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Prince Tuyishime
4th Hour
The Odyssey Essay
In the perspective of many people, Odysseus is the hero of Homers book, The Odyssey. In
many case, this would be true, due to all the great acts of heroism Odysseus show case on his many
adventures. Like Theodore Roosevelt said though, behind every great man is an amazing women. The
amazing women who stood behind Odysseus was his beautiful wife, Penelope. She is overlooked as a
common housewife, due to the limited amount of time Homer, the author of the epic poem The
Odyssey, portrayed her, but without her love, devotion and determination, the great hero Odysseus
would have long given up going back home.
Penelopes strength is on par with Odysseus but in a different way. She could be considered the
strongest in the epic poem due to her love for her darling husband. She had her share of difficulty while
Odysseus was away for 20 years. First, she was burdened with raising her only son, Telemachus, all by
herself.Then, she had suffered watching her mother-in-law, her only companion, kill her self right before
her eyes leaving her all alone. Third, Penelope had men trashing her beloved kingdom she had built up
with Odysseus. Less than 50% of people could have withstood that much of trauma, but Penelope did
this all for love. She endured all this hardship for the man she loved in hopes he would one day return.
Penelope devotion to her husband was incomprehensible. She remained ever faithful even when
her beloved wasnt. First off, she could have just quitted on her love, Odysseus, and could have lived a
quiet and peaceful life with another suitor. She choose not to do this and instead fought back against
their charms and woos to get her. Second, she delayed them when they gave her an ultimatum in her
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hopes that her husband would return to save her from them. Third way she had shown her devotion was
that she never cheated on her husband. Not even when the suitor, such as Antinous, tried to pressure
her, she never gave her consent, unlike Odysseus who cheated on her with two women.
Penelope would never have succeeded if she didnt have strong determinations.She never gave
up and because of this, she was able to prevail where others would have faltered. Penelopes
determinations show how strong of a woman she is, as she is able to survive 20 years until her husband
came home. She never gave up hope, and her strong-willed soul passed on to her son who refused to
believe that Odysseus was dead, even when everything proclaimed so. She willed herself to stand up
against a long time to stand up to whoever might try to impersonate Odysseus, and even test the real
one to find out if he was Odysseus.Even when suitors tried to bribe her to capture her kingdom, she
refuted their charms and stayed strong to preserve her kingdom with Odysseus.
Penelope might not be that strong as in physical claims, but she is a strong woman in her own
way. Through her love, devotion, and determination, she was able to keep headstrong for 20 years till
her beloved came back home.