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Whatever happened to Premium Peter? A Pure Blonde case study

Case Study Analysis by:

Name: Tan Ee Boon Student Admin No.: 15997728 Module: Strategic Marketing 310

1. How could shifting or refining the market strengthen Pure Blonde’s current competitive advantage? Discuss the advantages/disadvantages or redefining its market as low-carbohydrate instead of premium.

Answer: Prior to the shift, Pure Blonde was vying for market shares in the premium beer market which was becoming increasingly crowded with new entrants entering the arena every now and then. The market was overcrowded with a large number of premium beers who shows little differentiation from the others. While Pure Blonde could have stayed on and leverage on its dominants and well-established brand image the market and compete with its competitors, the move to market its product as a low-carbohydrate from the initial premium beer that it built its success on was strategically crafted.

By redefining its market, Pure Blonde was not dropping the Premium Peter to exploit a whole new different target group of customers but merely going in from another angle and hitting on the Premium Peter group from a slightly different perspective. Pure Blonde, which has long fixed the image of being a premium beer in the mind of its consumers was adding an health element to the premium that it offers to further attract and entice the Premium Peters who ‘identifies low carbohydrate diet as a good thing’ to continue its support for the beer. The shift has allows the Pure Blonde to better associate itself with the Premium Peter segment and open up doors for customers who are appealed by the healthy low carbohydrate content of the beer. So the shift, if anything had definitely benefitted Pure Blonde as it improved and further strengthen its brand image and its competitive advantage over the other brands of beer.

The main advantage that Fosters saw with refining its position would be to attain a differentiation and rise above from the increasingly crowded market of premium beers. Other advantages that shift could bring about would be an improved brand image in the mind of its consumers for showing concerns and meeting the health needs of the populations and targeting on a growing trend in the market before the its competitors can do so to gain a competitive advantage when future competition arises.

The disadvantages on the other hand lies in the fact that while these Premium Peters acknowledge that a low carbohydrate beer is a good thing it did not openly demonstrate its support towards the move, therefore Pure Blonde is putting itself at risks of not aligning itself to the attitude and beliefs of the Premium Peters. Secondly, venturing into a market where few has attempted to and succeeded Pure Blonde is putting to risk the possibility of losing the popularity of the brand in the market should the venture fails. Finally, the shift would not breathe confidence into

investors and the public as the brand might be deemed to be doing badly in the face of rising competition which triggered the needs for repositioning.

  • 2. You are the Pure Blonde Brand Manager. Develop a phantom customer profile for the female segment that appears to be emerging. What do you believe are two key aspects they are interested in with regards to beer? Use this informational to develop a perceptual map. Answer: A feasible segment of customers to look into will be professional working female who are single and patronises night spots but does not want to be looking too masculine drinking beer. The 2 key aspects that they seek in beer would be a masculine feel but does not entirely wipe out the feminine outlook of females drinking the beer and a beer that they can consume without fear of adding to their waistline. Customer Profile

    • Female

    • Aged between 25 36

    • Single and seeking partners

    • Professional working adults with successful office bound careers

    • Like to look intimidating

    • Prefers beverages that are low in calories and mild in taste

    • Like to be recognised for their success but not be overwhelmed

    • Want to be look upon the same way as their male counterparts are and not be discriminated

    • Socialise after working hours at night spots

2. You are the Pure Blonde Brand Manager. Develop a phantom customer profile for the female


Armed with your customer profile and perceptual map developed in Q2, what would your recommendations be to the Marketing Director at Fosters?

Answer: I would recommend for the beer to be packaged in a more feminine manner to appeal to the targeted segment of female who wants to able to be consume beers with their male counterparts but yet not in a manner that they would look overly masculine. The bottle would also clearly reflect the low-calories content of the beer which would appeal to this group of drinkers.

Beer being served in draught would be served in specially crafted glass that is similar to that of cocktail but yet carries with it a tinge of masculinity.

Price-wise, the beer could be charged at a premium as the targeted group of female customers are professionals who are singles and bearing few or no responsibilities. It would be also be important for the beer to be charged at a premium due to their intention to be intimidating to other and good looking and definitely not want to be associated or seen drinking a low priced beer.

The distribution of the beer could be mainly at nightspots where working adults patronises after a long day of work or at dining places such as tapas bars where drinking of water together with food is common.

The most factor to take note would be to introduce a beer under another name. The word ‘blonde’ would probably not appeal or reflect very well to the ladies and ladies would avoid being associated with it. Hence it would be advisable for the marketing director to roll out the beer under a different name, probably one with a celebratory feel that allow these female to feel acknowledge and proud of what they have achieved.

  • 4. Look at the Premium Peter customer profile in 2004 in Exhibit 1. Do you believe that Premium Peter still exists or has the segment completely disappeared? How could this affect the strategy and implementation of Pure Blonde? Answer: