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The zodiac counts exactly
22 constellations.
There are exactly 16
ascending constellations as rising at due east the ascendant set aka guardian
angels of the horoscope.
There are 67 horoscope signs with Eris and Pluto included as planets.


Dating an incompatible Sun-sign? Everybody does! Faux Sun-signs were randomly
distributed all across the globe in order to further confuse an already misinformed
mankind. None is exempt; ergo everyone is probably dating the wrong partner!


The effect of being wrong in the wrong place with the wrong people ultimately leads to
misunderstanding and war. War comes from bad data. Love comes from understanding
your and your partners true natal skies. Does my Venus in Hydra get along well with her
Mars in Cetus? Are we compatible? When do we quarrel next? Surely not on the day of
our marriage! Thus, the times must be adjusted right in order for events to happen
harmoniously, according to predictive astronomy.


People paradoxically dont necessarily like to know the second of a future event. True,
they sometimes do like to know the minute of their next marriage!


Also, reportedly they enjoy knowing the proper times to play the stock market. Somehow,
pleasant events do appeal along with their timely reports and luck strike.


People in general dont mind to know when something like a sort of temporary cancer0F

will challenge ones health1F

In our experience, cancer comes and goes even several times during lifetime. This non-linear but predictable as 9-
11 - phenomenon is not even noticed in healthy organisms that possess excellent timely horoscopes. The horoscope
is of course determined by directions, not nativity. Said nativity can of course be excellent, but the times may be
rough: one must know the times, not nativity: preferably both, but the times will prevail upon the natal horoscope:
thus it is paramount to study the 5000 directions mathematical prediction methods mostly in and through sphere
This goes especially for aware Reiki masters as affected by this grave periodical phenomenon.

Much like every shoeshine boy, butcher or florist can instantly tell the day and possibly
minute of your next marriage by memory so the future can be changed comparatively
easy in perchance five minutes or less. These future-changing methods are known as
RTRRT or Real Rime Reality Rendering Tools.


As there is advantage in knowing the future times before changing them for good,
predictive Astrology is still valid. One of the most precise directions as invented by
ourselves years ago is the secondary angular. In that respect, all 1008 planets are perused,
thus adding to not only prediction in a prediction, but also to sophistication.


Perhaps most people that overheard about astrology would have been made to think that
the so-called faux Sun-sign both east and west is something important. It is not. The
Sun will prove perhaps the least important in any analysis, to the point that a rather
serious treatise as entitled Taking the Sun out of the Zodiac was written but in a light
spirit of mockery towards general credulity.


Even if the Sun-signs were important, no astrologer on this planet would know how to
determine the Suns zodiacal position at all. That is to say, neither you nor your
astrologists know where the Sun is, was or will be. That even more much much more
of course, goes for the Moon. As concern the ascendant, do not even bother to guess one:
you are completely lost. A question: when the Sun is in Orion and the new Moon in
Auriga, can Orion ascend at sunrise or moonrise sharp? That settles it.


Another question: when the Moon is in Corvus at Buenos Aires, where is it at Madrid?
That settles yet another important issue. Which one?


It is clear from what was already said that people who dont know where the [planets are
can not answer questions; such as: why 9-11 happened at that precise moment because
it is calculable to the second, and when will it happen next? Moreover, such people do not
know the second of their next marriage; neither can they predict simple things like stocks,
death, cancer or war. They dont even know when your next date happens. One that
knows no sun sign proper for oneself can not predict for another. Why so? Lacks
directions. An astrologer knows 500 directions, where say 50 will do in an amateur. The
idiot dabbles with transits and does not understand even those. How can one understand
transits when one does not know the position of the Sun? Or something as easily
observable as the ascendants? No, Gemini is not t east, it is at north. Your stupid program
makes 90 degrees of error so only credulity keeps you guessing why you cant predict a
fig; providing you ever tried to.


As exemplified through countless presentations, anyone can predict by memory in
seconds from raw data. It is e.g. comparatively easy to know the times of your next
marriages, even to the minute. Not only your shoeshine boy, florist or butcher can
perform: even you can and that without any astrological knowledge or even talent.


How many Sun-signs are over there? 15? 16? While said issue is rather irrelevant to
Astrology, it would be rude to assume 13 Sun-signs only; and of course utterly stupid to
insist on 12. Sextans, Orion and Cetus complete the story.


Note than most astrologers dont even know what directing or predictions are. They are
probably mum on mathematics or sphere geometry while completely unaware that there
in fact is a real sky over their own heads after all: a sky - that could not possibly match
any of their horoscopes - being real.


