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APRIL / MAY, 2014. ISSUE 54

Market boom
Government funding enables major upgrade works to begin

Attorney-General and Acting
Minister for Local Government,
Urban Development, Housing and
Environment Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum officially launched the ground
breaking ceremony for the Nadi
Market extension and refurbishment project on Thursday, April
17. Government has injected a total
of $804,000 solely for the purpose
of refurbishing and revamping the
new initiative aimed at assisting
people at grass root level.
The honourable Prime Minister in his budget address last year
announced a number of initiatives
for a number of markets throughout Fiji," Sayed-Khaiyum said.
The Bainimarama governments vision is to become what
we call an enabler by way of giving
the fundamental infrastructure that
must remain available to all Fijians to ensure that they are able to
achieve their best, the A-G added.
Nadi Town Council special administrator Robin Ali said the new
extension will house approximately 300 stalls under a shelter mostly
for women vendors who come as
far as Sigatoka and the highlands
bearing the harsh weather conditions in order to earn a living.
With the establishment of the
new extension, women vendors
will no longer have to resort to
sleeping on footpaths and concrete
slabs as the incorporation of the
new hostel will cater for an intake
of 30 women vendors, Mr Ali informed.
Mr Ali added that due to Nadi
being the obvious gateway for the
rapid growing tourism industry, the
project has started at an opportune
time as stakeholders are now gearing towards restoring the beauty
and reputation of Fijis renowned
tourism capital.

Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum officiates the ground breaking ceremony of the new Nadi Market upgrade project. Photo: MARGARET NAQIRI.

An artists impression of the new look Nadi Market upon completion. Photo: SUPPLIED.


Fiji - the way the world should be


Sangam College
first to claim
Crest promo
Students of Nadi Sangam SKM College received well earned
sporting equipment after successfully collecting 3000 tokens
within just 4 weeks on Friday, April 25.
We launched our loyalty program back in March this year
and we used one of our strong key brands which is Crest chicken
and since we dont do that many promotions we decided to do a
loyalty program where we engage communities and schools to
come together and collect the tokens and submit them to redeem
prizes, said Goodman Fielder representative and Route and
Food Service Manager Doreen Francis.
The initiative was a collaborative effort in terms of Courts
Fiji Limited, Post Fiji and SOS Unleashed who will be providing 10 students with the opportunity to be part of a cultural exchange program.
Nadi Sangam SKM College is actually the first to redeem
the prizes and we were all quite excited just to know that a
school had redeemed their first claim and I am sure there are
other schools that are building up to get 20,000 tokens in order
to receive a computer, Ms Francis said.
Students were later given each a blitz ice-cream bar as a treat
for the day from the team of Goodman Fielder.
THE JET is Fijis first community newspaper published monthly by
SHAMBU ADVERTISING from Nadi - the tourism capital of Fiji.

Cell: 9232073
: (679) 7767574/ 6708188
: (679) 6708188

Being the hub of the Pacific, Fiji has everything that a spectacular tropical paradise
has to offer - from private island resort accommodations, top class restaurants to
white sandy beaches, inbound tours, jet boat rides, hot air balloon rides, mountain
trekking, inland tours, eco tourism, sky diving, helicopter rides, cruise trips, scuba
diving, massage and beauty parlours, vibrant night life and a lot more than any other
destination in the world offers


Projects Abroad signs MOU with medical centre

NCD related deaths are at an

early age.
The social and economic
burdens due to non-communicable diseases are huge and
continue to rise, with no major signs of improvement in
health attitudes and behaviors
amongst the general populace, said Rosan.
Apart from providing a
pool of professional volun-

teers, the Projects Abroad volunteers will also be involved

in conducting health attitude
and behavior survey for public and private healthcare
providers at their workplace,
analyze and present outcomes
to help improve the concept of
wellness in Fiji.
The Projects Abroad team
will also be conducting a holistic village health empowerment programs to address the
gap in nutritional knowledge,
start off low-maintenance superfood backyard gardens for
individual families, encourage
villagers to be physically active and foster a positive built
environment in the village.
Ramakrishna Mission secretary, Swami Tadananda said
that the Sarada Medical Centre is thankful for the partnership which will allow them
valuable human resources.
The Medical Centre, to
date, has seen over 10,000 patients and it provides medical
service to the remote populations and the poorer communities in the West, said

Miss Vilimaina, a teacher

from Andrews Primary.
The Loloma Home has single mothers and 18 children
ranging from four months to
16 years.

The Director of the Loloma

Home, Ms. Laite, was moved
and appreciated the kind gesture offered by the Andrews
School Group.
This is the first time a
school has visited our Home.
We thank the students for the
huge donation that they made
towards our Home. May God
continue to bless the school,
said Ms Laite.
The group also enjoyed
serving members of the Home
with refreshments and socializing with them. According
to the teachers and parents, it
was a very rewarding and satisfying experience for them to
help the Home and will continue to do so in the future.

The Sarada Medical Centre, Viseisei Sai Health and the
Diagnostic Specialists Medical Centre in the West signed
Memorandum of Understanding documents with Projects
Abroad Fiji to empower proactive health programs in Fiji.
Projects Abroad encourages young people from all
over the world to volunteer
for worthwhile work in developing countries and it expects that doing this kind of
voluntary work will, in time,
become the norm.
Executive Director of principle health NGO partner, Action for Children and the Aged
Trust Fiji and Projects Abroad
Fiji Medical and Health consultant, Rosan Lal said that it
is imperative to get as many
hands as possible, on board to
fight the Non-Communicable
Disease crisis faced by Fiji
as Government resources are
chewed up by the NCD disease burden.

