statements are true of these devices? (Choose three.)
A. &he !anchester serial address is
. &he !anchester serial address is
C. &he London router is a Cisco 2<56.
". &he !anchester router is a Cisco 2<56.
E. &he C"' information was received on )ort 3erial676 of the !anchester router.
(. &he C"' information was sent by )ort 3erial676 of the London 2outer.
2efer to the e$hibit. Which user*mode )assword has Nust been set?
2outer(config)Iline vty 6 +
2outer(config*line)I)assword cisco
A. &elnet
. Au$iliary
C. 339
". Console
Which two locations can be configured as a source for the -.3 image in the boot system
command? (Choose two.)
A. 2A!
. ,/2A!
C. flash memory
". 9&&' server
E. &(&' server
(. &elnet server
IP 5o6tin7 (Static) 5IP) EI85P) OSP9)
2efer to the e$hibit. Assume that the routing )rotocol referenced in each choice below is
configured with its default settings and the given routing )rotocol is running on all the routers.
Which two conditional statements accurately state the )ath that will be chosen between
networ0s and 56.?.2.6 for the routing )rotocol mentioned? (Choose two.)
A. -f .3'( is the routing )rotocol1 the )ath will be from 25 to 2? to 2+ to 2>.
. -f .3'( is the routing )rotocol1 the )ath will be from 25 to 22 to 2>.
C. -f .3'( is the routing )rotocol1 the )ath will be from 25 to 2>.
". -f 2-'v2 is the routing )rotocol1 the )ath will be from 25 to 2? to 2+ to 2>.
E. -f 2-'v2 is the routing )rotocol1 the )ath will be from 25 to 2>.
Which two statements are true about the command i) route 5A2.5<.?.6 2>>.2>>.2>>.6
5;2.5<=.2.+? (Choose two.)
A. -t establishes a static route to the 5A2.5<.?.6 networ0.
. -t establishes a static route to the 5;2.5<=.2.6 networ0.
C. -t configures the router to send any traffic for an un0nown destination to the 5A2.5<.?.6
". -t configures the router to send any traffic for an un0nown destination out the interface with
the address 5;2.5<=.2.+.
E. -t uses the default administrative distance.
(. -t is a route that would be used last if other routes to the same destination e$ist.
Which command is used to configure a default route?
A. i) route 5A2.5<.5.6 2>>.2>>.2>>.6
. i) route 5A2.5<.5.6 2>>.2>>.2>>.6 5A2.5<.2.5
C. i) route 2>>.2>>.2>>.6 5A2.5<.2.5
". i) route 5A2.5<.2.5
Which destination addresses will be used by 9ost A to send data to 9ost C? (Choose two.)
A. the -' address of 3witch 5
. the !AC address of 3witch 5
C. the -' address of 9ost C
". the !AC address of 9ost C
E. the -' address of the routerBs E6 interface
(. the !AC address of the routerBs E6 interface
What are two characteristics of 2-'v2? (Choose two.)
A. classful routing )rotocol
. variable*length subnet mas0s
C. broadcast addressing
". manual route summari#ation
E. uses 3'( algorithm to com)ute )ath
What two things will a router do when running a distance vector routing )rotocol? (Choose two.)
A. 3end )eriodic u)dates regardless of to)ology changes.
. 3end entire routing table to all routers in the routing domain.
C. %se the shortest*)ath algorithm to the determine best )ath.
". %)date the routing table based on u)dates from their neighbors.
E. !aintain the to)ology of the entire networ0 in its database.
Which series of commands will configure router 25 for LA,*to*LA, communication with router
22? &he
Enter)rise networ0 address is 5; and the routing )rotocol in use is 2-'v2. (Choose
A. 25(config)I interface ethernet 6
25(config*if)I i) address 5;; 2>>.2>>.2>>.5;2
25(config*if)I no shutdown
. 25(config)I interface ethernet 6
25(config*if)I i) address 5;2.5.5.;A 2>>.2>>.2>>.5;2
25(config*if)I no shutdown
C. 25(config)I interface serial 6
25(config*if)I i) address 5;2.5.5.+ 2>>.2>>.2>>.2>2
25(config*if)I cloc0 rate ><666
". 25(config)I interface serial 6
25(config*if)I i) address 5;2.5.5.< 2>>.2>>.2>>.2>2
25(config*if)I no shutdown
E. 25(config)I router ri)
25(config*router)I networ0 5;2.5.5.+
25(config*router)I networ0 5;
(. 25(config)I router ri)
25(config*router)I version 2
25(config*router)I networ0 5;
What information does a router running a lin0*state )rotocol use to build and maintain its
to)ological database? (Choose two.)
