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The beginning
Telepizza is a Spanish multinational, founded in 1987, that in a few years became the leader in the
food delivery sector. In 1988 it opened its first store in Madrid, becoming the pioneers in the pizza
delivery segment in Spain.
Between the years 1992 and 1993, the company opened its first commissary in Spain and started to
expand internationally, opening restaurants in Poland, Portugal and Chile.
After 24 years in the market, it has become one of the main Spanish companies, with great
presence both on a domestic and on an international level.
Growth, national and international expansion
In 1995 Telepizza had a market share of 52%, and at the end of that year the Group had a
total of 248 stores, of which 204 where in Spain and 44 overseas. Two years later, in 1998, the
acquisition of Luxtor cheese factory takes place, and a year after that a new group of
reference shareholders enters the company.
With the change of century and millennium, a new management strategy is defined involving
the modernization of the company in all its areas. Franchising becomes the main model for
In 2006, the company continues with its strategy of getting closer to the costumer, regionalizing
its marketing strategy and adapting to the needs of each area.
In 2009, the first store in Dubai opens and the company finishes the year with a total of 1092
stores, of which 632 are in Spain and 460 in international markets.
Continuing with its international expansion, in June 2010 the company acquires Jenos, the
number one pizza chain in Colombia and main chain of Latin origin in the area.
In August 2010, Telepizza signs an agreement with the Chinese group Christine. As a result of
this commitment, Christine offers Telepizzas products in several of its premises. A year later, in
July 2011, the Telepizza Group continues to grow and opens its first stores in Peru.
Franchise as a business model
During the year 2000, franchises gained more relevance in Spain with the creation of an
ample support structure for this type of stores. The Marketing department carried out
continuous market studies to detect trends in consumption and created a new work
methodology with a clear focus on the consumer.
By the end of 2006, Telepizza had 329 franchised stores.
In 2009, the company ended the year with a total of 600 franchises out of 1092 stores.
In July 2010, Telepizza opened the first store of a new format adapted to communities with
less than 30000 inhabitants. This new store model requires a smaller investment than a
standard store, approximately 100000.
Quality of our products
We look for the highest quality in our products, carrying out a rigorous process to select our
ingredients, constantly innovating and adapting to the local characteristics of each market.
A pizza from Telepizza is made from ingredients present in the Mediterranean diet, such as
olive oil, bread and tomato. For their preparation we use fresh and natural ingredients,
especially vegetables and foods of plant origin: tomato, pepper, onion
Our pizzas are cooked in the oven, one of the healthiest cooking techniques and with less
calories. Each Pizza is prepared on demand, thus maintaining all the nutrients in the
Telepizza helps you have a varied and balanced diet thanks to its wide range of products,
adapted to the nutritional needs of each consumer.
Since its inception, Telepizza has taken advantage of the growth of the food
delivery sector in Spain, and its projection on an international level, implementing
an efficient openings strategy.
Nowadays, we have over 1200 stores, with presence in Spain, Portugal, Poland,
Central America, Colombia, United Arab Emirates, China and Peru.