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A big welcome to all
network marketers in the world at
OBTAINER WORLDWIDE - the first global
network marketing magazine!


Dear Readers,
the time has come again: The new edition of OBTAINER WORLDWIDE is whizzing in the form of zeros and
ones through the digital networks, is materializing on you screen and is available in the very same second
for you to download and print out. The whole thing at a price that is that we can without exaggeration call
“unrivaled.” Free! For nothing! “Pro bono,” you could say. At the same time reading our magazine is by no
means “for nothing” – (even if I fear that this wordplay could “fall by the wayside” in the course of translation
into English or Bahasa – as has indeed been the case with English – Translator‘s note).

By this I want to say that you can draw very real “profit” – for yourself and your business! – through reading
all the exciting and informative reports from the colorful world of network marketing and direct distribu-
tion that you will also find in this edition. Because the information that OBTAINER delivers to you free of
charge is material that numerous other media would also like to “sell” you – a process where the prices are
often astonishing. The added value (cf. the editorial in the last issue) is, to say the least, often questionable in
the case of many of these offerings. So it is no wonder that OBTAINER is becoming more and more popular
month by month – and that worldwide!

The response that we have received, particularly from the Middle East region, to our title story “The ‚healer
in the jar‘ conquers Arabia” was simply overwhelming! Also from Ethiopia, South Africa and Malaysia we
have received enthusiastic and encouraging e-mails which have made us in the editorial team very happy.
This praise is a great incentive for us. And so we are confident, no, certain, that our networking friends in all
these countries will have great enjoyment with the present issue – even if this time our title story originates
in Germany.

With PM International AG we are presenting the largest and most stable network marketing company that
Germany has to offer at present. The exciting thing here, particularly for networkers in Asia and other re-
gions, will probably be the fact that PM is currently at the beginning of a phase of expansion and the company


strategy has a global orientation. This means that for numerous people in these populous countries terrific
opportunities for taking their personal fates into their own hands and achieving extraordinary incomes will
be on offer. With the well-known tenacity, single-mindedness and stamina that characterizes many people in
these countries numerous income millionaires will arise in the course of this process.

This in turn is an opportunity for the high-fliers among the German PM consultants to carve out a large slice
of the international market cake. The fact that products “made in Germany” have an excellent reception in
Asia is something that has been proved. The figures that the new PM Logistics Center in Singapore can show
speak clearly. Now only “coaching made in Germany” has to be added and the win-win situation is perfect.
And that is precisely what OBTAINER stands for too.

“Digital infotainment with a high utility value” is a description that also fits our concept. Let us take only the
column by Daniela Szasz, which you regularly read in our magazine. The tips that the congenial top-level
leader, who has managed to make it into the President‘s Team at PM in record time, makes available to our
readers are time and again a pleasure to read and are often “worth their weight in gold.” Also Alexander
Plath, whose writings are regularly published in OBTAINER and who is the author of the popular series on
“first impressions”, has been closely linked with PM for many years.

Seen from this angle this is again an “issue of synergy effects” – and that is how it is supposed to be. For this
reason too our title story “Experience success” will shortly be available as a personalized print-on-demand
version at We are certain that numerous PM distribution partners both in Ger-
many and in Asia will make use of this reasonably priced opportunity for professional self-promotion, which
is at present available on the market. The fact that we can say this fills us with pride. (To say this openly is
almost “unseemly” in Germany – but in the countries of Asia and also in the USA this is no problem – and
that is a good thing!)

Speaking of the USA: At the moment OBTAINER Founder Michael Sander and our COO, Dirk Hala, are
on a business trip together in the United States in order to promote further the global anchoring of the
OBTAINER MEDIA GROUP in the world of international networking. In the course of their trip they are
visiting numerous companies, participating in conventions and meetings and speaking with quite a few of
the “top people” in the industry. Next month the trip moves on to Japan. In this way – and also by a few other
paths – the latest background information finds its way to our editorial team from all over the world.

Here it sometimes appears as if, although network marketing was launched in the Occident, it is really only
started to flourish properly in the Orient. Where the inhabitants of the Occident laboriously pioneered a
passable business trail, the inhabitants of the Orient are turning it into a broad magnificent avenue that
people in the West can only observe with amazement. Because in the whole Asian region as a result of cul-
tural conditioning network marketing takes place in a more or less “natural manner” by means of personal
contacts. People meet and occasionally they bring friend or relative along, then people visit each other again
and thus they show their social respect and in this manner they have fun carrying out their job as well as
earning money.

This attitude is the right one – and it works in all countries in the world! Because even if it is already a bit
more widespread in Asia, the good news is: It is something you can learn! Reading OBTAINER helps you to
do this.

And until things have reached that stage: Stay strong!

Tomas Klünner

Page 128:
Luxury water
as a symbol of status

Text: Tomas Klünner

hat do top-class athletes from all over International was born. With three employees, barely 100
the world have in common with the en- square meters of storage space and optimism aplenty busi-
trepreneur and economic senator Rolf ness was started in August 1993. The decision to open up a
Sorg, the founder and Chairman of the new perspective for the distribution partners of his downline
Board of PM-International AG? A lot! would now pay off: The young company had as a result a well-
Not only the desire and the will to reach the very top and to trained and highly motivated distribution team at its disposal
belong to the “best of the best”, not only the discipline and from the very start. Already in the first 16 months this team
staying power to keep his eyes focused on his own goals, not achieved a turnover of almost 10 million Deutschmarks and so
only the willingness to work hard and to go to the limits of laid the foundation for today‘s company, which although still
physical and mental performance, but also in addition Fit- a family company has matured into a company that is doing
Line, a range of extraordinary nutrition supplements and vital business in over 30 countries and on 5 continents all over the
substance products which have proved their effectiveness in world. In the course of this the company through its products,
achieving top-class performance. “Experience results” is Fit- its projects and the business opportunity it offers has contrib-
Line‘s slogan. A slogan that is evidence of “understatement,” uted and continues to contribute to improving and – in the
as the examination of the history of this largest German net- real sense of the word – enriching the lives of many people
work marketing company, which we will be making in the fol- around the world.
lowing pages, shows. Because at the end of our analysis stands
the recognition that another slogan would be even more ac- In order for a company to prosper to such an extent the col-
curate: “PM-International – Experience success!” laboration (of several extraordinary personalities is necessary.
And so in the course of the years a whole range of extremely
At the start of this success story, whose subtitle is “With Fit- committed, competent and inspiring people have contributed
Line to the top,” is – a bankruptcy! The young Rolf Sorg, at their own chapters to the PM success story. In the front rank
that time not yet 20, learned while on holiday that the net- of these we have to mention the nutrition scientist Dr. Ger-
work marketing company he had been working for for several hard Schmitt, who began working for PM in Spring 1995 and
years and where he had been achieving five-figure commis- who through the development of the nutrition transport con-
sions had file for bankruptcy. A shock, which for many people cept (NTC) made a decisive contribution to the success of the
would have led to despair and frustration. But not in his case! company. The nutrition and sport scientist is responsible for
True to the conviction of winners that “every failure carries monitoring the quality of the whole range of FitLine products.
in it the germ of an even greater success” the trained car me- In addition he works for PM as a consultant and as a seminar
chanic, who had broken off his studies to become an industrial leader on questions of nutrition provision. Thanks to his in-
engineer because of his success in network marketing, ana- novations the company was in a position to almost double its
lyzed the situation. He recognized the responsibility he bore turnover in its second year of business and the sales since then
towards his downline and decided to buy up the assets of his have shown an uninterrupted upward trend. By contrast, the
former partner company. Thanks to his skill at negotiation he American networking legend Larry Thompson, who Rolf Sorg
succeeded in purchasing the stock on easy terms – and PM- was able to enthuse for PM at the end of 1995, made only a

PM-Zentrale in Speyer

Above: PM-International AG with its Logistics Center in Speyer, Germany; Those who show particular commitment to PM receive a leasing
rate allowance month after month – for luxury class vehicles (right)

short “guest appearance.” But although Larry Thompson re- Here Joachim Heberlein‘s start appears to have been the exact
turned to America only one year later in order to set up his opposite. In 1995 he moved to PM from another networking
own networking company, this “coup” helped the new compa- company where he had been at least 20,000 Deutschmarks a
ny to gain considerable publicity. Already by the end of 1996 month – and nevertheless he decided to start again from zero
the turnover was 32 million Deutschmarks. By the end of 1998 with PM. He too has never regretted this decision and he has
it had already reached 75 million Deutschmarks – and this de- known for a long time that he made the right choice at that
spite the fact that at that time a large number of the products time.
available today were not yet available to the company!
In the coming years the global expansion of PM is on the or-
Not least among those responsible for this development were der of the day. A symbol of this strategic orientation of the
the leading distributors. Representing all those distribution company is the newly created “Logistics Center Asia,” which
partners who made this possible we will here only mention was inaugurated by Rolf Sorg in Singapore in October 2008
Carsten Ledulé and Joachim Heberlein, the current top lead- (as reported in OBTAINER). “With this opening we are laying
ers of PM. Carsten Ledulé was a PM consultant from day one. the basis for expansive participation in the largest market vol-
He began in 1993, at first on a part-time basis, but after a few ume in the world,” said the PM founder and chairman on this
months he decided he preferred to work for PM on a full-time occasion. Since the opening of the Logistics Center Asia and
basis after all. A wise decision which has led to the situation the commitment to the Asian market PM-International has
today that the former chemical laboratory assistant now earns looked back on a very positive development in this region. In
more in a month than he did in a whole year in his old job. particular, for example, the turnover in Taiwan, Malaysia and

From market leader in Europe to
Global Player in the growth market

Singapore has risen strongly. Follow-up business has led to visit to the doctor out of their own pockets are simply more
gaining a foothold in Indonesia, Hong Kong and Bangladesh. strongly interested in maintaining health and prevention than
All of these are arguments and good reasons for strengthening people who in such cases only have to hand over a plastic card.
the push to expand. Especially since, according to information Since in particular the FitLine products cater for the elemen-
from the company, networkers in Asia are are distinguished tary needs of all people for lasting performance and fitness to
by “enormous motivation and commitment.” The dedication a great age, PM is encountering immense interest in Asia. The
or business partners in Asia for the products “made in Ger- uncompromising quality of the premium products produced
many” was “simply overwhelming,” announced a company in accordance with the strict GMP standard of the pharmaceu-
spokesman recently. The reason for this is also the fact that tical industry is encountering very pronounced quality con-
social structures in Asian countries place responsibility for sciousness and enjoys high prestige there. Since the products
health provision in private hands to a much greater extent show recognizable results and offer a benefit that is compre-
than in Western countries. People who have to pay for every hensible in the long run, more and more people in the region

recognize the opportunity that PM is offering them on their home market. Here the business opportunity
offered by PM is the same all over the world. The distributors receive the opportunity to offer sponsorship
worldwide using unique support tools. The network of PM offices, which is constantly being extended, provides
here for adherence to strictly legal business and helps to allow for varying national conditions.
But back here in Germany and also again back in time. Already a few months after the foundation of the original “PM
Cosmetics & Nahrungsergänzung Vertrieb GmbH” (PM Cosmetics & Nutrition Supplement
Distribution Ltd.) the first warehouse had become too small and a move to the neighboring
community, Frankenthal, was necessary. This is where the firm was located until October
2003, before a new move to the current premises in Speyer, where the company now has
more 1,000 sq. meters of office space and and 2,6000 sq. meters of warehouse space. Al-
ready in 1994 the company “PM-International S.A.” had been set up in Luxembourg as
a holding company for financial control, trade mark and patent administration purpos-
es; the marketing and advertising departments are also part of this company. By 2004,
when PM was transformed into a joint-stock company listed on the stock exchange, the
annual turnover had grown to over 100 million euros and the company had been selected
three times in a row as one of the “Top 100” most innovative companies among small and
medium-sized business in Germany. This was an award that PM also received in the years
2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 – and again in 2009 for the eighth time in a row! Here PM is
actually the the only network marketing company to have ever received this
award. This is also an award that has also been rewarded by
by the financial world. For example, PM-International has
received a rating of 100 out of a possible 100 points, the
highest number possible, from “Dun & Bradstreet.”
In addition in 2002 and 2004 PM received the “Top
Job” award and can therefore be counted among the
most popular employers in Germany. At the mo-
ment 171 permanent members of staff have one
of these “Top Jobs” and through their commit-
ment they see to it that in building up their
distribution business the independent dis-
tributors have the support of well-oiled
back office and prompt delivery of the
Although in the summer of
2005 the management be-
gan to issue 300,000
preference shares
subject to transfer
restrictions to its

For the 8th time in a row PM International AG
receive the “Top 100” award for the innovative
strength of the company from a scientifically
independent center, presented by the mentor,
Lothar Späth



the FitLine nutrition supplement line comes from

PM- International. “The development of new standards
such as the unique FitLine nutrition transport concept
(NTC) in an international team are for us the precondi-
tions for effective products, which are to some extent
covered by patents. Cooperation with well-known in-
ternational manufacturers who produce in accordance
with the highest quality standards (GMP) is conse-
quently the condition for the highest quality and safety
of the products.”
— Rolf Sorg, Dr. Gerhard Schmitt


business partners in order to let them participate in the com- support and supervision of competitive athletes, true to the
pany‘s success, Rolf Sorg categorically rules out trading of motto: “What is good enough for the professionals is the road
PM shares on the stock market. In the case of the preference to fitness and well-being for every health-conscious person.
stock issued only the shareholders entered into the share reg- Meanwhile sportsmen and women from all disciplines are us-
ister are classified by the company as being shareholders with ing the FitLine products in order to be able to achieve the best
a right to vote and receive dividends. Without the appropri- possible results and PM-International is the official supplier
ate registration a person can own shares but has no right – or of numerous sports organizations – including the German Ice
only a limited right – to claim dividends or vote. In this way Hockey Federation (DES),, the Federation of German Cyclists
PM-International is ensuring that the principles, ethics and (BDR), the Bavarian Tennis Federation (BTV) and the Ger-
values of the company can be preserved for generations. “Be- man Skiing Federation (DSV) – as well as the national teams
cause if decisions are only made by considering shareholder of numerous countries. Top athletes such as the extreme
value, these values will quickly fall by the wayside,” argues sportsman Achim Heukemes, the triathlete Karin Düring, the
Rolf Sorg, who was appointed an economic senator in the World Cup winner Sabine Gasteiger, the gold-medalist Sylke
European Economic Senate (EES) in March 2005. This is a Otto, the kick-boxing world champion Marco Ross and the
position which repeatedly reveals to him clearly the seamy professional footballer Sean Dundee – to mention just a few –
side of an uncontrollable “casino capitalism.” “PM is definite- “swear by” FitLine products as an indispensable part of their
ly aware of its strength as a family company;” explains the training and nutrition program.
charismatic and dynamic man in his mid-40s in an interview
with OBTAINER: “The advantages lie in independence from All FitLine users report as with one voice of a higher perfor-
shareholder value, in the flat hierarchy and the opportunities mance level, better concentration, greater resilience, quicker
arising out of this to reach decisions very quickly.” The other regeneration, lower injury rates and numerous other positive
side pf the same coin is the long-term nature of the strategic effects. Here, of course, it is extremely important for competi-
orientation, which has virtually become a hallmark of PM. tive athletes that all PM products are constantly tested and
Part of this is the great role that sport plays in the context checked with regard to their relevance for doping controls so
of the intensive public relations of the company. From the the athletes can consume these products without misgivings.
very beginning the company has laid great value on intensive The “secret” of FitLine products lies in the above-mentioned


The BeautyLine contains a special nutrition transport com-
plex (NTC complex) in order to channel nutrients directly
into the skin cells.

nutrition transport concept which carries the nutrients to ex- Competence Team” was specially newly created, is the perfect
actly the place in the body where they are intended to have an skincare for the over-40s – an innovative anti-aging technolo-
effect – into the cells. The NTC ensures better bio-availability gy with long-term and immediate effect. According to the first
of the individual ingredients and and leads to to the situa- first-hand reports “the skin is radiant and full of freshness” and
tion where the users do precisely what the the FitLine slogan wrinkles and fine lines are softened significantly. The Beau-
promises: experience results! tyLine program consists of a day-cream, a night-cream and a
12-hour active serum as well as a special cleansing system. A
Here the FitLine range now consists of more than 20 differ- central aspect of the active components is the NTC technol-
ent products that are able to fulfill the most varied individual ogy already known from FitLine, which in BeautyLine finds
requirements. Supplying the body with Q10, Omega-3 and use as an “NTC complex,” which has been specially registered
other cell-protection substances can therefore be targeted for patent (Registration No.: 08161854.8). In this way the the
quite precisely. The result is more fitness and well-being aw top-quality cosmetic agents are channeled into the prepared
well as more beautiful skin, hair and nails, whereby FitLine skin cells in the form of tiny droplets. The NTC complex thus
becomes the basis for an effective anti-aging strategy that is imitates the multi-level defense system of the skin in an intel-
continually being refined by PM and has just experienced dur- ligent manner and neutralizes the substances responsible for
ing the last weekend in September a provisional highpoint premature aging of the skin. The biologically available ingre-
with the launch of a new series of cosmetics from the success- dients – such as carotinoids, thiotaines and plankton extracts
ful PM brand Laurent Christanel. The distributors gathered – thus manage to get into the skin cells quickly and directly
in the Rosengarten in Mannheim at the “National Congress and unfold there their enduring anti-aging effect. Cell activity
Germany” experienced a very special premiere which brings is optimized, moisture is stored better in the skin cells and
together the FitLine and Laurent Christanel product lines by the DNA in the cells is protected from damaging influences
means of a perfectly coordinated effect “from inside and out- coming from outside. The natural resistance of the skin is
side” to achieve a new dimension of wellness and beauty. The strengthened, the elastin structure is protected and collagen
new BeautyLine Anti-Aging System, for which the “Cosmetics is actively built up. In combination with further anti-aging


from the left: Vicki Sorg, Ralf

Wünsch, Carsten Ledulé, Joachim
Heberlein, Rolf Sorg

ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins and extracts of do not allow themselves to be infected by the general mood,
green tea the NTC ensures that cell regeneration is supported who want to get on in life and simply expect a better lifestyle
and the restructuring of the skin is speeded up. The first users, from life.
who were allowed to test the products in the test phase, were
more than enthusiastic and and predict that the new cosmet- In the final analysis success depends on each individual per-
ics series will be an overwhelming success. sonally, on ambition, motivation and talent. By means of ex-
cellent products and outstanding support for its consultants
This is a success that the distribution partners gathered in PM-International creates optimal preconditions for success.
Mannheim were firmly convinced of at the end of an inspiring Performance is directly rewarded and income becomes more
and highly motivating congress. The opportunities offered to and more lucrative with increasing success. Of course, all
them by the new product line led to an absolutely euphoric partners with PM can decide for themselves to what extent
mood among the participants. No wonder, they know about they want to commit themselves to direct distribution. The
the current economic situation and about the basic principle spectrum ranges from an interesting secondary income to a
of PM-International‘s remuneration system, which is fair and monthly income that unfortunately most people still do not
simple, is oriented consistently on performance and is made dare to dream of. To conclude let us allow Rolf Sorg to have a
up of six different sources of income. As a result every individ- say with some “general words of advice” he would like give to
ual can achieve the goal they have set themselves and they can the readers of OBTAINER: “There are 2 ways of being unsuc-
do so completely independently of the usual preconditions cessful in network marketing. First, don‘t start – and second,
such as training, career history and social status. Particularly don‘t keep at it long enough. What I want to say by that is: Be
in a difficult economic period this positioning makes PM-In- critical, look really carefully at the company you would like to
ternational into an ideal opportunity for all those people who start with. Namely at both the company and the products, the

business philosophy, the people behind it, the experience of
the management and its reliability. When you have reached a
decision, don‘t question it anymore! Carry through your plan,
pursue your goals and keep on the ball. Talk to successful peo-
ple and not unsuccessful ones, orientate yourself on the best
and use all the opportunities for further training your com-
pany offers you. I wish you, every single one of you reading
this, that you achieve your goals, that your desires are fulfilled
and that we all take responsibility together for jointly carry-
ing ethical and reputable network marketing from people for
people around the world.”


PM-International´s National Congress

he top German network PM with a top management reception in the ed drive in the building up of business.
International continually Beethoven Hall of the Dorint Hotel in A lively celebration will follow Saturday
succeeds in combining busi- Mannheim during the evening. On Sat- evening and on Sunday the event will be
ness with pleasure. This will urday the actual congress will take place wrapped up with a tour of PM‘s logistic
also be the case on September 20th in with the new anti aging series of PM‘s center in Speyer and with a top manage-
Mannheim where the “National Con- successful cosmetics “Laurent Cristanel” ment training in the Musen Hall of the
gress” of the PM International AG will being the focus of everyones attention. Rosengarten in Mannheim. Particularly
take place in the Mozart Hall of the Rolf Sorg, Founder and CEO of the com- worth mentioning: Childcare is also ca-
Rosengarten. Following the Congress pany, will also be present and will give tered for all day Saturday including well
networkers and management will cel- the starting signal for the largest spon- into the night. Tickets can be ordered at
ebrate the PM-Oktoberfest together. sor offensive in the history of the PM-In- in the box
People are simply efficient and fit at PM. ternational AG. With this offensive dis- marked “Aktuell” [eng. “current”]. In
The congress will begin on Friday af- tributors with PM International ought to the next edition of the OBTAINER we
ternoon with an inspection of the Nu- double their turnover in a significantly will report in more detail and keep you
trichem plant, this will then be followed shorter time and achieve an unprecedent- up to date on the PM International AG.

Experience Results.

Your Concept for Success!

We offer your two product concepts which have been used by our customers
with great success month by month.
Satisfied customers who have experienced results are the basis of your sales
success! Use our concepts for success too!

Cell Energy-Set
Through NTC® (the Nutrient Transport Concept) the
FitLine Cell Energy-Set delivers nutrients to the exact
place they take effect, namely our billions of cells so
achieving better bioavailability.
Beyond this, the Cell Energy-Set provides the nutri-
ents exactly when the body needs them (morning and
evening) thanks to the modular product concept.

