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&Open DVD root
Open &IFO
Open &Mpeg(s)
Readme &1st
&Input settings
&Output settings
&Real time
&4/3 corr (Display only)
Show &resolution
&Edit coordinates
Render &source
Render &dest
&Adjust output resolution
&Correct 4/3
&Preserve ratio
&Sound normalizer
Chapter &Info
&YUV rendering
&RGB rendering
Enable &audio
Enable &video
&Save project
Load &project
Select &destination
Previous chapter
Next frame
Next chapter

Select destination
Input Settings
Program Chain
Luminance filter
Key search
Dolby Surround
48KHz To 44.1KHz
Normal Quality 48KHz To 44.1KHz
High quality 48KHz To 44.1KHz
Export AC3
Output Frame Rate
Detect progr. 24Hz
Force 24Hz
Original colors
Offset (pixel)
Save your DVD drive
Size (MB)
Hard disk
Overlap (sec)
Audio / Video synchronisation
Shutdown the computer when job is done
Deinterlace filter
Odd field
Even field
Select AC3 output
44.1KHz (no conversion)
48.0KHz (no conversion)
Help on input settings
Program chain index:
Select specified program chain.Most of movies are stored in pgc 0.
Default is : 0

Select specified angle. Most of movies are stored in angle 1.
Default is : 1
Remove macro vision protection from the movie
Default is : Yes

Key Search:
Mode for CSS key search (the mode 0 works fine in 99% of cases).
0 - Search a key one time when starting
1 - Search a new key at each VOB-ID
2 - Search a new key at each CELL-ID
3 - Search a new key at each VOB/CELL-ID combination
Default is : 0

Audio track:
Audio track to extract.
Note: Only LPCM, MPEG Audio Layer 1/2 and AC3 are supported.
Default is : first one

Dolby suround:
Enable dolby suround downmix. Allow to preserve better 5.1 FX in stereo mode
Default is: Enabled

Audio 48 to 44.1 KHz:

48KHz downsampling mode.
0 : Normal mode (fastest)
1 : High quality (slower)
2 : Export the source AC3 to a file, you can afterward select
the output file by clicking on the SELECT AC3 OUTPUT button.
3 : 44.1KHz (no conversion) Select this when you don't want to make sound
conversion when you have a 44.1KHz source stream.
4 : 48.0KHz (no conversion) Same purpose as choice 3, when the input
frequency is not specified (A3,LPCM) it is usualy 48KHz
Default is : 0

Gain of the audio output. No normalization is performed. A value of 1
can't generate distorsion (cracking) but the output sound may be very low. The
give a good volume for most DVDs. Make few clip of the movie where you
know the volume is high and adjust this value in order to get a good volume.
You can also use the sound normalizer to find an otimun volume.
Default is : 2.5

Show subtitle.
Default is : None

Subtitle Offset:
Vertical offset in pixel of the subtitle. This values is automaticaly adjusted
if the subtitle goes out of the screen
Default is : 0

Original color:
Preserve original color from the IFO file
Uncheck it if your subtible looks too much bold
Default is : Yes

Output frame rate:

Frame rate of the output video file. 25 (PAL) or 23.97,29.97 (NTSC).
Warning this value is not automaticaly set, if you choose a different frame
rate from the input a pull down will be performed.
Avoid conversion between NTSC and PAL.
Default is : 25

Detect 24Fps:
Detect automaticaly 24Hz progressive NTSC.
Default is : Yes

Force 24Fps:
Force input to be a 24Hz progressive NTSC.
This flag works only if detect 24fps is checked.
(Use it if you think that the 24Hz detection doesn't work).
Default is : No

Luminace filter:
Allow to adjust light of source.
The Y plane is the luminance plane (in YUV format)
Apply Gain*Y + Offset on the Y plane.
Gain is 8.8 fixed point value. ( 0 = 0.0 ; 128 = 1.0 ; 256 = 2.0 )
Default is : Not enabled , Gain 128 , Offset 0

Inversce Discrete Cosine Transform routines
(include also motion compensation)
MMX is fastest.
FPU give the best quality.
Default is : MMX

Go backward of specified amout of time when output volume size has been
reached. (This has no effect in custom chapter splitting)
Ex: Overlap=10 if the volume end at 1:10:25 next volume will start at 1:10:15.
Default is : 0 sec

Audio Video Synchronisation:

Resynchronise video and audio periodicaly. (not always necessary)
Default is : No

Deinterlace Filter:
Use this when your image is interlaced (when 1 line / 2 is shifted)
Warning if you set odd or even field you cannot be sure that it is
the good field, Just make a clip of 10 images to see if you're right.
Interpolate mode interpolate the even field (you lose a bit quality
for SVCD but it always works)
Default is : None

Save your DVD drive:

Create a temporary buffer to avoid the drive to be switched on/off too much.
If you use a RAM buffer you may disable virtual memory to get more speed.
The file will be write in your Windows temporary directory (TMP environement
Default is : 10Meg in RAM

Output Settings
MPEG specific
AVI specific
Audio ACM
Audio Lame
Store to WAV
Use Lame
Video codec
Enable Video
Video Bitrate Kbits/s
Audio Bitrate Kbits/s
Rate ctrl padding start
Rate ctrl padding max
VBV buffer size
Export (AVI+Premiere)
Expert Settings
Export Settings
Max frame
Time to encode
Estimated size
Volume don't exceed
Ingnore overwrite message
Render every 0=none
Premiere plugin encoder
Not enabled
Multi pass
Check standard
Plug settings
Mux rate
Motion search
74 Min VCD
80 Min VCD
74 Min Iso DataCD
80 Min Iso DataCD
Custom size
Custom chapter
Help on output settings
Video Bitrate:
Video bitrate of the output MPEG file.
For VCD the video bit rate must be between 650 and 1150 Kbits.
For SVCD the video bit rate must be lower than 2600 Kbits (2376 recommended).
Default is : 1150

Audio Bitrate:
Audio bitrate of the output MPEG file.
For VCD the audio bit rate must be 224 Kbits.
Default is : 224

Motion Search:
Compression speed optimisation . You may get noise around motions
Good : best quality (slow)
Normal : normal quality
Bad : Bad quality (fast)
Default is : Good

Caculation mode:
CPU calculation mode.
0 : MMX (works only on Intel MMX processors)
1 : 3DNow (for amd user)
2 : SSE2 for IntelP4 processor
3 : Normal (slow) don't perform MMX calcul
Default is : MMX

DCT and iDCT routines.
0 : MMX for MMX processor
1 : SSE2 for IntelP4 processor
2 : FPU (highest quality)
Default is : MMX

Mux Rate:
Increase the muxltiplexing rate by Mux_Rate% . Use this to avoid underflow.
Just increase it but the output file will grow up a little.
Default is : VCD = 1.4% SVCD = 5.6%

Vbv buffer size:

Size of the vbv buffer 20 recommended for VCD 112 for SCVD.
Default is : 20

Pulldown 3:2:
Convert 23.976Hz to 29.97Hz (NTSC Only).
Default is : None

Capture resolution in pixel.
PAL:352*288 NTSC:352*240
Default is : 352*288

Video format passed to the premiere plugin (compatible with the Video Server)
and to the AVI codec.
Only RGB and YUY2 are supported for AVI
YUY2 is in fact a 4:2:2 YUV format (very good for DivX encoding)
The internal MPEG encoder works only with 4:2:0 this setting is ignored
Default is : RGB24

Letterbox , medium and pan scan convert 16:9 to 4:3
Full doesn't correct the aspect ratio.
If you have a 4:3 DVD Use Full.
Default is : Letter Box (4/3)
Custom: Allow free crop and resize.
Video Resize:
Video resizing filter.
Nearest neighbour : Get the nearest pixel. (no filtering)
BiLinear : very accurate Slow
BiLinear MMX: very accurate Fast
BiCubic : very accurate bicubic filter very slow
SSE BiCubic : SSE implementation of accurate bicubic filter
Works on PIII or K7 or higher
Pseudo BiCubic : not accurate very fast

Bilinear uses 2*2 nearest points to smooth the picture

BiCubic uses 4*4 nearest points to smooth the picture
TAP filters are 2Pass filters,they give best quality
but are slower.

Max frames:
Maximun number of frames to encode.
Default is : 10000

Volume don't exceed:

Size of volumes to generate. The encoder will output volumes as
Default is : none

Ignore Overwrite message:

Don't check if the ouput file already exists
and always overwrite.
Default is : No

Premiere plugin encoder:

Allow to use an external encoder. you can connect to plugin
built for Adobe Premiere. Please read readme_1st for more details.
Default is : Not enabled

Multi Pass:
Allow the audio and video to be read in 2 pass. You can use it if you
encode with TMPGEnc and do a 2Pass VBR.
UNCHECK this if you do CBR or one pass VBR.
Please read readme_1st for more details.
Default is : No
Custom splitting
Estimated Size
Chapter count
Selected Size
Selected Time
Frame count
Current Bitrate
Enter Bitrate
Create volume
Delete Volume
Udpate volume
Unselect All
Use VCDWizard (create chapter inside your volumes)
Help on split settings
=> To create a volume, select chapter(s) in the chapter list
and click create volume.
=> To remove a volume, select the volume in the summary list
and click delete volume.
=> To add chapter in an existing volume, select the volume in the sumary list
select chapter to add in the chapter list and click Update volume.
=> To see selected chapter(s) in a volume click in the summary list.