A. hello )ac0ets
. 3A' messages sent by other routers
C. L3As from other routers
". beacons received on )oint*to*)oint lin0s
E. routing tables received from other lin0*state routers
(. &&L )ac0ets from designated routers
Which routing )rotocols can be used within the enter)rise networ0 shown in the diagram?
(Choose three.)
A. 2-' v5
. 2-' v2
C. -E2'
". .3'(
E. E'
(. E-E2'
.3'( routing uses the conce)t of areas. What are the characteristics of .3'( areas? (Choose
A. Each .3'( area re4uires a loo)bac0 interface to be configured.
. Areas may be assigned any number from 6 to <>>?>.
C. Area 6 is called the bac0bone area.
". 9ierarchical .3'( networ0s do not re4uire multi)le areas.
E. !ulti)le .3'( areas must connect to area 6.
(. 3ingle area .3'( networ0s must be configured in area 5.
Which statements are true about E-E2' successor routes? (Choose two.)
A. A successor route is used by E-E2' to forward traffic to a destination.
. 3uccessor routes are saved in the to)ology table to be used if the )rimary route fails.
C. 3uccessor routes are flagged as 8active8 in the routing table.
". A successor route may be bac0ed u) by a feasible successor route.
E. 3uccessor routes are stored in the neighbor table following the discovery )rocess.
What is the default administrative distance of .3'(?
A. 526
. 566
C. ;6
". 556
Which routing )rotocols will su))ort the following -' addressing scheme? (Choose three.)
,etwor0 5 * 5;2.5<=.56.6 72<
,etwor0 2 * 5;2.5<=.56.<+ 72A
,etwor0 ? * 5;2.5<=.56.;< 72A
,etwor0 + * 5;2.5<=.56.52= 7?6
,etwor0 > * 5;2.5<=.56.5?2 7?6
A. 2-' version 5
. 2-' version 2
C. -E2'
". E-E2'
E. .3'(
2efer to the gra)hic. A static route to the 56.>.<.672+ networ0 is to be configured on the 9("
router. Which commands will accom)lish this? (Choose two.)
A. 9("(config)I i) route 56.>.<.6>> fa676
. 9("(config)I i) route 56.>.<.6>> 56.>.+.<
C. 9("(config)I i) route 56.>.<.6 2>>.2>>.2>>.6 fa676
". 9("(config)I i) route 56.>.<.6 2>>.2>>.2>>.6 56.>.+.<
E. 9("(config)I i) route 56.>.+.<>> 56.>.<.6
(. 9("(config)I i) route 56.>.+.< 2>>.2>>.2>>.6 56.>.<.6
What can be determined from the line of show i) route out)ut shown in the e$hibit? (Choose
A. &he ne$t routing u)date can be e$)ected in ?> seconds.
. &he -' address 56.56.56.< is configured on 3675.
C. &he -' address 56.56.56.= is configured on 3675.
". &his route is using the default administrative distance.
E. &he 56.56.56.= networ0 is two ho)s away from this router.
2efer to the gra)hic. 9ost 5 cannot receive )ac0ets from 9ost 2. Assuming that 2-' v5 is the
routing )rotocol in use1 what is wrong with the -' configuration information shown? (Choose
A. &he fa675 interface of router 22 has been assigned a broadcast address.
. &he fa675 networ0 on router 22 overla)s with the LA, attached to 25.
C. 9ost 2 has been assigned the incorrect subnet mas0.
". 9ost 5 has been configured with the 2>>.2>>.2+=.6 subnet mas0.
E. 9ost 2 on router 22 is on a different subnet than its gateway.
2efer to the e$hibit. A networ0 associate has configured .3'( with the command: City(config*
router)I networ0 5;2.5<=.52.<+ 6.6.6.<? area 6 After com)leting the configuration1 the
associate discovers that not all the interfaces are )artici)ating in .3'(. Which three of the
interfaces shown in the e$hibit will )artici)ate in .3'( according to this configuration
statement? (Choose three.)
A. (astEthernet6 76
. (astEthernet6 75
C. 3erial676
". 3erial675.562
E. 3erial675.56?
(. 3erial675.56+
A router has learned three )ossible routes that could be used to reach a destination networ0.
.ne route is from E-E2' and has a com)osite metric of 26>5+><6. Another route is from .3'(
with a metric of A=2. &he last is from 2-'v2 and has a metric of +. Which route or routes will the
router install in the routing table?
A. the .3'( route
. the E-E2' route
C. the 2-'v2 route
". all three routes
E. the .3'( and 2-'v2 routes
2efer to the e$hibit. &he com)any uses E-E2' as the routing )rotocol. What )ath will )ac0ets
ta0e from a host on 5;2.5<=.56.5;272< networ0 to a host on the LA, attached to router 25?