XXS Weight Management

Along with the FitLine products in the XXS Set, a
detailed online support program, the “XXS Coach” is
also available to you, and a DVD with guidelines on
exercise (your personal FitLine XXS trainer) and also a
40 page brochure with numerous diet tips and recipes.
To keep check on your dimensions, a measuring
tape is also included. It has never been easier to lose

Interested? Please visit our Website for further infor- Contact: Patrick Bacher
mation about the products or for more about Sales Director Germany
PM-International and the business idea. An der Hofweide 17
I would also be happy to take time to talk to you in person - do make an 67346 Speyer, Germany
apppointment. Tel: + 49 6232 296 - 306
A brand of PM-International AG

New Vice-President at Agel

hile America is being in the field of “gel-suspension technol- tion and distribution. Black has worked
shaken by economic ogy.” The size of the company has led for and advised direct distribution
crises, the Utah-based to a critical point where it is difficult to companies worth billions. He installed
company Agel has in- find suitable partners who have both the FIFO (first in, first out) system in
creased its worldwide growth. This was sufficient skills and prospect of of man- these companies, increased the shelf
announced by Agel on August 28th, aging the ongoing expansion into other life of products and achieved cost cuts.
2009. The company explains more pre- markets. Now Agel has appointed Fred In addition, he supervised research and
cisely that, since the day in 2004 when Black, an expert in business operations, development, introduced more precise
Agel‘s nutrition supplement came on as vice-president. Fred Black brings specifications in production in order
the market in 12 countries in the form comprehensive experience in the lo- to achieve quality targets and to fulfill
of gel capsules, the company has ex- gistics of global supply chains in to the established production standards. As
panded into over 50 international mar- company. He understands very well vice-president at Agel‘s Fred Black will
kets and has just started to expand in how to sustain your position even in be in charge of research and develop-
numerous other markets and has thus difficult markets and how to work out ment, quality control, sales, deliveries
become the recognized market leader the best solutions in logistics, produc- and storage.


PM Launches New Anti Aging Skin Care Range


he guests at the PM-Interna- successful products will be combined and uniquely presented: Information
tional AG’s “National Con- into an overall concept. Through a per- and expertise were conveyed straight
gress Germany” experienced fect match “from inside and out”, Fit- from the horse’s mouth. As the direct
a very special premiere on Line and BeautyLine bring anti aging marketing company from Speyer are,
September 26th in the Rosengarten to a new dimension, in which the skin with the newly developed premium
in Mannheim. In addition to a huge beams with freshness and wrinkles are BeautyLine skincare range, opening
wealth of innovation surrounding prod- significantly reduced. The new product new market segments and target groups
ucts and sales support tools, PM also range from Laurent Cristanel, Beau- within the cosmetic upper-class for their
presented its vision for a new cosmetic tyLine, is an anti aging skin care for a business partners. More details and
range “BeautyLine” from Laurent Cris- noticeable younger appearance and the background information can be found
tanel. The completely new range means tangible feeling of being fit and vital. in the cover story of the next edition of
a new era in the world of cosmetics for the OBTAINER WORLDWIDE: Experi-
PM team partners. For the first time At the National Congress of Germany, ence success – with FitLine at the top!
both FitLine and Laurent Cristanel’s the new brand labelling was introduced

The World‘s First 24-Hour-a-Day

Internet TV Network Set to Launch is preparing to launch the world’s director and editor for those 20 years. Johns,
first 24-hour-a-day business opportunity net- co-creator, director and editor for
work on the Internet. Created and produced had this to say, “We have created what is be-
by Robin Seymour and Gary Johns. BizBuz. ing called the first global network to produce
tv will air 24 hours a day devoted to income the great American dream is still alive. Due to all types of business opportunities where
opportunities of all kinds – home-based the economic times with people losing jobs people can come and investigate business
businesses, direct selling, franchises, infor- and savings at a record pace it is important opportunities 24 hours a day, on their sched-
mative and entertaining features, and much that they find options to generate an income. ule.” Features will run for 60 seconds, two
more. When Ted Turner started the first gives these people a venue where minutes, six minutes and15 minutes with
24-hour-a-day news network, CNN, people they can review various business opportuni- advertising available for companies world-
thought he was crazy. Who would want news ties and find one that excites them and will wide. The feature will discuss, in depth, the
24 hours a day? Turner was a visionary and allow them to replace the lost income.” Sey- ins and outs of each opportunity and provide
time has proved him out. Now Seymour and mour has been in the television and radio viewers information where they can go to get
Johns are about to take this format into the entertainment business for over 40 years. more information and the needed materials
21st century with, the 24-hour For the last 20 years he has been produc- to start for themselves.
global business opportunity network on the ing infomercials, corporate DVDs and audio
Internet. Seymour, co-creator and producer products with a wide array of products and Companies interested in getting exposure for
had this comment, “There is more opportu- services through his company, Opportunity their products and services through this new
nity in America today than ever before and Productions. His partner, Johns has been his network can contact Robin Seymour.

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with TNI
Welcome on Board!
THE PRODUCT – Professor Dr. Westendorf reports on the
latest noni science.
TNI has been the market leader for more than a decade! All
of the Tahitian Noni products are a combination of
ancient traditions and state-of-the-art science –
for your well-being and your future.
Prof. Dr. Westendorf
Noni opportunity is presented to you by
successful networkers, so you can become
just as successful!
will be spellbound by mentalist Harry Riegel and
his stunning show combining magic and science.
TNI headquarters Harry Riegel, mentalist
To order tickets now, send an e-mail to!
For more information, please call our toll-free call-center hotline at 08 00 82 44 84 26.

Gold-Plated Memories with

“Creative Memories”
In Network Marketing the principle prod- Here the company is concerned with more
ucts distributed are nutrition supplements, than just the products. The well-trained con-
vitamins and juices. Just under 90% of the sultants are supposed to help customers to
products belong to the group wellness and document life stories and memories – from
health, at least according to the market re- weddings via journeys to family history – by
search on which the Industry Report Direct means of personal customer support. The
Distribution 2009 is based. We recently car- company has been in existence for over 20
ried an article on this industry report. on the extremely professional memory man- years and offers its first-class products in
agement of “Creative Memories.” premium quality in 9 countries on 4 conti-
But there are also other nice things that are nents. The company headquarters is in St.
eminently suitable to enrich the lives of cus- According to their own information “Cre- Cloud in Minnesota, USA. 55,000 distri-
tomers by means of multi-level marketing. ative Memories” is the leading producer of bution partners, the vast majority of them
And of course, the lives of the consultants photo-safe albums and presentation mate- women, have set store by the company ac-
too. One of these nice things is photo albums rials. The albums are produced exclusively cording to information from the DSA (Di-
and photo books. From the nostalgically using high-quality materials, for example. rect Selling Association) and market the
hand-made photo album with the pictures They are made from laminated acid- and products at “in-home get-togethers,” a tried-
glued in place and suitable explanatory texts wood-free paper with reinforced corners and-tested sales method. You could also call
under the pictures to the digital photobook which guarantee long storage life. For this these events “memory parties.” “Creative
that complies with the most modern design- reason “Creative Memories” gives a 30-year Memories” operates in the USA, Puerto
er qualities. Those who want to play it safe guarantee on the albums provided they are Rico, Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany,
with regard to their memories can fall back treated properly. Japan, New Zealand and England.

Herbalife to Become Official Sponsor of

FC Valencia
cia, and in the Sports Center, the club‘s and we look forward to being able to sup-
training camp. The Herbalife logo will also port the FC Valencia team to be success-
be emblazoned on the club bus and and ful.” Also at FC Valencia they are proud to
will be visible in the club‘s official media, have gained Herbalife as official sponsor.
“Amunt” magazine and the club‘s official Manuel Llorente, President of FC Valen-
website. cia, says quite clearly: “We are proud of the
Herbalife has announced that the com- partnership with Herbalife and that this
pany has become official sponsor of one Edi Hienrich, Herbalife Senior Vice Presi- company which is respected worldwide
of the leading Spanish football clubs, FC dent and Managing Director for Europa, has made its support for Valencia‘s future
Valencia. In addition Herbalife has also Africa and the Middle East commented public. The fans of Valencia will be grateful
become the official supplier of nutrition on the cooperation with FC Valencia as to Herbalife.”
supplements for the club. This sponsor- follows: “This deal suits us simply particu-
ship brings Herbalife‘s logo into the front larly in view of our emphatic commitment The partnership with FC Valencia is Herb-
line at all of FC Valencia‘s games and also to good nutrition and an active lifestyle.” alife‘s fourth soccer sponsorship. Up to
onto the track pants of the team. In addi- And he continued: “The significance of now Herbalife has been sponsoring LA
tion, the Herbalife brand will be on view good nutrition has been recognized as an Galaxy in the USA, Internationale FC (“In-
in many different media in the Estadia absolutely important and vital component ter Milan”) in Italy and FC Strasbourg in
Mestala, the home stadium of FC Valen- of every form of training in top-level sport France.


MonaVie Asia Pacific Conference 2009

In October, MonaVie invites you to MonaVie can also afford this location gimmicks are in the pipeline and what
Sydney/Australia to the largest interna- and has invited all their distributors in is generally new with the company. The
tional MonaVie event of 2009. On Octo- the South Pacific region to the event. company founder, Dallin Larsen and
ber 10th, the Asian Pacific Conference, several Board members, among them,
organized by MonaVie, will take place At this convention, the products Henry March, Randy Larsen, Varlin
in the Sydney Convention & Exhibition “MonaVie Pulse” and “MonaVie Active Law, Tadamasa Shimizu and Leo Tal-
Centre from 9.00am to 5.00pm. The Gel” will be launched in Australia and bot, will be present in Sydney on Oc-
Convention & Exhibition Centre, located New Zeeland. At the convention, Mo- tober 10th. Dr. Alex Schauss, Steve
in the popular area of Darling Harbour, naVie will also provide information on and Gina Merritt alongside other guest
has already held conferences and events which markets are next on the cards for speakers will also fill the convention
for many well-known top companies. product launches, what promotional with life and soul.

Monavie Brings Açai to Poland

MonaVie has announced its launch in this superfruit is taking the world by
Poland and will be the first company storm.”
to bring the health drink on the basis
of açai (the Brazilian açai berry) to According to MonaVie the company
this country. This small fruity berry has achieved a turnover of 1.6 billion
from the Amazon has been responsi- since its market launch in the USA
ble for an annual growth rate of 240% four years ago and has become one of
between 2004 and 2008, according to the leading direct-selling companies.
MonaVie. MonaVie is already operating in 11
countries and the opening-up of the MonaVie is playing a leading role in
“We are thrilled to be able to bring Polish market emphasizes the desire researching the açai fruit and in mar-
MonaVie products to Poland, fully in of the company to develop into an keting it a s a top fruit for promoting
tune with our mission to cater for the international brand. A big ceremony health. MonaVie is the largest con-
health and well-being of athletes, fans to celebrate the launch in Poland is sumer of this berry outside Brazil. In
of the outdoors and ‚street fighters‘ planned for the next spring. 2008 MonaVie purchased 15,000 tons
as well as that of those who are sim- of this fruit and thereby helped to pre-
ply out and about,” announced Jeff MonaVie explains that açai is a dark serve the rainforest in the Amazon Re-
Graham, Vice-President of MonaVie. purple fruit, no larger than a grape, gion. In addition; the sale of açai ber-
And he continued: “Millions of people which grows in bunches on a palm ries to MonaVie provides people in the
will find out why the açai fruit has be- tree. It thrives in in damp swamp- poverty-stricken region with a secure
come MonaVie‘s crown jewel and why lands in the east of the Amazon Basin. and steady income.

made from the juice of

açai berries


Is It Already Christmas?

This is a question that FLP‘s distribu- In the morning Oliver Leistner will give So that as many interested people as
tors might be asking themselves. This a Forever business presentation and possible can take part in this training
is because in order to equip distributors Helga Rauschgott (Sapphire Manager) day the participation fee for FLP dis-
for the coming Christmas business FLP will show what a successful “Christ- tributors has been set at a mere €19 and
is organizing a training day on October mas business with beauty looks like. the guests they bring are also invited
31st, 2009, from 11.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. And in the afternoon Rolf Kipp (Double and will pay no fee. So the FLP distribu-
in the Arnia Hotel in Vösendorf-VSC Diamond Manager), the FLP “Number tors will therefore be doing themselves a
in Lower Austria. The hotel is a really One,” will present a training session. huge favor if they take part in the train-
good choice. Lying on the southern edge For him things are quite clear: “No more ing session and bring as many guests as
of Vienna and so very near cultural fa- excuses: The direct route to Diamond possible with them. You can register for
cilities and shopping, equipped with Manager.” Doing a training session with this training session on the FLP web-
modern conference facilities and wire- Rolf Kipp means learning “to learn from site.
less LAN the Arnia promises all visitors the best.” When Rolf Kipp gives tips for
an extremely comfortable atmosphere success in the direct-selling business, The registration form is already ready
where “learning” and “having fun” can then he simply knows what the is talk- to be printed at:
be perfectly combined. ing about. km27pj

Mannatech Conquers North Europe

The Nasdaq listed company, “Over the past 20 years, I‘ve seen the commitment to the longterm success
Mannatech (MTEX), is a global pio- launch of over 39 international mar- of our business partners as it increas-
neer in the development of high kets, however breaking into 4 inter- es their ability to build up a business
quality health, weight, skin and fit- national markets simultaneously is a in Europe and paves the way for our
ness products. Mannatech have now first for me”, stated Al Bala, SVP of further expansion.
launched in Austria, Norway, Sweden Mannatech.
and the Netherlands and have an- The General Manager of Mannatech
nounced that from the September 5th “This is an exciting event and is a sure Europe, Colin Jones, also said that
they will be able to register business sign that Mannatech has taken an ex- the growth of Mannatech Europe is a
partners and take the first orders in cellent position with international result of zealous business partners in
these countries. Mannatech have or- expansion”, added Wayne Badovinus, pursuit of health, goals and financial
ganized opening events in Austria, CEO of Mannatech. He then contin- freedom, as well as the the opportu-
Noway and Sweden. ued: “This expansion indicates our nity of improving the lives of others.

Official Start: September 2nd of 2009



Microsoft to Become a Party Animal

Those at Microsoft now want to use that what makes Amway, will be available under a certain motto and the host can choose
Avon and Tupperware so successful: From October 22nd, Win- from four themes: PhotoPalooza, Media Mania, Setting up with
dows 7 will conquer the world of home parties! It is likely that Ease and Family Friendly Fun. However in principle every host
the success of Microsoft‘s competitors persuaded them to mix can and ought to let their imaginations run wild and celebrate
among the “party animals.” The Mozilla group, who developed their party in their own way. It is important to Microsoft that
the Firefox browser, used the party system to introduce their the guests invited are introduced and presented with their lat-
latest browser version in July this year and by doing so entered est achievement – Microsoft 7.
the Guinness book of records: Over 8 million downloads of the
copy within 24 hours. This is something that those at Microsoft Direct marketing is simply smart. Whereas one has to tell Mi-
would have liked to experience with Vista. Now Windows 7 will crosoft and the Mozilla group what networkers have known for
be sent out into the world in the home party way. a very long time: The most dynamic form of direct marketing is
MLM. MLM is making Single-Level Marketing (SLM) become
The software giant Microsoft proposes that its users invite even more marginalized. Therefore the percentage of MLM
friends and family to introduce the latest operating system consultants in direct marketing in the USA in 2007 amounted
Windows 7 in a comfortable atmosphere. Those interested can to 98% - that doesn‘t even leave 2% for SLM consultants.
register at “” with a specially designed online
party coordination service. With a bit of luck, one will receive These interesting figures were published in the industry report
the “Windows 7 Signature Edition” as an incentive free of compiled by Prof. Dr. Michael Zacharias. The OBTAINER will
charge. Each host also has the opportunity to win a PC worth soon report in depth and in more detail about the statistical
somewhere in the region of 350 Euro. helps data referred to in this. In the meantime we are waiting in an-
with the organization of the party and supplies a special kit ticipation on the number of downloads Windows 7 will record
with key rings and t-shirts for invited guests. The home parties through home parties.

Neways Opens Asia Regional Headquarters

In Hong Kong
With business opportunities Pte Ltd. „This is done by providing support and training to the
increasing throughout Asia, Neways offices throughout Asia markets as well as to Neways dis-
Neways recently established tributors in this part of the world.“
Neways Asia Management Pte
Ltd in Hong Kong as its regional „This new regional office will support our biggest markets and en-
headquarters for Asia. The office hance our ability to service our distributor network,“ said Neways
is located in Hong Kong‘s World CEO Eric Larsen. „For Neways, Hong Kong represents a step in
Trade Centre in the Causeway the right direction for unlimited growth in Asia, including future
Bay district. This office will also prospects in China. As this new office demonstrates, we‘re com-
coordinate local market efforts mitted to continually expanding the Neways opportunity for our
for Neways distributors in Hong Kong and features a Neways distributors and improving people‘s lives around the world.“
product showroom.
On September 26, the Hong Kong office will host a ribbon-cutting
„Neways Asia Management‘s focus is to manage the development ceremony for the new showroom. „We invite all interested parties
and growth of the Neways opportunity in the Asian region,“ said to come meet our dedicated and enthusiastic Hong Kong staff and
Erik Haugen, managing director of Neways Asia Management get acquainted with the life-changing products,“ said Erik Haugen

Fifth NfH day a complete success

ast Saturday hundreds of net- like the employees from VW, BMW, also reiterated that “someone could
workers from differing net- Mercedes and other car manufacturers be beaten to death at an S-Bahn sta-
work marketing companies coming together to share experiences tion, without someone stepping in”.
experienced an inspirational and jointly contributing to a humanitar- Reason enough for the NfH e.V to turn
‚NfH day‘ with friends and guests in the ian project”, explains Dirk Jakob speak- their attention to the social problems
“Schwabenlandhalle” in Fellbach. Dirk ing to the crowd straight from his heart. in Germany over the next few years.
Jakob, who in light of the tsunami disas- Claus Nagel, Royal Diamond with Nik-
ter of 2004 had the idea of founding the ken, introduced the various projects In the past, the OBTAINER was also
“Networker for Humanity e.V”, moder- which the NfH would be supporting. He highly praised and applauded for its
ated a program that had lots to offer: recalls the girls’ school in Sri Lanka that coverage on the organization’s projects.
Thoughtful and educational, jovial and was rebuilt with the help of the organiza- Claus Nagel pointed out that each one
motivating, informative and impressive. tion and introduced the projects “Steps of those present need to make them-
In his opening speech, Heidelberg for Children” in Namibia and the “Center selves a “missionary for the common
based coach and trainer recalled the for grieving children” in Bremen, which good” and by doing so help others “to
beginning of the NfH e.V. and its de- was the focus of the organization’s work discover their own potential”, as: “Hap-
clared aim to help people help them- last year. He also remembered the wars piness has nothing to do with wealth!”
selves. The fact that people from the which regularly create such misery on This last sentence contains a central
same industry, who usually see them- our plant. He also reminded those pres- insight, which became much clearer as
selves as “competitors”, can cooperate ent how things are going very good for the day progressed. This was also the
together is an achievement that cannot people in Germany and Europe when case with the welcoming messages that
be appreciated highly enough. It’s just compared to the rest of the world. He were recorded on DVD and video. Beate


Alefeld, founder of the first Center for

Grieving Children, thanked the net-
workers for their support in this way.
She could not be present at the event as it
was her organizations 10th anniversary.

Afterwards Dr. Uwe Alschner, Secretary

and Spokesman with the organization,
provided the crowd of networkers with
a short, but informative overview of
the opportunities offered by “Web 2.0”
with services like Twitter or Facebook
as well as with the building up of a net-
work and for charitable organizations.
Following this Daniel Müller, Double
Diamond with Unicity, spoke on the
topic of “leadership” and made it clear
to those present: “Humanity needs
more leaders!” The networker, using his
usual charm, clarified that “your income
can only grow to the extent at which


you yourself grow” – and confidently of interesting information, the most BUT – here it comes:
presented the following key factors: important of which being listed here: 8. Over 80 percent of network-
ers are satisfied with their income!
1. Do what needs done – even 1. Network Marketing is a variant of The further findings of his work were
if you don’t feel like doing it. direct marketing, which is increasingly also extremely motivating to those
2. Have a positive attitude - even growing in importance. Within German present: The future prospects for the
when things aren’t going so well! speaking countries, “Single-Level-Mar- industry appear to be extremely posi-
3. Treat others as you would like keting” accounts for only 14 percent, tive and the mood among consultants
to be treated yourself – even and in the USA this is just 1,8 percent! is – despite the current economic cli-
if others don’t treat you well! 2. The number of networkers is con- mate – very good. More info can be
4. Give it your all – even tinually growing: From 8,5 mil- found at
when nobody is watching! lion in 1988 to 63 million in 2007.
5. Watch your mouth – espe- 3. Every three out of four people have al- When Dirk Jacob, following this speech,
cially if you are angry or excited! ready bought something through direct stepped in front of the congregation in
This highlight was then followed imme- marketing or would be prepared to do so. an original Nepalese monks robe with a
diately by the next climax! Dirk Jacob 4. 84 percent of direct marketing cus- real prayer wheel, most knew what was
announced “the right and left side of tomers are regular customers; only to come: The report on the trip to Hum-
the network marketing brain”: Profes- 14 percent are “one time buyers”. lakindern in Yalbang. A trip, which a
sor Dr. Michael Zacharias from the Uni- 5. Almost half of all networkers (46%) group of 17 networkers undertook last
versity of Worms, praised by many as have between 11 and 50 end customers. year (from October 22nd to November
the “Pope of Networking”. He then pre- 6. Over half of all networkers (52%) 7th) to Nepal. The nine minute film
sented the “Network Marketing Indus- work less than 10 hours per week. about the trip not only gave the event an
try Report 2009”, which was compiled 7. 62 percent of all networkers exotic flair, but also an emotional qual-
by his institute. The report contains lots earn less than 500 Euro per week. ity which appeared to touch everyone

Prof. Michael M. Zacharias

present. Also hearing reports from in the middle and higher ranges but win, it is those who preserver!” Net-
fellow travellers who all spoke of how don’t consider them overpriced: “As workers who adopt this mentality will
they have returned “changed”, once this is ultimately a question of quality.” surely also achieve excellent results.
again lead – learning is achieved by
repetition – to the realization: “Hap- By this time the attendees had earned Kattrin Kupke‘s appearance as “Mar-
piness has nothing to do with wealth!” a lunch break – as a “full program” got Wischmopp” was exceptionally
was also on the cards for the after- funny. The cabaret artist, who has al-
Still dressed in his monk’s robes, Dirk noon. The second part commenced ready toured with Dieter Nuhr, made
Jakob, then moderated the “panel of with a speech from Dirk Jakob on many attendees cry with laughter with
experts”. Here those present got the the “3-S-System” (Success-Setting- her performance “Put-zen für den
opportunity to ask “top stars” ques- System). The fan of extreme sports, Weltfrieden” [Eng. “Clean for World
tions. It was striking how similarly the Achim Heukemes, received stand- Peace.”]. More training followed after
top networkers evaluated the develop- ing ovations as he reported on his the tea break, where the network ce-
ment of the industry. The significance achievements and the mentality be- lebrities present – among them Gabi
of the internet in the future was of hind these. 38 kilometers swimming, Steiner (LifePlus), Gabriela Häussner
particular interest to the auditorium. 1800 kilometers cycling and 422 ki- (Xango), and Robert Merkel (LifePlus)
Daniel Müller summed up that which lometers walking – all of these simul- as well as Andrea and Klaus Tafel
Gabriela Häussner, Gabi Steiner and taneously. 10 “iron men” all in one (Ryzoom) – welcomed all present to
Robert Merkel had a similar view on: – an incredible achievement which share in their extensive knowledge and
“The internet can speed up processes is based on four things: Work, hard know-how. It was partially the result
but a machine could never take over work, real hard work and continuous of the motivating, even euphoric mood
our job!” On the question of “product hard work. Therefore the top athlete, that Dirk Jakob was able to present
pricing in network marketing” Profes- who is an unbelievable 58 years of another fantastic message at the end
sor Zacharias points out that compa- age, explained what it’s all about: “In of the event: Over 40 people decid-
nies set the prices for their products life, it is not those who are fastest that ed to become members on the day!



