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Senatsverwaltung fr Bildung, Wissenschaft und Forschung

Schriftliche Prfungsarbeit zum

mittleren Schulabschluss 2009
im Fach Englisch
15. Mai 2009
Teil II: Leseverstehen/Schreiben
3 Lesetexte mit 25 Aufgaben
3 Schreibaufgaben
Arbeitsbeginn 11.15 Uhr
Bearbeitungszeit: 105 Minuten

Bitte bearbeiten Sie die Aufgaben wie folgt:

1. Kreuzen Sie auf den Aufgabenbgen die richtigen Lsungen an.
2. bertragen Sie die Lsungen auf den Auswertungsbogen (S. 8).

Benutzen Sie die dafr vorgesehenen Aufgabenbgen.

Sie knnen maximal 50 Punkte erreichen.

Name, Vorname: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Klasse: . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Reading Part 1: Short texts

Look at the text in each task (signs and statements).
What does the text say?
Put a tick () next to the statement that matches the sign A, B, C or D.
There is only one correct statement for each sign.


A. Do not take any bags on board the
B. Always watch your carry-on bags.
C. Watch out for thieves.
D. Check in your bags here.


A. Get good grades to find a better job.
B. Be early when you have a job
C. Get help from this agency to find a
D. Dont wait too long before you start
looking for a job.

A. You can pay at the desk after you
have finished on the computer.
B. For 5 you can use the Internet or
play games.
C. For 5 you can use the computer the
whole day.
D. For our special deal go to

All carry-on bags may be searched.
All passengers are asked to keep an
eye on their carry-on bags at all times.
Passengers should not accept items
from unknown persons.
Special Deal
5 for 4 hours
Now all day long
Pay 5 and get Internet access or
gaming for 4 hours!
Please ask our desk staff for
more details.
Mittlerer Schulabschluss 2009, schriftliche Prfung Englisch Aufgaben
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A. You should not feed the animals in
B. Dont scare the Big Cats while they
are eating.
C. Small children will have no problem
watching todays feeding.
D. It is important for the Big Cats to eat
whole animals.

Headteachers Online
May 2009

In recent weeks, we have had to take action
against a small minority of pupils who have
uploaded games onto the school network.
This has slowed down the computer system
and pupils work could be lost. The potential
for viruses has also grown. It is important
that all pupils only use the school network to
complete school work.
A. The school computer network has
been out of order for weeks.
B. Do not upload your homework onto
the school computer network.
C. Do not use the school computers for
D. The headteacher has made the school
network more attractive by uploading

Dallas Zoo - Important:

Whole rabbits will be offered
at todays Big Cat feeding.

It may shock small children
to watch our lions and tigers
eat whole dead rabbits.

Eating whole animals gives
the cats a chance to use many
of the senses and feeding skills
they would use in the wild.

Mittlerer Schulabschluss 2009, schriftliche Prfung Englisch Aufgaben
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Reading Part 2: How animals can help people
Adapted from:
First read the headings (A-M), then read the
short texts about how animals can help people.
Find the right heading for each text.
Write the letter of the correct heading in the
box next to the text.
Be careful! There are two more headings than
you need.
The Headings
A. Pets can improve family life
B. Dogs can help children to be successful in life
C. Pets are good companions for the old
D. Guide dogs help the blind
E. Animals can improve your mood
F. Pets help you to get active
G. Pets help children to get better school marks
H. Pets will always love you
I. Dogs help you to make friends
K. Pets can be stressful for old people
L. Animals are allergy fighters
M. Dogs can help in dangerous situations

The Texts
When were out walking, having a dog with us gives other people a reason to stop
and talk, thereby increasing the number of people we meet, giving us an opportunity
to increase our network of friends. Sometimes the conversation stays at the dog
level, sometimes it becomes a real social interchange.

For those who love animals, its basically impossible to stay in a bad mood when a
pair of loving puppy eyes meets yours, or when a super-soft cat rubs up against your
hand. Studies support the mood-enhancing benefits of pets.

