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CHDV 142

Student Name: Margaret Weber

Program Observed: Victor Valley College State Preschool Room
all licensed components and sanitized after use. physical health. Also it
is required.
(Sorte, Daeschel, helps the sick child's
Amador, 2011, pg 55).

because so much of the
time they just need a
quiet place to rest and an

adult who shows
that they are cared r.
While doing my Article 6 section 101227
"Young children grow According to my Oneofmy
observation of the State 5) The following shall
and develop quickly observation the State recommendations would
Preschool room, I be offered daily:
during the early Preschool is in be that the State
observed the daily menu. (A) Full-day programs
childhood years. They compliance with Title 22 Preschool posts the
It is posted on the back shall offer a midmorning
rely on their families and regulations by offering a snack menu in at least
wall. I observed that the and midaftemoon snack.
teachers to ensure that snack to the morning English and Spanish so
preschool serves a (B) Full-day programs
they get nutritious foods preschool and a snack to that parents or other
morning snack to the shall ensure that each
they need every day. the afternoon preschool family members who do
morning preschool child has a lunch.
Planning healthy meals classes. They also post not speak English will
group and an afternoon I. The child's authorized
that appeal to children their menus for 30 days. be able to read what
snack. I also observed representative may send
and accommodate their According to our their child is having for
that the snack is very meals and/or snacks for
needs is a key textbook young children snack. Also teachers
basic things like juice the
component of this are growing quickly and should check with
and crackers, nuti-grain child.
responsibility. This goal depend on adults for families to make sure
bars . ..
(C) Half-day programs
is considered so their nutritional needs. that the snack that is
shall offer a midmorning
important in early They need to healthy being served does not
or midaftemoon snack.
childhood settings that a snacks that appeal to interfere with a child's
( 6) Menus shall be in
variety of established them. Proper nutrition is cultural as some cultures
writing and shall be
requirements must be essential to children's have foods they do not
posted at least one week
met for licensed physical health, while eat.
in advance in an area
programs and those the process of sitting

down at the table and
for review by th/d's
federal age es (Sorte, talking with other
Daeschel, Amador, children helps to foster
representative. Copies of
2011, 202). social and emotional
Student Name: Margaret Weber
Program Observed! Victor Valley College State Preschool Room
- -
the menus as served growth. Cognitive
shall be dated
development is also

and kept on file for at enhanced especially
least 30 days. Menus
when teachers and
shall be made available
children discuss the
for review by the child's . foods they are eating and
authorized represer
why they foa
and the Departmen .
them. CfJP
upon request.
During my observation 101227 FOOD SERVICE "Typically in the kitchen According to my My recommendation
of the State Preschool at
setting items sanitized observation the State would be that the State
VVC, I learned that food
(18) All kitchen, food-
by food handlers include Preschool is in Preschool post the
is brought in from the
preparation and storage
food preparation and compliance with Title 22 regulations on food
kitchen however it is just
areas shall be kept clean
service surfaces, regulations, the kitchen safety and cleaning
really basic snacks as
and free of litter and
dishware, cookware and looked clean, free of procedures in at least
there is no kitchen staff.
and measures shall be
utensils, thermometers, litter and there was a English and Spanish so
Any Dishes that are
taken to keep all such areas
food service equipment, dishwasher to wash and that any staff whose first
brought into the
free of rodents and other
and door knobs and sanitize the dishes and language is Spanish or
classroom are returned
vermin. handles. Sanitizing is utensils used by the anotherlanguage,they
to the kitchen and (19) All food shall be accomplished by: preschool. According to will be able to read and
washed in a dishwasher. protected against
-Washing dishware, our textbook dishes that understand the proper
I observed the kitchen to
cookware, and utensils are not washed by a procedures. Also
be /tary
Contaminated food shall
in hot water (171 dishwasher are washed considerations for other
be discarded
degrees F -[77 degrees c] in water that is 171 cultures and how they
or hotter for 30 seconds degrees F. and has a may not prepare food as '
(20) All equipment (fixed
or more for manual hand three step process. That safely as is required
or mobile), dishes and
utensils shall be kept clean
washing). is for places that do not along with the proper
and maintained in safe
-Using chemical have a dish washer like cleaning procedures.
sanitizers such as bleach the State Preschool does. They may not think all
(21) All dishes ?ils
or other chemical The sanitary conditions those procedures are
used for eating and
products a= by
of the kitchen and dishes
drinking, and in
the EPA ( rican affect the children's to be informed the
preparation of food and
Academy of Pediatrics the reasons for Title 22
Student Name: Margaret Weber
Program Observed: Victor Valley College State Preschool Room
drink, et. al. 2007; McSwane kitchen was dirty and regulations.
shall be cleaned and 2005) had litter, had evidence
sanitized after each use.
Both sanitizing methods of rodents and the dishes
(A) Dishwashing machines
are used when washing were not washed
shall reach a temperature
dishes in a three- properly, the children
of 165 degrees F (74
compartment sink. The would be exposed to
degrees C) during
the washing and/or drying
three sink method is contaminates that could
cycle to ensure that dishes
used when a facility make them physically
and utensils are cleaned
does not have an sick. If children are out
appliance that washes sick, their social-

emotional growth and
(B) Centers not using (Sorte, Daesc , cognitive development
dishwashing machines
Amador, . 1, pg. 269). are affected as well.
shall clean and sanitize
Children need the
dishes and utensils by
chance to learn through
an alternative comparable
(22) Equipment necessary

for the storage, preparation
and service of food or
snacks shall be provided
and shall be well-
equipment shall include,
but not be limited to:
(A) Sink.
(B) Hot and cold running
(C) Refrigeration.
(D) Storage space for food.
Article 6 section 101229 Keeping children safe According to my My recommendation
While doing my
and secure through / observation the State would be to ask the
observation at the State
attentive supervision is Preschool is in families what their
on the atl1PUS
crucial. At the most co!llpliance with_Title 22 cultural beliefs and
------ -