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Lesson Plan

Name: i) Mohamad Faiq Fakhrullah Bin Mohd Maidin

ii) Zharif Azfar Bin Ghozali
iii) Fatin Nabilah Binti Mohamad
iv) Raudzah Binti Zainuddin
Date : 24th April 2014
Time : 09:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. ( 60 minutes )
Class : Year 2
Proficiency level : Intermediate
Enrollment : / 24 pupils
Focused skill(s) : Language Arts
Theme : World of Stories
Topic : Mermaid
Learning Standard(s) :

4.1.2 Able to sing action songs and recite jazz chants with correct
pronunciation, rhythm, and intonation.
4.3.1 Able to produce simple creative works with guidance based
c) stories
Learning Objective(s) : By the end of this lesson, pupils should be able to:
a) recite jazz chants with correct pronunciation, rhythm, and
b) produce My Wish Book with teachers guidance.
Previous Knowledge : Pupils are familiar with names of sea creatures.
Educational Emphases : Constructivism, Thinking Skills, Creativity and Innovation and
Multiple Intelligence
Moral Value(s) : Friendship, Self- Confident, Cooperation, Cleanliness
Teaching Material(s) :
LCD Projector, Laptop, Picture Cards, Decorated Straw, Kain batik,
Grey shawl

Lesson Plan
Phase (Time) Content Teaching Learning Activities Remarks
Set Induction
(+ 8 minutes)

Jazz Chant :
I Saw a Mermaid

i. Teacher projects the lyrics of the
jazz chant to the pupils.
ii. Pupils listen as the teacher chants
the jazz chant entitled I Saw the
iii. Pupils need to chant together with
the teacher.
- Multiple
(+ 14 minutes)
Story-telling of the
short story
Wishes from Year
2 English Text
Book pages 132-
-Do you enjoy the
-Who are the
-What do you think
happened next?

Picture Cards:
a. wish
b. mermaid
c. seagull
d. fly
e. swim

i. Teacher narrates the short story
entitled Wishes.
ii. As teacher narrates, pupils are
instructed to underline few words
mentioned by teacher.
iii. Once the story finished, pupils are
asked to predict the ending of the
iv. Teacher introduces and explains
the new words to the pupils using
Picture Card.
- Listening and
speaking skills
- Constructivism
-Thinking Skills
Lesson Plan (cont..)
Phase (Time) Content Teaching Learning Activities Remarks
(+ 16 minutes)
Role play
a. Narrator
b. Mermaid
c. Gary Gull
d. Good Fairy
Role play Props:
a. Decorated Straw
b. Kain batik
c. Grey shawl

i. Pupils are divided into groups of
ii. Each pupil is assigned a character
from the story.
iii. Teacher walks around the
classroom and help the pupils
iv. Each group take turns role playing
the story in groups using the given
Critical Thinking
Creativity and

(+ 16 minutes)

My Wish Book
- Start your
sentence with.. I
wish I could

- colour papers,
white A4 papers
sets of two pieces
of thick paper,
scissors, glue.
i. Pupils are distributed colour
papers and a set of thick paper
ii. Pupils are to listen and follow
teachers instruction and guidance
on how to make My Wish Book.
iii. Pupils are reminded to be careful
when using scissors and not to
spill glues.
iv. Then, pupils are to read aloud
their wishes in front of the
- Creativity and

(+ 6 minutes)
Riddles on Sea

i. Teacher shows the riddles on Sea
Creatures to the pupils.
ii. Pupils guess the answer.
iii. Teacher discusses the answer
with the pupils.
-Critical Thinking