Swami Tadananda of Sarada Medical Centre signs the

agreement with Projects Abroad coordinator Sophie Birtwistle. Photo: SUPPLIED.

Early deaths and disabilities due to non-communicable

diseases are the biggest health
concerns in Fiji.
Quoting statistics from
the Ministry of Health, that
around 11 people die daily due
to NCD related complications
like heart disease, cancer, and
cerebrovascular injuries. Two
thirds of all deaths in Fiji are
NCD related and 82% of all

Andrews Primary students visit Loloma Home




Teachers, year seven students and parents of Andrews

Primary School paid a visit to
Loloma Home in Waimalika,
Sabeto on Saturday, April 5.
The visit was part of the
childrens Health Education
and Social Science Class
Based Assessment Task which
was based on the topic Social
Education Community Project.
The children in their task
were to collect and donate toiletries and stationeries for the
children and single mothers in
the Home.
In the class, we as teachers, teach children to help and

care for the under privileged.

We, as a group, thought it
would be more realistic to
help this disempowered group
by collecting things for them
and visiting the Home, said


(Formerly PCSS) provides
private, confidential counselling on depression,
family/marital, stress, grief,
abuse, suicidal thoughts,
STIs, drugs, alcohol & behavior lifestyle changes.
Opens 8am 3pm, Monday
Call us on 6708169 Located
at Nadi old hospital road.



is on a membership drive to
increase members who represent all sections of the community. Nadi Rotarians meet
every Wednesday at Sitar
Restaurant in Martintar at
Interested people can call
club president Hemant Kumar
on 9990677


dynamic organisation for todays professional and businesswomen, working through
projects to promote equality,
development and peace. We
are seeking members to join
our club. Interested ladies can
call SI Nadi president Zeaba
Rahiman on 9977058


established to form the first
ever formal body representing writers, poets, journalists and everyone who has a
passion for writing is seeking new members. Interested
people can contact Professor
Subramani via




Nadi declared smoke free town

Nadi Town has been declared a smoke free town thanks to the tireless efforts in
trying to control smoking in
the town area.
The town was declared
smoke free by His Excellency the President Ratu Epeli
Nailatikau, and Head of the
Convention secretariat of the
World Health Organisation
(WHO) Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Dr
Haik Nikogosian.
Also attended by the Minister for Health Dr Neil Sharma, the declaration ceremony
is part of efforts to promote
healthy living and controlling
tobacco smoking in public areas.
The declaration made
today in a small town in the
middle of the Pacific Ocean
is something for all of you to
be proud off, said Dr Nikogosian.
Your efforts in promot-

ing healthy living and creating more awareness through

the support of public health is
commendable and it will have
great repercussions in the future should Fiji want to be
declared smoke free, and we
may see a smoke free pacific
so your small action will have
an effect internationally.
means Nadi is the first town
and the second urban centre
in the country to declare portions of public places smoke
free. Suva was the first centre
after being declared earlier
this month.
Minister for Health Dr
Sharma said other centres
were now looking at joining
the fight against smoking and
working towards banning cigarette smoking in their towns
as well.
I have been speaking to
senior executives of Savusavu, Labasa, Nausori and Na-

sinu and they have also welcomed the initiative and want
to be part of it so the responses have been very promising,
Dr Sharma said.
The declaration is also in
line with recent initiatives by
the Bainimarama government
in creating more awareness on
the harmful effects of smoking.
Some initiatives include;
the banning of selling loose cigarette rolls,
banning of selling of
cigarettes to minors,
increasing fines and
penalties for offences related
with cigarettes trade,
banning of smoking
in all public transport including buses, taxi, hire vehicles
and mini vans
modernizing laws
and legislations


The delegation from WHO seen with His Excellency Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, health minister
Dr Neil Sharma and special administrator Robin Ali at the Nadi Handicraft Market. Photo:

A massive exercise undertaken by the Nadi Town Council
with various stakeholders has seen a significant reduction in the
number of reported dengue cases in the area.
According to special administrator Robin Ali, Dengue Fever became an outbreak situation in Nadi and other parts of the
Western Division with recent hospitals record proving that incidents of dengue fever peaked up steadily from October last year.
With the ongoing down pour, it was anticipated that cases
could increase if there were insufficient intervention measures
being implemented. Due to the seriousness of the above situation, a taskforce was formed on 18/02/14, Mr Ali informed.
In the taskforce, the District Officer was Chairman, the Sub
Divisional Medical Officer and Special Administrator were Assistant Chairman, OC RFMF and SDHI were operation Managers while the six Health Inspectors were appointed as team
leaders. In the Council team, assistant health inspector Taniela
Saturu was appointed as team leader.
Massive awareness was conducted on house to house basis whereby teams distributed IEC materials (poster papers
and pamphlets). The main primary focus of this awareness
was to inform the communities to destroy mosquito breeding
grounds, Mr Ali said.
He said communities were also informed through the circulars regarding the clean-up campaign program and for them
to join hands with other community members in implementing
the following: cleaning of their compound, clearing of drainage, destruction of other mosquitoes breeding places, packing
of rubbish in bags provided and placing them on the roadsides.
Larval samplings were also conducted to ascertain the type
of mosquito species identified from each sampling site as a
baseline for further intervention, Mr Ali informed.
Rubbish targeted for loading was mostly damaged white
goods, unused and old tyres, derelict body parts mostly in garages and all other receptacles that are capable of holding water
for mosquito and other vectors breeding ground.
The Council backhoe was also used during these phase to
dig up holes in villages located within the town boundary. These
holes were dug to help villagers in disposing of their wastes and
also to help the Team 1 in carrying out phase 2 more effectively.
The collection of rubbish commenced on the 24th of February and concluded on the 3rd of March.
Intimation notices of insanitary premises were also issued
to vacant lot owners. Apart from these notices, team leaders
were accompanied by Military personals during larval survey
exercises. The presence of Military personals during this visit
did ensure that owners complied with the directive from the
team leaders.
Prior to the completion of the Clean-up on 01/03/14, mosquito spraying also commenced at various areas. This spraying
was in collaboration with the Nadis Ministry of Health Office
However, the Council had been carrying out mosquito
spraying before the formation of the taskforce and the commencing of the above campaign. This spraying was targeted at
areas that had reported cases of dengue fever from the Nadi
Hospital, Mr Ali concluded.