A. &he )ath of the )ac0ets will be 2? to 22 to 25.
. &he )ath of the )ac0ets will be 2? to 25 to 22.
C. &he )ath of the )ac0ets will be both 2? to 22 to 25 and 2? to 25.
". &he )ath of the )ac0ets will be 2? to 25
What is the default routing u)date )eriod for 2-'v2?
A. 5> seconds
. ?6 seconds
C. 5=6 seconds
". 2+6 seconds
2efer to the e$hibit. 2outer A has interfaces with addresses 5;2.5<=.5.5 and 5A2.5<.5.5. 2outer
1 which connected to router A over a serial lin01 has interfaces with 5A2.5<.5.2 and
Which se4uence of commands will configured 2-'v2 on router ?
A. (config)I router ri)
(config*router)I version 2
(config*router)I networ0 5A2.5<.6.6
(config*router)I networ0
(config*router)I end
. (config)I router ri)
(config*router)I networ0 5A2.5<.6.6
(config*router)I networ0
(config*router)I end
C. (config)I router ri)
(config*router)I version 2
(config*router)I networ0 5A2.5<.6.6
(config*router)I networ0 5;2.5<=.5.6
(config*router)I end
". (config)I router ri) version 2
(config*router)I networ0 5A2.5<.6.6
(config*router)I networ0
(config*router)I end
A networ0 administrator is troubleshooing an E-E2' )roblem on a router and needs to confirm
the -' addresses of the devices with which the router has established adNacency. &he retransmit
interval and the 4ueue counts for the adNacent routers also need to be chec0ed. What command
will dis)lay the re4uired information?
A. 2outerI show i) eigr) adNacency
. 2outerI show i) eigr) to)ology
C. 2outerI show i) eigr) interfaces
". 2outerI show i) eigr) neighbors
2efer to the e$hibit. After a 2-' route is mar0ed invalid on 2outerH51 how much time will ela)se
before that route is removed from the routing table?
A. ?6 seconds
. <6 seconds
C. ;6 seconds
". 5=6 seconds
E. 2+6 seconds
-' address and routing for the networ0 are configured as shown in the e$hibit. &he networ0
administrator issues the show i) eigr) neighbors command from 2outer5 and receives the
out)ut shown below the to)ology. Which statement is true?
A. -t is normal for 2outer5 to show one active neighbor at a time to )revent routing loo)s.
. 2outing is not com)letely configured on 2outer?.
C. &he -' addresses are not configured )ro)erly on the 2outer5 and 2outer? interfaces.
". &he no auto*summary command configured on the routers )revents 2outer5 and 2outer2
from forming a neighbor relationshi).
2efer to the e$hibit. A networ0 associate has configured the internetwor0 that is shown in the
e$hibit1 but has failed to configure routing )ro)erly. Which configuration will allow the hosts on
the ranch LA, to access resources on the 9D LA, with the least im)act on router )rocessing
and WA, bandwidth?
A. 9D(config)I i) route 5;2.5<=.5.6 2>>.2>>.2>>.6 5;2.5<=.2.>
ranch(config)I i) route 5A2.5<.2>.6 2>>.2>>.2>>.6 5;2.5<=.2.<
. 9D(config)I router ri)
9D(config*router)I networ0 5;2.5<=.2.6
9D(config*router)I networ0 5A2.5<.6.6
ranch(config)I router ri)
ranch(config*router)I networ0 5;2.5<=.5.6
ranch(config*router)I networ0 5;2.5<=.2.6
C. 9D(config)I router eigr) ><
9D(config*router)I networ0 5;2.5<=.2.+
9D(config*router)I networ0 5A2.5<.2>.6
ranch(config)I router eigr) ><
ranch(config*router)I networ0 5;2.5<=.5.6
ranch(config*router)I networ0 5;2.5<=.2.+
". 9D(config)I router os)f 5
9D(config*router)I networ0 5;2.5<=.2.+ 6.6.6.? area 6
9D(config*router)I networ0 5A2.5<.2>.6>> area 6
ranch(config)I router os)f 5
ranch(config*router)I networ0 5;2.5<=.5.6>> area 6
2efer to the e$hibit. Eiven the out)ut for this command1 if the router -" has not been manually
set1 what router -" will .3'( use for this 2outer-"?
. 56.5>+.5>+.5
C. 5A2.5<.>.5
". 5;2.5<=.>.?
Which commands are re4uired to )ro)erly configure a router to run .3'( and to add networ0
5;2.5<=.5<.672+ to .3'( area 6? (Choose two)
A. 2outer(config)Irouter os)f 5
. 2outer(config)Irouter os)f 6
C. 2outer(config)Irouter os)f area 6
". 2outer(config*router)Inetwor0 5;2.5<=.5<.6>> area 6
E. 2outer(config*router)Inetwor0 5;2.5<=.5<.6>> 6
(. 2outer(config*router)Inetwor0 5;2.5<=.5<.6 2>>.2>>.2>>.6 area 6
Which )arameter or )arameters are used to calculate .3'( cost in cisco routers?
