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!"#$%$& ()#*% +,#-&.


hrasal verbs are parL of a large group of verbs called "mulLl-word verbs". hrasal verbs and oLher mulLl-word
verbs are an lmporLanL parL of Lhe Lngllsh language. MulLl-word verbs, lncludlng phrasal verbs, are very
common, especlally ln spoken Lngllsh. A mulLl-word verb ls a verb llke "plck up", "Lurn on" or "geL on wlLh".
lor convenlence, many people refer Lo all mulLl-word verbs as phrasal verbs. 1hese verbs conslsL of a baslc
verb + anoLher word or words. 1he oLher word(s) can be preposlLlons and/or adverbs. 1he Lwo or Lhree words
LhaL make up mulLl-word verbs form a shorL "phrase" - whlch ls why Lhese verbs are ofLen all called "phrasal
1he lmporLanL Lhlng Lo remember ls LhaL a mulLl-word verb ls sLlll a verb. "CeL" ls a verb. "CeL up", ls also a
verb, a dlfferenL verb. "CeL" and "geL up" are Lwo dlfferenL verbs. 1hey do noL have Lhe same meanlng. So you
should LreaL each mulLl-word verb as a separaLe verb, and learn lL llke any oLher verb. Look aL Lhese examples.
?ou can see LhaL Lhere are Lhree Lypes of mulLl-word verb:

$0/ ,1 (advlce) ! Lo do someLhlng because someone has sald LhaL you should
*$02 sLh 34 ! Lo make an exLra copy of compuLer lnformaLlon, for example on a dlsk or a hard drlve
*) 34 /, sLh ! Lo be dolng someLhlng
*#)$2 34 sLh ! Lo dlvlde someLhlng lnLo dlfferenL areas
0$&& 5,# sLh ! Lo demand LhaL someLhlng happens
0$&& sLh ,55 ! Lo declde LhaL a planned evenL or acLlvlLy wlll noL happen because lL ls noL posslble or
wanLed now
0&3//)# sLh 34 ! Lo cover a surface or flll a place wlLh Lhlngs LhaL are noL Lldy or well organlsed
0,6) $0#,%% - Lo dlscover someLhlng or someone by chance
0,6) #,31- - Lo vlslL someone aL Lhelr house
0,4) +./" sLh ! Lo deal successfully wlLh a dlfflculL slLuaLlon
-)$& +./" sLh ! Lo Lake acLlon ln order Lo achleve someLhlng or Lo solve a problem
-.) ,3/ ! Lo become more and more rare and Lhen dlsappear compleLely
-#)$6 sLh 34 ! Lo Lhlnk of a new ldea or plan
-#,4 ,55 7/, %&))48 ! Lo sLarL Lo sleep
-#,4 ,3/ ! Lo sLop worklng and dolng Lhlngs LhaL mosL people do because you do noL wanL Lo be parL of
socleLy any longer
)1- 34 ! Lo flnally be ln a parLlcular place or slLuaLlon
5.--&) +./" %/" ! Lo move Lhlngs abouL or Louch Lhlngs wlLh no parLlcular purpose
5./ .1 ! Lo feel LhaL you belong Lo a parLlcular group and are accepLed by Lhem
9)/ -,+1 /, - Lo sLarL dolng someLhlng serlously and wlLh a loL of aLLenLlon and efforL

go abouL dolng - Lo sLarL Lo do someLhlng ln a purposeful way
go for + # (a break/walk/coffee) ! Lo go somewhere ln order Lo Lake a break/walk/drlnk a cup of coffee, eLc.
go for sLh ! Lo choose someLhlng
go off (alarm) ! lf someLhlng LhaL makes a
nolse $%&' %((, lL suddenly sLarLs maklng a nolse
head for sLh ! Lo move Lowards someLhlng
hlL up sb for - (uS) Lo ask someone for someLhlng, e.g. money
hold down a [ob ! Lo manage Lo keep a [ob
keep up wlLh sLh ! Lo manage Lo do work as lL ls glven Lo you and noL be laLe ln dolng whaL you have Lo do
lap sLh up ) [1] (u8,80) Lo en[oy someLhlng very much
llve sLh down ) [1] (u11,8S) lf you say you wlll never *+)& '%,&-.+#$ /%0#, you mean LhaL lL ls ln an
embarrasslng experlence LhaL oLher people wlll noL leL you forgeL
llve off sLh ! lf you *+)& %(( money, you use LhaL money Lo buy Lhe Lhlngs LhaL you need Lo llve, such as food,
cloLhes, eLc.

meeL up wlLh sb ) [l or 1] (u7,76) Lo meeL anoLher person ln order Lo do someLhlng LogeLher
move on ) [l] (u1,12) Lo leave Lhe place where you are and go somewhere else
CompleLe CAL by Cuy 8rook-ParL and Slmon Palnes Cambrldge unlverslLy ress 2009 PC1CCClA8LL
move ouL ) [l] (u1,8S) Lo sLop llvlng ln a parLlcular home pay up ) [l] (u11,109) lnformal Lo glve someone all of
money LhaL you owe Lhem
plck up sLh ) [1] (u2,17) Lo sLarL learnlng someLhlng or dolng someLhlng regularly wlLhouL lnLendlng Lo
plck sLh ouL ) [1] (u10,99) Lo choose someLhlng from a group of Lhlngs
pull over ) [l or 1] (u3,36) lf a vehlcle 12**' %)&3, lL moves Lo Lhe slde of Lhe road and sLops
pull up ) [l] (u9,91) lf a vehlcle 12**' 21, lL sLops puL sLh off ) [1] (u11,109) Lo arrange Lo do someLhlng aL
a laLer Llme seL off sLh ) [1] (u9,8S) Lo cause someLhlng Lo explode
seL sLh ouL ) [1] (u11,116) Lo arrange a number of Lhlngs ln a parLlcular way
seL up sLh ) [1] (u14,8S) Lo arrange for someLhlng Lo happen, for example Lo sLarL a new buslness
seLLle down ) [l] (u14, 8S) Lo sLarL llvlng somewhere LhaL you are golng Lo llve for a long Llme, usually wlLh a
seLLle lnLo sLh ) [1] (u2,8S) Lo sLarL Lo feel relaxed and comforLable ln a new slLuaLlon
seLLle on sLh ) [1] (8S) Lo make a declslon afLer spendlng a perlod of Llme Lhlnklng abouL Lhe cholces
seLLle up ) [l] (u3,32) Lo pay someone Lhe money LhaL you owe Lhem
sLudy under sb ) [l or 1] (u2,18) formal Lo be LaughL by someone
sweep sLh aslde ) [1] (u2,19) Lo replace or desLroy someLhlng
Lease ouL sLh ) [1] (u6,38) Lo manage Lo reveal someLhlng
Lurn ouL ) [l] (u6,8S) Lo happen ln a parLlcular way
Lurn over ) [l] (u3,32) lf someone who ls lylng down -23#' %)&3, Lhey change poslLlon so LhaL Lhey are faclng a
dlfferenL dlrecLlon
voLe sb off ) [1] (u8,79) lf a person ln a Lelevlslon show ls )%-&/ %((, Lhe people waLchlng Lhe programme voLe
ln order Lo make LhaL person leave Lhe show
wlnd sb up ) [1] (u1,12) lnformal Lo annoy someone, ofLen on purpose
wlpe sLh ouL ) [1] (u12,124) Lo desLroy someLhlng compleLely