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Mobile: 0503660734
Seeking a challenging and growth oriented position in an organization where I can contribute my
communication skills and utilize my management skills in a productive and rewarding
)e*+o,al -e#ail+:
Date of Birth: 2
!ugust "#$$
Driving %icense: &alid '!( Driving %icence
)eligion: Islam
&isa Status: *amily Sponsorship
Business +anagement ,BB!- )as !l .haimah /ampus
,'niversity of Bolton- Bolton0 '.
1SS/ *ederal Board ,/ommerce Section-
,1.1.Sheikh )ashid !l +akhtoum 2akistani School0 Dubai0 '.!.(.-
0e%",i%al 1/alifi%a#io,+:
3ord 2rocessing: +S43ord 2552
Spread sheet: +S4(6cel 2552
2resentation: +S42ower2oint 2552
7perating Systems: 3indows 25550 82
)e*+o,al S2ill+:
1ard working and matured individual with tact and diplomacy.
/an prove to be very efficient in application software.
7rganized and well structured at work with *%(8IB%( timings.
(6cellent communication0 interpersonal and presentation skills.
9ained leadership skills by working as a team leader in group assignments.
La,3/a3e+ 4,o5,: (nglish0 'rdu0 1indi : knowledge of !rabic
6o*2 E78e*ie,%e:
9o$8a,: Na$e: E$i#a% Mobile Sol/#io, ;<la%2be**: -i+#*ib/#o*=
-/*a#io,: *rom ;ov 25"2 < =ill date
-e+i3,a#io,: +erchandiser
+anage accessories for Blackberry0 Samsung0 2lantronics : !gies for key retailers
throughout '!(.
+aintains display0 2roduct range0 : price points in retail front.
2roviding market updates to the management.
'pdate competitor promotions : new launches to management.
+aintain Daily report followed by route plan.
!ssisted team on critical situations.
+aintain healthy relations with store supervisors.
2articipated in 9ite6 25" as stock In4charge.
9o$8a,: Na$e: E#i+ala# 0ele%o$$/,i%a#io,
-/*a#io,: *rom 7ct 25"" < 7ct 25"2
-e+i3,a#io,: =eam %eader ,.ey )etail-
Re+8o,+ibili#ie+ :
3orked as team leader0 =aking lead in all aspects related to sales.
+ain Driver of (tisalat promotion0 thru )etail outlets0 1yper +arkets and ma>or .iosks of
(tisalat sim and recharge card providers
=rain .ey )etailer staff and promoters on new promotional activities and sales strategies.
)esolving system integrations of (tisalat new customers line and overall ensure that
customer lines are working smoothly.
2ersonally assist )etail /ustomer in activating phone lines.
Building strong relationship with 2urchase manager of retailers stores and ensures they
are promoting (tisalat 2romotions heavily.
'pdate clients with the ongoing promotions. .eep update record of availability of Sims0
analyzed complains and developed solutions.
(nsure the visibility of (tisalat 27S material in +arkets in Dubai and ;orthern (mirates.
2repare daily report of promotional activities and competitor offers to line manager on
regular basis.
9o$8a,: Na$e: L> Ele%#*o,i%+ Mobile Ma*2e#i,3 ? Me*%"a,.izi,3 -e8#
-/*a#io,: *rom ?uly 25"5 to Sept 25""
-e+i3,a#io,: *ield Sales 7fficer
Re+8o,+ibili#ie+ :
+onitor mobile market condition and competitors activities
!nalyze business : shelf display market share of all competitive mobile brands
Display new models of %9 mobiles in 2ower and Independent )etail by convincing
dealers and outlet owners to provide space for %9 mobile worked products.
'sed Sales skills by convincing the dealers to give e6tra order for %9 mobiles
+aintain daily sales reports0 new activities in market0 comments and complains of dealers
and forward to %ine +anger.
2repare and demonstrate power point presentation on %9 products by comparing it with
feature and benefits of other mobile products.
3orked as front desk 2romoter in 9I=(8 25"50 25"" specific promoted %9 !nroid smart
phone0 as had go through the course of !nroid from %9 mobile department trainer.
!ttribute cell phone market business and monitor competitors activities
+anage 2ower and Independent )etail outlets of Dubai and ;orthern (mirates )egion.
(nsure to build and maintain relationship with +arketing and Distribution +anagers of
2ower )etail outlets to attain ma6imum shelf space.


!warded special appreciation from the %94+obiles 2roduct +anager among all other