A. andwidth1 "elay and !&%
. andwidth
C. andwidth and !&%
". andwidth1 !&%1 2eliability1 "elay and Load
Which )arameter can be tuned to affect the selection of a static route as a bac0u) when a
dynamic )rotocol is also being used?
A. lin0 bandwidth
. ho) count
C. lin0 cost
". administrative distance
E. lin0 delay
Which ty)e of E-E2' route entry describes a feasible successor?
A. a )rimary route1 stored in the routing table
. a bac0u) route1 stored in the routing table
C. a bac0u) route1 stored in the to)ology table
". a )rimary route1 stored in the to)ology table
What is the default ma$imum number of e4ual*cost )aths that can be )laced into the routing of
a cisco .3'( router?
A. 5<
. 2
C. unlimited
". +
2efer to the e$hibit. &he (!O manufacturing com)any is concerned about unauthori#ed access
to the 'ayroll 3erver. &he Accounting51 CE.1 !gr51 and !gr2 wor0stations should be the only
com)uters with access to the 'ayroll 3erver. What two technologies should be im)lemented to
hel) )revent unauthori#ed access to the server? (Choose two.)
A. access lists
. encry)ted router )asswords
C. 3&'
". /LA,s
E. /&'
(. wireless LA,s
Which command shows if an access list is assigned to an interface?
A. show i) interface PinterfaceQ access*lists
. show i) access*lists interface PinterfaceQ
C. show i) interface PinterfaceQ
". show i) access*lists PinterfaceQ
Which )arameter standard access list ta0es into consideration for traffic filtering decisions?
A. 3ource !AC address
. "estination -' address
C. "estination !AC address
". 3ource -' address
2efer to the e$hibit. What will ha))en to 9&&' traffic coming from the -nternet that is destined
for 5A2.5<.52.56 if the traffic is )rocessed by this ACL?
A. &raffic will be dro))ed )er line ?6 of the ACL.
. &raffic will be acce)ted )er line +6 of the ACL.
C. &raffic will be dro))ed1 because of the im)licit deny all at the end of the ACL.
". &raffic will be acce)ted1 because the source address is not covered by the ACL.
&he enable secret command is used to secure access to which CL- mode?
A. user EFEC mode
. global configuration mode
C. )rivileged EFEC mode
". au$iliary setu) mode
What is the effect of using the service )assword*encry)tion command?
A. .nly )asswords configured after the command has been entered will be encry)ted.
. .nly the enable )assword will be encry)ted.
C. .nly the enable secret )assword will be encry)ted
". -t will encry)t the secret )assword and remove the enable secret )assword from the
E. -t will encry)t all current and future )asswords.
2efer to the e$hibit. What command se4uence will enable 'A& from the inside to outside
A. (config) i) nat )ool is)*net 5.2.+.2 netmas0 2>>.2>>.2>>.6 overload
. (config*if) i) nat outside overload
C. (config) i) nat inside source list 5 interface ethernet5 overload
". (config*if) i) nat inside overload
2efer to the e$hibit. Addresses within the range are not being translated to the
5.52=.675< range. Which command shows if is allowed inside addresses?
A. debug i) nat
. show access*list
C. show i) nat translation
". show i) nat statistics
2efer to the e$hibit. Which command would allow the translations to be created on the router?
A. i) nat )ool mynats 5.5.52=.5 5.5.5?>.2>+ )refi$*length 5;
. i) nat outside mynats 5.5.52=.5 5.5.5?>.2>+ )refi$*length 5;
C. i) nat )ool mynats 5.5.52=.5 5.5.5?>.2>+ )refi$*length 5=
". i) nat outside mynats 5.5.52=.5 5.5.5?>.2>+ )refi$*length 5=
What are two benefits of using ,A&? (choose two)
A. ,A& )rotects networ0 security because )rivate networ0s are not advertised.
. ,A& accelerates the routing )rocess because no modifications are made on the )ac0ets.
C. "ynamic ,A& facilitates connections from the outside of the networ0.
". ,A& facilitates end*to*end communication when -'sec is enable.
E. ,A& eliminates the need to re*address all host that re4uire e$ternal access.
(. ,A& conserves addresses through host !AC*level multi)le$ing.
Which two values are used by 3)anning &ree 'rotocol to elect a root bridge? (Choose two.)
