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nicolas saeger


Pressure Washer
When l started at Generac, my frst project was to work with my team and redesign
the pressure washer, which was launched earlier that same year. The goal set by
the CEO was to have the new, redesigned pressure washer foored with a Tier 1
The current power washer design approach was created in silos; engineering,
sales, marketing. Looking at the competition, l saw a sea of sameness." l re-
viewed the previous design to see if there were features that could differentiate the
new design from the competition.
Pressure Washer

When Generac originally launched their pressure washer the buyer's and
end-user's voice was not taken into consideration. l wanted to draw from
three areas and fnd out what pain-points came from each segment.
l wanted a power washer that would eliminate major pain-points and have a
product that was discernibly different from the competition.
Pressure Washer
Before creating the distinction in design, l wanted to be sure our product had
the entry-level features. The previous lacked entry level features that the con-
sumer looked for, giving the previous model a weak" apperance.
Pressure Washer
The primary pain-point for the end-user was how to select the right power pressure, for their job.

My past experiences with kitchen appliances revealed that the end-user wanted the appliance to
be intuitive. By adding a pressure control knob, along with task-related iconography, the user can
now select the right pressure for their particular job. Once at home, the user could confdently
select the right pressure for the right job, hence eliminating two pain-points - at the store and at
home. No other power washer is task-driven. This feature is unique to the industry.
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Pressure Washer
Success was achieved with the new exclusive feature, and the placement with
two, Tier 1 retailers - Lowe's and Sears. We were also awarded an innovation
end-cap with Lowe's.
With the earlier power washer design, Generac had 5%of the power washer
market. Taking into account current Tier 1 pre-orders, it is projected that by the
end 4th quarter 2013, we will have 15% of the power washer market.
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The engineering team designed the original LP
generator. No attention was given to the end user,
and no VBL was considered. As a result, the unit was
difficult to start and understand on the retail floor.
Since generators are primarily used infrequently and
sometimes in very stressful situations, I pressed my
team to devise a better solution to start the new
LP5500 unit.
This unit is primarily marketed to homeowners, so I
wanted my team take a look at how the fuel cylinder
could be loaded more easily, and how maintenance
could be performed using limited tools or knowledge
of small engines.
With all of that in mind, the LP type generator is
inherently at a higher price point than commonly
used gasoline generators. My team was tasked to
bring cost down to be more competitive with retailers.

Read the instructions
Turn on the on/off switch
Turn on the choke
Pull the recoil (priming the engine)
Hold the prime button for 2 seconds
Pull the recoil to start engine
Turn off the choke
The original LP generator required the user to move around the unit to start it.
It required the user to use a choke that was hidden underneath the front of the unit
in a dark area the choke was also in black.
All of these steps resulted in frustrated users, triggering calls to our call center, and resulted
in longer hold times for customers during peak storm times.
The new LP5500 implemented the new Generac VBL I created with my team.
But the new unit was not just about looks; the new LP5500 became more functional.


The new Power Dial now has consolidated controls with instructions in one location.
The dial is now becoming part of the VBL, which will help unify all Generac products.

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In addition to the new dial and design we added features that would make the unit easier
to use, maintain, and store.
Replacing the large plastic propane tank holder with a rubber strap making it easier for
the user to load the tank so they do not have to lift the 38 lb. tank as high as in the previ-
ous model. The rubber strap is also a cost reduction.
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When I arrived at Generac in 2011, their packaging
was fragmented in both messaging and package
I directed my team to look at the packaging as a
whole, and not just one-off pieces as previously
produced. Our products were placed positioned in
various parts of a store, so a consistent brand identity
was needed to make it easy for the customer to
visually identify the Generac brand. I also wanted to
incorporate our new DNA Rugged American Value
into our packaging.
Initially, the executive team was hesitant to take such
a large leap. I was able to persuade them that my
team could give them a stronger brand presence at
retail, and either come in with a cost neutral solution
or turn the project into a cost out project.
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primary panels
secondary panels
The Electrolux North American launch is the largest in the companys 70 year
history. It is also one of the largest launches for a mass premium appliance line.
The complete line was designed by the entire North America design depart-
ment which consists of 12 highly productive designers. Each designer is
responsible for their own product line. The team worked closely to ensure a
consistent brand identity was applied throughout the product line.
Electrolux Specialty Line
A new venture for Electrolux is their specialty line of food preservation appliances. Having a
significant profit margin, these new products were designed and engineered at the Anderson
Design Center where I was the lead designer for these appliances.
Electrolux Specialty Line
Some interesting features of the wine cooler and beverage center
specialty line are industry firsts. These include redesigning controls
on these two appliances. My design repositions the controls from
floor level to the inside top of the door, thus making it more conve-
nient for the consumer to operate.
The Electrolux freezer is a venture into upgrading the freezer for the
high-end market with flush controls and a stainless steel exterior
The Electrolux Side by Side Refrigerator is designed with a fully flush
ice and water bezel. A dead front glass control provides a premium

Special attention was paid to details on the side-by-side.
From the spill safe all glass shelves to the air/water filter. New features such
as the Soft Freeze Bin, and the Perfect Door Bin are new features that were
new to the market.
Launching in the third quarter of 2010 the Counterparts Refrigeration
offers several options. This model can be used as a stand alone refrig-
erator or paired with the matching freezer to create a large side by
side refrigerator.