Nadi Town Council special administrator Robin Ali. Photo: SHALENDRA PRASAD.

Litter bugs warned


The Nadi Town Council

is deeply concerned with the
actions of certain individuals who are piling rubbish
in the town boundary on a
daily basis.
Robin Ali said they have noticed a lot of rubbish is being
dumped into bins and areas
designed to cater for the
town boundary only.
With a lot of large bins
which used to be kept at
rural settlements now removed, we have noticed
that people are bringing
their rubbish into town and
dumping it in our bins, Mr
Ali complained.
He said people should immediately refrain from such
activities as anyone caught
will be severely dealt with.
We dont have a dump
in Nadi and all our rubbish
is carted to Lautoka which
comes with a huge cost and
such activities puts a lot of
stress on our resources, Mr
Ali said.


Council employees cleaning the main street of Nadi Town. The council is ensuring high levels
of cleanliness in the township. Photo: SHALENDRA PRASAD.


Council takes town forward

A lot has been happening in Nadi Town recently. The Jet newspaper spoke to special
administrator Robin Ali who highlighted the various positive developments in the township

A grant of $200,000.00 was received from government on
the bottle neck project. This was the main cause of flash flooding around the Nadi Market and Bus Station area. First phase of
work has been completed worth $65,000.00.This included drain
widening and relocation of the FEA post.
Second Phase (box culverts); an engineer has been identified
to review the waterway calculations for the whole main drain
which will determine the size of the drain and the culverts.
This will relieve the citizens from a long term problem. Work
is in process for the same.
Further council for this year has marked upgrading of Bus
Station and Namaka market public toilets. These two toilets will
be refurbished to make provisions for people with disabilities
and will be free for use.
Main council building is being refurbished after the cyclone.
General painting and frontage upgrading to uplift the aesthetic
view of the building. Council has set aside $60,000.00 for this
CSP was started by Japanese Volunteer (JOCV) and Nadi
Town Council (LTC) IN 2010 in response to the need which
arose in the course of implementing JICA Waste Minimization
and Recycling Promotion Project at NTC. The Ministry of Education recognizes and supports this program since its inception.
The main aim of this program is to introduce the 3R centric system in schools including outside boundary schools have
joined this program. Nadi being the pioneer for this program
have now expanded its success story to other towns/cities in
Fiji and also many Pacific Island countries. Numerous trainings
have been conducted by the NTC health staffs for teachers in
the greater western division, Kiribati and the Solomon Islands.

Council continues to sustain this program and will organize

the Clean Schools Competition again this year.
The Nadi Town Council is spearheading the Campaign on
Dengue Fever by encouraging residents and homeowners of
Nadi to clean their compound and destroy all mosquito breeding grounds.
The Special Administrator Mr. Robin Ali is calling on the
residents of Nadi to be aware that dengue vectors breed inside
homes in places that we are not aware of such as water storage
containers, gutters, flower vases and other man made containers
and also clear overgrowth of grass and clear blocked drains and
water ways. Since the dengue mosquitoes are day biters, our
children are vulnerable to the disease due to their exposure in
the daytime to the dengue virus transmitted by the vectors.
So, while it is good to clean outside the compound, it is also
advisable to also check inside the house for possible breeding
Meanwhile, the council is targeting all the areas that have
positive dengue cases in Nadi and are carrying out chemical
spraying in and around these areas.
A project funded by Global Environment Facility with the
Land & Water Resource Management Division of Ministry of
Agriculture as the lead agency. The objective of the five year
project was to develop an integrated Flood Management Plan
for the whole basin. There have been efforts to manage floods
but it was realized that under the principle of subsidiarity, there
was an urgent need to decentralize approaches to the lowest decision making bodies and establishment of a catchment committee would be an ideal solution.
Given the nature of the Nadi Catchment and with the limited
resources it is imperative to note we cannot stop floods but we

can manage it. Since its inception of the project in 2009, the following systems &processes have been developed / established:

A catchment governance institution-Nadi Basin

Catchment Committee.

Automation of Nadi and part of Nawaka River which

includes establishment of 12 hydromet stations that collects real
time data on river levels and rainfall across the catchment for
flood forecasting.

Establishment of a flood forecasting server with two

flood early warning siren system which uses mobile SMS platform to alert and warn people on flooding.

Establishment of Landcare Group in the upper catchment to promote sustainable land and forest management.

