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Rosamond, CA 93560-6607

Mobil: 714-686-2020

SUMMARY Versatile aerospace engineer with over 20 years of experience, who demonstrates the ability to work well with others along with the flexibility to learn new skills. Proven track record of problem solving when dealing with aircraft systems along with a vast knowledge of aircraft structures as well as other technological skills in design and analysis, structural liaison, production support, system integration, and airlines customer support.


The Spaceship Company/Virgin Galactic (TSC/VG), Mojave, CA

Aeronautical Engineer, Staff/Mass Properties, Spaceship Two (SS2) & WhiteKnight Two (WK2), Design/Flight Test Operational, Mojave, CA

May 2012 April 2014

Lead Mass Properties Engineer in supporting SS2 & WK2 for design, production, flight test operations, and space commercial operations.

Ensured SS2 and WK2 were operated within their prescribed flight envelope (weight and center-of-gravity) limitations.

Created a Master Weight Control and Management Plan for both SS2 and WK2.

Provided vehicle mass properties support to build vehicles for future commercial operations.

Advised VG Operations Group on weight and balance for future Space Flight Mission.

Provided cross-functional support to other members of the engineering organization as necessary to ensure safe and efficient product delivery.

Collaborated with Scaled Composites (original builder of SS2-001 & WK2-001) on weight and balance procedures.

LOCKHEED MARTIN AERONAUTICS, Fort Worth, TX Aeronautical Engineer, Staff, F-35 Flight Test Operational, NAS Patuxent River, MD

Mar 2011 Apr 2012

Mass Properties Engineer to provide support at NAS Patuxent River for contractor flight tests of the F35B & F-35C variants.

Generated flight clearance forms for all F-35 configurations flown at NAS Patuxent River, MD.

Performed mass properties evaluations of equipment changes, aircraft modifications, and stores/weapons loading changes.

Provided support to Flying Qualities, Flight Sciences, and Loads groups for envelop expansion, stores/weapons separation testing, and avionics flight testing.

Experienced in Lockheed Martin Mass Properties Database Management System (MPDMS) and F-35 Operational Weight and Balance Control tool suite.


Engineer 4, Design/Mass Properties Subsystems & Mechanisms IPTs (F-35 JSF Lightning II Program)

June 2005 Feb. 2011

Analyzed initial design proposal, specifications and related engineering data to determine characteristics for optimal weight, strength, and functionality.

Developed and modified structural and component designs using CATIA V5.

Prepared system layout, detail drawings, data sets, parts lists and schematics using CATIA V5.

Executed analyses to compute & verify center of gravity, moment and product of inertias of systems and subsystems.

Tracked center fuselage weight growth & technical performance measurements (TPM) as design evolves and add new data to weight growth model.

Performed weight studies and assessed/provided weight impact to internal customers (Subsystems IPTs) as well as external customer Lockheed Martin (LMA).

GENERAL ATOMICS AERONAUTICAL SYSTEMS INC, San Diego, CA Lead/Weights Engineer, Systems Integration Group (UAV Predator A & Predator B)

2003 2005

Obtained technical customer payload requirements and determined optimum payload locations

Examined design alternatives to reduce weight and verify performance.

Provided detailed engineering analyses and technical data needed for Time Compliant Technical Document (TCTD) approvals on all UAV Predator modification within required deadlines.

Reviewed and approved weight and balance handbook generated from USAF Automated Weight & Balance Systems for each delivered Predator vehicle.

Performed studies on various weapon systems (GPS, smart munitions, Hellfire missiles) load-out with accurate weights, CG, and mass moment of inertias.

GOODRICH AEROSPACE, Aerostructures Group (Formerly ROHR Inc.)

Chula Vista, CA Senior Engineer, Product Design/Stress Analysis (Aircraft Engine Nacelle Structures)

1996 2003

Provided supporting role in design and stress analyses for aircraft engine nacelle structures.

Performed classical & finite-element structural analyses to assist installations and modification of aircraft nacelle structures and hardware. (Boeing 737 Inlet & Fan Cowl, Boeing 747/767 CF6-80C2 Engine Nacelle Structures).

Developed, maintained, & modified structural of nacelle component designs, using 3D CAD (CATIA).

Developed/implemented internal processes in completing project goals and streamline design activities to include affordability and producibility initiatives.

Provided technical assistance to airlines and damage repair assessments with recommendations on repair procedures per company approved methods.

Represented OEM logistic support for Goodrich Airlines Customer Support team members, as well as external customers (Boeing & Airbus), providing review, approval and establishment of field repairs.

Familiarized with MIL Standards governing drawing requirements, ASME/ANSI Y14.5M-1982, machined and manufacturing tolerances, shop fabrication standards, and installations of aircraft fasteners.

TCOM, L.P., Columbia, MD

Aerostat Structural Engineer

1991 - 1996

A design team member in the analysis, development, and system design.

Coordinated design activities and resolved engineering-related problems during manufacturing.

Utilized analytical methods and finite element methods from FEA tool COSMOS/M, beam/plate theories, and solids/shell theories.

EDUCATION / SPECIALIZED ENGINEERING TRAINING Masters in Mechanical Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering, Baltimore, MD

August 1996

Bachelor of Sciences in Aeronautical Engineering, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical, Daytona Beach, FL

April 1991


st Century Leadership Certificate Program,

February 2011

UCLA Extension Sponsored by Northrop Grumman Corporation


The Spaceship Company/Virgin Galactic

Created a comprehensive Master Weight Control and Management Plan and detailed Weight & Balance Handbook for the company spacecraft/aircraft.

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

Qualified as Lockheed Martin Aeronautics to perform weight and balance control on F-35 JSF for US Navy and Marines military aircraft

Northrop Grumman Corporation

Attained a full working knowledge of the F-35 JSF Center Fuselage by supporting subsystems design team for more than 5 years

Successfully researched and devised a method to calculate weight and CG for all wire harnesses and coax cables coming within 5% of the actual for F-35 Center Fuselage.

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc.

Integrated various payloads and performed system installations on UAV Predators A & B for the USAF.

Goodrich Aerospace

Assessed damaged inlet component and considered repair viability and costs versus scrapping part; successfully built and installed segment, saving commercial airlines approximately 50% of costs.


F-35 JSF SDD Weight Incentive Program, Northrop Grumman Corporation