The Counterparts Refrigeration represents a platform change from
the current model to a larger capacity unit. I am most proud of the
new design features such as the Perfect Door Bins and the larger
capacity crisper with inner bins.

As the sole designer of this product, I was responsible for all of the
preliminary CAD models and prototyping. I also worked with vendors
to ensure that all standards were achieved for the fit, feel and finish
from the original Electrolux launch.
The large door offered me a design opportunity to create additional
storage options such as a crisper. I came up with the idea of the
Perfect Door Bins. The two removal bins allow the user easy access
to produce or anything they choose to put into the bins. The bins are
also removable for easy loading or cleaning.
With the addition of the Perfect Door Bins, I was able to change the
large crisper in the cabinet of the unit. I designed the crisper to be
large, but not so large that food would be compressed by stacking
items. I added two bins that slide along the top rail of the crisper. The
bins can also be removed for loading. With the addition of drain
holes to the removable bins, produce can be cleaned directly in the
door bins.
chest freezer basket
Our team observed how people
use their freezer to store numerous
items. The redesign of the chest
freezer was based on the fndings
that most of the freezers we stud-
ied were disorganized. While
managing our interns, I challenged
them to come up with a new
basket design, which would help
with organization and also come in
at the same cost as our existing
basket, which has been in use since
the early 90s.
chest freezer basket
Our design team incorporated a living hinge after creating
numerous sketches and mock-ups. The living hinge allows
the basket to collapse. This feature proves to be cost effec-
tive, saving the company shipping costs. The basket rim
design not only strengthens the basket, but also allows for
future storage solutions based on the rim design.
chest freezer basket
To help with organization, the basket rim can be molded in
different colors to help with organization such as red for raw
meats, green for vegetables, orange for kids items, etc.
The basket rim is designed with two handles, enabling the
consumer to move the basket easily in and out of the freezer.
The previous basket did not include this design feature.
previous design
new design
When researching freezers in customers homes, one thing
became obvious, the lack of organization. People seem to accept
that there is no organized solution for storage in their freezers.
When conducting our research, we noticed that more than 50% of
the customers inventory was prepackaged boxed foods such as
dinners, lunches, pizzas and bagged foods. I sought to find a
solution that would help the customer organize their frozen food storage.
I began with very broad concept sketches in the early stage I did not
want to rule out any possible design or solution. One consideration
was the option of having a clip that could be used to hold up boxes
on their sides and also have a hook for hanging a bag. My ideas were
presented to other designers, as well as engineers, to narrow down a
production method.
I then created some rough foam core mock-ups. When I was
satisfied with how it would work, I created a CAD model and SLA
models to use for my presentations to product line managers and
the division vice president.
I developed a solution called the Bookend. This piece keeps boxes vertical,
the same way bookends are used to keep books upright. The user can find
what they are looking for in the same way they would find a book on a
shelf. When the user removes a box, the rest remain standing. The bookend
can be moved in seconds. I also developed a bookend that works on glass
Due to the lack of storage solutions, frozen food boxes
are stacked on top of one another along with bags and
other items. Usually the item the user needs is the one
in the middle or on the bottom, resulting in the user
pulling out the needed package while pushing back the
remaining stacked boxes.
My team also created a bookend that worked with the glass shelves as well.
With the edition of the Soft Freeze Bin and the Bookends, the upright freezer
provided the end user with a way to finally organize their freezer in a more
efficient way.
Frigidaire Redesign
The Frigidaire redesign incorporated all of the major appliances and
three levels of brand identity. Each level has its own visual brand
language but maintains a consistent feel across the entire Frigidaire
line. My role in this two year project was to co-manage the design,
model-build, and communicate the new VBL with engineering,
marketing and sales.
Frigidaire Redesign
One of the project requirements was to ensure that identified cost
targets were met, this involved working with engineering and manu-
facturing teams in five different North American locations. Existing
tooling within each of these five facilities was crucial in the imple-
mentation for the new parts created by the New Frigidaire VBL.
Frigidaire Redesign
I had the responsibility of being the communication link between
engineering & vendors to ensure that parts, regardless of material,
reflected the design intent. Since different vendors are used accord-
ing to factory needs, I coordinated with these vendor partners both
overseas and domestic to have prototype and production parts
Frigidaire Redesign
Design validation was achieved when the models were taken to
research and tested with consumers.
Frigidaire Redesign
The important design elements to the Frigidaire Gallery VBL are both
the chamfers and trim, however what separates this from Frigidaire
Professional is the high contrast used within the Gallery products. I
played a key role in the development of these design aspects which
brings together the different products within this sub-brand line up.
Frigidaire Redesign
Our team felt the high contrast elements were an important aspect
to carry through the entire line up of appliances within this Frigidaire
Gallery line.
Frigidaire Redesign
This Design was well received when both my manager and I
presented to the Vice Presidents and the CEO of Electrolux Major
nicolas saeger
thank you