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Effect of Gems on Human body

The effect of Gems is basically through the energy vibrations it creates when worn in the
body and also through its colour. It may not be irrelevant here to mention the system of
colour therapy to cure diseases and also the application of colour concept in various
other psychic healing techniques.
It has since been scientifically proved and documented the various frequencies of energy
vibrations emitted by the organic Gem stones . They vary from Gems to Gems and
compares well with the energy vibrations to offset the imbalance produced in the human
body by the deficiency or otherwise of the vital elements which areas being called the
'Panchabootha' or the basic five elements viz. Earth !ir "ire #ater and Ether which
results in the three types of $oshas %&lassification of human body chemistry in
!yurveda' viz (aatha Pittha and )abha.
*aving seen the evolution of Gem therapy and its curative qualities let me e+plain in
brief the various Gems and its uses in !strology
The ancient !yurvedic researchers studied healing properties of gems and found that
different stones created different effects in the human body. The planets were seen to
have corresponding colors. The color or vibration of the gems affects the human body.
They absorb and reflect %li,e a filter' the planetary rays or vibrations. Thus gems relate
to specific energy waves. It was found that the gems associated with each planet have
varying wavelengths.
Planet Wave Length Gem Wave Length
-un ./000 1uby 20000
3oon ./000 Pearl 20000
3ars 4/000 1ed &oral ./000
3ercury ./000 Emerald 2/000
5upiter 670000 8ellow -apphire /0000
(enus 670000 $iamond %&lear
-aturn ./000
:lue -apphire ;
!methyst ; <apis
1ahu 7/000 Gomedha %Golden
*essonite Garnet'
)etu 7/000 &at=s Eye
The planetary vibrations are negative while the radiation of the stones is positive. #hen
the positive and negative vibrations are combined they are neutralized. 5ust as an
umbrella or sunscreen protects one from the sun so gems protect one from the
influence of the planets.
Gem Tinctures
Gem tinctures are prepared li,e herb tinctures. Gems are soa,ed for some time in a
/0>?600> alcohol solution. $iamonds or sapphires %hard gems' are soa,ed from one
full moon to the ne+t full moon %one month'. @paque stones ? pearls coral %soft stones'
? are soa,ed for shorter time periods or in wea,er solutions.
-pecial !yurvedic preparations e+ist in which gems are burnt into ash. This removes
their harmful effects enabling them to be ingested. Traditionally gems were crushed
and;or burnt in long processes to ma,e ash. -ometimes they are ta,en alone sometimes
they are mi+ed with herbs. Gem ash %bhasma' is more costly than herbs but healing is
quic,er. &urrently they are not imported into the Anited -tates due to the lac, of
understanding of their safety.
#e as human beings receive vital rays ? subtle cosmic radiation from planets that
influence our attitudes behaviour and environment. This planetary radiation has a
definite impact on our ever?changing psychological dispositions. Stones and gems,
coming in direct contact with the skin, exercise an electromagnetic
influence over cells.
3an's body contains carbon and various metallic elements that are also present in
plants metals and Bewels. 3an is very sensitive to e?m radiation. If a erson!s
astrological chart shows that his or her recetivity to beneficial lanetary
radiation is weak or out of balance, it can be rectified and strengthened by
the natural electromagnetic radiation emanating from secific, correlative
gems. 5ust as we need vitamins and minerals to meet our physical requirements we
can also utilise different forms of invisible energy to stimulate and aid our mental
spiritual and physical dispositions.