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COUN 554: Steven Ono 2

Videotape Presentation Form

Before During After Counseling - Practicum 554
Conceptualizations: A hypothesis about cause, precipitants and maintainin in!luences o! a person"s psycholoical,
interpersonal and behavioral concerns# Conceptualization help oranize the comple$ities clients brin %ith them into
counselin sessions# &e comprehensive in your conceptualization o! the client by usin the !ollo%in !rame%or':
Before Counseling:
(# )ndicate the source o! the client re!erral: Site Supervisor- Scool Counselor!!
2# &rie!ly clari!y !or your client your e$pectations and purpose o! counselin# Such an e$planation o! the nature
o! the counselin relationship should be a valuable place to start your initial counselin session *+his
assumes o! course, that there is no compellin reason to immediately address the e$ploration o! the client"s
concerns,# Use the chec'-list belo% to as a !rame%or' o! %hat to initially cover in the !irst session# .eep in
mind developmentally the need !or appropriately e$planations and responses:
A# /escribe the 0U10OS2 o! counselin 3
&# )ndicate 12S0ONS)&)4)+)2S o! the:
(# Counselor 3
2# Client
C# 2$plain necessity to !ocus counselin 3
/# Address limitations o! counselin:
(# Con!identiality 3
2# 5ideo +apin 3
6# 5oluntariness 3
4# 4enth7+ime 3
5# 8ees *)! applicable, N7A
2# Chec' %ith the client about her7his e$pectation in reaction to your 3
(# Social )dentity: "
#rader$ %epali$ &ale$ 'efugee
2# 8amily &ac'round: Bot parents are earing impaired$ as an older (roter )o acts as *+

parent,- Broter )or.s and as.s student to elp im at times-
6# 9rade: "
4# &ehavioral )ssues *past,: Fre/uent disruption in class$ not focused on tas.s$ got into minor
figts$ social needs
5# 4enth o! +ime in School: some 0
grade$ "
grade 1ear 23 4 1ears5
:# Counselin in the 0ast; 6es
<# )#2#0#; %o
=# >edical history; fatigue$ eadaces$ 1giene needs$ autism spectrum 275
?# >ental Status; %ot determined
(@# Ahy is this student receivin7re!erred to counselin; Beavioral pro(lems$ lac.s social s.ills$
relates (etter )it adults$ lac.s (oundaries )it peers$ *stor1telling, leads to false stories 275$
creativit1 needs$ lac.s a sense of friendsip and support
During Counseling:
(# 0resentin problems and history *as presented by the client,# +hin' about this !rom the !rame%or' o! a bio-
psycho-social perspective#
COUN 554: Steven Ono 2
Ahat bioloical7physioloical issues are impactin the client; &ental ealt$ as seen doctors for
possi(le autism$ mental disorder$ (ut no actual findings
Ahat psycholoical issues are impactin the client; Cultural soc.$ adaptive reactions to ne)
Ahat socioloical !actors are contributin to the client"s academic, career, and personal7social
development; Social norms$ learning )at (eavior is deemed o. or not$ lo) social-economic
status$ deemed an outcast (1 peers$ made fun of in class$ (ullied-
2# >ulticultural 8actors: Bo% are multicultural !actors in!luencin the client"s presentin concern and7or your
relationship %ith the client; Student is igl1 affected (1 multicultural factors- 8as a strong sense9need
for self-e:pression of o)n culture$ )anting to understand American culture and (e understood-
6# Cour hypotheses about the client *themes that emered in counselin,: Freedom 2;ife in te past5 vs
Structure 2Scool9;ife5$ Friendsip9'elationsips$ Setting personal goals- ;ife in %epal9;onging leads
to p1sical factors felt in scool 2fatigue$ (oredom$ etc5$ Coice <erap1 goals: Belonging$ freedom$
po)er$ fun
4# Counselin s'ills and theories employed: narrative$ art terap1 275$ multicultural$ realit1 terap1
5# Counselin 9oals:
+ypes o! interventions recommended: Bi(lioterap1 2= read *>at >as = Scared ?f7, Seuss5$
(rainstorming )a1s to cannel stor1telling into ands-on applications$ finger painting$ cla1$
sand (o: 275
Obstacles to achievin oals: language (arriers$ social cues$ parents@ disa(ilit1 a disadvantage to
student@s social and academic support at ome-
1e!errals *outside therapy, roup therapy, substance abuse treatment, medical evaluation, etc,: AC'S
2Asian Counseling 'eferral Services5$ social groups 2%epali5$ mentor7
Advocacy and Consultations *%ith teachers, community aency counselors, social %or'ers, etc#,:
connect )it A;; teacer a(out )riting proBects$ continue to )or. )it counseling supervisor$
8S A;; teacer: )riting proBect
After Counseling:
:# Areas you see !or ro%th: Cutting te *1ea@s,$ allo)ing time 2silence5 for responses$ not aving to
respond ever1 time- Closed /uestions need (ecome open-ended /uestions- Cultural factors: Cuiet-
lac. of entusiasm in empat17
<# Areas o! strenth: rapport is strong$ multicultural a)areness$ genuine presence )it student$ trust is
evident (et)een student9counselor
=# Ne$t Steps: Ahat needs to occur be!ore your ne$t session to prepare you to %or' %ith this client; Connect
)it teacers a(out o) student relates to peers$ classroom o(servation of student$ implement
intervention strategies 2art terap1$ etc5$ ave student come up )it one social9friendsip goal for te
end of scool-1ear-
?# Ahat Duestions and7or concerns do you have !or supervision;
a- Feed(ac. on entusiasm 2or lac. of5$ is it m1 o)n personal Budgment7 Cultural a)areness
of m1 o)n (iases to)ards self-dou(tD
(- ?ter )a1s to use narrative terap1$ )at are some oter t1pes7
COUN 554: Steven Ono 2