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Job Description Workshop Fabrication Supervisor

General Description:
Able to direct and instruct teams consist of Chargehands, fabricators, welders and
helpers, etc, assigned to different t!pes of fabrication work eg metal frames,
claddings, staircases, handrails, walkwa!s, etc "as to follow Workshop #anager
instructions, engineering drawings, specifications and $C implications %erform
tasks ma! involve supervision related to structural and architectural metal works,
such as cutting, material preparation, fit&up, assembling, welding, etc 'nowledge
of e(uipments, hand and power tools generall! used for structural steel)metal
fabrication industr!, measuring and marking tools, mechanical hoists, and a variet!
of other workshop e(uipment and instruments #a! able to plan, prepare la!outs
and work flow se(uence
Duties & Responsiilities:
** +nsure proper use of %%+ and "S+ instructions are followed at work
*, "e has to plan and organi-e the .ob and material on priorit! wise to fasten
the .ob with minimum labour
*/ %roactivel! follow up material procurement and shop drawings for smooth
e0ecution of .ob
*1 %lan and forecast the labour re(uirement for the coming .obs 'eep up to
date flow chart of each .ob
*2 #onitor the actual #an&hours spent proportion with #an&hours allocated
*3 Assign and instruct Chargeman for the work completion
*4 Strictl! monitor proper usage of %%+ and "S+ rules followed in workshop
*5 'eep and maintain records eg completion 6 deliver! dates, timesheets,
manhours consumed, inspection reports, etc
*7 8imel! report an! discrepanc! regarding drawings, material, manpower, etc
Accountable for correctl! following instructions from Workshop :ncharges, for proper usage
of %%+ and follow "S+ guidelines at the work and for 'eeping and maintaining records
Aut"orit!: Assign and instruct Chargehand, fabricators, welders, polishers, etc to
the work
Inter Relation:
:mmediate Superior 9 Workshop #anager
Delegation 9 Chargehand, Fabricators, Welders, "elpers, etc
:nterface 9
ISS#E : A REV : $ DATE : MAR%&$'( )AGE : ' O* &
Job Description Workshop Fabrication Supervisor
E+pecte, Re-uire.ents%S/ills o0 t"e 1or/s"op *arication Super2isor
* Work +0perience & #inimum ;2 &*; !ears in the same field
, $ualifications
Diploma)Degree in #echanical +ngineering re(uired
An! additional professional certificate is an advantage
#S <ffice tools =+0cel, Word, %%8, etc>
/ Skills
#ust be able to communicate in +nglish
Abilit! to understand and e0plain engineering drawings
Familiar with different processes ie material preparation, forming, fit&up,
.oining, assembling, metal coating and surface finishes
?nderstand and follow instruction from the superiors
Familiar with structural and architectural .obs
'nowledge of general e(uipments, tools and techni(ues related to works
Awareness of proper %%+ and "S+ procedures
'nowledge of working in industrial atmosphere especiall! in steel fabrication
and erection
ISS#E : A REV : $ DATE : MAR%&$'( )AGE : & O* &