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Dylan Kirsch

Period 4
I sent for Hamlet an hour ago, where is he? Gertrude wondered. She was
anxiously waiting for him in her room where she paced back and forth nervously.
He will come, my lady, do not worry. Ill hide now, I hear him coming! he
said as he scurried under the drapes.
As Hamlet entered, Gertrude readied herself to confront him. She still did not
understand why he acts the way he does. A few months ago his father died, but he
insists on being sullen and crazed by the event. Now is her time to finally ask him
straight what is wrong.
Hamlet as well had something he wanted to talk to his mother about, but he
first let her talk. Hello mother, whats the matter?
Hamlet, you have offended your father very much she said as she looked
straight at him. She held his gaze as she saw his expression change to annoyance.
Mother, you have my father much offended. he shot back.
Dont talk to me like that.
Like what? he said.
Hamlet! she yelled.
What now? he complained.
Do you forget who I am? she asked. Gertrude now moved toward him. She
was angry at how he did not understand what she called him for, and why he
disrespected her.
No, I dont, you are the queen, your husbands brothers wife; and tragically
my mother.
Gertrude did not know what to say. I dont think I can talk to you anymore.
Dylan Kirsch
Period 4
No, sit down and stay there so that I can show you the innermost parts of
Taken aback, Gertrude saw this as a threat. Hamlet is going to kill her, and
make her see her guts. Her heart starts racing, she whispered, What will you do?
Kill me? then she understood the situation and called, Help, help!
Polonius heard this exchange and called too, Help, help!
Hamlet wheeled around and stared at the drapes. Is that a rat I hear? Youre
dead. He drew his sword and thrust it through the arras. Gertrude could only watch
in horror as her son killed the kings advisor.
What have you done, Hamlet? She stared at the pool of blood seeping from
behind the drapes. All she could think is how could this happen.
I dont know. Is it the king?
What a rash and bloody deed Hamlet! she cried.
A bloody deed! Almost as bad, mother, as kill a king, and marry his brother.
Gertrude could not believe this, thats what this is about? As kill a king!
Thats right he said as he walked over to the body and turned it over. You
wretched intruding fool, goodbye! He then turned to his mother, Stop wringing
your hands, sit down, and let me wring your heart.
What have I done to make you talk to me like this? she said with tears in
her eyes. Her own son just killed a man in front of her, and now wants to talk. He
could have done that before, but he had to create a problem.
Dylan Kirsch
Period 4
An act that blurs the grace and blush of modesty, takes the rose from the
forehead of innocent love and sets a blister there, and makes marriage vows as false
as dicers oaths.
Gertrude did not understand, What act?
As Hamlet talked, Gertrude understood. Hamlet was very angry and upset
that she married Claudius so soon after his fathers death. Not even that, the fact she
did at all. Is he also saying Claudius had something to do with his fathers death?
Gertrude didnt have time to think about it, because Hamlet went on talking about
how Claudius does not deserve to be king at all.
Speak no more Hamlet, you make me see such blackness in my soul.
No, because to live in in a corrupt bed, making love ---
Speak no more your words are like daggers! Gertrude cried.
A murderer and a villain; a man nowhere as good as my father; the worst of
kings; a thief of the empire and the rule, that took the crown for himself! he
No more!