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Wireless network users demand two things: higher speeds and greater range. The AirPort
Extreme Base Station delivers on both fronts and offers superfast wireless network aess
throughout !ust about an" home or offie.
Simultaneous dual-band support.
Some Wi#$i devies use the %.&'() wireless band* inluding iPhone* iPod touh* and devies
using +,%.--b.g. /ther devies an use either %.&'() or the higher#speed 0'() band* suh as
the latest +,%.--n#based 1a omputers* iPad* and Apple T2. 3nstead of hoosing one of the
bands* AirPort Extreme operates simultaneousl" on both bands* and "our multiband devies
automatiall" use the best available band. This means all "our Wi#$i devies get the fastest
possible wireless performane and the best possible range. 3n addition* AirPort Extreme
redues the possibilit" of interferene from applianes and ordless phones that use the %.&'()
Even faster performane.
Based on the 3EEE +,%.--n speifiation* AirPort Extreme uses a tehnolog" alled multiple#
input multiple#output 4131/5 to transmit multiple data streams simultaneousl". The result6
AirPort Extreme delivers data transfer speeds up to five times those of +,%.--g wireless
networks 7 while ahieving up to twie the range.
Imagine t!e possibilities.
8p to 0, people an all share the same 3nternet onnetion* exhange files using the file#
sharing apabilit" built into /S 9 or Windows* aess loal and remote file servers* annihilate
the ompetition in multipla"er games 7 an"thing a t"pial network user an do* plus a number
of things that are deidedl" not t"pial* suh as wireless storage and printing.
S!are t!e Internet seurel" #it! guest net#or$ing.
3t:s eas" to allow guests to use "our 3nternet onnetion without sharing "our password or giving
them aess to the rest of "our network. Simpl" enable the guest networking feature using the
AirPort 8tilit" appliation and reate a separate Wi#$i network !ust for "our friends. ;ou an set
up this guest network with a different password or with none at all. ;our primar" network 7
inluding "our printer* attahed drives* or other devies 7 remains seure.
%ompatible #it! &'(.))a*b*g.
All urrentl" shipping 1a and i/S devies support the latest +,%.--n tehnolog" in the AirPort
Extreme Base Station. And AirPort Extreme is ompatible with 1a omputers* P<s* and
wireless devies suh as iPad* iPhone* and iPod touh that use +,%.--a* b* or g tehnologies.
;ou an also rest assured that AirPort Extreme works with other Wi#$i <ertified +,%.--n
The AirPort Extreme Base Station takes strong measures to keep "our online world as safe as
possible 7 from seuring "our base station to preventing outside intrusion to ontrolling when
"our o#workers surf the web.
+orr"-free net#or$ing.
3t starts with the industr"#standard enr"ption tehnologies built into AirPort Extreme* inluding
WPA.WPA% and -%+#bit WEP.= When "ou turn on enr"ption 7 eas" to do using AirPort 8tilit"
7 "ou:ll ensure that onl" people with the orret password an !oin "our wireless network.
S!are t!e Internet seurel" #it! guest net#or$ing.
3f "ou want to let guests onnet to the 3nternet without giving them "our Wi#$i password* simpl"
enable the guest networking feature and set up a separate Wi#$i network !ust for them. 8se a
different password 7 or use no password at all 7 and "our primar" network* inluding "our
printer and an" attahed drives* remains seure.
,arring t!e net#or$ door.
AirPort Extreme inludes a built#in firewall that reates a barrier between "our network and the
3nternet* proteting "our data from maliious 3nternet attaks. When "ou set up the base station*
the firewall is automatiall" turned on to keep the bad gu"s out. $or omputers with a able or
>S? modem* using AirPort is atuall" safer than being diretl" onneted to the modem.
<iso ?inks"s W@2S&&,,A Wireless#A 'igabit Seurit" @outer
Seure* high#speed wireless network aess for small business
'igabit Ethernet onnetions enable rapid transfer of large files
Advaned seurit"* inluding intrusion prevention* helps keep assets safe
$ull 3Pse 2PA apabilities for up to five remote onnetions
-eatures and ,enefits
The <iso W@2S&&,,A Wireless#A 'igabit Seurit" @outer offers:
.ig!-speed onnetivit"/ 'igabit Ethernet onnetions on both WAA and ?AA ports
help "ou take full advantage of "our broadband onnetions* enabling "our emplo"ees to
send and reeive large files Buikl" and easil".
Integrated &'(.))n #ireless aess point/ A built#in aess point enables "our
emplo"ees to onnet to the network wirelessl". Support for draft %., of the +,%.--n
industr" standard* along with bakward ompatibilit" with +,%.--b and g standards*
inreases wireless speed* throughput* and range* for more effiient wireless overage of
"our small offie.
Proven Stateful Pa$et Inspetion 0SPI1 fire#all #it! Intrusion Prevention S"stem
0IPS1/ 8nlike standard firewalls* whih blok inoming streams based onl" on the soure
or t"pe of data* the intrusion prevention s"stem sans deep* enabling it to detet and
blok most worms* Tro!an horses* and denial#of#servie attaks to help keep "our
business assets safe.
2P3 apabilities/ 3P Seurit" 43Pse5 2PA apabilities built into the W@2S&&,,A
enable "our remote emplo"ees* whether working from home or on the road* to onnet
to "our offie network using nearl" an" 2PA lient to aess files and transfer data as
seurel" as if the" were in the offie.
Optional %iso ProtetLin$ +eb seurit" servie/ This optional hosted servie adds
another la"er of protetion to "our network b" bloking maliious websites and
ontrolling web aess* without the drain on "our offie P<s aused b" traditional
seurit" solutions.
-le4ible segmentation of users/ $lexible* built#in support for up to & multiple servie
set identifiers 4SS3>s5 and up to four +,%.-C virtual ?AA 42?AA5 onnetions enables
the reation separate virtual networks to allow seure guest aess and improve traffi
flow 4$igure %5. The W@2S&&,,A an interoperate with other 2?AA apable swithes*
further enhaning flexibilit".
Aess <ontrol
3P#based aess ontrol list 4A<?5
1A<#based wireless aess ontrol $irewall
SP3 firewall <ontent $iltering
Stati 8@? bloking or ke"word bloking 4inluded5
>"nami filtering through <iso Protet?ink Web seurit" servie 4optional5 3ntrusion
Prevention S"stem 43PS5
3P sweep detetion
Appliation anomal" detetion 4(TTP* $TP* Telnet* @emote <op" Protool D@<PE5
Peer#to#peer ontrol
3nstant messenger ontrol
?a"er F.?a"er& protool 43P* T<P* 8ser >atagram Protool D8>PE* 3nternet <ontrol
1essage Protool D3<1PE5 normali)ation
?a"er G signature mathing Seure 1anagement
8sername.Password +,%.-9
Port#based @A>38S authentiation 4Extensible Authentiation Protool multiast
distributed swithing DEAP#1>SE* Proteted Extensible Authentiation Protool DPEAPE5