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New Book

from Amherst Media

Lighting for
Outdoor Portrait
by Je Smith
Author of the top-selling book
Posing for Portrait Photography:
A Head-to-Toe Guide
Hit the ground running with this no-nonsense
guide to outdoor portraits
cclaimed photo-educator Jeff Smith shows you how to design beauti-
ful outdoor portraitsand make location shoots both protable and
efcient. Quick lessons walk you through every step of the portrait process
in detail, so youll be able to implement each skill you learn right away
with your own clients. With techniques and insights on everything from
client interactions to conceptualizing the shot and nessing natural light
and ash, this book is a must-have resource for any portrait photographer.
For further information, contact:
Kate Neaverth or Adam Richards
Amherst Media

, 175 Rano Street, Suite 200, Buffalo, NY 14207

(800) 622-3278 fax (800) 622-3298
About the Author
Jeff Smith is the owner of two highly suc-
cessful portrait studios in Central Califor-
nia. He has authored numerous articles,
which have appeared in Rangender,
Professional Photographer, and Studio Pho-
tography and Design. He has also written
numerous books for Amherst Media.
Book Specs
$27.95, 7.5x10 inches, 128 pages
275 full-color photographs
ISBN-13: 978-1-60895-703-3
Order number: 2009
Three things every client wantsand
how to deliver them in every image
Beautiful lighting looks all day long
Natural light, diusion, reectors, and
Multiple looks in one scene for big sales
Shadow control to minimize image editing