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Description of the publication

A number of different educational programmes to sustainably address energy related concerns in

developing countries have been initiated by numerous local, regional and international institutions.
The Programmes Energy and Environmental Management (EEM) in Developing Countries at the
University of Flensburg, and the Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy (PPRE) at the Carl
von Ossietzky University Oldenburg are among the university programmes that continue to
contribute to solving these problems in sustainable ways. In the form of Yearbook, the EEM and
PPRE Programmes are assembling, on annual basis, a vast body of knowledge on how to deal
with energy and environmental concerns in developing countries. The overall title of the yearbook
is Energy for Sustainable Development Theses of International Master. However, each year will
have a different theme and the current yearbook is a collection of articles based on past master
theses dealing with sustainable energy planning and policies. It is organized into four sections as
outlined below.

Part I: Sustainable Electricity Generation
1. Potential of Decentralised Energy in Thailands Future Electricity Mix
Fumi Harahap
2. The Prospective Evolution of the Vietnamese Power Sector: The Vulnerability and
Externality Analysis
Nguyen Trinh Hoang Anh
3. Assessment of Options for Promoting Investments in Renewable Energy in Rwanda
Thoneste Uhorakeye

Part II: Solar Energy And Biofuels
4. Solar water heating in Ethiopia and Zambia: A comparison of market situation and
development of a promotion programme
Nele Rumler and Nkusuwila Silomba
5. Solar Energy and Rural Development - an exploration into end-users' impact evaluation: A
field study conducted in the solar energy village Rema, Ethiopia
Claudia Braden
6. Standardisation of photovoltaic mini-grids for electrification of isolated communities in
Pablo E. Carvajal
7. Assessing the Sustainability of Biofuel Production: An Evaluation of Voluntary Schemes
Javier Eduardo Rodriguez Bonilla

Part III: Energy Storage Technologies And Clean Development Mechanisms
8. Computer modeling of Pumped Thermal Electricity Storage
Pau Farrs Antnez
9. Rural Electrification and the Clean Development Mechanism: Additionality simplification for
sustainable energy projects
Isabela Aroeira de Almeida

Part IV: Energy Projects/Technology Monitoring And Energy Efficiency
10. Integrated Impact Monitoring Strategy for Rural Renewable Energy Based Project in
Khetsiwe Khumalo
11. Enhancing monitoring methods for household energy projects: A case of improved
cookstove projects
Walter Kipruto
12. Financing the energy retrofitting of residential buildings: European examples and their
relevance for Northern China
Truc Ngoc Thanh Pham