Direct Sales Industry Report 2009

t is more than just hard work ISBN 978-3-9812716-1-4 for a pleasant in direct marketing. Almost 93% of busi-
which the compilers and authors 9,95 Euro. ness partners work on a part-time basis
of the “Direct Sales Industry Re- and enjoy the extreme flexibility of their
port 2009” under the supervision This industry report is so valuable as work and the excellent compatibility of
of Prof. Dr. Michael M. Zacharias from it gives a clear picture of the industry their “2nd job” with their full-time job.
the University of Applied Sciences in and brings order to the mass of confu-
Worms have achieved. It is a piece of pio- sion which surrounds the term ‚direct However, the enthusiasm for the busi-
neering work, as the present industry re- marketing‘ among the general public. ness and its products, wide-ranging con-
port published during the middle of the Multi-Level-Marketing, recommenda- tact with people and the opportunity to
year is the first comprehensive and em- tion marketing and the unfortunately not be able to independently promote your
pirical research based on the overall view rare enough snowball systems and pyra- own business makes the industry attrac-
of the direct sales industry. Over 6,000 mid schemes spring to mind here when tive to people who are after a professional
full and part time business partners in network marketing is brought up. These challenge. At the same there is no other
Germany, Switzerland and Austria were differences are also explained and pre- industry that is so open to partners and
surveyed as part of a large-scale market sented in simple words and with graphi- employees from varying educational
research study. Not only did they provide cal representation in the industry report. backgrounds and from differing social
extensive information on their age, in- and economic classes and with previous
come, time management, education and The knowledge that one can bank on work experience, as is the case with this
motivation, they also provided informa- reliable increases in revenue within the branch of the economy. While the hur-
tion on how satisfied they are with their industry and that all figures, business dles, which are made up of formal entry
profession. The results were summarized ratios, percentages and parameters point requirements, are increasing rather than
under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Zacha- to future growth is the essence of this re- decreasing, the network marketing in-
rias and the publication was made avail- port. One of the first graphics shows that dustry is free from formalities and class
able to the public. the network marketing business, both in conceit.
its scope and meaning, completely out-
Prof. Dr. Zacharias is one of the most shines the classic business model. Direct The survey showed that around 40% of
distinguished scholars in the direct mar- marketing is simply the most dynamic the business partners had a higher level
keting world. With a whole range of pub- form of business. It is here the profits are education qualification, 14% of which had
lications and national as well as interna- made and the most people who take this a university degree and around 60% had
tional studies he has, since the beginning approach are people who want to take a school-leaving certificate. This means
of the 90‘s, gone a long way to ensuring hold of their business opportunities. that people of all educational levels can
this dynamic sales channel receives the work in network marketing and that the
recognition it deserves. Alongside the Turnover will continue to increase glob- success of a business partner is not de-
actual report that contains a total of 295 ally in this industry also. While in 1988, pendent on what qualifications they have.
pages (ISBN 978-3-9812716-0-7), a short 33,3 billion US Dollars of turnover was Everyone can do it. Determination and
summary of the findings is also available. achieved, in 2007 it was 115 billion US preparedness to apply yourself to your
The short summary contains 32 pages Dollars. The number of business partners own success, making necessary decisions
and depicts the most important data and is also steadily on the rise. In 1988, 8,5 without hesitation and then taking the
developments of network marketing in million people were active partners in di- right steps are what matters.
German speaking countries. The bro- rect marketing, in 2007 it is now 63 mil-
chure is entitled “Direktvertrieb: Karri- lion! And rising. And while satisfaction Overall, the industry report can be seen
erechancen im Wachstumsmarkt der Zu- with duties and income within almost all as an extremely important document for
kunft. Auszug aus dem Branchenreport career fields is dwindling, network con- the industry. As the dedication, enthu-
2009” [Eng. “Direct Marketing: Career sultants are, to a large extent, satisfied siasm, hard work and determination of
opportunities in the growth market of with their work – and also with their in- millions of people in direct marketing is
the future. An extract from the 2009 in- come! Also 88% of all business partners made visible with graphics and lists and
dustry report] and can be purchased with are happy or very happy with their work documents that commitment pays off.


Nu Skin‘s Love For Its Distributors

In Thailand, Nu Skin launched the “Hug ing to Melisa Quijano, Nu Skin in Thailand
Our Distributors” project. This project is currently has some 30,000 distributors. In
aimed at the permanent employees of the Southeast Asia they have a total of 100,000
company and is to be understood as prep- over 6 different markets. In the first 8
aration for a campaign in which Nu Skin, 2009 the project “Hug our distributors” was months of this year turnover increased by
over the next two years, will double its num- launched in Thailand and other markets in 14% when compared to the corresponding
ber of distributors in Thailand and in South- Southeast Asia. According to Melisa Qui- period of the previous year and turnover will
east Asia. Melisa Quijano, President of Nu jano, all these projects and campaigns serve probably grow by 18% in the final 6 months
Skin in Southeast Asia, gave an exclusive just one purpose: “They constantly remind of the year when compared to the same pe-
interview to “The Nation” magazine and us of our goal, to stand by our distributors so riod in 2008.
spoke about plans to start new projects and that we have the ability to work successful-
initiatives in order to significantly improve ly.” During the interview with “The Nation” There is also more good news for the Nu
the service for Nu Skin distributors. In this she went on to say: “We, as a result, recog- Skin household. In the past few weeks the
recent interview she said: “We are enter- nize that the distribution partners are the company was awarded the prestigious “In-
prising people and need more information heart of our company. Therefore our main ternational Business Award” in New York.
about service, as it is this area in direct sell- task is to help them become successful.” With this prize Nu Skin has been honored in
ing business that is very important. Our seven differing main areas. The company‘s
success is dependent upon the success of Under the “Hug our distributors” project, founder and president, Blake M. Roney, was
our distributors. We want to pursue a strat- trainings and seminars will be given, as well nominated as “Chairman of the Year 2009”
egy, that will ensure our employees are well as awards for recognition of good perfor- and Nu Skin in Asia was honored as the
equipped and trained to support our dis- mance. Nu Skin want to make it even easier most innovative company in the whole of
tribution partners are best they can.” Last for their distribution partners to place or- Asia. Nu Skin has already been around for
year Nu Skin launched a “We love our dis- ders and abolish all obstacles associated 25 years and thanks to its unusual projects
tributors” campaign and at the beginning of with registering and sponsoring. Accord- continues to succeed to be among the best.

Nu Skin with a New Angle

In the future Nu Skin wants to position it- of ‚ageLoc‘ will be revealed, an ingredient aging population who have a greater pur-
self as an “anti aging company.” By doing that will be added to all Nu Skin anti aging chasing power. Therefore success can only
so Nu Skin want to give the right response products. The sale of these new products is follow for Nu Skin with this freshly beaten
to the changing needs of an aging society. expected to take place at the beginning of path. “Over the past 25 years we grew from
Nu Skin president, Dan Chard, announced next year in the US and during the middle nothing to 1,25 billion USD in 2009 and
during his visit to Bangkok a few weeks ago of next year in Thailand. with our latest anti aging discovery our
that Nu Skin will change its present repu- growth is sure to accelerate in the future”,
tation as a food supplement company and Anti aging products are among the best commented Dan Chard on the company‘s
will position itself as an “anti aging compa- selling products in most cosmetic and decision. He went on to say that Nu Skin is
ny.” Despite growing unemployment and food supplement companies. Melisa Qui- very pleased with the sales trend in Thai-
a waning economy the Nu Skin company jano, President of Nu Skin Enterprises land. Despite the global economic crisis
is, in its own words, remaining healthy in Southeast Asia is convinced that this and political uncertainties Thailand has
and has increased its global turnover in decision by Nu Skin was the correct one. surpassed all expectations for growth. At
the second quarter this year by 4% to 322 Because – in her own words – over the present Nu Skin are active in 48 countries
million US Dollars. Dan Chard stated that next 10 years birthrates will decrease and and markets in Columbia and Turkey will
in the next few months the introduction the population will get older. And it is this soon be made accessible.


GeneWize Accepted as Full DSA Member

GeneWize Life Sciences, Inc. (Ge- one hand and to support and protect consumers, as well as, unclear and
neWize), a subsidiary of the 15-year- DSA members and their independent misleading declarations regarding the
old genomics biotech company GeneL- distributors and to foster their effi- real earning opportunities.
ink, recently announced that the DSA ciency on the other. In addition, the
(Direct Selling Association) accept- DSA sees to it that the marketing and Monte Taylor, CEO of GeneWize and
ed the company as a full member. distribution activities of its members GeneLink commented: “GeneWize is
GeneWize distributes “customized meet the highest ethical principles of extremely pleased with our quick ac-
health and cosmet- ceptance as a full
ics” through a net- DSA member. We
work of indepen- really value this
dent affiliates and acknowledgement
had been waiting by the DSA that
for its full member- our management
ship with DSA for and corporate
a year. During this policies meet the
time, the revenue, highest ethical
affiliate recruiting principles, and
and compensation we very much ap-
programs were an- preciate being se-
alyzed in order to lected to be one of
make sure that Ge- the members un-
neWize fulfills all der the umbrella
criteria and ethical of the DSA and as
principles required part of a circle of
for acceptance highly regarded
into the DSA. Now and respected cor-
GeneWize is part of the 265 active and the business world. Each recognized porations.”
pending member companies under the DSA member pledges to comply with
umbrella of the DSA. the prescribed principles, the “DSA GeneWize Life Sciences, Inc. is the
Code,” which demands transparency first direct distribution company of-
The DSA is the national trading or- and the truthful disclosure of prod- fering its customers high quality and
ganization representing corporations uct information in regards to pric- exclusive dietary supplements and
which manufacture their own prod- ing, quality, grade and availability. cosmetics based on personal DNA
ucts and distribute them directly. The This code strictly prohibits pyramid analysis. GeneWize strives to enable
mission of the Direct Selling Asso- schemes and forbids false, illegal or people to systematically take care of
ciation is consumer protection on the deceptive information to partners or their own health.

PM-International AG

Simple. Successful.

Let us be your Rock

PM-International AG – your reliable partner to build up a secure
income even during the credit crunch.

• European family business with total focus on distribution

• No-nonsense, solid, innovative and only network marketing
company voted into the TOP 100 innovative German compa-
nies 7 times in succession by an independent business com- 8

• Represented in over 30 countries with approved products
and in-house logistics
• Best risk rating at Dun & Bradstreet
(100 of 100 possible points)
• Reliable up/downline protection
• Quality made in Germany

Contact: Patrick Bacher

Interested? Please visit our Website for further Sales Director Germany
information about PM-International and the business idea. An der Hofweide 17
I would also be happy to take time to talk to you in person - do make an 67346 Speyer, Germany
apppointment. Tel: + 49 6232 296 - 306

Dubli’s Got a Heart for Children

provides food for children between 5 and there can never be enough funds raised
10 years of age whose parents don’t make or volunteers recruited. The children’s
enough money to feed their kids. To this need is great, and therefore “Blessings in
date, there are already 11,500 children a Backpack“ requires strong and reliable
who can take home a filled backback on partners on its side so that it can help as

Fridays. Without the groceries in the many children as possible.
ecently, Dean Mannheimer, backpack things wouldn’t look so good
vice president of DubLi, was for these children. This weekend care DubLi´s enourmous success in the U.S.
able to give a cheque over costs only 80 dollars per year, and with let the organizers of “Blessings in a Back-
$13,700 to the organization this auction DubLi’s partners made sure pack” reach for the phone, and they di-
“Blessings in a Backpack”. This is the that 170 children can be taken care of for alled the right number. For DubLi and its
amount raised at the latest DubLi char- an entire year through „Blessings in a partners it was natural to provide for the
ity auction. In several U.S. States, these Backpack“. „Youngsters“ because at the prices DubLi
funds are being used to fill children’s offers there was probably plenty left over
backpacks and stomachs with food. On “Blessing in a Backpack“ had asked es- to give.
the weekends, “Blessings in a Backpack“ pecially for DubLi’s support because Quod erat demonstrandum.

Zrii: Rising Star Academy Event

rii, the network, which pro- in the use of natural curing agents for
motes healthcare products weight loss. There is absolutely no doubt
and also the internationally about the healing and health promoting
renowned author and doc- effects of these products and this justi-
tor, Dr. Deepak Chopra, will once again fies the success that this company has
hold the popular Rising Star Academy currently achieved. Zrii seems to magi-
event in November 2009. Dr. Deepak cally attract the success of committed
Chopra comes from India but has been people and, as a result, the number of
living in California for quite a long time. business partners is growing rapidly.
He is an internist and endocrinologist; Thus, the successful Hager Marketing
however, he is, above all, a successful Group recently moved to Zrii and, as a
doctor of alternative medicine. He also malayan Mountains. Other ingredients result, the company can now be built
runs the health centre, Deepak-Chopra- include ginger, turmeric, Indian basil, up with “two beacons of the network
Centre, in San Diego, which is popular jujube (stone fruit) and schisandra from marketing world” – namely, Brad and
the world over. Chopra focuses on the China/Japan. Zrii is a word that has Marcia Hager. Zrii’s events focus on the
ancient medicine of his homeland: the many meanings: light, splendour, abun- empowerment and enlightenment of
ayurveda. dance, prosperity, well-being, luck and business partners and therefore, Zrii’s
example. “Rising Star Academy” events and their
Zrii is the name of the nutritional drink stirring atmosphere cannot be resisted.
that this network, which was founded Zrii’s second product is NutriVeda, The next RSA event will take place from
by Bill Farley, distributes. Zrii is based which is also a drink that contains the November 6th to November 7th 2009 in
on Amalaki – an ayurvedic ‘crown jew- ingredients mentioned above. However, Anaheim in sunny California. Zrii has
el’. The tree, which bears the famous NutriVeda contains tea, mint and cay- applied for acceptance into the DSA (Di-
Amalaki fruit, comes from Northern In- enne, among other things. NutriVeda rect Selling Association) and now finds
dia and blossoms at the foot of the Hi- was developed for people who trust itself in the verification phase.


“Glimpse” in Zurich

ust a glimpse in Zuri? Far from it. friends” according to the enthusiastic ver- of this company are living people, open
Not a brief glance at XanGo and dict of the XanGo partners on their compa- and straightforward! Beverley didn‘t just
its new “Glimpse” product series, ny and its management. People had been bring wonderful news but was also open
but deep insights into XanGo‘s invited to lunch and until late in the eve- in this small group for questions and
management and future plans were grant- ning management and partners engaged in suggestions. Personal discussions with
ed to partners and the interested public close interaction with one another during Bryan Davis about the marketing plan,
on the occasion of the Glimpse European the best entertainment and competent, ap- streamlines and how to build up a busi-
Tour 2009 in the Renaissance Hotel in pealing presentations. ness properly clarified a lot and support
Glattbrugg near Zürich, Switzerland. Doug the course of the XanGet Team!” On
Bingham, Bryan Davis and Beverly Hol- And XanGo‘s partners recall their expe- Wednesday Beverly Hollister went on to
lister – together with a selection of execu- rience at Tuesday‘s meeting in Zürich Munich and on Thursday she traveled to
tives from the XanGet Team plus Anita & as follows: “What was inspiring was not Berlin. In Berlin OBTAINER Radio was
Beat Ambord – turned last Tuesday into just the good atmosphere but also the re- present and will shortly carry an inter-
an “absolutely brilliant gathering of XanGo newed experience that the management view with Beverly Hollister.

Lots of News From Xango

fruit around the world. In a further an- available and in future this network will
nouncement XanGo disclosed that it was only be distributing XanGo products. In
expanding onto the Russian, Kazakh and addition, this purchase means that XanGo
Ukrainian markets. These markets offer now has offices and a goods collection cen-

Xango‘s distribution partners an extraordi- ter in Moscow with immediate effect.
or example, the company has nary potential for growth. The pre-launch
announced that the XanGo phase for these markets began officially on Further news from XanGo arise out of the
founder and a number of execu- August 20th. Registrations from new dis- first webinar for leaders and the tele-con-
tives welcomed a Thai trade del- tribution partners and orders have been ference: The next 2-year goal is the dou-
egation that was led by Chantira J. Vivatrat, possible since that date. For the Russian bling of the current number of distribution
manager of the Thai Trade Center in Los market, however, it is only possible to sign partners. Before the end of the year XanGo
Angeles and economic advisor to the Thai up online. Logistics and dispatch have not will be launched in France, Spain and Por-
consul in Los Angeles. During the visit the yet been completely put in place, so for the tugal, and during the autumn in Italy. Lon-
delegation honored XanGo‘s “creative use first orders for goods the products will be ger-term company goals are the markets in
of the mangosteen” – Thailand‘s national available for collection at selected places. Brazil and South Korea.
fruit – and presented the company with a XanGo is starting on these markets with
certificate of commendation that charac- mangosteen juice and in 2010 other prod- Furthermore, XanGo has announced
terized XanGo as one of the pioneers in the ucts will follow. For their Russian distribu- that July 20th this year was the day with
worldwide marketing of mangosteen. tion partners XanGo is setting up electron- the greatest turnover in the history of the
ic offset accounts to process orders. The company and that the whole month of July
In addition to what the certificate of com- official opening will take place in Moscow yielded a record turnover. Registration of
mendation honors the XanGo‘s experience from October 8th to 10th. XanGo will an- new distribution partners has doubled so
with harvesting and exporting the Thai nounce further details in the near future. that XanGo now has more than a million
mangosteen fruit is benefiting a grow- distributors. Over $750,000 was paid in
ing number of consumers now scattered Last month XanGo took over the Meridian commissions. In addition at the webinar
across 30 different countries. XanGo and Group International Inc., a 15-year-old net- and during the tele-conference there was
the Thai delegation agreed to cooperate working company that is currently active in discussion about promotion campaigns
even more intensively with one another to Russia and other countries. The products and incentives and further information
increase the popularity of the mangosteen of the meridian Group will no longer be was given about Formula X51.