Rehabilitation /reforestation of degraded areas (hotspots) in the upper catchment.

Establishment of 32 community Disaster Management Committees and development of Disaster Response Plan
for each committee.

Commissioning of studies on Nadi River water quality and fish population.

Lead Agency (LWRM) through capital funds has constructed 3 retention (check) dams.

Currently working with a sister project through World

Bank funding to develop a Flood model for the catchment.
Special Administrator Nadi, Mr. Robin Ali is the Chairman
for the above project in Nadi. The project is specifically for
Korociri settlement flood evacuation centre with the budgetary
funding of $100,000.00 from the 2014 National Budget.
Necessary preparation work is being carried out which included engineering plans and tendering of the project .Like the
Nadi Market Development / Refurbishment there is a time to
utilize 60% of funds by end of June.

Library week preparations begin


The Nadi Town Council

library will be celebrating the
national library week from
July 5 12 this year.

According to council librarian Anita Naidu, a range

of colourful events is being
planned for the annual event
which attracts schools from
all over the Nadi district.
The theme for this years
event is lives change at the

library and we are working

tirelessly to make the celebrations a great success, Ms
Naidu said.
While we are still finalizing the finer details, a tentative program has already been
issued, she said.

7th July: Poster Competition
from 9am to 1pm at the Civic
Centre, Tuesday 8th July:
Kindergarten Day, Character
Parade and Multi-Cultural
Dance at Prince Charles Park
at 9am, Wednesday 9th July:

Oratory at Civic Centre at

10am, Thursday 10th July:
Drama Day for Primary at
Civic Centre from 10am, Friday 11th July: Multicultural
Dance at the Civic Centre
from 9am to 1pm, Saturday
12th July: Character Parade -

Prize Giving Day and Character Parade - Parents from 9am

to 1pm. All students taking
part in the character parade
should assemble at the open
space near Narewa Junction at
8.30am and march through the
main street to civic centre.



250 graduate from University of Fiji

President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau was chief guest at the
University of Fijis 2014 graduation ceremony with a total
of 250 students graduating in
various fields with degrees,
diplomas and certificates at
the Saweni Campus on Friday,

April 11.
While addressing the
graduates, Ratu Epeli who is
also the chancellor of the university commended the Arya
Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji for establishing such a fine institution which has contributed to
the academic development of
thousands of students so far.

Sharing similar sentiments,

pro-chancellor Anil Tikaram
said the university has come a
long way from its humble beginning in 2005.
Im actually thrilled that
the graduation ceremony went
so beautifully and its great to
see so many parents here supporting their children, Mr Ti-

karam said.
This university was established by the Arya Pratinidhi
Sabha of Fiji in 2005 and the
number of students graduating
each year is also increasing,
he added.
Vice-chancellor Professor
Richard Kevin Coll highlighted during his address that the

graduates were merely passing on the baton of the universitys reputation and must
continue to uphold the bench
mark set by past graduates.
Law student Lillian Mausio who graduated with a
bachelor of law degree attributed her achievements to the
conducive environment of the

university backed up with the

friendliness and warmth of the
I feel stoked because its a
very huge achievement reaching this milestone. There have
been doubts along the way as
studying law is not an easy
thing to do but my parents
have been supportive.

World-class tyres
arrive in Nadi
If you are a vehicle owner,
then like most people you
know of the difficulties that
are faced when its time to replace tyres. Finding the right
size, right price and right
quality tyre can be a daunting
Nippon Autoparts & Tyre
Centre, located at Nadi Back
Road is a leader in tyres and a
provider of specialist services
such as computerised wheel
alignment and balancing, auto
diagnostics, windscreen repairs, tyre fitting and repairs
using their latest cutting-edge
auto equipment.
We are proud to introduce
the high quality AUPLUS and
Lanvigator Brand tyres! AUPLUS and Lanvigator are best
known for their commitment
to safety, comfort & high performance, offered director
marketing Zaheer Khan.
One of the largest manufacturers of tyres in China,
AUPLUS uses production
equipment and materials from
USA, UK, Germany and Japan. The AUPLUS tyres are
being supplied to over 62

countries worldwide, Mr
Khan continued.
Based on HANKOOK
technology, some of the international
AUPLUS has are as follows:
ISO9001, GCC, DOT, EMARK, S-MARK, INMETRO etc. All tyres are produced
under Strict Quality Control
and each and every tyre goes
through stringent quality testing before it is approved for
These tyre designs provide excellent tread for traction, performance, safety,
good braking and better driving stability.

Along with great products

and services, Nippon prides
itself in customer satisfaction and comfort. In doing so,
at their premises they have a
fully air-conditioned customer waiting room, which has
a water cooler, TV and free
WIFI for you to use while the
professionals look after your
car, Mr Khan said.
So if youre in the market
for tyres, the best place to go
to is Nippon Autoparts & Tyre
Centre for quality, affordable
tyres and excellent customer
convenience & comfort!



Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum officially opens the Nadi Event Centre in Votualevu,
Nadi while owners Bobby and Azreena Khan (right) look on together with brother Irish Khan
on the left. Photo: MUNAUWAR KHAN.

