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Magick, Acausality and Technique (ARH)

April 17, 2014 by Krist Hollow

That which is intra-psychic is like unto that
which is extra-psychic, and that which is
extra-psychic is like unto that which is intra-
psychic, to the perforance of the iracles of
!ne Thing"# Roland Rock, M"$"
%&'&RA( )R*'+*)(&,
Magick is a process requiring a dual focus i!e! t"e #isuali$ation of t"e %esire% result, itself, an%
t"e generation of t"e energy require% to e&power t"at #isuali$ation wit" creati#e force! '"e
Mage &ust stri#e for t"e "ig"est possible state of energetic arousal w"ile si&ultaneously
for&ing, e&bellis"ing, an% retaining t"e #ibrant, "olograp"ic i&age of "is %esire% &anifestation
in t"e is(to(be! ) fin% t"e i&age of t"e co&plete%, reali$e% result to be far t"e &ost effecti#e route
to successfully creating t"e %esire% reality! Atte&pts to specify %etails of t"e route to t"e
reali$ation of t"e %esire% result see& to co&plicate an% i&pair t"e actual &anifestation of results!
Magick is, after all, *ust t"at Magick! '"e i&age i&presse% upon t"e &olten core of creation
takes its own %irections in for&ing t"e reali$e% result! +ften t"is result occurs by routes an%
processes strange or uni&agine% by t"e Mage! ,e plant a see%! +ne %oes not nee% to know &ore
t"an t"e basic %etails of far&ing to "ar#est t"e fruit! All we nee% know is w"at fa#ors t"e
for&ing of t"e fruit an% t"e t"ri#ing of t"e tree! -.act en$y&atic an% cellular processes, e.plore%
by scientific botany, are t"ings w"ic" &ay be e.plore% o#er ti&e, but are largely irrele#ant to t"e
process of getting apples!
'"e clear creation of a #isuali$e% outco&e causes an increase in t"e negati#e entropy or or%er/
of t"e firing of #arious neural circuits w"ic" for& an% retain t"e i&age in consciousness! '"e
greater t"e preciseness an% or%er in t"e i&age, t"e greater t"e #i#i%ness of it, t"e &ore i&pact it
will "a#e upon t"e energy raise% an% release%! +b#iously, t"e greater t"e energetic force raise%,
pro#i%e% t"at it %oes not o#erw"el& or &ar t"e #isuali$ation, an% t"e &ore strongly t"at
#isuali$ation is i&presse% upon t"at energy, t"e &ore power our Magick will "a#e, an% t"e &ore
likely will it will be to generate a correctly reali$e% result! )t is essential t"at t"ere be a complete
release of t"e accu&ulate% energy, strongly i&printe% wit" t"e #isuali$e% te&plate! 0sually t"is
release is &arke% by a su%%en an% co&plete re%uction in t"e accu&ulate% negati#ely(entropic
or%er/ of t"e #isuali$ation into a state of complete rela.ation in t"e Mage, e#en to t"e %egree of
a swoon!/ All t"oug"ts relate% to t"e release% energy are e*aculate%/ into t"is state of #oi%ness,
an% recollection of t"e& scrupulously avoided from that time until any desired result is fully
manifested. A balance factor still figures in! '"e &ore likely w"at we are trying to create is to
actually "appen statistically, in t"e nor&al/ workings of reality,/ t"e &ore our Magick works
in "ar&ony wit" t"e uni#erse1s pre(e.isting processes, an% t"e inertia of t"e uni#erse works with
rat"er t"an against our purpose! '"e bio(energetic para%ig& &ay be supple&ente% by a
2uantu& 3orcery/ para%ig&, suc" as t"at a%#ance% by 4a#i% 3&it" or Mic"ael 5oltrane! As
5oltrane obser#es, Magick is worke% by utili$ing t"e obser#er effect/ postulate% by &o%ern
p"ysics, but in t"e for& of a strongly imagined observation of a fully manifested desire. He
speaks of Magick as nu%ging t"e probability of an e#ent towar%s a greater likeli"oo% of
&anifestation! '"is, of course, is along t"e sa&e line of t"oug"t as a%#ance% by 6eter 5arroll!