Sharon Drew Morgan’s „Dirty little secrets“

haron Drew Morgan‘s book, entitled “Dirty as the product doesn‘t offer a solution to him. He has to
little secrets”, is not only a new book about back out and reflect. Sort things out in his head. Find
successful sales strategies, it is an “approach out who he needs to talk to, whose approval still needs
to reality” that until now no book about suc- to be obtained and what needs to be determined in order
c e s s f u l selling has ever achieved. When it comes to to be able to incorporate the new product into everyday
launching a new product at home or within a com- life and the work process. The product should also pro-
pany, she looks after the consumer and their deci- duce better results than any other product which it will
sion making process and asso- replace.
ciated troubles.
Therefore he remains all to often alone for too long. On
Sellers want to sell quick- the other hand it is not unusual for the seller to wait in
ly and often overlook the dwindling hope for a customer to callback. Sharon Drew
fact that the customer Morgan puts a strategy into the hands of sellers, a strat-
– before he can even egy of how they can let loose and get selling! From the
arrive at a purchase relentless focus on the deal and the desire to clinch it.
decision – must an- Instead she sends sellers on their way with a tool; how
swer a whole host she can be of assistance to her customers in the with-
of questions for drawal and reassessment phase. This is of immense help
themselves and to sellers. As the sentence a customer often ends a first
for friends and sales conversation with is - “I will ring you later” - and
family. Every as a result looses his terror and despair.
change needs
to be commu- Those who have read Sharon‘s book, know that the cus-
nicated and tomer has given up on business and problems are al-
things must ready racing through their mind – and with this knowl-
be arranged so edge you can also accompany them through this phase
that new solu- and travel with them until the final purchase decision is
tions – which made. Buying and selling loose the severity and frustra-
new products al- tion that every business brings with it when it is wrong-
ways represent – ly approached.
are really worth-
while. For starters Sharon Drew Morgan has already written numerous
potential customers columns for the OBTAINER, therefore we are particu-
have a problem larly happy to be able to present our readers with her
new book. It is available from the middle of October,
however initially only in English. Those who buy “Dirty
little secrets” between October 15th and 21st will
receive further additional material free of
charge. Detailed information on the book
can be found on the following website and
also on Sharon Drew Morgan‘s website

are “Promoters of a happy life“

Amway´s China Redux

he direct-sales force tory in Guangzhou. Success is fu- nist Party. Meanwhile, economic
sweeps past mainland eling the daydreams of many like reforms had spawned dozens of
hurdles with its array of Kong, who usually learn about Am- pyramid-scheme scandals the gov-
pricey products. way from friends, family and co- ernment was frantically trying to
workers breathlessly pushing the eradicate. In response, the govern-
If making money is China`s real company`s 200 products. No mat- ment banned all direct-sales com-
religion, then Kong Xin is a true ter that these wares often are priced panies in 1998, claiming they were
believer. Grinning like a mission- significantly higher than similar „evil cults, secret societies and su-
ary and dressed like one, too, the products in China`s department perstitious and lawless activities.“
34-year-old entrepreneur was stores and corner shops. China`s
standing in line at Amway China`s newly wealthy, eager to have the „When we came to China, the gov-
Beijing headquarters eagerly wait- biggest and the best, are clamoring ernment didn`t really understand
ing to shell out $150 for tubes of to own a 50-year-old brand that in what direct selling is,“ says Audie
toothpaste. For Kong, one of Am- the West is more commonly associ- Wong, president of Amway China.
way China`s 200,000 active sales ated with past-generation Ameri- „Back then a lot of people were
representatives, the secret to pros- cana. Amway, whose Michigan par- very suspicious of us, and it took
perity amid the country`s chaotic ent Alticor is the 44th-largest U.S. them many years to understand our
economic growth tastes like mint, private company on FORBES` list, approach.“ Unwilling to lose the
and he can´t get enough of it. has struggled at home in recent Chinese market, Amway agreed to
Through a bitter global downturn, years. Some 80% of sales now come deviate from its global model and
Amway, the global direct-sales from abroad. Amway`s history in has opened up 200 retail shops to
company, is having a banner year, China has not been without strug- show those in power it was not a
thanks to China. The country is gle, either. The company arrived in threat. The company has 6,000
now Amway´s biggest market, with 1995 and quickly drew the ire of the employees on its Chinese payroll.
gross sales soaring 27% to 17 bil- government, which was frightened Otherdirect-sales companies made
lion yuan, or $2.5 billion, in 2008. by an Amway sales culture that in- similar adjustments.
(Closely held Amway doesn`t re- spired almost fanatic devotion.
lease net figures after subtract- „During that period Amway con-
ing for commissions and cost of A direct-sales network of interper- vinced the government we were a
goods.) The company is projecting sonal relationships caused worry trustworthy company that`s not go-
a similar increase in 2009 and is that it could one day lure Chinese ing to run away,“ says Hong Kong-
investing $15 million in a new fac- loyalty away from the Commu- born Wong, 57, who`s spent more


than half of his 28 years with Am- a princely sum in a country where, up with solutions --opening stores
way on the mainland and reports to according to the National Statistics and hiring salespeople--to make
Eva Cheng, the regional executive Bureau, the average annual corpo- the government think Amway is
vice president, ranked No. 92 on rate income is about $5,100. a traditional business, which it`s
our list of the World`s Most Power- not,“ says Sun Baohong, professor
ful Women. „We worked very hard „I come here every other day to of marketing at the Cheung Kong
to rebuild our brand, and now the make a purchase and sell out within Graduate School of Business in
government trusts us.“ Today, in 24 hours,“ he enthuses. „Not only Beijing.
the four years since China changed do I sell people products they love,
the rules on direct sales following but I get to run my own business, „Amway is smart. They try to hide
accession to the World Trade Or- rather than work in an office.“ the fact that the company is a mon-
ganization, Amway has flourished, ey collecting system by taking ad-
pouring money into ad campaigns Newer recruits like Xue Fei, 32, vantage of guanxi,“ the powerful
and training a ballooning sales are equally motivated. The part- web of personal relations essential
corps. „If you want to sell a prod- time sales rep discovered Amway to success in China.
uct, you can come up with lots of from a friend a year ago and now
reasons why people should buy it,“ has two chums working for her. Wong, the company president,
says Wong, though the company „Amway provides good service and might describe this compliance not
tries to ensure that entrepreneurial products for Chinese people,“ she as deception but as a management
ardor doesn`t get out of hand. „We says, carting bags of makeup and test. After previous stints in Hong
tell them not to exaggerate. With vitamins out of the Beijing offices. Kong and Taiwan, he says, „It has
more experience they will learn „Why shouldn`t we be telling our been a fantastic learning experi-
how to counter an objection.“ friends about it?“ ence managing in the three mar-
kets. But China dwarfed it all when
Kong is a quick study. When he The fervor is such that the govern- it comes to scale, complexity and
started selling makeup, diet sup- ment has barred teachers, doctors, possibility.“
plements and other Amway prod- soldiers and college students from
ucts part-time five years ago, he working for Amway, out of fear au- Professor Sun admits Amway`s
was making 700 yuan, about $85, a thority figures and young people marketing strategy has proved it-
month. Today, as a full-time sales may be tempted to act irrespon- self: “People here want to get rich
representative with 300 custom- sibly in order to make a sale. And quickly, and their friends make it
ers, he earns $2,340 a month. Last skeptics of Amway`s popularity in sound like it`s easy money.”
year, Kong said, he netted $22,000, China remain. „The company came

a proven opportunity

So you want to build a personal state-of-the-art science to create

business using the highest quality an exciting new category in skin
skin care products that exist. Now care, something completely
you can. Choosing to build a unique and refreshing.
business with Glimpse Topical

Glimpse skin care delivers
Skin Nutrition from XanGo—one holistic nutrition as found
of the world’s trusted leaders in only in the mangosteen fruit
the health and wellness landscape— through a toxin-free, proprietary
is the right choice to make. formula. To begin building your
Glimpse Topical Skin Nutrition

business with Glimpse, visit
combines ancient wisdom with today.
Unicity City Tour in Europe:
A Reunion with Friends

he Unicity Network Com- Müller, provided the 100 guests pres-
pany invited our founder, ent in Berlin with an overview of the
Michael Sander, on their history of the Unicity Network. Brent
city tour of Europe. Despite D. Morrill introduced the new product
his appointment book looking rather straight after this. Find out more in the
challenging, our founder happily fol- next edition. However, Bios Life E isn’t
lowed up this invitation as he has an just a simple energy drink. The secret
old friendship with Unicity and also behind the product is an ancient phi-
with the team leaders. losophy: Zen.

“When Brent D. Morrill invited me One of the main ingredients in Bios

to visit Unicity on their city tour, Life E is matcha, one of the most
there wasn’t any doubt as to whether healthy, high quality and precious teas
I would pay the traditional company from Japan. Matcha has been used for
a visit”, stated Michael Sander. “And many thousands of years by Buddhist
I, as a result, visited Unicity Execu- monks for the Zen tea ritual.
tive Vice President, Brent D. Morrill
as well as the Chairman and CEO, The guests present, naturally enough,
Stewart Hughes in Berlin. After all, got the opportunity to test the new
during my time actively working in product. Gerhard Reheusser explains
sales from Berlin, I helped the com- it this way: “You get a can to hold. Ice
pany to install their distribution in cold! Once opened – a fruity smell, a
Europe in 2001/2002.” deep red colour. And then the fist sip –
WOW! That’s it! From the first second,
Therefore, it was clear that this meet- the first sip, I knew that Unicity had
ing would be a reunion with friends. produced another world-class product
So Michael Sander met among others, for a healthy lifestyle and even more
Daniel Müller and Alexander Krause energy. It is a new dimension in the
again. He also met Gerhard Reheusser energy drink market which is worth
and Marco Moll, about whom you can millions and we are there.”
read a detailed portrait in the next edi-
tion. As the highlight of the evening,
Unicity Chairman Stewart Hughes
Alongside the many shoulders that gave the guests present an overview of
were pated and the numerous hand- the opportunities and future prospects
shakes, there was also an official occa- with Unicity. More information about
sion. A new product was announced. this and a detailed interview with
Bios Life E – with the slogan “The Stewart Hughes can be found in one
Smart Energy Drink”. However, before of the next editions of the OBTAINER
this product was introduced, Daniel WORLDWIDE.

h U n i c i t y n o w !
Speed u p w i t
Car Bonus

Bonus Pools
Presidential Incentives

Fast Start Bonus


Comein together

small piece of company history was written on
this weekend in September in the Maritim in
Gelsenkirchen. Barely 18 months after the com-
pany was founded they met once again more or
less in it birthplace. While in March 2008 only about 200
partners were present, this time almost 800 “jeans fans” fol-
lowed the call of the Bochum company. There was not a trace
of financial crisis or bad economic situation. Already on the
eve of the event OBTAINER founder Michael Sander got an
overview of several tens of thousands of pairs of jeans with
a value of well over half a million euros which were then of-
fered to the enthusiastic consultants the next day.

The program stood under the motto “Taking off with

LABELjeans” and so the meeting room was more like an air-
plane than a hotel. Already at the check-in there was the first
surprise. The partners of the Label Elite Club, in other words,
all those who industriously sponsor new consultants every
month, entered the hall through a special entrance – for the
first class. All the studios and the central warehouse went
through the business class. In the hall too the members of the
Elite Club were pampered. Comfortable armchairs, the best
view and a personal greeting from the flight captain, Stefan
Sommer, who really warmed up the public right at the be-
ginning. The emotional highpoint was a telephone call with
LABELjeans executive Petra Böckle, who was in hospital as
a result of a serious illness, but she was connected with the
whole call via a short telephone conference and wished all the
participants lots of fun and success.

Directly afterwards there was a fashion show where the fall

and winter collection was presented: tops with the hip em-
broidery- or metal-look, the chicly elegant business leather

combination and fur vest, both from the limited edition,
jeans with appliqués, glitter and rhinestone and purses with
a trendy fringe look and the new leather jewelry collection.
The visitors to “Come together” stormed the jeans and goods
store already during the first break, everybody wanted to be
loaded with goods quickly and in abundance. The goods were
literally hauled off in sacks (as you can see in the photo).

After this real “buying spree‘” during the break many deserv-
ing partners were honored. Some of them got the opportunity
to report on their experiences with LABELjeans and so Clau-
dia Bayartz, Stephanie Wanders, Markus Nawrath, Wubbo
Leeuwerke, Bärbel Klein and Cornelia Winkler inspired the
auditorium with their experiences. As a newly appointed
team leader Claudia Bayartz received the keys to her own
LABELjeans company car, a Chevrolet Matiz, brand new,
with air-conditioning, centralized door locking and many
other extras and for her first-class distribution work in Au-
gust Cornelia Winkler received a mini-notebook with a trendy
ED HARDY design.

It was noticeable from all those present: in this company

things are still really humming! Since the distribution man-

ager Stefan Sommer has to be on the road throughout the
whole of Europe in the next weeks and months in order to
support the build-up of distribution by means of many large
and small presentations and seminars his two partners Anja
Krohm and Andrea Kochalski fulfilled a wish and presented
Stefan Sommer with his own motorhome, which had been
“completely pimped on LABELjeans” by the OBTAINER
MEDIA graphic team. His dream is all of 7 meters long and
leaves nothing to be desired.

In addition, the new exclusive partnership that LABELjeans

has entered with Phone-House was presented. This offers
Vodafone‘s “Super Flat Rate” including a mini-notebook and
a free USB stick for LABELjeans‘ distribution partners for an
unbeatable price. A useful add-on for all partners and cus-
tomers of the company.

At the conclusion – you could almost say in accordance with

ancient tradition – OBTAINER founder Michael Sander was
also asked onto the stage in order to give the audience an
overview of what is happening in direct distribution inter-
nationally, but also in order to give, as always, openly and
objectively his opinion of LABELjeans. OBTAINER has been
accompanying this company from the very start and Michael
Sander expressed his happy surprise about the sustained and
positive development of LABELjeans, which despite all the
internal and external crises it has had to master is still a real
success story. Of course, he had a few valuable tips for his lis-
teners. Our founder, who is now underway on all continents
every month and gives training sessions for companies from
all over the world is always pleased to make time for compa-
nies from Germany. He emphasized that – if his timetable
allows – he he is always very pleased to get together with his
friends from LABELjeans. So everybody is now already look-
ing forward to the next “Come together,” even if next time it
will not be possible to have it in the Maritim, since this loca-
tion was already almost “bursting at the seams” this time.

„Stefan, if you continue to grow like this then in a couple of

years we‘ll be meeting in the sold-out Schalke Arena here in
Gelsenkirchen. I‘ already looking forward to that...” With
these words OBTAINER founder Michael Sander took his
leave of the audience which had rewarded his appearance
with standing ovations. Even Stefan Sommer had nothing
to add to that and released the visitors to go shopping on a
warm late summer evening. A successful event all-round af-
ter which one thing was clear to everybody: LABELjeans may
be aloft, but is by no means aloof and remains one of the most
interesting addresses in the distribution of jeans and fashion
products in network marketing in Europe.


Dirk Adam, TNI With the “Eag
“Anybody who makes a mistake and doesn’t correct is making a sec-
ond one!” It was in accordance this 2,500-year-old saying from Con-
fucius that the company consultant and coach Dirk Adam acted when
he registered himself recently with “Tahitian Noni International” –
for the second time! Because a few years the professional networker
from Kiel, who has been working successfully in the industry since
1987, already made an exemplary career with TNI. At that time within
an extremely short period he had succeed in getting as far as partici-
pation in the “Vision Retreat,” the company’s internal private con-
ference that “whisks away” TNI’s top leaders every year to the most
beautiful places on earth.

This is something that most people do not even dare to dream of –

and Dirk Adam had already achieved it: International downlines
generated stable turnover and a passive income. But then the likable
“Viking” made a mistake, one that he can only shake his head about
today. “When things are going too well for the cow, the cow will go
onto the ice” is an old North German saying (roughly, when things are
going too well, people take risks) that fits his situation at that time very
well. “I wanted to keep all my options open and didn‘t want to commit
myself,” reports the networking professional in an interview with OB-
TAINER: “Something might still come up that would inspire me even
more than what I was doing at the time.” This is a train of thought that
has been the undoing of many a successful distribution partner, as
the editorial board of OBTAINER knows only too well from yearlong
experience and innumerable interviews. And only a few subsequently
have the courage and the strength to revise their decision and to risk
starting once again with their old company.

And for Dirk Adam too this step was no easy one. All the more impres-
sive is the honesty with which he reports his experi-
ence to-


gle System” to financial freedom

day: “My life was really shaken up. Also healthwise I really had a lot of offering those who are interested in us their own websites in several
problems and it was very difficult to get back on my feet and to start languages and a ready-to-use recipe for success. Behind it there is an
networking again.” But he let himself be influenced and swept along extremely successful upline with core competence in Internet mar-
by some “friends” to set up his own company. But already after a short keting.”
time he recognized that this idea was threatening to turn into a disas-
ter. “At this point it became clear to me how good thing had been for Although this system runs 100% “online” and thus offers the op-
me as a member of the Pearl Elite with TNI,” he explains frankly of the portunity to build up a genuine “home-based business” Dirk Adam
“stale aftertaste of having made this decision at all.” In particular too, is an advocate of personal meetings since for him direct contact and
his love for the products and the extraordinarily positive experiences the establishment of friendships are and remain important elements
he had had with these products crossed his mind again and again and of a positive business relationship. “Deep down network marketing
ultimately allowed him to “bite the bullet” – and come back to TNI! is a person-to-person business,” he points out showing that he is a
staunch supporter of the “classical values”: “But that doesn’t mean
A contributory factor to this decision was certainly also the “Way Ac- that we shouldn’t use the modern resources – quite the contrary!” He
cess Global” team concept that enables him to work internationally is convinced that it is precisely in the area of training that e-learning is
and with an orientation on the future and so make up a part of the becoming more and more important. “Nevertheless, basic seminars,
“lost time” again. “The basic idea of this system is to build up a stable for example, must also be offered in the real world and not in cyber-
international business,” explains Dirk Adam, who promotes the idea space.” In the final analysis, right at the beginning of a career in net-
via his Internet domain “The aim that every working personal intervention is still often necessary in order to bring
second line is American and the other European.” The exciting thing the newcomer onto the right path. Therefore, for example, Dirk Adam
here is that through this system it becomes possible to enable people telephones his firstlines up to eight times a day during the initial peri-
who are seriously interested and want to make a career to make a od and then later when they “can already walk on their own,” he
start free of charge, whereby these people receive TNI products worth still does so at least every third day. “It is precisely these
€600 – and still earn commission! “That means that all new partners things that have to be duplicated in the final
get free entry, a free boost for their careers, free products and the op- analysis,” says the networker ex-
portunity from the third month of earning more money than the CAS plaining the road
costs incurred,” beams Dirk Adam, whose newly gained enthusiasm
is visible in his face: “With this system we’re a quantum
leaps ahead of everybody else! We are

„Erfolg ist


to success. Of course, he also travels personally to the countries where The top-class leader would like to convince many people of these ad-
he is launching his TNI business and builds things up there just as vantages in the coming years – admittedly always only three inter-
systematically. ested parties at a time per country. “It isn’t possible to achieve more if
you don’t want to run the newcomers into the ground, if you want to
Another central component of “success in distribution” consists of want to provide them with a well-grounded introduction to the busi-
products that are genuinely useful to the end customer. “In this re- ness,” says Dirk Adam in the interview: “In the process a person who
spect I find it really easy with TNI to wax lyrically,” reports the net- wants to make a career using our system be able to envisage finding 9
worker from northern Germany: “The high-quality products from people who on their part want to make a career. Mind you: With a free
TNI are plain and simply good for everybody and the new expanded start-up and free qualification!” In each case these GOLD partners in
range of products really does offer something for everybody. In the the system will be sponsored into the second level – and for this the
22 years that I’ve been familiar with the networking industry I have newcomer receives three SILVER partners from the USA (or a “silver
never ever seen a product catalog with this level of professionalism. country”) automatically placed on the first level. “In this way a mixed
Also the leaflets and above all the starter sets are very successful. That international organization with a lot of stability and enormous and
has made me extremely enthusiastic. Therefore I’m also very pleased unstoppable duplication,” explains Dirk Adam and does not forget
that I can finally work and perform again – because, as you know, at this point to refer to the fact that the commissions at the second
talking is something anybody can do.” level of the TNI marketing plan are higher than at the first. “How-
ever, I wouldn’t like to reveal too much about out total concept,” he
As a matter of fact, Tahitian Noni International’s figures, data and explains with a smile. “That is something I prefer to do in the course
facts will make many other companies turn green with envy: Since of a personal discussion. Because what you are reading and hearing
1996 the company, which has registered more than 213 patents here is nothing at all…! It is much more important to me to remind
worldwide, has already sold its flagship product, the famous “Tahi- all readers at this point of one important point that somebody once
tian Noni Juice,” more than 100 million times and has paid out com- said to me, more or less as follows: For success in network marketing
missions worth more than $2.1 billion for this. Meanwhile an average it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or what profes-
of 20 bottles of Noni Juice are being sold per minute – and an end sion you’ve learned! Because the difference between a successful per-
of the worldwide growth is not in sight. Thus the recently launched son and the others doesn’t consist of a lack of strength or of a lack of
energy drink has already sold more than a million units within a few knowledge but of a lack of will!”
weeks. This momentum has ensured that TNI has already produced
over 200 income millionaires and has helped thousands of distribu- Anybody who has now been motivated to accompany Dirk Adam on
tion partners to achieve prosperity and financial security. And Dirk the road to a healthy and happy future is heartily invited to contact
Adam is totally convinced that this is precisely something that the him:
“Eagle System” will also achieve: showing interested people the way
to achieve financial freedom. “I see TNI as an oasis in the current fi- e-mail :
nancial and economic crisis. I can’t imagine a nicer job than working Skype: Powermankiel
as a freelance for TNI – no matter in what position. Because where
else could dispose of my time and determine my income myself and Internet:
be my own boss?” Hotline: 00 49 172 6957240


BVNM Celebrates Fifth

Anniversary and Presents
Network Awards
“The best advertisement is our success!” This sentence from Maria Schleipfer, the grande dame
of network marketing, could have stood as the motto for the celebration of the fifth anniversary of
the BVNM (Federal Association for Network Marketing), which took place in the Goldberg Hall of
Ludwig Erhard House in Berlin on September 25th.


Michael Drebs, Manager of the BVNM Academy and MC of sent a message of greeting to the gathering as did Prof. Dr.
the festivities was able to greet numerous guests and many Hans-Peter Schwintowski, Chair of Commercial and Busi-
celebrities – among them OBTAINER‘s founder Michael ness Law at the Humboldt University in Berlin, and the top-
Sander – to the event, which made clear the importance that class networker, Gabi Steiner. The road into the capital had
the Association has achieved through its continuous work. In been found by the top-class trainer Michael Strachowitz, the
his introductory words Wilhelm Schilling, First Chairman of business journalist Karl Pilsl and the “networking giant” Prof.
the BVNM, pointed out the importance of behavior standards Dr. Michael Zacharias of the University of Applied Science
in order to continue improving the image of the industry. At in Worms. Together with Maria Schleipfer and Max Schwarz
the same time he highlighted the core themes “entrepreneur- they were among the prize winners of the “BVNM Awards,”
ship” and “qualifications” with which the Association has dis- which were presented for the first time this year and which
tinguished itself in the past years. Advice for those setting up are intended to be an honor for the “Outstanding Personali-
new businesses and the newly-established BVNM Academy ties in network Marketing.”
are two aspects of these fields of activity.
But first before these tributes the undisputed Highpoint of
Erwin Stuprich, Spokesman of the Federal Committee for the event was the lecture by Prof. Zacharias, in which the
Direct Distribution of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce scientist, who has been teaching in the Department of Euro-
pean Business Management since 1977, presented the results
of the industry report on “Direct Sales 2009” (in this issue
OBTAINER is reporting in several articles about the contents
of this study). On the basis of the excitingly presented facts
and figures the guests were in a position to understand why
the networking industry is well on the way and what we should
be paying attention to in future. This industry report, which
is a useful tool for networkers in their daily work, can also be
ordered with immediate effect from the BVNM website Un-
der the motto “Taking your life into your own hands” Katrin
Bajri, Double Diamond with Forever Living Products, gave
an exciting lecture on the subject “Quo vadis, network mar-
keting?” And Michael Strachowitz made it clear to all those
present that it is necessary to differentiate between between
“the crisis out there” and the “individual crisis.” “We always
have a choice,” he called out to those who had gathered and
continued in his inimitable manner: “The crisis is always only
between our ears!” Because of this with the BVNM and the
participants in the panel discussion moderated by Michael
Drebs there was no sense of crisis – on the contrary: opportu-
nities, values and training were the keywords that dominated
the animated discussion.