Volumes will be output as (Vol1) filename.mpg(avi) (Vol2) filename_02.mpg(avi),...

Hint: To select quicly chapters use the keyboard.

(space to select, cursor keys to move :))
Jump to
Lame settings
Filtering (-1 to disable)
Audio normalizer
Current frame
Current time
Optimal volume
Volume for less than 0.1% saturation
DVDx Error
Buffer size must ne greater then 1MB
Reset buffer size to 1Meg
If you want to make overlap avoid a big buffer size (>20Meg)
You may get unwanted result
If you choose a large RAM buffer,
You may disabe virtual memory to get more speed
Cannot check standart of file generated by a plugin
Not an MPEG file
Please run P4 release for P4 filtering
Video player initialisation failed
Sound player initialisation failed
Invalid output Dimension
Cannot initialise resize filter
X1 must be greater than 0 and lower than
X2 must be greater than 0 and lower than
X2 must be greater X1
(x2-x1) must be greater than 16
Y2 must must be greater Y1
(y2-y1) must be greater than 16
Select volume in summary list
Only 16,24 and 32 bits color display mode are supported for rendering
Failed to initialise plugin
Stop process ?
Internal encoder cannot multiplex AC3
AC3 export works only with AVI and Premiere
Disable audio (output setting) if you want to export AC3 sound and do avi video
No volume is defined
Define volume(s) in 'Volume don't exceed' setting
Decoder not inited
Open an IFO/MPEG file first
Cannot apply setting while encoding
No IFO file found in
To concatenate mutiple file you must be sure that
all of them have same stream ID,dimension,etc...
Do you want to continue ?
You have selected a DeCSS key search.
It may cause problem when opening non DVD files
Do you want to continue ?
Stop encoder before exiting
The output resolution will be adjusted to
Do you want to continue ?
Failed to initialise player
YUV rendering not supported
RGB for playing works only in 65536 color mode
already exists
Overwrite the file ?
Cannot open AVI file. Check that the directory exists and
that the file is not used by another program.
Failed to initialise Lame
Failed to open audio codec
Audio codec not selected
Video codec not selected
Video codec wrong dimension or format
You have to reselect video codec each time
you change the output resolution or export format (RGB,YUV)
Lame internal error
Lame library not loaded
Not selected
Only RGB or YUY2 for AVI coding supported
Cannot load nLame.dll
Drive Authentification failed
WNASPI32 driver initialisation failed.
DeCSS: Invalid block found; Drive may be not unlocked
Run a DVD player such as WinDVD or PowerDVD
Open the DVD , and retry.
The DVD player doesn't need to run during the encoding process
Cannot find DeCSS key !!!
Unable to read from
Unable to open for input
Unable to parse as an IFO-File
IFO parsing failed
Cannot open temporary file
Cannot allocate memory for the temporary buffer :(
Cannot write to temporary file
Can't initialise auth.dll
Check that auth.dll is in the DVDx directory
auth.dll: Can't authenticate drive
Disk may be not locked
Audio format not supported
Warning the output and input frame rate are not equal
Pull down (up) will be performed
Failed to parse file, no sequence header found
Failed to parse file, no frame found
Sample not found or audio decoding error.
It happens sometimes at begining or end of movie
Select continue will fill audio buffer with blank.
Continue ?
Please run the P4 release for IDCT P4
Cannot export non AC3 track
MPEG2Dec: Error during decoder initialisation
MPEG2Dec: Error during reading input file
MPEG2Dec: Error during seeking input file
MPEG2Dec: too much frames
MPEG2Dec: Too much sample.
Try other frame rate or change 'Detect/Force 24 Hz' flag.
Buffering vob file on HDD
Buffering vob file in RAM
You are going to open a DVD file with key search disabled.
This may causes chrash. Do you want to continue ?
Unable to write to file
Invalid project file
Your computer cannot shutdown, Check the user priviledges
Cannot encode MPEG1/2 or Premiere file with 48KHz sound. (Use 44.1KHz conversion)
Cannot output 48KHz wave file. (Use 44.1KHz conversion)
ASPI not available, DVDx won't be able to unlock DVD drive and
to read file bigger than 2GB. (Check for ASPI driver update at
Do you want to continue without ASPI ?
You hacve selected 2 pass mode but you don't have selected the codec
for the 2nd pass.
Size splitting doesn't work in "2 pass AVI" mode. Nevertheless you can
split by chapters.
You don't have selected the destination file name. Continue ?
This format is not supported by the plugin. Use RGB32.
This format is not supported by the plugin.
Try an other one RGB32,RGB24,YUY2,YV12
Failed to initialise video codec. Check export format (YUY2,RGB).
Wrong settings block for AVI video codec.
This happens when you don't configure the video codec.
Continue ?