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Lesson Planning Form for Accessible Instruction Calvin College Education Program

Teacher Emily Jeninga

Date Subject/ Topic/ Theme Math: Fractions: Equal Parts Grae !!!"st!!!!!!!!!
I. Objectives
How does tis lesson connect to te unit !lan"
This lesson connects through builing the #ounation o# #ractions as equal parts$ %t teaches stuents that #ractions must be compose o# equal parts& on just ranom
si'e parts$
Learners will be able to#
* + ,p ,n E -.
Decie /hether a shape is i(ie equally or not equally + 0
E0plain ho/ they 1no/ /hether something is equally or not equally i(ie + 0
Distinguish equal parts #rom unequal parts by loo1ing at them
Di(ie a shape equally into 2 parts
Realize when sharing it is important to be fair and equal in all parts
Equally divide a rectangle and circle

,p 0
,P 3
Common Core standards $or %LCEs if not available in Common Core& addressed#
Partition circles an rectangles into t/o an #our equal shares& escribe the shares using the /ors halves& fourths& an quarters& an use the phrases half of& fourth of&
an quarter of$ Describe the /hole as t/o o#& or #our o# the shares$ +nerstan #or these e0amples that ecomposing into more equal shares creates smaller shares$
56ote# 7rite as many as neee$ %nicate ta0onomy le(els an connections to applicable national or state stanars$ %# an objecti(e applies to particular learners
/rite the name5s8 o# the learner5s8 to /hom it applies$8
.remember& unerstan& apply& analy'e& e(aluate& create
II. 'efore (ou start
Identif( !rere)uisite
*nowledge and s*ills.
7hat oes equal mean9 : same
Outline assessment
5applicable to this lesson8
Pre-assessment (for learning):
Fraction matching game ; other lesson& My Preassessment helpe me see that many o# my stuents
/ere not e0pose to the notation that #ractions /ere /ritten in$ The acti(ity they /ere oing presente
Fractions li1e this <& many stuents rea that as "2& an /ere trying to continue on in the acti(ity
recogni'ing that is "2 rather than "//2$ % also ha a lot o# stuents /ho (ie/e #ractions as part to
part& rather than part to /hole$ For e0ample they /ere gi(ing a circle bro1en up into = parts& /ith one
part shae& many stuents tol me that /as "/4 because one part /as colore in& an three parts
Formative (for learning):
?erbally as1ing questions
Formative (as learning):
Stuents /ill be ajusting their ecisions o# equal (s$ unequal as they learn /hat equal (s$ unequal
Summative (of learning8:
Stuents Presenting ho/ they 1ne/ their piece /as equal or unequally i(ie
+at barriers migt tis
lesson !resent"
+at will it ta*e ,
emotionall(- etc.- for (our
students to do tis lesson"
Provide /ulti!le /eans of
Provide /ulti!le /eans of
Action and E.!ression
Provide /ulti!le /eans of
Pro(ie options #or perception)
making information perceptible
?ieo& /hiteboar& (erbally&
physically shapes&
Pro(ie options #or physical action)
increase options for interaction
?oting /ith #eet& mo(ing aroun&
cutting shapes on line
Pro(ie options #or recruiting
interest) choice, relevance, value,
authenticity, minimize threats
Thin1)pair)share ; minimi'e
threats& shapes they see aroun
Pro(ie options #or language&
mathematical e0pressions& an
symbols) clarify connect
Symbols an /ors in (ieo&
(erbally& on /hite boar& an on
posters on sies o# rooms
Pro(ie options #or e0pression an
communication) increase me!ium
of e"pression
?erbally& physically ; ho/ they
Pro(ie options #or sustaining e##ort
an persistence) optimize
challenge, collaboration, mastery-
oriente! fee!back
Di##erent pieces #or each
stuent& no t/o the same&
stuents /or1ing together