A. amount of 2A!
. bridge )riority
C. -.3 version
". -' address
E. !AC address
(. s)eed of the lin0s
3witch )orts o)erating in which two roles will forward traffic according to the -EEE =62.5w
standard? (Choose two.)
A. alternate
. bac0u)
C. designated
". disabled
E. root
Which two of these statements regarding 23&' are correct? (Choose two.)
A. 23&' cannot o)erate with '/3&R.
. 23&' defines new )ort roles.
C. 23&' defines no new )ort states.
". 23&' is a )ro)rietary im)lementation of -EEE =62.5" 3&'.
E. 23&' is com)atible with the original -EEE =62.5" 3&'.
Which set of commands is recommended to )revent the use of a hub in the access layer?
A. switch(config*if)Iswitch)ort mode trun0
switch(config*if)Iswitch)ort )ort*security ma$imum 5
. switch(config*if)Iswitch)ort mode trun0
switch(config*if)Iswitch)ort )ort*security mac*address 5
C. switch(config*if)Iswitch)ort mode access
switch(config*if)Iswitch)ort )ort*security ma$imum 5
". switch(config*if)Iswitch)ort mode access
switch(config*if)Iswitch)ort )ort*security mac*address 5
Which two of these are used by bridges and switches to )revent loo)s in a layer 2 networ0?
(Choose two.)
A. =62.5"
. /&'
C. =62.5D
". 3&'
E. 3A'
2efer to the e$hibit. Which statement is true?
A. &he (a6755 role confirms that 3witchA is the root bridge for /LA, 26.
. /LA, 26 is running the 'er /LA, 3)anning &ree 'rotocol.
C. &he !AC address of the root bridge is 665A.>;<d.5>=6.
". 3witchA is not the root bridge1 because not all of the interface roles are designated.
2efer to the e$hibit. Each of these four switches has been configured with a hostname1 as well
as being configured to run 23&'. ,o other configuration changes have been made. Which
three of these show the correct 23&' )ort roles for the indicated switches and interfaces?
(Choose three.)
A. 3witchA1 (a6721 designated
. 3witchA1 (a6751 root
C. 3witch1 Ei6721 root
". 3witch1 Ei6751 designated
E. 3witchC1 (a6721 root
(. 3witch"1 Ei6721 root
Which switch would 3&' choose to become the root bridge in the selection )rocess?
A. ?2A<=: 55*22*??*++*>>*<<
. ?2A<=: 22*??*++*>>*<<*AA
C. ?2A<;: 55*22*??*++*>>*<>
". ?2A<;: 22*??*++*>>*<<*A=
What is valid reason for a switch to deny )ort access to new devices when )ort security is
A. &he denied !AC addresses have already been learned or configured on another secure
interface in the same /LA,.
. &he denied !AC address is statically configured on the )ort.
C. &he minimum !AC threshold has been reached.
". &he absolute aging times for the denied !AC addresses have e$)ired.
Which of the following statements are true regarding bridges and switches? (Choose ?.)
A. 3witches are )rimarily software based while bridges are hardware based.
. oth bridges and switches forward Layer 2 broadcasts.
C. ridges are fre4uently faster than switches.
". 3witches have a higher number of )orts than most bridges.
E. ridges define broadcast domains while switches define collision domains.
(. oth bridges and switches ma0e forwarding decisions based on Layer 2 addresses.
2efer to the to)ology shown in the e$hibit. Which )orts will be 3&' designated )orts if all the
lin0s are o)erating at the same bandwidth? (Choose three.)
A. 3witch A * (a676
. 3witch A * (a675
C. 3witch * (a676
". 3witch * (a675
E. 3witch C * (a676
(. 3witch C * (a675
&he networ0 security )olicy re4uires that only one host be )ermitted to attach dynamically to
each switch interface. -f that )olicy is violated1 the interface should shut down. Which two
commands must the networ0 administrator configure on the 2;>6 Catalyst switch to meet this
)olicy? (Choose two.)
A. 3witch5(config*if)I switch)ort )ort*security ma$imum 5
. 3witch5(config)I mac*address*table secure
C. 3witch5(config)I access*list 56 )ermit i) host
". 3witch5(config*if)I switch)ort )ort*security violation shutdown
E. 3witch5(config*if)I i) access*grou) 56
At the end of an 23&' election )rocess1 which )ort and on which Access Layer 3witch will
assume the discarding role?
A. 3witch?1 )ort fa675
. 3witch?1 )ort fa6752
C. 3witch+1 )ort fa6755
". 3witch+1 )ort fa672
E. 3witch?1 )ort Ei675
(. 3witch?1 )ort Ei672
3elect the action that results from e$ecuting these commands:
Switch(config-if)# switchport port-security
Switch(config-if)# switchport port-security mac-address sticky
A. A dynamically learned !AC address is saved in the startu)*configuration file.
. A dynamically learned !AC address is saved in the running*configuration file.