A,,&,,*'% *'T&'T
'"e first necessity is to assess intent of a propose% working! ,"y %oes one want it7 ,"at
potential goo% woul% co&e of it7 )s t"e initially for&ulate% %esire t"e actual %esire, or is it
reflecti#e of a %eeper, &ore fun%a&ental %esire7 +ne1s ,ill &ust be co"esi#e an% unifor& in
perfor&ing a working of reality creation! )f one is to wiel% t"e power of a 8o%, "e &ust act an%
t"ink as a 8o%! 9o working can be correctly perfor&e% if t"e result is not co&pletely an%
una&biguously fra&e%, for&ulate%, an% %esire%! :rag&entation of t"e ,ill generally yiel%s an
;at best< frag&ente% result! A te&plate can only be as co"esi#e as t"e ,ill be"in% it! :urt"er,
%i#isions of ,ill likewise yiel% poor an% conta&inate% energy generation! 5o"esion an%
"ar&ony of bot" te&plate an% energy are insure% only by t"oroug" &e%itation upon t"e
co"esi#eness of one1s intent!
-!RM*'% TH& .*,/A(*0AT*!'1T&M)(AT&
'"e skills of #isuali$ation w"ic" are calle% upon by t"e Mage are best perfecte% in t"e usual
course of Magical training! )t is of no use to work wit" #ague i&ages, su&&one% up wit"out
training at t"e ti&e of an actual working! =ague te&plates yiel% #ague results! '"e #isuali$ations
utili$e% in workings are quite %ifferent t"an t"ose of %ay(%rea&s or fantasies! '"e intent an%
awareness &ust be present t"at one is fas"ioning an i&age of t"e is(to(be! '"e reality of t"e
i&age &ust be celebrate% in for&ing it! One must attain a state of mind in which the desired
manifestation is perceived as already real and fully manifested in the present. +ne
for&ulation of Magick suggests t"at t"e %issonance between actual/ current ;pre(working<
reality, an% t"e new an% %ifferent reality en#isione% by t"e Mage sucks/ t"e &anifestation of t"e
%esire% result out of t"e #irtual #oi%/ in a &anner analogous to t"e #irtual &ec"anics/
postulate% in &o%ern p"ysics!
%&'&RAT*'% &'&R%2
'"e tra%itional &et"o%s of t"e sorcerer are well stu%ie% an% re"earse% by t"e practitioner!
4ancing, %ru&&ing, c"anting, se.ual orgas&, paro.ys&s of rage, lust, an% co&passion all "a#e
&oti#e force w"ic" can be we%%e% wit" t"e %esire% te&plate to propel it to &anifestation! As "as
been written, only t"e strongest an% &ost pri&iti#e le#els of e&otional arousal pro%uce t"e
&oti#e force nee%e% in Magick! Also, i&portantly, it is best if t"e "arnesse% energy &atc"es t"e
tenor of t"e intent! '"us it is tra%itionally state% t"at ;for instance< se.ually generate% energy is
per"aps not t"e best &oti#e force to &el% wit" t"e te&plate of a curse! 3urely t"ere &ay be
e.ceptions, an% eac" Mage will %o well to reflect before working on t"e e.act arc"itecture/ of a
propose% operation!
