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One Page Report

Prepared For: Courtney Hurston

Date Printed: 5/8/2014 10:05 AM


Career Interests Assessment

Date Completed: 9/9/2013
Pathway Results
1Visual Arts
2Printing Technology
3Restaurants and Food/Beverage Services
4Performing Arts
5Personal Care Services
Visual Arts People who work in this group create works of art, using
oils, watercolors, photography, plaster, clay, or computer software.
Some create art simply to express their own creative ability. Others
create the images requested by customers to be used in their products
or marketing pieces.
Printing Technology People who work in this group of occupations
prepare digital files containing words and images for entry into
printing presses. They assure that these files are printed in the format,
color, and size desired. Some in this group operate and monitor the
printing presses. Some keep them in good repair
Restaurants and Food/Beverage Services People who work in this
group of occupations plan and manage events and facilities where
people enjoy food and drinks. These tasks may be done in an

Skills Confidence Assessment

Date Completed: 9/12/2013
Pathway Results
1Emergency and Fire Management Services
2Plant Systems
3Agribusiness Systems
4Security and Protective Services
5Law Enforcement Services
Emergency and Fire Management Services People who work in
this group protect the public by helping when there are emergencies.
Some rescue people who are trapped in a fire, car accident, or natural
disaster such as a tornado or flood. Others drive and provide
emergency medical care to patients in ambulances or at home before
they arrive at a hospital. Still others oversee and manage rescue
Plant Systems People who work in this group of occupations study
plants and how they grow. They help farmers to take care of natural
resources and protect the environment. They also figure out ways to
increase the food value of crops and how to make them less subject to
pests and lack of rain.
Agribusiness Systems People who work in this group of occupations
airplane, a convention center, a hotel, a restaurant, or in any other
place where social events are held.
Performing Arts People who work in this group represent a variety
of specialties that are needed to produce theatrical and musical
productions. These specialties include those who plan the details of a
production and direct it, agents who find jobs for actors or musicians,
people who design costumes and stage sets, and crews who handle
lighting and other technical things. This group also includes the
actors and musical artists that provide the entertainment.
Personal Care Services People who work in this group of
occupations improve the physical appearance of others. They provide
services such as cutting and coloring their hair, suggesting attractive
makeup, doing their nails, or helping them improve their physical
apply technology to many activities in the field of agriculture. These
activities include preparing food, marketing it, and shipping it.
Security and Protective Services People who work in this group of
occupations protect buildings or specific locations from harm or loss
of contents. They may check the identity of people or scan the
contents of items that they are carrying as they enter. They also
protect people by setting up and monitoring security systems in
homes and public buildings. Some screen passengers before they can
enter an airplane.
Law Enforcement Services People who work in this group of
occupations attempt to reduce crime and keep the public safe. They
guard neighborhoods, roads, airports, and public places. They arrest
people who break the law or issue parking and speeding tickets. They
may testify in court. They may investigate crimes and answer calls
for help.

Work Values Assessment

Date Completed: 9/12/2013





Innovation Having the challenge and opportunity to do my work in
new ways and with independence and variety.
Composite Report
Date completed Interests Assessment: 9/9/2013
Date completed Skills Assessment: 9/12/2013
Pathway Results

Visual Arts

Printing Technology

Prestige Having the sense of being highly regarded by others because
of the nature of my work or the leadership I provide.
Income Having the desire to achieve earnings and rewards that
strongly support my economic and financial advancement.
Workplace Having the pleasure of working in a comfortable,
attractive work space where the supervisors and co-workers are
supportive and friendly.
Accomplishment Having the feeling that what I do in my work is
important and making a contribution.

Restaurants and Food/Beverage Services

Performing Arts

Personal Care Services