C. A dynamically learned !AC address is saved in the /LA, database.
". 3tatically configured !AC addresses are saved in the startu)*configuration file if frames from
that address are received.
E. 3tatically configured !AC addresses are saved in the running*configuration file if frames
from that address are received.
2efer to the e$hibit. &he following commands are e$ecuted on interface fa675 of 2;>63witch.
2950Switch(config-if)# switchport port-security
2950Switch(config-if)# switchport port-security mac-address sticky
2950Switch(config-if)# switchport port-security maximum 1
&he Ethernet frame that is shown arrives on interface fa675. What two functions will occur when
this frame is received by 2;>63witch? (Choose two.)
A. &he !AC address table will now have an additional entry of fa675 ((((.((((.((((.
. .nly host A will be allowed to transmit frames on fa675.
C. &his frame will be discarded when it is received by 2;>63witch.
". All frames arriving on 2;>63witch with a destination of 6666.66aa.aaaa will be forwarded out
E. 9osts and C may forward frames out fa675 but frames arriving from other switches will not
be forwarded out fa675.
(. .nly frames from source 6666.66bb.bbbb1 the first learned !AC address of 2;>63witch1 will
be forwarded out fa675.
"rag the o)tions on the left under the ty)e of switch )ort that they describe on the right.
Which two of these are characteristics of the =62.5D )rotocol?(choose two)
A. it is a layer 2 messaging )rotocol which maintains vlan configurations across networ0.
. it includes an =*bit field which s)ecifies the )riority of a frame.
C. it is used e$clusively for tagging vlan frames and does not address networ0 reconvergence
following switched networ0 to)ology changes.
". it modifies the =62.? frame header1and thus re4uires that the (C3 be recom)uted.
E. it is a trun0ing )rotocol ca)able of carring untagged frames.
Which -EEE standard )rotocol is initiated as a result of successful "&' com)letion in a switch
over (astEthernet?
A. =62.?ad
. =62.5w
C. =62.5D
". =62.5d
Which command enhances the =62.5" convergence time on )orts that are connected to hosts?
A. s)anning*tree bac0bonefast
. s)anning*tree u)lin0fast
C. s)anning*tree )ortfast
". s)anning*tree cost>52
Which two commands correctly verify whether )ort security has been configured on )ort
(astEthernet 6752 on a switch? (Choose two)
A. 3W5I show swith)ort )ort*security interface (astEthernet 6752
. 3W5I show swith)ort )ort*secure interface (astEthernet 6752
C. 3W5I show )ort*security interface (astEthernet 6752
". 3W5I show running*config
Why will a switch never learn a broadcast address?
A. roadcast frames are never sent to switches.
. roadcast addresses use an incorrect format for the switching table.
C. A broadcast address will never be the source address of a frame.
". roadcasts only use networ0 layer addressing.
E. A broadcast frame is never forwarded by a switch.
Which command enables 23&' on a switch?
A. s)anning*tree mode ra)id*)vst
. s)anning*tree u)lin0fast
C. s)anning*tree bac0bonefast
". s)anning*tree mode )vst
At which layer of the .3- model is 23&' used to )revent loo)s?
A. data lin0
. networ0
C. )hysical
". trans)ort
When '/3&R in wor0 on /LA,5 of the switch1 what will effect on selection of one of switches in
the /LA, as root*bridge?
A. Lowest -' address
. 9ighest !AC address
C. Lowest !AC address
". 9ighest -' address
*+AN and *TP
Which two lin0 )rotocols are used to carry multi)le /LA,s over a single lin0? (Choose two.)
A. /&'
. =62.54
C. -E'
". -3L
E. =62.?u
Which three of these statements regarding =62.5D trun0ing are correct? (Choose three.)
A. =62.5D native /LA, frames are untagged by default.
. =62.5D trun0ing )orts can also be secure )orts.
C. =62.5D trun0s can use 56 !b7s Ethernet interfaces.
". =62.5D trun0s re4uire full*du)le$1 )oint*to*)oint connectivity.
E. =62.5D trun0s should have native /LA,s that are the same at both ends.
What is the name of the /&' mode of o)eration that enables a switch to forward only /&'
advertisements while still )ermitting the editing of local /LA, information?
A. server
. client
C. tunnel
". trans)arent
2efer to the e$hibit. A networ0 administrator is adding two new hosts to 3witchA. Which three
values could be used for the configuration of these hosts? (Choose three.)