Nadi Event Centre opens


A state-of-the-art event
centre has opened its doors
in Votualevu on Sunday, May
Known as the Nadi Event
Centre, the new facility has

the capacity to host 1200

people in a theatre sitting
style and 500 in a table sitting layout. The concept is
the brainchild of Nadis leading businessman Bobby Khan
who has several other proj-

ects lined up for Nadi and the

greater western division.
The $2 million facility
was officially opened by A-G
Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum in the
presence of around 500 VIP






Digicel sponsors Bula Festival

The prestigious annual Bula Festival which remains the only
unbroken festival in the country has received a substantial sponsorship worth $40k from mobile giants Digicel.
While handing over the sponsorship cheque to the festival
committee at the Grand Melanesian Hotel on Wednesday, May
7, Digicel Fijis director commercial Andrew Skelton said the
company is proud to be associated with an event which brings
people from all walks of life together for charity and entertainment.
He said Digicel will continue to support the festival in future
and thanked the hardworking committee members for continuing the festival for the past 54-years.
Mr Skelton said Digicel is proud to be supporting such
events while being actively involved in the promotion of various sporting activities in the country as well.
Being the largest annual event in the western division, this
years festival will be held from August 2 9 at Koroivolu Park
and Prince Charles Park respectively.
While addressing guests, Bula Festival Association president
Mohammed Hafiz said the festival will continue to raise funds
for the needy and noble causes.
He said the festival has come a long way from its humble
beginning 54-years-ago and has stood strong in difficult times.
The committee is also inviting other co-sponsors to come
forward and support the event and is calling on aspiring contestants to contact the Bula secretariat on mobile:- 9763985 or

Digicel Fijis director commercial Andrew Skelton shares a light moment with Bula Festival Association trustee Sushila Ramesh and president Mohammed Hafiz while Digicels regional manager west Jiu Daunivalu looks on. Photo: MUNAUWAR

FENC launches
learning centre
The Foundation for the Education of Needy Children in Fiji
(FENC Fiji) launched its third learning center at the Koromakawa Community Hall in Navo, Nadi in April.
The Learning center was launched by the Taukei Navo
Ratu Meli Saukuru who is also the chief guest for the event.
Ratu Meli also addressed 15 students who are currently being
sponsored by the foundation invited guest, community reps,
government reps, volunteers and the staff of FENC Fiji.
The center is used for remedial classes to help students who
are currently being sponsored by the foundation as well as those
from the community.
FENC Fiji launched the other learning center for the other
division in February and March this year. The learning centers
are part of FENC Fiji programs of activities aiming to providing
a platform for the children to learn what they might have missed
in school.
The program was piloted at the FENC Fiji head office last
year and the result was encouraging and rewarding.
The program will be run by the Western Team in partnership
with Project Abroad Fiji, teachers and volunteer teachers from
Nadi who have graciously shown their interest in being part of
this program.
The foundation also welcomes expression of interest from
the people of Nadi who would like to volunteer as tutors for
this program preferably those with teaching backgrounds and
university graduates.
Since 2009, the foundation has assisted more than 1000 students from the western division who attend primary and secondary school.
FENC Fiji also acknowledges sponsors who have supported
the foundation in the launching of the learning center and those
that have pledged to support the community learning center.



Fijis biggest convention centre opens

of Starwood Group
The Denarau Island Convention Centre opened its
doors and welcomed its clients, industry partners, tourism stakeholders, friends and
family on Wednesday, April
23 at Sheraton Fiji Resort.
Having lost the previous
Events Centre in Decembers
2012 Cyclone Evan, Sheraton and Westin Resorts Fiji
showcased its purposely built
permanent structure located at
Sheraton Fiji Resort and accessed via undercover walkway to the resorts existing
ballroom pre-function area
and lobby.
Denarau Island Convention Centre is the largest event
space on Denarau Island with
an investment of 3.5 million
dollars and six months of construction, Sheraton and Westin Resorts Fiji is proud to be
able to contribute to the ongoing development of Denarau
The key attribute will
be Denarau Island having
a venue with the capacity
to host large local, regional
and international gatherings

such as conferences, seminars, symposiums, meetings

and events enabling a greater
scope of events that will benefit Denarau Island and Fiji as a
whole, said Shane Cunning,
Area General Manager Fiji
and Samoa.
With a capacity of 1500
seated guests, we will aim to
attract larger conventions and
exhibitions to Fiji from around
the world, he continued.
With Denaraus close
proximity to Nadi International Airport, Denarau Island
Convention Centre will open
doors for more conferencing
and events on the larger spectrum and with a few bookings
already on the books for 2014
this convention will not only
benefit Denarau Island as a
whole but it also allows Fiji to
become a serious destination
for such events.
Denarau Island Convention Centre hosted its first
big events - Fijian Tourism
Expo (FTE) as Tourism Fiji
delivered a uniquely Fijian
Tourism experience for international buyers of tourism
products by showcasing all
that the tourism industry in
Fiji has to offer from May 5-8.

Starwood Group area general manager Fiji and Samoa, Shane Cunning talks to Fiji Times journalist Siteri Sauvakacolo during the opening. Photo: SHALENDRA PRASAD.

PM opens new resort

Prime Minister Voreqe
Bainimarama officially opened
Fijis newest resort Sheraton
Resort & Spa Tokoriki Island
(Fiji) on Saturday, May 3.
The resort is Lautoka based
Ritam Investments - a subsidiary of P. Meghji and Company
and will be managed and operated by the prestigious Star-

wood Group under a management contract.

Today marks the latest occasion in a string of developments happening in the tourism
industry around the country. Its
truly an exciting time for Fiji,
Prime Minister Bainimarama
This is Starwoods fourth
property in Fiji and I would
like to thank the company for
its contribution to the national

economy over the years.

