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Topic: Science

1. Emission / m ( )n/
_ (uncountable noun) s b c h i/ to nhi t/ pht ra nh sng,... Ex: the emission of greenhouse
_ (countable noun) v t ch t to ra khng kh. Ex: New regulations are aimed at reducing vehicle
harmful/noxious/toxic + emission: kh/ch t th i c h i
vehicle/industrial + emission
cut/reduce/control/limit/stabilize + emission
emission levels
emission from. Ex: measures to reduce harmful emissions from traffic
=> Emit (v.) = discharge, send out

2. Energy / en (r)d i/ (n): ngu n n ng l ng
renewable energy: n ng l ng c th ti t o
atomic/nuclear/solar/wave/wind energy
vast amounts of energy: 1 l ng l n n ng l ng
generate/produce/harness/provide/supply energy.
consume/use energy
conserve/save energy # waste energy
energy production/consumption/use/demand/needs/requirements/supply
energy resources
energy crisis/problem/shortage
a demand for energy and fuel: nhu c u n ng l ng v nhin li u
energy-saving: ti t ki m n ng l ng

3. Pollution /p lu ( )n/ (n): s nhi m
air/atmospheric pollution: nhi m khng kh
environmental pollution: nhi m mi tr ng
marine/river/water pollution
cause pollution
prevent/combat/tackle/limit/reduce pollution
the cost of pollution: ci gi c a s nhi m.
a risk of pollution: nguy c nhi m
a source of pollution: ngu n gy nhi m

4. Phenomenon (n.): hi n t ng
=> Phenomena (s nhi u)
examine/observe/study/investigate a phenomenon
a natural/supernatural (siu nhin)/scientific phenomenon
a meteorological (th i ti t)/cultural/global phenomenon
a widespread/familiar/common phenonmenon

5. Instrument (n): d ng c , cng c
an instrument for something. Ex: instrument for cleaning and polishing teeth
a scientific/surgical (ph u thu t) instrument
=> Synonyms: tool, device, mechanism

6. Method (n): ph ng php, cch th c
a method OF something. Ex: a method of research, a method of problem solving
a simple/common/usual/unusual/conventional (truy n th ng)/traditional/new method
an alternative method : 1 cch khc
payment method: cch tr ti n
method involves... Ex: This method involves cutting a very thin slice from the object.
adopt/employs/use/follow a method
develop/devise (sng ch )/change/improve a method

7. Flow (v): ch y
flow into... Ex: a stream flowed into the valley

8. Flow (n): dng ch y
a ceaseless (khng ng ng)/ constant/ continuous/ endless/ free/ uninterrupted/ smooth flow
a(n) natural/easy flow
water/blood/air/river flow
flow of ideas/information/cash (ti n m t)/revenue (doanh thu)/ traffic/ immigration
allow/stimulate/enhance/improve a flow of something
keep/maintain/produce a flow of something
control/disrupt/restrict/block/interrupt/stop a flow of something
flow chart/diagram: bi u quy trnh
against the flow. Ex: They have to swim against the flow of the river.
changes in the flow: i dng. Ex: the changes in the flow of the immigration from Africa to
Go with the flow: t i u th t i ho c ai sao ti v y
In full flow: ni huyn thuyn khng d t

9. diarrhoea (diarrhea) /dai ri / (n): bnh tiu chay
severe diarrhea: bnh tiu chay n ng
mild diarrhea: bnh tiu chay nhe
acute diarrhea: tiu chay cp tinh
chronic diarrhea: tiu chay man tinh
intermittent diarrhea: tiu chay t ng c n
persistent diarrhea: tiu chay dai d ng
have diarrhea/suffer from diarrhea: b tiu ch y

10. microscope / ma kr sko p/ (n) : kinh hin vi
binocular microscope:kinh hin vi hai thi kinh
electron microscope: kinh hin vi in t
optical microscope:kinh hin vi quang hoc
Through a/the microscope. Ex: a section of a potato as seen through a microscope
Under a/the microscope. Ex: examining bacteria under the microscope