)t is &ost i&portant to e&p"asi$e t"at a perfectly(#isuali$e% te&plate will fail of effecti#e power,
if it is not infuse% wit" strong e&otional force! )t is quite effecti#e for t"is force to be t"e full
e&otional e.pression of "ow t"e fulfille% result feels/ to t"e Mage! '"e ecstasy of a reali$e%
se.ual conquest, t"e attain&ent of a business %eal, or t"e acquisition of a gi#en su& of &oney,
all (if vividly experienced emotionally as a result fully attained in the present- pro#i%e &oti#e
force for a successful working. )f one cannot generate suc" e&otional force for t"e ob*ect of a
gi#en working, t"en "e probably s"oul%n1t be wasting ti&e pursuing it>
R&(&A,& !- TH& &M)!3&R&$ T&M)(AT&
At t"e conclusion of t"e working, t"e profoun%ly ?ang, arouse% an% energi$e% #isuali$ation of
t"e Mage is e*aculate%/ into t"e wo&b of creation, an% t"e Mage passes i&&e%iately into a
profoun%ly ?in state of collapse, torpor, an% e."austion! )f t"is is not t"e case, t"en eit"er t"e
#oltage/ ac"ie#e% in t"e working or t"e a&perage/ are likely insufficient to ac"ie#e &aterial
result! ;=oltage refers to t"e potential %ifference between t"e Mage1s arouse%, energi$e% state
an% "is subsequent collapse, w"ile a&perage refers to t"e a&ount/ of energy release%!< )t is
necessary to attain a co&pletely #oi%/ state after release in or%er to pro%uce a &a.i&al
#oltage/ for t"e working! )t is necessary t"at a ferocious a&ount of e&otional energy be
su&&one% up an% we%%e% to t"e #isuali$e% te&plate in or%er to pro#i%e t"e nee%e% a&perage!/
'"e actual release of energy in t"e working is ti&e% in a p"ysiological/ way, &uc" as in a
p"ysical orgas&! '"e energy buil%s, is sa#ore% an% a&plifie%, an% w"en a p"ysiologic crisis(
point is reac"e%, it is bio(energetically e*aculate%!/ '"e feeling "as been likene% to t"at of an
orgas& or, in &uc" s&aller scale, a snee$e! )t "as been pointe% out t"at t"is style of working is
?ang/ in nature an% clearly &i&ics t"e &ale se.ual response cycle! '"ere &ay anot"er,
&ore ?in/ or fe&inine/ style w"ic" in#ol#es energy accu&ulation an% release in waves,
throughout the course of a working ;t"us &i&icking a typical fe&ale orgas&ic pattern<! 9ot
&uc" "as been written on t"is alternate approac", "owe#er!
A necessary ter&inal coda to t"e collapse state/ is t"e continue% absence fro& t"e Mage1s &in%
of sub*ect &atter relate% to t"e working in t"e %ays an% weeks after it is conclu%e%, up until t"e
full &anifestation of &aterial results is ac"ie#e%! Anticipation of desired results only brings the
result of having further anticipation of those desired results, not the actual manifestation of
them '"e &ental set in#ol#e% &ust be one of ) have t"is,/ rat"er t"an ) want to "a#e t"is!/
'"is %ifference &ay be "ar% for t"e spell(caster to un%erstan% until t"ey get/ it, but is essential
for actual results! ,orry about "ow or w"en results will &anifest reflects t"at t"e operator "as
been functioning fro& t"e ) want to "a#e t"is/ &ental set, an% bo%es ill for a &ateriali$e% result!
'"us @ust for Aesult/ &ay be seen &ore as a symptom of likely failure rat"er t"an t"e cause of
it! )t represents t"e nor&al rational ego trying to affect results t"at it "as no power to i&pact, an%
t"is, after t"e ,orking is co&plete%! '"e #ery reason Magick is utili$e% is to bring non(rational,
acausal,/ sync"ronistic powers into play! '"ese powers "a#e nothing to %o wit" t"e rational
ego! 'o Keep 3ilence/ is a co&&an% t"at applies not *ust to e.ternal speec" an% con#ersation
wit" ot"ers, but also, an% per"aps &ore i&portantly, to t"e Magician1s own internal %ialog!/
,"en t"e &atter is turne% o#er to t"e 6owers of 4arkness, it &ust be let go!
