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User Manual
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Meghdoot User Manual
Version: 1.01
Document Id: CDAC/CHN/Cloud/Meg-Usr-001

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1. Introduction to Meghdoot and its components

1.1 Meghdoot
1.1.1 Meghdoot Architecture

2. Portal
2.1 Resource Request
2.2 Volumes
2.3 Monitoring
2.4 Billing Info
2.5 Profile Management

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Chapter 1
Introduction to Meghdoot and its components

1.1 Meghdoot
The product features automated deployment of cloud stack and provided a convenient
environment through portal for infrastructure request, application hosting, view usage and billing
information and administrator users to manage their entire cloud environment and security
administrators to monitor the security violations.

Features of Meghdoot
 Hypervisor of stable version which falls under open source compliance and compatible
with OS identified
 Security Management which provides the security solutions for the cloud environment
 User management portal with administrative capabilities including adding/editing users
and roles
 Module for Infrastructure request, Application hosting, Storage and SaaS
 Modules for monitoring Infrastructure request , Application hosting and billing
information about cloud usage
 Modules which include customizing contents of the portal
 Modules for incorporating elasticity features at Cloud services
 Modules for achieving high availability at cloud stack components and virtual machines
 Modules for software management

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1.1.1 Meghdoot Architecture

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Chapter 2

In the address bar of the browser type the following http://<Your-IP-Address>:5454/cloudportal

To access the Meghdoot Cloud Portal, User is required to register for a User account in the
Meghdoot Cloud Portal. To register for a User Account, click on Register Link at top right of the
screen. The account creation page will appears and the user have to enter this name, login name,
password, mobile, company name and user have to select agreement terms.
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After clicking create button, the user have to provide billing information.

Click save to finish registration. Confirmation of user registration will be mailed to the user.
Once the user has been approved by cloud administrator login details will be mailed to the user.

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2.1 Resource Request
Select “Resource Request” Menu select “IaaS”

After specifying Instance Name, Type and OS click Proceed for Key Pair screen as follows,

Key pair generation has two options, for the first time IaaS request select new option and click
create for generation of keypair.

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The user can also select Use Existing option, and click Proceed button.

Software configuration screen will appears and it is of optional for user. The user can select Web
Server, App Server and Data Base Server if needed.

After clicking proceed the configuration details screen will appears as follows.

The user can launch instance by clicking confirm button.

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Select “Resource Request” tab select “AppHosting”

The user can select Web Server, App Server and DB Server. The Instance type should
also be specified along with the URL Name and Elasticity option and click create for launching

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2.2 Volumes

Select “Volume” tab click “list Volumes”, to know the details about the volumes created by the

The user can create volumes by selecting the Size, Available Zones and Volume Snapshot

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The user also can attach or detach volume by clicking volumes “Attach” and “Detach”.

Detach the Volumes

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The User can also create snapshot for the created volumes.

User can view the snapshot from the snapshot list under Resource Request Menu “Snapshot”

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2.3 Monitoring

By clicking “Instance Monitoring” from “Monitor” tab, user can get details about the
Instances launched.

By clicking “Apphosting Monitoring” from “Monitor” tab, user can get details about the
application requested.

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2.4 Billing Info

By clicking “Infrastructure” from “Billing Info” tab, the user can get information about the
infrastructure requested. Similarly, billing information for storage as well as application can
also be obtained.

2.5 Edit Profile

Select “Edit Profile” tab for updating user information under operations

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Select “Change Password” tab for user updating password under operations