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Field Trip to Berman Museum of World History Mr.

Conners Class

Berman Museum
of World History

Trip Objective: Students will observe real artifacts from WWII and
make connections to the content learned in class.

Berman Museum of World History
840 Museum Drive, Anniston, AL 36206

Contact Information
Phone: 256-237-6261
Fax: 256-238-9055
Field Trip to Berman Museum of World History Mr. Conners Class
Parent Letter

Dear Parent,
I am excited to inform you of our upcoming field trip to Berman Museum of World
History. You student has worked very hard this quarter and has just completed a unit on
WWII. To celebrate this hard work we will be spending the day in Anniston, AL looking at
the unique exhibits and great displays that this museum has to offer. The following is all of
the important information that you need to know:
The field trip will occur on May 7, 2014 and we will be departing from Trace
Crossings at 08:15 and returning at 2:30 that afternoon.
The students will be given a school sack lunch or have the option of packing a lunch
from home.
Electronics are allowed on the bus but must be left their under supervision of the
bus driver as the tour begins.

All money is due Friday May 3, 2014. The price for this field trip is $20.00
Breakdown of expense:
$3.00 each for admission
$304.83 for bus cost divided by 18 is $16.94
So 3 + 17 = $20.00

There are five slots for parent chaperones and they go at a first come first serve
basis. Please answer yes on the form if you wish to join us on this trip.
Contact me at (719) 244-5895 if you have any questions regarding this field trip.

I, _____________________________ give my child ___________________ permission to attend the field
trip at Berman Museum of World History on May 7, 2014 and have included the money
with this form.

_______ I would like to accompany my child as a chaperone on this field trip.

This form and the money are due no later than May 2, 2014.

Field Trip to Berman Museum of World History Mr. Conners Class
Field Trip Preparation

The teacher will prepare the class for the field trip in the following

Content: The teacher will have finished his unit on WWII before
the field trip occurs and so he will makes sure that the class has a fresh review
on the content discussed in class. The day before the field trip, the teacher will
use the last hour of class to ask some questions to the students and spark their
memories about the lessons they have just learned. An example would be,
Alright class, who can tell me about the attack on Pearl Harbor and why it
was so important to the US in the war?
Behavior: The teacher will review the expectations for the class
when they are on a field trip. He will talk about the fact that field trips are rare
and that none of the students are entitled to go on them. The students must
maintain an appropriate behavior and attitude at all times when on the field
trip. The teacher will answer any questions they have and will motivate the
class to act like young adults and prove to him that they are more than ready
to enjoy a field trip across town.
Procedure: The teacher will explain the schedule to the students
and will hand out the permission forms to the class. He will talk about the
safety plan, timeline, lunch situation, parent chaperone opportunity, and will
answer any questions that the class has about the facility that the museum is
held in.

Field Trip to Berman Museum of World History Mr. Conners Class
Safety Plan

The first line of defense against any injury or harm on this trip is adult
supervision and planning. All chaperones will read the following instructions
and agree to comply with the safety procedures to ensure that every student
is taken care of. The chaperones will bring any injured or sick student to the
teacher who will then collaborate with the chaperone to determine the
severity of the condition. If the condition warrants medical attention, first aid,
or a trip to the hospital the following procedures will be utilized:

Medicine: Students who regularly take medicine will need to have the
medicine in a labeled bottle and turned into the teacher at Trace Crossings.
Those students will need to have written instructions from their parents on
the intake of the medicine and when it is to be taken. Students who have
parents on the trip may have them hold onto the medicine and administer it to
the student.

First Aid: Students who have minor injuries such as cuts or burns will
be treated with first aid by the teacher. There will be a first aid kit stashed
with the two lunch coolers in a corner of the museum. The teacher has been
Field Trip to Berman Museum of World History Mr. Conners Class
trained to administer first aid and may ask for assistance from any nearby
chaperone. The teacher will make sure to keep the afflicted student out of
public as to prevent panic from him/her or the classmates.

Hospital: If a student happens to be injured to the extent that
professional medical attention is needed, the teacher will use the parent
chaperones to assist him. One parent will know ahead of time to call the
ambulance and will also know the address to the museum. Another parent
will take over and collect the rest of the students and find a place away from
the child to ensure that no one panics. The teacher will calm the student and
make sure that they are not in life threatening conditions. He will ride with the
student to the hospital unless the parent of the student is on the trip.

