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Leadership & community development project


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To work towards economic empowerment of womens through technical
educational dexterous and committed to provide clean & healthy environment
to rustic communities
To serve as Making enable womens of deprived communities to engage themselves
in the practice of economic development and reshape their living order by
providing professional training platform likewise, to work with rural communities
inhabitants to bring a permanent end solutions of sanitation system for a dirt free
& vigorous future environment
Gender equality.

Economic empowerment

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Support & capacity building
Quality work

Respect culture and custom.
Avoid conflicts of interest.
Fund will not be used to further a particular political or religious group.
Fund is utilized apart from of the race, creed of the recipients in fact on the basis of
poverty level and community condition.
Fund will be utilized on the core problem of a community, women empowerment &
Our goals are:
Poverty mitigation.
Womens empowerment.
Discrimination free environment.
Making poor womens productive.
Development of rural areas.
For Better lifestyle of underprivileged communities.
To provide a platform to poor womens at where they can prove themselves.
Provide opportunities to the poor communities womens to learn technical skills and
participate in national income and development.
Provide basic necessities and infrastructure to poor communitys people.
Resolve major issues of poor communities with their mutual consensus.
To create awareness among the people regarding cleanliness.
Establish dirt free environment.
To provide sanitation infrastructure.
Prosperity & development of poor communities.

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To raise funds through collection, donation or subscription and other mean and invest
money in such manner.
The objectives for which following foundation is going to establish are as follow:
Participate welfare activities in poor communities in relation to elimination of poverty
and womens empowerment.
To work for uplifting the status of women in the society.
Solidify poor communitys womens participation in developmental activities and we
want to provide a platform to poor communitys women at where they would be able to
stand on their own feet.
To help and generate vocational training programmed for self employment of women.
Provide platform in each rural communities.
To provide our services for the betterment of society.
Addressing & raising poor communitys issues.
Equal resources for all groups in society.
We want to give awareness to all poor communities regarding sanitation.
We want to see all rural communities dirt free.
Want to create an environment at where everyone can move on without any prejudice.
To undertake any other work or assignment that may be for the general welfare of the
poor people.

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No more discrimination
Lalazar colony thokar niaz baig Lahore Pakistan
Khan Nepal Pind Jiyabaga Road off to Raiwind Road Lahore.

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CEO (abdul
financial planning
fund arrangement
accounts handeling
Fund raising team
funds check &
report to managing
recruitment &
provide labour
arrange meetings
with resource
make connection
with differen ngos
give report to vice
media spokesperson
public relation
planning &
managing all
marketing activities
report to managing
admin manager)
office boy
Cleanness sweeper

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1. CEO sops
The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of our following foundation is MR ABDUL REHMAN.
He will take all decisions to run this foundation and make policies to run it efficiently. As a core
think thank of following foundation he will plan all projects and make rules and regulations. And
allocate different task to his panel members and decide in which orientation will have to move on
for best consequences moreover, he will also control all the hurdles incurred during the
accomplishment of projects.
2. Managing director sops
The managing director duty will be performed for following foundation by MR ARSLAN. He is
considered much important after CEO. And execute all works from his subordinate and report it
to CEO. He will monitor and check the performance of all other departments and motivate and
appreciate them to achieve given goal in time moreover he will also assist all departments and
play a role like a bridge between CEO and other departments. After approval of any task from
CEO he will convey it to all departments and make them obedient for it fulfillment on time and
he will try his utmost to resolve all working issues and conflicts from his head
3. Marketing department sops
The marketing department is under the supervision by marketing head and the marketing head of
following foundation is MISS IQRA RAFIQUE. She will control all the measures of marketing
and will be responsible for all activities under marketing department her role and duties will be
as follow:
To make policies how to advertise our foundation and convey its mission and vision to
others effectively.
Develop marketing strategies and plan
Train marketing force

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Respond the complains of clients
Examine the place of advertisement
To evaluate the market condition and current & potential clients.
Involve in overall strategy of foundation.
Identify promotional tools
Identify marketing overall budget
Report all executions to managing director
4. Finance department sops
The finance department is under the supervision by finance head and the finance head of
following foundation is MR HASHIM BIN SHAHBAZ. He will control all the dealings of
finance and will be responsible for all activities under finance department his role and duties will
be as follow:
He will be majorly involved in financial planning
Involved in strategic planning of foundation
He will generate funds
All decision related to accounts will be done by him
He will maintain all financial statement of our foundation
He will look after all jobs of related to accounts
Organize fund raising team
Design fund raising ideas
Identify total budget to finance departments, other departments and overall for projects
and foundation
He will forecast the capital
Report all financial activities to managing director
5. HR department sops
The HR department is under the supervision by HR head and the HR head of following
foundation is MR ZEESHAN. He will control all the dealings of HR and will be responsible for
all activities under HR department his role and duties will be as follow:

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Make a link and deal with outside persons who were required as timely as possible for our
Involved in strategic planning of foundation
Recruitment of employees and their training
Performance evaluation and rewards
Monitoring of employees
Estimate and provide total labor for projects
Arrangement and organize of material and other resources
Provide alternatives
Arrange meetings with required persons and NGOS
Advisory services to management and management
Report to managing director
6. Administration department sops
The administration department is under the supervision by admin head and the administration
head of following foundation is MR IMRAN. He is working as a volunteer for this foundation.
He will control all the activities of administration and will be responsible for all activities under
administration his role and duties will be as follow:
Arranging all office and foundation equipment
Informing all decisions by core management to all departments
Giving salaries to all employees
Involve in planning of foundation
Make connections between different departments with each other
Supervision all activities that will be perform in our foundation
Looking overall performance of our foundation
Maintain discipline
Look after the performance of all employees included guards, sweepers, office boy etc

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Create awareness regarding discrimination and dirt free environment
Promoting & Providing technical education program for rural womens at free
of cost and at massive scale through opening vocational centers in their nearby
schools and encourage cleanliness to build healthier life by using different and
inexpensive effective marketing tool

Stand up for discrimination
Goals (marketing)
Create awareness about our work in the university.
Create awareness about our project in following overall community
To get the funds for our work in that community
Won the trust of people
Won the support of any NGO.
Create awareness of our project and attract funds for its execution.
Attract the NGOS of Lahore towards this community.

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Objectives (marketing)
To create awareness about our foundation (piyam-e-subha)
To create awareness how womens of rural communities could be productive.
To create awareness regarding discrimination free environment.
To attract potential customers.
To promote our work worldwide through seminars, presentation etc
To create the image of our foundation and our work in the mind of each people.
To create awareness about our foundation and by doing so collects funds from people and
industries owner.
Raise rural communitys issues on upper level.
SWOT analysis
Most of the poor communities do not have vocational centers.
There are just few NGOS in Lahore who are working on womens empowerment and for
cleanliness regards.
Efficient team work.
People of the community are co operative
Energetic & hardworking team
Support & trust of community
We have support of our university and our talented class instructor and leader.
Limited funds
Limited resources
Cannot work in evening and night as the rural areas are not secure in these times.
Limited staff
Shortage of Time
By doing a lot people will trust on us and will donate funds for further development.
No vocational center in this area feasibility of its success is more.

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We can attract more womens from adjacent villages.
There is no any kind of our competitor over there.
We can also open such sort of vocational centers in nearby villages.
People with positive reaction can also motivate other people
By improving sanitation system and cleanliness campaign adjacent villages can also be
motivated and will contact to us or will try to do something by their own.
We can attract reputable NGOS & government representatives with our good
Limited resources available
Political forces and restriction by community
Cover a lot of distance for purchases of resources as this village is far away from city.
Electricity problem
High illiteracy rate
People with wrong observation can discourage others.
Long term process
Check and balance
People Unawareness
Uncertain environment conditions
Market Segmentation
Demographic segmentation:
There is no age limit and no boundary of gender. The people of all age level are included
Psychographic segmentation:
Psycho graphically our main target will be poor people and rural women who have no
recourses for work.
Geographic segmentation:

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We will focus poor rural outskirts of Lahore.

Target audience
Our targeted audience will be
Womens and girls of poor rural communities.
People of those communities.
Direct or internal audience
Team members
Working staff
Our university
Vocational center management
Household Womens & girls of following village
Community schools
Community government and private representatives
Having all age population of following village
Community businesses, industries and elite class.

Indirect or external audience
Other rural communities
Other communitys womens and girls
Schools of other villages
University students
Other universities

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Big industries and businesses
Local NGOS
International NGOS
Population of Pakistan
Promotional activities or medium
We will adopt several promotion strategies for promotion and advertisement of our vision in
order to get people attraction and funds that are as follow:-
Word of mouth strategy
Through stickers
Through foundation business card
By organizing a concert in university
Organizing different events in universities
By organizing our shirts having name and logo
By organizing caps with name and logo
Through a stall
Halloween party in university
Arm wrestling competition in university
Cricket tournament in university
Through our official website
Through our official face book page
Through our twitter official account
Advertisement through different websites