Pro(ie options #or comprehension)
activate, apply highlight
Thin1ing about their ecision&
(erbali'ing ecision
Pro(ie options #or e0ecuti(e
#unctions) coor!inate short long
term goals, monitor progress, an!
mo!ify strategies
Short term goal o# eciing
equal (s$ unequal& long term o#
connecting this iea to #ractions
Pro(ie options #or sel#)regulation)
e"pectations, personal skills an!
strategies, self-assessment
Sel#)assessment o# is their
choice right or /rong& re#lecting
on their ecision
/aterials1wat materials
$boo*s- andouts- etc& do
(ou need for tis lesson
and are te( read( to
http://s#$#actmonster$com/math/1no/legebo0/player$html9mo(ieAs#/=2B=B ; interacti(e boar9
Projector& apple& https://///$youtube$com//atch9(ADnFrCetu+Dg i##erent si'e pieces& scissors&
t/o sheets o# paper labele equal an unequal
How will (our classroom
be set u! for tis lesson"
Cpen space to gather together to /atch the (ieo an o the apple emonstration& use enough room to
equally i(ie up into t/o groups as they E(ote /ith their #eetF
III. 2e Plan
2ime Com!onents
3escribe teacher activities A43 student activities
for eac com!onent of te lesson. Include im!ortant iger order tin*ing )uestions and5or
Start /ith an ,pple& as1 them& E7hat is this9F
E(entually get to it is a #hole apple$ Then as1
them i# they /oul li1e to share it /ith me9 Ta1e a
1ni#e an cut out a small chun1 #or that personG
,s1 them i# that>s goo9 *esponse shoul be no&
/hy9 Hecause the pieces aren>t equal$$ oh so the
pieces nee to be equal9 IesG then cut the apple
in hal#$ So equal pieces are important /hen /e
tal1 about #ractions$ Fraction is a ne/ /or:
introuce (ieo$
Participate in the emo
7atch the (ieo
5the largest
component or
main boy o#
the lesson8
E0plain that /e are going to (ote /ith our #eet: t/o
sies o# the room& equal an unequal
Jan out shapes /ith the lines on them to stuents
an ha(e stuents cut the shape along the line$
Ja(e stuents share /hy they thin1 their pieces are
either equal or unequal$ Share /ith a partner #irst&
an then share /ith e(eryboy$
%# time allo/s& play the interacti(e pi''a equal
unequal game on projector ; try an get interacti(e
pen to /or1& so stuents can o it themsel(es$
-ut shape along the line
?ote to /hich sie o# the room& they thin1 they #it
Participate in Thin1)Pair)Share
*espon to the interacti(e pi''a #raction game
8 min Closure
,s1 stuents /hat they learne toay& as1 stuents
so start loo1ing #or things aroun them that they
see #ractions in$
*espon to questions
9our reflection about te lesson- including evidence$s& of student learning and engagement- as well as ideas for im!rovement
for ne.t time. 57rite this a#ter teaching the lesson& i# you ha a chance to teach it$ %# you i not teach this lesson& #ocus on the
process o# preparing the lesson$8
% /as able to teach this #irst lesson in my classroom& an it /ent really /ell$ % /as able to capitali'e on my stuents> prior 1no/lege
o# the /or equal meaning the same& to introuce the iea o# brea1ing up an object into equal pieces$ The stuents lo(e cutting
their o/n pieces$ The (oting /ith your #eet /ent pretty /ell$ Some o# my stuents struggle staying #ocuse on the lesson /hile
they /ere mo(ing aroun& so % /oner i# there /as some /ay that % coul maintain their #ocus e(en /hile they are mo(ing$ 7e ha
time to use the interacti(e game on the computer an the 1is lo(e itK % ha at least L stuents tell me that they /ante to play that
game again$ %t pro(ie a (ery goo (isual #or equal an unequal$ Cne o# the biggest things that % /as happy about /ith this lesson&
is that % in>t run out o# timeK % ene right on time& #or my 1is> ne0t thing$