A. host A -' address: 5;2.5<=.5.A;
. host A -' address: 5;2.5<=.5.<+
C. host A default gateway: 5;2.5<=.5.A=
". host -' address: 5;2.5<=.5.52=
E. host default gateway: 5;2.5<=.5.52;
(. host -' address: 5;2.5<=.5.5;6
2efer to the e$hibit. A networ0 associate needs to configure the switches and router in the
gra)hic so that the hosts in /LA,? and /LA,+ can communicate with the enter)rise server in
/LA,2. Which two Ethernet segments would need to be configured as trun0 lin0s? (Choose
A. A
C. C
". "
E. E
(. (
A switch is configured with all )orts assigned to vlan 2 with full du)le$ (astEthernet to segment
e$isting de)artmental traffic. What is the effect of adding switch )orts to a new /LA, on the
A. !ore collision domains will be created.
. -' address utili#ation will be more efficient.
C. !ore bandwidth will be re4uired than was needed )reviously.
". An additional broadcast domain will be created.
Which two statements about the use of /LA,s to segment a networ0 are true? (Choose two.)
A. /LA,s increase the si#e of collision domains.
. /LA,s allow logical grou)ing of users by function.
C. /LA,s sim)lify switch administration.
". /LA,s enhance networ0 security.
Which two statements describe the Cisco im)lementation of /LA,s? (Choose two.)
A. /LA, 5 is the default Ethernet /LA,.
. C"' advertisements are only sent on /LA, 5662.
C. y default1 the management /LA, is /LA, 566>.
". y default1 the switch -' address is in /LA, 566>.
E. /LA, 5662 through 566> are automatically created and cannot be deleted.
A networ0 associate is trying to understand the o)eration of the (L" Cor)oration by studying
the networ0 in the e$hibit. &he associate 0nows that the server in /LA, + )rovides the
necessary resources to su))ort the user hosts in the other /LA,s. &he associate needs to
determine which interfaces are access )orts. Which interfaces are access )orts? (Choose
A. 3witch5 * (a 672
. 3witch5 * (a 67;
C. 3witch2 * (a 67?
". 3witch2 * (a 67+
E. 3witch2 * (a 67=
Which of the following are benefits of /LA,s? (Choose three.)
A. &hey increase the si#e of collision domains.
. &hey allow logical grou)ing of users by function.
C. &hey can enhance networ0 security.
". &hey increase the si#e of broadcast domains while decreasing the number of collision
E. &hey increase the number of broadcast domains while decreasing the si#e of the broadcast
(. &hey sim)lify switch administration.
2efer to the e$hibit. After 3witch was added to the networ01 /LA, connectivity )roblems
started to occur. What caused this )roblem?
A. oth switches are in sever mode in the same domain
. &he revision number of 3witch was higher than the revision number of 3witchA
C. 3witchA was not rebooted )rior to adding 3witch to the networ0.
". /2*mode is not enabled.
E. /&' )runing is not activated1 so the new )aths in the networ0 have not been recalculated.
An administrator is unsuccessful in adding /LA, >6 to a switch. While troubleshooting the
)roblem1 the administrator views the out)ut of the show vt) status command1 which is dis)layed
in the gra)hic. What commands must be issued on this switch to add /LA, >6 to the database?
(Choose two.)
A. 3witch(config*if)I switch)ort access vlan >6
. 3witch(vlan)I vt) server
C. 3witch(config)I config*revision 26
". 3witch(config)I vlan >6 name &ech
E. 3witch(vlan)I vlan >6
(. 3witch(vlan)I switch)ort trun0 vlan >6
Which statements describe two of the benefits of /LA, &run0ing 'rotocol? (Choose two.)
A. /&' allows routing between /LA,s.
. /&' allows a single switch )ort to carry information to more than one /LA,.
C. /&' allows )hysically redundant lin0s while )reventing switching loo)s.
". /&' sim)lifies switch administration by allowing switches to automatically share /LA,
E. /&' hel)s to limit configuration errors by 0ee)ing /LA, naming consistent across the /&'
(. /&' enhances security by )reventing unauthori#ed hosts from connecting to the /&'
2efer to the diagram. All hosts have connectivity with one another. Which statements describe
the addressing scheme that is in use in the networ0? (Choose three.)
A. &he subnet mas0 in use is 2>>.2>>.2>>.5;2.
. &he subnet mas0 in use is 2>>.2>>.2>>.52=.
C. &he -' address 5A2.5<.5.2> can be assigned to hosts in /LA,5
". &he -' address 5A2.5<.5.26> can be assigned to hosts in /LA,5
E. &he LA, interface of the router is configured with one -' address.
(. &he LA, interface of the router is configured with multi)le -' addresses.
What are two results of entering the 3witch(config)I vt) mode client command on a Catalyst
switch? (Choose two.)
A. &he switch will ignore /&' summary advertisements.
. &he switch will forward /&' summary advertisements.
