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Consider the marketing machine that is international soccers dream

franchise, Manchester United. The franchises success in establishing a solid
marketing mix has effectively helped to brand the organization as one of the
most recognizable professional sports teams in the orld.
Manchester United has consistently offered an excellent product in an extremely
successful soccer team, but the success on and off the field has helped the organization
maintain its marketability. The continued exposure of a !uality product has resulted in
high volumes of merchandise sales, furthering the development of the brand ith fans
gobbling up everything from replica "erseys and apparel to key chains and coffee mugs.
The key to continued fan support for Manchester United has been the effective
development of price points. The organization has positioned itself as a premium
product, one hich commands a higher ticket price. The simple foundation of the
economic principle of supply and demand has no doubt eighed heavily into the pricing
strategies as ith the club selling out the ma"ority of its home games. #ccess to seats is
limited to the organizations $membership%.
#dding to Manchester Uniteds appeal is the venue in hich they perform. &ith a
historic tradition rivaled by very fe sports stadiums, 'ld Trafford (tadium plays host to
over )**,*** visitors from all over the orld every year for tours alone. The teams
ebsite features information on the stadium, but also highlights an online video lounge,
player intervies, team nes and a host of other attractions that drive traffic. &ith
thousands of visitors to the site each day, the organization has an excellent opportunity
to make its products, such as tickets and merchandise, available to consumers. +ans also
have an opportunity to see games live on television on MUT,, a television channel
dedicated to Manchester United. MUT, is oned by the franchise, alloing for the team
to maintain control of the broadcasting rights. -n addition, fans can listen live on the
radio and -nternet.
Manchester United also engages in multiple promotional opportunities, including a host
of sponsor partnerships. The mass orldide appeal of the franchise provides
exceptional marketing opportunities for sponsors, and the club has effectively turned
those sponsorships into uni!ue promotions for fans, including offers for a Manchester
United credit card .MasterCard/ and insurance discounts .complete ith an online !uote
from Man Us ebsite/. Manchester United also has valuable sponsors in 0ike,
,odaphone .mobile phone company/, 1epsiCo, and #nheuser23usch. -n )**4, a
company called (erious U(# ill launch a line of 5,5 trading card collectibles featuring
Manchester United. #lso in )**4, the team ebsite featured a promotion providing fans
the extraordinary chance to $+ly To Milan &ith The United Team%, donated by Uniteds
official car supplier #udi U6.
7./ 8o as Manchester United implemented each element of the marketing mix9
)./ 5o you think Manchester United has been successful in integrating those
components9 &hy or hy not9
:./ 8o has the marketing mix helped Manchester United in branding their franchise9
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