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Roddy to Surrender on Sunday

Nov. 7, 2009 (Quanah, Texas) – At 2 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 8, Roddy Dean Pippin, who committed
cattle rustling (while a teenager) and was later arrested and convicted, will report to the Hardeman
Texas County Courthouse (300 Main Street, Quanah, Texas) to surrender to jail. Roddy Pippin’s
situation is extraordinary for several reasons.
1. Pippin suffers from a rare disease: type-1 diabetes with Somogyi effect, a disease often
referred to as “brittle” and patients have uncontrollable spikes in blood sugar and require up
to six shots of insulin daily.
2. He was sentenced to serve eight years in jail without the chance of parole; however, Texas
state statute limits jail sentences to two years, the law was never intended for anyone to
spend more than two consecutive years in Texas jail.
Later, due to his medical condition, a judge released him on shock probation. He has
remained on shock probation/house arrest for the past two years. During that time, he has
been an exemplary parolee and followed all rules, including wearing an ankle bracelet,
being restricted to his mother’s home and allowed to attend Church on Sunday.
NOTE: It is extremely rare for a model parolee to be returned to incarceration.
3. At the time of his arrest, Pippin fully cooperated with authorities and provided information
that led to the arrest of his accomplices (many of whom stole more cattle and received a
lesser sentence in jail with the possibility of parole).
NOTE: Pippin’s crime involved the theft of less than 100 cattle and at the time of his arrest,
a $100,000 restitution offer was made, but was declined.
4. Pippin is being required to return back to jail and after 75 days he will be allowed to
reapply for shock probation. However, many believe that the 75 days will indeed be
Roddy’s death sentence.
On Sunday at 2 p.m., Roddy will perhaps take his last ride, literally. An avid horseman, Pippin loves
horse-riding. However his house arrest and his medical condition, has eliminated his riding days.
But Sunday Roddy rides again. He will ride to the Hardeman County Courthouse at 2 p.m., make a few
statements, and surrender himself to the County Sheriff.
Medical care for Roddy was insufficient in his earlier days of incarceration. He was transferred to
prison medical facilities numerous times and often in extreme comatose state. His original sentence
was for jail, not prison.
While Roddy was on shock probation/house arrest, his medical care was privately funded. However,
while incarcerated, his medical bills will be the responsibility of the taxpayers of Texas. But will that
care be enough to sustain Roddy? Many say no.
“I thought that I was sentenced to be incarcerated, not killed,” says Roddy Pippin.