The investment of FJ$35
million in this 101 room resort
formerly the Amanuca Island
Resort signals not only an
enormous vote of confidence
in our tourism industry but also
the Fijian economy.
Its always an enormous
pleasure for me as your Prime
Minister to see a Fijian business
venturing into new areas of operation hence taking advantage


of the policies that have been

put in place by my Government.

Staff members of Sheraton

Resort & Spa Tokoriki Island
in a jovial mood with Prime
Minister Voreqe Bainimarama during the opening.


Sanctuary faces closure

Animals Fiji Nadi Clinic facing closure a crisis situation for humans and animals alike

The Animals Fiji Nadi

Clinic (operated by the West
Charity Trust SocietyFiji
charity registration #889),
which provides emergency
care for sick animals and plays
a vital role in the management
and control of Fijis feral cat
and dog populations has two

months to find new land and

premises to operate from or it
will be forced to close.
Since its doors opened twoyears-ago, the Nadi clinic has
treated approximately 6,500
injured animals, re-homed
960 abandoned pets and has
de-sexed around 2,300 cats

Resort staff
clean hospital

and dogs.
Over this time it has established several outreach
programs, where teams of
volunteers are funded to
travel to remote communities
to control animal populations
and to assist injured animals.
These programs alone have

reached over 20 communities

and have led to 600 animals
being de-sexed, meaning that
over 7 million fewer puppies
and kittens will be born.
The clinic plays a vital role
in ensuring the health of Fijians and their animals.
It has until 12 June 2014

to find new land and premises

and is fundraising to find the
FJ$300,000 it needs to do this.
If the Clinic closes then the
valuable out-reach programs
will cease and there will be no
pet doctor in the region, putting the lives of animals and
the health of people at risk.

Animals Fiji needs your

support. Please support this
valuable resource by donating
to the Nadi clinic or by going


Celebrating Accors core vision of environmental sustainability, a total of approximately 90 staff from Sofitel Fiji Resort
& Spa, Mercure Nadi and Novotel Nadi were collaboratively
part of the planet 21 tree planting and clean up initiative at the
Nadi Hospital on Friday, April 25.
Staff of the three hotels collectively participated in tree
planting, tidying up of the Nadi Hospital garden as well as the
repainting and cleaning up of the outpatients area.
Today is all about bringing the three Accor Nadi hotels together as planet 21 is a global initiative really to encourage our
staff about environmental sustainability, once a year we usually
have an anniversary which on the 21st of April but because it
was a public holiday we had to have it today, said Sofitel director of human resources Susan Waqanivere.
Mrs. Waqanivere added that this was not the first time the
Accor Group had organized this initiative as hotel staff have
converged over the last four-years to further expand the tree
planting initiative by targeting schools.
The hospital has been very supportive of us wanting to
come and do some work as they have had to change the operations a bit since we are repainting and cleaning up the outpatients area, Mrs Waqanivere said.
Participants of the initiative included various members from
the three hotels human resources department and hotel general managers who in addition have organized events such as a
sports day and also teamed with charity organization Cure Kids
which was instrumental in revamping the Nadi Hospital maternity ward in 2010.

Staff members from the Accor Group which includes Sofitel, Novotel and Mercure brands pose for a group photo outside the
Nadi Hospital. Photo: SUPPLIED.

Village leaders combat crime

Various village headmen
and members of the Nadi central community policing committee gathered at the civic
centre to discuss and choose
members of the inaugural
Nadi district crime prevention
committee recently.
This is the first time that

such a committee has been

formulated and we are fortunate to have a prominent
chief here today, the Taukei
Navo Ratu Meli Saukuru
and he has been elected the
new Nadi district committee
president,said OC Nadi ASP
Petero Tuinirarama.
Police sternly advised the

headmen) present to closely

monitor the ins and outs of
those who visit their villages
as most crimes committed
were by outsiders and against
women, which had brought
about a greater need to provide awareness on crimes
such as this.
The Turaga-ni-koros are
our point of contacts because

they are crime prevention

agents in their own villages as
they give the police information on what is happening out
there in their villages, ASP
Tuinirarama said.
ASP Tuinirarama said the
Turaga-ni-koros roles are
crucial in terms of helping
the police zero in on crime
within the Nadi district.




Italian travel
agents visit Fiji
Pacific Destinationz a leading award winning Inbound Tour & Transport Operator has partnered with national carrier, Fiji Airways, Tourism Fiji together with their respective hotel and
resort suppliers in hosting 9 retail travel agents of a major Italian tour operator, Alidays Travel Experiences for an eight (8) day educational itinerary of Fiji from Monday 5th to Monday 12th May.
The travel agents are all visiting Fiji for the first time and they are top sellers for Alidays Travel
Experiences who are focussed on increasing their business to Fiji.
This is part of our marketing partnership activities with our key wholesaler partners in Europe
with the primary objective of incentivising their top performing retail agents to be educated and
personally experience what Fiji has to offer to their clients, said James Sowane, Managing Director Fiji of Pacific Destinationz.
The agents visited and experienced hotels and resorts on Denarau, Mamanuca, Pacific Harbour
and Beqa.
Sowane also added that in the past weeks Pacific Destinationz Marketing Representative in
Europe, Ms. Roberta Rho had undertaken an intensive eight day itinerary to be updated on our
key Fiji products that we sell and promote in Italy.
The Italian honeymoon market is a key market for a lot of Fijis boutique and luxury hotels and
resorts with their peak travel season being from June through to September.
Pacific Destinationz has been investing heavily into the Italian market for the past 15-years
and in addition to our marketing representative who is based in Italy, we also have a local staff
who speaks fluent Italian, Sowane added.
Pacific Destinationz is most thankful to Fiji Airways, Tourism Fiji and all hotel and resort supplier partners who have made this agents visit a huge success.