The fact that none of those invited from the Chamber of com-
merce found the time to take part in the celebration was the
only sour note that the BVNM officers had to register with
regret. However, Gerhard Lange, Second Chairman of the
BVNM, who shortly before had received great praise and lots
of applause for is untiring commitment, took this sportingly:
“This shows that we still have potential for development,”
he declared with a smile. An attitude that also marks the
“networkers of the new generation,” who have successfully
completed the course to get the certificate as “consultants
in network marketing” (as reported in OBTAINER). All the


graduates present were asked to come onto the stage again

and were officially congratulated there. Michael Drebs and
all the guests present together with the executive and the ad-
visory board of the BVNM heartily congratulated the the suc-
cessful certificate holders for their achievement.

A cold buffet, sparkling wine and a few good conversations

rounded off the successful anniversary celebrations. At the
end all participants were convinced that network marketing
is facing a brilliant future which will also be supported by the
BVNM in the coming years with professionalism, seriousness
and a training scheme independent of any company through
the BVNM Academy.



German Premiere:
The first direct sales fair in Berlin

Christoph Kowalczyk
wants to show people “the
true face of direct sales”

What networker does not know the nu-

merous criticisms, rejections and “piec-
es of good advice” from friends and rela-
tives? MLM and network marketing are,
unfortunately, misjudged far too often.
Christoph Kowalczyk has decided to im-
prove the image of the industry actively.
For this reason he has organized the
first direct sales fair and is at the same
time the host of this event. On October
24th all interested people can acquire
exhaustive information about this sec-
tor of the economy in the Gropiusstadt
Community Center in Berlin. Numer-
ous exhibitors will offer the opportunity
to check out products on the spot, will
answer questions, will show the busi-
ness opportunities and present new and
innovative products. OBTAINER met
Christoph Kowalczyk for an exclusive
interview and the “pioneer” answered
our questions openly and honestly.
Find out everything not only about the
reasons for the first direct sales fair,
but also which network is particularly
suitable for newcomers, why MLM is
tainted with such a negative image –
and why this is ill-founded – and why
everybody can succeed... but not with
every company.

OBTAINER: Hello, Mr. Kowalczyk. You are organizing a direct e t c .
sales fair in Berlin in the fall. What has made you do this? For the
CK: It is well-known that the image of direct sales and particularly wife it is
that of MLM has suffered greatly in the past because apparently therefore
our industry attracts very many “black sheep.” I would like to give just as inter-
the industry an, of course, myself the chance to enlighten people esting as for
without obligation about the earnings opportunities and the work the business-
methods of direct sales. In addition, I am of the opinion that those man because
of us who work in direct sales ought to stick together better so that there are choco-
we can carefully turn around the image of the industry so that it is late lovers every-
again seen positively. That will, sooner or later, benefit us all. In where no matter
the present period of economic crisis it is even more important in which circles you
that people get a positive image of direct sales because even if only feel “at home.” In ad-
10% of those who are currently unemployed were to find new job dition, Cacaomundo
prospects in direct sales, things in Germany would not look quite so products do no need
tragic economically. That is admittedly wishful thinking, but with- such intensive consultan-
out visions you also can‘t change anything. cy work as, for example, is
the case with nutrition sup-
OBTAINER: How has the resonance to the fair been so far? plements as you do not need
any special knowledge about
CK: Considering that this is a pilot project in Berlin and that I had the products. This means that
the feared the worst, i.e. that I would not be able to win any direct already from the start you are
sellers to support it, the project has been a complete success so far. not necessarily dependent on
About 99% of the reactions have been positive, some of them even your sponsor and for this reason
euphoric. As it has transpired, many direct sellers had already had you are already in a position to
the idea but none of them had had the courage to turn it into real- achieve rapid successes on your own.
ity. Even an online magazine has approached me to support me in Here I do not mean that you should
promoting it. not work together with your sponsor,
but merely that already from the start
OBTAINER: For some time now you have been with Cacaomun- you do not necessarily need your sponsor
do. What differentiates Cacaomundo from other companies? during discussions in order to explain the
products. Thus the “stress” of agreeing joint
CK: The product, which is unique in networking, both the kind of appointments with your sponsor is absent.
product (chocolate) and its utility (promotion possibilities). This You become self-confident quickly and you
gives us as trading partners the opportunity to operate not only in also experience th pain of the word “No” sig-
the private sphere but also to acquire business people too – and we nificantly less often (if you approach your work
can do so primarily with our products and not just with the busi- seriously).
ness concept.
OBTAINER: Why did you join Cacaomundo?
OBTAINER: Why should somebody who is interested look into
Cacaomundo? CK: Previously I had worked in the field of nutri-
tion supplements and I decided to join Cacaomundo
CK: Because it is a very simple network, particularly for beginners; because the products have a massive advantage in
you can carry on business through sales parties, through direct con- comparison with nutrition supplements: Chocolate is a
tact or even on the Internet – it appeals to people‘s gut feelings. With product that nobody needs – but very many people want
the promotion possibilities I can systematically approach business it. With nutrition supplements it is exactly the opposite: Ev-
people and as a rule they are open to it. When you see who has reg- erybody needs nutrition supplements (in my opinion), but
istered with Cacaomundo as a trading partner, you will know what I only very few people want the products or they have first to
mean: car dealers, pastry shops and bakeries, hotels, catering firms be enlightened and enthused in long sessions about this sub-


ject. And then there is also the additional question of whether the- When my wife still sticks by me after 30 years and my child says
se enlightened people want to and are able to afford the nutrition to me: “Papa, I love you,” then I know that I‘ve done a lot of things
supplements. By contrast, chocolate is something that most people right.
indulge in since you can spoil yourself with it. So the only question
is is whether you want to spoil yourself using Cacaomundo. OBTAINER: What is the secret of your success?

OBTAINER: Since when have you been involved in network mar- CK: Setting priorities and carrying them out consistently but at the
keting? same time remaining human and always asking yourself whether
you‘re on the right track
CK: Intermittently since 1998.
OBTAINER: What is you personal path to success in winning
OBTAINER: What in your opinion is the greatest advantage of new partners?
network marketing?
CK: Making people aware of what I have to offer, letting the tas-
CK: It is something that everybody can do. te the product, and showing business people the sweet promoti-
on possibilities. The simplest path I can take with my network. In
OBTAINER: What in your opinion is the greatest disadvantage of my other networks I experienced a lot of rejection, NEVER IN MY
network marketing? LIFE have I found anybody to be nasty to me when I offered them
CK: It is something that everybody can do.
OBTAINER: What are you medium-term and long-term goals?
OBTAINER: What brought you into networking, the product (if
so, which) or the business concept? CK: I don‘t like to talk about my goals, as these are something per-
sonal for me. I have also had the experience that people quickly pin
CK: Neither, it was my sponsor. I had a lot of sympathy and I could you to these goals, but goals can change because you are always
imagine building up something together with him in the long term. changing too. My goals ought not to be important for others be-
In addition, of course, there were the business concept and the cause they are my goals. Everybody should think about it and set
products. But if the chemistry hadn‘t worked, I would never have their own personal goals.
considered it further.
OBTAINER: Do you have role models in network marketing?
OBTAINER: What does success mean for you personally?
CK: No, at least not tied to any names. I admire people who were
CK: Professional success is for me recognition of my performance right at the bottom and have managed to reach the very top and I
– both emotionally and financially, combined as a rule with rising value people who never give up, but I‘ve never wanted to be like
up the career ladder. Private success is harmony in the family. somebody else instead I‘ve always wanted to go my own way – even


if by doing so I end up falling flat on my face... which has happened in several networking companies at the same time?
to me very often.
CK: It depends on what you would like to achieve. If first and fo-
OBTAINER: What should a new networker look out for? remost you want to do business with customers then it is definitely
clever to have a highly diversified rang of products on offer. If you
CK: I want every newcomer to make the right choice because the want to have a career in networking, then you will sooner or later
products, the marketing plan, the company and the work methods have to choose one particular company. The day has only 24 hours
possible have to suit the individual. Of course, we shouldn‘t forget and looking after 2 or more organizations properly is no longer
the sponsor. If you discover that you‘ve made the wrong choice, possible once you‘ve reached a particular size. In addition, you will
you ought to have the courage to give up again. This is a decision begin to lack credibility in your organizations.
you can only reach if you inform yourself about the industry and As a customer I can register with as many networks as I like, also
the various companies. Most people do not inform themselves, but with reseller status, since after all I get products on more favorable
believe everything their upline tells them. When things go wrong, terms. That is still the good thing in networking – I can register as
however, you should always first ask yourself, whether the fault a reseller in order to cover my own needs. Why should I pay the
isn‘t your own before you start looking for it somewhere else. retail price to a colleague when I know that there is also a more
favorable way of doing business?
OBTAINER: What do you advise newcomers to do when they
have decided on a company? OBTAINER: what in your opinion are the 3 most important charac-
teristics that are necessary to be successful in network marketing?
CK: Continue to train yourself regularly in line with your “network
training” using your sponsors or upline (but also outside your own CK: Persistence, training and consistent ACTION! By consistent I
company) and keep your work methods simple and duplicable. don‘t mean that you have to do a lot every day. Many people who
First try out the work methods recommended by your upline be- are working may for reasons of time only be able to set aside one
fore you start reinventing the wheel. Mostly nothing else is then hour a week for their networking. Admittedly that is very little, but
necessary. one hour a week amounts to 52 hours a year. As long as you then
remain realistic and don‘t expect that after one year with this ex-
OBTAINER: How should a networker work in order to be suc- penditure of time you will have achieved the highest level in your
cessful on a long-term basis? company, that is also quite OK. The important thing here is just
that this one hour a week is also really filled with effective work
CK: The orientation should be on the customers and your part- for your networking business; then after a few years you will have
ners. Only a satisfied customer is a good customer and only a satis- significantly more success than people who can devote 15 hours a
fied partner is a good partner. You achieve this through humanity, week to their networking business but fill this time with ineffective
reliability, persistence (not to be confused with stubbornness) and work or use their time inconsistently.
honesty. Other than that the following is important: “The only peo-
ple who have become successful are those who have picked them- OBTAINER: Are you personally only working in Germany or do
selves up one more time than they have fallen down.” you already have partners abroad?

OBTAINER: When you look back, what is the most important CK: I‘ve now been able to register a likable partner in Austria. I‘m
thing you have learned in the MLM business? very pleased about that since I‘ve had ties with this country since
my childhood and I can also very well imagine living there one day.
CK: How to cope with rejection. The amount of rejection I expe- I‘m also pleased when I can win a a couple more partners in Aus-
rienced in the early years was very frustrating. For all networkers tria, but working from Berlin this isn‘t quite so simple – after all
it‘s important that they shouldn‘t take rejection personally; instead Austria isn‘t exactly just outside my front door.
they should develop a thick skin. There can be many reasons for
rejection and as a rule they have nothing to do with you as a person. OBTAINER: Do you read MLM print media?
In my first network somebody came up with the following verdict
on this (and it is absolutely true): “Not everybody is open to being CK: I read various online and also print media on an irregular ba-
sponsored by everybody at all times and in all places.” sis since mostly I don‘t have the time to read them regularly.

OBTAINER: What do you think of networkers who are working OBTAINER: Mr. Kowalczyk, thank you for the interview.


Continuing her life story: “During that period I was also story started a long time ago when we moved from Saudi
a reporter – not officially – for a daily newspaper writing Arabia to the UAE in 1995. This was a big bad change
the Family Page for 2½ years as my hobby. I married a and a painful experience in my life. The reason we came
loving Syrian husband and in 1995 we moved to the UAE here was to seek new opportunities but what happened
seeking an opportunity to achieve a better lifestyle. Here was against our wish. When I started working at my job I
in the UAE I‘m now working for an Islamic financial in- suffered a lot with my boss, who was heartless, cruel and
stitution in Sharjah. I‘m still working there, I like my job enjoyed humiliating people. He destroyed me complete-
and I feel comfortable. I‘m now a part-time networker ly. What made things worse was that I felt homesick for
but when I reach my goal I will have my full freedom and my family in Saudi Arabia, I missed my parents, brother
I will be – I would not say a ‚full-time‘ but an ‚all-time‘ and sister. I wanted to go back there again and be with
networker and I want to live for me and my family and to them. “I was lucky; after serving 6 months under that
feel the comfort of home.” Asked how she came into con- pressure and stress, I left to work on an evening part-
tact with MLM and particularly with DXN she says: “The time job with half of my previous salary but for peace of



mind I accepted that little and felt my life come back to

me. Three months later I returned to my former job after
that boss left the UAE. While on service with another op-
portunity with the same salary was offered to me which
I accepted in 1996. This has increased only a little since
then and I am in the same job but I‘ve changed offices
twice during that period.

“Not only that: I was not satisfied with my low salary

compared with others working in other associations who
were getting higher salaries. With the low income and
rising prices and home rents we fell back on credit cards
and loans from banks. I hated my job at the time and I
thought many times of resigning but I could not because
of my bank loans.
my financial problems were killing me. Only then did I
“I was suffering from lots of physical, financial and start thinking of home-based business. I started looking
mental health problems. For years I had urinary tract on the Internet for opportunities. I did find something
but it didn‘t work out. Although I spent and lost money,
I didn‘t give up and kept looking. Every day I was calling
Allah the Almighty God for rescue, with eyes filled with
tears and pain, asking him if he had any cure or relief for
my pains. I prayed a lot with deep faith and belief and
asked God to give me relief from all my sufferings.

“One day, while crying, I called my daughter and told her

I had reached a dead end. She panicked and was scared
and told me she would send me a product that might
give me some relief and help me reduce my weight. She
thought I was suffering from depression because I was
too fat at that time.”

This was the turning point: “She sent me two natural or-
ganic health products from DXN International. She had
infection attacks, colon crises that came on during the heard that they were good healthy products that could
night without warning and a constant cough that de- help reduce weight and give relief from pain. She was
veloped into asthma. Medication didn‘t seem to work not a member at the time and knew nothing about mem-
properly for me. Like every lady I wanted to keep fit and bership. That was early in 2005 and was the first time I
look beautiful and so from my early days I used to diet was introduced to DXN products without knowing ex-
and I tried hundreds of different diets; these diets made actly knowing what they are. After consuming Spirulina
me weaker and every time I lost weight, I immediately and drinking Lingzhi Tea I felt a lot better and within a
gained more. During these years, because of the stress few weeks my depression was gone and I wanted to get
and the depression which haunted me, I started feel- out of the house and meet people. I wanted to see the
ing too tired and without energy. I also had back pain world. When the products were finished I went to the
and my problems and pains started to increase. While DXN office in Sharjah and bought more of them. In 8
at home I thought of doing something else and I always months I lost 13 kg. My painful attacks were reduced. I
thought of how I could become a useful person in life was very happy.
and how I could help others.” Her daughter got married
and moved to Bahrain, which made her even more lonely “Nobody told me about membership. So during 2005 I
and isolated. “My pains and depression increased and was just a consumer and I felt relief. But I still had these


attacks from time to time with pain and tears. I never

gave up on my prayers. In November 2005 my husband
had a heart attack. When he was released from hospi-
tal two of his friends came to our house and introduced
DXN to us. It was a miracle – as if God had listened to
my prayers. I had reached a dead end when DXN came
knocking on my door – twice: first through my daugh-
ter and then through my husband‘s friends, who told me
about the business opportunity.

“After I learned why these products gave me great relief

and saved my life, I started to tell people about them. I
became free of my pains and I‘m now on my way to get
my financial freedom. I can say: Now I am a new-born
person and I‘m almost 4 years old in the DXN world –
I‘ve found myself again.”

She has had some negative experiences since joining speakers – not only in the UAE. We also travel abroad
DXN. “When I joined DXN I was so enthusiastic and so and when we have leaders from other countries we join
eager to help people because I believed in the DXN prod- as listeners and speakers.
ucts. I wanted people to join only for the sake of help-
ing them, even those who couldn‘t pay the membership “I‘m on MySpace, Facebook, Hi5, Directsellingfestival,
I paid for them and made them members of my network. Skype, yahoo, hotmail, MSN and others. I sometimes
That was a bad experience and I don‘t advise anyone to give training and presentations online to my team or do
do it. Easy come, easy go. After they joined, they van- online prospecting. We usually schedule a time for our
ished. No answers to my calls. That turned my family meetings online. Sometimes training online can be effec-
against me and they didn‘t believe in DXN. They thought tive if we cannot meet face to face. In general we mostly
it was a waste of money. But during this time I was cured meet our trainer, Mr. Fatemi Ghani on Skype for an hour
of my health problems. Then my family felt relief as well or two at a time previously set for training.
and they then opened their eyes and they are all believ-
ers. We all love DXN. But routine check-ups in hospital “I make one-to-one calls and I‘m planning to conduct
are still a must. Our DXN products are not medicines, phone conferences with my new partners so they can
they are food supplements that help the body to heal it- learn how to communicate with their partners and to
self and boost the immune system.” motivate them. I‘ve also prepared information files on
DXN and its products and various training tools on mar-
In response to questions about her methods of working keting, which I hand to new partners.”
she replies: “As a sponsor I have great responsibility to
partners who join me in my team. Once they join this So how does she explain the benefits of her business op-
fine beautiful business, I have to be with them, to teach portunity to a lay person? “Simplicity is the key. I just
them everything I know and to train them to be leaders find out in a natural way what people‘s needs needs and
and trainers themselves. We also have also have the on- wants are. I must learn from them how badly they need
line DXN Support System. I conduct my meetings most to change themselves. If my solutions work for their
of the time in hotels where my potential partner and I benefit I simply show them these benefits of my busi-
can relax and enjoy the luxury of the hotel and second ness opportunity. I learned that from my guru, Mr. Fate-
time exploring each other. I also sometimes meet with mi Ghani and from Mike Oliver‘s book Natural Selling
my team in hotels for a change. I once conducted a hotel Method.”
seminar for my team. And I have plans to conduct more
when the team is ready. Usually when DXN conducts ho- And the future of MLM? “MLM is the industry of trillion
tel seminars my team leaders and I always participate as dollars as Paul Zane Plizer said in his book The Well-


ness Revolution. It is developing rapidly because people then produces a small library of recommendations (see
are now aware of healthy lifestyle and they are moving the box). Her role model is her guru, Mr. Fatemi Ghani.
towards it and looking for such opportunities – particu- “I learned from him and I‘m still learning a lot. Without
larly after the recession.” him and his help and support I wouldn‘t be successful.
He is a great motivator and my inspiration. He is a dy-
As mentioned already she is married to a fellow Syrian namic leader and a great partner.”
and in addition to her daughter she also has a son. Both
her children are now also networkers with DXN. She Contact details:
dives a red-orange 2009 Hyundai Getz called “Princess”,
but “my dream car is cyclamen-colored Rolls Royce.”
Her three greatest wishes are: “1) I wish to be always
healthy because there is no meaning to life if I am in
pain; 2) I wish to become wealthy to help my family and
to help the poor, the needy, the homeless and others who
need help; 3) I wish to build mosques and shelters for
the poor and to be blessed by God.”

Asked for a book recommendation she feels: “Reading is

great knowledge,. But reading a book without applying
it is as useless as if the book is not read. I recommend
OBTAINER readers to read great valuable books.” She


Hey Baby, Think Positive!

In times of “The Secret” and various other books, audio books
and seminars on the topic of “positive thinking”, there are
those who don’t exactly share this opinion and like to rock the
boat, be doubtful and criticize it. It is probably similar to back
in the Middle Ages. Back then if you said a stomach ache could
be relived with ziewback and camomile tea, you would either
be burned as a witch, tied up in a sack and thrown into water
and drowned or stoned.

This is similar, although granted nowhere near as serve, cession and why does this affect the middle class which
to how people feel today when they dare to not com- used to be able to afford everything? If positive thinking
pletely share this view on “positive thinking”. It the is enough, why aren’t there masses of well-off people
last few years I have personally experienced that people since “The Secret” and similar things came on the mar-
don’t dare to say something that isn’t positive as they ket? I am only talking about those who have swallowed
will quickly get an earful of “hey, think positive”. all this literature and have begun to implement it.

Some kind of pervasive superficiality seems to be spread- If positive thinking was enough, then I have a very spe-
ing everywhere, which apparently makes people believe cific question: Have you achieved the aims and fulfilled
they can just say “think positive” – and everything will the dreams you wanted to accomplish last year?
be ok. In fact, some people are so convinced about it,
they believe if they don’t think positive, everything will Perhaps I just want too much. So I’ll ask something dif-
go against it. ferent. Something that has nothing to do with money,
your career etc.: Have you become happier and more
They therefore fight against their thoughts from early fulfilled over the last 2 to 4 years thanks to “positive
morning until late at night and as soon as they begin thinking”? You have to look at this very closely and don’t
to feel the slightest bit of doubt, the answer is waiting, just give a flippant answer. After achieving something
as – they have once again not thought “positively”. You in life, have you ever asked yourself just what the even-
also begin to think that if something negative happens, tual reason for this success was? Have you ever made
you will be punished. the effort to explore this?

I increasingly wonder that if positive thinking is enough Since “Secret & Co” we have more teachers than stu-
and that if we have learned well from “The Secret” and dents. I hear repeatedly from friends, who have worked
various other books, then why are we now in a global re- hard on themselves over the past ten years that today


But now back to “positive thinking”.

I recently read something on Facebook which said

something like “if you just think positively enough, you
will fulfil all your goals”. I couldn’t resist writing a com-
ment. However not only here, even on Twitter, Xing,
Plaxo etc., everywhere I look, I am overwhelmed with
the many (surely well meant) tips on “positive think-
ing”. I wonder if we are making things to easy here?

