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What occurs in the universe can be understood as

the fulllment, by the universe, of the eternal

commandment, Create Integrity--this crossed by the
natural, inherent limitations of the matergy* **.
It is very helpful to human society, and to the entire Earth
Community, when anyone acts consistently with that
commandment, whether they have ever heard it
enunciated or not, and regardless of what they believe.
Acting in such a way is a very common thing. It is also
very common for people to act in a way opposed to how
obeying this commandment would have them act.
Although this commandment is followed at all levels of that
which is generally understood as the physical universe
(from atoms to galaxies, and beyond), the fact that it is not
always followed perfectly by complex beings is what
differentiates this universal commandment from a
universal law. When complex beings are acting in a more
highly evolved way, they do obey this commandment.
Note that the fact that predators kill and tear apart other
animals, disintegrating them, does not necessarily mean
that they are not obeying this commandment. They may
be strongly contributing to a deeper integrity--a deeper
According to the nature of things, any action that creates
integrity also destroys integrity, to a degree. So the
commandment is, create the most valuable integrity
possible, in balance.
The moral of this story is, work to create integrity. There
are many many ways one can create integrity.
When integrity is created, wondrous things occur. Matter--
relationship--symphony--good feelings--love.
We can do this.
But even were we all to work diligently to create integrity,
there would still be much disintegration. Mistakes will be
made. And bloody conict is intrinsic to life. And everything
that comes together, will come apart--sooner or later.
Bloody conict is intrinsic to life. But bloody conict is not
necessarily intrinsic to human affairs--it can be outgrown.
When, for example, we realize that we all are intimate
family. Or we realize that things will go better for us if we
help one another, rather than hurt one another.
However, the reality is that many will not see this
commandment in the universe, which is where it comes
from, or understand it, or obey it--and I suspect that this
will be true for a long time.
In this, the situation that actually confronts us, where
bloody human conict is hyper-abundant, deep, deep
compassion, and caring, and morality, is called for. Much
deeper than I know.
Compassion, because individuals, our siblings, suffer a
great deal. Everywhere.
Caring, because we would better give our hearts to and for
our siblings.
Morality, because how we act affects living things
differently--it is our responsibility to try to have a more
positive, helpful, nourishing effect.
Be compassionate, be caring, be moral. And put things
Thus sayeth the universe itself. Hear?
* Matergy comes in two forms, matter and energy.
** Matergy itself is alive.