Superstition. Arbitrary 12 Sun-signs. Alleged 12 ascendants. Sidereal-tropical nonsense.
Ayanamsa. Non-predictive guesswork or even sheer lack of such. Tradition. Solar returns.
Mercury retrograde. Transits2F
. Void course of the Moon. House systems. Chaldaean
. Colorful gibberish. Prejudice. There are indeed many things that Astrology
is not: most of them; especially cheap escapades as promoted by ex defaulters.

Rom 12:2 And be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of
your mind, that ye may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

The so-called transits are merely one among hundreds of directions often completely misunderstood or
misinterpreted. Proof? 9-11.
As banished by Jahveh unto the Levites.

Eris 0 altitude W in Cetus NYC + Osama Moon
Orionis = 9-11.
What is Astrology? Directions. Prediction. Spiritual classification of the astral realm.
What are the directions? Mathematical predictive methods. Some 500 of them.
How is a horoscope done? It is never done: said field is too vast to be accomplished in
one lifetime. One lifetime is not enough in studying a single horoscope. A horoscope can
not be described in 15000 pages: our standard format. Much as the skies are vast and
unexplored, so is the horoscope. Whoever thinks oneself as defined by say a Sun sign is a
fool: nobody is defined by Sun sign. No devil is.
The Sun stands for faux ego. Thus, even a faux ego has been differently assigned faux
Sun signs.
What is an example in a true ego? Moon in Auriga is one.

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How did we determine your natal ascendants? We simply counted them, ordered and
delineated accordingly.


The zodiac was of course determined as sum of planetary zodiacs. The paths of the planets were
accurately traced, studied and delineated. The original body of publications consists in 45000
items. Often, a position is elaborated at length through serial publications: e.g. Moon in Auriga.

Which one is your true natal ascendant4F

, Prince George, Justin Bieber and Kim6F
Kardashian reptilian ascendant7F
MONOCEROS Angelina Jolie as spiritual leader.
HYDRA Aleister Crowley, Kalki4F
SEXTANS Vatican, Russia the NWO Masonic conspiracy ascendant per excellence.
CANIS MINOR foxy George Bush.
ORION Dalai Lama, O5IRIS5F
SERPENS Italy vs USA where Italy is head6F
while USA wags its rattlesnake tail.
TAURUS A rare quarter an hour of chance for market investors and general luck.

Kalki has a triune ascendant, the man with three ascendants: the other two are foxy Canis Minor and Monoceros.
The #RTRRT of #immortality. See also #O5IRIS
Tail is CAVDA while head is CAPVT.


Popular superstition as based on misconception galore has Gemini rising at east when it is
in fact seen northwards. That makes 90 degrees of incipient error in any horoscope.
Gemini does not rise at east for this epoch at all. What really roses at east is Cetus or
Pisces. That in short explains the need for ascendant correction in any horoscope.

#VenuSign #2014shift #2015shift #2017shift

2007 Venus in Hydra
2012 Uranus in Cetus
2014 Venus in Scutum
2015 Venus in Hydra
2017 Venus in Pegasus

Find them on the site.


The holy guardian angel is the eastern ascendant. The ascendant set of course slowly
changes with precession. The present set is marked by 16 constellations, many of which
are completely alien to popular superstition. E.g. Hydra is the ascendant of Aleister
Crowley, Serpens Cauda of the USA, Ophiuchus of Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber,
Monoceros marks the prominent birth of Angelina Jolie and so on. The ascendant is
therefore unknown to astrologers: you surely noticed that there are too many experts in
default eloquence; people who excel in every New Wage discipline for lucrative
purposes: for entertainment only. It must be much more entertaining to get to know ones
true natal horoscope instead. So lets get down for some real interstellar business here!


The true zodiacal position of your natal Venus and actual Venus. The actual position of
Venus in Scutum spells circumspection as Venus forms a loop or circus high above
Sagittarius. Scutum is neighboring on Serpens Cauda, the ascendant of the USA, as in
forming a protective shield for and from said nuclear force.

6 666 666 666

Is there more to your horoscope? Or less? You dont have it: whatever they gave you
does not reflect any natal or actual sky at all the funny pseudo-zodiacal chaos you live
in is mere reflection of total corruption as concern global culture, science and spirituality8F

Already the word smells of corruption and commercialization.

What do we mean by pseudo-zodiacal chaos? Your horoscopes dont suffer from
merely one sign of offset: they are offset by up to 7 signs or more properly -
constellations. As to the ascendant set: Gemini e.g. does not rise at east it is seen
northwards when your program has it allegedly ascending at east: Gemini does not ascend
at all for the epoch at hand: no one you know is9F
ascendant Gemini and that goes for
Aries, Cancer, Libra, Scorpius, Sagittarius and Capricornus as well. Taurus ascends for 5
minutes only. India failed to notice the precession of the ascendants, thus living the mess
of tradition. India never failed to notice that the Sun represents faux ego and is thus
exempt from horoscope analysis10F
. The Sun with its 16 stations is comparably unimportant
in most practical11F
horoscope analysis that is: directions.

