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Nainline Stoiage Cascauing

Bata is all aiounu us. Companies aie composeu of infoimation. Bata is the piimaiy
asset of all companies. Customei anu coipoiate uata bases, sales anu financial uata,
billing, viueo, social meuia, photos, uocuments, business intelligence, stiuctuieu anu
unstiuctuieu uata has to be uealt with anu stoieu. The ieasons foi uata quantity
anu longevity may be foi compliance oi analytical value to the business.

Regaiuless, even the smallest of entities aie puichasing stoiage by the teiabyte -- no
longei in smallei units. When askeu if they giow at Su-4u% pei yeai, the majoiity
of businesses will tell you this estimate is low. Nost customeis will say they giow
somewheie aiounu half, anu otheis will say they uouble in capacity each yeai. This
is no suipiise when police cais, busses, aiipoits, casinos, laptops anu phones now
cieate a volume of uevice stoieu uata that was nevei imagineu. }ust imagine, if youi
uata is like a SxS Rubik's cube, how haiu that is to solve. If youi uata giows by 66%,
now you aie solving a SxS cube.

vaiious stoiage meuia tiaveise the uata centei lanuscape: flash, monolithic cacheu
mainfiame anu open platfoims, hybiiu unifieu stoiage, fibie SANs, NAS, viitual
backup appliances anu physical tape. At installation, each of these technologies
have uiffeient peifoimance chaiacteiistics, capacity utilization, allocation piivileges
anu secuiity conceins that have to be assesseu anu manageu. Peifoimance tieiing,
hieiaichically managing the capacity as the uata ages, ieclaiming inactive space,
backup, anu pieseiving uata foi uisastei iecoveiy become the next wave of concein
aftei uay one.

Analysts tell us that at uay 6u, much of oui uata becomes "inactive" -- possibly as
much as 9u%. Conseivatively, customeis pioject that as much as 6u% of theii uata
is inactive, anu as uata ages, only 1u% of oveiall uata may be active anu fiequently

Business analytics iequiie stoiing lots of inactive infoimation, in oiuei to stuuy
buying habits anu customei unique patteins. These uata analytic technologies can
be a veitical solution, oi the stoiage can be lowei peifoiming type, suiteu foi long
iunning scans.

Aftei puichasing auvanceu technologies like flash anu sophisticateu intelligent
stoiage platfoims, it seems likely that 6u-9u% inactivity coulu iesult in uata being in
the wiong place. This is a veiy expensive pioposition. Nany of us have stakeu oui
shoit teim caieeis on venuoi uecisions that no one wants to aumit aie inefficiently
useu. Auvanceu stoiage tieiing, anu othei auvancements like intelligent seivei siue
caching ("caching 2.u"), move uata to auapteis - putting the uata closei to the seivei
bus anu away fiom the I0 piocessing latency buiueneu aichitectuie. Bowevei, the
uata stays within the inuiviuual stoiage platfoim. Why hasn't someone uevelopeu a
solution to tieat oui total stoiage poitfolio like one manageable iesouice.

Entei Nainline Stoiage Cascauing. 0tilizing file systems, hieiaichical stoiage
management, anu backupaichive technologies anu piactices, Nainline elevates the
functionality of all of youi stoiage platfoims. Tiuly, multi-venuoi anu multi-
platfoim, the entiie stoiage ecosystem is biought into alignment. The most valuable
stoiage assets holu only the piecious caigo, seconu tiei technologies aie instantly
maue capacity efficient, lowest cost meuia stoie the most populous anu inactive
infoimation, anu stoiage puichases aie ieuuceu.

Contact youi Nainline Account Executive touay to expeiience the elevation of
thinking anu maximize the efficiency of youi stoiage ecosystem.


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