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NNN Investment Fund primarily targets well located, functional single tenant and multi-

tenant properties leased on NNN or NN leases to national credit tenants and regional
operators with strong balance sheets
Our primary obligation to our investors is capital preservation [Investor protection]
This goal is achieved by focusing on acquiring assets within the range of managements
education, training and experience. This universe of acceptable investments will include
single and multi-tenant NNN leased retail and industrial properties ideally leased to national
credit tenants or private companies have strong balance sheets and have demonstrated a
history of being a strong operator through longevity and size of their operation.

23823 Malibu Road Unit 50-450
Malibu California
United States
(310) 466-9665

Historically real estate purchases are financed with approximately 65%-75% debt to capital
ratio. However, the fund plans to purchase properties with approximately 50-55% debt to
capital ratio and in some instances properties may be purchased on an all cash basis.
The funds General Partners take NO ASSET MANAGEMENT FEE to manage the fund itself.
The majority of similar investment funds charge a 2% management fee on the capital raised
and this management fee is paid to the General Partners BEFORE the preferred return is paid
to the investors.
The General Partners of NNN Investment Fund also do not participate in a practice termed
Catch Up Return which has also become a common practice for real estate funds.
Basically, a Catch Up Return is a portion of the proceeds, usually 2%-4%, that the investors
do not participate in after the investors have received their preferred return. Only the
General Partners receive the Catch Up Return. We at NNN Investment Fund to not agree
with this practice.

The General Partner has established an investment committee (the Investment
Committee) dedicated to the General Partners management and oversight of the Funds
investments. The biographies of the senior executives are shown below.

Mr. Aldrich graduated from University of California, Los Angeles in 1989. He has been in the
real estate industry since 1992. From 1992 through 2000, Mr. Aldrich worked as a leasing
agent, acquisitions manager, construction manager and portfolio manager of over two
million square feet of industrial and office properties for Pacifica Capital Group. He was then
regional manager of the Los Angeles market for First Industrial for one year after First
Industrial purchased Pacificas industrial portfolio. From 2002 to the present, Mr. Aldrich
purchased industrial, retail (primarily national credit NNN properties in markets outside of
California) office and apartment projects under Ascent Affiliates, Inc. A company he owned
and funded. Mr. Aldrich also created a loan fund beginning in 2004 that secured Trust Deeds
on office, industrial, automotive, single family and multifamily properties that generated
approximately a 12% annualized return for the investors of the Fund since its inception.
Throughout his career he has represented a select group of clients in purchasing properties
and understands the process, from start to finish, of securing real estate as an investment
vehicle. During his career Jim has owned, operated, managed, developed, leased and placed
loans on more than 200 commercial properties.