Is our being – better put: our thinking – slipping into

one of a superficial nature. Is this perhaps the reason
why it is never enough and always has to be more?

Have you never been really motivated, on a “positive

thinking” high, only to be in the thick of things a week
later? Have you never asked yourself the question that
perhaps with “positive thinking” we treat people too
carelessly and maybe even superficially? Have you nev-
er asked yourself if you truly can influence thinking?
And if you are sure you can – why doesn’t it always work
and why doesn’t it work in every aspect of your life.

Because if it did work, would you not be fulfilled and

happy in all aspects of life? Do you think it’s simply
because you haven’t been “positive” enough in your

What’s it all about?

In my opinion this is what it’s about: From my very

anyone who has visited one or two seminars can now modest experience (not from books!), “thinking”
mutate into a teacher and hold seminars. It is becoming (positive or negative is neither here nor there)
increasingly difficult to distinguish between a serious is only one of the steps involved in a number
responsible teacher and a ‘hobby’ teacher – no matter of consecutive reactions. Thought occurs,
what they do. In any case it’s impossible to tell by the that is correct, but when??? Does
fees ;-) something perhaps come before
the thinking stage??? If yes,
Even if we aren’t tackling the “teacher” theme today, I then what? Have you ever
would at least like to show you, how I look for a teacher. thought about that?
I too consider myself someone who at regular intervals
needs a teacher. To admit that you want a teacher or Or have you ever
coach also has a little to do with humility. Confessing closely investigat-
that you aren’t able to do everything alone and that you ed this? Have you
actually don’t know everything. My motto is: If possible ever sat down
try not to go to someone who has less than 10 years ex- quietly and at-
perience and/or success in what they teach. Under 10 tempted to
years of experience and they are, in my opinion, still a discover just
student themselves. what exactly
goes on? You


shouldn’t just take my word for it, that’s not what I to him. It’s not bad to have an ego and to use it to think.
want. I’d like you to check it out for yourself. That’s why it’s there. I also use it daily. All I’ll say is: Look
and see if that is really everything...
I, initially, believe much of what I come across. Some-
times I check it out for myself and question it in order Check and see if this alone is enough to lead a fulfilling
to convince myself of its effectiveness or ineffective- life? It’s quite easy to do. Ask yourself the following ques-
ness, as the case may be. I see danger in the fact that tions: Are you happy with the people who surround you?
we no longer examine things, we just agree with what Your parents, siblings, friends, colleges? If their tension,
is offered to us. We can simply swallow the “wisdom” conflict? Now look at this and study it yourself, how often
of “positive thinking”, without examining it ourselves. was ‘thought’ perhaps the cause of a certain stress in your
We tend to pay others to give us the answers so that we life? Because you just wanted to be in the right? I have
only need to implement what they say, without actually some stories from my own life that I could tell...
thinking about it ourselves.
I have something else to ask you: Suppose something hap-
Why is this the case? What are we afraid of? Our senses pens within the family of one of your friends. Your friend
are, to some extent, withered due to all the distractions is, as a result, feeling miserable. He is sad as he has just
(TV, Internet, cell phones, advertisements, consump- lost someone he loves. What do you say to him? “Hey, it’s
tion) that many people don’t even notice that it’s not not so bad, life goes on? Come on, let’s go for beer?” Or do
thinking that controls life but a different process takes you stay as far out of his way as possible as you can’t cope
place, of which thinking is just one of the results. with the situation.

Not to be mislead: I personally think The Secret & Co is Have you got the courage to forget about any well versed
great. The first time I watched the DVD (2006 in Asia), sayings and instead just sit with him and hold his hand?
I was convinced it was only the beginning or ending of a Because you realize just how much we still don’t under-
process (depends on where you begin). However, it was stand about this mystery which is “life”? Sometimes think-
never the whole thing. Therefore it is somewhat super- ing is unnecessary. What is needed is genuine sympathy
ficial. It can be a starting point if you begin to take an and compassion without saying much. In such a situation
interest in it, however not the goal, never the end. these sayings are superficial and show how powerless those
who use them are. Sometimes a little humility is more ful-
Are we, you and I as humans, not much more filling than saying “think positive” 100 times. Humility is
complex than to be dumbing down our great incidentally not a sign of weakness, but a sign of you real-
though process? Our “thinking” is without izing just how little you actually know about everything.
doubt very important, especially in every-
day life. However reducing everything to I don’t want to offer you any suggestions this time, just
just thoughts, which at the same time ask questions. I do this myself also. I ask myself questions
matches personality – ego – can be dan- over and over again. Now try to find your own answers, no
gerous. There are actually businessmen predetermined answers, but your own.
and women who claim they have no
ego. This makes me burst out laugh- Even though I could go on writing about this, I will at this
ing. If they had no ego, they point say, until the next time, bye,
wouldn’t think. It’s just this
simple. And if he were Yours, Dany
not to think again, he
would be sitting To be continued... (maybe)...
in meditation
of 24 hours All experiences and suggestions on the subject will be
and career, gladly received by email. Please use my website to get in
money etc. touch:

What Has an Orange to Do with
Dear Readers,

After looking more closely in the last issue at the leadership principles Barack Obama used to win his election in the USA
and at what you can learn from them for your day-to-day business, today I would like together with you to look at another
important leadership principle you need not only need for “self-management” but also in order to help your subordinates
develop from level 3 to level 4. Without understanding this principle it will be very difficult for you to lead a colleague from
the third level onto the fourth level of development

So that you understand the significance of the precept, I will have to give a bit of background information and briefly explain
the concept of responsibility. More precise background information and a detailed explanation can be found on our website
under the heading “Articles.” Therefore I will begin with a question that may appear unusual:


“Why is an orange far in advance of most manag- essential emotion I feel for this person – no matter how the
ers?” other person encounters me, no matter what they do to me
or how they act towards me?
You will now say: “Mr. Assis, what kind of question is
that?” Do you always react with what is in you?
Now, I can understand why you react in this way – but give
yourself the time to think about it for a moment. Let us As long as everything goes harmoniously and the other
repeat the question again: person acts as you “expect” them to (no matter whether
this is a conscious or unconscious expectation), it is most
“Why is an orange far in advance of most managers?” probably easy for you to react with what is in you. But how
An interesting question, because why should a fruit be in do things look when the other person does not act as you
advance of us? Now, I mean in its behavior or its reactions? expect them to? What then? If your “expectations” are
Any idea? even disappointed (independently of whether your expec-
tations are justified or are a product of your imagination or
Let us take a look at what happens when you squeeze an or- dreams). What then? How do you react then?
ange. What comes out of the orange? Right! Orange juice.
And what happens when you put an orange on the ground Still with what is in you? Still with what is your “essential
and step on it? What comes out of the orange? Right! Or- emotion” toward the person and/or the relationship? Most
ange juice and pulp. of us will here admit that in these situations at the latest
an orange is far in advance of us – or at least the vast ma-
And what happens when you throw an orange with full jority of us. And I would like to go one step further. This
force against the wall? What comes out of the orange then? first insight is important in order to understand the second
Right! Again orange juice. insight and to be able to draw the lesson from it.

We could now choose and put forward innumerable exam- The example of the orange shows us well that we ought to
ples like this but I think you realize what I am getting at think about our reactions more often and also about how
and we can agree to say: we are reacting to the people we are managing. It shows
us that we often take ourselves far too seriously and often
No matter what you do with an orange – orange juice will give things a significance that none of them will have in 10,
always come out of it! 20 or 30 years‘ time or at least not the significance we give
them today. So you can say that the orange teaches us to be
Or in other words: “An orange always reacts with what is more patient and to react much more with love. It demands
in it.” that we be more tranquil in our reactions to our surround-
ings. A very interesting example of such a development is
Right? Good! So why is it in advance of most managers? the life of Mahatma Gandhi, the man who freed India from
its British colonial masters without violence. Read his bi-
Now ask yourself: Do you always only react with what is ography and see what path he followed. And so we have
in you in every situation you are confronted with in your come to the first question I was asked when I discussed
daily activity as a manager or in you life? Let us take an this subject with a very close friend a few days ago. The
example from everyday life. Let us assume that you are in a question:
relationship, perhaps you are engaged or married. As a rule
you can say that people who are in a relationship or who “How far should this understanding go? Is there a
are are married love each other and that love is the feeling limit to how long you should react with what is in
that they feel for one another. you?”

If you do not happen to be in a relationship, then take any For that it is now important to abandon the example of the
other form of human relationship and ask yourself: “‚What orange. Because in contrast to a human being an orange
is the essential emotion I feel in connection with this rela- has no emotions in the sense we know them. So let us take
tionship and/or the other person?” And then ask yourself a look at how long you should be an “orange”... Before we
the following question: Do I always always react with the go into this more deeply I would like to tell you directly


that you will not find any measurable specifications in the have for many years been keeping a log of decisions and
lines below because in this respect every person is differ- observations where I write these things down. (You will
ent and every person has different values and principles. learn more about this decision log when we deal with the
Nevertheless I would like to give you an answer in the fol- the practical implementation of the individual levels of de-
lowing lines by showing you what I learned from one of my velopment.)
mentors and what lessons I have drawn for myself from the
events of the last few days. In this way I achieve an emotional separation from the sit-
uation and acquire some distance from the issues. Some-
So let us assume that you subordinate repeatedly reacts thing that is very helpful when you want to resolve highly
differently from that you expected. It is important to first emotional situations. If you are involved in such a situation
ask yourself whether you expectations can be fulfilled or in your life at the moment, I invite you to do this NOW!
whether under the circumstances your expectations are far
too high for the other person so that they are not in a posi- When you have done so and come to the conclusion that
tion to fulfill your expectations. Furthermore, you should your expectations are justified and that you yourself fulfill
ask yourself whether you yourself fulfill the criteria you ex- the demands or criteria, then you have two possibilities –
pect of the other person. It is relatively difficult to expect and it is of great significance that we should recognize the
something of somebody else when you yourself cannot ful- possibilities in our lives! The first possibility may be that
fill the expectations. So check your own criteria. In both you reduce your own expectations and bring them to a level
cases healthy self-reflection is important. In other words, where the other person is in a position to fulfill them. The
the ability to consider yourself and your behavior with de- only question ere is: “How long can you keep it up and how
tachment. I find it helpful to do this in writing on paper far do you want to downshift your expectations and your-
and to write down the whole situation, the actions and the self?”
reactions – and the accompanying emotions – as an outside
observer would do. For this The second possibility may be that you decide not to down-
purpose I shift your expectations. Then again you have two possibili-
ties. Either you end the collaboration or you attempt to
explain things to you subordinate and to make them
understand why these expectations and their ful-
fillment is so important to you.

But what if nobody grasps the op-


Well, then I can pass on to you a

lesson that one of my mentors
once gave to me, one that has
helped me often since then in
difficult situations with other
people. Before my mentor
decided at that time wheth-
er he would like to coach me
and whether I was a person
he would permit to to stay
close to him, a person he
could trust, he “put me
under pressure.” What do
I mean by that? He put me
in situations where I was


subjected to immense pressure – whether the pressure The result?

came from outside or whether I I imposed this pressure on
myself. Before he started to really deal with me, to concern The true face of this person became apparent. And now it
himself with me, he wanted to know and to find out who I was easy for me to recognize that I had reached a point
really was. where I could do anything I wanted – and it would be use-
less! And so I was able to recognize that I had been far too
Since he was and is a very busy man, he had no time to reticent, had downshifted everything that was important
waste, and since the coaching relationship I wanted to have to me and had neglected it far too much. This was an in-
with him meant being very close to him, he had to find out sight that did not come easily – but I had to realize: No
who I really was. In the course of the years, even after I matter how much orange juice I produce it does not bring
passed these first “tests,” as I call them, he has done so any results if the other person does not want or like orange
again and again in order to find out if I am still the same juice!
person he gave his trust to at the beginning. Before he
began to coach me, he said to me at that time: “The true So I remembered the words of my mentor and split from
face of a person is something you first recognize when they somebody who was very close to me at work and who was
come under pressure.” very important to me in business. And I have done so irre-
vocably! Because that is something I also learned from my
We have all already experienced something like this at mentor: Once they are out, there is no way back! And what
some time or other: We believed that we really knew a per- lesson do I draw from this?
son and we got to know a completely new, different aspect
of this person when they got into a situation where they It is a good thing to be an orange! It is a good thing to want
came under pressure. Since my mentor had no time to wait to help other people and to be there when they need you.
for such moments where he would then discover that under And I also need orange juice from myself. Compromises
certain circumstances I was the wrong person to receive are important and helpful when you are collaborating with
his trust, he placed me under great pressure. This behavior other people. No matter whether this is on a profession-
is something that I have often observed in other successful al or a private level. Therefore it is sometimes helpful to
people in the course of the years. The have artificially cre- lower your own expectations and to check these regularly.
ated situations where pressure arises in order to discover But it is just as important, if not more important, never to
the true face of a person and assess who this person really betray your own values and the things that are important
is. to you by being too reticent.

Why am I explaining this to you? It is important to pay regard to the things you have learned
in life and to respect them. And it is important to preserve
Because I had forgotten this important lesson myself. In your freedom of spirit and to be able to discard yesterday‘s
recent weeks and months I have personally experienced opinions if your views are different today. But as manag-
what it is like when you notice that somebody who is very ers we must never forget that we are also always manag-
close to you in your job does not fulfill your expectations ing ourselves and that we also pass through the 4 plus 2
because they are under pressure. I checked my own expec- levels of development. And sometimes we also fall back a
tations and reduced them. At the same time I tried as much level ourselves and have to lead ourselves through them.
as possible to be an “orange” and I explained to this person Because we are always providing leadership! Not only in
why these expectations were important to me and that they the classical “manager-subordinate” relationship but, of
were expectations that would lead to and sustain more suc- course, also sideways and upwards in the hierarchy.
cess and mutual respect.
Therefore remember: Leadership is action and not posi-
And since I was so caught up in this situation and so busy tion.
trying to be an orange and to help this person and to do
things right, I did not see that life was lending me a helping Your Coach
hand by increasing the pressure on this person – without Nuno F. Assis
me seeing it directly.

of Success
The subconscious is the driver of our lives –
tell it where to go!

Human psychology encompasses feeling, action and thought. In psychology new

insights are being gained almost on a daily basis and nevertheless many scientists
are of the opinion that this science is only in its early stages. Nevertheless a huge
amount of knowledge already exists about what differentiates successful people from
all the others.

n itself success is the result of our decisions and from birth and these characteristics
our subsequent actions. How we decide and act are something that we can learn
depends essentially on drive and persistence. The at any age. The bad news is: It‘s
greater the drive the more persistent people are and all up to you and you alone!
the more like they are to reach their goals. These factors
are associated with our unconscious motivation patterns. In the psychology of success the
But this is also where things start to get complicated. most important thing is to keep moti-
vation permanently to the
For motivation and success techniques there are just as fore and therefore every-
many seminars as books. Many of them are good and use- one ought to understand
ful, but on the other hand there just as many which with what differentiates those who
the “chakka” mentality merely promote the success of the are successful from the rest. Most
seminar leader or the book author. Often these motivation people are unconsciously molded
techniques only last a short time. Already a few days after in such a way by their up-
a constructive seminar the motivation boost it produced bringing, their experiences,
has evaporated and the old daily routine has re- tragic experiences, illness or
established itself. But how can I acquire for the loss of money or a loved
myself the char- acteristics that one that in most cases they
only 5 percent of people see themselves as losers and
use and are as a only rarely as winners. Life is
result unusually hard, but everyone
successful? First
a piece of good
news: the prereq-
uisites are some-
thing we all have


must live with that. Our opinion of ourselves is perhaps is their negative expectation for themselves. Particularly
even correct in most cases, but dismissing this self-assess- in the medical field it is noticeable that people who think
ment as being “God-given” or as “fate” is something that is negatively get sick far more often than those who think
associated with our subconscious. We are exactly what we positively. Often it is not bacteria or viruses that cause this,
believe we are. the trigger is often the manifestation of the mind and the
psyche in the body. It is therefore imperative to deal with
In the psychology of success it is a question of accepting life positively and that can best be done if you always remain
your perception of yourself in such a manner that you can relaxed and friendly. Even if at first this is just an act: You
recognize connections and get from thinking as a loser to can only train yourself to adopt a habit if you actually put
thinking as a winner. If we recognize the processes in our it into practice. Again and again. At some stage it becomes
own psyche, we can steer our mental potential into self-de- second nature. Of course this does not prevent negative ex-
termination so that success will materialize sooner or later. periences from happening. But in these cases you should
In present-day psychology the motivation cycle or motiva- consider the negative experience as long as necessary to
tion spiral (here the whole flow of the psyche is meant) find something positive that you can draw out of it. In ev-
summarized in the concept “motivation script.” The erything bad there is also always some good aspect. People
motivation script contains both all conscious and un- like to surround themselves with winners and successful
conscious processes such as emotions, behavior, people. In these circumstances your own positive self-as-
facial expressions, thought patterns, reactions, sessment is infectious and inspires those around you. For
attitude or body language. Such a script is this reason when you are dealing with others, you should
like our operating system which has been not moan about them, instead you should use praise.
quite individually programmed by ex-
periences, what we have learned, in- Support people constructively, not destructively. Motivate
born talents and instincts as well as people instead of acting cynically. Your self-assessment de-
by the environment we live in. This pends to a certain extent from the self-assessments of those
script is incredibly complex and ev- around you. Once the positive self-assessment has become
ery person has a unique script, which is part of you the next motivation factor starts to come into
comparable with a fingerprint. play. Positive self-motivation. This is the drive that trans-
forms optimism into action in order ultimately to achieve
Each stimulus elicits a specific behavior on success. More precisely: The things we think about most
our part that we mostly cannot explain con- are also the things that guide our actions and we achieve
sciously. By means of what are called “mo- our goal. Everybody motivates themselves continuously in
tivation gates” we can bring the motiva- a positive or a negative sense. And also those who do noth-
tion scripts into conscious communication ing have decided to do so as a result of their own motiva-
with or consciousness. This is best done us- tion.
ing deep relaxation. This can be achieved by
meditation, yoga, hypnosis, work with a psycholo- Unfortunately, motivation is often wrongly interpreted.
gist or also by mental training on your own. The word “motivation” has its root in the word “motive”
There are numerous possibilities. The goal is to and a motive is “the thing internally influencing a person
achieve positive expectations of yourself which that leads him to take action.” We act in line with a need,
ultimately means acting according to your an idea, a feeling or an experience. Motivation is something
own convictions. Optimists always expect the that lies deep within us and it causes us to strive to achieve
best from their decisions and actions. Successful a goal or also to move away from it. Self-motivation can be
people anticipate in advance that they will be suc- learned and developed. For too long it was generally ac-
cessful. They believe so firmly in their idea or their skills cepted that motivation was something that was channeled
that they are firmly convinced that they will be proved to us from outside. This motivation is, however, only short-
right and achieve success. But the reverse is also just term since it only works during the first euphoria. Through
as true. There are people who maintain that they get it people are only encouraged and inspired to trust their
flu every winter. And they do get it too, because this inner strength and to use it. In the long term external moti-


vation can only work if these impulses are anchored in the centrate in all their actions on the successful
subconscious. As soon as this happens it is again a ques- experiences instead of on the failures.
tion of self-motivation because now the drive to achieve
the the goal is coming from inside again. It is therefore a question of steering the moti-
vation from that arising out of fear to that aris-
Therefore it is not unusual that on the one hand many par- ing from desire: Of steering from fear of pov-
ticipants in a motivation seminar are completely beside erty to desire for riches, of steering from fear
themselves with joy and on the other hand many consider it of illness to desire for health and of channeling
to be the work of charlatans. Here the difference lies again fear of failure into desire for success. In the
in the positive expectations that the participants have of psychology of success things therefore cen-
themselves, leading them to achieve more positive self- ter first and foremost on what you expect of
motivation. Those who are negatively inclined will mostly yourself, which is something that must be
have taken up their old behavior patterns again one day trained.
after such a seminar. As already mentioned, the differences
in the quality of such seminars are also decisive, but so too As a result of placing high expec-
is your own internal attitude. tations on yourself self-moti-
vation is increased, which
How do I achieve positive self-motivation? First you have in the final analysis is the
to understand that motivation is very closely associated power that drives us on
with our internal emotional state. The great psychic and a sustained level to
physical motivators are the survival instinct, the drive to achieve a goal –
eat, the sexual drive, revenge and love – and they are all until it is actually
closely connected with emotions. The two basic emotions, achieved.
which are admittedly opposed to each other, but which can Since you have
both have an equally strong influence on our actions, are read this article,
desire and fear. While fear acts as a brake on us, hems us you know that the fu-
in, causes us to panic, thwarts our plans and as a result ture lies in your hands. That
prevents us from achieving our goals, desire has exactly the is the first step. Now it is a
opposite effect. Desire guides us on, liberates us, urges us question of you finding
on, encourages us in our plans and lets us achieve our goal. the techniques suitable
Fear always reminds us of bad experiences, lack of success, for enabling you to re-
disappointments and wants to tell us that such things may program your subcon-
happen again. Desire reminds us by contrast of pleasurable scious. On your own
things, victories and successes and encourages us to repeat by reading specialist
these emotions. books, by self-hypnosis, by
mental training etc. or with
Anxious people are steered by their subconscious with the help of others by means
words like “I have to..., I can‘t..., I‘d like to..., that‘s isn‘t of success and motivation
allowed...” etc. The person driven by desire thinks “I will..., seminars, or with the help
I want to..., I can..., I‘ll do...” etc. Wishes and dreams are of psychologists, hypnotists,
the emotional state between the current situation and what mental trainers or, for ex-
you want to achieve. It is like the tension of a bow, a power ample, a yoga course. What is
that wants to be released so that the arrow will hit the bull‘s decisive is that you achieve deep
eye. This tension can be both positive and negative. relaxation so that you can make direct
contact with your subconscious.
The negative fearful tension brings us to failures and
causes us to hesitate. The positive yearning tension leads I know that you can do it! I wish
us to successes and drives us on. Successful people con- you every success.



