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I decided to deconstruct dawn of the dead opening sequence because it is a very good film, I

enjoyed very much and also its very dystopian.

1) Camera work.
the camera work in this sequence is very well done as it is mostly hand held camera shots between a
black screen with red titles on it witch then smear like blood. The angles of the shots are very
different as they're mostly very close up or far away shots. I like the hand held as your right in the
action and it gets you more involved into the story. Also there's a lot of use of shaky cam where the
cameras moving around a lot during actions scenes.

2) Editing
the editing is also very good in the title sequence as even though it goes from one news feed to
complete darkness very quickly it fits well with tone and mood of the whole sequence as it is very
dark and creepy another thing is that the news feeds look very grainy and this helps make it feel
darker. The red on black titles are also very well edited.

3) Sound
The sound in this is very interesting as although the sound effects are well done and fit the mood
well, the background music is very upbeat and happy even though it is in contrast to the dark and
grim scenes in the back ground the music fits really well as the lyrics are very dark and grim. The
sound effects in the back ground are very good and every scream or television white noise fits
perfectly for the tone.
4) mise-en-scene
the mise-en-scene is extremely well done as every single little scene and news-feeds has everything
that it should have in it and it also makes you feel that these things are real and that these are all
true events happening which makes the film even more dark and creepy, another thing is the
amount of people/zombies all look and sound very professional.

5) Titles
The titles are very strange but fit in with the tone of the sequence. The titles are very simple yet also
very effective as its just a black screen and a red title then it runs down or across the screen like
blood. It also sets the mood for the rest of the film as its very dark and aggressive tone. Another
thing is that even though it is simple it is really effective and well done whilst also setting up for the

6) Representation of character
The sequence doesn't really show of any of the characters in the title sequence as its mostly news
feeds and zombies on the screen, although it shows that the zombies are very vicious and would do
anything for food, it also doesnt really show much of the story line or characters in it but mostly
setting up the film as a zombie film with riots and zombies over the screen
Overall I believe this is a very effective and well done sequence and it sets up the tone and mood for
the rest of the movie.

By Zachary Stephens