Playing with pets is in the top ten physical activity choices for children and families;
owning a dog may help people to exercise more and can help to reduce childhood

Mittlerer Schulabschluss 2009, schriftliche Prfung Englisch Aufgaben

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Anyone who owns a pet knows that a pet quickly becomes a member of the family.
As such, the family addition under the dinner table has great benefits for you and the
whole family. Pets are great stress-busters in domestic situations a good German
shepherd dog will intervene when tensions rise.

It was once thought that kids who were raised in a home with dogs and cats were
likely to develop pet allergies and asthma. However, a growing number of
researchers have suggested that kids growing up in a home with furred animals
whether its a pet cat or dog, or on a farm and exposed to large animals will have
less risk of allergies and asthma.

Pets can offer unconditional love and friendship. They are always there for you and
can even keep your secrets.

For elderly people who are still agile enough walking a dog can provide exercise and
companionship. Research has shown that old people feel less alone if there is an
animal in the home.

Owning a dog as a child teaches them how to be responsible not only for themselves
but also for others. The child learns to understand the needs of others and the
consequences of their actions. Learning to take responsibility will not only help the
child now but will be very important for their future relationships and careers.

Some dogs help people who cant see by leading them so they don't step on
something or fall. They guide them so they don't unknowingly walk in front of a car
or hurt themselves in some other way. They communicate so that the person who is
blind has an easier time getting around.

When there is a crime or a disaster (like an earthquake), trained dogs are brought in
to help. These dogs work hard to rescue people who are trapped or lost. They also
help to find people who have committed crimes and fled. The dogs' noses are so good
they are almost always able to sniff out and find what they are looking foreven if
it's underground or underwater.

Mittlerer Schulabschluss 2009, schriftliche Prfung Englisch Aufgaben

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Reading Part 3: Compulsory* Cooking Classes
Adapted fromthe following articles: 11 September 2008; 12 September 2008
Read the text and the statements on the opposite page.
Put a tick () in the box next to the correct answer.
Only one answer is correct in each case.
In J anuary, the government announced that from
2011, practical cooking lessons will be a must for
every 11 to 14-year-old. This is the first time that
cooking has ever been compulsory in secondary
schools. Cooking is already taught in the vast
majority of primary schools and were making it
compulsory in secondary schools from 2011, said
Ed Balls, Secretary of State for Children, Schools
and Families. He also said that every school would
be ready to offer cooking classes with well-
equipped kitchens and qualified, motivated teachers.
Over 85 per cent of schools already have
good kitchens and offer cooking and food
technology classes. Starting in September 2008 all
the pupils at these schools will have to learn basic
cooking techniques. By 2011 the other 15 per cent
mainly all-boy schools that did not teach cooking
before will be expected to have the kitchen
equipment needed to teach the cooking classes. The
government is willing to spend several million
pounds to build new food technology teaching areas
and to train specialist teachers.
The Government is also publishing a new,
free cookbook for all 11-year-olds to help them learn
some healthy versions of popular dishes including
spaghetti bolognese, risotto, roast chicken legs,
chow mein, lamb hot pot, shepherds pie and apple
crumble. The Real Meals Cookbook contains 32
classic recipes. These recipes were chosen after the
British people were asked to name the basic dishes
every child should learn how to cook. You can get
the cookbook online and the headmasters of
secondary schools will be able to order copies for all
their Year 7 pupils.
This new interest in cooking is mainly a
reaction to the high number of extremely fat people
in Britain, which is one of the highest in Europe.
According to government statistics half of all
Britons will be too fat in 25 years if this trend is not
stopped. Too many people just accept they cannot
cook or simply do not have time for it, said Ed
Balls. Weve lost touch with making basic dishes,
even though there has never been a wider range of
food in our shops.
Celebrity chef cookbooks are best-sellers but for too
many people, cooking is now something they watch
on television instead of doing it themselves. He
went on to say that cooking is not quantum
physics and that once you have learned how to
cook the basic dishes it is a simple skill which you
can build on for the rest of your life. You can
prepare healthy meals cheaply even if food prices
are high. That way you dont have to eat the salt,
sugar and fat contained in fast food meals.
Phil Vickery, the star cook who has written
the foreword to the cookbook, said that cooking is a
skill which should be learned at an early age. He
added: Once you can cook the basics you will have
the best survival tool in the box to take you into
adult life.
Have your say
Adapted from:;, 22 January 2008
I was glad to learn that cookery has been made
compulsory in secondary schools. About time, too.
At the moment the governments plan is for each
pupil to get just one hour of cooking a week for one
term. Still, it's a start and something many of us
have wanted since 1992 when cooking lessons were
no longer compulsory at schools.
Mary Cardigan
Is the government now trying to control our day-to-
day lives? Our health and what we eat, drink or even
if we smoke are all our choices to make, not the
Les, Southport, England
I cannot think of a bigger waste of school time than
teaching young people how to cook. Instead they
should learn something that will make a real
difference to their future.
Nathan, Chester, UK
Parents should be teaching kids about good, healthy
food but that is obviously not happening in many
households. Thats why they should learn some
basic cooking skills in school. A few simple recipes
cooked from start to finish with fresh, simple foods
will be all that is needed to get most kids interested
in cooking.
Leah Wright, Chesterfield
I think this is a good idea, plenty of young adults I
know havent a clue even how to do something
simple like scrambled eggs!
Lisa S Essex
*compulsory =German: verpflichtend
Mittlerer Schulabschluss 2009, schriftliche Prfung Englisch Aufgaben
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Reading Part 3: Compulsory Cooking Classes
A to all 11 to 14-year-olds.
B at all secondary schools.
C by qualified teachers.
From 2011, practical
cooking classes will be
D all of them (A+B+C)

