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Spoken English teaching to adults!

Adults are mature learners. They are generally having shortage of time and they wish to
learn vary fast.Spoken English teaching to adults is very interesting. The reason is very
simple and well-understood because they have to manage the time for learning. As the
working people, they can't be !!" students. #f an adult student is not very serious, it means
that he is not going to work hard for learning.
Spoken English teaching is very much interesting sub$ect.%eople who $oin you for learning,
they are really interested for leaning and practicing.Students have to focus on practice, they
are advised and told by the teacher that they need to try to speak everyday.They are made
to speak and try to put the best possible efforts for speaking.
#n fact, it doesn't matter much, if they are wrong or right while speaking in
English.&andidates have to speak everyday. #f they don't speak, they don't develop in
confidence. &onfidence is the fundamental need for every learner of English Speaking.
So, the candidates are generally guided to speak English in their inner circle i.e. first of all,
they have to speak with brothers,sisters,spouse,intimate friends and relatives etc.'y and by,
they gain e(perience and confidence and slowly, they start speaking wherever, they need to
speak in English.
)rammar is another area for learning. Sometimes, it is said by the candidates that they know
grammar but they can't use, when they are speaking in English language. #n the beginning,
when they start speaking, they must avoid taking care and having mistakes in English
speaking. )rammar should not be their concern,especially in the beginning, when they start
trying to speak in English.
*ow, let us come to the last point+ ,ocabulary. -ords are unlimited and nobody can learn all
the words of English language. The sense is very clear that if no one can solve the
problem,it means is very easy to understand.
%ermanent problem needs consistent efforts but for spoken English learners, it should not be
taken as a big problem. They should try to learn words and if they don't recollect the most
appropriate word,they should use somewhat similar word but they must not try to speak in
their mother tongue.
After having discussed,all the important problems, now it is well- understood that adult
students are very mature. they should be told that if they want to learn a language,first, they
should learn to think in that language and they must not think in the mother tongue and
translate tp speak in English.
Therefore, as a conclusion, it can be said that adult students, if they want to learn a
language, they should focus on practice from the very first day. And they should not take
care of grammatical mistakes in the beginning. .et them learn to correct their English
They should also put the best possible efforts for learning the words. -ords are learned and
forgotten. They need some efforts and continuous revision and learning for whole the life.
Adults really try the best for learning and practicing, that's why it is,in fact, very easy and
interesting to teach them. And particularly, if they are being taught Spoken English. Adults
are the best students and teaching them is very easy and interesting.