Fuel Up


Fuel up or shop in-store for $10 or more,

and go into the draw to win a $100 hamper every

month and possibly ride away with a Yamaha

Promotion is only offered at Asco Motors, Pacic Energy Service

Station, Namaka, Nadi
Conditions Apply

Promotion duration: 14 April - 30 June 2014.

Asco Motors
SUVA 338 4888 * NADI 672 1777 * LAUTOKA 666 9993 * BA 667 4406 * LABASA 881 1688











Vivekananda Training
Centre is first

Centre (VTC) which was formerly known as Nawaicoba
Vocational Centre is the first
Tertiary institution to have acquired the Fiji National Certificate status endorsed by the
Fiji Higher Education Commission.
In visiting the institution
on the 10th of April to sign a
Memorandum of Agreement
between the Ministry of Education and the heads of Vivekananda Technical Centre, the
Ministrys Permanent Secretary was impressed with the
way the Centre was progress-

ing quickly.
I must thank the administrators, teachers and other
stakeholders for your commitment and hard work.
I am also impressed with
the modern facilities, equipment, and latest machines that
this Centre provides for the
teaching and learning of our
people. This will certainly improve skills, knowledge and
experience and enhance competency for the graduates, remarked Dr Lal.
Courses that are graded
as Fiji National Certificate 4
by the Fiji Higher Education

Commission offered by VTC

include Automotive Mechanics, Automotive Electrical
Electronics, Cookery and
Cabinet Making and Joinery.
Other provider courses include Certificate 3 in Advance
Office Technology.
The Center endeavors to
provide recognition of prior
learning, up-skilling and certification for trades and also
embarks to continually develop the curriculum and upgrade
manpower and infrastructure
resources to meet the current
and future needs of the nation.

Principals and head teachers from the Nadi, Lautoka and Yasawa region pose for a group
photo with the permanent secretary for education Dr Brij Lal during their annual conference
at the Westin Resort on April 10, 2014. Photo: SALOTE QALUBAU.

Government promotes education

The Fijian Government
has done its best to promote
education to all the children of
Fiji says permanent secretary
for education Dr Brij Lal.
While addressing school
heads from the Nadi, Lautoka
and Yasawa region during

their annual conference on

Denarau Island, Dr Lal has
also challenged teachers to
be positive role models inside
and outside the classrooms.
The government has introduced free education for
the primary and secondary
schools in Fiji. All students
completing year 12 can complete studies in TVET area
and at FNU under government
scholarship, Dr Lal said.

He said the education ministry has introduced close to

75 initiatives in the last fiveyears.
Let us all work towards
making Fiji a knowledge
based society, Dr Lal said.
He also took a swipe at
teachers who have been involved in malpractices and
has warned those caught with
unethical behavior will be
taken to task.




Fijis first solar-powered

poultry farm
Rooster Poultry, a BSP
Life subsidiary, is proud to
announce the countrys first
solar-powered poultry operations.
Rooster Poultry has partnered with Sunergise International, the first pan-Pacific
solar energy provider, to turn
one of their major properties
located in Ba into a green energy leader.
The 250 KW roof-mounted
installation at the poultry operations is Fijis largest, and
was completed by a local team
of engineers from Sunergises
partner company Clay Energy.
For Rooster Poultry the decision to go solar had several
advantages. Stanley Raniga,
Incoming General Manager
for Rooster Poultry, explains:
Electricity is a major part
of our operations and having
solar power is the perfect alternative energy source for us
to supplement our energy requirements. We have a huge
roof space that we can put
to work to reduce operating
As the sun shines most of
the year in Ba, we are in the
perfect location to harness this
energy using the system installed by Sunergise to power


our facilities. Not only are we

saving money but also doing
our part for our environment.
The aim is take it to 500kW
later this year.
Ajay Raniga, Director of
Sunergise Fiji, adds: We are
delighted to work with a client
like Rooster Poultry, and to be
able to offer them an option to
enjoy long-term, real savings.
The poultry industry in Fiji is
growing fast over 18 million
birds were processed in 2013,
double the number from 2010.
Fiji is well on the way to becoming self-sufficient in poultry. This project has been one
of the most exciting weve
undertaken to date. We are
looking forward in the coming
year to doubling the current
installation size to 500 KW
half a megawatt of clean, environmentally friendly solar
Going green is also an important priority for BSP Life,
the owners of Rooster Poultry.
With a long-term investment
horizon and a key role in the
Fiji economy, BSP Life is
committed to social and environmental leadership as a
good corporate citizen. The
company invests in good businesses that carry greater ben-

efits to society.
Solar fits squarely within
the criteria of Fijis environmental policies. Fiji gets just
over half its grid power from
hydro, with the balance from
predominantly diesel powered
generators. That means every
KW of solar energy which
substitutes for diesel generators saves on burning expensive, polluting fossil fuels.
Solar also increases the total
available power supply during the daytime for consumers
a win-win situation for FEA
and individual customers like
Rooster Poultry.
Mr Ajay Raniga adds: We
focus on working closely with
FEA as our key strategic partner. Their support and guidance has been invaluable.
The installation at Rooster
Poultry is one of a number
of recent projects completed
by Sunergise International in
Fiji. The company has projects at Denarau Marina, Denarau Golf and Racquet Club,
The Terraces Apartments on
Denarau Island, Tokiriki Island Resort, and the first solar
supermarket at RB Patel JetPoint in Nadi.










