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Know about your would be SPOUSE by Neeraj Joshi

It is innate desire of every male to beget a beautiful and charming wife .But everyone doesnt get wife of
his choice. We have heard since time immemorial that marriages are made in heaven and settled on this
earth. It is our destiny that decides about our Spouse. Astrology can give clue in advance about your
would be spouse.

In Astrology, 7 th house denotes marriage. For studying effects of any Bhava, Bhava, its lord and karaka
should be considered. First of all, it should be decided that which planet influences 7th house most. The
influence may be by position, aspect or conjunction (PAC).In Gemini Astrology, Darakaraka planet
signifies Spouse. Darakaraka planet is one with least degrees in Natives horoscope. Upapada (Pada of
12th house) also gives us clue about spouse and quality of marital life. If Upapada is conjunct or
aspected by benefic planets or is in sign of benefic then one gets full happiness from wife. If 2nd from
Upapada is in benefic sign or aspected by benefics then one gets sober and beautiful wife. The above
results may be modified if concerned planet is in own house or exaltation. Here Gemini aspects should
be considered.

The 7th lord and karaka Venus in even rasi gives wife with feminine virtues.7th lord and Venus in shubh
houses in benefic signs or female planet in 7th unaspected by malefics gives wife of unparallel
beauty.7th lord and Venus in odd rasis gives wife of masculine virtues and having irritating tendency.

If Sun influences 7th or 7th lord, wife will be wheatish in complexion with good physique. She may be
egoistic too, there may be temperamental differences. Moon influencing 7th or 7th lord gives beautiful,
sober wife with soft and silky skin. Her eyes should be big and deep. She should be impressive with
charming manners.

If Mars influences 7th or 7th lord, wifes complexion should be pinkish. She should be beautiful with a
good physique .Her body should be well proportioned. But she may be hot tempered too. Mercury
influencing 7th gives wife with wheatish complexion. She should be intelligent, educated and having
wavering mind.

Jupiter influencing 7th or 7th lord gives beautiful, intelligent, well educated girl of magnetic personality.
Her face should be graceful. Venus is regarded as Goddess of Love, beauty and Sex. Venus influencing
7th may give fair, attractive, beautiful and sexy wife. Such a person may be attached to other woman

If Saturn influences 7th or 7th lord, wife will be ordinary, older in age and of weak constitution. Such a
Saturn also delays marriage of native. Rahu and Ketu influencing 7th may give sickly, irritating and
ordinary wife. There may be temperamental differences with wife.

The12th house is of bed pleasures. For a good marital life, 12th should be unblemished. Placement of
Venus in 12th is regarded best, as Venus is karaka of luxuries and sex. Its placement here gives luxuries,
bhoga and opportunities of Sex. Wives of such natives are generally long living and fortunate for

These results are in general and get modified by nature of other planets influencing 7th, 7th lord or
karaka Venus. So a proper synthesis of all such influencing factors may give a very clear cut idea about
natives would be spouse.

Know about your would be HUSBAND

We can also get very important information about husband from horoscope of a Girl. A well placed 7th
lord or aspect of a natural strong benefic gives a husband of Manly virtues.7th house when devoid of
strength gives a lazy and idle husband. Impact of Mercury and Saturn on 7th makes the husband soft
hearted with some feminine virtues. Placement of Sun in 7th may give ego and temperamental
differences between couple. Such a husband dominates his wife. Placement of Saturn in 7th duly
aspected by a strong benefic gives an older looking husband. Moon influencing 7th gives a sensual, of
varying nature and of unpredictable temperament .Jupiter in 7th gives a virtuous and intelligent husband.
But Jupiter in watery rashis in 7th is not regarded good for marital bliss.

In this way, Horoscope may give a clue about would be spouses appearance, nature and habits.