11. sickness / s k.n s/ (n): bnh - state of being ill
Chronic sickness, long sickness, long-term sickness: bnh man tinh
Sickness benefit, sickness allowance: tin tr cp bnh tt
Sickness insurance: bao him bnh tt
Sickness rate: t l b nh t t
Sickness absence: v ng v b b nh
Due to/ owing to/ through sickness. Ex: The Personnel Department keeps a record of employees
absent through sickness.
Suffer from sickness: b b nh
Sickness + rise. Ex: The sickness has risen inside him.
A feeling of sickness. Ex: Several workers complained of feelings of sickness and headaches.
12. Nutrient (n): ch t dinh d ng - a lack of essential nutrients: thi u ch t dinh d ng thi t y u = an
insufficient intake of essential nutrients- nutrient deficiencies: thi u dinh d ng - low-nutrient food: th c
n c t l ch t dinh d ng th p => nutrition: dinh d ng - nutrition disorder: b nh thi u dinh d ng -
malnutrition : dinh d ng km
13. Fats: ch t bo

14. Proteins: ch t m

15. Minerals: ch t khong

16. Appetite (n): s thm n - suffer from loss of appetite: b chn n - surpress the appetite: ki m nn
s thm nEx: Some drugs can suppress the appetite.

17. Digestion (n): s tiu ho - a weak/poor digestion: tiu ho km # a good digestion - aid digestion:
h tr tiu ho. ! Ex: Peppermint aids digestion.

18. Allergy (n): s d ng - food allergy: d ng th c n - suffer from allergy to something = to be allergic
to something: b d ng v i ci g

19. Diet (n): ch n u ng - a balanced/healthy diet # poor/unhealthy diet - a diet high/rich in
something: ch dinh d ng giu ch t g - to be on a diet: ang n king - a low-fat diet: ch n
king t ch t bo

20. Obesity (n): b nh bo ph = having too much body fat - obesity epidemic: s ly lan c a b nh bo

21. Cardiology / k r.di .l -/ (n) the study and treatment of medical conditions of the heart
=> Ta c ti n t l Cardio- : thu c v tim
Cardiorespiratory / k r.di.o res.p . .t r.i/ (adj) relating to the heart, the lungs, and
the tubes and muscles in the body used forbreathing. Eg: Cardiorespiratory fitness
Cardiograph / k r.di. . rf/ (n) a machine for recording the beating of the heart
Cardiography / k r.di . r -/ (n) the use of machine to record the beating of the heart
Cardiologist / k r.di .l -/ (n) a doctor who specializes in treating diseases of the heart
Cardiogram / k rdi. . rm/ (n) the picture drawn by the cardiograph, which showws a record
of the heart's activity
Cardiopulmonary / k r.di.o p l.m .ner.i/ (adj) relating to the heart and lungs.
Eg: cardiopulmonary resuscitation

22. Carnivore / k r.n .v r/ (n) an animal that eats meat
Eg: 1/ Lions and tigers are carnivores.
2/ I did mostly vegetarian food but put a couple of meat dishes out forthe
carnivores (= people who eat meat).
=> Carnivorous (adj)
Eg: Carnivorous plant

23. Cryology (n) the scientific study of very low temperatures and its related phenomena

24. Cryogenics / kra d en ks/ (n) the science that studies the effects of low temperatures, especially
the possible use of low temperatures for preserving the bodies of dead people.

25. Dermatology / d .m t .l -/ (n) the scientific to study the skin and its diseases. "
=> Dermatologist / d .m t .l -/ (n) the doctor who studies and treats skin diseases "

26. Aerobiology / r ( )b l d i/ (n) the study of ariborne # microorganisms, pollen, spores, and seeds,
especially as agents of infection.

(T 21 n 25 mnh tham kh o t li u c a