A will offer cooking lessons for all pupils from September 2008.
B will get new kitchens.
C have never taught cooking before.
Over 85% of all
secondary schools

D are all-boys schools.

A was written by a group of 11-year-olds.
B does not cost the schools anything.
C does not have any recipes for meat dishes.
The Real Meals

D contains seven basic recipes for all pupils.

A the British people love cooking.
B Britain has the highest number of fat people worldwide.
C many British people are very fat.
Cooking lessons are
offered because
D both A+B

A there should be more cooking programmes on TV.
B celebrity cooks use too much salt, sugar and fat.
C when you know the basics, cooking is easy.
Ed Balls points out that
D cooking healthy food is expensive.

A cooking cannot be learned by small children.
B you need a good cookbook to learn how to cook.
C basic cooking skills will help you through life.
Phil Vickery points out
D all grown-ups should take cooking lessons.

A inform the reader about compulsory cooking lessons.
B criticise cooking lessons at schools.
C advertise the new cookbook.
The author of this
article wants to

D thank Phil Vickery for his help.

A learning how to cook is fun.
B for many years schools did not have to offer cooking lessons.
C students will have a one-week cooking project every term.
Mary Cardigan tells us

D both A+C

A a lot of parents do not show their children how to cook.
B children are not interested in simple recipes.
C schools should concentrate more on the main subjects.
Leah Wright points out
D children have always liked cooking with fresh things.

A Nathan and Lisa
B Mary and Les
C Mary and Lisa.
The following people
think cooking lessons at
school are a bad idea:
D Les and Nathan

Mittlerer Schulabschluss 2009, schriftliche Prfung Englisch Aufgaben
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Reading: Candidate Answer Sheet Name:
For students: Put a tick () into the correct box.

Part 1
Number A B C D
/ 5 P

Part 2
Number A B C D E F G H I K L M

/ 10 P

Part 3
Number A B C D
/10 P

/ 25 P

Mittlerer Schulabschluss 2009, schriftliche Prfung Englisch Aufgaben
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Writing Part 1:
Teenagers Shopping Habits A Questionnaire
Southampton Shopping Centre wants to find out more about the shopping
habits of young people.
Complete the questionnaire below.
You must fill in each item. You may use your imagination.
J ust use key words (Stichwrter), do not write complete sentences.
Remember: Correct spelling is important.

We are tr yi ng to fi nd out more about our young customers.
Would you li ke to help us? Then fi ll i n the questi onnai r e below.

(1) Age : _________

Sex : __________________________

Nationality: ___________________________________

(2) What kind of shops do you normally go to? (two ideas; no shop names, please.)



(3) What is your favourite shopping time?


(4) How do you get to the shopping centre?


