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Charleston, South Carolina, has a population of 118,492.

Founded in 1670, it was initially named

Charles Town, a British colony of 1,200 people. In 1886, a big earthquake hit the town. Everything was
reconstructed and today the town has an important architectural legacy.
It also carries a significant historical legacy, as it is the best preserved town of the Eastern coast.
I. Cultural attractions
The main cultural attractions are hence related to history.
The American Military Museum is an excellent touristic attraction for anyone. The large range of
uniform, weaponry and medals is exhibited in this rather small space, but of a great value. It is well
suited for families with children but also for adults who wish to find out more about the countrys
military traditions. Theres no entrance fee.
The Postal Museum is the oldest functional Post Office in both North and South Carolina, founded in
1896. It provides a very interesting collection of stamps and postal items. Opened until 5 PM, it is also
free to visit.
Drayton Hall is a valuable architectural site as the building dates back from 1738. It belongs to the
Georgian-Palladian style and it is the oldest plantation house that is open for visiting.
The Ghost Tours are not to be missed. They are organized during night and you have the chance to visit
the Historical District accompanied by a local guide who knows all the stories behind those walls.
Regarding outdoors, Middleton Place and Audubon Swamp Garden are two very interesting places to
visit. The first one is a rice plantation dating back to the 18
century and it comprises 65 acres of
gardens, terraces and swan pools. It has also a botanical heritage of breathtaking species of flowers such
as magnolias and azaleas. The Audubon Swamp Garden is more of a wildlife preservation park, where
you can admire wild species of animal, especially those of the Swamp.
II. Places to eat

Some of the best restaurants in Charleston are located between Waterfront Park and Marion Square, in
the Market Area, mostly because of their talented chefs and great atmosphere. There are many cuisine
options for you to choose from, this area being famous for its fresh seafood and traditional American

A very nice looking restaurant that is also open until later in the night is Circa 1886. It provides a
splendid outdoor patio resembling an intimate garden. The chefs innovation in the food courses will
amaze you, and its not that expensive either.

If you need a sweet spot you can always try Christophe Artisan Chocolatier. This place is perfect to
surprise you partner or family with a delicious breakfast in bed. If you are used to get up early, make
your morning run to Christophe to buy some delicious croissants, apple tarts or macaroons. It will be
worthy a run.

III. Sports and Adventures
Charlestons baseball team stadium named Joseph P. Riley, Jr Stadium, home to the Riverdogs, it is also
often used for concerts and camps. It is situated on the Ashley Rivers banks.
Shadow Moss Plantation Golf Club is Charlestons most famous golfing site. Situated near a residential
neighborhood, it gives you the feeling of luxury. A very well maintained spot, it is always a good choice
for a sunny morning.
Sailing in the Charleston Harbor is one of the best adventures of this town. You can pick up your boat of
choice and you can be sure to find many types. From small yachts to Stiletto Sailboats, you can fill up
half of you day on a seaside trip.
The Splash Zone Waterpark is also a great option to spend the whole day. The clean facilities and fun
slides are an excellent choice for a sunny day.

IV. Shopping
Regarding shopping, One of a kind shopping boutique provides a wide array of hand-made souvenirs
at the best prices.
The Pepper Palace is the most famous grocery store in Charleston that started out as a family business
which managed to extend into the big and varied place it is today.
Whether you want to buy a rare piece of art, an antique, clothing items or just a souvenir for your loved
ones, the whole city offers you a diversity of small shops on almost every street.
V. Nightlife
Market Area is known as the main nightlife attraction. Having lots of cocktail bars, sports bars and live
music bars, you can also find some themed parties with lots of dancing.
The rooftop bars are a good way to spend your evening and to admire the sunset. Three of these bars
are situated in the Market Area as well: Pavilion Bar, Burwells Stone Fire Grill and Envy.
Crossing the famous Ravenel Bridge, you can go to the Shem Creek, a concentration of restaurants,
lounges and wine bars, spread across the coastal waterway.

So, whether you are a tourist or just ended up doing business in Charleston, now you know the best
places to visit. Have fun and enjoy your stay!