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ways to remember medications cardiac

I got this from another forum. It has some cardiac drugs on it but the whole thing is very useful.

what my instructor gave us is:
1. ca channel blockers:

A ction - block ca access to cells
H ypotension, headache
E dema
C onstipation
K now to watch for worsening of CHF and heart block

2. blockers s/e
B radycardia
L ibido decrease
C HF, conduction abnormalities
K nown hypotension
E xhaustion, emotional depression
R educed recognision of hypoglycemia

3. alpha 1 and 2 blockers: doxazosin, prazosin, terazosin;
A ction - block alpha adrenergic receptors in ANS causing vasodilation, lower
S yncope,sexual dysfunction common
I ncreased drowsiness, HR, orthostatic hypotension
N eed to recline 3-4 hours after 1st dose

4. diuretic
D iet - low sodium, increse potassium intake, unless taking potassium sparing
I ntake & output, daily weight
U ndesirable effects - fluid and electrolytes imbalance, dizziness, hypotension
R eassess BP, HR, electrolytes
E lderly care - monitor for decreased kidney function (excretion of drugs)
T ake AM, if bid before 6pm, prevent nocturia
I ncreased orthostatic hypotension
C ancel alcohol use

5. ACE inhibitors (enarapril, lisinopril)
A ct - prevent conversion of angiotensin I to II
P ruritus
R ash
I ncreased hypotension. tachycardia, angioedema, cough, infection
L ousy taste, headache

6. ARB (losartan, valsartan)
A ct - prevent angiotensin II to bind to its receptors
A dminister with or without food (watch GI upset)
R enal function monitor!!! (elderly!!!)
B lock vasoconstriction (lower BP)
S ubstitutes of sodium and potassium DO NOT USE

7.Loop diuretics
A ct - rapid diuresis, block chloride pump in ascending loop of henle, causing decrease reabsorption of
sodium and chloride,
L oss effectivness if given with NSAIDs
I ncreae action of anticoagulant

H ypokalemia - monitor closely
O totoxicity
H yperglycemia - moniotr blood glucose