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Goals and objectives

The public relation programme was designed and implemented with the following goals in mind-
1. To consolidate Subways position as an industrial leader that promotes healthy diet and
2. To reinstate the health values that Subway offers and its initiative towards curbing
3. To create and improve Subways existing brand salience in the mind of consumers
4. To cement Subways position in the market and allow it to claim a larger market share.
5. To allow Subway to be recognised as a corporate social responsible organisation.
The goals of the public relation programme looks to be undertaken and attained with the
following objectives-
1. To increase Subways market share in the fast food industry of Singapore by a further
20% by 2020.
2. To reduce the prevalence of overweight and obesity in Singapore by 5% and 2% by 2020
3. To raise awareness within the community on the global rising trend of obesity, citing the
potential health issues of heart diseases that comes along with obesity.
4. To educate the public on the pressing need to prevent and curb obesity.
5. To equip all households in Singapore with the knowledge and ability to differentiate and
choose from a measureable healthier and more nutritious diet.
Collaboration with Health Promotion Board to conduct educational health talks in schools
A series of educational activities collaborated between the Health Promotion Board of Singapore
and Subway will take place in the vicinity of schools in Singapore with the purpose to educate the
audience of the importance of a healthy diet, citing the negative health, social and economic
consequences that arises with an improper choice of diet and empower them with the
knowledge and tools and pursue a healthier lifestyle. The goal of the plan lies in reducing the
prevailing trend of obesity in the world.
These talks can be conducted on a perennial year-long basis, where the Health Promotion Board
would on a weekly basis provide the health officers to different schools to head the health talks.
These health officers would conduct a 2 way educational health talk with the primary agenda set
at educating the audience of the pressing need to prevent and curb obesity while allowing the
audience to post their health related queries for the health officers to answer.
Other elements in the programme include having industrial experts and nutritionists to share
professional tips including how to correctly calculate calories of a meal and how to meet key
nutrients needs in everyday diet, using Subways sandwiches as example. Individuals who have
successfully transformed and turned their life around with the adoption of healthy living would
also be invited to share their experience and encourage the audiences to follow suit.
The plan would include an interactive element where the audience can actively participate
through activities such as sandwich making booths where students can learn to make their own
sandwiches using Subways ingredients and learn how it is possible to eat healthier while not
compromising the taste of the food. Subway vouchers and goodies bags would be used to entice
the students to take part in these activities.
On top of that, Subway sandwiches would also be handed out during the activities to allow the
students does not wish or did not get the opportunity to participate in making his or her own
sandwiches to have a try Subways pre-made sandwiches. Newsletters that summarises the
messages of what the talks looks to bring across will also be handed out while print materials
that carries similar information will also be put up around the school bearing Subways logo to
further promote the brand salience.
Marina Bay Sands Vertical Marathon
Subway will partner with various suppliers (Marina Bay Sands which would provide the event
venue, Nike which would to sponsor the event apparels, Ice Mountain mineral water and 100
Plus which would cater for the event refreshments etc) to organise a vertical marathon to allow
the public to participate in an healthy lifestyle activity as well as to raise awareness, spread
message against obesity and promote healthy living to the public. Vertical marathon was chosen
instead of the conventional flat ground marathon as it would not be affected by adverse weather
and conditions. The marathon will take place at Tower 3 of Marina Bay Sands hotel and end off
at the Sands SkyPark (Level 57). Proceeds generated from the registration fees will be made
known to the public that it will be used towards increasing national attention on obesity and the
health issues that arises with it.
The otherwise grueling physical nature of the vertical marathon the will be revamped in a way
participants can choose to take part on a competition or non-competition basis where
participants from both categories would receive a certificate for their participation with the
competitive participants who compete with a time chip that records their timing receiving on top
of the certificate a medal on completion. This is so to allow children, families who wishes to
complete the marathon together and the less physically inclined to take part.
The marathon will be accompanied by a carnival held at the Event Plaza located in front of
Marina Bay Sands hotel which will occurs simultaneously with the marathon. The carnival would
include demonstration of work out exercises that the public can learn and perform on their own,
booths that educates the public on the health related issues and how a healthy lifestyle can be
achieved and medical tentages that provide free medical screening and advises.
Publicity of the marathon will be carried out using flyers, print materials, word of mouth and
press releases. Digital media in the form of social networking sites will also be adopted to
publicise the event as well as the purpose it meant to serve supporters.