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To Do List

Send Insurance Enrolment Letter to for 17 March New Hires Completed

Create HCM Profiles:
o Yeo Seok How, Valent Service Engineer (Electrical) Completed
o Liao Guowen, Desmond Service Engineer (Electrical)
o Foo Kum Wai, Joel Service Engineer (Mechanical) Completed
o Ng Kia Meng, Raymond Technical Support Engineer Completed

Send Helen Chia email for New Hire Coverall:
o (26 May 2014) Size 42 Sent
o (28 April 2014) Size 40 Sent

Salary Benchmark for Workshop Technicians (E2i Recruitment Fair) Completed

Send Interview notification to Applicants:-

31 March, Monday 2pm Sent
31 March, Monday 3pm Sent
2 April, Wednesday 11am Sent
2 April, Wednesday 2pm Sent
4 April, Friday 230pm

Send Appointment Letter notification to Workshop Technicians:-

1 April, Tuesday 1030am Sent
1 April, Tuesday 2pm Sent
1 April, Tuesday Pending

Interview Schedule (31 March to 4 April)
31 March, Monday Service Engineer (Electrical)
1. 2pm
2. 3pm
2 April, Wednesday Application Engineer (TR)
1. 11am
2. 2pm
4 April, Friday Service Specialist (TR)
1. 230pm

Appointment Letter Schedule (31 March to 4 April)
1 April, Tuesday
1. 1030am
2. 2pm
1. Employment Contract
2. Pre-Employment Medical Chit
3. Coverall Size
4. Employee Particulars Form
5. New Hire Checklist

Purchase JobStreet Job Posting Credit Completed
(Chad Davis - Mission has approved purchase)
Job Posting - Service/Rental Technician Completed
1. Service Engineer (Electrical / Mechanical)
2. Technical Support Engineer
3. Workshop Technician
4. Warranty Engineer
5. Project Co-ordinator
6. Service/Rental Technician (Mission)
7. Application Engineer (TR)
8. Service Specialist (TR)
Prepare Probation Extension Letter for (5 May) Completed
Send Nava New Hire information for Kronos Card Pending
Send Confirmation Appraisal to Pending

so once u r at home
and you need to access company network
open Junos Pulse
Krishnan, Thanah [9:31 AM]:
thank you so much!
Phuah, Terence [9:32 AM]:
select the nearest locaiton
for your case, select ra10
Krishnan, Thanah [9:32 AM]:
Phuah, Terence [9:32 AM]:
click connect
1st screen, enter pc/email username and password
2nd screen, enter the 8 digit code from iphone entrust apps
try now