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Is there really exists a solution to this big problem? | Eva Noemi May
Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

May 2

Solution to the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict
The conflict between Israelis and Palestinians comes from the early fifteenth century.
This situation that seems to have no solution has impacted the world with all the tragedies that it
has brought. These two countries have a big difference in language, customs, governments,
culture, and especially in religion. The Israelites are Jews and speak Hebrew; Palestinians are
Muslim and speak Arabic. These two cultures have had many conflicts since, the Palestinians have
the commandment to destroy the Jews who invaded their land and the Israelites believe they are
better than them for being "God's chosen land".
The state of Israel claims the historically held territories. The trouble is that people has
inhabited this land that has different customs and beliefs for hundreds of years. Thus war has
broken out. Both countries claim the same territory and have irreconcilable cultural differences and
especially religious. Israel is more economically and militarily powerful, also has the support of
countries like United States, which explains the serious imbalance of the conflict. Moreover, this
country has built what is known as Israeli checkpoints that are part of an elaborate system of
physical and administrative obstacles Palestinians that must navigate in order to enter Israel to
work. However, both countries have been victims of terrorism.
While there is a person who rises against or in favor of Israel and Palestine, the war will
never end. Indeed, the right thing would be to seek solutions to this huge conflict. A possible
solution to this problem is to define final solutions and replace targets increased to peace as was
done previously. This project could be called Peace Treaty in Two States consisting, as it says in
the peace between the two nations. Also, it would divide in two states, although this is a proposal
that many people have suggested this has its advantages if this is done properly. Furthermore, for
May 3

this to work, it would have to define the boundaries of each State. Some things to be carried out in
this project would be:
Regardless of which of the two states live, all Palestinians would be citizens of the
Palestinian state, and all the Jews would be citizens of Israel.
Each state would have the authority and obligation to meet the economic, religious,
and cultural prosperity of its citizens living in the territory of another State. These
would be extraterritorial rights and responsibilities, as well as the United States, for
example, serves the needs of a large number of expatriates, such as civilian
dependents of U.S. military personnel residing abroad.
Both states will continue with their type of government, customs, traditions,
religion and way of life
Israeli Arabs would then have to transfer their citizenship, national identity and
national right to vote but not their residence to the new Palestinian state. They
would have the permanent right to live in Israel and would retain the benefits that
are now eligible as Israeli citizens, but they will not vote as citizens of Palestine.

May 4

This proposal is positive in the sense that both states would have an equal territory and
everyone would have their own government, culture, beliefs and everyone will continue with their
own religion. Also, the Palestinians would not to have to go through the checkpoints
system. However, the downside of this is that it would not work until the Palestinians agree to full
peace with Israel, providing they do not resume terrorism, they would be welcomed as partners in
the Israeli economic system and should be able to fully participate in Israels commercial and
creative life or vice versa.