8enerally results &anifest t"roug" sync"ronicities, w"ic" are linke% wit" t"e operation by
meaning. ,"et"er suc" results are acausal, as Bung "as ter&e% t"e&, or cause%/ by a causality
"ig"er t"an t"at recogni$e% by &o%ern science is irrele#ant to t"e Mage! )n%ee%, if there are
forces higher than the causal, we s"oul% e.pect t"at t"eir use in creation of a gi#en result/ in a
working, will cause suc" a result/ to create/ its own causes,/ an% t"is, as it were, backwar%s
in t"at fra&ework t"at we refer to as ti&e!/ ;'i&e,/ in t"is regar% is truly an illusion, create% by
"ow our &in%s interface wit" t"e w"ole &atri. *ust one point at a ti&e!/< '"us Magick is a pure
act of %irect creation on t"e Acausal plane ;astral plane or C6:<, an% t"e create% result works
backwar%s in ti&e/ to create t"e nee%e% circu&stances to support/ itself in &anifest causal
reality! 'o repeat t"is 5reating t"e %esire% result/ Acausally sucks in/ backwar%s t"roug"
ti&e/ ;as it were< t"e e#ents in t"e causal sp"ere nee%e% for t"e result/ to be supporte%!/
,or%s fail to con#ey t"ese concepts well, as wor%s are causal instru&ents! '"is is w"at
ineffable/ means! '"is &o%el "as a broa%er e.planatory power t"an t"e bio(energetic &o%el!/
,"ile t"e bio(energetic &o%el &ay rea%ily e.plain results obtaine% on ot"er li#ing beings, it
beco&es less satisfying w"en &ore co&ple. situations or non(li#ing t"ings are affecte%! ;'"is, of
course, assu&es t"at all t"ings/ are not ali#e,/ in an ani&istic sense!<
,e plant t"e see%, ten% t"e tree, an% eat t"e apple! '"at was our goal! ,"y/ in any e.ten%e%
sense is really irrele#ant to our process! An% t"at is e.actly w"ere t"e Magick/ liesD at t"e
Molten 5ore of 5reation!
+ausality# and Magick
5o&&on usage of t"e p"rase as if by &agic/ i&plies t"at an e#ent occurre% in t"e absence of a
recogni$able cause!/ Many of t"e Elack 3c"ools of Magick ;e!g! +9A, '+'E@< speak of t"e
acausal/ real& an% of Magick as being an acausal/ p"eno&enon! '"e +9A, for instance,
ter&s t"e energy/ in#ol#e% in perfor&ing Magick as Acausal/ energy! Most of Magickal
"istory, "owe#er, "as been &arke% by atte&pts to %efine a subtle/ causality for Magickal
results! :irstly %e&ons/ were regar%e% as t"e agents of Magick! @ater, @e#i "ypot"esi$e% t"e
astral plane/ or astral lig"t/( an energy/ "e equate% wit" t"e #ital force of t"e Magneti$ers!
