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UIUC General Education Classroom Inventory

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General Education Classroom Inventory
Class: 9
grade Resource Class ay!"ime: #riday 11!$% 1:&'(m-$:$'(m
)ocation: Central *igh +chool Rm $1, -ethod of ata Collection: .atural
/0servation of the Environment
1. Draw a picture of the classroom layout.
2. Is the environment accessible for students with varying needs? If not, what would it take to make the
room accessible? Are these changes reasonable in your opinion?
I believe that this resource classroom is an accessible environment for students with many different needs.
he students get both small group and one!on!one instruction during the class time, which can help those
students who are struggling in their other classes. here are two teachers and one teacher"s aid in the
classroom to 1# students. $o the students do get some individuali%ed attention and they can ask their
teachers for help on assignments from other classes.
&. 'ist general classroom routine for the specific activity, time period, or academic class you observe.
(irst the students walk into the classroom and find their seats. )e*t one of the special education teachers
e*plains the routine for the day. he class then splits into two groups+ one group stays with one teacher in
the class and the other group goes with the other teacher to a classroom across the hall for instruction. In
the small groups the students get instruction in reading and writing. After about 2#!&, minutes the class
comes back together and works on homework from other classes, read books, or draw. -oth the teachers
walk around the class offering help and talking with the students.
UIUC General Education Classroom Inventory
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.. /hat were the ma0or tasks1activities that you observed?
/ork with a small group and the teacher to complete in!class assignment.
o he class was working on writing paragraphs on the day I observed
-ring homework from other classrooms to work on and ask 2uestions on.
-ring a book to read if you do not have any classroom to work on.
#. /hat evidence did you see 3or not see4 of differentiated instruction?
a. 5ontent
-y grouping the students into smaller groups the students are able to get a bit more
individuali%ed attention.
b. 6rocess
he entire process of teaching in this classroom can be considered to be differentiated.
he students get small group and individuali%ed attention. hey have the option to ask
their teachers 2uestions. he students sometimes have to option to use the computers to
do their homework or papers, but they did not use them on the day that I observed.
c. 6roduct
I did not notice any differentiation in the product that the students had to produce. he
students did not necessarily have to do a particular assignment+ they 0ust are responsible
for working on their homework and other class work.
d. 'earning 7nvironment
here are a lot of areas in this environment that students can get individuali%ed attention
or can participate in group work.
UIUC General Education Classroom Inventory
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8. 9ow were students grouped for instruction?
I did not observe how the students were grouped but for they were grouped for a short amount
of time in small groups. here were : students in one group and ; in the other group.
:. Describe the teacher"s teaching style.
In this classroom setting I would describe the teacher"s teaching style as personable. -oth of the
teachers have made personal connections with their students. hey know what they like <
dislike as well as how they prefer to learn. his style helps the teachers to create lessons that the
students will en0oy doing and become more successful in the class.
;. Describe the classroom climate 3e.g., Is it friendly? /ill students with disabilities be easily accepted?
/hat is the teacher"s attitude toward the students and other adults in the classroom?4
I would describe the classroom climate as friendly and accepting. =any of these students have
been working with each other for many years so they are used to each other"s specific needs. I
believe that new students with disabilities would be accepted as long as their needs do not over
shadow the needs of the other students in the class. he teacher"s attitude is very accepting and
positive. he teachers are generally curious about their students" lives.
>. /hat was the 2uality of the teacher1student interactions you observed?
he teacher and student interaction was very positive and I think it was beneficial for all of the
students. 7ach of the students had at least # minutes of one!on!one help with one of the teachers or
time to have a conversation with the teachers. I think is a reason the classroom climate is so positive.
UIUC General Education Classroom Inventory
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1,. -esides the activities you observed, what are some other non!academic tasks students could perform
in this setting?
his setting is a great opportunity for students to learn self!management skills and responsibility. In
order for them to receive help on their work they have to bring the work in. hey also have to have
2uestions about the work so the teachers can help them. his class can help them to ask 2uestions of
themselves and be responsible for their schoolwork.
11. /ould you recommend this setting for learners with diverse abilities? /hy or why not?
I would recommend this setting for learners with diverse abilities to an e*tent. $tudents with learning
disabilities or attention disorder would benefit from this setting. ?nfortunately students with more
significant needs would not get the attention they need to be successful. I would recommend this
setting for those students who are placed in at least 1 general education content classroom. he
student in 2uestion would be successful in this setting because he can work on his comprhension
skills as well as his ability to recogni%e high!fre2uency site words.