What Does Nasal Hair

Have to Do with
By Alexander Plath

...about the author:

Alexander Plath ( is an expert on the subjects “first impression)

(, presentational skills, body language, communication & presentation,

etiquette and business etiquette, enthusiasm & motivation, selling and management training. For

20 years he has be active in sales, distribution and training and during this period he has occupied

all positions from salesman to Director Foreign Distribution and Press Spokesperson for a multi-

national corporation and he was responsible for the foreign expansion and the public relations of

a multinational group of companies. addition ,Alexander Plath is the Managing Partner of Plath &

Partner AG and is a member of the supervisory board of the Swiss subsidiary of a multinational


In the last issue we saw to it that you will always and
everywhere make a good figure and leave a good first
impression with your cellphone. The first impression is
the central theme running through the articles in this
column. This time also we will again work on mak-
ing sure that your first impression on your customers
and business partners as well as in your private life will
continuously bring closer to your goals and not some-
how stand in your way.

After all the goal of my column is not I strongly suspect that many if not all Now in the case of appearance it is re-
only to entertain you but also at the or the points you and I have written grettably not so simple for us to say in
same time to give you the opportunity down will be in agreement. WE will go principle that there is an appearance
to learn something for your further per- through these points individually one that always makes a strong impression.
sonal and professional development. by one. Why is this? Because the first impres-
Now learning often also means work- sion has a lot to do with the people you
ing, since the things we actively deal The first thing I have written down meet. The first impression is the first
with are, aw we well know, the things is appearance – even if you may now impression from the viewpoint of the
we remember best later, i.e,. the ones say: “One moment that is a very ex- customer, from the viewpoint of your
that “stick” best. ternal thing and isn‘t your appearance counterpart and here by the word “cus-
superficial?” Of course, appearance is tomer” in your private life I also mean
So please NOW take 10 minutes, a sheet superficial and many things to do with the people you encounter on a daily ba-
of paper and a pen and WITHOUT the first impression are indeed super- sis. It is a question of what impression
READING FURTHER write down what ficial at first glance (you will find more the others have of you and not of what
in your opinion the first impression that about that in the May 2009 issue of OB- impression you would like to have of
you make on people and that other peo- TAINER: “Is attractivenesses more im- yourself.
ple make on you depends. portant than ability, humor and char-
acter?”). Of course, it isn‘t a question There is, however, one thing that can
Stop! Do not read on – instead first do of reducing people to a first superficial be said as a rule with regard to appear-
the exercise and then come back! impression,but if the first impression ance: Most people feel a well-groomed
doesn‘t make someone want to know appearance is evidence of respect to-
Now, I have made a list of some points more, who would then find out that wards them. So that means that normal
the first impression depends on and what a wonderful character you have? personal hygiene is one of the founda-


tions stones of the first impression and less associated with assertiveness, com- off those around them rather than at-
it is no use to you if you arrive wearing a petence and self-assurance (a cliché, tracting them. Because take care: In the
designer suit but your hair clearly shows but nevertheless an effective one!) and case of our favorite scents, the ones we
that you neither know how to spell the it is precisely for this reason that this regularly use, our nose becomes more
word “shampoo” nor how to use it. rule was introduced in this company. or less “numb” to the scent and we tend
to apply too much. On the subject of
Particularly with regard to “hair” I‘m Of course, other things also belong to scent another example from selling:
often asked whether the hair length has personal hygiene such as, for example, At a trade fair a poll was carried out
an influence on the first impression we a shave or a well-groomed beard in the among the visitors to the fair whether
leave. The answer is “Of course!” Be- case of men and even if you may smile they wanted to return to an interesting
cause we human beings tend to think about it: This definitely includes nasal stand or whether they would rather ask
in terms of certain presuppositions and and ear hair! What use is it to you if your for the documentation by post. Interest-
clichés. Does that mean that long hair is counterparts aren‘t able to concentrate ingly many visitors to the fair answered
impossible in business life? Absolutely on your products or your business be- that they would prefer to write to the
nothing is impossible because nobody cause they are so fascinated by the tufts company again after the fair. Asked why
can forbid you to appear as you would of hair that are growing where normally that was the case the predominant an-
like to. What is important, however, in our society no hair belongs...? That is swer was that they had a problem with
is that you are clear about the conse- also why shaved legs and shaved arm- the had breath of the staff of the stand.
quences. pits have become a matter of course for
women in our part of the world during Now you may fell like smiling in sym-
So long hair in men is as a rule seen less the summer. pathy at that but these trivial points are
as a sign of self-assurance and compe- often the things that create an obstacle
tence and is more associated with art- Before we go on to deal with the topic to success, i.e. a sale or a new business
ists. In many industries it is often even of clothing, let‘s spend a few words on partner. If, for example, you are under
the case that with long hair you will be scent. On the one hand “scent” means stress all day – e.g. at a trade fair – and
placing an obstacle in the way of your that you not only know how to use you have little to eat and drink a lot
career. And there is one large German perfume but also above all things like of coffee you can‘t really avoid getting
grocery discount store chain where it is deodorant and in addition that the lat- bad breath. In this case it is advisable
quite clearly laid down that managers ter does not replace washing yourself. to have a few peppermints or menthol-
may not have long hair or a beard if they And particularly in the case of scent flavored candy with you – which how-
want to work for this company. In the the rule is: Too much is often no help ever you should suck before the sales
same company, by the way, it is taboo and in general less is better! Because discussion and not during it! Because
for women in management positions we all know the following situation: We many people feel that this is impolite.
to wear their hair loose. So that means are standing on the 1st floor in front of And by the way, the same applies to
that women, even if they have long hair, the elevator and we want to go up to chewing gum.
have to wear it in a pigtail or some other the 12th floor. The moment the door of
dressed form. Is this unfair? the elevator opens it becomes clear to And in the next issue we will look some
us that it would be healthier to walk up more at the factors that make a strong
No, I don‘t think so if the company (as the stairs. first impression. Until then: Lots of suc-
it does) makes these rules known from cess!
the start and gives everybody the choice What has happened? Well, here some-
of whether they want to play by these body has presumably applied their fa- Yours,
rules – i. e. work there – or not. Long vorite scent so liberally that they have
loose hair in women is, by the way, also not noticed that they have frightened Alexander Plath


Gerhard Reheusser and Marco Moll are what we would call

a dream team in network marketing. The two networkers

have known each other for 20 years and are a seasoned

team. The complement each others skills almost perfectly

an have therefore been able to successfully organize many

successful projects together.



erhard Reheusser was born in Nuremberg on April established his own Internet platform with “Wellnessworld”
22nd, 1960, and attended the College of Hotel Man- and built this up into a portal for nutrition, vital substances,
agement in Munich where he graduated after study- movement and sport. The portal also proved its worth finan-
ing catering administration and hotel management cially very quickly. In an interview with OBTAINER Gerhard
majoring as a nutrition and wine consultant. Already Reheusser explains this: “Now I was able to turn my hobby into
during his student days the young Gerhard Reheusser was interested an additional lucrative form of independence, where I was able
in nutrition supplements and as early as 1980 he began to import and to use a thought-out and worldwide logistic and remuneration
sell nutrition supplements from the USA. He quickly realized that he system instead of packing and dispatching everything myself. I
loved working for himself and he wanted to retain this freedom after was therefore able to combine active and passive incomes.”
finishing his training.For this reason he made himself independent
by opening his own hotel and restaurant “Gerhard” in Nuremberg. At the end of the 1980s he met Marco Moll who was working in
He was able to establish himself quickly and he still runs the comfort- the property sector and had just made himself self-employed as
able hotel in the center of Nuremberg to this day. Gerhard has great a project manager and property developer. The two quickly be-
fun working with the people in his hotel because he likes being came friends and soon combined their joint interests and skills
able to encourage motivated people in their lives. More than in their own projects such as “Personal Success GbR.” Both
100 trainees have learned their trade in the “Gerhard Hotel” Gerhard and Marco were interested in promoting motivated
during the last 25 years. people and so creating what are called win-win situations.

On the side, however, Gerhard Reheusser has always pursued Marco Moll, born in 1958, trained as a steel mold maker and
his passion for nutrition consultancy, as early as 1988 he gave then studied mechanical engineering part-time. In 1985 he
lectures on nutrition and vital substances and he was one of founded his first company where he worked part-time and
the first to use the rapidly growing Internet. Already in 1994 he then shortly afterwards he became self-employed as a project
“In contrast to my previous job I in-
vest my time today overwhelmingly
in achieving success for other peo-
ple, which ultimately leads to our
own success...“

manager and property developer with this company. At the Pontius. Today Marco describes this meeting as fateful and the
beginning of the 1990s he opened the “Advantage Hotel” with two friends recognized that the time was ripe to establish the
Gerhard Reheusser and another business partner. Later he Unicity business in Europe.
founded a group of companies and administered 1,300 rental
apartments. In 2006 Marco Moll then finally took his leave of the property
business and since then he has been working full-time for the
Neither Reheusser nor Moll had any connection with network Wellnessworld Team.
marketing until in 2002 they encountered Unicity. Gerhard
already knew of the parent company Rexall as a market leader Marco Moll explains his fascination for network marketing by
in the USA and was convinced that the company could also be the opportunity to help other people to succeed and as a result
a great success in Europe. He convinced his friend Marco to to become successful yourself: “In contrast to my previous job
join him in the wellness business. At this time Marco Moll had I invest my time today overwhelmingly in achieving success for
a very great deal of stress at work and as a result he also had other people, which ultimately leads to our own success. Previ-
health problems. He was always busy and had hardly any time ously I invested in dead matter (properties). Today I build up
for his family. The opportunity to build up a passive income people in their businesses – previously I built up my business
through network marketing gave him, as is also the case with using people.”
many other networkers, the decisive motivation. The burn-
ing desire to change something in his life led Marco Moll to Even if not everybody allows themselves to he helped, it is
his decision. Together with his friend Gerhard Reheusser he very satisfying for the two exemplary networkers when team
founded the Wellnessworld Team in 2003. partners achieve financial freedom as a result of their support.
The decision to link up with Unicity was cemented once more Many close friendships have developed in the course of time –
during a company trip in 2004 when both of them met Shirley a personal success that money cannot buy.

“Precisely for character formation the

industry can do more than any other be-
cause you are directly interested in the
personal success of your partner. It‘s a
WIN/WIN situation.”
Gerhard Reheusser

Gerhard Reheusser is also inspired by this effect of network

marketing. The opportunity to build up his hobby as a second
string to his bow and thus to be able to take care of his financial
security in his old age motivates Gerhard just as much as the
opportunity to help others achieve success. This allows you to
grow yourself, as Gerhard explains to OBTAINER: “Precisely
for character formation the industry can do more than any
other because you are directly interested in the personal suc-
cess of your partner. It‘s a WIN/WIN situation.”

This philosophy is in his opinion something that every seri-

ous networker should have. It annoys Gerhard Reheusser that
“tellers of fairy tales” and “play-actors” put the industry in a bad
light as a result of their dubious promises. But thankfully word
gets round quickly about the dishonesty of a few black sheep.
This industry is to all intents and purposes self-cleansing.

For Gerhard Reheusser the decision for Unicity was very easy
because, as already mentioned, he knew the parent company
very well an was convinced by the company‘s top-quality prod-
ucts. A further advantage is that the products are sold over the
counter, a fact that enables all partners to present the products
publicly and to gain franchise partners such as pharmacies, ho-
tels, nail and cosmetic studios and also fitness centers as resell-
ers. In addition there is a well-thought-out online shop system
and exemplary customer support on the part of the company.
By means of the 90-day satisfaction guarantee the company
creates trust and so it becomes quite simple to win customers.

Thanks to the high quality of the products re-orders are almost

guaranteed in advance and many people who show an interest
become regular customers.

Gerhard‘s grandfather, who lived in Washington, was already

using products from Unicity‘s parent company, Rexall. When
Gerhard Reheusser speaks about the products he can there-
fore fall back on nearly 100 years of experience in the sphere
of natural products. In addition, he has faith in the great vision
and the professional management of Stewart Hughes, who is
going to lead Unicity to further great successes.

The successes of the Wellness Team are considerable. Thanks

to the exemplary work of the two friends many partners have
joined the team. Gerhard Reheusser is the experienced nutri-
tion consultant who knows the products like no other. He has
decades of experience in the field of nutrition supplements
and is very successful as a lecturer and book author. His friend
Marco Moll has the the entrepreneurial élan and also the ex-
perience of decades of self-employment. What unites the two
of them is the fact that all their lives they have been interested
in other people and that with the Wellnessworld Platform they
have created an easily duplicable system for achieving success.
With “Live Online” they have built up a system that replaces
almost all hotel seminars and saves lots of travel. The team
works worldwide using their Internet platform and with it they
can look after up to 2,500 participants at any one time.

The online presentations can be used by all team partners and

so the system is easy to duplicate. Every second day Gerhard
and Marco hold presentations, business and product training
sessions with multi-lingual video presentations live online.

This dedication pays off. In this manner and with lots of effort
Wellnessworld qualified for the Presidential Diamond Club in
2006 – in other words, after only 3 years. The intensive sup-
port for and training of their team partners was also shown
shortly afterwards. In 2007 7 more Presidentials emerged
in their team and the team started working internationally.
Marco Moll took his leave of the property business and started
working full-time for the Wellnessworld Team.

The online system they have developed combined with Unic-

ity‘s unique and patented “Bios Life” guarantees the continued
growth of the team.

The competent leaders, Gerhard Reheusser and Marco Moll, own road to success with Unicity‘s Bios Life franchise and the
are always available here as contact persons and they are con- Team‘s online platform.
vincing as a result of their open and humane manner. Gerhard
Reheusser is convinced that openness, credibility, reliability You can reach Gerhard Reheusser and Marco Moll here:
and competence constitute 80% of success. His friend Marco
Moll agrees. He convinces people with the easily duplicable
system lying behind the Wellnessworld Team. When he meets
people who have problems and are looking for an answer, he Gerhard Reheusser – Wellness Consulting Int. Ltd.
offers them a partnership. If they are willing to change, the sys-
tem used by the Wellnessworld Team can lead anybody to the Cellphone: (+49) (0) 171 / 2209500
desired success. Already in the first months with Unicity there e-Mail:
is the unique and absolutely realistic opportunity to achieve an
income of €3,000. The opportunity to do so consists in par-
ticular of the sensational “Bios Life” products, which are still
totally unknown in Europe, but are among the “most Googled
products” in the world. also via Twitter, Facebook and Xing

But to start up successfully you have to work hard and comply

with certain rules.
Marco Moll
For example, you should treat other people as you would like
to be treated yourself. You should deal with people openly and Cellphone: (+49) (0) 170 / 3811177
honestly in order to build up a relationship of trust from the e-Mail:
very start. If you are seriously interested in the success of oth-
ers, then your own success will come quicker than you think.
The two founders of the Wellnessworld Team. Gerhard Re-
heusser and Marco Moll, are the best example of this.

They will be pleased to show you how you can create your

based on the bestseller by Roman Anlanger,
Program Director at the University of Applied Sciences of the Vocational Training Institute Vienna

The Construction of Meaning

in Communication

Sender, recipient and code tory of the men) manifested itself in the form of dances of joy.
Now, however, we have to clarify what a code is. Formulated
The story begins in Troy, how could it be otherwise. After the simply, a code is a parameter or instruction how to transform
conquest of the city the victory wanted to send the news to a message for transmission. In this case the news of the vic-
their homeland by the quickest route. The transmission of the tory was transformed into a fire signal, i.e. it was coded, and at
glorious news to the homeland of Odysseus, whose idea the the end of the transmission channel it was transformed again,
wooden horse had been, would have taken a good two weeks i.e. it was decoded. This had the advantage that only the Greek
by ship. We all know only too well that you would like to military bases and the inhabitants of Argos understood the
spread the news of a victory achieved by the quickest route. So code of the signal fires (= victory) and nobody else.
the Greeks thought up a second trick and used another chan-
nel of communication that was significantly quicker than the Presented schematically the communications process looks
arduous journey across the Aegean. The message of the vic- like this:
tory was transmitted to the city of Argos, which was about 550 Sender Coding Transmission Decoding Meaning
of message of message channel of message for recipient
km away, by signal fires. When it arrived there it resulted in
Victorious Signal fire Military Signal fire Victory of
dances of joy among the inhabitants because they now knew Greeks bases = victory the men and
dances of joy
that the men who had been at war for ten years would soon
finally return home. The transmission of the message was im- Illustration: By means of signal fires the Greeks

plemented by means of exchange between the military bases transmitted news of their triumph to their homeland
of the Greeks, which were in visual contact with one another. Another example where communication takes place by means
This was also the first documented long-distance communica- of a sort of sequence of signals comes from the present: the
tion in our history. election of the pope. When a new pope has to be chosen, all the
Let us now look at the story from a different angle. The news cardinals deliberate behind closed doors in the Sistine Chapel.
of the victory was transmitted by means of a simple code, in Communication of the current election result also takes place
this case signal fires, from the senders of the message (the by means of smoke signals of two different kinds, i.e. there
victorious Greeks) via a transmission channel (from one mili- are two different codes. Thus black smoke means that after a
tary base to the next) to the recipients (the mothers waiting in particular ballot there has been no valid result. White smoke
Argos) and this code triggered a meaning. The meaning (vic- means that the cardinals have chosen a new pope.

Roman Anlanger
is Program Director of the course
“Technical Distribution Manage-
Also in the case of the papal election a similar code is used ment” at the University of Applied
to transmit the message from the sender (the cardinals) to Sciences of the Vocational Training
the recipient (the faithful waiting outside) and there it pro- Institute Vienna and is responsible for
duces a meaning. When they see white smoke coming from the teaching and research personnel.
the chimney of the Sistine Chapel all of the faithful waiting Anlanger has successfully graduated
outside rejoice because the message is clear: A new pope has in two university subjects, is a CRM
been elected. Habemus Papam! manager and business trainer and
also gives lectures at other scientific
The meaning of the codes in marketing communica- institutions. Anlanger is the inventor
tion of Trojan marketing and a successful
book author (Bestseller: Trojanisches
We have said that a code is an instruction how to transform Marketing – in German). In addition
messages for transmission. Codes consist of symbols and are he is a top-class speaker who is much
transmitted from the sender to the recipient. A decoded code in demand.
results in a meaning at the recipient‘s end. With every com-
munication, however, the implicit component of the message
is transmitted along with it. The implicit, hidden component
of a message is what is not evident at first glance, but is, nev-
ertheless, communicated along with it “in the background.”
Think of an advertisement for a Rolex watch or any other
luxury product. Here at first glance the watch is being com-
municated, but in reality “implicitly” the subject is “luxury”
and “status.”

When we code products with the help of advertising and com-

municate them to the consumer by various means such as
television, posters or advertisements, we speak of marketing

or market communication. In order to be able to sell products peoples of the Arabian Peninsula. They represent a cultural
successfully, you have to pay attention to the implicit mean- code that as a result of the innumerable glorious tales around
ings during the whole process of marketing communication. the thoroughbred Arabian also bears a mystical component.
Implicit meanings of symbols, values, cultures arise already This code of the thoroughbred horse was passed on from gen-
during our childhood. Thus the personality of every person is eration to generation and as a result represents a meaning
already molded by the age of seven. Consequently every child learned through socialization in the Arab cultural milieu. Suc-
has already learned what meaning a horse, a bull or a tortoise cessful marketing communication in this region must for this
has. Above all they have learned the implicit meanings of the reason link in with this culturally learned meaning in order
animals they know and therefore they know that a bull stands to be successful. “Power Horse” availed itself of this code and
for endurance, strength, etc. But the child also knows other positioned itself accordingly on the Arabian Peninsula. The
meaning of the bull and knows that it can be dangerous if you figures speak for themselves because according to a report
go too near a bull in a field. This constitutes what is called in the magazine “Gastro” Power Horse is the No. 1 brand in
implicit learning of the culture, what is also called socializa- the Energy Drink premium segment in Saudi Arabia and No.
tion. In order to illustrate this, we will make a quick detour to 2 on the Arabian Peninsula. This is a remarkable success as
Saudi Arabia. it is generally assumed that Red Bull is the No. 1 worldwide.
Meanwhile Power Horse has received a ministerial authori-
Case study: Power Horse in Saudi-Arabia zation to distribute as the first energy drink in Egypt and is
thus continuing to build up its market position in the Arab
40 degrees Celsius in the shade. The glowing sun shines mer- market.
cilessly on the sand dunes of the Arabian Peninsula. The heat
is unbearable, but the construction of a skyscraper for a new
luxury hotel in Saudi Arabia must proceed without interrup-
tion because time is precious. A worker who is already mighty
exhausted by the heavy work longs for a cool, refreshing drink
that will restore his strength. He goes to a refrigerator and
looks forward to the first mouthful of an energy drink.

You have three guesses about the brand he took. It is almost

certain that you will answer Red Bull.” But you will be wrong!
Because the construction worker decided to take the Power
Horse energy drink. Why?

Let us look first at the history of the Arabian Peninsula. Since

time immemorial the pride of the Bedouins was their thor-
oughbred horses, the thoroughbred Arabian. They were bred
as warhorses and used in tribal feuds, for larger hostilities
with other Bedouin peoples, for hunting and for long-distance
riding. For nomadic Bedouins these horses were and are a de-
cisive factor in the hard fight for survival in the desert. All con-
noisseurs of horses attribute thoroughbred Arabians with the
highest intelligence of all breeds of horses. Even the Prophet
Muhammad mentions these horses in the Koran. Thus the
horses have a culturally transmitted significance for the Illustration: The star on the Arabian Peninsula – Power Horse


First and foremost the implicit codes of the thoroughbred to the faster horse which was always at the ready and willing
Arabian are responsible for the success of the “Power Horse” to perform.
brand. Implicit codes are absorbed subliminally in the course
of decoding. The following implicit meanings, which are But childhood is not the only fruitful source of key codes.
learned and stored historically and are thus of significance for Other archaic models can be used as we have already shown
consumers in the Arab World, are ascribed to horses: in the case of myths and sagas. In order to find a suitable key
code for your business consider which of these models might
• rapid reaction time come into question. In this context think of

• the greatest intelligence of all breeds of horses • experiences during your childhood and youth

• primordial energy • fairy tales, myths and sagas

• significance of vitality (particularly in saga and myths) • important political and historic events

• true companion • great sporting achievements etc.