Additional Safety: In the case of inclement weather, the class will
adhere to the safety precautions of the building. All safety precautions will be
modeled and led by the teacher in the case of a fire, tornado, flood,
earthquake, etc.

Field Trip to Berman Museum of World History Mr. Conners Class
Management Plan

The management plan will be discussed with the parents and can be
divided into the following sections:
All students will wear the school uniform pants with the Trace T-Shirt.
Students can wear either their khaki shorts or pants and are suggested
to wear comfortable shoes as they will be walking around for a good
majority of the day.
Students will need to bring their lunches, a writing utensil, their writing
journals, and their history folders. They will be allowed to leave their
backpacks and lunches on the bus for the duration of the tour.
Students will stay with their chaperone at all times and there will be
three students to every chaperone or teacher. The chaperones will meet
at the school and will be given a roster of their students that they will be
in charge of. They will be given an opportunity to talk with their group
and introduce themselves to the students. Chaperones are to have 100%
accountability on their groups at all times. In the event that a student is
separated the chaperone is to immediately call the teacher and notify
him of the issue.
Students will sit two to a seat on the bus and will fill from the front.
They will be allowed to choose who they can sit with.
Electronic devices such as phones, iPods, and other music players will
be allowed but only on the bus. No devices are allowed in the museum
once the class has arrived at the location.
Students will be given their Tour stop form when they arrive at the
museum and will be required to fill out the form by lunch time. They are
only required to fill out the section that deals with WWII but can use the
rest of the form to help them when they have free time to explore the
rest of the exhibits.
The teacher will have a football and volleyball for the students to play
with at the park after they have finished eating.

Field Trip to Berman Museum of World History Mr. Conners Class
Lunch Plan

Lunch will be served at 1115 after the tour and activity have been
completed. The class will meet up at the front of the building and will walk a
block to the nearby park called Jaycee Park. An hour will be allotted for
moving to and from the park as well as eating. The students will be allowed to
bring their own sack lunch but the school will be providing cold lunches for
those who are on free or reduced lunch. All of the free or reduced lunches that
are brought along will be in a cooler marked TCES. These will be stored in a
corner at the museum until time for lunch. The packed lunches will be in
another cooler marked Conner. This will be stored with the other cooler. The
students will also have an opportunity to eat a snack which will be a Chewy
Granola bar during the main tour.

Field Trip to Berman Museum of World History Mr. Conners Class
TimeLine/Schedule for the Day

0800 Initial accountability of students and bus loading

0815 Depart Trace Crossings

0945 Arrive at Berman Museum

0950 Introduction and Behavior Brief at Museum

1000 Tour of WWII Exhibit and Activity

1115 Lunch at Jaycee Park

1215 Free Explore of Full Museum

1245 Final Accountability and Load Busses

1300 Depart Berman Museum

1430 Arrive at Trace Crossings

Field Trip to Berman Museum of World History Mr. Conners Class

Communication will start with the administration of the school and with
the bus driver. The teacher will get his plan approved by the principal no less
than a month early to the event. He will email all of the information and
details pertaining to the trip as well as the cost, schedule, and time they will
be gone. He will also contact the bus driver to reserve his/her services for that
day and will go over the route plan with him/her. He will also send the bus
driver a copy of their planned schedule so that he/she has time to look over it
before they depart.
The teacher will then give his contact information to the parent
chaperones and will give them the instructions for accountability on their
children. They will have set meeting places and a schedule to follow when
they are at the museum. All issues and concerns are to be told via phone call
or text message to the teacher while they are on the trip. The parents will also
have a copy of the schools contact information as well as the Berman Museum
of World History contact information.

Field Trip to Berman Museum of World History Mr. Conners Class
Assessment of Learning

The students will be given two journal topics to reflect on after they
have returned from the field trip as their check on learning. Once they have
finished their journals they will turn to their table partners and share what
they have written. They will be asked the following questions:

1. What was the most interesting thing that you saw in the museum?
Why was it your favorite and how does it fit into what we have
learned about WWII?

2. What do you think would be the most difficult to ration if you lived in
the 1940s? What would be the most difficult to ration if we had to in
our current time?

Field Trip to Berman Museum of World History Mr. Conners Class
Follow Up Plans

The teacher will follow up with a thank you card that will be signed by
the entire class. They will develop the content of the card together and
will then sign it and mail it to the museum along with a picture of the
The teacher will also write thank you cards to the parent chaperones
and the principal.
The teacher will post all pictures taken on the trip to his KidBlog site so
that the students can look back on their trip and see what all they did.