67 22 16 EXPLAINED
If there are 22 zodiacal stations and 16 ascendants, how come that the horoscope signs
amount to 67? The answer lies in adding Eris and Pluto to our calculi. Moreover, not
every ascendant is zodiacal. At the time when Pluto was planet, we had more than two
dozen zodiacal signs. Eris doubled the zodiac. Now 67 being explained12F
, let us consider
16 solar signs. The Sun being the least important element of the horoscope is often
neglected in predictive calculi13F
. Mathematical directions mostly deal with sphere
trigonometry projections meaning accurate predictions. Amateurs as perchance perusing
transits were quite unable to predict e.g. 9-11 or their own death, for that matter
The directions predict events. Thus, at the time of 9-11 there were many alleged

Has an, is in possession of an
See Taking the Sun out of the Horoscope.
Mathematical directions mostly deal with sphere trigonometry projections meaning accurate predictions.
Amateurs perusing transits were unable to predict e.g. 9-11 or their own death, for that matter
Partly, the 43 X Zodiacal stations were published back in 2005- first sale Aug 1
. Eris is the most delineated planet
with over 13 GB of publications online still, including animations animated X Zodiac and abundant X Zodiacal
Directions. There are some 500 predictive methods also known as directions, or mathematical predicting methods.
Normally, only mountebanks peruse transits.
astrologers on the planet, perhaps more than 5 as declared per continent, but none of them
knew how to predict14F
thus hardly making them astrologers at all15F
Eris 0 altitude W in Cetus NYC + Osama Moon
Orionis = 9-11.

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#ZodiacShift #Ophiuchus #Ofiuco


There are 67 horoscope signs.


There are 22 zodiacal stations.


There are 16 ascendants.


22 and 16 are related16F
to the Tarot17F

The 500 directions went completely unknown to mountebanks who at best most ridiculously attempt at transits.
There is no such thing as non-predictive astrology. Since every human life can be accurately predicted by
memory by shoeshine boys, there is no reason to entrust ones own life to time wasters.
Of course related to the 22 tarot initiations, of which 3 or 4 perhaps 5 - are fairly available to the rare individuals,
who would attempt at and submit such an arduous lifelong self-initiation.
Also I Ching and many things see Aspectarian.


There is no tradition in the real sky. The skies are changing. To deny real natal skies unto
one is to commit demoniac offense against personal angel guardian. No one can deny
precession unto you, not even your ruler. Kings come and go, so does the ascendant set
change. There is no such thing as 12 animals rising at east never was and never will be.


You are serious about your own horoscope; knowing that business issues, excellent health
and married life depend on accurately displaced stars18F
. Astronomical precision means that
you are in good hands19F
. Instead of perusing superstitious material20F
for the masses, your
natal data are processed with the help of ultimate technology such as the recently updated

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An allusion at directions. The directions, some 500 of them, are mathematical methods in astrological prediction.
Our latest contribution is the ultra-precise secondary angular direction. Patients have been having healthy organs cut
out on account of pseudo-astrological advice. Ascendant Gemini turns out to be Pisces or more precisely Cetus
that alone offers a 90degrees offset in your horoscope. All horoscopes on this planet have been miscalculated for the
past 500 years. Presently there are up to seven signs of non-linear zodiacal offset, which turn to be a deadly warning
against perusing any sky that is not the real one. Which is yours? Which sky is yours, indeed? We deal with the real
one. Divorce happens by direction whenever two incompatible as well as miscalculated horoscopes meet.
Bankruptcy has its timely day and minute, whenever miscalculation, superstition and fraud set in. Also, 9-11 had its
precise minute. Of course fraudulent posers could not calculate it at all. Firstly: they dont even know that there is
any calculation to be done. Secondly: they have no idea of the position of the planets: any planets at any time; and
thus have nothing to calculate at all, even if they knew that prediction is about certain methods of calculation the
so-called directions some 500 of them.
Meaning NASA JPL.
That includes toy programs that e.g. spawn 12 ascendants something that will never happen in the real skies
and never did.

#RTRRT Real-Time Reality Rendering Tools | Instant #magick self - #initiation
22 standard zodiacal stations of the #AcademicZodiac.
16 ascendants, also extended Sun-signs.
67 horoscope signs.
Among the 16 observable eastern constellations for the current epoch.
More precisely Serpens Cauda.
c/o Korean Kim!
Share this reptilian ascendant where Serpens Cauda is bordering on this configuration.