• social prestige

• strategic significance in the warfare of the Bedouins

• sharing joy and suffering, hunger and thirst

Particularly the implicit codes “rapid reaction time” and “pri-

mordial energy” represent what are called the key implicit
codes (key signals) in the communication process for the en-
ergy drink – an these are molded in childhood through social
learning. The components “rapid reaction time” and “primor-
dial energy” correspond exactly to the demands placed on an
energy drink. Always pay attention to which key code suits the
particular product.

But how do you discover the right key code? Think back, for
example, to your childhood. What significance did the horse
have for you at that time? For a little girl a horse is a true
companion who radiates warmth and at the same time offers
protection. That produces a great longing to have your own
horse. A further characteristic of the thoroughbred Arabians
is that they are family horses and true companions and they
never leave their owners in the lurch. The Bedouins can al-
ways rely on their horses. When they rode through the desert
on their camels, their “ships of the desert,” they always had
their horses in tow in order in case of attack to change quickly


Dr. med. Manfred Conradt


Health Can Be Eaten

According to an old proverb, “eating and drinking called this, as unlike primary plant materials (carbo-
keep the body and soul together.” It is sometimes jok- hydrates, protein and fat) they do not deliver calories.
ingly said that people can live on air and love. We
can go without solid food for quite some time, how- Carbohydrates can once again be split into simple
ever, when it comes to water we can last only a few (e.g. household sugar) and complex carbohydrates
days. This is proven time and time again with trag- (e.g. starch). Dextrose i.e. glucose is the basic module.
ic accidents or neglect, for example, of children. There are essential (that we must get externally, as our
bodies can’t produce them) and non essential protein,
Nobody really knows what the diet of the first hu- just like fats with saturated (e.g. butter, lard) as well
man beings consisted of. One thing’s for sure: this as polyunsaturated fats (oils with a so-called double
diet was dependant on the respective region with bonding in their chemical composition). Simply put
its corresponding climatic conditions and typi- you could say, carbohydrates provide energy, protein
cal flora and fauna. Some speak more of the con- builds up (e.g. muscles) and fat serves as a store of en-
sumption of meat and fish, others favor the idea of ergy. However, muscles don’t just mean strength, they
fruits from the meadows, woods and fields, whereas also have an aesthetic aspect, especially with men and
systematic farming is more of a late achievement. “contour fat” in moderation creates considerably no-
ticeable feminine curves. However, many people have
It is certain that humans could have exploited fish and too much of this, but this should be a topic of its own.
meat as well as plant based foods, due to their den-
tition and metabolism. Flexibility and adaptability The fascination of the human body’s metabolism, for
alongside intellectual capabilities have enabled enor- me, lies in its unbelievable adaptability. It is, of course,
mous evolutionary advantage. There are people who clear that fat can be burned as energy. This also occurs
eat in a very biased fashion according to our current with protein when glycogen stores ware out during pe-
criteria, for example, Eskimos or cattle herding no- riods of hunger or when fasting. This is the case during
mads, also those who are malnourished or sick and excessive dieting in order to lose weight quickly, which
those who are struggling with obesity due to our car- leads to an undesired wasting of muscles that not only
bohydrate filled diet. It appears that there are, in fact, weakens, but also has negative impact on calorie con-
differences in metabolism even within a population. sumption. The interdependence of the three basic nutri-
ents in metabolism is a highly interesting survival strat-
Our diet is based on essential nutrients carbohydrates, egy. Even with a relative lack of oxygen, this mechanism
protein and fat as well as vitamins, minerals including works for a while, however, instead of pyruvate (salts of
trace elements, the so-called secondary plant substances pyruvic acids) being produced from glucose (dextrose),
such as colorants, perfume, flavorings and fibrous mate- lactate (salt of lactic acid) is produced. Since this leads
rials. The plant substances are not called secondary due to harmful overacidification with time, the level of ex-
to them being of secondary importance, instead they are ertion in sporting activities is selected to remain within


Health can be eaten

“There is only one ban in nutritional

medicine: banning foods is not al-
lowed .“


the aerobic range. From both pyruvate as well as lactate, banning foods is not allowed. Is this not a nice mean-
Acetyl-CoA (acetic acid bound to Coenzyme A) is the com- ingful liberating message? It is all just a question of
mon end product, which is used in the cells as energy. quality and quality especially. Unfortunately, a “nor-
mal” diet at present consists of many calories (empty
What exactly a healthy diet means is is currently high- carbohydrates like sweats and too much animal fat), too
ly controversial among experts. It should be balanced, little fruit and far too little vegetables. In addition to
50% of calories should consist of complex carbohydrates raising awareness of this fact, the will to rethink and
(whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, po- remodel are important. Instead of fatty and salty chips
tatoes, oatmeal etc.), around 0,8% g of protein per kilo- (the worst thing that can be done with the wonderful
gram of body weight and more than 30% of the calories potato) you could eat carrots, cabbage or pepper strips
from fat (preferably obtained from plants and fish). It is while watching television. Fruit and vegetables can
worth noting that a gram of fat provides more than dou- easily be integrated into ones day. Instead of giving a
ble as many calories as a gram of carbohydrate or protein. milchschnitte [confectionary product in Germany] to
Consuming large amounts of fruit and vegetables is also school kids, give them a healthy sandwich and an apple.
recommended, a minimum of five portions (a portion
around 120g) a day. Some experts advise much more. Anyway, in my opinion, the knowledge of a healthy diet
should be set in kindergarten and should continue in
For the metabolism of sugar, the “glycemic index” (GI) school. Even drinks in this context ought not to go un-
of food is interesting. The higher this is, the higher mentioned. It is primarily the sugar content. This doesn’t
the glucose level rises after consuming these foods. only make me think of the world famous caffeinated
Foods with many complex carbohydrates have a low brown fizzy drink, but also of many fruit juices, which
GI (lower than 50). However, the term “glycemic load” have a similarly high sugar content. Therefore, it is ap-
is even more significant. It takes into account the par- propriate to drink them as a spritzer (a third fruit juice,
ticular GI value and also the carbohydrate content of two thirds mineral water). It would obviously be better to
the individual food. Boiled carrots have the same GI of use (mineral) water or unsweetened fruit i.e. herbal teas.
70 as, for example, a baguette. In order to ingest 50g
of carbohydrates, which is the amount the calcula- Nowadays we can all buy fruit and vegetables at any time
tion is based on, you must eat 106g of the baguette but of the year, but it is not always wise to do so. I will repeat
700g of the carrots. That is a huge difference indeed. my suggestion from a previous column; eat a lot of sea-
sonal and regional vegetables. Alongside consuming an
The food pyramid is of particular importance, of which increased amount of fruit and vegetables, my family and
there are several images. I particularly like the LOGI I have for years taken Juice PLUS+® as a sensible, sim-
pyramid (Low Glycemic Index), the basis of which con- ple and good value food supplement. Juice PLUS+® is a
sists of fruit and starch-free vegetables, then low-fat natural product and is made from a variety of different
dairy products, eggs, lean meat, fish, nuts and pulses, fruit, vegetables and sorts of berries. (
then whole wheat products, pasta and rice, and final-
ly on the top unrefined grains like flour, potatoes and Dr. Manfred Conradt
sweats. There is only one ban in nutritional medicine: Internist and Nutrition Expert

Double dup

The tool for modern networkers makes for dou-

ble income

Most networkers are always keen to continually build

up their business and many also work hard at being
successful. Most of these have tried out several net-
works and as time goes by eventually find “their” net-
work. Be it the product, the marketing plan, the se-
nior management or, what is always a good reason,
the pleasure they get working for a certain network.

Corporate trainings are quickly learnt and business be-

gins to decrease as the “classic” strategies like names
indexes have been exhausted. It was precisely this
problem which Steffen Schwarzlose became aware of
several years ago and during a six year development
period, he developed a tool, which can revive any net-
work business; whether its jeans, nutritional supple-
ments, financial services, chocolate, cosmetics or what-
ever else is out there in the networking world. The key:
plication with GooLux

The tool is a network itself and enables networkers to ing the concept further. He brought it to market and,
double their money, without causing them to fall out on December 20th last year, began with a kickoff event
with your own network. At first glance it sounds im- at which the GooLux UG (limited liability) was born.
possible; however it is one of the most innovating ideas
the industry has seen in recent years: GooLux is an Internet-Marketing-System combined
with Capture-Pages, so-called promotional WebPages.
But let’s start at the very beginning: Steffen Schwarzlose GooLux additionally offers effective sponsoring through
was in the Presidents Team of one of the largest Ger- its personally developed system, which automatically
man networking companies until the end of 2008. He forwards qualified parties only. This makes sponsoring
enjoyed enormous success here with his promotional child’s play as it filters out those who are happy to listen
webpages. He was that successful, “that people would to what you have to tell them. Cold calling is a thing of the
have preferred to buy my concept from me”, he says with past as is rejection after initial contact. “Time thieves”
a smile. Therefore it is no wonder that he landed over are also exposed and kept out of your appointment book.
20,000 new partners in only 2 years. At the beginning he Furthermore advertising and spam mail are uncalled-
could hardly process the mass of requests for his prod- for, as with these your run the risk of being given a warn-
uct. Schwarzlose had a vision. He knew that his system ing from the provider and possibly even being blocked.
would work within any network. He therefore wanted to Telemarketing calls are now punishable by a fine of up to
make his concept accessible to every networker and dis- 50,000 Euro. Goolux prevents such things, as interested
tributor. He gave his web system the finishing touches; parties approach the networkers, instead of the other
spending six years continually improving and develop- way around. The time and labour savings are nice side

“GooLux’s aim is refl
appreciation and sup
in network marketing

effects. However GooLux isn’t only a sophisticated In- month to enable you to get to grips with GooLux and
ternet marketing system, it additionally offers an online no long-term contracts apply. Those who are not con-
academy for gradual training in network marketing and vinced can, at the end of the month, decide if they want
online marketing. “We offer live system trainings and web to renew or not – a fair option, offered without hesita-
seminars several days of the week at various times. In ad- tion by Steffen Schwarzlose. The cost of this is recouped
dition, there are telephone conferences, video trainings, very quickly through an increase in one’s own business.
a media library and the GooLux eLearning program”,
explained Steffen Schwarzlose during an interview. Steffen Schwarzlose also wants to generate additional
earnings for every GooLuxer. The difference with GooLux
A further element of GooLux is a pleasant Contact-Man- is that it’s a network itself, explained the Founder, who
ager as well as an extensive back office. GooLux has also is also the Executive Director. He also referred to the
prefabricated Follow-Up-Courses and business presen- example of a distribution partner in the jeans trade,
tations for various target groups, which can be sent to who earn more money through GooLux than with their
interested parties atomically. The entire system is very own business. As with GooLux you permanently build
easy to use, so that even those that aren’t experienced up new contacts and at the same time show everyone
Internet users will have no problems with it. Steffen in your team that using this innovative tool themselves
Schwarzlose is offering GooLux for a flat rate of 69 Euro is actually worthwhile. In the meantime, smiles Steffen
per month. With this, a networker is free to use GooLux Schwarzlose, this partner earns an additional income
unlimited, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is also an with his “second” network and explains: “We have con-
introductory rate available for only 29 Euro for the first sciously chosen our marketing plan so that everyone can


flected in its company philosophy: Humanity, trust, cooperation,

pport. “These values form the basis of a new phase of evolution

understand it and so that everyone can begin earning a new phase of evolution in network marketing. We are
money from the word go. Those who compare our mar- all fulfilling a common dream with GooLux. The dream
keting plan with others in the industry will realize that it of a unique networking symbiosis in humanity is our
is among the most profitable. In the first three levels we highest priority”, explains Schwarzlose and continues:
distribute 45%, so that it quickly leads to a refinancing “I believe that we can have a leading role with GooLux
i.e. to a commission of between 300 to 500 Euros. At a in the future. As we already stand for cooperation with
total of ten levels, 60% will be distributed so that even every network company. I would like if even more com-
people with great visions will get their money’s worth. panies thought like this in the future and joined us to
enable network marketing to be seen in a positive light.
GooLux is still a young company, but is aiming for a
turnover of 500,000 Euro this year. The growth rates of Steffen Schwarzlose is now on the lookout for visionaries
30 to 60% per month will prove forecasts, if they con- who recognise the overwhelming opportunities GooLux
tinue to grow as before. Schwarzlose now wants to estab- has to offer. Try it out for 29 Euro; this is an investment
lish GooLux as quickly as possible in German speaking that everyone should be able to afford. As those who fail to
countries and wants to turn it into a networking brand. realize this opportunity will soon see how the ‘GooLuxers’
The medium term plans are being intensively worked on. gain contact after contact in all product niches and mange
The American and Japanese market will also be tapped to achieve double duplication with GooLux. And sentenc-
by 2010 at the latest. GooLux’s aim is reflected in its es like: “I’ve heard of this. I could kick myself in the ...,
company philosophy: Humanity, trust, cooperation, ap- why didn’t I join up”, are sentences we know all too well.
preciation and support. “These values form the basis of




During the 70‘s and 80‘s, hard alcohol was drunk and water from a typical glass bottle with pimples. Disdain-
cigarettes were smoked during discussions on televi- ful water has in the meantime become vogue. Those who
sion. Health consciousness hardly existed among the think a lot of themselves resort to the numerous luxury
public. Drinking and smoking too much was “hip”. waters. These types of water are available for around 4
Nowadays smokers and heavy drinkers are viewed in a Euro up to 410 Euro per liter. Thirst is quenched, the
negative light. Health is a part of today’s way of life, wallet is relieved and self confidence is increased. Anja
plain and simple. Sport, healthy nutrition and above all Kirig, trend researcher with the Zukunftsinstitut in
“drinking water” are current trends of our time. Howev- Kelkheim, has examined the development of water from
er, simply drinking water is ‘unsexy’ just as is drinking a mere ‚thirst quencher‘ to a product of fashion more


closely. “Consumers want to live as healthily as possible VOSS

and, as a result, consciously eat healthy”, explains Kirig
and adds: “Water is one of the most natural foodstuffs of The word VOSS comes from Norwegian and means
them all and acts as a sort of basis for a healthy lifestyle. “waterfall”. The water originates, well protected under
It is virtually a staple food as well as a lifestyle product.” deep rock, from the ice of a glacier in the wilderness in
Those who consume these precious waters are pleased to Southern Norway. The water is of artesian origin which
show just how healthy their lifestyle is. After all, health means that is comes to the surface by itself. It stands out
is something valuable – therefore a little more will gladly with its very low sodium content. Approximately 22mg
be spent on it. Guido Finger, the operator of a water de- of dissolved salts are to be found in a liter of VOSS. In
pot in Aachen, lives from the trend of luxury water and gourmet circles it is considered a true premium water.
states: “It all began with Voss. This was the first designer Due to its low sodium content, VOSS is often served
water that focused on a new type of marketing and in with light dishes. Calvin Klein is responsible for the
1996 won Madonna for their advertising campaign.” In bottles design. The tubular shape radiates understate-
Germany there are somewhere around 400 to 500 miner- ment and elegance. VOSS is available in 375ml and 800
al waters on the market and therefore the trend of luxury ml bottles and there is also “VOSS sparkling water” and
water has not yet reached us properly. “In other coun- “VOSS still water”. The price is somewhere around five
tries, primarily in the USA, this trend has been around Euro per liter. Madonna isn‘t only an advertising char-
longer, we are still in the early stages here”, explained acter for VOSS, it is all she drinks.
Finger. Therefore, the luxury water comes mainly from
abroad and either has an unusual design or a very special 1 Litre & 1 half Litre
background, which makes it even more interesting. In up
market restaurants and luxury hotels there is usually a The name of the luxury Canadian water already reveals
water menu, from which you can choose from more than its quantity. The spring water comes from a world-class
40 types of luxury water. aquifer in the middle of the untouched Northumberland
forest. As it flows through many layers of rock, it is rich
You can read about the most popular waters and their in minerals. The premium water has won several awards
background here: during taste tests. In 2007, the design also won the de-


sign award. The special feature being a cup that is also and the MTV Music Awards. It is simply “pop culture
provided with the bottle. This enables you to drink the in a bottle”. The fact that the water comes from a 600
luxurious water stylishly from a cup, rather than from to 730 meter deep source in Tennessee/Chestnut Hill is
a bottle. It is just a shame the cups are made of plastic rather trivial. Also, the fact that it is filtered nine times,
and aren‘t precious from glass. treated with ozone and ultraviolet light is of lesser im-
portance to the stars. With all the hype it is not surpris-
10 Thousand B.C ing that Bling won a gold medal at the American Berkley
10,000 years before Christ. The bottle is made of pre- for having the best taste.
cious frosted glass. It is allegedly the purest water
currently on the market. After all, the previous- Fiji
ly frozen water comes from a Canadian glacier This luxury water, which comes from the islands
which belongs to the “Coastal Glacier Mountain of Fiji, is a big hit in the USA. The most promi-
Range”. It is obtained from deep in the ice, ice nent drinkers of the water are Janet Jackson,
that was fluid 12,000 years ago. As it is not ex- Mary J. Blige and Mariah Carey. The pop diva
tracted from ground water, it has never been ex- Mariah always demands a fridge full of Fiji wa-
posed to any modern environmental influences. ter wherever she performs or stays over night. At
At the time when it flowed freely, people still around 4 Euro, Fiji is still in an attractive price
hunted with sticks and stones. The well matured range. A case of 12 can be bought for 63 US Dol-
water is served in the Ritz Carlton New York lars. However, Fiji places no value on design. It
and in the Hilton in Las Vegas. It is also widely is a commercially designed plastic bottle. Fiji
available in film studios in Hollywood. places more value on the content. The water is
rich in silica and is therefore good for bone,
Bling skin, hair and finger nails. The islands are lo-
Bling or bling-bling is a term from the Ameri- cated far away from the next continent and
can rap and hip-hop scene. It means “to show are, as a result, spared of environmental in-
off” and is associated with exaggerated dis- fluences. Here, its health factors and the fact
plays of wealth. In Hollywood, image is that it’s exotic are the deciding factors.
everything. Screenwriter and producer,
Kevin G. Boyd, knows Hollywood well and Tasmanian Rain
thought that the world of glitz lacked a As the name already suggests, here we are
suitable water. He, therefore, in 2005 dealing with rain water. Tasmania is an
founded the company Bling H2O. Bling island in Southern Australia and has, ac-
primarily impresses with its bottles, cording to the United Nations specialized
which are comparable to wine or cham- organization for meteorology, the clean-
pagne bottles. The lettering on the est air on the planet. This precious water
bottles consists of Swarowski crystals never touches the ground and is there-
in gold, silver, mint or pink. The stan- fore, according to the manufacturer, of a
dard Bling comes in frosted glasses. greater purity to all other waters, which
However, there are also chrome-plated may contain contaminants that can‘t be
glasses, the “Paparazzi Label” variety filtered. The bottles design is inspired
and the limited “Paris Pink” edition. It by the wine bottle. Many luxury ho-
also, naturally enough, has a cork, not tels such as the Trump International
just an ordinary screw cap. As far as in Chicago and Las Vegas, the Tides
Paris Hilton is concerned there is no Hotels in Miami, the 4 Seasons in
other water and even her dogs quench Jackson Hole and the Ritz Carlton
their thirst with it. Well then cheers hotels all stock the Tasmanian rain.
Tinkerbelle! A 0,75 liter bottle costs A case containing twelve 0,75 liter
on average 50 Euro. Therefore, it is bottles costs around 60 US Dollars
obvious that Bling should be available and a case of twenty-four 0,375 liter
at all big TV events, the Emmy awards bottles costs around 75 US Dollars.

Cloud Juice
Cloud Juice is also known as “The tears
of god” and is something like Tasmanian
Rain‘s main competitor. Here it’s about
rain drops that patter down over King Is-
land. The island lies exactly between the
South Cost of Australia and Tasmania and
due to strong wind the rain drops are 40
times purer than the limit for drinking wa-
ter set by the World Health Organization.
15 years ago, Duncan McFie began to use
the rainwater and began to drink it instead
of the local water supply. As more and more
people wanted the good stuff, he began to
market it. According to McFie, 9750 rain
drops are necessary per bottle of untreated
“could juice”. In this instance, the water
is more important than the bottles design.
nation by a pressure chamber. The thermal water has a
temperature of 13 degrees Celsius making it better able
to absorb the mineral substances of the surrounding
volcanic rock. It surely has the time to do this. It is rain
water that over centuries seeps through the mountains
layers of rock and rises at a height of 600 meters at the
legendary source. Finé is particularly good mineral wa-
ter and costs around five Euros for 0, 75 liter.

Kona Nigari
This is truly a water of luxury. The currently most ex-
pensive water in the world comes from Japan. A liter
costs an unbelievable 410 Euro! These luxurious drops
are pumped from a depth of 2,000 meters off the Ha-
waiian cost. The deep sea water is desalinated and con-
tains a very high percentage of minerals. It is regarded
for being of particular benefit to health. According to
the manufacturer the water should be drank diluted,
something which saves the household budget a bit. The
water is sold in 55 milliliter bottles for 22,50 Euro a
piece. Not much value is placed on an unusual design
Cloud Juice is also held in the shape of a wine bottle. for the bottle.

Finé It’s up to you to decide if the luxurious waters high price

According to Japanese legend, in the 8th Century the is justified for its health and image reasons. Only true
Buddhist monk, Kobodaishi, during his travels on Fuji gourmets can taste the subtle differences. On the other
Mountain, hit his staff against some rock. From this a hand the empty bottle of the luxury water can always be
source of the purest water emerged from the depths of used as a trendy vase for flowers. The element that is
the mountain. Even today this place is recognized as the H20 has gone from a “normal drink in the world” to a
origin of the Shuzenji hydrothermal source from which real trendy product and lifestyle accessory.
the luxury water Finé originates. The source is com- Cheers!
pletely protected from external influences and contami-

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