(5) What should a good shopping centre have?


1 P
1 P
1 P
1 P
1 P
/5 P
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Writing Part 2: A Special Birthday Party

Read what Rachel has written.
Then write back, answering all of her questions.
You must write a minimum of 100 words. Do not use Internet slang.

Search the Web go .

E-pinion > Community > Public User Name ____________ Remember Me?
PARTY Password ____________ Log in .

Register Help Members List Calendar Arcade Articles Todays Post Journal Search

Name: Rachel (15)
Joined E-pinion: April 2008
Location: Cardiff, Wales

Hey guys,
Ill be 16 next month and my parties have always been
at home, but now I find that boring! How do you
normally celebrate your birthday? My parents always
stay at home during my party - uncool! What about your
This year Id love to do something special for my
birthday. Please give me some ideas of what I could do.
And as usual money is a problem. How do you pay for
your party?
Love to hear from you!

Hi Rachel,

Mittlerer Schulabschluss 2009, schriftliche Prfung Englisch Aufgaben
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Inhalt: / 5 P Sprache: / 5 P Gesamt: /10P
Mittlerer Schulabschluss 2009, schriftliche Prfung Englisch Aufgaben
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Writing Part 3: A Trip to Brandenburg


Unsere Sdsee ist mit circa 3.000 Quadratmetern so gro wie
vier olympische Schwimmbecken. Wer sich dort in die Fluten
strzt, wird von 28 C warmem Wasser umsplt.
Der 200 Meter lange Sandstrand ldt zum Entspannen ein.
Nach einem Spaziergang durch die zauberhafte Welt des
Dschungels kann man ein Tropendorf besichtigen oder in den
Shops einkaufen gehen. Zahlreiche Restaurants sind fr Sie
geffnet und laden zum Verweilen ein. Abends verwandeln sich
die Inseln der Sdsee in eine zauberhafte Bhne fr die Abend-



Anreise mit der Bahn: Direktverbindung von Berlin, Senften-
berg, Cottbus: RE 2
oder RB 14 bis Brand (Niederlausitz), kostenloser Shuttle-Bus
zwischen Bahnhof und Tropical Islands



Einzigartig in Europa und
sdlich von Berlin in der
Region Flming gelegen: Der
Flming-Skate, ein Para-
dies fr Inline-Skater und
Radfahrer. ber 100 km lang
ziehen sich die asphaltierten
Wege durch Felder und
Drfer. Die zahlreichen Seen
laden zu einer Badepause
ein. Auf den verschiedenen
Routen gibt es einiges zu
besichtigen: historische
Stdtchen, Kloster und
Schlossruinen, aber auch
Glasblsereien und Tpferei-
Genieen Sie die Natur und
entdecken Sie die Sehens-
wrdigkeiten und vielen
Freizeitmglichkeiten der

Unser Skater-Service:
Der Rufbus holt Sie an der
vereinbarten Haltestelle ab
und bringt Sie dann an den
gewnschten Ort.

Kartenmaterial, Herbergen
und Gaststtten finden Sie



Tglich um 14.30 Uhr
(Einlass 14.00 Uhr)
Mittlerer Schulabschluss 2009, schriftliche Prfung Englisch Aufgaben
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Writing Part 3: Mediation A Trip to Brandenburg

You would like to show your English-speaking friend some interesting places in Brandenburg.

Read the three texts about places you can visit in Brandenburg.
Choose two places.
Write an e-mail to your friend telling him/her about the two places you have chosen.
For each one of them say what kind of place it is and mention at least two more aspects that
are important.
Do not translate word for word, just give the main information used in these texts.
Write complete sentences and use correct English.

Ref. : Visit to Brandenburg

Hi ..,
Its great that youre coming to see me again. I cant wait! Ive already got some ideas of
what we could do, so I thought Id tell you about two places we could visit.
Mittlerer Schulabschluss 2009, schriftliche Prfung Englisch Aufgaben
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What do you think about my ideas ? Please let me know and write back soon!


Inhalt: / 6 P Sprache: / 4 P Gesamt: /10P

Mittlerer Schulabschluss 2009, schriftliche Prfung Englisch Aufgaben
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