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Door to door awareness
Personal awareness
Coupons system
Through organize a movie in auditorium
Through messaging service
Through email
Through newspaper
Through ticket system
Description of each promotional activity
Word of mouth: By this strategy our project will promote rapidly and at free of cost
we dont need to invest on this aspect and it will be most efficient and easy way to
promote our project to everyone. it will automatically promote our project.
Flexes: We will design 8 to 10 flexes & positioned them all over in the area of khan
Nepal colony and 1 to 2 in university. Well place them on every pole of every street
to give awareness to people towards importance of womens empowerment &
Banners: By designing big banners around three to four we will make it visible in the
surroundings of university, khan Nepal colony and some other places at where it would
be easily focus to everyone.
Stickers: In this strategy we will design 1000 stickers and give it to peoples so they will
paste it in their vehicles.
Pamphlets: By distributing pamphlets we will also advertisement our project and vision
very easily for it we will design around 2000 pamphlets. We will distribute it near to
colony so its adjacent colonies so that they come to know about this project, in
universities, inside some areas of Lahore etc
Brochures: here we will give away brochures to the people of whole community
regarding awareness of our work. It will be in Urdu so they can understand it easily. In
this brochures the information regarding our foundation its future work and work in that
community, our foundation name, logo, vision etc by doing this people will trust us more
and will be aware more. Around 500 to 1000 will be printed.

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Business card: by printing business card we will give it to specific people who will be
interested about to get to know more about this foundation. For this around 1000 business
card will printed having logo, office phone number and organization name.
Concert: for fund raising as we required a huge amount of funds we will organize a
concert in university, for this we will call some popular singers and who have popularity
among people. A pass will be sale out and its price will be around 100 for fund collection
to that community.
Events: likewise, for fund raising few events like arm wrestling and sports events like
superior university league will be organize in which we will give awards to winning
contestant and to participate in this events some amount of money will be collected form
Caps & shirts: for marketing of our project and that community we will design around
six shirts and six caps having foundation names, and slogan. So it will help us to promote
our foundation more rapidly.
University stalls: we will distribute pamphlets to university students and some kinds of
other things for publicity of our foundation and our work in university. It is another
useful tool for promotion in our internal audience is stalls. To promote our project in
university we arranged stalls in university premises.
Halloween party: we have a plan of organizing a Halloween party in superior university
like it is held in other universities of Lahore for fund raising. We will be first one who are
organizing this kind of party in our university. Student will definitely participate in this
kind of event. It will really help us for collection of funds.
Singing competition: we will organize singing competition in our university a huge
amount of constant will participate in this competition. By this we will recall some
celebrities. They will appreciate the winner of this competition. It will also give
awareness to students of university.
Website: our official website will be great source of our marketing and publicity. We
will mention all our activity in our website and the address of our website will be mention
out in our business card and all other promotional activities.
Face book page: the official page of our foundation will be created also as nowadays
mostly people have face book accounts we will publicize our foundation through face

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book aggressively. It will help us out maximum reorganization of our foundation and its
Twitter account: twitter account will also help us out for the regard of our foundation
marketing. It will also utilize for promotion.
Through other website: we have a plan that we will promote our foundation through
adds in different website like today we can see other business adds in Google, face book
Through friends circle: it is another very good tool for promotion of our foundation that
we will let our friends known about our project and foundation and we can also publicize
it through their resources.
Door to door awareness: we can also promote our foundation by giving door to door
awareness to other people who are ignorant about it. It is also another tool that we will
Personal awareness: we can also give awareness to others by our own. We can convey
our vision to others by our personal effort as well.
Coupons system: we will collect a lot of funds through this sort of scheme and also
promote our foundation.
Organizing a movie in university: it is also an opportunity that we have we will
organize a movie in new castle. The name of the movie will be THE COLLECTION
it will also enhance our funds as it is free source for us. We just need permission from our
university. Here ticket will be around 100 RS for each and around 50 students will watch
this movie and that amount will be utilized on our project.
Messaging service: it is also an effective way to convey our vision and foundation to
others here we can utilize our message package and utilize it to maximum as we can.
Targeted numbers of messages will be sent on daily basics by each member of team for
the sake of our foundation promotion.
Email: likewise we will also have email technique for promotion tool. We will utilize it
also for promotion purposes.
Through newspaper: we will publicize our foundation through newspaper e.g. nai baat
it will cost around. It will not only promote our project to all university campuses but also

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other people of Pakistan. It will be much efficient way that we will have to promote our
Through ticket system: we will print 10000 tickets having 10RS price for each we will
collect funds for that poor communities through that ticket. In this ticket there will be
serial numbers and having pictures of that poor communities people and the logo of our
foundation and its name it will also help us out for collection of funds and marketing of
our foundation.

Marketing budget
Item Size Quantity Rate per
5*2 8 250 250*8 = 2000
10*3 4 450 450*4 = 1800
Standard size 1000 1 RS 1000*1 = 1000
Standard size 2000 1 RS 2000*1 = 2000
Standard size 1000 3RS 1000*1 = 3000
Business card
Standard size 1000 50 paisa 0.50*100 = 500
XL 6 600 600*6 = 3600
// 6 300 6*300 = 1800
// 1 1000 1000*1 = 1000
// 1 5000 5000*1 = 5000
Standard 10000 0.40 paisa 0.40*10000 = 4000
Total expenses
Miscellaneous expenses
Total marketing budget

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Stand up