More recent atte&pts "a#e been &a%e to e.plain Magick1s effects by &eans of quantu& t"eory,
an% t"e effects t"e &in% can pro%uce on t"e $ero(point fiel%!/ ,"ile suc" t"eories of a groun%
&atri./ for e.plaining Magickal effects "a#e so&e appeal, t"e notion t"at so&e e#ents occur
beyon% cause an% effect/ "as consi%erable e.planatory power! )t is possible, "owe#er, t"at suc"
%iffering &o%els as t"e C6: an% Acausality/ actually &ay be unifie%, in t"at t"e be"a#ior of t"e
C6: %oes not confor& to t"e law of cause an% effect!/ )n t"at sense, it &ay be sai% to be"a#e
Here is t"e essential fact, #erifiable to any working Magician w"o "as obtaine% effects fro& "is
,orkings '"e Magician1s ,ill creates an e#ent w"ic" is seen %uring t"e ,orking as being in
t"e present/ an% fully &anifeste%! ,"en t"e Magician successfully i&plants/ "is #ision into
t"e is(to(be,/ t"e rest of reality/ t"en back(fills,/ or fills in/ aroun% t"at e#ent, causing t"e
effect/ to essentially pull into itself t"e causes/ necessary for t"at e#ent to &anifest! 3ince ti&e
is an illusion, an% cause/ an% effect/ are %efine% by a te&poral sequence, stepping out of t"e
nor&al te&poral plane of reality suggests t"at t"is #iew &ay not be so i&plausible! ,"at we
think of as t"e past/ for&s aroun%/ t"e c"osen future/ result w"ic" t"e Mage "as #isuali$e% as
being now,/ &anifest at t"e current ti&e! +n reality1s/ own ;te&poral< plane, t"e @aw/ of
causality is t"us not #iolate%! ;)n%ee%, along t"ese lines, 5rowley an% #arious &e&bers of t"e
5"aos 3c"ool/ "a#e spoken of retro(causal &agick!/< '"e structural integrity of t"e &anifest
cos&os %ictates t"at suc" woun%s/ generate% in its structure by t"e acts of t"e Magician as a
5os&ic +utlaw be "eale%!/ '"us Magickal results appear to occur by c"ance/ ;"owe#er
strange! an% t"e 0ni#erse "u&s along as if t"at were *ust t"e way t"ings "appene%!
+ur ego is for&e% in tan%e& wit" t"e laws/ of causality! Aeason/ is our internali$e%
un%erstan%ing of w"at t"ose laws are! ,e are sociali$e% bot" by &atter, itself, an% by t"e
"u&ans aroun% us to %iscount an% %iscar% anyt"ing t"at %oes not fit into t"ese recogni$e%
patterns! +t"er ways of t"inking are "el% to be pri&iti#e,/ c"il%like,/ or %ownrig"t
psyc"otic,/ an% "ence to be s"unne%! '"e unconscious/ &in% &ay well "ol% t"e %isowne% part
of our consciousness w"ic" is aware t"at t"ere are ot"er ways t"at t"e worl% %oes in%ee% be"a#e(
ways t"at are not rational but w"ic" nonet"eless! )n%ee%, t"e unconscious/ &ay know/
an% respon% to acausal/ perception w"ic" we %iscount because t"ey are *ust irrational
feelings!/ '"e unconscious/ F t"e part of our &in% w"ic" recogni$es an% can process acausal
e#ents woul%, of necessity, be t"e part of oursel#es wit" w"ic" we &ust connect if we wis" to
work Magick!
'"e Magician is, in one sense, a 5os&ic +utlaw, #iolating t"e nor&al results of t"e 5ausal flow!
Ey #isuali$ing an% e&otionally e&powering a gi#en e#ent, "e forces/ t"e flow of reality to
a%apt itself to t"e Magical e#ent! Aeality see&s to be self("ealing/ in t"is regar% , pro#i%ing
;retro(causally< t"e causes/ necessary for t"e flow of nor&al causality to appear unbreac"e% in
t"e pro%uction of t"e Magickal effect!/!
)n a Magickal ,orking, t"e 3orcerer creates "is energi$e% an% e&powere% #isuali$ation as t"e
cause/ for t"e %esire% result,/ t"us bypassing an% replacing nor&al causality/ for pro%ucing
t"e p"eno&enon %esire%! ,"en t"is acausal te&plate is create%, it sucks nor&al reality in
aroun% itself,/ so t"at t"e en#isione% an% e&powere% result/ causes its own causes!/ ;,or%s
are tools of t"e causal &in%,/ %esigne% to relate e.periences fro& wit"in t"e causal sp"ere, an%
"ence fail w"en %ealing wit" t"e acausal an% ineffable!< 3uc" tec"niques "a#e been referre% to as
t"e left("an% pat",/ or t"e crooke% or backwar%s pat"/ precisely because t"ey are irrational/(
or per"aps better state%, unrational!/ Aeason an% t"e causality of science/ "a#e absolutely
not"ing to %o wit" suc" p"eno&ena!
Typhon $raconis

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