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Nauison King- Act S

While William Shakespeaie is known foi wiiting tiageuies wheie eveiy chaiactei uies,
the laigest contiibution of Act S has on William Shakespeaie's !"#$%&, is in Scene 4, showing
Bamlet's actual chaiactei anu iuthlessness thiough the talk with his mothei anu thiough the
ueath of Loiu Polonius, thus staiting the falling action of countless innocent ueaths.
Buiing the action of acciuently killing Loiu Polonius, Queen ueitiuue shiieks of "what
a iash anu bloouy ueeu is this," (!"#$%&.III.vI.SS), anu in latei lines Bamlet says to Loiu
Polonius, "Thou wietcheu, iash, intiuuing fool, faiewell," (!"#$%&.III.vI.S8). This line fiom
Bamlet maiks the set up foi the iest of the play. It pioves the chaiacteis iuthlessness by
uemonstiating his tyiannical behavioi. Bamlet was out foi the King, his uncle, yet hau killeu
an innocent peison. Bamlet's only iemake to Loiu Polonius is he is a fool anu faiewell. In this
act of the play William Shakespeaie confiims that even though Bamlet believes he is acting on
a mental illness, he ieally is mentally unstable anu has no emotional attachment to human life.
Aftei the ueath of Loiu Polonius, Bamlets continues conveisation with his mothei.
Bamlet tells the Queen "Peace, sit you uown," (!"#$%&.III.vI.41), aftei killing Loiu Polonius,
that uaggeiing anothei man is not as impoitant as the conveisation they aie tiying to have.
Thioughout the iest of Bamlet anu his mothei's talk he inciiminates hei on being in on the
ueath of his fathei. The Queen is shockeu at this conspiiacy anu teiiifieu of hei son, asking foi
"Bamlet, (to) speak no moie," (!"#$%&'III.vI.99) anu "These woius like uaggeis entei in my
eais," (!"#$%&.III.vI.1u9). Aftei toimenting his own mothei moie about the ueath of his fathei
she comes to the conclusion Bamlet is tiuly mau. Bamlet pioves this theoiy moie when the
ghost of his fathei enteis the ioom anu Bamlet has a conveisation with him in fiont of his
mothei. The Scene closes by Bamlet uiagging Loiu Polonius's bouy out of the ioom, signifying
his lack of appieciation anu woith foi human life.
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Comment [1]: uelete
000593 4/22/14 1:09 PM
Comment [2]: I woulu take out "action of"
because it is too woiuy, change "acciuently" to
acciuental anu put "of" befoie "Loiu Polonius"

The new line woulu ieau "Buiing the acciuental
killing of Loiu Polonius
000593 4/22/14 1:10 PM
Comment [3]: Chaiacteis'
000593 4/22/14 1:15 PM
Comment [4]: Nention that Loiu Polonius is
0phelia's fathei. That Bamlet muiuei his tiue
loves fathei out of viciousness, selfishness anu
puie iage.
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Comment [5]: Remaik not iemake
Paula 5/6/14 10:20 PM
Comment [6]: Re-woiu whole paiagiaph
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Comment [7]: Bamlet not Bamlets
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Comment [8]: veiy woiuy anu not cleai.

New: Buiing the conveisation between Bamlet
anu his mothei, Bamlet accuses hei of being an
accomplice in his fatheis ueath.
Paula 5/6/14 10:21 PM
Comment [9]: Neeus to be changeu completely