C. &he switch will )rocess /&' summary advertisements.
". &he switch will originate /&' summary advertisements.
E. &he switch will create1 modify and delete /LA,s for the entire /&' domain.
(. 2outer * (a 576
2efer to the e$hibit. What commands must be configured on the 2;>6 switch and the router to
allow communication between host 5 and host 2? (Choose two.)
A. 2outer(config)I interface fastethernet 676
2outer(config*if)I i) address 5;2.5<=.5.5 2>>.2>>.2>>.6
2outer(config*if)I no shut down
. 2outer(config)I interface fastethernet 676
2outer(config*if)I no shut down
2outer(config)I interface fastethernet 676.5
2outer(config*subif)I enca)sulation dot54 56
2outer(config*subif)I i) address 5;2.5<=.56.5 2>>.2>>.2>>.6
2outer(config*subif)I interface fastethernet 676.2
2outer(config*subif)I enca)sulation dot54 26
2outer(config*subif)I i) address 5;2.5<=.26.5 2>>.2>>.2>>.6
C. 2outer(config)I router eigr) 566
2outer(config*router)I networ0 5;2.5<=.56.6
2outer(config*router)I networ0 5;2.5<=.26.6
". 3witch5(config)I vlan database
3witch5(config*vlan)I vt) domain FCG
3witch5(config*vlan)I vt) server
E. 3witch5(config)I interface fastethernet 675
3witch5(config*if)I switch)ort mode trun0
(. 3witch5(config)I interface vlan 5
3witch5(config*if)I i) default*gateway 5;2.5<=.5.5
2efer to the e$hibit. A networ0 administrator needs to add a new /LA,1 named /LA,?1 to the
networ0 shown. %nfortunately1 there is not another (astEthernet interface on 25 to connect to
the new /LA,?. Which a))roach is the most cost effective solution for this )roblem?
A. 'urchase a new (astEthernet module and install it on 25
. 2e)lace 25 with a new router that has at least three (astEthernet interfaces.
C. Configure a second switch to su))ort /LA,? with a /LA, trun0 between 3W5 and the new
". Configure a single /LA, trun0 between 25 and 3W5 and configure subinterface on 25
interface for each /LA,.
E. Connect another router to a serial interface of 25. %se a (astEthernet interface on the new
router for /LA,?.
2efer to the e$hibit. &he s0ow (t4 stat6s command is e$ecuted at a switch that is generating
the e$hibit out)ut. Which statement is true for this switch?
A. &he switch forwards its /LA, database to other switches in the -C," /&' domain.
. &he configuration revision number increments each time the /LA, database is u)dated.
C. &he switch forwards /&' u)dates that are sent by other switches in the -C," domain.
". &he /LA, database is u)dated when /&' information is received from other switches.
2efer to the e$hibit. 9ow should the (astEthernet675 )ort on the 2;>6 model switches that are
shown in the e$hibit be configured to allow connectivity between all devices?
A. &he )orts only need to be connected by a crossover cable.
. 3witchF(config)I interface (astEthernet 675
3witchF(config*if)I switch)ort mode trun0
C. 3witchF(config)I interface (astEthernet 675
3witchF(config*if)I switch)ort mode access
3witchF(config*if)I switch)ort access vlan 5
". 3witchF(config)I interface (astEthernet 675
3witchF(config*if)I switch)ort mode trun0
3witchF(config*if)I switch)ort trun0 vlan 5
3witchF(config*if)I switch)ort trun0 vlan 56
3witchF(config*if)I switch)ort trun0 vlan 26
Which three elements must be used when you configure a router interface for vlan trun0ing?
(choose three)
A. one -' networ0 or subnetwor0 for each subinterface
. subinterface numbering that matches vlan tages
C. subinterface enca)sulation identifiers that match vlan tags
". a management domain for each subinterface
E. one )hysical interface for each subinterface
(. one subinterface )er vlan
Which )rotocol )rovides a method of sharing /LA, configuration information between two
Cisco switch?
A. /&'
. =62.5D
C. 23&'
". 3&'
What is the function of the command switch)ort trun0 native vlan ;;; on a trun0 )ort?
A. -t designates /LA, ;;; for untagged traffic.
. -t bloc0s /LA, ;;; traffic from )assing on the trun0.
C. -t creates a /LA, ;;; interface.
". -t designates /LA, ;;; as the default for all un0own tagged traffic.
A com)any has a small networ01 consisting of a single switch and a single router. &he switch
has been configured with two vlans1 and route*on*a*stic0 is being configured on the router for
inter*vlan routing. A trun0 is configured to connect the switch to the router. What is the minimum
number of router sub*interfaces that are re4uired for all the vlans to communicate?
A. one
. three
C. two
". #ero