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Professional Portfolio Artifact(s) Reflections

Cover Sheet
PLO 2: Design, implement, and evaluate environments and activities that support positive
developmental play and learning outcomes for all young children.
List of Artifacts to be addressed in this reflection:
CD! "#$ %ntro to Curriculum: &loc' plan(CD! 2"$ Practicum: implemented &loc' plan
CD! "#$ %ntro to Curriculum: Activity planning forms(CD! 2"$ Practicum:
implemented Activity planning forms
CD! ")$ Observation and Assessment: *C*+,( CD! 2"$ Practicum: Designs for Living
and Learning
I. Explanation: What specific knowledge, skills, and belief systems
do I have that demonstrate my competence for this PL!
I am able to make and implement a week long block plan that contains a curriculum
that is interesting to the children in the classroom and is easily adaptable to make it
developmentally appropriate for the different levels the children in the classroom are
at. CHDV 15 taught me the skills to create a well thought out block plan that I was
later able to implement in a classroom in CHDV !1. I believe it is important to have
a loose plan that can be changed in case the children"s interests change. I have
provided the block plan that was created and used in CHDV !1 during my #$eacher
in Charge% week.
In CHDV 15& I learned how to create an activity that had intent and purpose for
building children to the ne't level in their development. I am skilled in creating these
activities for children that are both interesting to the children in the classroom and is
also developmentally appropriate. I have included some of my favorite activities that
the children were engaged in doing while I was doing my CHDV !1 class. I believe
it is important to get to know each child so that I can create activities that are fun for
children and keep their interest while at the same time& building their development.
I learned of the (C()* while taking CHDV 1+. I learned how to use the rating
scale to rate different aspects of the classroom. I am skilled in the ability to use the
(C()* to create an environment in the classroom that is aesthetically pleasing to
children and families. I believe the way the environment is set up& dictates how the
children may behave in the classroom. I believe the changing of the environment
should be taken into consideration when trying to redirect the behavior of children&
such as, are -uiet areas of the classroom defined and separate from the noisier
activities in the classroom& so children know they have a place they can go to rela'.
II. "rowth: #ow do these artifacts demonstrate my growth in
knowledge and skill!
$he artifacts I have included for my block plan& are one from CHDV 15. $his is the
very first block plan I created as part of my thematic. I have grown in my knowledge
of block plans by creating one for CHDV !1 and implementing it in a classroom.
/efore I took the intro to curriculum class& I was nervous about curriculum planning.
0fter learning how to create a curriculum and then having to implement one& I feel
much more confident and skilled in this area.
I have included three activity planning forms that I created in CHDV 15. $hese are
activities that I worked hard to plan& but did not implement in a classroom. $o show
my growth and knowledge in these activity plans& I included three planning forms
that I completed and got to do with the children in the classroom. 0fter completing
CHDV 1+& I was also more knowledgeable in the use of the D)D1"s& so I included
them in the planning forms as ob2ectives& where as in CHDV 15& I did not include
these D)D1 measures for ob2ectives.
$o show my growth in the (C()*& I included my designs for living and learning
pro2ect that was part of my #$eacher in Charge% week for CHDV !1. $he designs for
living and learning shows my knowledge of the importance of an aesthetically
pleasing environment& and the importance of including items in the classroom that
will create a rich environment.
III. $pplication: #ow am I going to b%ild on the knowledge and skills
that are demonstrated &In other words, what are yo%r next steps!' and
how will the knowledge, skills, or belief systems be integrated into my
f%t%re teaching practice.
% may not be able to create and implement activities and changes to the classroom
environment right a-ay, ho-ever, % am a substitute in the preschool classrooms for the Apple
!alley ,chool District and -ill practice -hat % can in those classrooms. % am hopeful to learn
different strategies from the teachers in those classrooms.
% am loo'ing for-ard to being in my o-n classroom -here % can use some more of the
activities that % have planned and learn different -ays of doing them so they fit the needs of the
children in the classroom.