Jacks teams with Nadi Rugby


Players and officials of the Nadi Rugby Union with management and staff of Jacks of Fiji outside their Adidas outlet in Nadi.

The Nadi Rugby Union has received a major boost for the
new season thanks to Jacks of Fiji for teaming up with the
champion side once again this year.
In a short ceremony on Friday, April 11 the management of
Jacks handed over the new set of jerseys to the side at their
Adidas Nadi outlet.
Jacks of Fiji is sponsoring the Nadi Rugby team this year
again, confirmed Jacks General Manager business development Babu Bhai Chawda.
Nadi being the hometown for Jacks of Fiji, this sponsorship is our contribution to the Nadi community at large, Mr
Chawda said.
He said Jacks has pledged a substantial amount for sponsorship in cash and kind to Nadi rugby.
This will be topped up by special bonus payments if Nadi
wins the Skipper Cup and the Farebrother Trophy.
Jacks of Fiji also has a license agreement with NRU for the
manufacture and sale of the O Nadi Ko Nadi rugby merchandise and this is available from our retail outlets. We are confident that Nadi rugby will perform well this year, Mr Chawda
Nadi Rugby media liaison officer Rusiate Ratakele thanked
the management of Jacks of Fiji for their continued support towards the team.

Nadi versus Ovalau Skipper

Cup challenge in photos

The Jacks Nadi squad that took Ovalau on Saturday, May

10 at Prince Charles Park. Nadi won 44-12. BELOW: Action
from the match. Photos: MARGARET NAQIRI.

Korovuto and
RNC dominate
Nadi zone
Secondary schools within the Nadi boundary gathered at
Prince Charles Park for the two day Nadi Coca Cola games
competition (20-21 March, 2014).
Korovuto College successfully scooped the overall girls title with 12 gold, six silver and six bronze medals whereas Ratu
Navula College claimed the overall boys title with 12 gold,
eight silver and 12 bronze medals.
Sabeto Colleges Paula Raseru was awarded best male athlete after winning a gold medal in the 400m, 800m as well as
the 4x 400 meters relay and Korovuto Colleges Iliseva Sura
was similarly awarded with best female athlete title for claiming a gold medal for her triple victory in the 400m, 800m and
4x400m relay.

Korovuto College girls get in a jovial mood after the games.

More photos can be viewed and downloaded via our Facebook page Photo:



Vodafone Fiji FACT approaches


The 2014 Vodafone Fiji

Fact approaches near as the
top eight teams step up their
intensity for the first major
tournament in Fiji Football
Association calendar.
Nausoris Ratu Cakobau
Park will host the two-weekend event as the group stage
matches will be played from

20th to 22nd June while the

semifinals and final will take
place on June 28-29, 2014 respectively.
Defending champion Nadi,
who defeated Ba 3-1 in the
2013 final at Prince Charles
Park, together with Ba, Lautoka, Nadroga, Navua, Suva,
Rewa and Labasa will battle
in the main competition.
Adding more spice to the
tournament, the Fiji Football

Association has decided to

have a four-team womens
competition as they will also
have a taste of Fijis first major tournament.
Meanwhile, the pool draws
were conducted on Thursday,
May 15, 2014 at the Fiji Football Association headquarters
in Vatuwaqa and more details
and updates will be available
on our website

Marys 1-0 and Andrews Primary 2-1. They drew against

Nadi Primary 1-1. Nadi Primary settled for the second
Team Coach Ayzal Ayub
was ecstatic after the win, saying, the girls performed well
to win the competition.
This was the first time
for the school to participate
in Girls Soccer and winning
it was a bonus. We trained
for two weeks where the girls
were taught the basics of soc-

cer. They tried hard and focused on the controlling, passing and shooting, he added.
Head Teacher, Mr Mohammed Ali, praised the girls for
a fine performance and also
thanked the Fiji Football Development Officers for giving
such exposure to girls in soccer.
The four teams that took
part in the competition were
Andrews Primary, Nadi Muslim Primary, Nadi Primary
and Mt. St. Marys school.

Nadi Muslim girls

shine in soccer

Nadi Muslim Primary
School won the inaugural Under-14 Girls Soccer Competition held at Andrews Primary
School on 24th April, 2014.
The 9-a-side Soccer Tournament was played between
four Primary Schools around
Nadi and the school was declared winner after the end of
the round robin matches.
Nadi Muslim won two of
its matches, beating, Mt St

Flashback 2013...the victorious Nadi side which won the Vodafone Fiji FACT at Prince
Charles Park. Photo: MUNAUWAR KHAN.

Nadi Muslim Primary under-14 girls soccer team with coach Ayzal Ayub (right). Photo: SUPPLIED.

Nadi FA local league resumes

Soccer enthusiast and Nadi
FA stalwart Bela Thomas officially launched the 2014 local
league competitions on Sunday,
May 12.
She also took the honour of
awarding trophies to winners of
the last season.
DCA Sports (pictured) won
the super-premier title while

More photos on

Downtown Blues took the premier title in the last season and
has been promoted.

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